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Sun. 11.30.03

Pats Win Was Thrilling

But on 'EEI's "Patriots Monday," it's all about Schilling.

Titofficial Wednesday

Announcement on Francona pushed back again.

Honeymoon Not Over for Nomar

Shortstop wants to stay in Boston even if A-Rod comes.
But he won't switch his position.

Curt Comes to Boston

Ace will be in town for Sox Christmasfest December 12-13.

Here We Go with Pedro

Mike Francesa reports Pedro will demand a contract extension
before he even throws a pitch in 2004.

The '02 Martinez-Schilling Matchup

"I am a rookie at this ... I don't really know what to expect and when to expect it," said Martinez, despite striking out 10 in six innings and throwing 75 of his 115 pitches for strikes. "The biggest adjustment I have to make is realizing that I have to deal with this for the rest of my career -- or for this year at least. After the season is over, I am not going to know what is going to happen. In reality I don't know if I am going to pick up velocity after [this year's] first half. I don't know if I am going to make it to the second half. I am wondering. I don't know. I don't know. I am lost." - Pedro's comments after 3-2 loss to Schill and Snakes.

There's a New Scheriff in Town

"Please pass along a sincere thank you to the Red Sox Nation from my entire family for the amount of support they have given us this week, it's been appreciated. Yesterday (Friday) was the best day of my Red Sox career, nothing will match it until we hoist that trophy in October, more than once, over the next four years.

God Bless,


"He's not a prima donna who won't talk, like Nomar or Pedro. You want guys out there promoting the team." - Fenway Frank, SoSH

Schilling Sends Message Sox Want to Hear

Even Schill Got Scooped on Friday {wink}

From the initial overnight SoSH Chat with Sox ace Curt Schilling (CS) 11.28.03:

BTW, Dirt Dogs says that the deal is done

CS: Dirt Dog is wrong, and so are the west coast sources. Drop a message over there saying you heard that the Sox will ask for a 24 hour extension tomorrow morning and watch them call you Carnac.

Curt and Tito... back together again (dirt dogs sub headline)

CS: BTW folks Tito gets this job on his own merit and if you ever get a chance to meet him you will understand why.

"BREAKING NEWS, DONE DEAL, Schilling Agrees to Sox Contract"

CS: Really? How much did I get? Someone pass me the terms, need to let Shonda know.

"Diamondback Ace Signs Three Year Deal and Will Become the #1 Starter"

CS: No it isn't, not guaranteed anyway... not even remotely (issue of being #1 starter), that's Pedro's job, he's got the hardware, same as RJ (Randy Johnson) here.

"California Sources Confirm Schilling Saga Has Come to an End as Curt Waives No Trade Clause. Give Thanks to Theo, Henry, Lucchino as Diamondback Ace Signs Three Year Deal and Will Become the #1 Starter for the Boston Red Sox. Steinbrenner Steamed. Nation Breathes Sigh of Relief." True or false?

CS: FALSE, NO THREE YEAR DEAL. I am the #2 starter if it does happen.

That's what it says on bdd.com which, btw, is a fantastic site... except for the star hating... he hates Pedro.

CS: I have seen that, great site, a lot of work on that site and way too much made of my comments about Pedro.

Are you excited to potentially pitch with Pedro?

CS: Next to RJ he's the most dominant pitcher in baseball. I go out of my way to watch him pitch when the schedule allows it.

Curt, you have any comments on how Francona let you pitch deep deep deep into games regardless of pitch counts in Philadelphia?

CS: We had no bullpen. I didn't want to come out, he was being paid to manage and win. My arm issues from Philly were a direct result of filling the bullpen with 6 year free agents and guys that were not ready.

Fri 11.28.03



Schilling Agrees to Sox Contract

California Sources Confirm Schilling Saga Has Come to an End as Curt Waives No Trade Clause. Give Thanks to Theo, Henry, Lucchino as Diamondback Ace Signs Three Year Deal and Will Become the #1 Starter for the Boston Red Sox. Steinbrenner Steamed. Nation Breathes Sigh of Relief.

Official News Conference This Afternoon.

(Hey, it was afternoon somewhere on the planet)

Together Again

Curt and Tito will Be Reunited As Red Sox Get Their Ace and Make Push for World Series in 2004.

 Foulke, A-Rod Move Back on Front Burner


"The Boston situation presents a challenge
that... none of the other ones do."

"The Manager Makes the Difference"

The Philadelphia Story: Manager's Brotherly Love Brings Schilling to Sox

Sox Get #1 Starter as Schilling Will Land in Boston in Trade for Fossum, Lyon, de la Rosa and Michael Goss.

 Francona is the Key to Curtain Call

"The Terry Francona situation changes things. I enjoyed playing for Terry and I have a lot of respect for him."

Deal for Ace Gets Done Before Friday at 5:00

Schilling to Get Top Billing

1. Curt Schilling, 2. Pedro Martinez,
3. Derek Lowe, 4. Tim Wakefield, 5. B.H. Kim

Complete-Game-Curt Will Start On Opening Day.

Pedro Wants Another
Press Conference.

Schill to keep his eye on Pedro and his "stupid" comments.

Curt on Challenges

Reporter: "You've pitched in Philly which is probably one of the toughest places, we've talked about New York, and now Boston where they are so passionate and live and die by... every... pitch

"All three of these clubs have some kind of challenge with them. With Philadelphia winning a championship, one of two in the last century. With the Red Sox it would be winning the first one in the last century... and beating the Yankees. With the Yankees it would be joining a long line and the tremendous heritage and the prestige of being a Yankee, so there is bait to all three of them that looks good... there's challenges to all three of them that I look forward to if that's what it ends up being, but the Boston situation presents a challenge that... none of the other ones do."

Extension Situation

"I won't leave here without an extension, so there will be an extension of some sort, you know I'm reading that people are saying that I've demanded three years, I never demanded anything from anybody, uhh but I will get a contract extension if I leave Arizona."

