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Sox Do The Lowecomotion

Win Train Keeps a Rolling, 7-3 in Nightcap

Hi-Tek Industry Booming.
Kapler, Ramirez Run Wicked Hahd.


Ho hum, more sweeps, more streaks.

Moss Throws Flat, Sox Roll at Home

Major League Best 15-6.


How Many Hits Did BK Give Up Yesterday?

It's BK's Day at Fenway.

Kim goes five strong, Sox win 4-0

Third straight shutout. First time since '90.

Number Five Starter Wants to Be Number One with Red Sox Nation


32 Straight Scoreless Innings for Red Sox Pitching

Poison Pen Perfect for 30.1 Innings and Counting

Big O Show Matinee

David Draws a Big Crowd

Ortizzle sizzles in the daytime.

D-Lowe Shows Moss Who's Boss Tonight



Schill Bounces Back with All-Star Effort 6-0

Radar Love: Curt Hits 97 on the Gun

"I'm having trouble reading the umpires tonight, it must be the Questec system" - Shonda Schilling

Mueller, Manny, Tek, BBellhorn lead the offense

Breaking News: The fanboy who rushed the mound to give Schilling a kiss
was surprisingly NOT a member of SoSH

Shout Out: Pawtucket/Providence College Crespo's Dirt Dogs hit the Wall

"The fans are so passionate around here that you get cheated out of the big leagues if you don't get a chance to play for the Red Sox" - Kevin Millar, NESN

Manny Mulligan: He didn't run one out, but hey, he's talking to the "media"

"Forget talking to the media, Manny's uniform is dirty every day" - Lucchino

Watch and listen to the Manny on boston.com

In the bad news department:
The Yankees are going to win eight in a row and get right back in the race.

The Doc is In - Major Surgery Needed on Celtics

Dressed to the Nines

Schill Plans to Go Nine Innings Tonight.

It's what he gets paid to do. And it's the only way he knows how.
If he trusts his other pitches besides the fastball and splitter, and makes some adjustments the fourth time through the Rays' batting order, he can do it.

Feelin' Stronger Every Day

Trot Right Back in Ft. Myers

“I was happy with today,” said Nixon, who described the injury as a “bulging, slight herniation.”

He was hit in the shoulder by the first pitch he saw and followed that with a looping line single to center; a hard, one-hop smash to first that was turned into a force out; a fly ball to left; and a walk. To sum it up, he was 1-for-3." - Ft. Myers News-Press

Grounds for Optimism

Nomar takes ground balls at Fenway. And B.K. starts day game on Thursday.

Shower Power

Game rained out. Schill still goes tomorrow. Day/Night on Thursday.




"The object here is to win the World Series, not to beat the Yankees. They're the ones who got the rings. We don't got nothing." - Manny Ramirez


Williamson in the Eighth, Williamson in the Ninth

"He really Clutched Up" - Tito Francona

Poison Pen Writes Final Script for Pinstripes:

24.2 Perfect Innings and Counting

Ramirez transformation startling


Hammer Time



Doctor Pedro/Mr. Martinez:
7.0IP 4H 0R 0ER 1BB 7K

"I am feeling stronger,
and getting better."

Tonight We Got a Petey Like It's 1999

"We have a lot of respect for that team. They're struggling right now. We're just playing good baseball. That's all. They beat us that other time, in Game 7. Well, that's fine. We respect them for that, too. But it's too early.  It was a normal routine, normal for me, normal things from the fans. I don't have anything against them. I respect it." - Pedro Martinez, 4.25.04

NYYfans.com have solution: "Let's get these boys some steroids!!"

Walls Closing in on Balco Brothers Bonds, Giambi, Sheffield

Conte confessed to giving steroids to all three

Break Out the Brooms in the Bronx Baby

Sox Sweep Up
The Worst Team Money Can Buy

Manny Doesn't 'Hate the Yankees'

Like Most Sox Fans, He's Just Bored with Them

Sox Fans Take Over The Stadium

Now Let's Get The Whole State

New Yorkers, Get Your Custom Red Sox License Plate Here:

"Did I just hear a 'Let's Go Red Sox' chant in the House That Ruth Built?" - nyyfans.com

More Hits for MannyRamirez.com Too

"I will do my best for our team to win, the management wants our team to win and our fans will never forget the day we win it all. This point brings everyone together.
This is where the gossip stops." - The Manny

And Thanks Again Dan, What a Bargain

"My decision to play in Boston was not only about money. I wanted to play for a team that had a better chance to win the World Series, a team that could really battle the Yankees. I knew Boston was serious about winning. That's why I signed with the Red Sox". - Manny Ramirez on MannyRamirez.com

Manny's Logs for All Red Sox Fans

"The K: Vasquez is a very good pitcher, and his fastball was more alive today. He kept coming down the middle, but the ball moved so much I could not hit it solidly. His fastball was so alive that I knew he was going to keep throwing it. Then, he dropped the change-up and got me. The home run: He fired the fastball away and I fought it off two times, but this time I had a better count. On the last pitch, I was looking inside, but at the last moment something told me the change-up was coming. I held up my swing just a bit, until I saw the ball clearly, and I was right. That's how this game is. He's a very good pitcher and got me the first time, but I was lucky the second time around." - Logs

