Green Giant

Sizemore Comes Up Large on St. Patrick's Day

Red Sox 10, St. Louis 5
3 Hits, 3 Runs, and 2 Great Catches for Grady
Looks Like Grady Sizemore Is On Track To Be the Starting Center Fielder, Folks
Ironman Ellsbury To Miss 'At Least' 2 Games With Calf Tightness
Forget Peavy's Fingers, Iglesias Has Stress Fractures in Both Legs
Letters for Theo: He Can't Seem To Turn Around The Cubs
Sox Will Face Chris Tillman in Season Opener
Jackie Bradley PawSox?

"If thereís a pot of gold, we found it in center field." -- Jonny Gomes on O'Grady Sizemore

'Dynamic Pricing for Green Monster' ...

Boston Dirt Dogs

... Is French For 'A System Designed to Separate
You From Your Money'

Red Sox Nation Continues to Pay The Price For World Series Title
Now Ticket Prices Will Rise And Allegedly Fall in Real Time Upon Demand
And Weather Will Now Play Factor In the Price Of Your Last Minute Wall Seat
Is Dynamic Pricing Based on Who's In the Lineup and Who's Pitching Coming Next?
Sox Fans Already Had to Dig Deeper Under the 2014 'Variable Ticket Pricing Plan'
The Most Expensive Night Out In Baseball, Will Be 4.8% More Expensive in 2014
More Good News: If You Are Going to One of the 16 Tier 5 Games, You'll Save!
Lower Bleacher Seat Rises from $28 to $40 for So-Called Tier 1 Games
Did You Know the 2014 $165 Field Box Seat Cost Just $35 Back in 1999?
Wonder If The Red Sox Scalping Partners Are Going Dynamic, Too?

"This pricing model for Green Monster tickets is similar to how airlines and other industries - including several other Major League teams - price their tickets. Unlike the variable pricing structure adopted in other parts of the ballpark, where prices vary by game but are set in advance for the season, dynamic pricing can and will change based on market conditions." -- Red Sox' Sam Kennedy throwing the Dynamic Pricing pitch

ďNumerous factors influence our annual ticket pricing decisions. We strive to maintain affordability and ticket accessibility while still generating the revenues necessary to fuel our baseball operations, to fund continuing improvements to the ballpark, and to make enhancements to the fan experience - the three main areas in which we reinvest our revenue.Ē -- Nov. 2013, Larry Lucchino offers his take on taking 4.8% more in 2014

Whine and 'Tiz
David Ortiz and the Northeastern Huskies
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Does David Think He's Got Some Sophomores From The Northeastern Huskies Batting Around Him? Ortiz Wants a New Stud Around Him So He Can Be Only Complementary
No Compliment: Papi Has Little Faith In Sox World Series Champion MLB Hitters
The Sun Comes Up, The Sun Goes Down, and Ortiz Is Going to Stomp His Feet
Hey Papi, I Got Your Back If They Want Me Back. Sincerely, Manny Ramirez
Too Bad Mike Napoli Didn't Hit 23 Homers and Drive in 92 Runs Last Year
Hey David: Never Speak If You Can Nod; Never Nod If You Can Wink

"Iím going to have even more [responsibility] than what I normally have, which is not fair because Iím not getting any younger. Iím always going to need help. Iím 38 years old and Iím still the center of attention in the lineup. It shouldn't be like that. It shouldn't be like that. We should have a couple of studs in their 20s doing more than what I do." --David Ortiz to's Rob Bradford

Will Power
Will Middlebrooks had a solo home run against the Orioles, but his handy work with the glove displayed his rebuilt confidence.

Middlebrooks Robinson Goes Deep, Gets Settled In

Splitsville: Boston 6, Baltimore 5 | Miami Minor Leaguers 5 Boston's A-Team 4
Glove Story: Middlebrooks Defensive Gem a Highlight in Sarasota
Webster Gets a Bit More Tangled This Time: 3 Walks, 2 Hits in 3-1/3
Lackey Looked a Little Rusty First Time Out, Tagged for 4 Hits, 3 Runs
Balls and Strikes? He Doesn't Want to Hear It: A Little Smack Talk from Lack
Wilbur: Chuck Steinberg's Public Address Experiment Just An Awful Idea
Money Train Rolls On: Red Sox to Open Hot Dog Stand on Lansdowne Street
The Grady Hunch: Sizemore Plays Back-to-Back Games for First Time Since 2011
Brother's Drive Inspires Bryce Brentz

