Lester leaves game early
(Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images)

$155 Million Doesn't Get You Out of the 5th Inning

Cards Slap Lester Around in Opener
NL Scouting Report: Run on Lester, Keep Running, Run Again
The Red Sox Easily Have 5 Aces That Can Go At Least 5
At Least Jon Had a Place to Go to the Bathroom, Theo
Same Old Cubs. Sincerely, Rex Ryan
Kris Bryant, Anyone?

"Not much was working. It was a little bit of a grind from the get-go. A lot of balls up in the zone. Just wasn’t real sharp." -- Jon Lester, 0-1


David Price is Coming to Boston

B D D   E X C L U S I V E:

Red Sox Acquire Tigers Ace David Price to Bolster Rotation

Mookie Betts, Blake Swihart, Henry Owens, and Shane Victorino
All Shipped to Detroit In Blockbuster Deal

Clay Buchholz's tenure as the ace of the Boston Red Sox pitching staff turned out to be short-lived as the Red Sox went out and picked up a bonafide horse to lead the rotation, shocking the baseball world by acquiring Detroit Tigers lefthander David Price.

Sources confirmed to BDD that in exchange for Price -- who is in the final year of his contract -- the Red Sox will be sending future Hall of Famer Mookie Betts, Blake "Johnny Bench" Swihart, lefthander Henry Owens, and veteran outfielder Shane Victorino to Detroit in the deal that will yield the Red Sox the ace they so desperately need.

BDD has also learned that talks have already begun to lock up Price in Boston for the next 7 years in a deal that will top $220 million, making Price the highest paid pitcher in baseball, surpassing the $215 million extension that Clayton Kershaw signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers last season... And while you are digesting this story, don't forget to look back at Sox news on this date in 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, and 2004.

Missing After Takeoff

Red Sox missing in action
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Still, No Sign of Red Sox Baseball on the Boston Sports Radar

Bob Kraft Takes Shots at Jets, Revis at Boston St. Patty's Day Breakfast
Bruins 5-Game Winning Streak Comes to an End in Washington
Liverpool Must Keep Pressure on United Ahead of Anfield Clash
New and Improved Celtics on Cusp of a Playoff Berth
Rusney Castillo Hitting Soft Toss for Red Sox

"Castillo took high intensity swings during soft toss batting practice on Sunday, taking another step toward returning to games," -- According to a report from the Boston Globe's Pete Abraham

Happy Camper

Pablo Sandoval

Pablo's Fat and Happy in Boston... Except He's Not Fat
And You Thought a Little Big Picture
Was Going to Rock His World

Pablo Kicks Sand In San Fran's Face I Panda Loving Early Sox Fit
Panda Doesn't Pander to Giants: Boston Is Home; Frisco Fires Back
Make No Mistake, Panda Is a Beast
Live Red Sox Updates 24/7

"I’m happy to be in Boston. I’m feeling at home right now. Whatever I said, whatever has come out, it’s the truth. So I’m just happy to be here with my new team to try and bring a lot of things to them. "I just want to be here. I just want to be here. I’m here now. Everything came out right. This is the right team, the right choice that I made. I’m happy to be here." -- Pablo Sandoval to The Boston Globe, 3.11.15

Are You Ready For Some Baseball?

Jackie Bradley Jr.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe File)

Now It's Time for the Red Sox to Do Their Job

Catching Up With Some Spring Story Lines:
Ready to Roll: Thursday Is Truck Day
Are the Red Sox Ready to Play Ball in Cuba?
You Don't Say, JBJ: Jackie Bradley's Going 'All Marshawn Lynch' This Season
Kaufman Lament: Red Sox Should Have Signed James Shields
Miley Serious: Did Red Sox Get a Steal With Wade's Three-Year Deal?
Bounce Back Time: Bogaerts Is Better, Bigger, Stronger This Time Around
Bye, Bye, Burke Badenhop: Red Sox Reliever Is On To Cincinnati
Cubs Take Sox Southpaw: Chicago Claims Drake Britton Off Waivers
The $40 Million Teenager? The Yoan Moncada Watch Continues
Confident Kelly: Joe Knows He's Going to Win the Cy Young This Year
Porcello Has a Plan: Red Sox Righthander Ready to Enter Contract Season
Time for the Big O? Henry Owens Headlines Red Sox Non-Roster Invites
Nap Happy To Be Back

