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Sign of The Times?

"It's all about the ingredients of the pitchers themselves, the character that we have in those four or five guys we have down there," Little said. "We feel fully confident that it will work."

Another member of the organization, speaking on condition of anonymity said: "It could work, but not with the group we have here. Some of them have had the opportunity to be a closer in the past and have failed."

- Murray Chass, New York Times, March 30, 2003

Return of the Jinx Episode III

Evil Empire on Sports Illustrated Baseball Preview cover for third year in a row. Won't return to Series for third year in a row either.



Market Correction Martinez is on the Mound for Openers.
Yes, this is the year.


Martinez Money Talks Stalled. Pedro Will Have to Play Under Terms of His Deal.

Gammons Runs the Gamut

Red Sox This Week, UPN 38 3.29.03

Yankees vulnerability is the bullpen, same as Sox. Second year in a row Rivera hurt. Karsay hurt. Whoever makes best trade for a reliever wins. Bobby Valentine at ESPN says, Sox will trade Shea Hillenbrand for Armando Benitez in June and win the World Series. I think there's a lot to that. Red Sox can trade for the dominant reliever, the Yankees can't. The Red Sox are much closer to the Yankees where they were a year ago. Very deep this year. If they get Pedro and Lowe pitching well, they can 95-98 games. Will be the wild card. Have a chance to go deep in the post season.

Pedro's Contract: I'd make him compromise a little bit but I would sign him now. The work he's done with Chris Corenti has changed his body entirely. I'm amazed 150- to 193 pounds, all good weight. Understands how to take care of body. Grady made sure he had 4 days rest. Wake can move in front of him They'll protect him. Keep him there. He's a $14-15M pitcher in my eyes. And I think he'll pitch another 5 years.

Shea Hillenbrand: He worked very hard during the winter with therapist and strength guys in Tempe to get more flexible, shorten approach with Ron Jackson, much better hitter, he'll have more ease recognizing pitches. Tried to deal with what he can and can't do. Get Benitez, Escobar, or Juan Cruz, not some utility pitcher.

Defense not as good as Anaheim, Minnesota. But Chicago and Yankees are bad defensive teams. Oakland is not very good defensively. Sox won't get hurt as much as people think. Sox outfield will be all right.

Fossum, I think he's gone back to the style that make him good. He was trying to do many things. Now throwing Bob Tewksbury curveball which gives him his fastball down. Should win 10-12 games. But without Fox, not sure they're not better off with Casey in the bullpen to come in and strike people out in the 6-7-8th innings.

Let the Hate Begin

By RUSS SMITH - The Wall Street Journal - March 28, 2003

Excerpt: There is obviously something different about Boston and New York, making the competition bitter from the day Babe Ruth was sold to New York after the 1919 season. Both cities are unusually sports-centric, for one thing, with a rabid collection of journalists eager to stoke the emotions of lifelong fans. Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium were built before the Depression, in urban settings, and many spectators still use mass transit, often reading the tabloids, to reach the games. And the Sox and Yanks were part of the original eight-team American League, back when players traveled by train and fans listened to games on the radio.

All this tradition matters. Stars may claim that the rivalry doesn't concern them, but when a free agent like Jason Giambi becomes a Yankee, he finds himself caught up in the history of the battle between two of the most valuable franchises in sports, and he starts to care.

In spring training this year, Yankees manager Joe Torre ruminated about short-reliever Ramiro Mendoza, a mainstay in New York's dynasty but now a member of the Sox. "I've been such a Mendoza fan forever," Mr. Torre said. "But obviously, where he is sitting in that dirty, rotten uniform he is wearing we are going to have to pull against him."

Fossum Finally Blossoms

Burkett, Fossum Sharp as
Boston Sweeps Atlanta 2-1

French Fried

Anton is out in Atlanta.

DLowe Looks Set to Go

Derek goes six solid as Sox beat Braves 4-0

                 IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR
 D Lowe (W,1-0)   6   1   0   0   1   2   0

Wall Seat Journal

Seats Expected to be Ready For Home Opener Again.

A moment of silence

 for US military casualties in the Persian Gulf.

Grady and The Gamers are Ready to Go

Opening Day Line-Up  
Johnny Damon CF
Todd Walker 2B
Nomar Garciaparra SS
Manny Ramirez LF
Kevin Millar 1B
Shea Hillenbrand 3B
Jeremy Giambi DH
Trot Nixon RF
Jason Varitek C
Pedro Martinez P

Pinstripe Pedro?

"Imagine that, Pedro Martinez in New York,'' he said with a smile. "How many Dominican flags do you think there would be? I don't even want to imagine . . . The Yankees and Pedro? I don't even want to think about it . . . it would be great for George, not for the Red Sox.''