"I'm not trying to hit home runs. I realized I didn't have to try to hit home runs to hit home runs. I'm able to stay in the middle of the field more, and even in my first two at-bats when I got out, I feel like I laid off some pitches I would have normally swung at. I was happy with that." -- Will Middlebrooks starting to lay off bad pitches

"Thatís a bad idea ó whoever did that hasnít been between the lines. For me itís not that big of a deal because Iím not that worried about throwing strike. But I could foresee a situation for somebody thatís struggling to throw strikes. You're pretty much beating the guy over the head. He realized it was a ball. He doesnít want to hear it again." -- John Lackey takes out ball and strike calls over the speakers with one swing

Gomes is a guy you want to go to WAR with: "They talk about a playerís WAR [wins above replacement]? Well, how about a team WAR? Iíve turned a team around 20 games four different times. Worst to first. I was on a Tampa team that was historically bad in 2007 and then went to the World Series in 2008. The Reds hadnít been in the playoffs for many years.... When youíre building a team, Iím last on the list because, when the lights go out, you donít see the player grind out at-bats or run hard to first base every time. Or see the player respect the game and his teammates . . . or see the way the player approaches the game, the work ethic." -- Jonny Gomes is not shy

Big Time

David Ortiz

Ortiz Gets Into the Spring Swing of Things

"I think Iím getting old for spring training. My body is used to not [having] spring training. Iím fighting through it right now to get used to it.Ē -- The old man goes deep against Rays

Up, Up and Away

Mike Napoli

Napoli Shot Off Erik Bedard Flies Out of JetBlue

Smash Wednesday
Red Sox Cardinals

Sloppy Sox Drop Another One in Florida

St. Louis 8, Boston 6 | Revenge Is a Dish Best Served With Grapefruit
Middlebrooks, Bogaerts Lead Swiss Cheese Infield, Pitchers Rocked Again
If More Balls Get Through, Will They Call on Stephen Drew?
X-Factor: Bogaerts, Nava Go Deep

"Tough day defensively. Weíve got a lot of work to do. Weíre well into the game schedule but we have work to do as a team. It was a tough day for Will defensively, but compounded by [pitchers] being behind on the count. We have to do much better pounding the strike zone than we have." -- John Farrell sums up another loss

Minor Issue

Jon Lester

Kids Light Up Lester

Sox Ace Gives Up 5 Hits in Sim Game
Watch Lester's Outing

Clay OK?
Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz winds up for a warm-up throw in the first inning of an exhibition baseball game against the Tampa Bay Rays, Tuesday, March 4, 2014, in Fort Myers, Fla. The Rays beat the Red Sox 8-0.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

In the Big Inning, Buchholz Gets Banged Around By Rays

Tampa Bay 8, Boston 0 | Sox Drop to 1-4 As World Series Hangover Continues
World Champs Have Been Outscored 35-18 in First Five Grapefruit League Contests
Clay Finds His Fastball, Sort Of, in 26-Pitch Inning
Buchh Says He Hit 92-93, Scouts Disagree
Happy Birthday Rubby De La Rosa Was So Bad ...
Considers Changing Name to Travoltified "Ramsey Draw"
Bright Side? Victorino Takes First BP
First Things First for Lavarnway

"Definitely feels completely different than the last month and a half, two months I threw last year. Thatís what I wanted to feel like coming into camp and I just have to keep working day to day and getting out there every five days... I feel good. Everythingís good, no problems, no stiffness just by sitting around. Itís definitely a good thing." -- Clay Buchholz on his inning vs. the Rays

Chain of Events

David Ortiz: The Gifter

David Ortiz and Japanese Comedian Hironari Yamazaki Had Some Fun at Camp
Check Out the Live Updates from JetBlue Park Here