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Nation
Fans clung to the hope of a new ace in the rotation
The Red Stockings were hung in last place just last season
Everything went wrong, there wasn’t just one reason

Cherington was nestled all snug in his bed,
Dreaming of one year deals for under $9 million a head;
John Henry proclaimed there would be no salary cap
He’ll spend over the threshold, or at least that’s the rap

When out on the web there arose such a clatter,
Did the Sox make a deal? 500 re-tweets on the matter,
Away to Fenway we flew in a dash,
Tore open the laptop, camera ready to flash

Who's breaking the story? Who's the source in the know?
Have they traded for Hamels? Did they give Shields the big dough?
When, what to our wondering eyes should appear,
But free agent Max Scherzer, looking for $30 million per year!

He’ll be the ace of your staff! In the clubhouse he’ll click!
We knew in a moment, this was the old Boras trick
More rapid than flying on Henry’s jet plane
Boras whistled, and shouted, played his usual game:

"Now, Heyman! now, Morosi! now, Olney and Bradfo!
On, Rosenthal! Cafardo! on, 14-year-old kid and Gammo!
Scherzer has 3 offers! It takes 6 years to play ball!
So write up a story, I’m ‘a source’ you can call!”

Players still flock to Boras, contract price will be high,
He plays games with the numbers, he still tells the big lie,
So it's back to the phones, 'cause he's gotta move Max,
And if the Red Sox do sign him, they’ll sell more “Sox Pax”

And then, in a twinkling, he strolled to the mound,
The prancing and pawing of this hard throwing hound,
Laying his finger aside of the seam,
He gave me a nod, Is this an impossible dream?

He spoke not a word, just continued to work,
He went into his windup; then turned with a jerk,
As Max threw out his hand, and was coming around,
Down toward home plate, the ball took off with a bound;

He threw like the old Rocket with his snarl and grit,
And a sneaky slider that's nearly impossible to hit;
His heater's mid-90s, the changeup has bite,
Scherzer will pick up a win every fifth night!

Joe Kelly and Buchholz came in focused and healthy
Porcello’s ready to roll, and now Castillo is wealthy
Dustin's banged up already; But Hanley’s ready to play
Victorino returns, but he won’t want to stay
John Farrell is back, his reputation at stake
After last year’s team never got a good shake
Vazquez at catcher is a big question mark
But the Andover kid could provide backstop spark

The Panda’s at third, Mookie Betts is still spry
More stars on the payroll, but the cost is sky high
Papi had the old stroke back, when he hit 'em they flew,
Everyone batted around, Bogaerts, too!

The crowd sprang to their feet, to the team gave a whistle,
Nap circled the bases, Koji threw another missile;
A new year is upon us and the Olde Towne ballclub,
"Let's go worst to first again! PENNANT FEVER GRIPS HUB!"

...with apologies as always to Clement Clarke Moore and Henry Livingston, Jr.
Merry Christmas, Boston Dirt Dogs

10 Years Ago

You Better Believe It!

Sox Win World Series


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Peter Stasiowski)

It's Been a While

Sweep Dreams Come True in Boston
St. Louis: Blues

If you are reading this now,
it happened in your lifetime

Total Eclipse of the Heart


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / James Mandolini)

"You know what I'm happiest for? I'm happiest for Bill Buckner, Calvin Schiraldi, Bob Stanley, Johnny Pesky, Ted Williams, all of the Red Sox that played before us will now be remembered for the great players and great people they were instead of all the other crap."-- Curt Schilling



(Getty Images Photo)


(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

D-Lowe Delivers When it Counts

Damon HR, Nixon RBIs Lead Sox 3-0

Now What?

The Mass Has Ended


(Boston Dirt Dogs Image / Will Guidry with Mark Slivka)

Go in Peace

"I never thought I'd see the day that the Red Sox would win the World Series.

I have to give credit to a team that is that, a TEAM. The only comparison I can make is that they play the game like a bunch of hockey players. Total grit -- little appreciation. Our region has never been given anything -- going all the way back to 1700's -- everything has been earned and fought for. The idea of these players , none of which come across with the marquee athlete neon, glitz and glam, come across as human and identifiable. Once we have those characters to identify with more people get involved, i.e. wives and kids. So to all those nay sayers out there that our band of "Traveling Idiots" couldn't get it done or were disrespectful, RUBBISH. Each team member has found away to endear them to a unique part of our fan base to unite us in such a glorious achievement.

