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Wed. 3.31: Theo Weekend Chat

Sox Fit to be Tied

As Gasoline Alley Catches Fire Again

Pittsburgh 8 Boston 8 in CoPP finale

Crespo Does NOT Get a Hit Today

Arroyo OK, Considering Everything Else

Foulke music hits another sour note. Williamson pounded like Embree and Timlin recently.

How Manny Spring Homers? Nada. No Worries.

Tue. 3.30

PedrOH MY!

Ace Falls on Face in First, But Rebounds for Another Feel-Good Outing

Toronto Pounds Pedro, Sox 13 - 8

Nation Gives Pete Another Mulligan but the Rubber Meets the Road on Sunday

Tampa Spanks Yanks in Far East Opener

Behind the plate, a section full of scouts scratched their heads. Martinez had touched 90 mph on just a couple of fastballs. He delivered them from an arm slot noticeably lower than the Pedro of old. "I could never give that guy a three-year contract," said one scout. "He's got two years left in him. Tops." - Stark: Sox, Jays go to head of AL East

Mon 3.29

Big Second Helping Sox to Victory

Ortiz, Millar, Damon Second Inning Bombs
Knock Out O's 8-3

Wake Sharp. Perfect Day at City of Palms.

Tek Makes the Tag on Bang-Bang Play to Stop the First Run

3.28: vs. Phillies: Millar tracked down Jim Thome's double, fired to Bellhorn whose relay to the plate beat Glanville

Sun 3.28

Jupiter Trip Leaves Sox Lost in Space

Embree (Above) Hit Hard, B-Team Gets F
as Marlins Shut Out Sox

The Drive Was Longer than the Game.
Tried to Fly Standby on Air D-Lowe

Miami 4 Boston 0

D-Lowe Solid for Seven but Penny Shines

Roger Dean Stadium: Worst Park, Worst Food

Wed/Sat 3.24-27

Fans Give Schilling Kiss 108

Sox Horse Gallops Over Phillies as Schilling Goes Extra Mile with 108 (112 update) Pitch, 10K Outing

"Physically, I feel like I'm throwing the ball as good, if not better, than I've thrown it in the last five years" - Curt Schilling, 3.27

Tek, Tiz, Damon Lead Veterans over Philadelphia 7 - 2

Lowe Puts Contract Cards on the Table

New Kids on the Block

Alvarez, Crespo Lead Boston over Pittsburgh 5-1

Sox vs. Pirates in Bradenton

Schill on the Hill Today, Next Update Tomorrow After Jupiter Trip

The Old Man and the "C"

That's Our Official Grade for Pete Yesterday

Twins Pound Sox 12-7

Pedro, Foulke, Timlin Hit Hard

"You know what, guys? -- I'm a proud man. If I ever feel like I can't compete or I can't put up the numbers I've been putting up or somewhere near, I'll just pack my cleats and go home. Give my cleats to my nephews and start playing catch with them. At this point, if you look at the last two years, why would I worry about velocity, why would I worry about anything at all? I'm still number one, on top of a lot of good guys that we have on this team. They have me as the ace. Is that because of respect or is that because of the numbers?"

"I got hurt. I'm older. I got a lot of innings in this shoulder. I actually pitched the last three years around 91, 92. When I have to click, I clicked. So I will do that when I feel it's right. I thought I threw some fastballs over 90 today. I don't know what it was, but I felt it. I just knew when to throw it. "Lost my fastball? . . . 90, 91, nobody lost a fastball. That's a good fastball. And if anybody wants to test it, let the scouts stand there with a bat, I'll beat them at 91... You go to our minor league complex, you'll find a lot of guys at 95, 97 miles an hour and they're still in the minor leagues. Is that a coincidence? Why would that be?" - Pedro Martinez, after Twins outing.

Sox vs. Twins at CoP

Hopefully pictures are worth a thousand words 'cause we're off to Bradenton...

Pedro Needs to Be on the Money Today

Time to Crank it Up Against Twins Pete

A-Rocked But Yanks K.O. Sox Again

"Hey Alex, can you put in a good word to George for me buddy?"

Sox Drop Another One to NY 8-6

McCarty CRUSHES Another One, Crespo Keeps Fighting,
Reese Shows Off Wheels, Still Looking for Lefty

Yankee "fans" start filing out in fifth inning


Manny Was Born to Be Wild

Sox wheel into Tampa to take on The Ego Empire

Sox Meeting Strikes Fehr

Don's Now Ascared of the Steroid Fallout

''You have to be willing to look at things again as current situations change."

- 3.23.04 - Donny Fehr, Tuesday after meeting with the Boston Red Sox

All Systems Lowe

We Can't Say it Enough

Sign-Him-Now-D-Lowe Cruises for Six Scoreless

"Two years ago I had a similar spring training, but again, I don't want to keep repeating myself but last year missing that month killed me."

Manny, Ellis Power Sox Over Rays 7-4

Can Pete Still Throw the Heat?

Pedro, John Henry both at late night City of Palms talks.

Last call on contract? Is Pedro's agent saying "we all gotta eat?" While Schilling Throws 90 Pitches, Martinez Having Trouble Getting Over 90.

"Some concern about Martinez exists within the organization. Martinez has been pain-free all spring, but some in management are asking why Martinez has yet to top 90 mph on radar guns in three Grapefruit League outings. There's also some fear that his lower arm angle, which his close friend, David Segui of the Baltimore Orioles, pointed out to him after an at-bat 10 days ago, is indicative of some soreness in the shoulder." - Is heat on or off with Pedro?

Tues. 3.23

Schill on the Hill

Ninth inning rally falls short; Sox lose to Dodgers 3-2

Schilling throws 87 pitches over 5-2/3, 1R, 1ER, 4H, 4K, 1BB

Lieutenant Frank Returns. Mendoza Returns to Bench.

Sox Battle Tampa Bay Today

Should These Two Get a Room?

Maybe Shonda needs to get back to Ft. Myers...
I'm just sayin'...



Dbacks Have Schilling's Back

"RJ, who is a man of few words, said the difference in ST this year is "Curt's gone" "We can't bring him back" and "it's quieter now."

3.23.04: I have never heard or read anything any DBacks player ever said on or off the record derogatory towards Schilling to anyone in the Phx. media. To the contrary, they all praised his hard work ethic and extreme preparation and willingness to take younger pitchers like Brandon Webb and Brian Anderson under his wing and show them how he prepares. In fact, I remember Reggie Sanders once said seeing Curt work so hard to get every batter out made the team work harder to get him runs.

The 3 stars of the 2001 WS Championship team were Curt, Randy and Gonzo. RJ and Gonzo's contracts were up for renewal a year or two before Schillings, and they got the extensions and big bucks. But the team still owed more big money to Matt Williams and Grace, etc. Williams refused to be traded so he was released but still got his 10 mil salary to stay home. To keep the team going financially they had to bring in new investors who demanded that starting with 2004 (and beyond) the budgets must be slashed way back.

Thus, thru no fault of his own, Schilling was the odd man out with no contract extension to assure he would end his career here. This would be understandably disappointing and stressful. Because he and his wife still had a home and ties to Philly, there were some rumors last summer that behind the scenes he was trying to get the Phillies to trade for him so he could get an extension to finish his career there. The only hint of any negativity from teammates was a rumor that some of his DBack teammates resented this so called lobbying to go back to Philly, so they hung a Phillies uni in his locker once last summer. This was never substantiated by anyone.