Papi Problems

Haters Gonna Hate

Live Coverage of Red Sox Spring Training

Buch In the Saddle, Again

Clay Says He's A-OK

Get Live Updates from Fort Myers Today
AL East Preview

Spring Is In the Air

truck gets ready

And About To Get On the Road
As The Truck Gets Ready to Roll

Grady Doesn't See His Shadow

Grady Little came out from his stump at Gobbler's Knob on Groundhog Day Feb. 2 in Punxsutawney, Pa. The Groundhog Club said Grady saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter.
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Grady Little Did Not See His Shadow Today and
Winter Will Be On the Way Out, Soon

Pay No Attention to The Groundhog Named Phil, Who Predicts Six More Weeks of Winter
He's Only Right 39 Percent of the Time

Job Dell Done
NESN's Jenny Dell at JetBlue Park
( photo)

Where There's a Will, There's a Way Out
Jenny Dell Won't Be Working on Red Sox Broadcasts in 2014

Jenny Dell's Days on Red Sox Broadcasts Appear To Be Over

"NESN has an active search for a Red Sox sideline reporter. Jenny Dell, a multi-talented on-air personality, is anchoring NESN Sports Today and handling other assignments for NESN" -- NESN statement to Chad Finn

We'll Always Have the Pizza Thrower Q&A

That Sound You Hear

Is Just David Ortiz Backtracking After the Backlash

Ortiz Now Having 'Great' Talks With Red Sox On Extension
Says People Are Spreading 'Bad Rumors'

"Weíre good. Weíre good. We talked, theyíre talking and I just asked for one year. I didnít ask for anything crazy. It wasnít like I asked for a five-year deal. Itís a one-year extension I asked for. Iíve got a contract for this year. I was asking for a one-year extension for next year. I think, like I say, I think we had a great season last year and Iím walking into free agency after this season. We had a conversation, theyíre outlining what they plan on doing and theyíre going to come back to me with their answer at some point. Ö Everything is going well. We had a great conversation. They are happy about what we talked about. I donít even know why people are spreading bad rumors." -- David Ortiz to WEEI's Rob Bradford

Please Ignore Papi's Previous Comments

"Hey, I would like to [stay with the Red Sox]. Iím having fun. Itís been a hell of a ride as long as Iíve been here. But as I always keep on telling people, this is a business. Sometimes you've got to do whatís best for you and your family. As long as they keep offering me a job and I keep doing what Iím supposed to do and the relationship keeps on building up, Iím going to be there. Hopefully, I wonít have to go and wear another uniform." -- Papi stirring the Hot Stove pot with WBZ's Steve Burton on Sunday

Buenos Noches, Amigos

NESN Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy waves to the crowd from the broadcast booth at Fenway Park during a baseball game against the Detroit Tigers in Boston Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2009. Remy will be back on the air in 2014
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Jerry Remy Is Coming Back to the Red Sox Broadcast Booth

RemDawg Will Return as Color Analyst for Red Sox Games on NESN in 2014
Thanks for Trumping My Annual Contract Whining, Rem. Sincerely, David Ortiz

Deja Dice?
(Getty Images)

Red Sox Fans Can Only Hope as Yankees Lock Up
Highly-Touted Japanese Hurler

Report: Masahiro Tanaka to Yankees for $155 Million
Yanks Have Spent $438 Million and Counting to Return to Dominance
You Can't Go Wrong With That Contract. Sincerely, Daisuke Matsuzaka
Meanwhile the Stay-Put Sox Are Banking On Overachieving, Again
So Is Sporadic Jon Lester Going to Look for Tanaka Money Now?
In Other News: Union Wants to Give A-Rod the Boot

Been There, Done That

Daisuke Matsuzaka (R) hesitates before he tries on his hat as Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein looks on during a press conference announcing that the pitcher has signed with the Boston Red Sox on December 14, 2006 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. Matsuzaka will earn $52 million over six years.
(BDD Photo Illustration / Ryan Sullivan)

Theo Fooled Us With a Phony Ace From Japan

Remember When Epstein's Pacific Rim Scouts Were The Smartest Guys in the Room?
We Really Love Our $51,111,111.11 Toilets. Sincerely, The Seibu Lions

" 'It's highly unusual,' Epstein said of submitting a second offer without receiving a response to the first, 'but it's showing that Matsuzaka is extremely important to the Boston Red Sox. It's normally not a good ploy, but we want to demonstrate to Matsuzaka, and the fans of Japanese baseball, just how important he is to us.' " -- Boston Globe, Dec. 11, 2006

Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration by Meir Weinberg
(BDD Photo Illustration / Meir Weinberg)

The Sun Goes Up, The Sun Goes Down,
And Scott Boras Sucker Punches the Boston Red Sox

"In Japan, he's known as the national treasure. Here, he will be known as Fort Knox." -- Scott Boras, agent for Daisuke Matsuzaka, Dec. 11, 2006

Japan's National Treasure In the Rear View Mirror

(BDD Photo Illustration)

Remember Tracking Da Plane! Da Plane!?

track the flight
(Flight Aware live tracking of Matsuzaka flight to Boston)
Boston Dirt Dogs, Fantasy Island
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Those Were the Days

Before his press conference, Daisuke Matsuzaka went to the mound at Fenway Park and threw a pitch to Red Sox owner John Henry, (which he missed), and after he missed he fell backwards, which brought a howl of laughter from the pitcher as his agent Scott Boras (bottom right), rushed to Henry's aid.
(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Nation
On went the neverending World Series title celebration;
Our Red Stockings went bottom-to-top in one year
So Larry raised ticket prices and heard the Bronx cheer

Ben Cherington was nestled all snug in his bed,
Dreaming of one year deals for under $9 million a head;
And Werner in his ascot, and Henry's mind on The Globe,
Because turning around a newspaper requires the patience of Job

When out on the web there arose such a clatter,
Did the Sox make a deal? 500 re-tweets on the matter,
Away to Fenway we flew in a dash,
Tore open the laptop, camera ready to flash

Who's breaking the story? Who's the source in the know?
Has Middlebrooks been traded? And will Jenny Dell go?
When, what to our wondering eyes should appear,
But our old friend Big Papi, with a smile ear-to-ear

ďIt's not about the money!Ē He shouted dressed like St. Nick
We knew in a moment, he was using Mo Vaughn's cheap trick
More rapid than Ells bolting, he started laying his claim
Papi whistled, and shouted, he called other players by name!

"Now Choo! now, Cano! now, Ellsbury and Ethier!
Yes, Beltre! Yes, Beltran! Bautista and Fielder!
I want a new deal! My OPS is higher than them all!
He's not worried what the fans will think of his gall

They'll cheer Papi at Fenway, and when he's gone they'll cry
And while you are reading this, Ben signed another ďnice guyĒ
It's a team full of dirt dogs sans the brother of J.D. Drew
But there's still enough horses, and there's plenty of glue

And then, in a twinkling, he strolled to the mound,
The prancing and pawing of this hard throwing hound,
Laying his long finger aside of the seam
He stares just like a closerÖ this was not a dream

He spoke Japanese, and went straight to his work,
He went into his windup; then he turned with a jerk,
As he threw out his hand, and was coming around,
Down toward home plate, the ball took off with a bound;

He threw like the old Koji with the oversized mitt,
And a dropoff split that's nearly impossible to hit;
His heater's mid-90s, the changeup has bite,
He'll pick up a save every other night!

And Lester and Buchholz came in focused and healthy
Lackey's ready to roll, and thanks to Theo he's wealthy
Dustin's banged up already; Shane wore a GoPro you say?
A.J.'s the new backstop, Bogaerts is ready to play

Nap's staying in Boston, he was such a good buy
No more stars on the payroll, but it remains sky high
Ortiz had the old stroke back, when he hit 'em they flew,
Everyone batted around, Jackie Bradley Jr., too!

The crowd sprang to their feet, to the team gave a whistle,
Gomes circled the bases, Tazawa threw another missile;
A new year is upon us and the Olde Towne ballclub,
"Let's go back to back! PENNANT FEVER GRIPS HUB!"

...with apologies as always to Clement Clarke Moore and Henry Livingston, Jr.
Merry Christmas, Boston Dirt Dogs

Tumbleweed Central

BDD - Red Sox front office
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Baseball Source Confirms: Red Sox Did Actually
Attend the Winter Meetings

Boston Remains Fat and Happy While Yankees Shake Up AL East
Watch: Experts Weigh In On Whether the Ellsbury-Less Sox Can Repeat
Exclusive: Kevin Millar Announces His Retirement from Baseball
Watch: Old Friend Tito in Rare Form at the Winter Meetings

"Well it's possible [the Red Sox could repeat] but I wouldn't say it's likely at this point. It's a lot of risk involved. I have a lot of faith in [Xander] Bogaerts certainly as a hitter. I think he'll eventually be a good shortstop, not sure it's this year. [Jackie] Bradley's terrific defensively, I'm not sure he's ready to hit at the big-league level. He'll get on base, I'm not sure after that. I think [Jacoby] Ellsbury was a pretty big loss but I'm not ruling them out for anything." -- Jon Heyman,

Another Yankee Flipper

Frank Galasso illustration

By Ron Sen, Boston Dirt Dogs contributor and founder of Red Sox Reality Check.