Congratulations to the World Champion 2004 Boston Red Sox , you deserve and Red Sox Nation loves you for it." -- Tom Dolan

Never Forget
New York City 2014

On the 13th Anniversary of September 11
We Remember Our Brothers and Sisters That Flew Out of Boston
and All Those Who Died During the Terrorist Attacks

American Airlines Flight 11

Flight 11, flying from Boston to Los Angeles, crashed into the World Trade Center.

Confirmed dead







Barbara Jean Ares Tegui


Marstons Mills, Mass.

flight attendant

American Airlines

Jeffrey Dwayne Collman


Novato, Calif.

flight attendant

American Airlines

Sara Elizabeth Low


Boston, Mass.

flight attendant

American Airlines

Karen A. Martin


Danvers, Mass.

flight attendant

American Airlines

Thomas F. McGuinness Jr.


Portsmouth, N.H.

first officer

American Airlines

Kathleen Ann Nicosia


Winthrop, Mass.

flight attendant

American Airlines

John Ogonowski


Dracut, Mass.


American Airlines

Betty Ann Ong


Andover, Mass.

flight attendant

American Airlines

Jean Destrehan Roger


Longmeadow, Mass.

flight attendant

American Airlines

Dianne Bulls Snyder


Westport Point, Mass.

flight attendant

American Airlines

Madeline Amy Sweeney


Acton, Mass.

flight attendant

American Airlines


Anna Williams Allison


Stoneham, Mass.


A2 Software Solutions

David Lawrence Angell


Pasadena, Calif.

executive producer


Lynn Edwards Angell


Los Angeles, Calif.


Seima Aoyama


Culver City, Calif.



Myra Joy Aronson


Charlestown, Mass.

press and analyst relations manager

Compuware Corp.

Christine Barbuto


Brookline, Mass.



Carolyn Mayer Beug


Santa Monica, Calif.

filmmaker and video producer

Kelly Ann Booms


Brookline, Mass.



Carol Marie Bouchard


Warwick, R.I.

emergency room secretary

Kent County Hospital

Neilie Anne Heffernan Casey


Wellesley, Mass.

planning manager


Jeffrey W. Coombs


Abington, Mass.

security analyst


Tara Kathleen Creamer


Worcester, Mass.

planning manager


Thelma Cuccinello


Wilmot Flat, N.H.


Patrick Currivan


Winchester, Mass.

vice president


Brian P. Dale


Warren, N.J.


Blue Capital Management

David DiMeglio


Wakefield, Mass.

computer service

Donald Americo DiTullio


Peabody, Mass.

endoscopy division

Smith & Nephew Inc.

Alberto Dominguez


Lidcombe, New South Wales, Australia

baggage handler

Qantas Airways

Peter el-Hachem


Tewksbury, Mass.

senior software engineering manager


Paige Farley-Hackel


Newton, Mass.

spiritual counselor

Alexander Milan Filipov


Concord, Mass.

electrical engineer and church deacon

Carol Flyzik


Plaistow, N.H.

marketing supervisor


Paul Friedman


Belmont, Mass.

management consultant

Emergence Consulting

Karleton D.B. Fyfe


Brookline, Mass.

senior analyst

John Hancock

Peter Alan Gay


Tewksbury, Mass.

plant manager

Raytheon Co.

Linda M. George


Westboro, Mass.



Edmund Glazer


Wellesley, Mass.

chief financial officer

MRV Communications

Lisa Reinhart Fenn Gordenstein


Needham, Mass.

assistant vice president and merchandise manager


Andrew Peter Charles Curry Green


Santa Monica, Calif.

director of business development


Robert Jay Hayes


Amesbury, Mass.

sales engineer


Edward (Ted) R. Hennessy Jr.


Belmont, Mass.


Emergence Consulting

John A. Hofer


Los Angeles, Calif.


John's Sharpening Center

Cora Hidalgo Holland


Sudbury, Mass.

Sudbury Food Pantry at Our Lady of Fatima Church

John Nicholas Humber Jr.


Newton, Mass.