Let Manny Tell You

"High school was complicated for me. I passed my classes, but I never felt relaxed in class... I had just come to New York, to a different culture, and I was trying to fit in. Also, I was trying to learn to speak a different language... I always like to do things correctly, and it was difficult learning correct English, so I lost interest. This got me even deeper into baseball... When I played, I felt good about myself, because I could do my best. I could work hard and help our team to win." - Old School News About The Brand New Manny

It's a Spring Thing

"I usually start out slow in spring training, except for last year when I hit 5 home runs, and my batting average was high. The 6th spring game ended this year and I was hitting .091. Hitting is about coordinating the muscular explosion that makes the bat hammer the ball at the perfect time. My "off" season training makes my body lose the coordination to hit the ball as hard as I can. I gain this coordination as I take more swings. So as I played more I began to find my timing. At the last spring games against the Atlanta Braves, I hit a home run. I knew I was ready. I'm into the 10th game of the season and I'm doing OK. Now it's just a matter of letting my body repeat this coordinated explosion every time I go to the plate. Believe me. This is easier said than done."
- Manny's Logs

Hardest Working Manny

"I train with a personal trainer at the Institute of Human Performance, in Boca Raton, Florida. The gym is about 1 hour from my house... I start my work-out at 7:00 AM. That means I have to be up at 5:30 AM. I only have chance for a protein shake at that time," Manny said. The sessions last until 9:00 AM, and then he eats breakfast. Manny works very hard, pushing his body to new limits. When asked why, he began to laugh and said "The competition is too strong, and every year we get older... If you want to keep playing at a high level, you have to work hard." - The Newspen

Be One of Manny's Peeps: Give The Man His Props in The Crib.

Will Larry Be Back Before Nomar?

You Think He's Coming Soon? Try June.

"I think with Nomar you're talking June 1st" - Shaun McAdam, WEEI

Nomar in studio with Chris Collins on NECN's Sports Late Night Tonight

Garciaparra, with his 'Indiana (University) Hater' hat, sits with Celtics legend Larry Bird.  Apparently the Celtics are in the playoffs for their sport.

(Hey Nomie, the Boston Red Sox played the New York Yankees last night.
I TIVO'd it in case you're interested.)

Nixon Better, Be Back Soon

Nomar is also working out with the Celtics at BSC HealthPoint in Waltham.

(Will Bird sign him as a Pacers point guard soon?)

Former Arizona Cardinal Turned Army Ranger Pat Tillman
Killed in Afghanistan Yesterday.  Rest in Peace.

God Bless ALL the Members of the U.S. Armed Forces

"Pat Tillman just made Ty Law's life inconsequential." - jacklamabe65 on SoSH



Sox Tough as
Nails in Nailbiter

No Trouble Play: Reese Takes Piece of the Victory Pie


Boston Takes Game 2 in 12th,
5 out of 6 Against Yanks for Season

Red Sox Win, Theeeeee Red Sox Win
3-2 as
Timlin closes it out

Bronxon Arroyo

The Kid Outpitched Kevin Brown

Strikes Out Juice Guys Bac-to-Bac

Bellhorn pushes Manny home in 12th.

Yanks sloppy early but Brown settles down.

Poison Pen
(They're Deadly) Does it Again

22.2 Perfect and Counting

No More Foulkin' Around: Remember Gasoline Alley and Door-Matt White?

Was Captain A-Fraud More Comfortable Here?



And Yankee Reign May Be Over

"Tonight I was very confident that a better game was gonna show up. I got into a pretty good groove in the middle. (Offense) did a fantastic job." - Derek Lowe

Boston Crushes "Bombers" 11-2

Millar Avoids Bus Ride Down 95

Bellhorn is Todd Walker with Defense

Mueller's Better than A-Rod Again

Perfect Pen for Quick-Hook Tito

Boston Leather District has New York Address

Vote Manny for Red Sox 'Captain Tangibles'

"BALCO" Chants Bust Out in the Bronx
Giambi Hearing Things Again in the Eighth

Yankee "fans" gone by the fifth inning per usual.
A-Rod gets the Bronx boo again. Jetes too.

All Red Sox Contreras Scouts
Please Report to the Board Room

This man has two words for one of you.

Au Contreras!

The 49-year-old Cuban Con-Man Crumbles Again

Contrera$ drops to 0-3 with an 18.00 ERA against Sox

Will Steingrabber sell him, eat half the contract, and buy another pitcher soon?

"Within three years Contreras will be playing bingo every afternoon before being spoon-fed dinner."
- NorthAdamsStateCollegeLives, Boston Sports Media Watch message board

Back to the Scene of the Crime

No Worries, All Systems Lowe.

(The rest is history)



Schilling Gets Schelled

Grand Schlam. No Schweep.

(and a schleepless night for starter)

Curt Comes Completely Apart in Seventh,
Can't Escape the Eighth.

Ace Doesn't Go Nine But Gives Up Game Winner to
Number Nine Hitter Chris Gomez on Hanging Splitter.

Schill was Feeling Strong After 7 (and is not getting treated differently by Terry), but 4-Run Homer Sinks Sox, Stops Streak.