Red Sox fans need not worry about tomorrow. Ticket prices won't drop a nickel because Jacoby Ellsbury (a.k.a. The Ellsbury Dough Boy) departs for literally greener pastures.

He is no more a traitor or mercenary than the next guy, just the beneficiary of a 'monopoly money' era where too many dollars are chasing too little talent. He is no more a 32 homer, 70 stolen base guy than you or I, but he is an excellent (but historically oft-injured) player cashing in at the right time.

In an era where we worship statistics, we also celebrate both cash flow and capital allocation. The Yankees have the cash flow with both expensive ticket revenue and lucrative media packages, and we can only wonder how the deployment of 153 million dollars (plus possible luxury tax considerations) pays them back over the life of the contract.

In "The Winner's Curse" economist Richard Thaler writes the following, The winner will be the person who was the most optimistic about the amount of oil in the ground, and that person may well have bid more than the land is worth. This is the dreaded winnerís curse. In an auction with many bidders, the winning bidder is often a loser. A key factor in avoiding the winnerís curse is bidding more conservatively when there are more bidders. While this may seem counter-intuitive, it is the rational thing to doÖ"

To carry Thaler's observations further, all one need do is consider how baseball's mega-contracts are playing out, whether they be Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton, and Alex Rodriquez, or those closer to home - Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Daisuke Matsuzaka, and John Lackey. You don't need to be a Sabermetrician to do your back-of-the-envelope calculations on WAR or Win Shares to know that the best deal the Red Sox made was restructuring through addition by subtracting debt. Current Sox policy of fewer years at higher AAV at least allows mistakes to expire quickly, while the development system gets maximal attention. After all, it is the talented player under control at low cost that is the undervalued asset in John Henry's commodity-oriented world.

We shouldn't fault Jacoby Ellsbury for taking the money, any more than we applaud the Red Sox for learning from their mistakes. If Ellsbury had stayed for less money, we'd probably be wondering how badly we had misjudged who we THOUGHT he was, because we never really got to know him (not that we are entitled to).

Pablo Picasso said, "good artists borrow, great artists steal." Ellsbury has shown great capacity to steal, and many of us are asking whether this is his greatest theft ever.

A Sneak Peek at Ellsbury in Pinstripes
The 'Ace of Spades' World Series Champagne Bottle May Cost You $154 Million

Not Since Johnny Joined Yanks and Adam Bolted to Colts
Has There Been This Much Whining in New England

Partners in Crime
(BDD Photo Illustration / Meir Weinberg)

"Hey Red Sox fans. You can stop crying, grow up, and join the real world any day now." -- Sincerely, Kevin Youkilis, Johnny Damon, D-Lowe, Babe Ruth, Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens, Luis Tiant, Butch Hobson, Jose Canseco, Danny Cater, Ken Brett, Mark Bellhorn, Tony Clark, Eric Hinske, Bartolo Colon, Jack Clark, Mike Lowell, Alan Embree, Darren Bragg, Mike Easler, Tony Fossas, Greg Harris, Jackie Jensen, Jim Leyritz, Darnell McDonald, Doug Mientkiewicz, Bob Ojeda, David Wells, Paul Quantrill, Jeff Reardon, Tom Gordon, George Scott, Lee Smith, Mike Stanley, Mike Torrez, Bob Watson, Mark Whiten, Frank Tanana, Ramiro Mendoza and 283 other players who have suited up for both teams

Boston Dirt Dogs - Youk to Yankees

The Great Escapes

The Great Escapes
(BDD Photo Illustration / Timothy Owens)

This Just In: Players Leave Boston
And Play Elsewhere Sometimes


BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Obi-Wan Jacoby To The Dark Side

