East Division Champ Shirts

Stop the Presses. Yankees Win Division.


Maybe next year.
(But Mike Timlin would like an XL of the above please)

Pedro Goes Down

Meet Pedro's New Daddy


Tampa Bay spanks him again 9-4
Martinez acts like a baby on the bench

There's a New Scheriff in Town


And it's Not Nelson's Rocky Fella

Schill Will Be Number One

Ace Will Begin Sox Quest for World Series Championship Tuesday. Devil Rays Make Pedro Say Uncle. Twins Tank Games vs. Yanks. Division Chase Over. Dave Wallace Will Have the Guts to Go and Tell Him They're Going to Push Him Back.

"I don't know how people are going to have the guts to come and tell me they're going to push me back. But if they did it, I wouldn't argue. I'm only an employee here that does his job." -- 9.22 Pedro Martinez

Nelson Was No Lucky Charm

Did Mahow-Mahow Put a Hex on Pedro?
And who is Franklin's friend from Providence?


And will Pedro kiss his good luck charm goodbye?

Extra Crispy

Extra Crispy Win


Mahowboy Up!

Kentucky Fried Kevin Delivers in the Trop, and Mahow

Lowe Five for D-Wreck (But Keep Him Number Three)

"He looks messed up." -- Eck, who still wants D-Lowe to start in the playoffs

Back of the Pen Comes Through for Win After Another
D-Lowe EmBorasment

Division Dreamers 10 Devil Dogs 8

Johnny Cash


Damon Brings Home the Bacon Again

Playoff clincher

Happy Berthday Boys

Here We Go Again. Sox Get Another Shot, Clinch Playoff Berth.


Johnny Rockets Sox to the Playoffs as
Boston Blows Through Tampa Bay 7-3


Playoff Bound

Nelson Was No Lucky Charm

Did Mahow-Mahow Put a Hex on Pedro?
And who is Franklin's friend from Providence?

Pedro's Hat is in the Ring

"I thank God because this is the chance that I always look forward to and... I think, it's enough for me now. I'm about to get a ring. And I wanna get one." -- Pedro Martinez

Sox New Lucky Charm


Pedro: "My friend is Nelson. His name is Nelson. He's 36 years old. He's from the Dominican Republic and very funny character, and very animated. Everybody's happy with him. He's our lucky charm now. Now a days. The guys are falling in love with him."

CBS-4's Dan Roche to Nelson: "How do you feel about being the lucky charm of the Boston Red Sox?

Nelson: "Se siente mejor"

DR to Pedro: "What'd he say?"

PM: "He say it feels better, to be the lucky charm."

DR: "How did you two meet?"

Nelson: Aqui (after Pedro asked him in Spanish)

PR: "We met through Franklin's friend in Providence. Since then we became friends and I hang out with him now."

DR: "What would you like to say to Red Sox fans out there?" (Pedro translates in Spanish)

Nelson: "Bueno... estancia fuerte."

DR: "What'd he say?"

PM: "He went like that (made a muscle), it means he wants them to stay strong and actually keep rooting. That's pretty much what he meant."

DR to Nelson: "What would it mean to win a World Series, see Pedro especially win a World Series?"

PM (after listening to Nelson): "He wants us to continue to win more and more, and become champions."

DR: "Great (Nelson said word) Bueno."

Nelson: "Bueno"

mahow, mahow

Dress for Success (Sort of)


You Tell 'Em We're Coming and
Mahow's Comin' with Us, You Hear?


Pedro May Take Lucky Charmer on the Road

"...And his entourage has taken on Fellini-esque proportions -- his guests over the weekend was a 29-inch Dominican performer. I'm told that Pedro plans to take him on the road, too, as a good-luck charm. I'll find out this week if that's the case."-- Gordon Edes mailbag on boston.com

Say Hello to My Little Friend

A Circus Atmosphere

The Full Nelson

Saturday and Sunday vs. Yankees

Ace Trumps Yanks with '21'


Big daddy Curt Schilling had the winning hand yesterday as the Yankees only hit once against the dealer.
Wild card clincher coming up.

