Johnny's on the Spot


Damon Now Leads Ichiro by 126,556 Votes.
Great Job Folks.

"It would be great to represent the world champions at the All-Star Game. And hopefully I can get into the starting lineup. It would be a great accomplishment for me, a big change from my days in Kansas City and it would be pretty cool." -- 6.30 Johnny Damon,

All-Star Showdown


Johnny's on the Spot.
And You Can Give Him One. Quickie Says Johnny's Got No Mo'
'Johnny Damon: About to lose out to Ichiro for ASG start'

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The DominiCon Man

The DominiCon Man

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Steve Kurth Illustration)

Paydro Can't Let Go, Still Whining About Leaving Champs,
Sox Negotiating 'Tricks'

"I don't miss the media - at all; don't miss the talk (radio) programs that they have on WEEI. Don't miss any of the negativity that was around there. Pretty much all the negatives that everybody sees, I don't miss." -- 6.30 Martinez to Boston Herald sportswriter Michael Silverman

Lucchino: 'Pedro had a demonstrable injury, in his case in his shoulder'

�It seems like the negotiation that never ends, that one that comes up every once in a while. He�s having a wonderful year there and I guess we should try to be gracious about it but we made a very strong effort to sign him, maybe he doesn�t see it that way, we certainly did. I especially wanted him here, made a major effort to get it done but for the last minute improved offer that the Mets threw out there we had the best offer that he would have received from any of the other 29 teams in baseball by a considerable amount. So it was really that lightening struck at the last minute for him and I think that explains the negotiation more than anything else.

�There was discussion about that (voidable contract) early, early on in the negotiation. That was in the previous year right after Pudge Rodriguez signed a voidable contract because he had a demonstrable injury, in his case in his back. Pedro had a demonstrable injury, in his case in his shoulder and after there was a question whether Pudge�s contract was going to become commonplace, or at least used in other circumstances with other players, and that was thrown out that he would have a contract and if his shoulder went out, actually nice thing about that is that he was receptive to that, he said to us �listen I don�t want to be paid if I�m hurt and I can�t pitch, I don�t think that�s fair� so there was some discussion about it early, but that was not the past year, but the year before that.� -- 6.30 Larry Lucchino to WEEI's Dennis and Callahan

The Comeback Curt

The Comeback Curt

Curt Schilling

(AP Photo)

Red Sox Nation Comes Out for Schilling's Rehab Outing

"I thought it was a very positive step. There was some progression from first through fifth. In the fourth and fifth, I felt like I started to pitch. A lot of progression, as much mentally as physically." -- 6.29 Curt Schilling on his 78 pitch start

D&C 'EEI: Schilling on Philly Chumps and Bad Umps

Sox end losing streak

Sox End Losing Streak

Boston Dirt Dogs

Champs Put Losing Behind Them 5-2
Battery is Electric
Belli, Bellhorn Go Deep 6
Timlin Saves the Day Game

Doug Mirabelli Homer

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Is he Putin us on?

Is He Putin Us On?

Kraft Says He Gave Prez the Ring

Ring for sale

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration / Karl Stier -- THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL EBAY ITEM)

Russian President Pockets Patriots Ring

Have it Your Way Keith

Have it Your Way, Keith

Eric Wilbur's Blog: King of Pain
Foulke Festival: Do You Want an Apology with That?

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration / Karl Stier)

Shirts That Fit the Nation to a T

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

All the Fast Food Fans Are Wearing Them

Heeere's Johnny!

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

"I'm not gonna hurt ya Foulkie. I'm just gonna boo your brains in."

A Little Foulke Music from Red Sox Nation

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration / Don D.)

You want fries with that Keith?

Does Foulke Think All Fenway Boo-Birds Flip Burgers?

"I'm more embarrassed to walk into this locker room and look at the faces of my teammates than I am to walk out and see Johnny from Burger King booing me." -- Keith "Don't Call Me a Closer" Foulke

What do you think of Foulke's quote?

"If Foulke keeps pitching like he is, he's going to be working at Burger King. He's really good at serving whoppers!" -- mantiz04

WEEI'll Talk for Trucks

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

That's All Foulke: Knee, Moles, Trades, Payday, Cars and Trucks

"That's fine," Foulke said (about talking to WEEI every week). "That's more answering questions about different things. And I get a free truck. If you give me a free truck, I'll talk to you more." -- 6.16 Keith Foulke to the Hartford Courant's David Heuschkel

Body by George

Body by George

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration / Karl Stier)

"The 74-year-old Boss, who will preside over a summit of Yankee executives today in Tampa, decided yesterday, while lifting weights, to tell his publicist, Howard Rubenstein, to let the world know that 'my patience is a little short by the fact that the team is not performing up to its great capabilities.'" -- 6.28 Boston Globe

Alabama Slammer

Alabama Slammer

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration / Don D.)