Better Get a JH (Jays Hater) Cap, and Get Ready for a SoSHellacking.

Toronto Comes Back in a New York Minute to Win 7-3

1-13 with RISP didn't help.
Is Millar headed for Pawtucket? Maybe he should be.

Kill Schill, Vol. 1

"Why nibble against Orlando Hudson when you're up in the count? I thought this was the thinking man's pitcher? What a friggin' disaster." - Kevin Hench

"If the distance was 60 feet, and not '60-feet-6 inches,' he would have been fine... or maybe it's that '86-year-old curse' he keeps trying to break while hitchhiking between innings." - Big Dog (change the Ford ad voiceover)

"I didn't get the job done. I felt good, I felt strong, I just didn't do my job."
- Curt Schilling

"I hit that ball 'wicked hahd' eh? How's that Dunkin' Donuts Maple Cheddar Microwave Sausage Sandwich gonna taste tomorrah?"
- Chris Gomez

Tito Little

(or Grady Francona, your call)

Know When to Say When
Sentimental Journey: Was Leaving Ace In Best Option
with Perfect Pen Ready to Go Again?


Timlin in the Eighth, Williamson in the Ninth

"I thought he was fine. Maybe I was wrong. The results weren't very good."

Not So Good Friday for Fenway Francona

Manny the Media "Go-To" Guy

"I came back like the other guys, to get a ring... I like to joke around, hug Millar or anybody.
A lot of people throught I was going to come back all mad because of the waiver, but life is
too short. I just come out, do my job, and move on." - Media Manny

Nine Inn. Nails

Is He Going the Distance?

Big Schill Goes for 27 outs in Toronto Tonight.


More Days in First Place

Belli Up! Doug Goes Deep Twice

Sox Win Again 4-2

(Hey, who's that other guy in the picture?)

Another Foulke Save, Perfect Pen for 13-1/3

Wake Taken for Granted, He's an Ace

"Battery Recharges Red Sox" - Tom Caron, Headline Writer

Sox Trade PTBNL for Twins' LHP Brad Thomas

Moved to 15-day DL with "strained elbow"


Dome Improvement

Climate, Control Keeps Ace Hot

Cy Old Beats Cy Young Again

Pedro in Command Through Seven, Sox Win 4-2

Hi-Tek Offense: Jason 3-3. Pen Perfect.

''I felt a lot better inside here than last time. I felt loose and didn't have a hard time warming up.
 I had my normal routine back, and that was the difference.'' - Pedro Martinez

"Believe in The Man. Believe in The Man." - Jason Varitek

Don't Mess with the Manny

Inside pitch clears out benches

"Don't throw that high at the head, you know." - Manny

No Repeat for Pete

Martinez must be on vs. Halladay tonight

Bruins Ruin Perfect Patriots Day

Montreal keeps the heat on at the Fleet. 2-0, season over.

Hot to Trot

Congratulations to our friends at the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge
and to all the runners of the 108th Boston Marathon.

Some like it hot... but not that hot.


Take One for the Team

Everybody chips in for win. Very Dirt Doggish.
Yanks lose three of four in Boston. A-Rod looked A-wful.

(and yes, we wanted him to go 0-17 very badly)

Sox Graduate from Brown,
Kapler Clutch in Comeback 5-4

Out in Left Field

He's Quite the Catch

Manny makes up for 0-for-4, big GIDP, with biger grab

Gabe Kapler is now the Grand Poobah of the Loyal Order of Forgetting How Many Outs There Are Club with a world record two miscues in one inning. Trot Nixon, Manny Ramirez, and Johnny Damon remain the senior members of this exclusive alliance.

What Can Brown Do for You?

Hopefully uncharacteristically implode.

Find out this morning as Sox try to avoid Splitsville with Crespo (SS), McCarty, Kapler, and Bellhorn (scratch) in the lineup.

What's Wrong with Pedro?

"McCarver says Martinez's arm doesn't appear to be strong. And without a 90 mph-plus fastball, McCarver believes Martinez will have trouble fooling batters. "They played it down in spring training," McCarver says. "But the hitters talk about it — they say 'you can't change off a change.' I think that's what Pedro's doing: He's changing off his changeup."

Says McCarver: "Pedro Martinez is the most resourceful pitcher that I've seen in the last 40 years. ... However, that said, an 87, 88-mile-an-hour fastball? ... He's very adaptable to situations. But I'm not too sure he's ever had to adapt to pitching the way he's had to adapt this year." - USA Today


All Time Lowe

Ten Days: Too Many

"It was one of the worst outings I've ever had."

Yankees Pick "The Lock"

Opposite field hits sink Lowe in the big inning

Good News: The Rest is History

Malaska shines again. MVP Manny keeps hitting.

But Sox manage only three hits in 6.2 innings off New York pen

Win Some, Lose Some: 7-3 Yankees


Sign-Him-Now-Starter Will Contract Up! Today

(Sox Own the Cuban Con Man)


So Far, So Good

Sox Take First Two as Schilling is Solid

Final R H E
New York Yankees 2 8 2
Boston Red Sox 5 10 0

Bottom Line: Winner: Curt Schilling (2-0)
Loser: Mike Mussina (1-3)

Curt Puts the Hurt on New York, Leaves Game After 206 Pitches.