Mahow Now Brown Sow

Yankees Bust 11-4


Belli Laugher


Sox Wake up and pull away in the eighth inning this time 12-5

Too Little

Big Daddy Curt Schilling Gets Revenge on the Team
That Spanked Him at Fenway in July

Pedro's Bronx Cheer

Since You Can't Beat Your Beloved Yankees Pete,
Join Them Already


(Globe Photo / Barry Chin)

Powderpuff Daddy Martinez Makes His Play for a Yankees FA Signing in 2005 Since Boston Hates Quitters

His Message to George: Yankees Can't Be Beat, Please Sign Pete

The Mother of All Loser Quotes


"I just tip my hat and call the Yankees my daddy. I can't find a way to beat them at this point. You just have to give them credit and say, 'Hey, you guys beat me, not my team.' I wish they would [expletive] disappear and never come back. "-- Former Ace Pedro "Sonny" Martinez

Too Little. Too Late.

Meet the New Loss, Same as the Old Loss


(Globe Photo / Barry Chin)

A Very Grady Rematch: Deja Lose All Over Again 6-4

"If I run out there after two pitches, it makes it look like I wasn't making a good decision before the inning."-- Terry "Duh" Francona

Playing to lose

This Way to the Wild Card Party

Todd Jones: This way to the Wild Card party

Tell Todd Jones to come back for Wild Card champion night. Millar is getting the 'Cowboy Up' speech ready and the Wild Card parade route is being mapped by the mayor. The Baseball Tavern is gearing up for another wild celebration, not seen since the 2003 WC championship blowout (above).

Winners Never Quit
and Quitters Never Win


"I was trying to protect some people ahh if there is blame,
I will take it, because it didn't work. I will agree with that."
-- Terry "Say Anything" Francona

Tito Gives Up on Game, Division
Sox Lose to Baltimore Again and Again 9-7

Grady Francona had El Guapo and Scott Sauerbeck ready to come in, just in case the Sox got any closer to winning.


(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Since D-Lowe can't go beyond five, and Pedro can't go nine anymore, Francona let Myers pitch to righties and gave BK some batting practice. So now your Yankees tickets for this weekend are worth pennies on the dollar as the games are purely an exhibition.


50 years ago today, Johnny Pesky played his last game.
But he can't sit in the dugout tonight.

Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic


(Globe Photo / Jim Davis)

Abra Cabrera, Sox Win it on Walk Off Over the Wall Ball

Cab Takes Plane: From Red Eye to Green Monster,
on a Very Special Episode of The OC

Another Foulke Implosion, but 'Tiz, Cab Come Through in Clutch. Extra Winnings: Sox 7 O's 6

25 Guys, One Cab


(Globe Photo / Jim Davis)

Separated at Birth

OC_s@b.jpg SDJ.jpg

Williamson, Mendoza hold the line. Leskanic 3-2-4 double-play saves the day.


(Globe Photo / Jim Davis)

Stearn words for Butch



D-Lowe Blow: Stearns Pulls Out Lowe, Wakefield Video Conversations from Off-the-Field Late Night Charity Party
(but they still don't say anything newsworthy)

On FOX-25's evening news, sports anchor Butch Stearns, in an effort to show he had players on tape supporting his claim that Curt Schilling and Pedro have issues, showed video of Derek Lowe at the The Franciscan Hospital for Children's charity party at Comedy Connection, Thursday night August 12.

(Stearns says he doesn't want to be part of a story, yada yada...)

BS: "...I don't make up stories. In fact, I've talked to several Red Sox players this year, both on and off the air.. off the record, about this subject. Here's what a few of them had to say recently on the record."

BS to D-Lowe: "... But what is their relationship (Pedro and Curt), do they push each other?"


D-Lowe: "Probably not, probably not, I think they're totally different guys. I mean you can call one 'A', call the other one 'Z', and there's a lot in between and ah the fact that people may say 'OK, now it's, you know, maybe Curt Schilling's team' you know, that doesn't sit well with him (Pedro) I would imagine, you know he does have three Cy Youngs..."

(Wake simply says they challenge each other)

FOX-25's David Wade: "And Butch what you're not saying here on the air because I know that you don't want to hang out some of your friends on the team, or some of the people that you know on the team, but what you're not saying here is that they told you off-the-air, some people have told you off-the-air that the two are not friends, that they're just, they're teammates and that's it."