Curt has said many times that he is comfortable with himself and his opinions, but admits he sometimes says stupid things in his willingness to give an honest answer. He is also an interviewer's dream because he gives articulate extensive answers beyond the re-tread jock speak phrases and basic yes and no replies, so the media seek him out. Joe Garagiola Jr. (DBack's GM) said "Curt probably has never has had an unspoken thought." RJ, who is a man of few words, said the difference in ST this year is "Curt's gone" "We can't bring him back" and "it's quieter now." Except for the days he pitched, when he was all business, Schilling was always described as a chatty, fun loving extrovert in the clubhouse. Being human, I am sure he might have rubbed a few players the wrong way once in awhile, but I think it was mainly due to their own jealousy. After all, he was a superstar here, and was always sought after by the media and fans, much like he is now with the Sox faithful.
 - Pat/AZCurtFan on redsoxnation.net

Mon. 3.22

The 104th Mish-M*A*S*H

Nixon Out Six Weeks
with Herniated Disk

Nomar Shows Up to Camp in Walking Cast

Second Opinion is in: Trot's Back on the Front Burner

Is the Unsigned Shortstop's Foot His Achilles' Heel?

Not Ready for Prime Time Players

Dog-gone: Nixon Will Not Be Sunday Night Live for Openers,
May Not Be Ready 'Till June

Nomar's MRI Negative but He's Wearing Walking Cast,
He Should Be OK for O's Opening Night

There may not be enough time for Nomar, Nixon 2-4 (now 6) weeks

Cowboy Up Lame

Nixon, Nomar, Kim Late for '2004 The Last Roundup'



Unnamed Veteran Says Schill Wanted his Cy

(But is the nameless accusation baseless?)

Gordon Edes, Notes, Boston Sunday Globe, 3.21.04 -- No one who knows Curt Schilling is the least bit surprised that he would find himself in the middle of the steroid controversy. Not because anyone ever suspected him of using supplements -- he's the first to make self-deprecating jokes about his body -- but because he is constitutionally incapable of remaining silent on any subject worthy of his attention.

His reputation for outspokenness was well known in the Red Sox clubhouse even before he arrived here. One Sox veteran, who expressed surprise at how Schilling had so much to say this winter, before he'd thrown a pitch in Boston, said that during labor negotiations two years ago, Schilling made comments some Sox players interpreted as selfish, when he implied he didn't want a possible work stoppage to jeopardize his chances of winning a Cy Young Award. "There were some ticked off guys in here," the player said. "I was kind of glad Schilling lost a few games after that and fell out of contention."

Schilling admits that he has tested the patience of management and teammates in the past, and there have been times he has said some "stupid stuff."

But he also likes to believe that over time, his judgments have been tempered by experience and greater insight. And reporters, knowing that Schilling usually will give a direct answer to a question, figured his locker was a place to stop to talk about steroids.

He was asked last week if he knew first-hand of players who had used steroids.

"Not anymore, no," he said. "I've played with guys, oh yeah. I've talked to guys. I've discussed it with different people. Not many people, and the ones I discussed it with had stopped.

"For whatever reason, this thing has taken on an incredible life of its own, obviously starting with the [Ken] Caminiti and [Jose] Canseco thing [both former players charged that large numbers of players were using steroids]. Everybody was knee-jerking out of that, including me saying I'm sure [the number of steroid users] was 25 percent or whatever. I really had no idea. Who have I played with that I know for a fact [used steroids]? A couple of guys in 15 years.

"Like everybody else, I suspected a lot of people, but that's exactly what it is, suspicion, which means nothing. There are guys I know who people have suspected, and I know for a fact they weren't using. They just put in time and effort to be what they are, and they're the ones paying the ultimate price right now."

One name that has surfaced in speculation is that of Schilling's former Arizona teammate Luis Gonzalez, because Gonzalez, who had never hit more than 31 home runs in a season, hit 57 three years ago for the Diamondbacks.

"Luis, that amazes me," Schilling said of people linking Gonzalez's name to steroids. "That's one guy, no way. I heard Nomar [Garciaparra]'s name, which just floored me. I've been around the guy. I've seen the effort, I've seen the work, I've seen the intensity and passion for the job. But again, I don't know. I just know what I feel and what I think. That doesn't make me right; that's just my opinion."

Schilling is militant on the subject of privacy safeguards for drug testing, as well as the inherent risks of a procedure that could prove ruinous to a player's career, even if the test proved to be a false positive. - Not curt, outspoken

Sun. 3.21

The Kids Are Alright

Arroyo Starts it off right. Alvarez finishes the job.

Sox sneak past Orioles 4-2

McCartyism hysteria continues, Sox worry about Pedro power

Trade Winds: Womack traded for Duff; Brooks added in Rule V
Walking Wounded: Shumpert cramps leg; Mueller hurts elbow

Mets 86 Sox Steroid Talk

PA Flunkies Glavine and Leiter Rip Schilling, Damon for Policy Comments

"I like Curt, but he's got a lot of opinions, sometimes bizarre," Leiter said. "He's an intelligent guy, but my frustration with Curt and other players like Curt is that they're never involved. If Curt would actually go and sit in the meetings and hear and listen and understand truly how it works, he would have never said that."

"What Curt is getting at is inaccurate, and he's wrong, and he doesn't know what he's talking about."

Said Glavine, "If you want people knocking on your door at 6 o'clock in the morning and following you around for a couple of days and knocking on your door in the middle of your Thanksgiving dinner, I guarantee you 99 percent of these guys will shut their mouths." - 3.20: NY Newsday

Sat. 3.20

Walking Wounded

Nomar Taking Small Steps Back

Sox Pound Jays 9-4

Wake looks great. Ortiz, Millar, Mirabelli go deep.
Foulke needs work.

Fri. 3.19

Ft. Myers is Pete'sburgh

Sox, Pedro Outlast Pirates 11-8

Pete bored with press; not concerned about velocity



Pedro Martinez

4 63 40 7 2 1 3 1

Time for The Hungry Man to Hit the Road

As the World Turner: Tale of Two $50 Million Winners

$50 million Mass Millions Winner Clifford Turner: "I'm speechless. But my mother was a very understanding person in the community -- she was a giving person. My mother wouldn't want me to keep this money for myself. I'm very happy living off $20,000 a year. That's all."

$51 million Patriots Cornerback Ty Law: "I'm just saying it won't be a comfortable working atmosphere. I don't want no 'just for this year.' I can't even see myself putting on that uniform again, that's how bad I feel about playing here... hell, we all gotta eat."



Courtesy of Curt Schilling; the following SoSH web posting is for online fan communication and not for attribution for publication, reprint, or broadcast by members of the media.

Testing has Potential for Legal Supplements to Show Positive Results

3.19.04 -- Herein lies another story, or problem, that's gone basically unnoticed, and unchallenged.

Last spring we were informed of the drug test, and how it was going to take place. We knew this test was going to take place soon after the prior collective bargaining agreement was in place.

We were told that the test was going to go like this.

Players were to be tested on a Monday, and seven days later another test was going to be administered.

We were also told that immediately following the first test, we were to stop any and all supplements we were taking for one week.

When we asked why, we were informed that the tests were, and I am trying to remember exactly how it was put to us, "checking for levels of specific chemicals in the body" in addition to what I would assume was the current list of banned chemicals. We were told that there was the potential that a supplement we were taking might keep certain chemicals at levels that may indeed force us to show a positive result in the test, even though we may not be doing any of the illegal substances we could still show up as a positive.

I know of quite a few guys, me included, that did not stop taking supplements at the time. I knew the company, or was pretty sure at the time, that I was using had a great track record and I was sure the vitamin supplements I was taking were all very legal.

What I don't know is exactly what levels they were checking, or whether or not the supplements I take showed a positive result on my test or not.

I remember the White Sox were talking about refusing the test as a whole, to insure the 5% was met and testing was implemented, and I think a lot of us felt that same way when it came to taking or not taking supplements.