A-Fraud Batting .171. Tony-the-Phony Gets Lone Lucky NY Run.

Damon, Manny Bomb lead the offense. Timlin timely.

"You Used Steroids" Chant Welcomes Juicin' Giambi

That's My Manny: "Let me tell you Curt Schilling is doing a great job for us, without him we wouldn't be in this place right now."

Manny On Mussina: "He's hard to hit even when he doesn't have his good stuff.
He just made a mistake, I was just trying to go to left field."

Manny On the Left Field Fans: "I have fun, I like it. I like to just go out there
and have fun."

D-Lowe is a Lock for Sunday. Arroyo to Go for Sweep.


Prime Tim

No Boonedoggle Redux as Wake dazzles Yankees for seven.
Sox don't look back, 6-2 (but we're not even).

Bill Makes Yanks Pay

Mueller goes 3-3 with another bomb. Belli Up! Doug has a big night.
Umps err on Manny home run. Manny errs period.

Rough Night for Pay-Rod

Yankees Third Baseman Can't Hit His Salary in New York
(Nice baserunning too)

The Ego Empire Hits The Hub.

Prime Time Payback

The Balco Bombers are in Town

The Chant Heard 'Round the World

"That has a sort of nice rhythmic ring to it"
- Larry Lucchino

Lucky says "Yankees Suck" is "feels tried, tired, and it does offend"

A-Who? No "A-Hole" Chants, Seriously

(OK fine, let it rip)

Juicin' Giambi

Orange Juice On the Juice Off the Juice

Remember the Bronx: Giambi's Two Unnatural Home Runs Blocked Sox from Series

Shame 7, October 16, 2003:

N.Y. Yankees  AB  R  H  RBI  BB SO LOB AVG
Giambi, DH 5 2 2 2 0 1 1 .231

Giambi said he could make very good use of a little extra muscle

Juice Guy Changes His Tune

 2001  From ESPN Page 2, Summer 2001:  Jason, which superpower would you want most: the strength of 100 men, the ability to fly, turn invisible or shoot fire out your rear end?

Giambi: I think I can already do the last one. Probably the strength of 100 men.

You're about the first one to say that. Almost everyone else picks invisible.

Giambi:  No, strength is more practical. It would be such an advantage in this game.

 2002  Giambi comments on strength after scandal breaks: "There is no miracle [drug] for this game," he said. "You either have talent or you don't. [Taking steroids] doesn't help you hit a baseball or achieve things people worked hard for."

And Sheffield Too

The Natural

You Can 'Say Hey' When You Hit 660 Home Runs, Naturally.

Aaron, Ruth, Mays. Period. No Asterisk.



Death Wish for Bronson in 11th. 12-7 O's Win.
Pedro Horror Show

Ace Was Trumped Tonight

Sox Falling Down Before Big Series. O's Sweep.

Tejada, Segui, Roberts Go Deep. Sox Awful Late.

Now Comes Mueller Time

And a Martinez Meltdown

Bill, You're Hired

The basketball signing scammer, empty rickshaw driving, resting on
his resume slacker gets kicked to the Wall Street curb tonight.

I'm a Rockette Man

The Baseball Season Kicks Off in Boston this Weekend

Rain Out Rotation v2

Lucchino: "We're going to get this game in tonight...
I was going to say 'come hell or high water.'"

Date Opponent Pitcher
Fri.Apr. 16vs. NEW YORK YANKEESWakefield/Vazquez
Sat.Apr. 17vs. NEW YORK YANKEESSchilling/Contreras
Sun.Apr. 18vs. NEW YORK YANKEES Lowe/Mussina
Mon.Apr. 19vs. NEW YORK YANKEES Arroyo/Brown
Tue.Apr. 20at TORONTO BLUE JAYSPedro
Wed.Apr. 21at TORONTO BLUE JAYSWakefield
Thu.Apr. 22at TORONTO BLUE JAYSSchilling
Fri.Apr. 23at NEW YORK YANKEES Lowe/Mussina
Sat.Apr. 24at NEW YORK YANKEES Arroyo/Brown
Sun.Apr. 25at NEW YORK YANKEESPedro/DePaula


When it rains, it pours

Pedro Goes Tomorrow, Rain or Shine

Bobby Jones takes a walk down to Pawtucket

Hey, It's the Curse Again!


Affleck Finally Funny


Through the Perilous Fight

Red, White, and Blue...
and Black and Gold.

Double Trouble for Hapless Habs

Bruins Come from Behind to Beat Montreal 4-3 Winner on Glen Murray Goal in
Double Overtime, Lead Series 3-1


Ortiz Masters Jays

Star of David Shoots Out Another Game Winner

Photo by Dale Yarborough Photography

David is Goliath on Easter Sunday, Sox Win in 12, 6-4

The bottom line on Schilling: "I've got two outs and nobody on and an 0-2 count and a lot of freedom to do some different things and I made a bad pitch and they end up getting two runs off that hanging splitter."

The talking (and hitting) Manny: "I told David before he went to home plate, `Finish this, man. We don't get paid overtime.' And he did it.''

Malaska and you shall receive.

