Nice Hat Dick

Nice Hat Dick, Now Go... continued

Cover Boy

Cover Boy

And the SI Jinx Stinks (Manny Goes 0-4)

(Only good news: Giambi has parasites)

Gammo Rips Sox, Fenway Fans on The FAN

Gammo Rips Sox, Fenway Fans on The FAN

"There were fans were down there screaming obscenities at Mia Hamm..."

(you don't hear this on The Big Show)



"It's obvious why one American League official told Newsday's Ken Davidoff the Red Sox are "a dead team." It has something to do with the fact that they are without a pulse.

Not that they'll find sympathy on the other side of the field. When Pedro Martinez made a loud entrance onto the field in street clothes yesterday afternoon, a couple of Yankees uncomfortably shook his hand. But not all. "I don't know the guy," Posada sniffed. "He's not my friend. No sense for me to say hello."

Boston's clubhouse was deadly quiet before the game. Manny Ramirez clicked off the voice of Bostonian baseball analyst Peter Gammons talking on ESPN about how lifeless the Red Sox are. Later, there was a half-serious confrontation between Jason Varitek and Curt Schilling about why Schilling blew off the pre-series pitchers' meeting, in which opposing hitters are discussed. That Schilling isn't pitching either of the next two games was no excuse, for Varitek or Schilling.

When Schilling tried to take the offensive, Varitek reasonably wondered why the guy who missed the meeting was the one raising his voice. The historic visual of "25 players, 25 cabs" was fresh in anyone's mind who witnessed this scene.

It's nice from a Yankees perspective that Boston appears to be coming unglued."

-- Newsday: More of the same

Pedro Caught Clowning Around on YES

Pedro Caught Clowning Around on YES While His Team is Taking a Vicious Beating in the Bronx

"I'm watching YES....I actually do not mind Jim Kaat... he was talking about Pedro clowning around with the fans in the middle of an ass whooping... he said that most managers would not allow that.. he said it is one thing to be loose, but it looks like you don't care about the team."  - Scott Cooper, SoSH (yes, that Scott Cooper... no)

Yankee fan emails us: "WTF is Pedro doing? Joking with the fans, flashing his tetas at them, smiling with an 11-3 deficit? Some leadership."

Bronx Blowout


Bronx Blowout



The Big Awful

Yee-Yuk, Gone-see-ya-parra, Sox Drop the Ball

New York 11 Boston 3, D-Lowe Comes Undone, Sox Defenseless, Lethargic, Fundamentally Unsound

Sheffield and Tony-the-Phony Clark Clobber Lowe

Sloppy Sox Slip Back into Francoma

"For the last two months, there's been a lull here." - Derek Lowe

"He is starting to look like Wade Boggs circa 1992, like a man so consumed with resentment that he cannot focus on anything else." -- Mazz on Nomar

"There may have been unhappier players in the history of Boston sports, but this typist remembers none. It could not be more clear that these are the final days of Nomar Garciaparra in Boston." -- Dan Shaughnessy

Fredo: "Nomar's trying to hustle, Kevin looks up because Lofton's fast. No that's not an excuse, that's what happened. We need to play the games as well as possible. We've got to come out here grinding."

It's Payback Time

"It's Payback Time" Georgie Porgie

Hopefully Payback's Not a Bitch Big Stein.

In other NY Post news, Giambi sees a psychic.

Gordon Edes Chat from New York City

Gordon Edes Chat from New York City

In your opinion, what would Joe Torre do with Kevin Millar?
Gordon Edes (Moderator)
I don't know, take him out for chicken? Giambi is in a big slump, and Torre is still playing him. Tony Clark hit less than a buck and a half in June and he's still getting some playing time. I mean, Torre would do what Francona will do if Millar doesn't get hot, and that's to take playing time away from him, regardless of what he might have said. Burks and Mueller are both on rehab assignment and presumably getting close, so that will impact how often Millar plays.

Pokey's Back!

Pokey's Back!

Johnny DamonCF
Mark Bellhorn3B
David OrtizDH
Manny RamirezLF
Nomar GarciaparraSS
Trot NixonRF
Jason VaritekC
Kentucky Fried Kevin1B
Pokey Reese2B


Loserville? Not with Schill.

"It's not win or lose, it's win or else."


Just in case you forgot, Schill still needs a shot of Marcaine.
With fans feeling down, all over town; Marcaine.
Schill does like, he does like, he does like; Marcaine.

Will Monday bring good news? MRI's confuse; Marcaine.
When Sunday is done he'll be able to shun; Marcaine.
Curt don't like, he don't like, he don't like; Marcaine.

If his ankle's cooked before he gets the hook; Marcaine.
Don�t forget this fact, he's got a two-year contract; Marcaine.
Curt don't lie, pitch or die, sit don't fly; Marcaine.