Brae Burn Management

Waleed Iskandar


London, England

chief of digital strategy for Europe

Monitor Group

John Charles Jenkins


Cambridge, Mass.

corporate office services manager

Charles River Associates

Charles Edward Jones


Bedford, Mass.

retired astronautical engineer and manager of space programs

BAE Systems

Robin Kaplan


Westboro, Mass.

senior store equipment specialist


Barbara Keating


Palm Springs, Calif.


parish office, St. Theresa Catholic Church

David Kovalcin


Hudson, N.H.

senior mechanical engineer

Raytheon Co.

Judy Larocque


Framingham, Mass.

founder and CEO

Market Perspectives

Natalie Janis Lasden


Peabody, Mass.

product testing team leader

General Electric

Daniel John Lee


Van Nuys, Calif.

road crew

Backstreet Boys

Daniel C. Lewin


Charlestown, Mass.

co-founder and chief technology officer

Akamai Technologies

Susan A. MacKay


Westford, Mass.

assistant vice president of merchandise planning and allocation


Christopher D. Mello


Boston, Mass.


Alta Communications

Jeffrey Peter Mladenik


Hinsdale, Ill.

interim CEO


Carlos Alberto Montoya


Belmont, Mass.


Antonio Jesus Montoya Valdes


East Boston, Mass.

housekeeping worker

Boston Harbor Hotel

Laura Lee Morabito


Framingham, Mass.

national sales manager

Qantas Airways

Mildred Naiman


Andover, Mass.

retired tester

Western Electric Co.

Laurie Ann Neira


Los Angeles, Calif.


Your Office Genie

Renee Lucille Newell


Cranston, R.I.

customer service agent

American Airlines

Jacqueline J. Norton


Lubec, Maine


Robert Grant Norton


Lubec, Maine


Jane M. Orth


Haverhill, Mass.


Lucent Technologies

Thomas Nicholas Pecorelli


Topanga, Calif.


Fox Sports and E! Entertainment Television

Berinthia Berenson Perkins


Los Angeles, Calif.

actress and photographer

Sonia Morales Puopolo


Dover, Mass.

former ballet dancer

David E. Retik


Needham, Mass.

general partner

Alta Communications

Philip M. Rosenzweig


Acton, Mass.

vice president

Sun Microsystems

Richard Barry Ross


Newton, Mass.

president and chief executive

The Ross Group

Jessica Leigh Sachs


Billerica, Mass.



Rahma Salie


Boston, Mass.

chief operating officer


Heather Lee Smith


Boston, Mass.

financial analyst

Beacon Capital Partners

Douglas J. Stone


Dover, N.H.


Odyssey Press

Xavier Suarez


Chino Hills, Calif.

civil engineer

Michael Theodoridis


Boston, Mass.

technology consultant

James Anthony Trentini


Everett, Mass.

retired teacher and assistant principal

Mary Barbara Trentini


Everett, Mass.

retired secretary

Pendyala Vamsikrishna


Los Angeles, Calif.

project manager for consulting firm


Mary Alice Wahlstrom


Kaysville, Utah

retired loan officer

Kenneth E. Waldie


Methuen, Mass.

senior quality control engineer

Raytheon Co.

John Wenckus


Torrance, Calif.

tax consultant

Candace Lee Williams


Danbury, Conn.


Northeastern University

Christopher Rudolph Zarba Jr.


Hopkinton, Mass.

software engineer

Concord Communications


BDDHenry2 (1).jpg
BDD / Mike Briggz Illustration

Lester? Gone. Lackey? Gone. Gomes? Gone. Drew? Gone. Miller? Gone. Doubront? Gone. Peavy? Gone.

Say Hello to My Little Friend: Yoenis Cespedes
Or As They Like to Call Him On Oakland A's T-Shirt: 'La Potencia'
Get the Full Wrap On An Amazing Day for the Red Sox Here

Dead Last in the Ratings
BDD / Mike Briggs Illustration

Sunday Might As Well Have Been the Season Finale

Baltimore 7, Boston 6
Extra Painful Loss Lands Red Sox in Last Place
Can't Comment on Nelson Cruz Killing Sox
Ortiz Making It to Second Was a Stretch

Song Sung Blue for Red Sox

BDD / Frank Galasso illustration

As We Head Into a Highly-Anticipated Football Season,
The Fat Lady Keeps Singing at Fenway

Now Available on iTunes

 caption info
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Season Over, But Record Will Keep Playing