Photo caption goes here

Darth Boras Gets His Deal, Ellsbury Joins Evil Empire

It Was Just a Matter of Time ... And Money
NY Daily News: Yankees Agree to 7-Year, $153 Million Deal With Jacoby Ellsbury
This Just In: Johnny Damon Can't Understand Why Ellsbury Would Leave Boston
Ellsbury's Up and Down Stats Through the Years When He Stays in the Lineup
Deadspin: Angry, Dumb Red Sox Fans Calls Ellsbury a 'Trader'
Yankees Have 2020 Vision By Giving DLsbury a 7 Year Deal
Yes, You Are An Idiot If You Boo Him When He Returns
Yankee Stadium Moving to Ells Kitchen
So... JBJ and His .189 AVG Is the Plan?

Ellsbury Doughboy

BDD -- Ellsbury Doughboy
(BDD Photo Illustration)

With a Poppin' Fresh Bank Account

The Hate Is On
AJ Pierzynski

The Man Everyone Loves to Hate Is Your 2014 Red Sox Catcher

Red Sox Agree to One Year Deal with Pierzynski
2013: Pierzynski Downplays Heated Exchange With Yu Darvish
2012: A.J. Was Named 'The Most Hated Man in Baseball' by Men's Journal
Pierzynski Takes a Shot at Boston Fan Favorite Mike Napoli in 2012 All-Star Snub
Remember When the Cubs' Michael Barrett Punched Pierzynski in the Face?
Salty? File Under: Nicest Guy in the 2013 Red Sox Clubhouse Finishes Last
2011: Anthony John Voted 'Baseball's Meanest Player' in Sports Illustrated
2006: A.J. Was The Player That Players Would 'Most Like to See Beaned'
Jake Peavy, Pierzynski Spat in White Sox Tunnel
Pierzynski and Peavy Talk About Their Spat
The Hangover Part IV?

"In a Menís Journal survey of 100 Major League Baseball players, White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski was voted 'most hated player' with 34% of the votes. 'He likes to talk a lot of sh**, and Iíve heard heís a bad teammate,' one National League pitcher tells Menís Journal. 'Heís been a prick to guys on his own pitching staff. Basically, if you havenít got five years in the big leagues, he treats you like youíre a peasant. Heís that kind of guy.'" --2012 Men's Journal survey

"If you play against him, you hate him. If you play with him, you hate him a little less... I don't think he's a smartass. I think he's an ass without the smart." -- Ozzie Guillen on A.J. Pierzynski to ESPN the Magazine

"I don't know what people expect me to be like. I think the media can decide you're either a bad guy or a good guy, and they can keep pounding it until everyone thinks it's true. I get tired of the crap. Every day you read the newspaper, you have to hope that somebody didn't say something or write something that'll make you have to defend yourself." -- A.J. Pierzynski to ESPN the Magazine

"People like to stamp guys from the beginning. One guy says it, and then everyone else follows what that guy says, and then, boom." -- David Ortiz, Pierzynski's teammate with the Twins from 1998 to 2002

Bob Lobel: The Day I Saw Ted Williams Cry

Chill Out

Manning Always Melts On the Frozen Tundra of Foxborough

Is It 8:30 Yet?

"[Peyton Manning's] 2-8 in which the game temperature is below freezing (32 or below), 0-2 in any game below 20 and 2-5 in games between 20-29" -- Denver Post Broncos blog

Big A-Rod Circus

New York Daily News
(New York Daily News)

Juicer Calls for Justice as Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Watch: A-Rod States His Case on The Fan
Mike Lupica: Rodriguez Finds Enough Blame for Everyone But Himself
Neil Best: Mike Francesca on A-Rod Interview: 'I Asked Him All the Tough Questions'
Ken Rosenthal: A-Rod in A-ttack Mode, and There's More Noise to Come

"Bosch is a guy from Miami and it was nutrition and it was weight loss. I traveled the world to see doctors with cutting-edge stuff and it was always within the parameters of Major League Baseball." -- Alex Rodriguez ... telling it like it is with a not-so-straight face

ďThe news report about a purported relationship between Alex Rodriguez and Anthony Bosch are not true. Alex Rodriguez was not Mr. Boschís patient, he was never treated by him and he was never advised by him. The purported documents referenced in the story -- at least as they relate to Alex Rodriguez -- are not legitimate.Ē -- Citrik and company incorporated in a statement for their new client Alex Rodriguez back in January

A-Look at A-Rod's Outburst...