One tough guy, can't deny, battle cry: Marcaine.

Fire and Ace

Fire and Ace

Schilling Comes to Sox Emotional Rescue. Horse Stops Phillies After Bad Start.

10-4 Good Buddy, 7-0 at Home. All-Star Start on Radar.

Double Trouble

NomaRBIs are Game Winners. Manny's a Monster. Ortiz is Amazing.

The World's Highest Paid Male Cheerleader wakes up in 8th with double too after two pop ups and a strikeout.

Sox Win Series!

Boston Slaps Philly Silly 12-3, Pen Holds the Line

He's All Freddy Gone

(More good news: Mendoza recovering well from stiff neck after clubhouse nap.)

Can Sox Snap Out of it in the Bronx?

Theo Rips Sox (sort of)

"We've been playing .500 ball for two months, and that's a disappointment. We haven't met our standards."

Can Sox Snap Out of it in the Bronx?

We need a nice kick in the butt


Damon: "We need a nice kick in the butt"

(that's why we're here Johnny)

Sox Slip Back into Francoma

Sox Slip Back into Francoma

Nation Not Happy About Love of Country

Nation Not Happy About Love of Country

Today's left fielder Kevin Millar and some of the Red Sox players celebrated their big loss to the Phillies country style last night as they kicked up their boots at the FM-99.5 Country Music Festival at the Tweeter Center.

Red Sox fans in attendance were less than thrilled to see the Achy, Breaky, Heartless bunch out on the town after their Bad News Bears effort yesterday and a must-win day game on tap today.

Lou Pi�ata on the ball as usual: "I think when you're down 9-2, if it's a party in the dugout, something's wrong. I think these guys care a lot. There's always that fine line. If you're winning, it's a good loose club. If you're losing... it's always been that way. It always will be... I actually like our guys' attitude a lot." - Terry Francoma

(The hoedown was a few hours later Tito. We're having flashbacks to the late nights at The Rack in 2001 before getting crushed by the Yanks the day after. We'll see today.)

Sox Slip Back into Francoma

This year's flavor: Fenway Francona

"Rampant unrest in the Nation. A 25-25 record since May Day. Three consecutive series losses. Sitting second in the American League East, nearer to Tampa Bay than New York. The prospect of falling a season-high six games behind the Yankees. Terry Francona getting roasted like a Fenway Frank on the Fourth of July." - Pedro reigns

"Having good players helps. That (meeting) wasn't for anybody's... I don't know how that stuff gets out.. it was a very low key conversation... I really enjoy this group a lot. And we're capable of not playing good baseball, but great baseball." - 6.26: Tito pre-game

While Philly is Hungry Like the Wolf

While Philly is Hungry Like the Wolf

Error, Error, Read All About It: Sox Outhit Philadelphia, Lose 9-2

Arroyo-yo up and down again. OBP = 11 LOB.


Red Sox Absolutely Refuse to Play Defense

Kentucky Fried Kevin can't wing it at first. Damon is defenseless.

(Good news: Johnny is getting a trim, pedicure, and a new shirt at Copley Place tonight!)

Lou Pi�ata Thinks More Golf in Ft. Myers Will Help Next Spring

He Did Come Back to Haunt Us After All

He Did Come Back to Haunt Us After All

Oh, give me a home where the superstars roam
Fenway's fun to just hang out and play
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
And the skies are not cloudy all day.

Let's Be Franc: Only 39% Want Lou Pi�ata Gone

"When the weather gets warmer, it'll help our guys get locked in." 

- Terry Francoma, still waiting around for something else to happen later on, June 24, 2004

(just wait until Ellis Burks gets back, oh baby, then we'll start to put it all together)

At least Francoma called a meeting to wake people up yesterday.

Suicide Blonde

Suicide Blonde

Nextel's Kentucky Fried Friendly's Kevin dies his hair Fat Boy Slim Shady blonde. (yawn)

Suicide blonde, suicide blonde
Suicide blonde, suicide blonde
Suicide blonde was the colour of his hair
Like a cheap distraction
For a tired affair
He knew it was finished
Before it began
Something tells me you lost the plan

The Heat's On Pete Tonight

The Heat's On Pete Tonight

Martinez simply has to come through.

Philadelphia Flyer

Philadelphia Flyer

Print the "Manny Would've Had It!" Bumper Stickers Lobie

DominiCan-Do Attitude

DominiCan-Do Attitude

Manny, David, and Pedro Make a Big Impression on Phillies

Sox Blow it Wide Open 12-1, Game Called (for a dozen reasons)

Another Horse in the Barn? Pedro sneaks up to 8-3 with solid effort. Youkilis The Man.

Hero, then Pedro

Hero, then Pedro

United States Marine Lance Corporal James Preston Crosby, of Boston, who was paralyzed while serving in Iraq, delivers the ceremonial first pitch.