Zac Clown

EXCLUSIVE: Zac Brown Band's Fenway Park Show Set List

Tonight is the night for the big Zac Brown concert at Fenway Park, and Boston Dirt Dogs has the custom set list planned for the show:

Chicken Friend (with Special Guest Josh Beckett on Drumsticks)
All Not Right
The Night The Scorer Drove Old David Down
No Hurry
Day for the Dead Last
Natural Disaster
Beer's Gone
Trying to Dive
As Jays Running Away
Jump Right Off
Fenway the Beautiful
Day That They Die
Different Kind of Awful
Sweet Koji
Down This Drain
Sic 'Em on a Fried Chicken

That Sound You Hear

Is Just The US Soccer Team Advancing in the World Cup

No Goals Scored. Lose the Match to Germany. Hey, Let's Celebrate!

Silly Joel

EXCLUSIVE: Billy Joel's Fenway Park Show Set List

Tonight is the night for the big Billy Joel concert at Fenway Park, and Boston Dirt Dogs has the custom set list planned for the concert:

A Matter of Bust
It's Still Brock and Roll to Me
An Innocent Manager
Uptown Hurl
Losing the Faith
We Didn't Catch Fire
Big Squat
Captain Yak
You May Be Tight
Just The Way They Are
My Wife
Movin' Down
New York Mets State of Mind
Only The Bad Teams Die Early
Garbage Man
Scenes From a Fenway Sausage Cart
He's Always a Losin'

Sweepless in Seattle

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Buchholz Bounces Back As Red Sox Salvage Finale at Safeco

Boston 5, Seattle 4 | David Ortiz Powers Sox to Victory
Big Top: Holt, Nava Lead the Way On Offense With 5-for-9 Showing
Feat of Clay: 76 Pitches in 7.1 Innings of 4 Run Ball in Return
Andrew Miller Found a Way Not to Throw It Away
Shaky City: Koji Saves No. 16

"They made me work hard. I knew they were swinging. That’s about the most aggressive team that I've pitched to in my career. For the number of pitches that I threw that was a grinding, stressful outing knowing I can’t make a mistake." -- Clay on the comeback


M's Hammer Red Sox As John Lackey
Comes Completely Undone in Fourth

Seattle 12, Boston 3 | Seattle Slaughter
Lackey Could Have Covered First for Double Play... But He Did Not Do It
Bright Side: Only 8 Teams Ahead of the Red Sox for AL Wildcard Berth
At Least the Stephen Drew-Xander Bogaerts Moves Are Going Well
Soon, Someone Is Going to Name an Airport After Logan Morrison
Like LeBron, Chris Capuano May Soon Be a Free Agent
King Felix Was Better Than King James
Et Tu, Brock Holt?

“I mean, yeah, I could have gone over there for sure. Yeah, whatever. I’ll leave that one alone.” -- In the big inning, John Lackey was his own worst enemy on potential double play

LeBron to the Rescue?

Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration
(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

"There are very few sportsmen who can match his global reach, appeal and iconic status... We’re going to be able to focus on how to create opportunities for LeBron." -- Red Sox chairman Tom Werner's 2011 quotes on your friend LeBron James

"What FSM does for Roush Fenway, Liverpool and the Red Sox, we will now do for LeBron James... This represents the next step in our evolution, to represent one of the most recognizable athletes on the planet." -- Red Sox COO Sam Kennedy in 2011

The James Gang: John Henry, LeBron James, Tom Werner
(BDD Photo Illustration)
Your team's org chart
(BDD Photo Illustration)

The Great Escape


Ortiz Rescues Red Sox in Oakland

Oakland 7, Boston 6 | Sox Avoid Sweep
Oh the Headlines If the Red Sox Had Lost That 6-1 Lead for Good
Blown Save City: Koji's Been Shaky Lately
Fernando Abad Boy Ruins A's Rally
Hat Tip to Nap, Ross, Gomes

"I'm getting hit on day game. I think it’s because I'm old. I'm not woken up." --Koji translated

"I like to go out there and make things happen. We've had a good game, had a good series and then we go back to struggles. So hopefully everything changes at some point." --David Ortiz after his big pop