I know the players, at least a majority of us, wanted to see testing implemented. We knew, or know, that there are some players cheating, and I think a lot of us felt that this was the only way to make sure they got caught. Naive or shortsighted I don't know, but I am not sure this is what any of us bargained for.

But back to the original point, I am pretty sure that the % of players that tested positive didn't ALL test positive for illegal substances. I would bet they didn't, but I am not sure. They were testing for certain specific levels of chemicals first, and then supposedly after one week of no supplements, any questionable levels found the prior week would be out of your system and your second test would be clean.

So did the 7% of players that were positive fail because they were all on steroids? I don't think so. I don't have a clue as to how many of the failed tests were due to an illegal substance, or to a double positive test of a player who maintained taking supplements and whose levels of whatever they were testing for stayed within a range to label them as a positive.

The final note here is that we were GUARANTEED the tests were 100% anonymous. No chance of being able to place a test to a name, none. I am not sure where the fault lies here, other than with whomever signed off on the process and made it happen, whether it be the MLB folks AND the MLBPA, I don't know, and really don't care. I just know that whomever had our trust and their shot at handling testing last year needs to step aside and we as players need to be pro active in this situation if it does in fact progress into something more than what it is. - 3.19 SoSHilling: There is no such thing as a "False Positive"


Manfred calls Damon, Curt "completely misinformed"

"That's ignorance of the facts. The owners don't collect urine. An independent party does. The owners don't do the testing. An independent party does. And both [independent parties] are employed jointly by the union and the commissioner's office." - Rob Manfred, MLB

"I know Mr. Henry is not going to be in a lab coat doing testing," Schilling said. "If guys like Mr. Henry were the norm, there would be a lot fewer issues." - 3.19: Edes



Courtesy of Curt Schilling; the following SoSH web posting is for online fan communication and not for attribution for publication, reprint, or broadcast by the media.

There is No Such Thing as a "False Positive"

3.18.04 -- Anyway. No doubt you've been reading the daily reports on the steroid front, and I seem to have fallen smack dab into the middle of this fracas unfortunately.

The comments you've read, attributed to me, are not misquotes, but I don't think I made the point I was intending to make when I answered the questions I was asked.

I don't envision a scenario wherein Mr. Lucchino and Mr. Henry are standing in their lab coats, splitting urine samples and running an independent set of drug tests. Nor did I intend my "I don't trust them to run it" comment to be an all inclusive accusation. From everything I have heard, and the initial impressions I have gotten, Mr. Henry is a man of impeccable integrity, which would explain his success in his field of work also.

I know the owners aren't going to be "doing" the actual drug testing, that's not what I meant. What I meant was that I didn't trust Mr. Selig and the Owners to implement a process based on the knee jerk reactions we are now seeing.

Understand this, from a players standpoint, and not just any player but a player that will unfortunately NEVER be accused of using steroids in any case, there will be NO FALSE POSITIVES.

If you are indeed dead set on a firmer, much more stringent application of drug testing, I am ok with that, but the process must be one where every single leaf is turned up, every single scenario envisioned, and every possibility explored because IF you test positive, false or not, you're career is pretty much over. Now I understand you're career is not really "over", but for all intents and purposes you are done. If you are a guy that legitimately has worked his ass off you are gonna see your life's work, and career flushed down the toilet, regardless of any "retraction" or follow up clearance that may occur.

As a member of the union it's part of my responsibility to make sure that can't happen, to anyone.

The main problem, IMO, from where I sit today is that it's just not as simple as everyone would like it to be.

To change the CBA contents regarding the drug testing would be opening up a can of worms I don't want to see opened. As a player rep I have been privy to negotiating sessions during the off season, lockouts and strikes. The owners of this game aren't stupid, they didn't make their money doing bad business deals. As stupid as it may sound to some, if we were to agree to reopen the CBA and change terms already agreed upon, that would be setting a horrible precedent IMO, one that I would bet my house on would be exploited in the future.

Ok, so I play commissioner for a day, again.

Here is what I would like to see happen.

30 day period starts the process.

During that 30 day period every player in MLB would be asked to submit any and every supplement they are taking. Those supplements would all be tested. Players would be notified of any supplements they are currently taking that contain anything that might show up as "positive" on a drug test.

See a lot of the companies we work with are not FDA controlled, approved. There are companies that do in fact distribute supplements that contain more than what's on the label. It's ultimately my responsibility to know what I am putting in my body, but up until now I never questioned the content of anything the company I work with put into my vitamins. I work with a company called Vitacube out of Colorado. I know they are now very big in the NFL due to the strict nature of their testing policy, so I chose them for the product and their track record. Come to find out that not all companies do this.

I think this process should precede any testing of any kind. Then players would be subject to drug testing for the pre-determined list of banned substances, like we do now, and the NFL does.

As is the case now, anyone showing up positive would be subject to an immediate follow up test to confirm the first test.

This area here is the one I am concerned with most, but know the least. How accurate are these tests? 98%? 90%? Either of those numbers doesn't work for me. I don't know the math but what are the probabilities of falsely failing 2 consecutive tests presumed to be 99% correct?

What you do from here is really something I am not real concerned about, beyond the fact that you should be punished at this point. Anyone stupid enough to fail a drug test to begin with, much less now given everything that's happened, should get hammered.

Long ramble, sorry about that, but I hope you understand that it's just not that easy, even though it appears to be.

I want people that are taking performance enhancing drugs punished, and if they fail to fix it, eliminated from the game. I don't want the era I played the game in to be tainted because a few idiots couldn't do it by the rules. But I also don't want ONE GUY to be falsely accused and have his career relegated to obscurity because the public witch hunt forced people to implement a program that didn't cover all it's bases. - 3.18 SoSHilling: There is no such thing as a "False Positive"

Where's the love Bob Hohler? It's official: Monster seat raffle

No Longer Wall-Mart

Monster Seats Up to $110

3.11.04 - 6:50pm EST: Breaking ticket news exclusive: Green Monster tickets for the upcoming season will be available for purchase next week. To have a chance at seats (beyond agencies and scalpers, corporate partners and advertisers, and the club's seats) you must fill out and submit a registration form (like the right-field roofs that went on sale today). One submission per person; registration will close at 5:00pm EST on Monday, March 22, 2004 (Sox will adjust this time when release becomes official). The Red Sox will then conduct a random selection of winners from the pool of registrants. The winners will then have the opportunity to purchase up to four (4) Wall seat tickets at face value (plus convenience and handling fees) for one (1) home game. Green Monster tickets will be variably priced from $25.00 to $110.00 per ticket depending on the location and the Red Sox' opponent (hint: $25 for Tampa Bay, $110 for the Dodgers, Yankees, Philadelphia). ...Red Sox make another call to MLB Advanced Media in New York to pull a link (if you signed up for seats, you have to do it again.) In other news: NESN to go with Pre/Post Game Rotating Co-Hosts. Who will be the new two? Tom Caron and Eric Frede?

Thu. 3.18

Cesar's Salad Days

Is Crespo on the Major League Menu?

McCarty Parks Two

But Cleveland Storms Back to Beat Boston 10-9. A-Mart Error on Merloni Sac Bunt Ends Game. Lowe Wild, Relief Falters.

Wed. Mar. 17

Curt Leaves Tribe Green with Envy

Schilling Goes Six Strong, Two Hits, One Bomb.
Star of David Shines Again,
Sox Win 3-1

The Steroid Spin
(the finger pointing begins)

Bud Selig: "Nobody Say Nothing!"
Dan Shaughnessy: "PA Members Cowardly"
Jeff Kent: "Who Tested Ruth?"
Reggie Jackson: "SomeBody's Taking Steroids"
Curt Schilling: "I Don't Trust the Owners"
Larry Lucchino: "Damon Couldn't Be More Wrong"
Gene Orza: "Players Don't Want Changes"

Truth-Orza-Dare in Denial Again

"The provisions that exist in the basic agreement are the representation of the will of the players," insisted Orza. "To the extent that people wish to suggest that is no longer the case, I just don't think they're right. There is little sentiment among players for changes in the basic agreement regarding anything."