Curt Coming Home

Less than two weeks ago, he told The Philadelphia Inquirer that he would not approve a trade to Boston. "I'm a right-handed fly-ball pitcher," Schilling told the paper. "In Fenway Park, that's not a tremendous mix." But yesterday the pitcher reconsidered. "That's something I just assumed. You start looking at numbers, and it's not what I made it out to be. Everyone is going to say, `You said you wouldn't go to Boston, but Boston wasn't one of the clubs I heard they were talking to. Basically, the Red Sox and Diamondbacks agreed in principle to a deal that will go through if the Red Sox can convince me that that's where I want to finish my career... Yeah it is kind of ironic, yes it is, I started with the Boston Red Sox and spent two years there and left in a trade that was hopefully was going to get them to a World Series and maybe going back in the same kind of trade... my daughter is excited about snow... but if we don't feel comfortable at 4:59 on Friday, we won't go and we'll move on... If we meet and (my wife) Shonda and my kids and I decide that this something that works for us, then it will happen. If we decide that we aren't comfortable with certain aspects of it, it won't (happen).

Phillies are Off

"The Phillies were not involved at all. I haven't talked to the Phillies, but I think both sides thought neither side was being sincere. Take that for what it's worth, I guess. Considering the fact that the only two teams that can talk about me over the next four days are the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Boston Red Sox, I'd say (the Phillies chances) are pretty slim."

Boston is On

So, now it's just a matter of one guy saying "yes" or "no." When I sit down — and I was talking to Shonda about this last night — and assess the big picture, of all the teams that the Diamondbacks had the permission to speak to about me, and you look at the attractions in Philadelphia, it's the possibility of playing for a team that could bring a World Series to a town that is dying for one and has only had one in the last century. When you look at the Yankees, it's adding to a tradition that incredibly storied and full of World Championships. When you look at the Red Sox, it's the challenge of possibly being a guy who helps them win their first World Series in a century."

Gammons Shills for Curt

"Fans will adore Schilling in Boston. Is that... you know what, if he ever, along with Pedro, pitched the Red Sox to the World Series, he'd go to the Hall of Fame. If he pitches the Yankees to a World Series, he's just another Yankee pitcher who pitched in a World Series, because that's what the Yankees do. And let's face it, I completely agree with Epstein's philosophy, you know, I mean it's one thing to talk about 'OK we're gonna make ourselves a little bit better,' I know he has felt all along, we're talking about Curt Schilling, we're not talking about a good pitcher, we're talking about a great pitcher and that's why they're trying to do this."

The Final Curtain

Epstein and Lucchino Flying
to Arizona to Seal Deal.

"There is a saying in business, "Until it's signed you don't have a deal.""
- John W. Henry - SoSH

Let's Talk Turkey

Ace Shilling for New Contract

Schilling wants an extension of his current contract, which expires at the end of the 2004 season. Schilling could want as much as $30 million for the two additional years with the Red Sox, which would take him through the 2006 season. Schilling would reportedly want less money to come to the Yankees.

The 37-year-old Schilling earlier said he'd be willing to accept a trade to two teams, the New York Yankees or Philadelphia Phillies.

Schilling's salary is for $12 million next year and with incentives that can rise to $14 million. He has pitched for Arizona since being traded from Philadelphia in the middle of the 2000 season. This past year, Schilling battled injuries and went 8-9 with a 2.95 ERA over 24 starts. He missed six weeks with a broken hand and two weeks because of an appendectomy.

Since coming to Arizona, Schilling has compiled a 58-28 record with a 3.14 ERA. He was runner-up to teammate Randy Johnson in the 2001 and 2002 Cy Young Award voting. Schilling has a 163-117 record with a 3.33 ERA in 450 career games.

This would mark a return to the American League for Schilling, who started his career playing for the Baltimore Orioles from 1988-90. He then spent one year in Houston and followed that with 8 1/2 seasons with the Phillies.

Fossum had a 6-5 record with a 5.47 ERA in 19 games, including 14 starts for the Red Sox this season. The 25-year-old lefthander has pitched for Boston since starting his career in 2001.

Thu 11.27.03

BREAKING NEWS: Reports out of Texas state that Kevin Millar did not go back for a fourth helping today, a sign that the DH/first base type may attempt to actually get in shape this off-season. Stay tuned.

We Thank Our Troops

And So Does The President
as Bush Goes to Baghdad

Second Helping

Theo Spends Thanksgiving with The Schillings

Schilling Ordered Scrod Last Night

Which means the deal is done.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Wed 11.26.03

Tito Won't Talk

Francona cancels interview minutes before going on with WEEI's Dale & Neumy, he "said too much in the paper" already today, does not want to say anything else to imply he has the job.

Announcement coming Tuesday so Sox don't steal 'Patriots Monday' airtime again.

Pats owner Bob Kraft is sick of Sox dominating media, airwaves during football season.

Sox-Schilling Talking Turkey

Lucchino, Epstein finalizing deal with Curt today.

Mon/Tues. 11.24/25.03

Sox Will Foulke Over Another Year

Theo will go for four years on closer to keep Keith from going back to plan A's.

  Goodbye Boston Brave Warren Spahn, 1921 – 2003,
363 Wins –  Most by a Left-Hander 

Foulke Court Press

Closer at FleetCenter Tonight to See Celtics Win (Ooops). Epstein, Foulke Go to The Place to Watch the "Greatest Boston Sports Moments" Video.

Keith Narrows Down to Oakland or Boston...
Looks Like a Lock.

Physical Attraction

New Manager Terry Francona is
in for Fenway Physical Today

(Smarmy Statheads Still Await Another Maddon Interview)

Schilling Favorite to Finally Be Named Officially by Next Tuesday

"The Francona situation, obviously, changed the entire outlook I had on the
Red Sox. He's a huge attraction for me. He's somebody I know and would love to play for. He's someone I know can bring a lot of positive things to a talented club, which is something he never really had in Philly. It's just something that happened so stinkin' fast on every side." - Schilling

DeMarlo Hale May End Up On Francona's Coaching Staff

Roger & Mo

Big Guys Say Goodbye

Mo: "I'm going to be fine. I'm doing a lot of different things already... with the situation I'm in now, I have to make some choices about my career. I've gotta look at it (retirement). I have a serious injury.''

Roger: "Boston was a great experience as well. I played 13 wonderful years up there, we had some teams built around strong hitting and we went 1-2-3 deep in the starting rotation, so I never felt as if I was going at it alone."

