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Boston Dirt Dogs Home

Boston Globe: Sox-Yanks pitching matchups > Sox do it again > Wake Comments were doctored > Robinson's legacy set in stone >  Thumbs

Boston Herald: 'Tek good in pinch > Heckuva first game > Cora corralled > Schilling offers a far-from-Curt response > Chamberlain to miss Sox

ProJo: Varitek's 9th inning homer fuels comeback > Ailing Cora could be put on the DL > Schilling insists: I won't play for Yankees > Wrapup

Hartford Courant: Farnsworth comes up big in Yankees win > ESPN settles with Reynolds > Phillies beat Astros > Tigers rally past Twins

It's Red Sox vs. YankeeZZZzzzzz: Rivalry's Buzz Takes a Beating
38Pitches: 'Umm, no.' | Wilbur: Space Shot | Yankee Swap
Video: Big Papi Explains Reason for Hitting Woes

Mar 25, 2005:

Mission Kimpossible


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

Boston Dirt Dogs are Hitting the Beach for Spring Break.
Will Be Back in the Saddle Again Before Opening Night in the Big Apple.
Stay Tuned to for Late Breaking Red Sox News.

Newsflash: Henry, Werner, Lucchino Staying at Fenway is Not News.
Saving Fenway was Always Their Plan.

Blogging from the Fort: With 10 Days to Go, What Do We Know?
Catching up with the Pitchers: Armed and Ready

Red Sox Duped by Discount Card Carrying Fans Seeking Fenway Tour:
The Real "Charter Members of Red Sox Nation" Died in Late 1907

Mar 24, 2005:

Fit to Be Tied, Sox Go 0-for-O's


(Jon Papelbon/AP Photo)

Pap Slapped Around in First Sox Start, Sox-O's Tie 5-5

Wells Runs Dry on Wet Day


(Miguel Tejada hits two-run homer off Boomer/ Photo)

Sox Lose to O's for Third Time in Nine Days 6-1 Photo Gallery: Orioles Reign Over Sox Again

Mar 23, 2005:

Sanford and Son


(AP Photo)

Giant Martyr Act Makes Fans Tired. Retire Already Barry*
and Stop Exploiting the Kid.

Mar 22, 2005:

Minor League Monday


( Photo) Photo Gallery: Minor League Visit

Gordon Edes chat wrap
Gordon Edes mailbag: Where's the Outrage?

Mar 21, 2005:

Sox Leave Dodgers, D-Lowe Blue


(AP Photo)

Sox Beat LA 7-3, Arroyo, Youk, Pedroia Lead the Way

Good Set for Schilling


( Photo)

Schilling says he "felt good" and was comfortable during his minor league session today. He threw only 18 pitches over the first two innings, 38 pitches total, but was tagged for a couple of doubles and a 2-run home run by Chip Ambres in the third inning. Bill Mueller led off every inning against Curt who had three strike outs and no walks on the day. After his stint today, Curt also confirmed that he is not ready to pitch Opening Night. Blog: Advantage Adam Photo Gallery: The Fish and the Birds

Mar 20, 2005:

Mar 19, 2005:

Where's Payton's Place?


( Photo)

Jay's Gotta Play

Gotta-Play-Payton, Rally Kids Reel in Marlins 5-3

Mar 17, 2005:

McGwire Comes Undone in Congress


(Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

"I'm not here to talk about the past. I'm not here to talk about the past. (Is using steroids cheating?) That's not for me to determine. That's not for me to determine... My message is that steroids is bad (sic). Don't do 'em. (How do you know they're bad?) My attorney has advised me not to answer that."

No Denial from McGwire

"I cannot answer these questions without jeopardizing my friends, my family, or myself." -- Mark McGwire

Missouri Congressman William Clay reminded Mark McGwire of the great home run race of 1998, the proud tradition of St. Louis Cardinals baseball, and that a stretch of I-70 in his district was named after McGwire. Clay then asked McGwire if those records can be trusted.