There. He's got all the hammers. He's got the Constitution. He's got the basic agreement. And he's got the continued silence of his loyal and cowardly membership." - Selig's words have no juice

Schilling: "I don't trust the people that run the game to handle drug testing. We were told last spring that we were taking anonymous tests. (I've) come to find out that that's not the case... Ninety-three percent of us, I think, would be all for being tested in some way, shape or form by an independent third party." - 3.17 AP

Lucchino: "Interesting. I did see that comment (above). Again, I have enormous respect for Curt Schilling. I can understand his skepticism. He's been an opinionated player his entire career and  we admire that. But I assure you that the testing is going to be conducted by independent people anyway, you're not going to have owners out there giving tests." - 3.18, WEEI Dennis & Callahan

Ben is at it Again

"Don't ever underestimate the crookedness of Steinbrenner for one thing."

3.16 Self-appointed Spokesceleb (and faithful BDD.com reader) of Red Sox Nation Ben Affleck on Larry King Live (Caller: What do you think about the A-Rod trade?): "You're in shock. It's sad for humanity. I mean the Yankees stole A-Rod is what happened. They stole him. It was crookedness. Don't ever underestimate the crookedness of Steinbrenner for one thing. (LK: What did he do that was crooked?) Well, I mean I don't know exactly, but I know it was crooked. I know, I mean he had the players union. He was gonna... it doesn't matter, it's past us.

We have a great team. We have a tremendous team, as Curt Schilling said it's gonna make it that much sweeter to beat the Yankees. And you know the problem with the Yankees is that they have no heart. It just becomes the French Foreign Legion. Just hire everybody who's good. Who are the top four, five guys paid in baseball is Giambi, A-Rod, Kevin Brown, you know they're all play for New York, and Jeter, they all started playing somewhere else. (LK: Will Nomar go there next year and play second?) I'll hang myself if that happens. You'll see me hung, dangling back there as a silhouette. I can't imagine that would happen because honestly then there would be giant marches on Yankee Stadium from Boston, it would be like the crusades, people from Boston would mount horses."

Tues. Mar. 16

Bronson Stars in Fifth Wish

Arroyo Bounces Back, No Hits Reds
Over Three, Pleads Fifth Starter

A-Mart Blows Save in Ninth, Cincinnati 5 Boston 4

Will Bud Light Play the Heavy?

Commissioner May Invoke "Best Interests" to Save Game in 10 Days

This Bud's for users: "At a time when rumors of steroid use continue to swirl through his game, baseball Commissioner Bud Selig is considering invoking his far-reaching "best interests of the game" clause to strengthen the sport's policy on performance-enhancing substances, an industry source said Tuesday. ...Unless dramatic progress is made in stalled negotiations between team owners and the Major League Baseball Players Association, Selig could act within the next 10 days, the source said." - Baseball may get tough on steroids

Player X marks his spot: "The union guys were talking about the various parts of the testing program in our meeting, quoting this doctor and that doctor, and I was so pissed off I didn't even want to listen anymore. I sat back, put a dip in and read a magazine. If players get caught, I think baseball should have the right to do anything it wants to them. You've got a couple of guys in the union leadership protecting the steroid users, and it's not going to last." - Up in arms on ESPN

Schilling doesn't trust the owners: "I don't trust the Major League Baseball ownership group to handle drug testing for Major League Baseball. In my opinion, you find an independent third party that will handle drug testing free of ownership input and I'd bet you 99.9 percent of the players in baseball would say please do it. I'd be all for it."

Damon thinks owners just want to bust up union; Bonds on trial for murder: "I actually believe the owners want [steroids] in the game. What boosted attendance in baseball more than home runs, guys taking steroids and hitting home runs? That boosted attendance. It boosted salaries. It boosted money for owners. Bonds, Sheffield and Giambi are going on trial. They're getting in trouble because another company got in trouble and to save their time they spilled the beans. So that's what I'm kind of upset about. It's unfortunate. It's like they got convicted of a murder and they're on trial for murder." - Schilling, Damon break gag order

John Smoltz, President Bush, Reggie Jackson, Jim Palmer, Kenny Rogers, Turk Wendell, Todd Walker... the list of those who speak out against steroids grows while THG joins banned drug list.

Grady Blames Haunted Players for His Failure

He's a Little Bitter, and He's Throwing
20 of His Players Under the Bus in GQ*

Buckner Wrongfully Blamed for Game 6, and Now Game 7

"I had players come and tell me that when they're on the field they're thinking about those ghosts. They think about Bill Buckner -- and not wanting to be a Bill Buckner. And if I got a couple of players come tell me that face-to-face, then I know in my heart I got twenty thinking that. It's just a couple of them got the balls enough to say it out loud." - Grady Little

We want names GhostMan.
Give us the names of these
Curse mongers!

Cubbage plays blame game too: On the execution of the game: "I think there is going to be an NFL-type game plan for each and every game the Red Sox play from here on out," says Grady's ex-coach Mike Cubbage. "I think they're going to have the manager manage on a nightly basis to execute the game plan." (yes GQ screwed up the original release)

3.17: Peter Richmond on D&N on WEEI: "well two weeks ago on the golf course in North Carolina he didn't know 'Bill James' name, he knew who he was, but he didn't know his name."

Richmond guarantees that players definitely did tell Grady they thought about ghosts instead of kicking Yankee ass and getting into the World Series.

*Ghost Quarterly (Correction)

Mon. Mar. 15 - Gordon Edes Boston.com Chat

Kim Goes for a Swim

As part of his Red Sox Aerobic Rehab Program, Byung-Hyun enters the Southwest Florida Female Carrying Championships to strengthen his shoulders, legs, and get back in pitching shape.


BK Shelved for Two Weeks with Bum Shoulder

Sox officially worried about the fifth starter. Arroyo or ?

Ben There, Done That

Affleck, Jimmy, and Rachael Get Back Making Boston Look Cheesy While Ben Speaks for Red Sox Nation Again on SNL This Week.

In other news, will Jeter be jealous?

New York Post, March 12, 2004 -- "CYNTHIA Rodriguez, do you know where your husband is? Our spies say that before spring training began, new Yankee superstar Alex Rodriguez (above) was paying regular visits to the VIP strip club on West 20th Street to enjoy lap dances from a certain Brazilian-born beauty. "He sees her and only her," says our insider. "He was coming in every other week. He'll come in, sit at the bar and wait for her to come over. Then they go into the VIP room and she dances for him. He usually spends about $500 to $1,000 on her, getting lap dances and drinks." A spokesman for the Yankees declined comment." - God Bless Page Six

Here Comes WebManny

Pick Manny's Website Name

(Even though he just bought out MannyRamirez.com -- switching over now)

Sun. Mar. 14

Pedro, Sox Vanquish O's

But Does Pete Really Throw Faster Than His
Aston Martin Can Go in 10 Seconds?

Well Worth the Weight: Too-Strong (and too wild) Pedro Martinez Feels Like '96-'97, Can Throw 98, and is Finally Comfortable in His New Body.

But he only broke 90 once on scouts' guns, Segui said his arm slot was off,
and his contract may be on his mind when at the mic.