He Screams and Shouts and Lets It All Out

There's No Crying In Grievance Hearings!

Send in the Clown
(BDD Photo Illustration / Rich Hinds)

Liar, Liar Part Deux

Yankees Alex Rodriguez addresses the media at George Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Fla., Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2009.
(BDD Photo Illustration)

A-Roid's Sellin' Us That He's Innocent... Again
But We've Heard His Denials Before

From the A-Rod Archives:
Report: Alex Rodriguez Purchased PEDs from Miami Clinic Over Past 4 Years
NY Post: A-Rod Denies Report Linking Him to PED Purchases
If A-Rod Says He Didn't Do It, He Didn't Do It. Sincerely, Katie Couric

Sorry Alex But The Man From Milwaukee's Not Walking Through That Mirror ...

Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez poses for a photo spread in DETAILS magazine.
(Details magazine photo by Steven Klein)

From the 2009 A-Rod Confessional Archives:
Jayson Stark ESPN: A-Rod's Hard to Believe
Nervous A-Rod Shares More Details of His Steroid Use
NY Daily News: Steroid-Linked Trainer Accompanied A-Rod for 2007 Season
ESPN: Presinal Had Strong Ties to A-Rod; Rodriguez Could Face Suspension
ESPN 2007 Archive: Presinal's Past Makes MLB Wary About His Present
ESPN: Primobolan Not Legally Available in Dominican Republic Like A-Roid Said
My Cousin Yuri: A-Rod's Cousin Found in Miami
MLB Wants A-Rod to Keep Talking
I Can't Believe He Threw His Cousin Under the Bus. Sincerely, Ty Law

"My cousin would administer it to me. But neither of us knew what we were doing."
-- 2.17.09, Alex Rodriguez

Time to Pay Up!

Boston Dirt Dogs

Because the Red Sox Are Cashing In On a Championship

The Cost of Winning the World Series Has Come Home to Roost
You'll Have to Dig Deeper Under the 2014 Variable Ticket Pricing Plan
The Most Expensive Night Out In Baseball, Just Got About 4.8% More Expensive
More Good News: If You Are Going to One of the 16 Tier 5 Games, You'll Save!
Lower Bleacher Seat Goes from $28 to $40 for So-Called Tier 1 Games
Wonder If The Red Sox Scalping Partners Are Going Variable, Too?
Did You Know the 2014 $165 Field Box Seat Cost Just $35 Back in 1999?
And Season Ticket Holder$ Are Spitting Up Their Martinis All Over Town

ďVariable pricing better aligns tickets with market value. By pricing tickets according to demand, we can significantly lower ticket prices for our local, core fans, who are more likely to be able to attend weeknights in April, May, and September.Ē -- Sam Kennedy on throwing the variable pricing pitch

ďNumerous factors influence our annual ticket pricing decisions. We strive to maintain affordability and ticket accessibility while still generating the revenues necessary to fuel our baseball operations, to fund continuing improvements to the ballpark, and to make enhancements to the fan experience - the three main areas in which we reinvest our revenue.Ē -- Larry Lucchino offers his take on taking 4.8% more in 2014

Manager of the Year?

Bobby on the run
(John Tlumacki / Boston Globe Staff)

The Choice Should Be Clear.
Only One Man Followed the Tire Tracks of Bobby V.

Sorry Tito, John Farrell Is the Only Manager of the Year
And Congratulations to Ben Cherington, the Only Executive of the Year

... My best to the organization. I'm sure next year will be a turnaround year." -- Bobby Valentine's farewell, Oct. 2012

Another World

From 7th Inning Beers and Buckets of Fried Chicken Wings to
Gomes Wanting to Give Everyone In Championship City a Ring