Manny Untangles the Web

Message from Manny:

"Welcome to my Official Website, Manny Ramirez.com, a place I have set aside to honor my diehard Red Sox fans, and baseball fans in general. Here, I hope to have the opportunity to interact with you more closely, via my weekly chats, the newspen, the shout-out page, my game logs, the youth page, my charity endeavors, and in many other ways. In turn, if you visit this site regularly, you will get my inside story and to know me better.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the site, please go to the Feedback section and send us an email. Thanks for coming, and enjoy!

"Playing baseball is a job that gives you a lot of fame. But I don't play for fame. I will always do my best, because I love the game".



Join the MR24 Discussion Forum - The Crib!


The New Mendoza Line

"Ramiro Mendoza continues to make the Yankees look smart for letting him go. The Red Sox placed the righthander on the disabled list Friday with a sore pitching shoulder. Mendoza, who went 3-5 with an awful 6.75 ERA last year, also has complained of an ailing rib cage. The 31-year-old has been a disaster, doing nothing to merit the two-year, $6.5-million contract he signed with Boston in January of last year.

Our prediction: Mendoza signs a minor-league contract with the Yankees next winter and thrives again under the guidance of Torre and Mendoza's fellow Panama native, Mariano Rivera. Mendoza never wanted to leave the Yankees. He still keeps in touch regularly, several times a week, with Yankees personnel.

"He wants to be here again," one Bronx-based friend said of Mendoza." - The Embedded Yankee

The New Pedrotation

Date Opponent Pitcher
Sun. Apr. 11 vs. TORONTO BLUE JAYS Schilling
Tue. Apr. 13 vs. BALTIMORE ORIOLES Lowe
Wed. Apr. 14 vs. BALTIMORE ORIOLES Wakefield
Thu. Apr. 15 vs. BALTIMORE ORIOLES Pedro
Fri. Apr. 16 vs. NEW YORK YANKEES Schilling
Sat. Apr. 17 vs. NEW YORK YANKEES Arroyo
Sun. Apr. 18 vs. NEW YORK YANKEES Lowe
Mon. Apr. 19 vs. NEW YORK YANKEES Wakefield
Tue. Apr. 20 at TORONTO BLUE JAYS Pedro
Wed. Apr. 21 at TORONTO BLUE JAYS Schilling
Thu. Apr. 22 at TORONTO BLUE JAYS Arroyo
Fri. Apr. 23 at NEW YORK YANKEES Lowe
Sat. Apr. 24 at NEW YORK YANKEES Wakefield
Sun. Apr. 25 at NEW YORK YANKEES Pedro

Arroyo Skipping Next Turn
Pedro Will Not Face the Yankees at Fenway but Will Catch the Bombers in the Bronx

Schilling Gets the Fenway Call-Up After 15 Long Years in the Minors

"It's Not Win or Lose, It's Win or Else" - CS/'03

Complete Game Curt: Schilling Has the Finishing Touch at Fenway
(weather permitting)


Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting Back

Ace Steps Up to Be The Stopper

DominiCan-Do Times Two

Pedro, Big O Carry Sox Over Jays 4 - 1

Manny, Bellhorn Go Long. Home Runs are a Nightmare for Halladay

Martinez Goes 7.2/106 Then Foulke's it Over

Cy of Relief: Pedro Throws Nation a Curve

Castillo's Back

Let's hope our favorite Hot Head is cool with the fans.
Dirt Daubach designated for assignment.


McCarty's Park is Melting

What so proudly we hailed

Photo: Bill Greene, Boston Globe

(But we never waived the white flag)

No Matter, Tired Sox Lose Another Eye Opener 10-5

The 30,000 Foot View: Malaska Pulled Too Soon,
'Timlin in the Eighth' One Too Many Times.

Sox Pull All-Nighter Before Opening Day

The Red Sox were stuck on the ground in Baltimore all night. Their plane had mechanical problems and they had to switch planes. They left Baltimore at 5:36am and landed in Boston at 6:45am. Let's wake 'em up at the Park folks.

(They should have walked them home... like the O's did)



It's Opening Day for the Tired Fenway Francona and Company.

* Rev. Christopher J. Coyne, a spokesman for the Boston Archdiocese, reminds us that after a meeting to discuss the requests for dispensation, Boston church leaders decided a baseball game was too weak an excuse to duck the no-meat rule.

Krafts, Patriots, and Possibly Van Morrison Part of the Festivities


Bobby J. Gives One Away

Unlucky 13

Mr. Jones Walks the Walk, and the Winner Home

Mendoza told trainers to "stay away from me" as The Stiff had some stiffness.

Sox lose Wild Nailbiter in the 13th, 3-2

Damon nails Mora at plate in 10th (the Lord works in mysterious ways on Holy Thursday), Bautista out on appeal. Sox get all the breaks but leave bags loaded in 7th/11th.

Offense is missing again. Tito burns through bullpen; questioned for McCarty, Varitek, pitching and pinch running decisions

What's wrong with this roster?

"Well, anytime you lose a game like this, it just kills you, the good news is we play again in 12 hours. When you're on the road, and you play in extra innings, you're playing with fire. I understand you don't want to take you're big bats out but I thought at the time it was our best chance to win." - Tito on the loss

Hallelujah home on Manny hit. Burks jerks one out.