BS: "Well here's the interesting thing David to me and why it's a story and why it's a topical one. Very soon Pedro or Schilling's gonna pitch Game One of the World Series or of the playoffs or Game 7 of a deciding series. And when Pedro hits free agency, I've been told by one player, that it will be a factor. Schilling's relationship, his presence, the dynamic of him being here with Pedro, in Pedro's decision. They're not sure whether it's good or bad, but it will be a factor. So to me, that's what makes it a story about their relationship and whether Pedro's future will be in Boston or not."

DW: "Well Curt Schilling didn't want it to be a big story, he made it a big story Butch..."

Who should be the Game One starter in the playoffs?

"I don't know how people are going to have the guts to come and tell me they're going to push me back. But if they did it, I wouldn't argue. I'm only an employee here that does his job." -- Pedro Martinez

Stearns Tries to Outfox Schilling

9.23.04: Fox 25's Butch Stearns (BS) was back calling into WEEI's Big Show today. Butch started yapping about how he doesn't "make stuff up!" and said "I have a tape of several players saying what I said yesterday" which he will play on the FOX-25 News. He said this is a story because "it will affect whether or not Pedro re-signs in Boston." Butch is angry with people at WEEI (read: Dennis, Callahan, Meter) today and said they questioned his credibility. He said he received threatening messages at FOX-25 and added "If you're gonna call my line at least have the balls to leave a name and number!"

Curt Gets Stern with Butch

AP Photo

"Because you don't see us playing grab-ass on the field doesn't mean a thing." -- Curt Schilling

9.23.04: Fox 25's Butch Stearns (BS) was on WEEI's Big Show today. Butch started yapping about how he had some information that the relationship was not great between Curt Schilling and Pedro Martinez adding "How do you think Pedro feels when he sees Schilling pitch a game like last night?" and "go look at the tapes (of past games) you never see Schilling and Pedro embrace after a win." (oops, see above from July)

"Next we have Curt in the car up next here on the Big Show (sans Ordway again when Curt calls, must kill him, Pete Sheppard, Steve Burton and Butch Stearns)"

Schilling: "How you doin' guys... (hey we got Schilling! How ya' doin' Curt?), hey listen I'm not going to be long but I'm gonna say one thing, I don't know who it was that just said something regarding Pedro and I... (that was Butch Stearns -- that was me Curt) Don't be stupid enough to think you can make something out of nothing. That's how dumb idiotic rumors get started by those who don't know the game. I have (well we're glad you calle...) I HAVE nothing but the utmost respect for Pedro. I think he's probably one of the best pitchers I've ever pitched with. He's a great guy. We get along awesome. Because you don't see us playing grab-ass on the field doesn't mean a thing. Don't say something stupid and something ignorant like that. (BS: Alright Curt, I understand, and I'll apologize for that, but can I ask you a question?) No. Here's my problem. If I don't call up you don't apologize for it, you don't retract it, and somebody calls and you make it a bigger deal than it is (BS: I'm not trying to make it...) It's a stupid idiotic comment to make. It's irresponsible. And you know what it's ignorant, because you don't know, obviously you just made it up (BS: I didn't make anything up) Sure you did. Sure you did. I've hugged Pedro on the field this year, after we've won a game, that's a stupid thing to say... isn't there some other controversy you can go to? Because you had some valid points, but don't make up stupid stuff."

Around the Bellhorn

Around the Bellhorn


On your Mark, get set, Mueller and Roberts go home
Sox win in walk off, 3-2

MLB.con: "Sox lose as Bellhorn strikes out"


Ian Browne checks in with "Dewey beats Truman" gaffe.