Sun. 11.23.03

Mia Big Sat. Sleek Wedding


"Apparently, Mia was wearing soccer socks and shoes underneath her wedding dress!" - Naehring Nirvana, Royal Rooters

He's Mr. Hamm

Shortstop is in it for the Long Haul as Mia and Nomar
tied the knot in Santa Barbara on Saturday.

TC Hamm's it Up

Usher Tom Caron Plants One on Mia Shortly After the Ceremony

Arnold and Maria Celebrate
with Nomar and Mia.

Michael and Liz
Make Nomar's
Big Day.

Now Nomar Puts the
Pressure on Ben.

Midnight Mayhem

Late Night Craziness at
Hamm-Garciaparra Reception

Star Warrior: A defiant John Orsillo, using Larry Lucchino's lucky lightsabers, was forced to defend his honor against evil empire enemy and New York Yankee Captain Intangibles Derek Jeter.

All in the Family

Fab Six Puttin' on the Ritz

Nomar and Mia Hit the Links Before the Big Day

Hale Storms into Boston

[wink]Manager's Race a Dead Heat
as DeMarlo Makes His Pitch

Nice guy, but lack of experience costs DeMarlo in Boston.

Foulke Festival Continues Tonight

Planned meeting on Friday with Foulke postponed until today. Sox officials scramble to put on full court press with massive multi-media presentation featuring fans, team, and city.

Sat. 11.22.03

Remembering JFK

It was 40 years ago today

Fri. 11.21.03

Was He or Wasn't He? Who the Foulke Knows?


Closer Sightings Crop Up Around Town,
But Sox Brass Deny Reports to ProJo Scribes.

"Not to rain on anybody's parade -- and I think (Boston Dirt Dogs) has terrific sources -- but the people we talked to today tell us Foulke wasn't in town.

We think (they're) right about Francona, though."

-- Art Martone, Sports Editor, Providence Journal

But NESN reported this story on this morning's SportsDesk

"Just heard on NESN Sportsdesk that Keith Foulke is supposed to be in Boston
today." -- MD, The Remy Report Discussion Board. 7:01a.m.

"They said Foulke was coming to Boston to talk with management." - MD 

And why was there Foulke music in the Red Sox office today?

 "Adding to the rumor-mill, a buddy of mine with the Sox says the buzz in the office has picked up that Foulke is there at Fenway." - Dwayne Hosey, SoSH

One more faux Foulke sighting?

"Just to add a little more to the story, I read via another board Foulke was shown on MSG today in Boston, and said to be visiting with the Mets tomorrow."
- BoSox8282, Royal Rooters

Original Report from Boston Dirt Dogs

Foulke Hero in Town?

"Source says that free-agent star closer Keith Foulke is meeting
with Red Sox brass in Boston today.
(Caveat: We are awaiting a second confirmation on this one.)"

Joe Friday

Sox say so long to Joe Maddon in phone conference today. Decks cleared to name Francona, once they finish this exhaustive search with Hale interview on Monday.

Franconamania on Yawkey Way

Hungry Nation Can't Wait Any Longer, Demands Red Sox Name Terry, While Brass Threatens to Postpone Announcement Until after Thanksgiving

Dierker? Dead in the water.
DeMarlo Hale storm over.

Where's Pedro?

Montreal-Boston-New York City

The Pedro Martinez Northeast Corridor November Tour Continues as Pedro Pranced Around NYC with his supermodel gal pal last weekend.

Wed. 11.19.03


Superstar's Stock, Dimes Drop as Dallas Media Implies Image Conscious MVP is a Disingenuous Diva

Blockbuster Trade May Be Blocked By Boston

 Is Alex the Answer?

Talk surfaces of shortstop's inner circle, clubhouse clique

Dallas Morning News baseball guys Ken Daley and Gerry Fraley rip Rodriguez. Can A-Rod "pull from the same rope" with 24 guys or will it be party-of-five on his private jet? Has 5-tool-box-office star gone home run crazy? Can the Captain of Industry go back on short fly balls? Is he still the first to arrive, last to leave as advertised?

Terry's in Town

Manager meets with Sox brass, coaches in casual meetings at Fenway

Tues. 11.18.03

Terry O'Really:

It's Francona!

'Way Marriage Legal in Mass

Boston Red Sox & Terry Francona to Wed

Sox Get a Terry Good Manager

Terry Francona will be named
the 44th manager of the Red Sox

Fenway Francona met with John Henry in Florida on Tuesday to seal the deal.


Feeling pushed out of the headlines by the hot Patriots,
Red Sox may make Francona official by Monday if they can finish up managerial interviews this week.

No, Bob Melvin can't bump him out.

Francona Loves A-Rod Batting Cleanup

House of Gammons

Vague Summary of Peter Gammons’ talk at Harvard Law School

Tuesday, November 18, 200 - by Kevin Vahey, RoyalRooters.com

...Corked bat joke did not have any jump in it.

Great baseball season and the greatest postseason ever, even over 1991. (great rating for NLCS, ALSC; Red Sox/Yankees Game 7 a record. World Series would have drawn better with Cubs and Sox but now people are a little tired of the Yankees because they're always in it, don't get such great ratings anymore.) Baseball has always saved itself, in spite of the people who attempt to administrate the game. It revived after the strike of ’94 with players like Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds. It has a resurgence late in the ‘90s and is doing well now.

The key reason is the great players. While there are some problems with some players and there are some problems with baseball, the players definitely are not the problem. (Bobby Valentine, a great baseball mind, “hated players.”) We have players like Pujols, A-Rod, Barry Bonds (whom Hank Aaron wants to break his record), Miguel Cabrero. In no other year have there been so many great center fielders. We have great pitchers (he mentioned Pedro, Roger and one other, with Pedro being “the right-handed Sandy Koufax.”)

While there are some Manny Ramirez types in the world who don’t know what it means to face the responsibility of getting big money to play baseball, others do acknowledge it and face the music (i.e., Derek Jeter). Maybe Pedro and Manny won’t talk to you in the locker room after a game but Jeter will, and others, too.