Hair Stay?

"Absolutely" - Johnny Jesus

Disingenuous Dan Shaughnessy?

Double Standard Hard to Defend

Leaving during game:
Rocket Roger Ruled

Clemens throws heat at mates
By Dan Shaughnessy, Globe Staff, 6/11/1996

CHICAGO - It's been a long year for everybody in Red Sox Nation. Each individual has a personal worst memory. For Roger Clemens, the low point came Saturday night when he was pulled from a game in the eighth inning with the Sox leading, 2-1.

Boston went on to lose, of course, but Clemens wasn't around for the finish. He bolted Fenway before the bullpen blew the lead. The Rocket was steaming. Literally.

``I think we were still winning when I got out of there,'' Clemens said last night. ``I know it's the fastest I've ever left the park. I think I snapped at Lou Gorman on the way out the door. I had to put the defroster on in the car because the heat from my arm was causing the windows to fog up.''

...While he talked, two of Clemens' four sons suited up for a light workout at Comiskey.

``These are the guys that are going to make the decisions for me,'' he said, pointing to his sons.

And then he went out and worked on some fundamentals with his boys. They played hard the whole time, got dirty and did what they were told. They are being taught to show a little respect for the game - something too many of the big boys have lost.

Lucchino throws Grady under the bus. Says ghostly manager let people leave early last year. Pedro didn't know that you're supposed to stay until the end of baseball games.

WEEImailer: "So Grady let Pedro go home early all last year... too bad he didn't let him go home early when we needed him to: Game 7, after the 7th."

Leaving during game: Little Pedro's a Punk

Respect for manager didn't show up
By Dan Shaughnessy, Globe Columnist, 4/6/2004

BALTIMORE -- Why does this stuff always happen with the Red Sox? Why can't it just be about the baseball? Even for one day.

...Then he did something stupid and selfish. He walked out of the ballpark while his teammates were still trying to win the game. He bailed.

This act may not seem like much of a big deal to some people, but it's a violation of a timeless baseball code.

Let's get this straight one more time: Shutting out the media is not a capital offense. It would be nice if the fellows chose to talk, but it's OK if they don't. That's not what this is about. This is about disrespecting your manager, your teammates, and the game.

What about Jason Varitek and David Ortiz, Pedro? Are they not also proud men? They are playing in the final years of their contracts. Could you stick around 'til the end of the game to see if their efforts might not produce a comeback victory?

The Red Sox this year are paying Martinez more money than any pitcher ever has made. Is it too much to ask the guy to stick around for nine innings?

...Pedro says it's about respect. He didn't show much respect for his new manager Sunday night.

Nice find by scbosoxfan

Curt vs. CHB

Rome if You Want to (or Dan Patrick too)

"Only Curt Schilling would call a group of journalists liars on a national radio show."

Schill talks to Jim Rome (and Dan Patrick on ESPN radio) about the fictitious anonymous sources, media making name for themselves on Martinez. He called out the Shaughnessy hypocrisy with Clemens (see above) and blood feud with Pedro... he even brought up the spinning wheels on the white BMW (and Dan distanced himself when confronted by Curt). Fantastico!:

"Few guys in sports give a better interview than Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling. He answers questions honestly and isn’t afraid to get after people. He called in Thursday to talk about his first win with Boston this week and pitching in the American League, but we spent most of the time talking about the Boston media. He isn’t a big fan.

He said that he has never seen so many people make such a big deal out of nothing in his career. Referring to the story about Pedro leaving the clubhouse before the game ended on opening day, he told me that it was totally blown out of proportion by the writers and that Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy has a ‘vendetta’ against Pedro.

He talked about all of the anonymous sources in stories. I asked him if he thought that the writers were making stuff up and before I could finish my question he blatantly said ‘Yes’. That is not something you hear any athlete say about any news organization. Only Curt Schilling would call a group of journalists liars on a national radio show.

We talked about Pedro Martinez and his reported lack of velocity on opening day. Curt dismissed it by saying that Pedro isn’t a guy who relies on his velocity. He said Pete has become a pitcher who knows how to get guys out.

Curt came in with a little edge to him and that always makes for good listening. Schill proved on Thursday why he is one of the top ten sports interviews right now."

The Jim Rome Show

Curt Keeps it Interesting

"It's really not that interesting because it's a non-issue, and it's made out to be some huge deal and people are trying to make a summary of 'Tito' as a manager ... " Schilling said on "GameNight."

"I have never seen -- and I'm not stereotyping everybody in Boston, there's a lot of good writers, there's good people in the media just like any other market -- but I have never seen more people out to create stories on their own in one space in my career, and that's just in this brief time. ... " he said.

"They think we're stupid, and they don't think we see and pay attention. I've never seen so many anonymous quotes from people in a shorter period of time than I have in the last three days."

Pedro's early departure not an issue


Christ Has Risen

On the Third Game No Less


Damon's Five Hits, SignDerekLowe Show Lead Sox Over O's 10-3

Ortizzle 3-Run Bomb in 6th Blows it Open

"I was definitely a lot more relaxed tonight. " - JD

Room .222: Home of Pokey and Bellhorn

No Problem in Houston: Clem Gets 311 Goes 7 in Debut,
Gives Up 1 Hit, Strikes Out Bonds* Twice

Jesus Saves

(Don't worry, we're going to confession on Saturday)


Nation at Peace

Schill Wins. Foulke Saves.