“Like I said earlier I’m not going to go into the past and talk about my past,” answered McGwire.

Clay then asks “Mr. McGwire you have already acknowledged that you used certain supplements including Andro as part of your training routine. In addition to Andro, which was legal at the time that you used it, what other supplements did you use?"

“I’m not here to talk about the past,” replied McGwire once again.

Later Clay added “Mr. McGwire, I wish you had used this opportunity to answer some questions about your career and the records that you established.”

McGwire now guilty as sin in the court of public opinion, can kiss the Hall of Fame goodbye. That’s all in the past.

Steroid-gate Blown Wide Open in Washington


(Baseball Hall of Famer and U.S. Senator Jim Bunning/AP Photo)

Dr. Gary I. Wadler: "New testing policy increases the cloud of suspicion... no testing for masking agents and other illegal substances."
MLB Dr. Eliot J. Pellman: Did not know players could disappear for an hour during testing, there was a fine option, not everything illegal was covered.
The Honorable Jim Bunning: "It's not their game, it's ours. What's happening in baseball is not natural, and it isn't right. Wipe out the records" if players used steroids. "Arrogant" MLB deceived him in memo where they did not indicate the $10,000 fine or 10-day suspension for first offense.
Bud Selig: Told Bob Nightingale of The Sporting News that in 1995 that owners looked at the steroid issue 18 months prior. He told the country that he didn't look into it until 1998.
Mr. Canseco: Cannot be totally forthcoming without immunity. Now tells Congress he wants to tell kids about the dangers of steroids, while his book advocates use of the illegal drug.
Corky Sosa: Says he never took anything illegal and is behind more testing.
Mark McGwire: Crying and reaching for water throughout opening statement. Does not deny he used steroids. Says he will not name names and implicate players. Said he did not sit in judgment and does not talk about players (read: Canseco) "sexual preference or marital problems." McGwire will not dignify the book and said he cannot answer questions.
Rafael Palmeiro: Points finger and says emphatically "I never used steroids. Period."
Frank Thomas: Part of new task force with Schilling. Says he never used steroids.
Curt Schilling: Will not glorify the "so-called author who is out to make money at the expense of others." Says public recognition of cheaters is the ultimate punishment.

Pretty in Pink


( Photo)

Sox Now Have an Eye for Fashion

"The way to avoid hat-head is to not take off the hat."-- 3.16 Carson Kressley, Star of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" on Bravo Photo Gallery: Absolutely Fabulous Day at the Ballpark

A Monster Among Men


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo courtesy of Bill Chapman)

Throw Back a Pint for The Monster Today: R.I.P. Dick Radatz

Mar 16, 2005:

Comeback Kids


(Pitcher Denney Tomori/ Photo)

Justin Sherrod hits ninth inning home run,
Denney Tomori gets the save in 6-5 win Photo Gallery: Sox Catch Rays in St. Pete Blog: Winners Win When They're Winning

Mar 15, 2005:

They're Queer. They're Here.
They're Fabulous. Get Used to It.


(AP Photo)

'Fab Five' Have Arrived in Fort Myers

Mar 14, 2005:

Sox Fly South Again, Birds Win


(Jason Varitek shows Simon Pond the ball after making catch against the Orioles/AP Photo)

Old friends Stynes, Chen do in Sox in Ft. Lauderdale 5-3
Malaska baked in the seventh

Mayor's Cup Tied Up


( Photo)

Lohse Outpitches Clement as Twins Win 4-2 Blog: Tale of Three Losses Photo Gallery: Lost Weekend Revisited

Mar 13, 2005:



(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo/Bill Chapman)

FBI Informants Confirm Juiced McGwire Cheated

"The recipe called for 1/2 cc of testosterone cypionate every three days; one cc of testosterone enanthate per week; equipoise and winstrol v, 1/4 cc every three days, injected into the buttocks, one in one cheek, one in the other." -- NY Daily News exclusive exposes McGwire as steroid cheat

McGwire Exposed Again!