Sox Keep Rollin' 5-2, Ortizzle Still Sizzlin'

"Fanciest car in the Sox parking lot belongs to Pedro Martinez: an Aston Martin Vanquish, a newer version of the car that James Bond drove in "Die Another Day." "Pedro is one of a kind, though," said Derek Lowe, who took a little spin with Martinez the other day, the roar of the car engine temporarily transforming a quiet side street into a Grand Prix course. "Pedro had them make his a convertible, and Aston Martin doesn't make that car as a convertible." One car enthusiast listed the price of a Vanquish as $228,000. The Vanquish can go from 0 to 100 in 10 seconds, according to the experts. Wrote one car reviewer: "We cannot come close to really imparting the sound of this 6-liter V-12; a lion's roar, heard in person, would stir this kind of emotion. Sure, we're waxing poetic on you, but the sound of this motor is really something you must hear to understand -- a deep, low rumble at idle and a huge throaty baritone hum that turns into a scream at redline." - 3.14: Boston Sunday Globe, Gordon Edes, Notes

Sat. Mar. 13

Dog Back

Grand Slam, Eight Spring RBI Locks Brian Back on Major League Roster

D-Lowe Ready for the Show, Goes Five Strong Innings, Sox Win Again 7-1 over Jays

In the minor league game, Schilling pitched four innings, allowed one hit, two walks, six Ks, 62 pitches.



Phoenix Fan Says Schilling's "The Man"

"This is not to discount the important contributions of RJ, Gonzo, Grace, Womack, etc. to the Championship. However, as one local journalist put it after the trade to Boston was a done deal, Schilling was the "Assassin," the key player that went in for the jugular and slayed the Yankees."

3.10.04: All the various opinions shared here about the legal and ethical aspects of Curt's SoSH postings being used by the media against his wishes presents an interesting topic to debate. But IMO, the heart of the matter focuses on the fact that Curt was communicating with Red Sox fans to share his opinions, answer questions and give folks the unique opportunity to be exposed to the insights and experiences of an articulate veteran MLB player. He made it clear that any members of the media wanting to discuss the same topics with him could ask him questions directly and he would respond. In Gordon Edes online chat Edes even says (I am paraphrasing here) that he checks out SoSH often to look for other perspectives or topics that might be interesting stories to look into and write about. No problem. He is still doing the interviews, writing the stories, etc.

Living in the Phoenix area I had the pleasure of watching Curt pitch from 2000-2003, and his work is awesome. You Red Sox fans are in for some powerful pitching performances. The DBacks would never have won the 2001 WS if it had not been for Curt carrying the team on his back every game he started during the entire 2001 post season playoffs and just willing them to victory. This is not to discount the important contributions of RJ, Gonzo, Grace, Womack, etc. to the Championship. However, as one local journalist put it after the trade to Boston was a done deal, Schilling was the "Assassin," the key player that went in for the jugular and slayed the Yankees. I encourage each of you to refresh your memories about his part in getting the winning done by viewing "Destiny in the Desert," MLB's official 2001 WS production. Count your lucky stars he is on your Red Sox. He is a workhorse and a true winner. He is the guy you want to give the ball to in the seventh game of the WS.

As for Schilling being available to the regular press for interviews, I can tell you that he stood in front of his locker game after game, win or loose, year after year and did interviews for the media. Last year he and the other DBack pitchers suffered for months from lack of offense, which lead in large part to his poor W-L record (along with his injuries), but he never gave up trying to get the W's for his team, and never openly griped to the media even though everyone knew he and Webb deserved better then they got from the hitters. I have seen him suffer some of the dumbest media jerks and politely answer questions that even I would have said "you have got to be kidding me Bozo" in response to. This got even worse during this past off season when it seemed the electronic media were tripping over themselves to out stupid one another with what they thought were clever sound bites with Curt once it became known he might be traded.

In addition to his on field contributions, he and his wife have done so much good in this community (and I guess in Philly too) with their charity work for ALS awareness and fund raising and the melanoma prevention/sun safety education foundation that they started that AZ has lost far more then just an Ace pitcher. The Schillings have been important "family members" to all of us, and now they are part of your New England/Red Sox family, so you are twice blessed.

I am very disappointed that the SoSH postings are only available to SoSH members now because I found them interesting and learned a lot about baseball and the inside workings of a major league team and clubhouse thru Curt's postings and the questions asked of him by the other SoSH chatters. It is such a pity to lose out on this experience just because of a few lazy media jerks who would not respect a simple request that denied them nothing. All they had to do was work a little to get their own quotes on the topics from CS.

Go Curt, Go Red Sox! I hope you win it all in 2004. If the DBacks thought they had a snowball's chance in you know where to get to the playoffs this year, they never would have traded Curt to "dump salary," because he is The Man.  - Pat/AZCurtFan on redsoxnation.net

Fri. Mar, 12

Oh Nomo!

Big O Hits Hideous Parking Lot Shot off Nomo

Wake Back on Track with 'Tek Catching.
Nomar Out of Lineup. Sox Beat Dodgers 5-1.

Tony Conigliaro Forty Years Later

A Remembrance by Shaun L. Kelly

Thu. Mar. 11


This is for the birds. Baltimore Outslugs Boston 10-8.

O's continue to have Sox number. Arroyo's hit hard. Manny loses sun ball in the first, opens door for big inning with Tejada, Gibbons HRs.

Wed. Mar. 10


Kim Leaves Game with Bad Back. Ortiz Goes Deep Again as Sox Beat St. Louis

No, officially not worried about Trot, Foulke, BK, Damon, Nomar's heel, or Pedro's pitch count.

(NESN to go with Pre/Post Game Co-Hosts)


The impervious, Teflon Don Fehr, right, executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association, wouldn't accept Senator John McCain's challenge to agree to the NFL's more comprehensive steroid removal policy. Commissioner Allan 'Bud' Selig says his prayers.

Republicans and Democrats Agree on This One

(And more than 90% of more than 64, 000 on ESPN.com want to revisit baseball's scam steroid policy)

"The union's wrong, here. Baseball is the national pastime, but it's the repository of the values of this country. There's something simply un-American about this. This is about values, about culture, it's about who we define ourselves to be.'' - Senator Joe Biden, D-Delaware.



Players union's position on steroids still has two serious flaws

"We will have to act in some way unless the major league players union acts in the affirmative
and rapid fashion"

Senator McCain Attacks Steroid Abuse

"Your failure to commit to addressing this issue straight on and immediately will motivate this committee to search for legislative remedies. I don't know what they are. But I can tell you, and the players you represent, the status quo is not acceptable. And we will have to act in some way unless the major league players' union acts in the affirmative and rapid fashion.''

Baseball has a 'legitimacy problem'

"Sports organizations that allow athletes to cheat through weak drug testing regimes are aiding and abetting cheaters,'' McCain, R-Ariz., said at the start of a hearing of the Senate Commerce Committee. Each of you, and particularly major league baseball, has a legitimacy problem,'' he said, addressing top baseball and football officials in attendance. "As your athletes get bigger and stronger, the credibility of your product in the eyes of the public gets weaker.'' - 3.10 Fehr testifies


"Why has this issue been among the highest priorities of the N.F.L. and its players? First, these substances threaten the fairness and the integrity of the game on the field. To allow the use of steroids and banned stimulants would not only condone cheating, but also compel others to use them to remain competitive.

Second, we have a responsibility to protect our players from the demonstrated adverse health effects of steroids and other banned substances. Medical literature is replete with research linking the use of these substances to a wide range of serious health problems." - Gene Upshaw, NFLPA

Selig, Fehr testimony, Biden, McCain remarks

Mon/Tues - March 8-9

Ace Dealing Again

Pedro Flows in First Outing. Schilling Not Dunn after Home Run, Second Fiddler Strikes Out Griffey, Five.
Night Kap Looks Good Again.

