Boston Globe Red Sox Sale Update

January 21
Reilly, Sox played hardball right to the end

January 17
Baseball OK's Red Sox sale to Henry
As spring nears, changes on deck
Reilly shows team spirit

January 16
Sox, Reilly still split on charity share

January 15
Bidders, AG, Sox in 9th-inning drama
In the on-deck circle
Henry group won Red Sox in fair fight

January 14
Dolan bid rejected by partners

January 13
Sox bat around Dolan bid today
Yawkey Trust in the Major Leagues
Angry Suitors want new Bid Boss
Dolan offer may signal new ballgame

January 12
Reilly, Selig reschedule conference call

Dolan's latest bid throws sale into confusion

January 11
Dolan makes a late pitch for Sox
AG calls it an error
Tasty Dinner surprise
Let's make a deal

January 10
AG aides grill Sox limited partner

January 9
AG aides grill Sox limited partner

January 8
Sox bidders deny hiring investigator

January 7
Henry accuses losing bidders

January 6
Antitrust exception shields baseball

January 5
Henry, O'Donnell renew Sox talks

January 4, 2002
Sox partner says deal boosts charities

January 3, 2002
Baseball chiefs tilted Sox deal, Reilly says

January 2, 2002
Red Sox, Reilly to meet today
Give the new Red Sox president a chance

January 1, 2002
Reilly probing Sox sale - why?

December 30, 2001
For winners, bid only start of Sox costs

December 29, 2001
Sox turn data over to AG

December 28, 2001
Reilly vows a hard look at Sox deal

December 27, 2001
Sox detail problems in $790 million bid

December 25, 2001
Sox trust, Reilly set to meet in early Jan.
Owners will mix business, pleasure
Duke waits it out

December 24, 2001
Red Sox say bids from Henry, Dolan were of equal value

December 23, 2001
Bidders allege 'flaws' in Sox sale
Selig denies involvement in Sox sale
Lucchino's main strategy: Play to win
Reilly should break up this Sox play
Opportunity to right the ship

December 22, 2001
Owner Henry greets 'Mecca of baseball'
Rival group cries foul in bidding process after high offer KO'd
Critics ask whether Aramark pact extension affected sale
Duquette goes about business
Harrington passes torch
Lucchino outlines a few goals
NESN is golden goose
New owners could face fight over $100m aid package
Resources will be spent wisely
Industry experts say offer not overpriced
Reilly to review sale on behalf of Bay State's charitable groups
Covering the bases once you own them

Harrington, Partners OK Sale To Henry-Werner 12-21

Henry house hunting 12-21

Fenway may stay 12-21

Henry looking for some Boston capital 12-21

New York now owns Boston 12-21

Looking for the Selig smoking gun 12-21

Harrington backs Henry-O'Donnell bid 12-20

Teams pair up to challenge Dolan 12-20

Dolan speaks out 12-19

Menino chimes in 12-19

The Tribes that Bind 12-19

Dolan goes local 12-19

Bids raised, more dropouts and mergers 12-18

John Harrington smarter than Jack Welch 12-18

The New 700 Club: Final bids increase 12-18

McCourt out; Lucchino says Henry-Werner has the cash to close 12-17

Miles still hanging around 12-17

Aramark, Alfond hold the key to limited vote 12-17

Final bids to challenge Dolan 12-17

Sox sale nears final inning 12-15

Famous Amos gets involved 12-15

Partners to meet on Thursday 12-15

Globe:  T.J. Maxx King Cammarata staying in 12-14

Herald:  T.J. Maxx King Cammarata wants out 12-14

Werner bid losing steam 12-13

Sox bidders play catch up 12-11

Miles going the distance? 12-11

Dolan in catbird seat, waiting for partner meeting 12-10

Bidders back for Round Two 12-10

Harrington won't bite on Dolan deadline 12-9

Minority shareholders to meet on Monday 12-9

Cablevision conflict of interest 12-9

Harrington to declare Dolan high bidder 12-9

Gammons on Dolan vs. Steinbrenner 12-8

Monday deadline for Dolan's Dollars 12-8

Dolan said to sweeten bid 12-8

Sox looking at Dolan bid, send to partners 12-7

Callahan on Yawkey Trust final bow 12-7

Henry in with his $150 million 12-7

Hohler on Harrington 12-6

O'Donnell moves up, Otten out? 12-6

Pier 4 spot for O'Donnell's new park 12-6

Henry free to pursue Sox 12-6

Rumors fly, Sox sale slow s 12-5

Shaughnessy worries that "Fix is In" 12-5

Werner-Otten Break Rules? 12-5

Dolan for Dollars at $400m 12-4

Globe confirms bid over $370m 12-4

Stallings Case Still Haunts Lucchino 12-4

Otten won't fight to keep Duquette 12-3 (who helped sink my old company)
working on Werner bid too 12-3

Selig Secretly Backing Werner? 12-2

Yawkey way, bring in the best 12-2

Limited partners key to sale 12-2

NESN is the real diamond 12-2

McCourt not going down easy 12-1

Quadrangle joining Prentice? 12-1

Miles Prentice still in the hunt? 12-1

Six submit bids 11-30

Shaughnessy changes his tune 11-30

Bids are in 11-30

Sox to mix, match bidders 11-30

Hollywood Tom 11-30

Herald focuses on Werner-Otten 11-29

Only 'eye-popping' offer could speed decision 11-29

Maine Yankee makes bid for Sox 11-29

Conflict possible in Times bid for Sox 11-29

Lucchino finally admits to joining Werner-Otten 11-28

New York Times on Times Investment 11-28

Some bidders already out 11-28

Sign of the Times, New York newspaper joins Werner-Otten 11-28

Henry has bigger fish to fry 11-28

Fans will pay no matter who gets team 11-28

McCourt Not In Big Leagues 11-28

McAdam confirms Werner-Otten win 11-27

Sox set strict bidding terms 11-27

Harrington says process may take weeks 11-27

George Mitchell is latest bidder to join renamed "New England Sports Ventures" bid; Dolan adds to team 11-27

One More Plug for McCourt 11-27

Gammons Update: Werner, O'Donnell favorites 11-25

Werner, McCourt Make Late Moves 11-24

More on Les 11-24

New York Times to Deliver Bid - Herald 11-23

One vote for O'Donnell 11-21

Wishing for a Waterfront Park 11-21

Binding Bids for team due Nov. 29th 11-20

Fenway Foes Warn in Home Stretch 11-20

Bidders Facing Serious Hurdles 11-15

McCourt Gains in Battle for Sox 11-14

O'Donnell Courts George Mitchell 10-23

Werner's the One