"Hi, I am the author of the bogus story that was up on MLB.com for a few moments last night. here is what happened. i have a deadline of filing the story at the last pitch. in the type of game that last night was, my only choice is having one story ready to go if they win and one if they lose. unfortunately, in my rush to get down the locker room after bellhorn's hit, i sent the WRONG microsoft word attachment file to my editor. for some reason, my editor deployed the story as was, without making the changes, even though this person was indeed aware of the final score and knew that the Red Sox had won. it was an operator error on my part, and a terrible editing error on the other side. basically my mistake was flicking the wrong switch, and after all, isn't that why i have editors? anyway, if you could please run my explanation in any way possible, i would appreciate that. i don't want people to think i was making up the wrong score and didn't know that the Red Sox actually won the game. it's tough being compared to Dewey defeats Truman :) thanks a bunch." -- Ian Browne, MLB.com

Schill Win Blown


Curt came up big but Foulke blows save and gets win

Deja-O's All Over Again

Deja O's All Over Again


Mora the same, Wake comes undone,
Baltimore owns Boston 9-6


Sox lose third straight but Ace has 21 tomorrow

Lowe Boat to China Club?

Change in the Weather May Have Forecast Lousy Performance

After the Sox beat the best closer in baseball Friday night, the forecast called for a long period of heavy rain on Saturday. So did D-Lowe and friends decide to stay out a little late thinking they had the next day off? Reports are circulating among people who live in New York City and other media types that some players went out on the town after the big comeback win in the Bronx. One source told Boston Dirt Dogs that Derek and a few teammates were out at the famed China Club past 3:30am Saturday morning. The rain stopped a few hours later and the Sox soon found themselves down 9-0 to the Yankees after the second inning later that afternoon.

"D-Lowe looked like he had an hour of sleep." -- Michael Felger, Fox Sports Net

"...have to wonder if they did not believe it (the game) was going to be played." -- Greg Dickerson, Fox Sports Net

Pedro No Show


Time to Take a Walk
on the Wild Side

"I went to the miserable game yesterday at Yankee Stadium. I'm done seeing the Red Sox. They broke my heart yesterday and nearly got me arrested for assault. At least this time I wasn't fighting an 11 year-old. No, this time it was his trash father...." -- Sox fan Sara Stonner, New York City


Pete Can't Even Compete


Not ready to go Pedro is a no-show like D-Lowe. No excuses necessary for sorry Sunday effort. Subtract the division from the equation.

Sox played like Ryder Cup Runnerups 11-1

Manny can't get the ball out of the infield while Tek is 0-for-34 for the Bronx


More Good News and Positive Signs: No-Name Baltimore Oriole Lefthander Facing Sox on First Game Back from Road Trip

Gidget Goes Under in Gotham



Fore! Yankees 14 Boston 4

Gidget Goes South in Gotham


A Real EmBorasment and a Tubthumping

We'll be singing
When we're winning
We'll be singing

He gets knocked down but he gets up again
You're never going to keep him down
He gets knocked down but he gets up again
You're never going to keep him down
He gets knocked down but he gets up again
You're never going to keep him down

Pissing the game away
Throwing to the wrong base

He drinks a whisky drink
He drinks a vodka drink
He drinks a lager drink
He drinks a cider drink
His agent tries to remind him of the good times
He's been in games that remind him of the better times:

"Oh Derek Lowe, Derek Lowe, Derek Lowe..."

He gets knocked down but he gets up again
You're never going to keep him down
He gets knocked down but he gets up again
You're never going to keep him down
He gets knocked down but he gets up again
You're never going to keep him down

Pissing the game away
Throwing to the wrong base

He drinks a whisky drink
He drinks a vodka drink
He drinks a lager drink
He drinks a cider drink
He sings the songs that remind him of the good times
He sings the songs that remind him of the better times:

"Don't cry for me, George Steinbrenner..."

He gets knocked down but he gets up again
You're never going to keep him down
He gets knocked down but he gets up again
You're never going to keep him down
He gets knocked down but he gets up again
You're never going to keep him down

We'll be singing
When we're winning
We'll be singing

Johnny Apple Seed

Johnny Apple Seed


Damon Plants a Game Winner,
Sox Confidence Grows

Nixon, Roberts, Cabby, Johnny Cash in on Rivera Comeback Kids Win It in Ninth,
Foulke Closes it Out 3-2

Money Grab

Catch of the Year

Let's Go Bronxon Arroyo


No 'tip your cap' to them. No 'turn the page,' no 'whatever it happens,' no 'we'll get 'em tomorrow.' No excuses. No marathons. No backdoor wildcard.