But baseball does have its problems, many of which can be traced to the Commissioner, who is an owner and has other conflicts (in addition to a terrible Q-factor). What is the cost of having Bud Selig as Commissioner? Some of the new ideas that have helped the game are his (e.g., the wild card systems). However, he has some fiascos on his watch:

The Expos fiasco. After Bud Selig’s attempt to “contract” the Expos and Twins out of existence, a “temporary” situation was put in place, shuffling teams to owners like the current owner of the Marlins (who were supposed to quietly go away). (Since there would presumably be no buyers for the Expos, they could then be “contracted” out ?) This “temporary” situation has been in place five years. The Expos are still up in the air. Around September 1, when they were still in a close playoff race, they were not permitted to bring up a 26th player, and the inability to pinch hit in a key situation possibly cost them a chance at the playoffs. Meanwhile, Vlad Guerrero, who would love to be with the Expos, cannot go there. (Later, Gammons noted that perhaps MLB is afraid of the racketeering/RICO and
other scandals surrounding the Expos. MLB has snubbed Montreal so badly
that they’ve just got to get out of Quebec.)

The Steroids Issue. These drugs are “prevalent,” if not in as high a percentage as some have said. And is this what makes players “better” than in previous years? (Hank Aaron says that in his day a lot of the superstars were making it on amphetamines.) The players, in fact (if not the union) want drug testing. One prominent member of the Astros (flirted with batting title) stated he did not want to be at a disadvantage against players who cheat and he did not want people thinking that he achieves his good numbers because he himself is cheating.

The Commissioner’s Office has been compared to Huey Long’s Louisiana: the Commissioner is allowed to do whatever he wants.

Salary problems: Because of the way salaries are structured and the way owners spend and generally act like idiots, a number of sensible trades won’t be made and a number of terrific players who want to go someplace or stay someplace or go back to someplace (e.g., Curt Schilling to Philadelphia) will probably never get the opportunity to do so. (With Schilling, they’re asking too much for him; possible he will go to the Red Sox.)

(A-Rod may go to the Red Sox, too. His choices are the Yankees and the Red Sox. No, in response to a question, he won’t go to the Mets; the Mets have too many issues.)

Also, many owners are way out of touch with the fans, so isolated in their glass boxes they do not know what the fans want. Football and basketball have figured out that you have to understand and please the fans. When asked why they don’t do more for fans, they respond, “what, do you want us to lose money?” Naturally, you will make more money if you please the fans!

Too many baseball owners don’t care about the game. But there are people like Tony Pena who really loves the game and has helped revive Kansas City. (as opposed to the guy who wanted to get rid of George Brett, Gammons’ favorite player)

“Baseball is marketed to kids who go to malls in Montclair, New Jersey.” People who are marketing to the new demographics (Mexicans, Asians, etc.) are finding good fans. (Later: said the Expos drew younger people when they had all those great teams, and the kids’ parents were all going to watch the Habs lose.)

As it always has, baseball will continue to be renewed by the people who love the game

Q&A highlights:

Salary cap or equivalent? Something may happen to make salaries more reasonable and spread the money more evenly. The union definitely does not want a “floor” because it wants to give franchises a chance to recover after bottoming out. But the union is driven by the stars, not the regular players.

Grady Little’s managerial decisions were “scary,” not just the decision to leave Pedro in. Maybe someone will be able to teach him to read scouting reports or, maybe someone will have to read them to him.

[Solutions for Tigers, Orioles, Pirates]

Loves new stadium for Pirates, though “it’s not San Francisco.”

New direction for Angels and Dodgers both positive.

Uh, yeah, the Yankees will have good pitching. Again. They spend money, sure, but they know how to spend it: on pitching.

Pittsburg he said would just have to get outfielders; they could always find a catcher “under a scrap heap” somewhere.

John Henry is long-term for the Red Sox. Some of the others might not be.

Would never have occurred to him that Ryne Sandberg would not be a first-ballet Hall of Famer.

Asked if Bud Selig would be “that petty” to punish Montreal when they got MLB before Milwaukee did, way back when, Gammons said, “Yes!”

Friday. Nov. 14 - Monday Nov. 17

Theo to Announce Player News at 2:00pm EST

But It's Just About the Timlin Signing ZZZzzzzzzz

(Nothing about Manny, Pedro, or Nomar. Or Varitek, Lowe, or Nixon. Nation needs drama, disgusted by lack of real news)

"It would be a Ralph Houk shock if Francona doesn't get the job." - Gammons 11.15

"Timlin in the Eighth"

Mike is Back for More in 2004. New Contract Calls for Fewer Home Runs Per Appearance.

Just Say Yescobar

Kelvim in the mix as Sox search for starters.


Sox look to lock up BK for two years.

Where's Pedro?

On the crowded and late 5:55 from Montreal to Boston Thursday evening was none other than Pedro Martinez.

Can't Keep Him in Boston in the Summer. Won't Stay in the Dominican in the Winter.

Shaping Up or Shipping Out?

Will Martinez Give Us More in 2004?
Is He Going to Workout Like It's 1999?

Players Can't Avoid Roid Testing Next Season

25 Home Runs Should Lead the League

Foulke Festival?

Keith may be coming to Boston. Sox think free agent closer may get them to Series.

Playing the Role of John Burkett in 2004: Pat Hentgen?

Grady Little Does Not Win Manager of the Year

Pedro Grabs Another $500k for Coming in Third in Cy Young

(Gee, and we thought $15M meant you're supposed to be in the top three. Thanks Duke.)

Esquire - The Genius Issue: Theo Epstein

"...he took over a doom-struck franchise that has spent far too much time wallowing in its own sad past, a franchise afflicted with the most self-indulgent fan base in the world."

The youngest proponent of a radical way of building a sports team is moving baseball—and one of its most storied franchises—into the modern era.

by Charles P. Pierce | Dec 01 '03

Old baseball guys look like they've been carved by the Borglums—weather-beaten, wrinkled, and most of them with knuckles that appear to be at least 10 degrees out of plumb with the rest of their hands. OBGs drink unblended whiskey with every meal, use fuck as a term of deepest endearment, and read only that which can be hung on a motel-room doorknob. OBGs have names like "Doc." So do their children. Even the girls.

Old baseball guys do not have fathers who are respected literary novelists. They do not have grandfathers—and great-uncles—who wrote Casablanca, and they most decidedly do not, as Theo Epstein does this fine September morning, stand around the home dugout with all their fingertips bandaged because they were out the night before playing their electric guitars too long and too hard.