Lucchino: "We are not going to negotiate during the season, if we have an announcement to make, it will be made in the next few days."

Extension Tension

Pedro tells Sox 'don't talk to me after the 28th.' Sox expected to pick up option. Reds rule 6-1.

Castillo! CastillOh-No.

Miss USA

Lawrence MA's Susie Castillo is Crowned Miss USA.

Mr. Gone Away

 Lieutenant Frank Castillo Has Seen His Last Day.

Good Omen for Damian

Damian Jackson makes team, Adrian Brown goes back to Tampa,
Sox to carry 12 pitchers to start.


Steve's got something up his sleeve. Sox lose to Bucs 3-0.

           IP H R ER BB SO HR
S Woodard 4  1 0 0  0  3  0

Nomar's ComPadre Goes to San Diego

Waive Goodbye to "The Governor" Merloni: "I'm happy, I'm ecstatic"

Lou could go to San Diego.

New Best Friend?

Or tease?

Do-Rags & Don'ts

Nomar the star, Sox pound Reds 10-5

"Oh My"

Lucchino reacts to Casey getting crushed.

Fossum Flops Again, 11-6 Phillies

C Fossum (L,1-3)
IP  H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR
4   7   7   7   0   4   3


Casey Gets Vote of Confidence.
Little Sticks with Fossum for Fourth.

"We're like spoiled little brats. I'm very thankful we have those types of people.'' - Pedro Martinez

Let's Be Frank.

Castillo Should Start 'Till Person is Ready.
Sox Can't Afford to Start cAAAsey.

Lucchino after seeing Casey today: "I'm less concerned than most other people around here, on his control in particular, I tend to think we overreact in spring training. I have a lot of faith in Fossum this year."

Casey Comes Clean on Colon, Control, Calories:

Pedro Has Eye of the Tigers. Sox Win 5-3.
Giambi, Ortiz, and Garciaparra go deep.

Theoretically Speaking: Shea to Stay

Chicago Says No Go

Cubs general manager Jim Hendry has decided not to trade any of his high-end pitching for the moment. At least that's what he told Boston Red Sox manager Theo Epstein on Tuesday when Epstein called seeking Juan Cruz, Carlos Zambrano or Kyle Farnsworth in exchange for third baseman Shea Hillenbrand.

J-Lo Goes to Colorado

Ja Rule V Pick Lefty Lopez Gets Traded to Rockies.

Zuleta Goes Down

Earl Snyder, Julio Zuleta and Lou Collier to their minor league camp on Friday. Zuleta, who has played at first base, the outfield and designated hitter this spring, was hitting .367 with one homer. Collier, an outfielder, was batting .282 with a homer and a triple.

"I think the capability is there to make the Red Sox the most effective franchise in baseball, with a huge advantage over everybody else for the next 15 to 20 years." - Craig Wright

Sox to Win World Series by 2010, the Latest.

"What John hopes we can create is a methodology that gives us a distinct advantage over many trades, many draft picks and many seasons--with our goal being to make the postseason every year," Epstein says. "There are eight postseason teams. With such a large degree of chance in a short playoff series, that means we should theoretically win the World Series every eight years." Business 2.0 - Baseball by the Numbers April 2003

Derek Hits the Deck

Mayor's Cup Goes to Minnesota Again, Twins win 7-6

Sox in Cruz Control?

Sox may lay one down for Cubs power pitcher Juan Cruz.

Call the Boston COPS

Critical Outs Pen?

"The fact that we don't have a high-profile, proven, late-inning relief pitcher is probably a financial decision. Using our best relievers to get the most critical outs, that's purely philosophical. We could have had closer X, but we would still be committed to using him in the seventh inning on a given day if it was appropriate. Instead of religiously waiting till the very end, we're picking our spots."

"Whatever you might lose intangibly, you gain from a sense of unity and cohesion in the bullpen. By forgoing conventional roles and individual stats and replacing them with the common goal of getting the last out and getting a win—not a save or hold but a win—I think that builds a certain esprit de corps in the bullpen."

- Theo Epstein  Sports Illustrated: Boston's Bullpen Gamble, Daniel Habib, - March 17, 2003

Irish Wake

Garciaparra and Ramirez go deep, Boston 9 Cleveland 4

Trot New Trade Bait?

Silverman: The Red Sox are not actively shopping outfielder Trot Nixon, but they have let it be known that he is available.


Casey gets crushed. Nation, Sox concerned about Fossum as fifth starter. Person pummeled in relief. Castillo the way to go?