B.ullpen K.ey?


"BK had a hip flexor problem at the tail end of the minor league season, he's here working out, getting ready both physically and mentally for 2005. He's been making progress of late. He's going to throw a couple of side sessions. If that goes well, I wouldn't rule out his contributing this year."-- GM Theo Epstein, Red Sox Pre-Game Show on WEEI

20 Something Special



There's a New Scheriff in Town

Damon, Millar Go the Distance for Schill
Sox Trump Tampa 11-4

A Ton of Seats

The Boston Red Sox announced their intention to add an additional two thousand seats to venerable Fenway Park. In the past few seasons, the Sox have modified the ballpark by adding the Monster Seats and the right field roof seats without changing the atmosphere or the character of the venue. New box seats have also crept ever closer to the playing surface, with fans able to distinguish the cologne of players (not Bartolo) and sprinkle in comments about players� nose hair.

Where exactly will another 2000 seats fit in the major leagues� smallest park? It�s too obvious to suggest that the box seats are moving in even closer. Fans need chain mail to watch from the boxes now.

Only through some true imagination can Theo and the Trio squeeze in the anticipated seats, that at fifty bucks a pop, could add another eight million dollars or so (plus concessions) to Sox coffers.

�Gondola seats�. The Sox intend to string a series of wires from the roof boxes on both sides of the field. After using the facilities, Sox fans would board gondolas suspended from the wires and peer through glass-bottoms to the field below. Of course, the gondolas would be in play, creating yet additional caroms for enemy outfielders to overcome. Painting the bottom of the gondolas white might even confuse Minnesota outfielders.

�Laugh-in seats�. On the NBC �Rowan and Martin Laugh-In� show, characters appeared from behind a wall through �window� seats. The Sox will add hundreds of �window� or �laugh-in� seats in the wall. During the game, the windows are opened, and any balls hit through the windows are ground-rule doubles. Of course, during visitor at-bats, if a ball were launched toward the wall, fans would close the windows to keep the balls in play, reducing the chances of extra bases.

�Triangle seats�. The Sox could install many hundreds of seats in the centerfield �triangle� adjacent to the bullpen. Players drive only a handful of balls during each homestand into this remote area of the park, so run production would probably increase marginally. Free agent pitchers need not apply. The seats could alternatively be named the �Wayback Wasdin� seats.

�Pole seats�. The Pesky Pole goes largely underutilized. The Sox intend to construct seats suspended from this landmark, too. If the pole is sixty feet high, with seats every six feet, then another ten seats are projected. It does give �standing room� new meaning. Getting fans to sign off on liability concerns shouldn�t be much of a problem with such a unique vantage point.

�Backstop seats�. The upper portion of the screen could surely hold Generation X-ers, particularly those who would be willing to �camp out� in designated squares, lying either prone or supine during the game.

�Hammock seats�. The back wall of the bleachers provides yet another opportunity for profit, er, entertainment. Fans could easily hang suspended from either pitons and ropes or specially designed hammock seats.

�Helo seats�. Currently, with the high cost of fuel, the Sox have elected not to put fans in specially designed Sikorsky MH-53 Sea Stallion helicopters. The Sea Stallion has a large fuel capacity with extended loiter time and can spend up to six hours on station. A specially configured Sea Stallion could easily fit up to fifty Sox fans, giving them a unique perspective of the ballpark, also providing heavy armament should crowd control come into play from Jeff Nelson or other surly bullpen types. A fleet of ten Sea Stallions would be noisy, but also assist in keeping the field dry should inclement weather arise.

I�m sure that other readers can develop some equally cost-effective seating plans for Ye Olde Towne Team. After all, a team that sold out its entire eighty-one game schedule surely counts a lot of dreamers among its fans.

- Ron S.

Bat out of Hell

See the 20-game winner tomorrow on Today (8:30am)

Sox Keep Comin'


Bats out of Hell: Kentucky Fried Kickin'. Bellhorn Makes Noise. Nixon's the One. Fire in the Belli.