Choke's On US


A Tie Never Felt So Much Like a Loss

West Toast
BDD - toast

For Your Saturday Morning Breakfast As
Red Sox Keep Slip Sliding Away

Best Record in Baseball 4, Also-Rans 3 | Now Comes Miller Time
Felix the Can't: Doubront Can't Escape First Inning Fiasco
The Other Brad Mills Could Beat Boston's Banjo Hitters
Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Miller Hits Blanks and Callaspo, Game Over
The You See That RBI Coco Made?
Improvement: 6 Hits for Sox Friday
Drew Doubled... Off

"Story of our season. Every little hiccup that we have going on that week that we used to be able to hide now gets exposed." -- Jonny Gomes

Another Kaz Kickin'


Kazmir's The Latest Starter to Put Sox Offense to Sleep

Oakland 4, Boston 2 | And All That Kaz
It's the Kazmir of Old and Same Old, Same Old Invisible Sox Offense
And The Hits Keep On Coming: 5 More for the Sox And Counting
Just Say Yo: Cespedes With The Arm, Kills Sox With Bat
Stop the Presses: Pedroia Hit One Out
Peavy. Just. Can't. Win.

"We faced a tough pitcher. To be honest, our at bats weren't that bad. We have to find a way to have a big inning and get some momentum." -- Dustin Pedroia... must have been watching a different game

Between a Brock and a Hard Place ...

The Ball Was Caught By Holt

Brock Star 2, Twins 1 | Holt Leads Sox Over Twins
This Kid Is the Real Deal. Sincerely, Pedro Ciriaco

Size No More

The Sox Won't Be Surviving Grady Any Longer

Grady Sizemore Designated for Assignment
Naturally, Brock Holt to Play Center Tonight
Maybe a Coffee Cup Selfie Would Cheer Grady Up?
JBJ Survives Another Day

"I felt like we needed to make a move with Grady's situation, and he's been designated, and Garin Cecchini's been brought here so we're very confident that Brock [Holt] will do a consistent job in center." -- John Farrell on the Sizemore move

Therein Lies the Rub


Rubby De La Rosa Looked Good at Fenway Again, But What Happens When Buchholz and Doubront Return?

USA 1, Ghana 0 | Wild 1 for the Ages at Fenway
Should Rubby 2.84 ERA Stay or Should Rubby Go When Regulars Return to Rotation?
Don't Look Now, But David Got Paid Is Batting Only .246
Everybody Hates A.J. Drives in Lone Run with Sac Fly
Stop Blaming Stephen Drew, All-World Shortstop 2-for-3 with Double
Badenhop Saves the Day With a Big Boy Strikeout in the 8th
Hold Goes 0-for-3, Average Plummets to .333
This Just In: A Win Is a Win Is a Win
Jackie Bradley Strikeout

"I don't know why I started. It's a bad habit. It's horrible. If either one of my daughters wanted to dip, I'm going to tell them it's a bad decision." -- Josh Beckett on the dangers of chewing tobacco in the wake of Tony Gwynn's death

Meathead Meets King

Jim Davis / Globe Staff

Strand Theatre

Red Sox Waste More Scoring Chances,
Can't Push Winning Run Across

Cleveland 3, Boston 2 | Red Sox Fall in 11
Stop Us If You Heard This: Sox Offense Comes Up Empty with 1-for-8 RISP
On Father's Day, Sox Are Ever Farther Way From Making the Playoffs
Where There's Stoke, There's Fire: Swisher Distinguishes Sox
Why Can't We Get Pitchers Like Scott Atchison, Lobie?
Big Numbers for Badenhop... But He Blows the Save
Bright Side: Another Solid Outing for Workman

“All we can do is keep going out there and keep getting guys on base and working. Guys hit some balls hard. They made some good plays. There’s nothing you can do.” -- A.J. Pierzynski

1 Is The Loneliest Number


3 Games, Just 1 Run at Fenway South

Baltimore 6, Boston 0 | Lethargic Offense Rears Ugly Head, Again
Throwback Thursday:1993 Red Sox... Last Time They Scored 1 in 3 Games
Guess What Team Is Going to Tired From Travelling Tonight?
If Only Banjo-Bat Pedroia Could Face Chen Every Day
Rubby Could Not Take The Rubber Game
Why Wei-Yin Would You Ever Hit JBJ?
Et Tu, Birthday Boy Brock Holt?