Good News from Pawtucket!

Good News from Pawtucket!

Stiff OK After Neck Problem. Kim Hits 83 on Gun.

"Ramiro had stiffness in his neck, he said during warm-ups it may be a problem," said PawSox manager Buddy Bailey. "He slept on it wrong and it had nothing to do with his shoulder, thank goodness." (Baltimore is salivating as we type)

"However, while Kim was throwing 94-95 miles per hour a year ago at this time, as the Red Sox closer, he reached 83 mph just once on the radar guns of several scouts in attendance and was consistently clocked around 80-81." - The Woonsocket Call has it all


The Just-Happy-to-be-Here-and-Livin'-Large-on-Big-Coin 2004 Red Sox Don't Have It.

Meanwhile the Devil Dogs are Playing Like Dirt Dogs and Nipping at Dead Sox Heels.

Nomah Errah

Nomah Errah

Garciaparra Throws Game Away

"That (ruling of two-base error) is hilarious to me. Pretty funny."

Update: Scoggins Changes Nomar's Fielding Error to Infield Hit for Guzman

Why is Nomar worried about the scorer when the team is tanking Tito?

Is Nomar not getting it?

Nothing funny about a dead ass team with a boatload of cheap excuses, Twins win in 10 innings 4-3

Sloppy defense sinks Sox, lose third straight series.

Balfour rings up Sox late; Nathan's famous for saves.

Garciapopup ends game again. That's all Foulke.

Hunter Kills Sox with Two-Run Homer

Hunter Kills Sox with Two-Run Homer

Torii Spelling T-R-O-U-B-L-E for Boston

(Sox have double play trouble too. Twice. Both sides.)

Blondes Do Have More Fun

Blondes Do Have More Fun

Source: Schill slipped Shonda some tongue on the lip lock :-)

"She�s so hot." Is she a good cook? "She�s so hot." � Curt

Schilling will Start on Sunday

How�s the ankle? "It feels good. It�s still attached. It�s not really something I�m limping around with, it only bothers me to do some real specific movements, and most of those movements happen when I throw a baseball. Otherwise it�s fine." - 6.24: Curt Schilling on 105.7-FM with Loren and Wally.

Tito thinks Pokey will be OK

Tito thinks Pokey will be OK

But he also thought the Hindenburg made a smooth landing at New Jersey's Lakehurst Naval Air Station.

Beltransition: Boston the Focus Again

Beltransition: Boston the Focus Again

"According to several sources, the three-way Beltran/Dotel trade broke down for financial reasons, despite the fact that owner Steve Schott had told The Chronicle last week that he would increase the payroll to improve the bullpen. At issue was the fact that Dotel will be arbitration eligible after the season and, as a closer, he could command quite a bit more in arbitration than his current $2.8 million salary.

According to one source, Kansas City was to receive Triple-A third baseman Mark Teahen and rising Class-A reliever Jairo Garcia (Astros minor- league catcher John Buck also was to be part of the deal). The Royals were said to be furious that the deal collapsed and now are believed to be shopping Beltran to Boston instead." - San Francisco Chronicle

"The Royals then began shopping Beltran all over again, and industry sources said the Boston Red Sox might have positioned themselves to acquire him." - Houston Chronicle

Larry Lucchino: "We are willing to rent a player." - Sox CEO on WEEI with D&C

Cloud. Silva Lining.

Cloud. Silva Lining.

Reese Hurt. Silva, Twins Shut Down Sox 4-2.

Bellhorn, Trot can't complete comeback solo.

D-Lowe pitched just well enough to lose.

Thumbs the Word

Pokey x-rays negative, should be able to avoid surgery.

Docs will watch overnight swelling. "Doctors optimistic he could return this weekend"

Captain Morgan on NESN: "Pokey will need a few weeks to recover"

Here we go again.

Theo on with Dale & Neumy on WEEI: �The thumb is doing much better than he thought it would. The swelling and the soreness has not risen to a level that he expected after yesterday. So that�s good news especially because we�re going to be treating this thing by the symptoms. It�s a sprain. It�s not a complete rupture of the ligament. Surgery is not indicated. So we�re really going to treat it with taping, maybe a partial splint and hopefully that�s tolerant. I�d imagine that late this weekend, maybe Sunday, he�ll try to take BP, and if that goes well he shouldn�t be too far away from playing but we have not placed him on the disabled list, that�s a pretty good indication that our medical staff thinks that we need to treat the symptoms.�

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Lauber: Eduardo Rodriguez showing Red Sox he's special > PawSox start looms large for Masterson


Rodriguez gem wasted > Chili Davis doesn't want to turn Red Sox into free-swingers > Red Sox draft catcher in third round

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How Mariano Rivera has influenced Yankees' top pick > Why starting rotation could be a big Yankees' strength

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