Wake Shaky Again. Bottom Line, Sox Win 8-6

Tim gives a better performance in his Bernie & Phyl's commercials

Pen is Hell Bent: Myers, Mendoza, Timlin, Foulke Finish Off D-Rays

It was pretty ugly, but the "W" is beautiful


New York Times on Jason E. F. Hutton:
"When Jason Varitek speaks, people listen."

Ramirez Ramirez


Manny Loves Hanley

See You in Court


Nomar's keeping busy while the Cubs fight for the playoffs: "...Contract action where the defendants (Sanderson Sales & Marketing Inc.) refuse to refund the plaintiff his down payment on a restored car. The defendants agreed to refund the money after the car was sold at auction for over $118,000 to another buyer, but the defendants now refuse. The plaintiff (Nomar Garciaparra) did not buy the vehicle because the original estimate he was given was far less than what the defendants ended up charging. The plaintiff and his wife, both well-known professional athletes, signed the vehicle and had pictures taken with it in order to boost the purchase price." -- Nomar Garciaparra v. Sanderson Sales & Marketing Inc.; Steve Sanderson, 9/13/2004 04-9415-A

And the Beat Goes On

"NO NOMAR: The Cubs hoped shortstop Nomar Garciaparra would miss only about five days with his strained right groin and be ready to play again. But that appears to be out of the question.

Asked if Garciaparra was expected back next week, manager Dusty Baker couldn't say.

''I don't know, that's a tough one,'' he said. ''We got to get him some at-bats and get his timing down. I hope he can play next week. We are hoping and praying he can.''

There is no guarantee, however, that Garciaparra will be back in the lineup before perhaps the final week of the season."-- Mike Kiley, Chicago Sun Times

"Nomar started the following day and went 0-4 with a double play. At one point, the Cubs Cory Patterson hit a home run and Nomar never moved off the on deck circle. Cory took a step toward Nomar for congratulations and Nomar started looking at his shoes again. Patterson turned back to seek a friendly hand."-- Steve Kerman, Chicago Daily News

Dr. Knuckle Mr. 3-Run-Homer


Who Will Show Up Tonight?

Wild Goose Chase, Kasmir itchy

Division is Wild Goose Chase

Todd Jones celebrating another wild card

Just print the stinkin' "Wild Card Champion" t-shirts now and tell Picked-Off Millar to man the taps at the Baseball Tavern... it's Wild Card Party Time! Yee-yah! Pedro goes six innings in a pennant race. Cowboy Up!

All That Kaz


Kazmir Makes Sox Itchy

Another Lefty Rookie Has the Right Stuff Against Sox

Pedro Leaves After Six, Sox Lose After Nine, 5-2

More good news: Mueller reinjures knee.


Too bad only 35% of Sox "fans" want him starting in right.

Hell of a Play KFK


Next time we'll "Tell you he's coming to second,
and the ball's comin' with him. Cowboy Up!"

The First Family of Fashion


Juliana Ramirez with son Manny, 18 months, and husband Manny, right, at the Red Sox Wives fashion show and luncheon today at The Heritage on The Garden during a fundraiser for the Gillette Center for Women's Cancers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Frank Francisco fight

Fight for the Pennant in Oakland


Fandemonium in the stands

Former Sox farmhand Frank Francisco was arrested after he threw a chair and hit two spectators in the head during Monday night's loss in Oakland.

Nomar out for season?

Bad News Bear is Out Again.
Is Garciaparra Gone for Season?

One Day at Fenway

"You think George will cry after this one?" Henry asked.


A Fine Meche; D-Lowe

A Fine Meche

Can of Cornrows; Schilling in Seattle



Can of Cornrows
Boston 9 Seattle Scoreless

"He doesn't just want to pitch, he wants to be a winner and a contributor. You can see the difference. He's growing up kind of right in front of us." -- Terry Francona

Bellhorn (74) and Damon (73) Lead RBI Parade
Millar, Manny, Kap and even Hyzdu Chip In

Hey Nineteen


"...Sweet things for Boston, Cy Young and Schilling" -- Steely Dan, Hey Nineteen

Schilling the Stopper Again
Boston 13 Seattle 2

"I wanted to come here and help this team get to a World Series, and right now it's working out that way. We're playing great basbeall and things are going well for us." -- Curt Schilling

"He's got wins to the left, wins to the right. And he's the only Cy in town." -- Buffett