"One run in 27 innings is extremely difficult. We’ve got to do a better job offensively all the way around. I'm not at the point of pulling something out of a hat for a lineup. We've got a trust in the players that we have and we'll continue to work through this." -- John Farrell on the anemic offense

One Hit Wonderful

Workman Reigns Supreme in Rain

Boston 1, Baltimore 0 | Brandon Workhorse
The Waiting Game: Brandon Stays Dry During Delays, Then Was Ready to Play
Offense An Issue, But Sox Break 0-18 Slump in Low Scoring Games
Nap Time: RBI Single Is Only Run Red Sox Need to Succeed
Wilbur: Don't Bump Workman for Buchholz or Doubront
Brooks Bogaerts Makes 2 Big Plays at Third
Holt Stays Red Hot

"It wasn’t that bad. I went down and threw in the batting cage a little bit to stay loose, to stay ready." -- Workman gets first win as starter in 2014

Puppy Love

Brock Holt Misses His Buddy

Slumber Party

Sleeping Dogs

Sox Offense Silent As Season Begins To Slip Away

Baltimore 4, Boston 0 | Baltimore Flop for Peavy, Sox
Tiring: Ortiz Says The Late Sunday Night And Travel Affected the Sox Monday Night
They Keep Going, and Going, and Going: Enegizer Bunny and Home Runs Off Peavy
Defending World Series Champs Can Only Muster 3 Hits Off Cy Norris
Heart of the Order Goes 0-for-16 in Hitter-Friendly Camden Yards
Get Well Soon Stephen Iron Man Drew, The Red Sox Need You...
... Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle

"Take a few pitches back and it’s a different game. I don’t care about my personal win-loss record. I don’t care about any personal numbers at this point. I'm pitching to win. I was pitching to win tonight. But we were grinding. That’s a really good lineup." -- Jake Peavy... with a record of 1-4 by the way

Time Flies When You're Losing in Bunches

Frank Galasso Illustration

(Boston Dirt Dogs / Frank Galasso, cartoonist)

Have We Seen The Last of The Mujicas?


Extra Painful: Cabrera Tees Off on Sox Reliever for Walkoff Win

Cleveland 7, Boston 4 | Red Sox Swept Away
That's 5 Home Runs and Counting Against the $9 Million Signing
Is It Time for Edward Mujica To Make His Way to the Disabled List?
3-for-21 With Runners in Scoring Positon in Cleveland Won't Get it Done
Johnny Manziel Had a Better Chance Of Putting One Past Cabrera in the 12th
This Just In: Red Sox Guaranteed Not To Lose Another Game Tonight
At Least It Rained and the 7+ Hour Ordeal Ended After 2 a.m.
Sell! Sell! Sell! Red Sox 8 1/2 Back and Going Nowhere Fast
Bright Side: Ortiz and Mookie Betts Both Homered Last Night
A.J. Ejected

"That pitch was a big mistake and he hit it out. I left it over the plate. It was a little crazy, but we had to keep it going however we could." -- Edward Mujica now has

The Ghost and Mr. Drew

Austin Tedesco / Boston.com Staff

Don Gone

Remembering Zim

The Cooler

Here Comes Drew, There Goes the Winning Streak

Cleveland 3, Boston 2 | Justin Time: Masterson of the House
Lackey Pitched Just Well Enough to Lose a Game Like That
Callahan: Red Sox Better Off Trading Stephen Drew
First Things Third: X-Factor Will Continue to Hit After Moving Over
He's Pumped, But Jonny Gomes Goes Down With Bases Jacked
Indians Not Worried About Grady Sizemore Coming Back to Haunt Them
Ouch! Last 5 Batters Go 0-for-16
A.J. Double Play

"Anytime we had a man on base he found a way to get a groundball double play." -- John Farrell on the Sox coming up short

From Bleak to Streak

BDD / Mike Briggs Illustration

Winners Win When They're Winning

Boston 4, Tampa Bay 0 | Seven Is Heaven: Lester Sharp, Kids Come Through
Flea Sticker: Lightning Holt Strikes Four Times In Sunday's Victory
Thanks Joe! Erik Badard Pitched Just Well Enough to Lose
The Future Is Now: Cecchini and Hassen Pick Up First Hits
Stephen Who?