(NBC Television Photo)

The New Old Single Season Home Run King: Roger That

Iron*: 63*, 64*, 65*, 66*, 70*, 73*
Irony: 61, no asterisk.


(AP File Photo)

The Natural

Above: Roger Maris, New York Yankees' slugging outfielder, follows through on his swing as he hits his record-breaking 61st home run on the last day of the season, October 1, 1961 at Yankee Stadium. Maris broke Babe Ruth's single season home run record in the fourth inning on a pitch from Tracy Stallard of the Red Sox. Maris' home run record, 61 in a single season has stood for over 43 years, but 1998 was the year the record almost fell. Three flaxseed oil soaked sluggers, St. Louis Cardinals Mark McGwire*, Chicago Cubs Sammy Sosa*, and San Francisco's Barry Bonds* have all attempted to hijack Maris' record in the years that followed to no avail.

Mar 12, 2005:

Another Big Poppi


( Photo)

See Ya Tomori: Denney Gives Up Ninth Inning Bomb as Pen Comes Undone in 6-4 Loss to Rays

"I felt like crap. I got the Schilling funk. Whatever is going around. I came to the park today, question mark. I really didn't feel too good. -- David Wells after mixed first appearance in Sox uniform

Sox Done in Dunedin


(Ian Bladergroen Makes His Red Sox Debut vs. Toronto -- Photo)

Sox Play Like the Bus Back to Ft. Myers Was Leaving As Soon It Arrived in Dunedin
Sloppy Sox Defense Early, Then Get-Him-Gone Gonzales Lets Game Get Out of Hand Late
in 7-3 Thrashing by Toronto

Mar 11, 2005:

Dodger Blues


( photo)

Jose Valentin's 2-Run Homer Off Bronson Arroyo Was the Difference in Sox 2-1 Loss to LA Thursday

Sox-Dodgers Photo Gallery Blog: Spring things: Sox 'D' getting an 'A'

Mar 10, 2005:

Roids? No Rage.


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Bill Chapman)

Congress Moves Too Late
No one in Florida gives a rat's behind whether Giambi and his fellow juicers used the cream or the clear. Baseball fans have been beaten down by lingering scandal, and will settle for invisible asterisks.
Bud and Fehr win. Time to play ball. Blog: Fort Myers Rumblings and Some Spring Things

Miller Time Out: Wade to Miss at Least a Month

Mar 9, 2005:

Philadelphia Freedom of Speech


( Photo) Blog: Tommy We Can Hear You

Starter Finishes Strong


(Getty Images/Al Bello Photo)

Clement Gets Past Second Shaky Start to Finish Strong Against Twins
The Kids are Alright and Rally in Eighth for 7-4 Win

"I got in a pretty good groove, especially after the first inning. I thought I was commanding both sides of the plate pretty well with the movement I wanted on the ball." -- Sox starter Matt Clement

Mar 8, 2005:

Ho-Humbling Affair


( Photo)

Jason Lives

Formerly Juicin' Jason Giambi and the Yankees Hammer the Sox in an Underwhelming 'Game 8' Blog: Rivalry Still in Warm-Up Mode

Bellhorn Silenced


( Photo)

Mark Bellhorn Had Three K's as The Champs Struggled to Score Runs Against Yanks in 9-2 Loss

Scenes from Monday Night Sox-Yankees Showdown

Mar 7, 2005:

You Can Get Here From There


( Photo)

Happy Campers Adam, Brad, and Snoring Bobby Made the Trek from Bangor, Maine to Fort Myers, Florida Just to Sleep on the Street for Red Sox-Yankees Spring Training Tickets

Fan All-Nighter Ticket Sleepover Photo Gallery

You Don't Know Jack


( Photo)

Spring Training Invitee Jack Cressend Gets the Win.
Sox Over Philly 5-4

Renteria, Petagine, Youkilis Show the Lumber
Bellhorn, Hanley Ramirez Flash the Leather

Sunday Sox-Phillies Photo Gallery

Mar 6, 2005:

Sox Take One on the Chin Against Twins


(AP Photo)

'Tiz Slam Not Enough as Minnesota Explodes for Six in Fifth to Even Up Mayor's Cup with 12-7 Win.