"What do you think?" Epstein says, smiling. "I think Pete [Townshend] would be proud of me."

OBGs think Pete Townshend (sic) played in the Tigers system.

When Epstein was named general manager of the Boston Red Sox last November, he was twenty-eight years old. Some of his predecessors had hangovers that lasted longer than that. He was so quickly dismissed as too callow for the job that when one superannuated local-radio idiot ridiculed Theo, his father, novelist Leslie Epstein, fired back with some decidedly nonliterary heat. (It was Leslie's father, Philip, along with his uncle Julius, who contrived to have Ilsa visit Rick's Café Americain one foggy evening in 1942.) All of the uncertainty about Epstein's age lasted about as long as it took for him to put together a delightfully entertaining ball club that made the playoffs and won more regular-season games than any Red Sox team since 1986.

In his first year, Epstein constructed a team of professional hitters—among them Bill Mueller, who led the American League in hitting, and the robust slugger David Ortiz—and the Red Sox broke the major league record for extra-base hits in a season and reached base more often than any other team. "It's like anything," Epstein says. "Some of the things you do work out better than you expected, but I would have liked our bullpen to have performed better."

He is the newest of the new day in baseball, one of the children of the Gospel of (Bill) James, the revolutionary number cruncher who reinvented baseball statistics over the past two decades and whom the Red Sox hired as an adviser. Before they made it their career, none of these young executives had seen the inside of a major league ballpark without a ticket. They do not look at the game as a pastoral fixed in amber. They do not go by the Book, baseball's unwritten constitution that covers everything from when to make trades to when to have your pitcher hit their catcher in the head.

Their conjuring spells include "on-base percentage," which they count as more valuable in evaluating a player than the traditional batting average. Others of this ilk include Billy Beane, the recently hagiographized GM of the Oakland A's; J. P. Ricciardi in Toronto; and to some degree Brian Cashman of the Yankees. Epstein is considerably younger than even those other three. He doesn't have Ricciardi's problems with the exchange rate, and he doesn't have Cashman's problems of working for a lunatic. And, unlike Beane, he doesn't have to work in Oakland.

Instead, he took over a doom-struck franchise that has spent far too much time wallowing in its own sad past, a franchise afflicted with the most self-indulgent fan base in the world. Theo Epstein has already succeeded in hauling the Boston Red Sox away from all that maundering and into the modern baseball economy. To paraphrase a line that his grandfather once gave to a world-weary expatriate barkeep, their business is history. His is running a ball club.

Cowboy Up-to-No-Good

"My favorite Week 10 quote came from Bucs cornerback Ronde Barber, on the precarious position that the defending Super Bowl champions find themselves at 4-5:

"We've been here before. You look at our record in the past few years, other than last year when we won the Super Bowl, we've been down, we've been out a couple years, and found a way to get back into it. It's the same story. We've been winning football games in situations like this for a long time. We've just got to cowboy up and do it, man.''

Uh, somebody might want to tell Mr. Barber that things didn't turn out all that swell for the last club to employ that particular rallying cry. Trust us on this one.  - Don Banks from si.com

Tues. Nov. 10 - Thurs. Nov. 13

Plan A-Rod

Alexcellent! Superstar Shortstop
May Replace Disgruntled Garciaparra

"Those Rumors are Baseless" - Theo

"Recently, Texas has discussed a potentially enormous three-way trade with the Red Sox and Angels. In these discussions, the Rangers would send Rodriguez to the Red Sox, Boston would ship superstar shortstop Nomar Garciaparra to Anaheim and the Angels would send shortstop David Eckstein and a few pitchers to Texas."

Rangers Shopping A-Rod, Red Sox Interested

BK = Bad Kid?

90% of Koreans say "No" in recent polls, blame paparazzi

BK appeared at the Kangnam Police Station for questioning Wednesday night. Kun Lee, the Goodday photographer, claimed Kim attacked him on Saturday at a health club in Yoksam-dong. "Kim admitted he broke the camera and he will certainly compensate it,''  Kim's agent Lee Jae-seung told The Korea Times. "But Kim did not physically attack the photographer.''

"Although Kim insists he didn't strike Lee Kun, Lee said Kim threw him to the concrete floor of the health club and he felt like he was flying,'' the lawyer told The Korea Times. "Yes, Kim didn't hit Lee, but the action was obviously assault.''

"Lee Kun didn't clarify his identity and just kept taking pictures when I was about to leave the gym,'' Kim wrote in the message. "So I said `Don't take my picture' but he ignored me and came closer, saying `Do you know what will happen if you obstruct a reporter's work.' I badly wanted to punch him but I didn't and just took away the camera and threw it. I am not ashamed of what I did.''

``The bottom line about the case is the privacy of Kim,'' the agent said. ``Kim has the right to protect his private life. Lee Kun didn't say who he was and just took pictures. Does Kim have a duty to expose his everyday life to the world against his will?''

Korea Concerned About BK

"As you know Korea is renowned for its high speed internet infra and the main issue of netizens right now is poor BK."

"I found you posted BK's translated announcement for his Korean fans. It is OK because it vindicated BK's situation now. But why you post the picture which is not good for him in that article? IN USA, that kind of gesture is forbidden and not on papers as unwritten rule? Please replace it with another one. If it is the case, it is not right thing you only posted their propaganda. In Korea, the yellow journalism like Goodday is despicable and nobody wants to buy it to read. They exploited this accident to boost their newspaper sales. Please have a unbiased opinion and let some pictures down.

There are tons of BK fans who support him in Korea. As you know Korea is renowned for its high speed internet infra and the main issue of netizens right now is poor BK. As you know BK has been criticized by Boston fans and media all season long like some Boston players. For other players, that is it. But for BK, he also has been hurt by Korea's yellow journalism (there are 5 sports newspaper which deal with sports and entertainment). Their level is same as the ones found
in grocery store checkouts in the US. They criticized him and wrote bogus articles about him because he did not interview with them. As you see, he has been also injured his ankle and shoulder all season long and he did not reveal until the playoffs which is not a good thing, I think. At this time he is exhausted in mentally and physically and also faces a really important decision by the Red Sox about his status next year. Many BK fans are worried him and are really anxious about
this accident. We all want him to be doing well." - Yong J. Park

"But this is not only about BK but also about the bad side of journalism (especially those reporters who think they are superior and have used their powers in a bad way.)"