Reds Slip Past Sox 3-2

"To me it's a great honor to have Curt Schilling on my team... if he was the one starting the first game of the season it would be the same pleasure." (barking dog in background) - Pedro Martinez, UPN-38

Pedro and Curt Make
Cincinnati Hurt Tonight

Dauber doubles Sox past Philly 5-3; while
Shumpert powers Boston
past Twins 9-4

Trot's "butt knot" is not that bad, but he'll miss a week. Damon improving, Nomar too.

Nomar Yanks Sox Chain.
Schilling Messes with Media.

"Are the Yankees recruiting you?" Garciaparra was asked, since he'll be a free agent after this season.

"You never know," said Garciaparra. "In this game, anything can happen. Why, I didn't know I was going to be traded last winter."

Now, Nomar, you weren't traded. You were just almost traded.

How did the Red Sox brass feel about Garciaparra showing them up with all his public Yankee hugs? You didn't have to look far. They were all in the box seats -- watching. "Nomar's agent was in town Friday and Saturday, so this may not have been entirely unpremeditated," said one Red Sox executive.


Meanwhile, back in the Red Sox clubhouse, Curt Schilling was explaining to the Boston media for the umpteenth time that he is very offended when they go to the Red Sox fans' chat room (sonsofsamhorn.com) and take the quotes he posts there and put them in the newspaper. After all, he writes "off the record" beside the quotes.

Curt, if you rent a billboard and post a quote on it beside your picture, do you think that's off the record, too? What is it, a disease? A smart player goes to Boston and within months his brain cells disintegrate. "I never anticipate that any of the stupid things I say will be turned into more than they are," explained Schilling. Sort of.

"Curt wants to pick a fight [with the media]," said an exasperated Red Sox executive. "We don't know why." - Tom Boswell thumbs Nomar, Schilling.

Sun. March 7

Big Poke

Pokey Has a Blast but Tony-the-Phony Hits Two Bombs,
Yankees win 11-7, Sheill Hammered for Six Runs.

Circus Atmosphere at City of Palms

One eBay ticket: $500. Standing Room Only: $80. Two female Sox-Yankees fans having fist-a-cuffs in the parking lot? Priceless.

R.I.P. John Henry Williams

As reported here last week, Ted's only son loses battle with leukemia at 35.

And Yes, He's Headed to Alcor

"The greatest gift that any parent could ever bestow upon their children is to have the drive to want to get up every morning, to want to do something, to want to succeed in something, to fight for success." - John Henry Williams

"Just the idea of Ted Williams's head lying in a freezer somewhere in Arizona should be enough for Red Sox Nation to rustle up a posse to go after his kid." - Bob Ryan, July '02

Old Contreras

The 41-year-old, $32 Cuban Con Man Crushed Again

Jeter Error Costly, Millar Doubles in Manny,
Burks, Kapler (two steals) in on Mueller Hit.


Bronson Near Perfect for Three.

Sat. Mar. 6


The SoSHit Hits the Fans Again as Radio and
Newspaper Guys Attempt to Figure Out the Internet,
And Vice-Versa

Mission Kimpossible II

BK Pitches Two Hitless Innings,
But Twins Explode for 5 in 6th for 6-2 win

Bean ball costs Sox win. Ortizzle goes deep.

Schilling Slammed for Three Hits as Northeastern Takes Him to School

Just kidding big guy. You were a rock star out there.

Nervous Ace showed great command of fastball in 35 pitch effort, had good rapport with Tek.

Red Sox improve to 3-0 (Yes, we're counting the college wins) as Sox win 7-0

Split Squad: Wake wasn't feeling well gives up 2 HRs, Sox win 9-3


Top Domain Names for Manny's Website

Name Manny's
New Website

Current Results

It's Just MannyRamirez.com
Being MannyRamirez.com

After the threat of a lawsuit from the Ramirez camp, the Houston-based owner of the Ramirez fan-site 'MannyRamirez.com' agrees to turn over the URL domain in exchange for an undisclosed sum and autographed memorabilia

Manny hopes to launch his new charity and fan site over the next month or so.

Silly satire (for those who can't tell the difference): In addition to Manny's charity endeavor, M.R. Make a wish, Manny may use his site to review new movies, beginning with The Passion of Christ, and television programs such as Sponge Bob Square Pants, show pictures of his new Car-of-the-Week, engage in a Q&A with fans on Red Sox history, have a sweepstakes to have dinner and drinks at The Ritz (both of them) with Enrique Wilson, show live footage from his new helmet cam, have weekly fireside chat guests including Dan Shaughnessy, Jim Donaldson, and John Dennis, Bling-Bling Bingo to win a piece of Manny jewelry, pick Manny's hairstyle (via computer generated photo enhancements), play the popular 'Where in the World is Grady?' game, tax tips, dating advise, and read nightly bedtime passages from The 2004 Bill James Handbook, in both Spanish and English, and much, much more. We can't wait.

D-Lightful for Openers

D-Lowe Looks Sharp, as Sox Rally Past Twins 5-3

Dominator blast seals the deal. Dauber gets on the radar.

Manny 3rd, Nomar 4th is just what the doctor ordered.


Curt Schilling comments for Sons of Sam Horn and
Boston Dirt Dogs readers please

Self-Promoters Exploit Fan Conversations and Drive SoSH, Schilling Behind Curtain

Shocker: Dickerson spends entire show talking about Himself-and-Schilling and sends out "open invitation" for Curt to come on his show to "clear the air"

(because something definitely smells bad in Burlington)

Dickerson Goes Quiet in Followup Show, Dumps "What Should Curt Do When He Sees Me on the Street" Poll Results

3.4.04 - CS/SoSH: "Not really sure I was THAT upset (about Millar misunderstanding), just bothered, but certainly expected. I spoke with Bob Hohler today, we agreed that there was some sort of misunderstanding today between he and I. Nice guy.

P&G (a password protected SoSH forum) might be the way to go, because despite the repeated desire for most of this stuff to remain in this forum, some members of the media cannot seem to adhere to something as simple as that... that may end up being ten times easier than the current situation.

What part of "I'd like the posts I make here, to stay here, and on BDD (Boston Dirt Dogs) only" is so hard to understand or follow?

Do they have some sort of fiduciary duty to not do this? I don't see it, they have a lot more access to me than folks here.

BTW, anyone else think its funny to check the MFY (team to the south of us) chat boards off of BDD link (www.nyyfans.com) and see them react the same way you all do to MFY news? Hilarious. The Pesky discussion is one Johnny and I have had daily, same thing I used to do with Richie Ashburn, and it's a whole lotta fun. Funny to see it get so much play.

Great thing is, even though neither side will admit it, you two groups of people are so similar it's eerie. Problem is they lead 26-1 (well 26-5) at this point, so that's a sticking point."

Mediots Swing and Miss

3.4.04 - 10:00pm On Fox Sports New England tonight

Gary Tanguay: Kevin Millar was talking with Curt Schilling, and Schilling said 'hey, I got all you guys on video tape in Arizona, and then Schilling went out and pitched batting practice, and buzzed one by Millar's head. Kevin's having fun, he's a wiseguy 'I had no idea Curt Schilling was that sensitive'... Schilling was wrong! He shouldn't have done this! You don't do it to a teammate.

Greg Dickerson: Jason Varitek told me last week starting pitchers cannot be team leaders... one of the first things we started to hear when we got down to spring training little over a week ago, there was a small little buzz going around and maybe Curt Schilling was rubbing some people the wrong way, because of his attitude, because he was stepping into a team that was five outs away from going to a World Series, that had leaders, and things like this you can see where he had maybe some small problems.