Ace Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk

And Stays in the Pahk After His Staht

C. Schilling (W, 1-0)  109P 6.0IP 6H 1ER 1BB 7K 1.50ERA

Millar hits a bomb, Boston 4 Baltimore 1

Embree in the 7th, Timlin in the 8th

Watch Highlights from mlb.com

Manny has right quad injury, he's OK

Can You Hair Me Now?

Millar can't hear Johnny through the hair,
Johnny can't hear Millar through the hair,
Cowboy gets popped in the mouth

Jesus Needs to Crop His Lid Before Good Friday

What's wrong with this picture? Nothing.

Just do it Johnny... Shave it all off like the guy on your left (Vinny Peruzzi)

Schill on the Hill

Ace is a Lock at 3:00pm

Buckley goes after Tito in press conference

"He (Francona) sounds like a wimp, he sounds weak, he sounds ineffectual. He comes across as a guy who's kowtowing to a superstar. He comes off sounding like a doormat." - Bob Neumeier, WEEI after hearing Tito's exchange with Steve Buckley on baseball etiquette.

Francona starts his weekly appearance with Dale & Neumy on Thursday. Should be fun.

Today's Lineup

1. Johnny Damon


2. Bill Mueller


3. Ellis Burks


4. Manny Ramirez


5. David Ortiz


6. Kevin Millar


7. Jason Varitek


8. Mark Bellhorn


9. Pokey Reese



"There's a lot of anticipation, I'm new here and there's a lot of different expectations on me and on the team than any place I've been before. There's a lot more history here so yea, I'm gonna be more worked up than normal. But once the game starts no, it's the same as any other game. I pitch on adrenalin, and I'll live on it, and I'll try and use it." - Curt Schilling, 4.5.04

Tito Takes a Bullet on Taxigate

Sox brass Werner, Lucchino, Epstein miffed about Ace's early exit.

"I would like our guys to stick around, but I haven't conveyed that to the team necessarily good enough. and that's an oversight on my part, just to tell players "hey this is how I feel... I didn't call him today (to ask) about it because I didn't want to bother him on his day off... It was probably my fault for not making that (rule) well-know during spring training." - Francona, 4.5.04

(You don't have to make an obvious rule known Tito, it's called common sense/courtesy)

Fans Examine Exit Strategy:

Pedro leaving the stadium before the game is over is disrespectful to the game, the team, his teammates and the press, who after all have been credentialed by the team and/or MLB to have access to the players to get background information about the game and players.

In AZ I never saw Schilling or Johnson leave during a game they pitched. Win or loose, Schilling stood in front of his locker after every game and answered questions until all the reporters were done asking questions. I am sure he will do the same after his Red Sox starts beginning tomorrow. Schilling only had 8 wins last year when he should have won 15 because the DBacks had no offense. He never complained. The most I remember him saying when asked how it felt to loose game after game because of no support was that "the guys are trying to get some runs" or something to that effect.

During their time on the DL, RJ and Curt were always at the game to support and root their teammates on. Schilling was usually talking to Webb on the bench, mentoring the Rookie pitcher. I never saw a winning game in person or on TV when the entire team did not come out on the field and congratulate the players on the field. All heads were accounted for. To my knowledge, the only time a DBack pitcher left a game early was to fly ahead of the team to get in to a road city in time to get some sleep because they were starting the next day's game.

Respect is respect. I don't think a team would tolerate their 25th man on the bench leaving a game early and they should not expect less from a star player.

- Pat/AZCurtFan on RedSoxNation.net


Marteamez Takes Off Early

Pedro didn't join yawning teammates on the bench to "rally" club,
in fact, he left the park before the game was over instead.

(So much for lessons learned from the World Champion Patriots)



Joggin' Johnny Jesus "I need to do better" (and find a barber, seriously)

Orioles Pick Up Where They Left Off Last Year Spanking Sox Again 7-2 to Open Season

Not-Ready-for-Prime-Time-Players Lose Quietly in Baltimore

Light-Hitting L.O.B. Lineup Overpowered by Orioles

14 Runners Left On. Pokey Tries to Bunt Two-Out Runs Home.
Bellhorn will Battle for Starting Second Baseman When Nomar Returns.

Tito's team tentative, lethargic on the field, half asleep on the bench.

Nation cries "We missed The Sopranos for this crap?"

Tito speaks: "We'll come back on Tuesday and go get 'em." (gulp)

And Blaming the Cold Gets Old.

Schilling in Must-Win Situation on Tuesday.

Ponson Brings Heat, Sox Bats Freeze Up

Pedro Comes Undone Early,
Settles Down Too Late

Javy Has Way with Pedro Crushes HR on 89mph Fastball, Martinez Drills Segui, Wild Throws Error

Pete gets out of jam in second, Manny gets one back,
Shift costs Sox another run. Big Trouble for Timlin.