"I want to share what the truth is about BK with all the Boston Red Sox fans.
But this is not only about BK but also about the bad side of journalism (especially those reporters who think they are superior and have used their powers in a bad way.)

Before I start, I want all the Boston fans to know that not all Koreans love BK.
There are some people who dislike BK for different reasons. I think one of the reasons is that BK is from south-west (For long time, there has been historical hostility between east and west side of Korea).

This is what happened to BK after he came back to Seoul in Korea from the USA. BK didn't let anybody know when he came to Seoul. That is kind of his character. He doesn't like to be on media that much. He'd rather like to have his own personal time.

About a week later after his coming back to Seoul, A reporter found out the gym that BK goes to in Seoul. On last Saturday, A photographer from a big sports newspaper (Goodday) chased BK and found BK in that gym. He took some pictures of BK in front of him. Something happened to them while they were facing each other at that moment.

Immediately, The newspaper reported that as a top head line story with big picture of angry, mad looking face of BK. They said that when the photographer was taking pictures of BK in the gym, BK hit the photographer and broke his camera. The newspaper strongly criticized BK's behaviour.

After this happening was released in that newspaper, many people blamed BK's violent behaviour, but the other many people blamed on overuse of the media power too. Soon BK announced shortly that he didn't hit the photographer but he admitted that he broke the camera while he was trying to get rid of the pictures of himself taken by the photographer. On Monday, the older brother of the photographer made him sue BK for beating the photographer up and breaking the camera. The doctor said that one month is needed for curing his wound. The photographer wants BK to announce public apology which it seems BK is not going to. Now the whole newspaper company is strongly against BK. - Young Ryong Lee

Kimperfect Pictures

"I don' t think that you need to replace the BK's picture which his finger is raised up. I think that was proper usage of the photo for the content which are next to the photo." - Young Ryong Lee

"I have a favor to ask. Do you mind removing  BK's finger showing photo and photo with blood." - Yong J. Park


Kun's Dice Loaded in Photo Fiasco, Fans Fire Back

"According to the photographer's statement to the police, he wasn't hit or punched per se, but was thrown to the ground by BK. He went back to the hospital where he continues to stay. Interestingly enough, there was a closed-circuit TV camera over the health club lobby where the whole incident happened. No word on whether the incident was actually taped or not. - Positive Sox, Royal Rooters

No Fun for Kun

Punk photographer for sports daily newspaper Goodday,
Kun Lee, in hospital after BK allegedly kicked his ass.

Moorad the Moron



BK Comes Clean

And he gets it (let's keep him)

"The Boston players seemed to feel too much stress. The fans wishing to win a World Series by breaking Bambino's curse, and the media trying to make troubles, and reporting the troubles, were strange to me."

BK writes from his personal web site - Young Ryong Lee translation:

Hello, folks. This is Byung-Hyun Kim who is evading people, was mentally ill, not well educated in manner with people and who beat people up with physical power.

Many things happened this year. I think that many of my fans would be disappointed that I came into Korea without letting anybody know, but please don't be disappointed. I didn't even tell my parents who I love most. Being in Boston for 5 months feels to me quite a long difficult period. Adapting myself to a new team by trade, physical tiredness caused by ankle wound and changing position from a starter to a closer. Boston media which has similar tendency with Korean media and the manager who made me wonder "I gave this little faith to him?" etc., these things happened.

I love baseball and the Boston Red Sox team.

The Boston fans are enthusiastically in love with baseball and the Boston Red Sox team. I was surprised the first time there, but after staying in a few months, I had the feeling that the fans and Boston media both try to catch something overexerted. The Boston players seemed to feel too much stress. The fans wishing to win a World Series by breaking Bambino's curse, and the media trying to make troubles, and reporting the troubles were strange to me.

After my first blown save fans, the home fans, did boo me. At first time, I was pissed off and made short thought in wrong way. "OK, you want to win, I wouldn't want to help it" but soon I made a conclusion that "I was wrong, if I did good, they wouldn't boo me and they like the team more than me, so that is natural for them."

Time passed and it was September. My shoulder was getting worse because of my ankle wound. I felt like I needed to get some rest. But the strange pitcher's schedule by the manager, the fan's boo and my self-esteem made me want to pitch with unyielding sprit. Finally we got into the division series which was going to drive me into the serious event later on.

Bottom of ninth, two out with two runners on bases. I don't want to deny my fault to make that situation, but as a closer of a team which is not what I wanted to be on mound. I was doing my best with pride. The manager's decision to get me off from mound was very shocking to me. I had been tired and remained there with unyielding sprit. When I needed comfort and having him faith on me, the decision gave me big feeling of loss and changed my thinking a little bit.

I asked to myself: "Aren't you in pain? Why are you pitching without getting this treated?" I had this weak thought. Non-sound whispering says "don't be stupid to yourself"

Maybe, because of that, my mind and my will got weaker and it discouraged me and felt much pains on my shoulder after the day. So I told my close friends after game "I can't pitch anymore."

I said that I feel very hard on my body and I don't know what to do. And then we got home and at the first game with Oakland in front of home fans, they did boo me when the announcer called my name. At the moment, my third finger was raised up with instinct.

My behaviour was clearly wrong at that situation. However, if I explain what my feeling was at the moment, "I can't admit your boo at this time. I did my best and If I had a little more chance to face a batter then, the result must have been different. So I can't admit your judgment at this time."

After the game, Theo called me up and told me that he wants me to announce public apology message and he said "If I don't like, I don't have to, but that is good way for both the team and you."

I agreed with his opinion, because I knew I did the wrong thing. And then, I received a voice message in my cellular phone. That was my father. He said "Are you OK? It's crazy in Korea because of you." He said "look at newspapers" so I took a look at Korean newspapers on internet and I read the article with a photo, which has mean looking face of me. It described a player who would be forced to leave Boston Red Sox soon, a player who shouldn't be in baseball world, a player who is not well educated at human beings.