'Manny Ortez' Does it Again
More Bellhorn, Damon, and Roberts

Sweepless in Seattle

Sweepless in Seattle


Wake Stops Another Win Streak
Manny Having a Little Too Much Fun in the Field


Madritsch as Hell and Sox Take It


Seattle Slews Boston 7-1

Cabrera Brothers in Arms


The Yankees win. Theeee Yankees win.
Sox now 3-1/2 back of New York,
and Pats can't cover 3-1/2 vs. Indy

Corey Thrillin'


Pats Have a Back Who Can Run

Easy Street for Pete


Mariners Greet Arrival of Red Sox

"The Red Sox needed only three innings to knock out Tim Hudson and blew out Oakland, 8-3, to complete a three-game road sweep of the AL West leaders. Anaheim, Texas and Oakland were supposed to be big obstacles for the Red Sox, and instead, Boston won eight of nine and outscored the Westies, 63-35. Overall, that makes 26 wins in 31 games for the Red Sox, 14 of their last 15, and they're just two games behind the Yankees. Imagine the AL East as one of those Dukes of Hazzard car chases: While the Yankees have cruised on the easy road through Toronto and Tampa Bay lately, the Red Sox disappeared into the side road from hell -- mud bogs, cattle crossings, a leap through a hay barn -- but as both turn the corner and head down the home stretch, Boston is still right behind New York, bigger than ever before in the rear-view mirror." -- Buster Olney, ESPN The Magazine


"I can't wait for these next few weeks," said Martinez, his anticipation palpable when someone mentioned the upcoming six apocalyptic games with the Yankees. "I've been through a lot (in seven years with Boston) and I know not to get my hopes up but man, we are more balanced and confident than I've ever seen. Everything is how it's supposed to be at the end of the season. Just like you dream. Only now the dream feels real."-- Lisa Olsen, NY Daily News


Easy Street for Pete


Sox Sweep, Kick A's to the Curb Again

Ho, hum... Boston 8, Choakland 3


Sox move to 30 games over .500 taking 20 of the last 22

West Coasting, SI Curt; Yankee Dirtbag Randy

West Coasting


Night Kap Contributes Again

"I prepare the same way every day whether I'm starting or not." -- Gabe Kapler

Lowe Picks Up Where He Left Off in Oakland


Derek Does it Again, Sox Romp Over A's 7-1

("We needed to get Matt Clement" says hello to all the armchair GMs out there)

Yankee Dirtbag Randy

"The rule states that if your team is here and ready to play, and the other team isn't here and not ready to play, there should be a forfeit, and we believe there should be a forfeit." - Yankees president Randy Levine

The answer: "No!" is blowin' in the wind


"The Yankees absolutely embarrassed themselves. Every time Randy Levine talks, he embarrasses himself. Win it on the field, will ya! Are they scared of the Red Sox because they might have better pitching and defense than they do for the first time in ninety years? People were killed in that hurricane, for God sakes! How are the Yankees damaged in comparison to the people in South Florida? The Yankees look very, very bad in this whole thing. The Red Sox are up their rear ends; that's why they are running scared here." -- Mike Francesca, WFAN

Sox Win Dirty

""The Yankees are all clean cut," said Millar. "They wear helmets during batting practice. When Schilling first came over here, he'd say, `Look at them. They look like pros.' Over here, we're not. You see guys during BP wearing sleeveless shirts or parachute tops, no hat, game hat, red-and-blue hat. We look like sloppy, no-discipline dirtbags."-- Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe 9.9.04

"Boston's players believe it's OK to look the way they want, within reason, because they have the approval of management. When Damon arrived at spring training sporting a beard and flowing locks, Epstein received critical letters from fans who told him if he was doing his job properly, he'd order his center fielder to get a haircut.