Bellhorn, Mueller, Kapler Bright Spots

"You have to wonder if there's something physically wrong with Pedro... the velocity of old is certainly gone." - Don Orsillo, NESN

"The bottom line, it will be a huge disappointment if we (Red Sox) don't go all the way, We've been through more high-drama barrels (said battles) than any other team... Following the Red Sox isn't a yearly thing. It's almost hour to hour. There's no offseason, no downtime." - USA Today - 'Next year' is here


Contract Up!

Will Proud Pedro Be the Flamethrower Tonight?

Or Will He Get Torched in the First Game of His Last Season with Sox?

86 The Curse Talk and Let the
Last Roundup Begin

Ace Angry to Start Season

"Opening Night, and Pedro Martinez is prickly, peeved, petulant, pouting, and feeling persecuted. ...Privately, he expressed extreme annoyance at the hostile line of questioning (on velocity), and told two TV reporters who had their cameras turned off that he was fed up, and that when October comes, he planned to leave Boston as a free agent. The Red Sox already had the man they wanted, he said, in Schilling." - Turning Up the Heat

"It's Not Win or Lose, It's Win or Else" – Curt Schilling

Will Nomar's Injury be Sox Achilles Heel?

Nation Officially Nervous About Nomar, Pedro, Manny, Williamson, Foulke, Timlin, Embree, Trot, Nomar, Mueller, Bellhorn, Pokey, Kim, Etc.

Nomar out indefinitely, goes on 15 day disabled list.
Kim goes on DL. Shumpert released. Brooks back to Pirates.

Meanwhile on the Business Front "If they want me, then show me." (the money) - Nomar

"It's about wants and diswants. It's about direction... as far as all four of us go, this is a disappointment. The last six months, there's been talk of, 'Can we sign all four of them?' Now we're going to sign no one (before the start of the season), and that's disappointing. We have two Hall of Fame guys in Pedro and Nomar and we have two guys in me and (Varitek) who have proven they can play at this level.'' " - Derek Lowe

Frank Defraud is Ready for the Dog Track

"Actually, I used to admire the Red Sox fans. There was a certain nobility in their loyal frustration. They accepted their lot in life as losers. But now they're poseurs, attaching themselves to the Yankees like one of those little birds that rides along on the hippopotamuses' back. It's no longer good enough that the Red Sox go about their destiny and lose. Now their identity only exists in association with the people who beat them all the time. The Red Sox fans are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome." - What garbage Frank, didn't realize you lost your mind along with your fastball.

Ed Cossette buries this washed up Yankee fan has-been hack better than we ever could, with a little help from the venerable Art Martone who wrote on ProJo in July 2002:

[The Yankees always win.] Except, of course, for 1946, when the Red Sox won the pennant. And 1948, when the Sox knocked the Yankees out of the race on the next-to-last day of the season. And 1967, when the Sox finished first and the Yanks finished ninth. And 1973, when the Yankees were favored to win the A.L. East but instead lost 14 of 18 to the Red Sox and finished fourth. And 1974, when the Sox swept the Yankees in a doubleheader at Shea Stadium and knocked them out of first place for good in a race they wound up losing by two games. And 1975, when the Yanks were again favored to win the division but lost three out of four to the Sox at Fenway in late June to fall out of first place for good, and three out of four to the Sox at Shea in late July to fall completely out of the race. And 1986, when the Sox finished off the Yanks -- and everyone else -- with a September sprint they are allegedly incapable of (capped by a 7-2 win in the Bronx on a Friday night that buried the Yanks once and for all). And 1987, when the Sox knocked the reeling Yankees out of the ring by winning two of three at Fenway from Sept. 7-9, dropping them 6 1/2 games out of first and out of serious contention. And 1988, when …

Curt's Got the Right Shirt to Beat the Pants Off O's

Schilling sports a vintage 2001 BDD "Beware of the Dogs" XXXL Heavyweight T-Shirt at Yesterday's Baltimore Press Conference

On preparation for today's start: "I started looking at video back in late December, early January"

Timlin in the Eighth, Williamson in the Ninth?

AP Photo

Sox Shutout, Foulke Hit Hard in Final
ST Showdown 5 Nothing

No More Foulkin' Around,
Time to Contract Up!


But how long will Nomar be shut down?

Sunday is The Day. 04-04-04.


D-Lowe Tune Up in Atlanta Tonight

7-3 win for Boston

Manny gets off the schnide. Sox pound Hampton.

April Fools:

Sox Get A-Rod in Blockbuster Trade with Yankees

With Nomar Out Until July, Sox Make Deal with the Devil, a.k.a. Steinbrenner, and Finally Land A-Rod in Biggest Trade Ever.

Steingrabber, furious about A-Rod's 1-for-9 start, decided to dump the superstar shortstop when John Henry agreed to pay Rodriguez' salary, plus pay $5 million a year towards Derek Jeter's current contract.

In exchange for Alex and Friend-of-Manny Enrique Wilson, the Red Sox will give up Nomar Garciaparra, on-fire fill-in Cesar Crespo, and future Hall-of-Famer Hanley Ramirez in addition to the financial compensation.

Press conference at Fenway expected this afternoon.

Sox Win Championship

Mayor's Cup Championship: Boston 4 Minnesota 3

Hyzdu Home Run Rallies Sox. Bobby Jones Wins Final Roster Spot.

You Keep Telling Us We're Number Two

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