Gary Tanguay: I hope he doesn't alienate guys, he's gonna go out and have to pitch well, or else he's gonna get creamed in this town. I don't compare to the Harrison incident (hard hit on teammate during Pats training camp last season), that's football, this is baseball. Throwing at somebody's head is dangerous enough when the guy's on the other team. You know what he's a baby. If he can't take ribbing form KEVIN MILLAR, WHO HAD ONE HOME RUN OFF HIM IN SEVEN AT BATS, HE'S A BABY!

Comments to Curt on SoSH from 6:30pm show (which drove his reply):

Mike Fortuna, aka PedroisGod: G38, I love the way the media spins things. Just now, according to FSNE Greg Dickerson said "Schilling strikes me as a Schilling 1st team 2nd guy", and oh and apparently you "Threw at Kevin Millar's head"... what a joke.

Schilling: This may be the only kind of comment that really is an issue for me. I have never met Greg Dickerson, he has not met me, if so it was a handshake, tops. How would he know me? What he's heard? What others in his profession claim? These are the kinds of gutless comments that makes players hate the media and makes us realize just how little integrity some folks in that line of work have. Whether you all buy it or not is not the point, this guy doesn't know the first thing about me, beyond what the media guide says, so where does crap like this come from?

They really think we are that stupid. We understand they HAVE to write stories, they have to TALK about sports, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Problem is they have to write and talk about something INTERESTING, or they lose ratings and readers. Does something REALLY SERIOUSLY newsworthy happen EVERY SINGLE DAY? Of course not.
When it doesn't, some of them need to create news, and from where I sit that's a shame. There are alot of real good stories out there, as many good ones, if not more, than bad ones. How about the fact that in the midst of this juice war someone writes about guys that are doing it the right way, the old fashioned way, guys like Nomar, Bill Mueller. How about an article on the fact that Manny has shown up like 4 of the last 5 days for EARLY WORK on his OF? Reading anything along those lines?

Man this is gonna be a hoot to watch some of these guys work all year. Don't get me wrong, there are alot of good guys in the media, alot, funny part is that the real bad ones are so easy to spot. - CS/SoSH

Millar "Message" Just Messing Around

3.3.04: FYI, been awhile since I posted, but I am asking for the same rules as before, I am posting this for the fans here on SoSH, and for the fans over on BDD site. If any member of the media is browsing this forum I am more than sure that your media outlet has someone standing in our locker room at 7am every morning representing you, anything you need to ask or want to know, ask then please.

First off, the pitch was nowhere near his neck, obviously whoever wrote the piece was not actually an eyewitness to the incident. Second, what Bob Hohler wrote was not accurate either, since it was he who asked me the question, not "a reporter".

The pitch WAS intended to be a joke, kinda. I wasn't trying to hit him, nor would I, we were playing around in the A.M. and he was giving me crap for taking me deep last year, instead of responding, I knew he was in my BP group, so I waited to make my response:) It worked, everyone had a laugh, and I think everyone that isn't a close friend or teammate in the immediate vicinity got the idea.

Lastly, what he did ask me, which in reality is really none of his business, was if I was joking, which I thought was a pretty stupid question to begin with, of course I was as far as he was concerned. But the work being done during BP is not a joke. Everyone outside of the batting cage, rookie pitchers and hitters included, were left to wonder whether it was or wasn't, so I was satisfied. Bottom line is if I can scare the crap out of one of my teammates (for just one second), then they ought to be pretty confident that when the games count, starting tomorrow, like every winning team I have ever been on, they have my back, I have theirs.

And in all honesty, I think I walked about 60 guys in my last 400 or so innings, if I wanted to hit someone...........

So the short of it, after the long winded version, is that no, I wasn't trying to hit Kevin Millar, nor would I.

I thought this was a group of fans that didn't buy into a lot of the crap being written, you can't take a lot of this stuff at face value, you can't.

Curt Gets Schedule Nod as Sox Put Ace
on Calendar Cover

Schilling Wears Sarcasm on His Schirts

"The message on the shirt was pointed: "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted, and then used against you."

Garciaorza Speaks on 'Roid Rage

"Testing is not the answer"

(That's Positively False Nomar, Harvard Professor Says Less Than 1% Chance of Error on this Sophisticated Tests)

"You see too many guys' faces tattooed up there on TV," he said. "How many times have we seen guys in the NFL or the Olympics, and it says, `Failed substance abuse program,' and the first thing you think of is cocaine, marijuana, steroids, or something? Then they find out he took Advil before the event and forgot to say that. Nobody puts his face up there again and says, `Oops, we messed up.' "

(We spoke too soon about not revisiting the "false positives" and aspirin conspiracy mantra)

Gene, Gene the Lying Machine is Back

Union Ostrich Says Steroids No Worse Than Cigarettes

"Here is Gene Orza, now officially drunk with his great power at the Major League Baseball Players Association, speaking about steroids yesterday at something called the Octagon World Congress of Sports:

"Let's assume that (steroids) are a very bad thing to take," Orza says on his junket. "I have no doubt that they are not worse than cigarettes."

It's a double negative, but you get his meaning.

"But I would never say to the clubs as an individual who represents the interests of the players, 'Gee, I guess by not allowing baseball to suspend and fine players for smoking cigarettes, I am not protecting their health.'" - Orza fails logic test

Lawyer Says Fans Stuck with Bogus Numbers and Cheating Players Until 2006

Muscle Mania

Guilty Cheaters Have No Fehr and Loathing Fans Furious

But Garciaparra Still Swimming Upstream

(at least he's not talking aspirin conspiracies and "false positives" anymore)

"We're getting tested, we're doing all that stuff," Garciaparra said. "So people are going to find out if they're taking it or not. I'm sure all the athletes that are being accused right now or being looked at because they've been associated with [those indicted in the BALCO investigation], they're taking tests. I'm sure you'll find they're all negative. They're all hard workers. They work extremely hard. There's a reason why they're big, they're strong, and in the positions they are, because of their hard work." - Steroid recipients named

Is Dan Doubting Nomie?

(it's tongue in cheek except for CHB! freaks)

"There will be more stories every day now. More reputations will be tarnished. More suspicions will be raised. Remember that photo of Nomar on the cover of Sports Illustrated without his shirt a couple of years ago? What was that about? Did Nomie swallow barbells that winter? Middle infielders look like middle linebackers. What's going on?"  - Shadow of doubt over everything

Schill Says No No on Nomar

"Please don't even mention Nomah's name in the same sentence as steroids. I spent 7 weeks with him this winter, he's who he is, and does what he does, because of his intense dedication to himself, and to the sport, period." - 3.4.04 Schilling on SoSH

Damon "names" Giambi: "Damon played with one of the players named (do your homework, people). Says Damon, "I know he's done stuff in the past. He's made a lot of money. Hopefully, he's aware, he'll stop, and he'll continue to play well." - 3.3.04 Boston Globe, Bob Ryan

While Andy Van Slyke calls out Barry: "Unequivocally he's taken them, without equivocation he's taken them. I can say that with utmost certainty."
- 3.3.04 Bonds took steroids
(Do you believe Andy Van Slyke... or SoSH's Big Mike?)

"All I know (when he saw Bonds* naked daily) is one head got bigger... the other got smaller."
- Andy Van Slyke, D&C WEEI, 3.4.04

Thu. March 4

The 2004 Season Begins, Time to:

Contract Up!


D-Lowe Set for Twin Killing Tonight

"Let's Play Ball"

Official Statement from Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood

"I regret the outcome of the last week, but I lost a job, not my character. 
I would have a much more difficult time dealing with losing the respect of those players who worked so hard for me all season."