Champs Get Back on Winning Track in Sarasota Split Squad Rally Over Reds 8-7

Mar 5, 2005:

Sox Separate the Men from the Boys


(AP Photo)

Northeastern Gets No-Hit 17-0, BC Makes it a Game Losing 11-5
Maybe the Hard-Hitting UMass Minutemen Nine Should Get a Shot?

Mar 4, 2005:

Sign of the Times


( Photo)

Having a Ball: Lenny DiNardo Feeds the Autograph Hounds in Fort Myers

Defending Mayor's Cup Champions Survive In-Clement Weather to Beat Twins 4-3

Photo Gallery: Opening Night at City of Palms

Mar 3, 2005:

No Beating Around The Bush


(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)

"What took you so long?"


3:54 P.M. EST, THE PRESIDENT: Please be seated, unless you don't have a chair. (Laughter.) So, like, what took you so long? (Laughter.) Welcome. And welcome to the citizens of the Red Sox Nation. (Applause.) I'm proud to be joined by the Vice President. He's a Chicago Cubs fan. So, like, he knows what you've been through. (Laughter.) We're really glad you're here.

There's been a lot of people in this town waiting for this day to come. Some have said it would be a cold day when the Red Sox made it here. (Laughter.) I am honored to welcome the world champs, the mighty Boston Red Sox, to the White House. (Applause.)

I want to welcome the members of the Massachusetts delegation who are here. I know that Senator Kennedy is here. Senator Kerry is on his way. We have just finished a ceremony honoring Jackie Robinson. I know members of the congressional delegation are here from like Massachusetts -- and everybody else that claims to be a Red Sox state. (Laughter.) You all are welcome here. I appreciate the Commissioner coming. And, Bob, it's good to see you. I thank the members of my Cabinet who are here. I appreciate the Mayor being here, the Mayor of Boston. (Applause.) You've had a heck of a year, Mayor. (Laughter.)

I want to thank and welcome my friend, Tom Werner and Larry Lucchino. I'm sorry John Henry is sick. You know, Lucchino, I knew you'd amount to something eventually. (Laughter.) I appreciate the way this team played baseball. You know, it took a lot of guts and it took a lot of hair. (Laughter and applause.) It took a great manager and coaching staff -- (applause) -- and I'll never forget calling Terry Francona after the team won the championship, and he -- the only thing I remember him saying was, it's all -- it all depended upon the players, which is why he's a good manager, isn't it?

I appreciate the fact that Dom DiMaggio and Jimmy Piersall are with us. (Applause.) You guys represent a lot of great Boston Red Sox players that a lot of us grew up watching play, and you're welcome here in the White House, and you're representing a great tradition of wonderful folks.

You know, the last time the Red Sox were here, Woodrow Wilson lived here. (Laughter.) There were only 16 teams in baseball then. After the World Series victory in 1918, a reporter from Boston said, "The luckiest baseball spot on Earth is Boston, for it has never lost a World Series." (Laughter.) That's one optimistic writer. (Laughter.)

Senator, welcome. Good to see you. Only time I -- I like to see Senator Kerry, except when we're fixing to debate. (Laughter.) If you know what I mean. (Laughter.)

No one really expected the answer to the curse of the Bambino would come from a group of players that call themselves "idiots," except for maybe idiots who don't understand baseball. This is a heck of a team. This is a team that came together from South Korea and Dominican Republic, from Anchorage, Alaska, Fort Riley, Kansas, and incredibly enough, Midland, Texas. (Applause.) Oh, yes. Finally, somebody from Midland amounted to something. (Laughter.)