"It's a fun day. Anytime you can go out and do something like that, I had a little bit of luck on my side, too." -- Brock Holt was double trouble on Sunday

Brave New World

With Another Victory at Fenway Tonight,
It Would Be Three Wins In a Row for the Streaking Sox

Boston 6, Atlanta 3 | Clutch 7th Gives Sox Second Straight Win
Jackie Bradley Rally Drives In 2 in 4 Run 7th; Batting .201!
Les Was More Than He's Been In His Last Two Starts; Size Groundout Matters
Really? Winded Clay -- Who Lost 7 Pounds in His Start -- Now Has a Hurt Knee

"More than anything, our guys are having fun playing the game. It was a tough 10-game stretch we came through but there's been plenty of energy kind of injected back in the dugout. ... It was good to see maybe the worm turn a little bit with runners in scoring position," -- Red Sox manager John Farrell

Snap, Crackle, Papi


Ortiz Snaps Bat In 8th To The Delight Of Turner Field Crowd

Oh My Josh!
Josh Beckett's got the world on a string
(BDD Photo Illustration / Steve Garberg)

The Most Improbable Thing In the History of Earth Happened

Former Washed-Up Red Sox Starter Josh Beckett Threw a No-Hitter in Philadelphia
Wilbur: Beckett's 'Redemption' Comes at an Awfully Convenient Time

Memories Of The Way He Was

Josh Beckett - Stop Snitching
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Surly Sox Starter Blames Boston Media,
Trade Rumors, Late Travel for Troubles

More Crying in Baseball from Josh

-- Josh Beckett on WAAF, talking about dealing with the media in Boston: "There's nothing you can do about it. That's the way it's been here for a long time. I talked to Jim Rice about it a few days ago. Jimmy was obviously not a fan of the media at all when he was here and had a lot of trouble with that and ended up to where he thinks it actually cost him a couple of years on the ballot for the Hall of Fame."

Yep. Jim Rice Is the Go-To Guy on Media Relations.
Sincerely, The Carl Yastrzemski Memorial Back Stairs

And Some High Anxiety for The Texas Tough Guy

"I'm good yeah. Just muscle spasms and we traveled late in from New York and I didn't sleep particularly well, had a lot of anxiety and stress things going on, exterior distractions and I don't think that a lot of it was great for my back and then going out and pitching on that mound, it was very wet and my back just locked up on me... well I think just this past week as it was different for me and I alluded to that, I did a little press conference after my start the other day and I alluded to that just this week, that week was so much different for me because they were all rumors and they were apparently not being brought up by the Red Sox, 'cause I was hearing from everybody that none of this was true and everything like that, so they assured me of that but I still had to answer questions about it. So it's very confusing, and that's where I think the anxiety comes in, not so much stress, it's more anxiety than anything." -- Beckett whining on WAAF some more

Travel Excuses Go Over Well in Boston. Sincerely, Roger Clemens's Luggage
A Lot of 'Stress' and 'Anxiety' Goes Along With a $16 Million Paycheck
That Returns a 5-9 Record and A Lot of Belligerent Baggage

Beckett Sells His Phony Story to Rob Bradford
Paranoid Pitcher Says The Media's Coming to Get Buchholz and Lester, Too
Just Know That Josh Did All He Could To Be Ready for Every Start [Sigh]
Wilbur: The Delusional End of Josh Beckett in Boston
Abraham: Beckett's Spin Is Another Wild Pitch
BDD Archives: Beantown Beckett

"It's just a matter of time before they get you, basically. And that's unfortunate. I think Jonny Lester knows that. I think Clay Buchholz knows that. Your time will come." -- Josh Beckett to WEEI.com's Rob Bradford

Once He Was Out of Cy Young Contention,
Beckett Wanted Sox to Lose

"... according to Someone Who Knows: Last season, Beckett 'literally wanted [the team] to fail so he didn't have to pitch in October. By far the biggest culprit in the [expletive] show last September with his attitude and recruitment of others.' " -- Tony Massarotti, Boston.com columnist

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Boston Globe:

Bullpen pitches in to cap win over Rays > Hanigan proves a hit for Red Sox > Trey Ball offers reminder of rewards for waiting

Boston Herald:

David Ortiz to fight suspension > Red Sox offer glimpse of what they could be > Ryan Hanigan well received > Masterson gives needed boost


Little things add up to beat lowly Rays > Ogando, bullpen seal win > Miley bounces back > PawSox split twinbill

NY Post:

As Beltran stuggles, Chris Young could be the answer > Girardi: No special dugout plans for A-Rod's 660

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