Pirates Pound Red Sox 10-4

                        IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR
C Fossum (L,1-2)     2 1-3   5   6   6   3   3   0

While Sox Try to Trade Shea

In their pursuit of Burroughs, the Red Sox have offered to trade third baseman Shea Hillenbrand and take on outfielder Bubba Trammell, who has been shopped by the Padres for a year. - San Diego Union Tribune 3.15.03

There is a growing suspicion that Boston will deal Shea Hillenbrand before the season starts. One reason is that they feel that they can get by with Bill Mueller in the seventh or eight hole until Kevin Youklis is ready, and Hillenbrand is the one chip that can get them a young, talented player into a weak system. The Mets, Cubs, Marlins and Orioles have all expressed interest, the it appears the Sox will wait until they get what they want. - espn.com 3.16.03

... He Keeps Swinging Away

Hillenbrand goes deep again with 2-run bomb.

Petey gets warmed up in St. Pete but Sox bats cold.
Devil Rays 3 Red Sox 2

 Trot Grinder Nixon, Kevin Gamer Millar, and Doug Gritty Mirabelli Homer as Dirt Dogs Out Slug Reds

Ramirez and Garciaparra add two hits apiece too.
Boston 8 Cincinnati 5

Person Chucks Yankees, Can Get People Out

Robert Should Be in the Rotation,
NY Beats Boston 6-3

Millar, Sox Get Ready to Kick Some Yankee Ass

JZ The Big Rapper Can't Be Denied Either

Me and Julio Not Getting Sent Down to the School Yard.
Red Sox 8 - Twins 4

Trot Throws His Weight Around

Hey Mockerina

Death, Taxes, and Lou Bitchin' About His Annual Trip to Rhode Island.

Big Benny and "I'll Be Back" Banks released. Wake Looks Great Again, No Runs Given Up All Spring

Hillenbrand Stays Hot, Sox Win Again Boston 6 Baltimore 3

Person Makes Purpose Pitch Against Yanks Tonight.

Casey OK.

Performance Puts Pressure on Burkett to Keep Person from Starting

Face of an Ace

Another Solid Start for Pete
Sox lose to Reds 5-2, but top Bucs 1-0


D-Lowe Gets Crushed, Sox tie Reds 8-8,
Adrian Brown Steals the Show.

Dirt Doghouse?

Trot May Not Start as Millar May Be the Right Dirt Dog.

Who's on Third?

Mueller Makes His Case

Who's on First?

Shea enters the fray. Sox top Toronto 5-4,
No Name Bullpen is the Star.

Cool Hand GM Deals With Hot Head Third Baseman

John Tomase:  Epstein led a smirking Hillenbrand into a back room at the City of Palms Park clubhouse. Hillenbrand emerged 10 minutes later looking ashen and chastened.

Theo Lays Into Shea for Talking Too Much

Shea: "I'm not going out quietly, I'll tell you that much. They think we're stupid."

Can a trade to Cubs be far off?

WrestleMedia II: Sean Snaps

McDonough Slams Buckley, Shaughnessy, and Red Sox/Globe Partnership

The ZZZone wakes up as Sean says talent-less Buckley brings nothing to the table and just shows up at his print, radio, and TV gigs. Claims negative Dan Shaughnessy's attacks on (PA announcer) Ed Brickley and former GM Lou Gorman are over the top. Criticizes beat reporters for acting like columnists and questions the credibility of the Boston Globe.

Wakefield of Dreams

Tim twirls three shutout innings

 Red Sox 6 Blue Jays zip  Box Score

Bagwell or Head Swell?

"They don't know what they have with me. If they get rid of me, they'll know what they have. You've heard of Jeff Bagwell?"

Shea Can't Shut Up

"But if you tell me that Bill Mueller is going to be the first one off the bench and he's going to give you a day off, would you sign him to two years for $4.5 million? And they're talking about cutting costs and saving money. I'm not stupid."

"Why not sign me to a multiyear [contract]? Sign me now so I don't have to go to arbitration." What happens if I go out and have an All-Star year this year and go to arbitration? You have to pay me more."

Hillenbrand said on-base percentage is overrated unless you're the leadoff batter. To me, if I get a 7-8-9 hitter on base, it don't mean [expletive] to me."
- Hillenbrand Looks Concerned


Mount Everett Erupts Again
Must Be the Boston Media

Crazy Carl to Dallas Reporter: (Screaming now...people watching.) If you're gonna ask some f***ing ridiculous questions, then I'm gonna give you some f***ing ridiculous answers...I mean, that's just f***ing ridiculous... That's right. I'm mad because I don't like the f***ing media. Keep it up. Go head, keep it up. Keep talking back. I'm gonna have you escorted outta here. And you better get up off that f***ing table. You're gonna learn to respect us. This is our house. You're gonna learn. Get up off that table. (I don't move.) I said get up off that table. (I still don't move.) You better get up. 