I love the way this team played, and so do baseball fans. I mean, this is a team that won eight games in a row when it wasn't supposed to. It's kind of courage, and a couple of stitches. You answered 86 years of prayer. That's an amazing feat, isn't it? I mean, when the Red Sox won, people all over the world cheered. They cheered in New England, and they cheered in Baghdad, Iraq. (Applause.) One guy said -- from Boston -- he said, "Now we just have to wait for the other six signs of the apocalypse." (Laughter.)

I really appreciate what Boston does off the field, too. The Jimmy Fund is a classic example of a sports franchise giving something back to the community in which they play. You created the Red Sox Scholars, which awards scholarships to disadvantaged fifth graders. I appreciate what individual players do. I know firsthand what the Schillings do, the Shade Foundation to work to prevent skin cancer and the -- and Shonda and Curt's leadership in the battle against Lou Gehrig's disease. I appreciate what the Red Sox are doing in the Dominican Republic with Señor Octubre.

But most of all, our purpose here is to welcome champs. We wish you all the best in the upcoming season. We know that you've been able to do what has been viewed to be the impossible. And just like that sportswriter said in 1918, you know, Boston is the place to cover champs.

Welcome to the White House. May God continue to bless you all. (Applause.) END 4:01 P.M. EST

Mar 2, 2005:

Walker's Back


(AP Photo)

To the Sound of Welcome Back Kotter By John Sebastien

Walker's back,
Danny's dreams were your ticket out.

Walker's back,
To that same old place you took the Pacers out.

Well the names have all changed since you hung around,
But Danny's dreams have remained and they're turned around.

Who'd have thought he'd Bring ya (Who'd have thought He'd bring ya)
Back Here where we need ya (Back Here where we need ya)

Yeah we tease you a lot 'cause you took the wrong shot, Walker's back,
Walker's back, Walker's, Walker's back

-- Scott Rodrigues

Mar 1, 2005:

Bush League


(AP Photo)

The Guys in the White Hats Head to the White House

Schilling and the Republican Red Sox (Players) Are Fired Up to Meet with The President

"America needs a leader who makes sure they have everything they need to get the job done, a leader who believes in their mission and honors their service, a leader who has the courage and the character to stay on the offense against terrorism until the war is won. That leader is our commander in chief, George W. Bush.

"One of the best things about playing in the World Series was seeing the footage of soldiers cheering for the Red Sox in Iraq, it was great to know that we could make them feel closer to home and do something to put a smile on their faces, while they were on the front lines. Those troops deserve all of our support, and all of our thanks.

"And there's something else we can do for them. We can make sure we elect a president who supports them every step of the way."-- 11.01 Curt Schilling in Wilmington, Ohio

Meanwhile Theo "Howard Dean Lives!" Epstein, Larry "Hillary in 2008!" Lucchino, and John "I've Got the Planes and Lawyers Ready to Challenge the Election in Ohio!" Henry Will Attempt to Get Past the Secret Service on Pennsylvania Avenue


(AP Photo)

"It's been four days and I'm finally starting to believe the Red Sox won the World Series, but it's been four long years and I still can't believe George Bush is President of the United States."-- 10.31 Sox GM Theo Epstein at John Kerry rally in Manchester, NH

"In October, New England won the World Series. And in November, New England's favorite son is going to win the presidency of the United States." -- 10.31 Sox owner John Henry at John Kerry rally in Manchester, NH

Old Man Johnson Scratched from Start


(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Is Curt's Ankle Doing Better Than Randy's Calf?

Look Mom, No More Broken Fingers


(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Manny flies through the air as he and his teammates did some sliding drills at the end of practice on a mat in the outfield today.

Towers Admits MLB GMs Turned Heads on Steroids to Make Profits
Larry "Sergeant Schultz" Lucchino Knew Nothing! Nothing!
"The only people who believe performance-enhancing drugs will be rubbed out by the new testing plan "have an IQ below room temperature..."

Steve Kettmann Penned "Juiced" for Canseco. Wait Until Neyer Finds Out.

WEEI's Michael Holley Says Gary Payton Should Be Back with Celtics for Laker's Game Tomorrow Night

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Curt’s Pitch Goes Global!

Run for SHADE!

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