"That Marathon Monday... that was something that I've never been a part of. We obviously have deaths in your family, deaths in your... something, tragedy like that... An explosive, a bomb, something so selfish an act, not only to Boston but on America and then we're supposed to be the strong legs, strong back to carry everyone and put smiles on everyone's faces but like I was saying, I think it's the other way around. I think we jumped on Boston's back. They wouldn't let us quit. They wouldn't let us lay it down. I mean obviously it happened right on the finish line, so you would think in your head let's not go to the baseball game, something bad might happen there, too. Nope, even more people came, threw up Boston Strong on the Green Monster and we just rolled, so if everyone in Boston could get a ring, they deserve one too." -- Jonny Gomes on Conan

From St. Louis: Stephen Drew Makes the Most Sense for Cardinals
Worry Story: Pedroia Bum Thumb Surgery Presents Complications
Obama Cares About the Red Sox Win: 'Therapeutic Medicine for the Whole City'
Mike Napoli Wins the Party Mayor of Boston So Brad Mar-Shand Changes His Name
Ch ch changes: Goodbye Jacoby, Hello Giancarlo and McCann Could Replace Salty
Will Ellsbury Run a 'Thanks Boston' Ad in the Globe When He Goes?
Update: Parade Punks Stopped By Sox Fans on the Scene of Beating
Farrell Must Be a Slam Dunk for AL Manager of Year
Olney: Red Sox Being Unfair to Lovullo

Mike Briggs Illustration

Verducci on Ortiz in Sports Illustrated
Ortiz Does His Thing on Letterman, Kelly Ripa, and on SI Cover

"I've played with a lot of superstars but I've never been around a superstar who cared more about winning than David. He could go 0-for-4, but if we win the game, he's the happiest man in the room." -- Red Sox catcher David Ross

More Team Boston Meets Team Coco

Top of the Heap


Started From The Bottom Now They're Here
The Duck Boats Are Going Back In The Charles Saturday
And Get Your Coverage of the World Series Champs Here
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BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Frank Galasso illustration

Lack in the Saddle Again
Lackey then and now
(AP / Getty Images File)

John's Got The Finishing Touch

Lackey's signature postseason moment happened on Oct. 27, 2002 when he was the winning pitcher for the Anaheim Angels in Game 7 of the World Series against the Giants. That was before tonight.

Speier: 11 Years Later, Lackey In Position to Make History
Bob Lobel: The 2013 Retooled Boston Red Sox on Verge of Redemption
It Will Cost You About $1,918 To See Something Not Done Since 1918
And It Was 9 Years Ago Today, That Pedro Got Plunked at the Parade

"... while this team says it is playing for the city, the fans, the region and for each other, I believe them for once. Their sizable paychecks wonít bounce, but I believe their collective heart and motivation is pure. This is the first time I can ever remember wanting a team to win for itself. -- Bob Lobel, on Suite Sports

There's a Good Moon on the Rise

Boston Dirt Dogs
(BDD / James Mandolini)

Sox Take 5


Les Is Historically More
And Just One Win Away From Taking It All

David Ortiz! David Ortiz! David Ortiz! ... And David Ross!

The Plane Truth

The Plane Truth
(Boston Globe)

The Red Sox Are Going to Win the World Series at Fenway Park

Frank Galasso illustration

Cardinal Sin
Lester and the Cards
(Steve Silva /

One of The Self-Proclaimed 'Best Fans in Baseball'
Pokes Fun at Jon Lester's Glove Substance

Live: Lester and Wainwright Set to Square Off in Game 5
Anything Interesting Happen in Game 4?

Don't Worry ...

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

... But There Was Plenty to Worry About in Game 2: St. Louis 4, Boston 2
Bad Signs: James Taylor Muffs the Anthem, Dan Clark Wears Wrong Uniform
Now Playing The Role of Keystone Cops: Gomes, Salty, and Breslow
Time For Middlebrooks And One Of His 3-Homer Games?
Don't Blame David Ortiz

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Boston Globe:

Pedroia sent home > Red Sox lose series > They don't look so good > McCann starting to catch on > Uehara may be examined > One bad mistake snowballed for Lackey

Boston Herald:

Video game burns Red Sox > Uehara improves; Pedroia sits > Jeter's mirror image > Farrell sees replay-system failure > Ichiro magic


Pedroia to have ailing wrist examined > PawSox 7, Bisons 6 > Farrell ejected > Carp learning to play 3B

NY Post:

Jeter misses another game with tight quad > Unreal string of injuries turns Bombers inside out > Nova sharp, pitches into 8th in win

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