"But Epstein held firm, under the theory that players are individuals and should be allowed some freedom of expression provided it doesn't get in the way of the team concept and winning games. Epstein actually prefers loose, free-spirited "dirt dogs" in the Millar-David Ortiz mold, because he thinks they'll be less inclined to melt in a pressurized environment like Boston." -- By Jerry Crasnick, ESPN Insider


Jump Starter

"The reason I came here was to be on the mound here in September and, hopefully, October. It's set up that way now. If this team had won [the World Series] last year, I would not have been here." - Curt Schilling in Sports Illustrated

Sox 8 Oakland 3 - Up, up and away; Dr. Spock

Up, Up and Away


'Manny Ortez' Goes Deep


And Mueller, Roberts Put it Away

Bronson bounces back from bad outing

Sox tie it up, take the lead, and break it open,
topping Oakland 8-3

Star Tek

Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek slept uneasily, having absorbed a half-dozen foul balls off his face mask. Catching takes a toll on you, physically and mentally, the sum total of countless contrecoup brain trauma, however subtle. How else can you explain Yogi Berra?

JV_9.6_300.jpg As he drifted off to sleep, with its inevitable dreams, he entered a conversation with Science Officer Spock, the Vulcan from the Starship Enterprise.

Varitek: �We�ve really been on a tear, winning 18 of 20, playing great baseball.�

Spock: �Random chance seems to have operated in our favor.�

Varitek: �In plain, non-Vulcan English, we�ve been lucky.�

Spock: �I believe I said that.�

Texas Fold'em

Cy of Relief


Schilling Turns 18 on Sunday

Sox take one for the road and inflate record in one-run games in the process. Boston 6 Texas 5

The Schilling Field: Curt K's Ten, Schould Have Left After Eight.

Sigh: Youngs, Texas
Stop Sox Streak

Rangers close it out

Wake gives up eight. Yuk.

Young and the restless Texas: Chris Young with the arm, Michael Young with the bat, Rangers Win 8-6

Sox Fight Back: Too Little, Too Late.
Bellhorn slam, Ortiz pop not enough.

Yanks Lose Too, Sox Stay 2-1/2 Back

Kelly and Pedro



in a row.



Back. No more Foulk in around.
First double-digit winning streak since August 1995.

"Yeah, no offense, but the division wasn't really much of an option entering the season let along for the past few months." -- Yecul on SoSH 8.5.04

Brown Out in New York

"Sorry if you've received this a dozen times in the last few minutes. Apparently he (Kevin Brown) was so angry after being removed he punched a wall and broke his (left) hand! I've seen a Yankees message board where they're going nuts... Andrew"

Sox Turn Up the Pete


Top Texas 2-0

Solo Effort: Manny and Mueller just pull up their Sox,
and do the rock-away. Now lean back.

Lowe scoring affair

Number Nine, Number Nine...
Number Nine, Number Nine...


A Sweeping Lowe Scoring Affair

D-Lowe Steals the Show as Sox Win Ninth in a Row
and Hang Tough in 4-3 Win

And the beat goes on

Bartolo Colon Gets Ready for Tonight's Start


Meanwhile D-Lowe Takes a Run Around the Charles

What's the Theme for the 2004 Team?



The Beat Goes On


The beat goes on, the beat goes on
Bats keep pounding a rhythm, winning games
La de da de dee, la de da de da

Nomar was once the rage, uh huh
History has turned the page, uh huh
The O.C. is the current thing, uh huh
Manny bopper is our newborn king, uh huh

Johnny Damon is the superstar, uh huh.
Little Grady can't break their hearts, uh huh.
And men still keep on marching off to war
Electrically they keep a baseball score

Grandpas sit in chairs and reminisce
Sox keep chasing Yanks and still just miss
The guys keep running faster all the time
Fans still cry, "Hey Manny, we're out of time"


And the beat goes on, yes the beat goes on...

Picture Perfect


Even Petey Said Cheese on Team Photo Day

Angels and A. Sele Fold

Angels and A. Sele Fold


Sox Outslug Halos 12-7,
After Arroyo-yo, Sox have Terry Christmas as Adams,
Myers hold the line for the win.


"This guy has a 1.25 ERA in 21 appearances. 24 Ks in 21 2/3 innings. he's given up no homeruns and has held batters to a .097 BA for us this year. I'll gladly take an approximation of those same stats for games in the fall campaign if he's indeed healthy. Raise your mug for SWilly!" -- Kosimar

BDD is a feature of Boston.com. All posts are by Steve Silva unless otherwise indicated.

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