I wanted to have an interview after reading it. But I didn't want to have an interview with someone who writes the wrong things with being aware of that is wrong. "They didn't hear from me. They just wrote what they want to write for deadline." I was thinking "what are they writing this based on?"

And this is the second story of my finger. A fan of Oakland cursed to me in Korean language and he said "is your finger OK?" so I answered "did you mean this finger?" I raised up the finger and said "my finger is OK." Then, a Korean reporter saw that and made up the story with great creativity. The title of the article was "The Second Insult to Crowd Can't be Forgiven"

The reporter who was friendly transferred that story to American reporters came down to me one day and friendly asked me "Have you given a thought that you have had damage from Media?" So I answered "yes, I have" then, he said "Then, have you thought about how to fix that problem? You can have better public reception" So, I asked "what should I do for that?" He answered "be good at taking pictures and accept the interview proposals well." He talked about something invisible for that. I said that I wouldn't want to do that much. He said "Then, we can't help it."

I will say one word for an article which really pissed me off. An newspaper article named 'BK Got Killing Threaten' worried my family and friends. "I won't put up with that any more. If you make my family being worried again with that kind of article" (I am saying this because I know you will read this letter).

I respect freedom of expression and journalism. But this is too much overused. For this issue, I like to thank Theo, my coach and my teammates who worry about me and understand me. Even though it was clearly wrong behaviour, everything was going OK in the USA. But in Korea, the media drove me to a mentally ill person and a trouble maker. They say they understand me in front of me. But after I read the articles written by them, I now think I shouldn't talk with these people.

I might go to police office tomorrow (Tuesday). I want to say this. The happening on last Saturday happened when I came out from the gym after finishing exercising. A reporter with camera was starting to take pictures of me with flashing suddenly. So I asked him "Don't take pictures." But he got his camera closer to my face and started taking pictures. So I said "I said don't take pictures!" Then, he was talking close to my face "You know what would happen to you if you interfere subject selection of reporter?"

I met him at first, and he used an impolite way to call me "you." What he said was that he was doing a very important thing. He sounded like he was telling me that I should do whatever he told me to do. So we started arguing with physical power and I was telling him again "I said don't take pictures!" Then the reporter said in twist way. "You might hit me? you are using violence now?"

I felt like hitting him but I couldn't. So I took his camera and threw it away. He didn't tell me his profession and didn't ask my permission.

I want to say, "This is clearly wrong" I am not sure what is going to happen to me next. I am ready to be responsible for my misbehaviour if I did the wrong thing.

But I am not ashamed of what I did and I am not that kind of person as the media described. I don't think I did shameful behaviour as a human being who can live with one's own will and one's own thought, not as a public figure who gets attention and love from fans.

I feel bad about that I often made bad news to the fans. It is acceptable for me to hear any blame from people who say that I gave them disappointment as a baseball player and public figure. But I think this is too harsh if one judges one with his or her criterion without listening to his word because of the fact that it is not his or her own problem.

I am saying this to those reporters who would be reading this letter. If your perspective view is not changed, my attitude wouldn't be changed too.

I think I am a real lucky guy because I play baseball in the USA. I feel like that I have made quite a lot of excusatory explanations so far. I will show up on TV soon and make greetings. If I have chance I will explain myself. Until then, I hope you don't make an early judgment about a human being 'Byung Hyun Kim'


To people loving me with no reason who has 0% attractiveness as a human being not as a baseball player.

Byung Hyun Kim

Sat. Nov 8 - Mon. Nov 9

BREAKING NEWS US EXCLUSIVE: Thanks to 윤명수, our Korean correspondent, for filing the original report on this story:

BK Assaults Reporter

Monday 11.10.03 - A photographer for a sports newspaper in Seoul filed a complaint against Byung-hyun Kim today on charges of assault and property damages.

In the complaint filed at the Kangnam Police Station, the 29-year-old photographer, identified by his surname Lee, who works for sports daily newspaper Goodday, claimed he was beaten by Kim on Saturday while taking pictures of the pitcher as he left a private gym in Yoksam-dong, southern Seoul.

"Kim forcefully took away my 13 million-won camera and broke it,’’ Lee said in the complaint. "He also inflicted injuries to my right ribs that will require two weeks of medical treatment.’’

He said he didn’t originally intend to sue Kim but changed his mind after the Major Leaguer denied the incident and called it a "fabricated story.’’

Kim, who was heavily criticized by his fans in Boston as well as Korea for making an obscene gesture after being booed during introductions ahead of a playoff game last month, returned home on Oct. 29, but has kept to himself and tried to avoid media attention.

"We haven’t had much contact with him even after his arrival and he still hasn’t contacted me after the incident took place, so I really don’t know exactly what happened,’’ Kim’s 65-year-old father was quoted as saying.

Allegedly, Kim saw Lee trying to take his picture outside the health club and tried to take his camera away. Lee claims to have been thrown to the ground by Kim.

The photographer also claimed that he revealed himself as a reporter when Kim tried to take his camera, but Kim said, "I don’t know any of that.’’

Maddon About Joe

Angels Bench Coach Has Strong, Short Interview Wednesday. Fails to Knock Francona off Top Spot

Gammons confirms Francona interview went well as reported here:

"The Red Sox were blown away by Terry Francona in his interview for their managerial job, but it will be interesting to see how Anaheim bench coach Joe Maddon -- who comes highly recommended by present and former Angels -- strikes Theo Epstein." - Big Spends in Short Supply

Former Sox Prospect Dernell Stenson Murdered in Arizona

Arrest made, but not for murder

The Stepford Jives

The new and behaved Pedro doesn't bleed.

"I just follow orders, I am an employee... Boston will dictate whether I go or stay... They can just call up my agent and get it done, don't even call me... I will just take whatever the market can offer and enjoy the game. For me it would be an honor to play with Boston, but it's out of my hands... I will just leave it up to the agents"

Globe Puff Piece on Pedro Gets it Wrong on Dominican Travel

"...Yet none of his appearances was more riveting to his countrymen than his return from the United States in July to light the torch for the opening ceremonies of the Pan Am Games in Santo Domingo (Juan Marichal lit the torch Bob, in August).