"NESN has been an important part of me for my entire adult life.  I basically grew up there as I watched the station grow from infancy to where it is today.  I made a lot of long lasting friendships during my 17 years and worked with some of the most talented people in the broadcasting industry.  I am proud of what we accomplished and the shows we established.  I hope they continue to have success in the years to come.  Those who know me, understand how much I treasure the opportunity to coach and hopefully have a positive impact on my players.  I regret the outcome of the last week, but I lost a job, not my character.  I would have a much more difficult time dealing with losing the respect of those players who worked so hard for me all season.  Although we lost the game to CM, it was an amazing night for our kids and the program and I couldn't imagine missing it.  The Red Sox and NESN have been very good to me over the years and although I am disappointed to leave under these circumstances, I truly appreciate all of the opportunities they have given me over the years." - Bob Rodgers, 3.2.04

(courtesy of Jay London, lead sports reporter for the Whitman/Hanson Express)

Update on anchor search: Lucchino "thinks" the new hire will be a local personality, but Bill Borson, NESN VP Programming, may have some talent lined up. Another possibility is PR assistant Glenn Geffner who has on-air experience with the Padres. Glenn is expected to replace Jerry Trupiano after next season as Troup recently signed a one year deal.

John Henry Williams is Near Death

36-year-old John Henry Williams, fighting a losing battle with leukemia since October, is "gravely ill."

Mon. March 1

Anutha Hahtbreakah!

Average Joe Blows It

"Bawx around my haht" Brian loses Larissa with five outs to go.
"L" word, over-the-top accent, and fanboy crush on Wake does him in
(plus it wouldn't hurt if he hit the gym) ...Gil in the 8th, Fabio in the 9th.

Bob was Robbed

"You're Fired" – Trump Style

"I'm very disappointed at the outcome, and it's unfortunate that such long service comes to an end this way," was his lone comment.
"I really don't want to say anything until I consult an attorney."
- Bob Rodgers, former NESN anchor

Bob Rodgers and NESN part ways. Bill Griffith read it here first.

Rodgers was fired yesterday after not calling in sick even one day in 17 years. Did Orsillo shank Bob by refusing to pinch hit? Say it ain't so D.O.

"Those who are on the outside looking in are scratching their heads, wondering why Rodgers would risk a high-profile, high-paying job to travel up and down the East Coast just to coach a high school basketball game.

Those who ask this question do not know who Bob Rodgers is." - The Enterprise

New Host Hunt Underway

NESN looking at "Dream Job" dropouts and frontrunners including Keith Olbermann, Suzy Waldman, Tom Caron, Rex Hudler, Michael Kay, Eric Frede, Chris Collins, Sean McDonough, Jimmy Stewart, Dan Roche, John Meterparel, Dan Shaughnessy, Jim Corsi, Gary Tanguay, Tim McCarver, Mike Ratte, Ed Berliner, and Psycho Steve Lyons (who hates Schilling).

Big Dog already passed over despite lapdogging H/W/L since 2001.

Parrotheads, Cheeseburgers, and Fins to Invade Fenway

Fenway Gets Another "Concert."  And if you visit here, you'd know by now.

"It's music for people who don't like music: background, laid-back fluff."

Cheat Skates

Juicin' Giambi's Two Steroid-Aided Home Runs Blocked Sox from Series

Orange Juice On the Juice Off the Juice

Shame 7, October 16, 2003:

N.Y. Yankees  AB  R  H  RBI  BB SO LOB AVG
Giambi, DH 5 2 2 2 0 1 1 .231

From the Box: HR: Giambi 2 (3, 5th inning off Martinez, P, 0 on, 0 out;
7th inning off Martinez, P, 0 on, 2 out)

Giambi said he could make very good use of a little extra muscle

Juice Guy Changes His Tune

 2001  From ESPN Page 2, Summer 2001:  Jason, which superpower would you want most: the strength of 100 men, the ability to fly, turn invisible or shoot fire out your rear end?

Giambi: I think I can already do the last one. Probably the strength of 100 men.

You're about the first one to say that. Almost everyone else picks invisible.

Giambi:  No, strength is more practical. It would be such an advantage in this game.

 2002  Giambi comments on strength after scandal breaks: "There is no miracle [drug] for this game," he said. "You either have talent or you don't. [Taking steroids] doesn't help you hit a baseball or achieve things people worked hard for."

Going, Going, Bonds*

"The Most Wanted Man in America... Black Power!"
– Barry Bonds*, 3.2.04


Better Hitting Through Chemistry

Fraud Slugger Should be Banned for Life

Bonds*, Giambi, Sheffield Given Steroids, Home Run Records Tarnished Forever.

"San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds*, New York Yankees stars Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield and three other major league baseball players received steroids from a Burlingame nutritional supplement lab, federal investigators were told." - San Francisco Chronicle

73* is off the books too as Bonds* also took Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in 2001

Commissioner calls steroids "sinister and seductive"

(How do you like them apples*?)

The Big Dead Machine

Schottgun Funeral



Schilling on the Hot Spot... and Loving It

 "I assessed the potential teams, all the pros and cons. And the Red Sox had one thing that no other team could offer. Instead of looking at it as a negative, I looked at it as a positive. The chance to step up and help this team (win) the World Series for the first time in 86 years.

"I've established myself by being at my best when it's on the line. People say I like the attention. It's not that. It's that I like to succeed when it's do or die. I went after it harder this winter than I've ever gone after it before, because it's the first time I've been in a win-or-else situation. We're not allowed to lose. And I love that." - Philadelphia Daily News

Radio Stole the Internet Star

"This is a different camp. The feeling around here is different.
The mentality is different. It's not a win or lose here, it's win or else. And I think everyone is OK with that."

2.24: CS on with 'EEI's D&C:  I think I've always been pretty open. As people in Philadelphia will tell you, there's not a whole lot of mystery to me. I've never had a problem with people knowing how I feel about things, right or wrong, so this is certainly a different environment for me, given the intensity and the scrutiny, but it's something I'm very comfortable with, I'm excited. And I understand the first time I go out there and give up 6 runs in a game in April, these same people will be calling me names, so, it's OK though.

The guys that come here and excel here are a different breed. Baseball on the East coast of the United States is a lot different than anywhere else in the country, in the world for that matter, and New York is like the epicenter for intensity, and Boston is right there with it."

GC: I remember you told once what you did with your first major league paycheck, cashed it, literally, twenties and tens and went to sleep with it...

CS: Actually I spread it out all over my bed and watched TV on it. I thought it was more money than I was ever going to spend in my lifetime.

GC: That was the goofy Curt, you had  earring, nose ring, and nipple rings...

CS: No nipple rings, no nose rings, just the earring... and a white Beemer supposedly with spinning hub caps from what I hear.

GC: You have forfeited the right to say 'I want my privacy, I need my privacy, when you drive around in a Hummer that changes colors...

CS: The privacy thing is, honest to God, I sign fewer autographs and I know more people in Philadelphia than anywhere in the country. Because they know me, they know my family. When I'm out with people in public, they ask how Gehrig is doing, or how my wife is doing. I was part of that community. I envision kind of the same thing happening here. It's going to be a little different. There's going to be a lot less privacy and it's one of the reasons we decided to live where we're going to live. There will be a little more privacy instead of being in the city but when I want my privacy I'll find it, and my family will find it. Otherwise, it doesn't bother me.... what a great guy he is, great guy (Drew Bledsoe). Continued

Name the Schilling Sandwich

Is there a real ad man in the house?

Lame-ass copywriters for Dunkin' Donuts (Schilling ad) and the Red Sox (new ticket sales ad) mail it in with tired, hackneyed over-the-top Boston accent cliché crap concepts (BOTH use "wicked good."). Real Bostonians don't sound like that (except in Ben Affleck or bad Kennedy clan movies of course). And we haven't used "wicked" since 1986. "Pahk" your ad agency fellas. Find some talent with something original to write.

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