While Tony the $5 Million Phony Spreads His Gospel
'Cobweb' Clark Finally 'Fesses Up on The Fan

Here's what the smiling sweet-talkin' thief had to say to Mike and the Mad Dog regarding what happened during his time with the Red Sox last year:

"I just got off track, unfortunately there were a lot of different things going on last year that kept my focus from being where it needed to be and consequently I didn't play the way I'm capable of playing. I went into the off-season trying to clear out the cobwebs in my head... (last season) the ballclub decided to make the adjustment they needed to make to make the run they felt like they needed to make as the year went along, and they didn't include me in those plans."

Sweet Pete Strikes Out Side

But Sox Can't Score

Pedro Positive He'll Stay in Boston

Nation Gets Nervous As Fossum Can't Focus

"We have concern, but the kid's working hard and we have confidence he'll get smoothed out." - Grady Little

Baltimore 10 Boston 6

Just Your Average Jose

''I wasn't impressed. Everybody hypes him up to be this big thing. He's average."

Shea Had Something to Say...

While the Silent Slugger Shows Contreras Who's Boss

The Quiet Manny Knocks One Out Again

But Sox Go Down 7-4


''This (Yankees) has always been my team''

JZ The Big Rapper

The New Zu Review at First Base

Julio Plans to Stick at First Base, Puts Pressure on Hillenbrand Trade.

Split Squad Splits

Sox Beat Twins 6-4, Lose to Tigers 5-4.


 Friday Chat on boston.com 2.27.03

Big Dog

Gordon, You recently wrote a matter-of-fact column about the dwindling number of African-Americans on major league baseball rosters, particularly focusing on this year's current Red Sox roster. While you presented the Red Sox advances and commitment to improving in this area, and clearly gave the impression that the current statistic is an aberration, some noted baseball writers and radio hosts translated your column as an indictment of the current organization. Was this unjustified backlash just part of the ongoing WrestleMedia in Boston?

Gordon Edes

Dog I honestly wish I knew why that column elicited the response that it did. I'll take some responsibility in not making it more clear that it was not intended in any way to be an indictment of the current Sox regime, or the last one, for that matter. One of Dan Duquette's most meaningful legacies was to make the Sox clubhouse a much more diverse place than it was in the past. I thought I noted that the declining numbers of African-American players was not exclusive to the Sox, but I think the best explanation for the reaction is that race in Boston is a hot-button issue, especially when the Sox are involved, given their sorry history in that regard.

Home Run Ramirez

But Twins Win Again 6-5

Mayor's Cup in Jeopardy, But Manny and Dom Giambi Go Deep.

He's Another Person

Pissed and Jacked

And Surgically Repaired Right Shoulder "Throbbing"

Boston Herald - 3.2.03 Horrigan: Person, who was on the phone with his wife at the time, said he was listening to a Janet Jackson song and didn't think his stereo was too loud. If the music's that damn loud, how am I going to talk to her?'' he said. ``I'm asking him, he's asking me and we're pushing each other's buttons and he said, `Step out of the car.' When he put me in that chicken-wing hold, it was my right shoulder and I told him, `Whatever you do, do it to my left arm (because) I just had surgery. Please don't ruin my career,' '' Person said. ``I said I'll cooperate, but just when I said that, I get an extra nudge and that's excruciating pain. I buckled down to my knees and I was like, 'You've got to be kidding me.' So now I'm hot and I'm more talkative, so then to shut me up, I get the pepper spray gun right in my eye and that was unnecessary. That's why when I got in the police car, I said all the expletives because now I'm pissed and my shoulder's throbbing for no reason.''

Just Another Person?

Red Sox Night Owl Arrested for Cranking Tunes in His Ride After Leaving Club Cache

Cantankerous Other Person Snaps

"You black (expletive.). You punk (expletive.) You pulled me over because I have a nice (expletive) ride. You pull me over because I'm black. I'll have your (expletive), cat. I got your (expletive). (Expletive) you, (expletive-expletive) police. That's the reason why I hate the police."

Fit For a King

Larry King, spokesman for the Lee County Sheriff's Office,
told the Boston Herald the case is "over and done with."

Millar Hits It Far,
Sox Slip By Pirates

Boston 6, Pittsburgh 5

Wild Card Wannabees

AL Wild




















Tampa Bay




AL East




New York








Tampa Bay












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