That's partly why Martinez took such offense at the backlash in Boston over the episode. He missed the final game before the All-Star break to make the trip (that was the first trip, you've combined the two), with the team's permission. Technically, he did not miss a start (technically it left him with one less start Bob), though he could have started the first game after the break but instead was pushed back to the fourth game of the second half.

Angered by the fallout, Martinez ratcheted up his resistance to the media after the break (the second trip was in August, that's when he went silent again), but he had no beef with his bosses, who fully approved the move." - Martinez, Pitch for His Country, Hohler 11.9.03

The real deal: Pedro's act still tops

"There were groans about special treatment when Martinez left the team a day early to head home to the Domincan Republic, getting a head start on the All-Star break. Those groans resurfaced when Martinez was given permission to go home between starts to light the flame for the start of the Pan Am Games in early August."

Pedro Throws Grady Under a
Freight Train for Game 7 Debacle

"… at the end of the seventh inning, I wasn't in good shape and we talked about who was coming after me."

Listen to English Press Conference

Pedro thinks Wallace says he's on the trading block:
"You (Gordon Edes) wrote it in the Boston Globe that I was next... who said it Dave Wallace?"

(Hey Steve Buckley, Pedro brought up The Globe, not Gordon Edes)

Grady's Career as MLB Manager is DOA

Martinez Says He Told Grady He Was Good for One More Batter But Little Left Him In Too Long

"I told them I was tired after the 7th, and to get the lefty ready and Timlin, and even Wakefield... of course I said I could pitch to Matsui, any pitcher will say yes, but he hit me (on the shoulder and went back to dugout) but after that moment, it was his decision." - Pedro

But then he hedges with "if Little took me out after the 7th, the question would have been 'Why did you take him out?' He's not guilty. I was the one throwing the pitches. I couldn't execute. I failed. Grady wasn't guilty and I wasn't guilty. I tried my best."

"I wasn't in good shape because of the travel... they told me not to run, but I always run before my starts. I failed. You can say that it was destiny."

Pedro Pretends Not to Know About Manny

Apparently Pedro never heard Manny say he wanted to play for the Yankees (even though it was broadcast on ESPN a million times this summer, and Moorad told anyone who would listen all last week.) He can't believe "stupid" Moorad would say Manny wants to play in NY. Needs to hear it from Manny himself, can't get him on the phone, never heard him say he wanted to be traded (paging David Ortiz). Sincerely, Pinochio Pedro.

Martinez Talks Retirement

He wants to leave while he's young, doesn't want to be an old pitcher.

New Pedro Understands
Market Conditions

Summer love-in with with John Henry has paid off for Sox. "Red Sox sent a message to the free agent market, not with any player (Manny)... I have to understand that if I don't put up the same numbers that I did in '99 and 2000, and from '97 on, I'll probably get a little bit of decrease in salary, but it's still pretty good money in the market (ya think it's still "pretty good money" Pedro, how will you survive on less than $17.5 million a year?)

Martinez Backtracks on Comments Last Season

Says media misunderstood his contract demands.
Claims he didn't leave Saturday before break. 

Friday, Nov. 7

Pedro to Speak Out on Manny and His Own Future in Boston Today

The silent starter and former Red Sox ace will speak between 2:00-3:00pm from the Hotel Clarion in Santo Domingo. He is expected to talk about his future in Boston and the decision to put Manny Ramirez on waivers. It should be eventful.

Boston and New York media coverage is expected, as well as other members of the international press.

Listen to the Live Feed at 2:00/3:00EST if on ESPN radio.
ESPN News Will Carry it Live

Francona Knocks Hoffman Off Top Spot with Impressive Interview

Terry Puts Hoffman to Shame

Media Grills Would-Be Managers

Terry Can Take the Heat

Plan A-Rod Back on Front Burner

Hot Stove Simmering as Sox, Mets front runners for MVP.

Tues. Nov 4


"It's Glenn's Job to Lose"

Impressive in interview, but is the California native too laid back for Boston?


Bud's family concerns take him out of the running again.

"Get Him Out!, Get Him Out!"

In presidential debate, John Kerry claims he would have pulled Pedro.

Orioles Pull Grady Out of the Game

Little will not advance to finals in O's manager hunt.

Not Just What the
Doctor Ordered

Sox Doc Bill Morgan Goes 0-4 on Field Sobriety Tests,
Gets Pinched for DUI

Monday Nov. 3

Can Glenn Hoffman distance himself from Crazy Tommy Lasorda fast enough?

(a transcript would not do justice to Tommy F***in' Lasorda's meltdown
with Dale and Neumy yesterday, you had to hear it)

After LAsorda stumps for Valentine, he adds lukewarm support for Hoffman and adds: "Statistics are lies and damn lies, OK?"

Sat/Sun Nov. 1-2

New York, New York

Start spreading the news
Gone by Opening Day
He wants to be a part of it, New York, New York
Manny's got the blues
He's longing to stray
And make a brand new start of it
New York, New York

He wants to wake up in the city close by his peeps
To find he's over the hill, on the scrap heap
These Little town boos
Aren't going away
He'll make a brand new start of it but
Not in New York
Since he can't make it here
He'll fake it anywhere
They don't want you in New York, New York

Hoffman, Black Tie Up First Interviews

Wild Card Wannabees

AL Wild




















Tampa Bay




AL East




New York








Tampa Bay












Get Everything Red Sox at The Souvenir Store

Right across from Fenway 19 Yawkey Way, Boston

The “Curt’s Pitch for ALS” program is a joint effort by Curt and Shonda Schilling, and The ALS Association Mass Chapter to strike out Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Curt and Shonda will be contributing $25,000 to The ALS Association Massachusetts Chapter, and they are asking fans to contribute as well. All proceeds will benefit research and patient services for those in Massachusetts affected by the disease. Program participants will receive different incentive prizes based on the dollar amount per strikeout that they pledge. Please click here to learn more about the program.

Schilling is Top Good Guy

The SHADE Foundation

The Curt and Shonda Schilling Melanoma Foundation of America welcomes Red Sox Nation to join in their fight to save future generations from melanoma, a potentially preventable skin cancer.

Get a Danny O Fenway Litho, as Seen in the Cooperstown Catalog

Chasing Steinbrenner

Exclusive excerpts on the Kevin Millar signing


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