Foulke Goes South on Sox Again

Four Wheel Drive Floors Sox Trucker
Rough Start for Miller, Tough End for Pen
Cleveland Rocks Boston 12-8

"Foulke has an 11.00 ERA is save situations in 2005 -- in 18 innings, he's allowed 29 hits, 22 earned runs, 6 walks, and struck out 12." -- 6.29 Boston Globe



Johnny Damon

(Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

It Had To End Sometime For Johnny and the Sox

Millwood Shuts Down Sox
Indians End Boston Win Streak at Seven With 7-0 Win

Sox Drop One

Trot Nixon

(Globe Staff Photos / Jim Davis)


Trot Nixon Can't Grab This Grady Sizemore Homer
Nixon: 'It should have been an out'
Bellhorn's Error Leads to Two Unearned Runs
Not That It Mattered Anyway

Philadelphia Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers

Manny Ramirez

(AP Photo)

Sox Battle Back After Blowing Big Lead, Top Phillies 12-8

Is This As Good As It Gets?

Manny Hits 19th Career Grand Slam, Has 8 Homers in 12 Games
Sox Sweep Phils, Finish Road Trip 6-0
Francona Can Laugh at Philly Boo Birds
Season-High 7 Straight Wins For Sox
Orioles, Yankees Reeling
Schilling's Almost BackFriday Afternoon, Sox Were Half Game Back; Now They Lead By 2½
Bill Caine Philly Photos

Too Hot to Handle

Too Hot To Handle

Matt Clement

Matt Clement cools off during yesterday's game. (AP Photo)

Clement Pitches Sox to 11th Win in 12 Games

Manny Launches 7th Homer in 11 Games
Sox Hit Six Doubles and a Triple
Oh, and the Orioles and Yankees Lost Again

Wake, Rattle, and Roll

Wake, Rattle, And Roll

Tim Wakefield

(AP Photo)

Introducing Your First-Place Red Sox

Sox Take Over Top Spot in AL East
with 8-0 Victory in Philly and Baltimore's Loss in Atlanta
Wakefield Goes Eight Shutout Innings
Manny, Papi, Mirabelli Provide Pop

Jerry Remy: 'This Place Sounded Like Fenway Park When Wakefield Walked Off the Field'

Welcome Back Tito!

Welcome Back, Tito!


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

Philly Fans Greet Francona as He Returns Home

It's Father's Day at the Stadium tonight

It's Father's Day in New York Tonight

Boston Dirt Dogs

Let's Hear it Yankee Fans

...A Little Bit Louder Now

"...when I called the Yankees my daddy. I was feeling it that night so I said it, but I was saying it more for my team (the World Champion Boston Red Sox), than for me. I was feeling like I could not beat them because my team was not helping me." -- 4.13.05 Paydro throwing his team under the bus

More Sox Love from Mr. Martinez

Johnny Pied Piper

Pied Piper Packaging Sox

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

Rock Star Taking Groupies with Him

"I'm going to take my time, call guys like Kevin Millar, Billy Mueller, see where they end up, guys I've enjoyed playing with here. Put a package together, that's how much I care for these guys and how much they care for me. When I'm a free agent, I'll call Kevin and say, `Hey, who wants you?' I'll tell him who wants me and we'll turn another clubhouse inside out.'' -- Johnny Damon to Michael Silverman, Boston Herald

Oleruds' Faith Helps Them Cope with Their Daughter's Illness

This Van's a rockin'

This Van's a Rockin'

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Above: Van breaks down the complicated algorithms on BDD :-) / Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

So John Henry Came Knockin'

Score One for the Internet Stat Geeks
(I got three words for you EV: Flat Screen Monitor :-)

If One of Eric's Stat Findings Gets Played and Results
in a Grand Slam, Does He Get a Ring?
Will John Henry Hire Whiner Line Callers Next?
Van the Man | Go Figure

Well-Played Followup by Tomase on Manny Attack Column
Tomase Talks About His Sox Sources on The Big Show

The Road Warriors

The Road Warriors

Boston Dirt Dogs

(AP Photo)

Late Show Trips Tribe

Rent-a-Winner Comes Through in Clutch
The Professionals: Olerud and Mueller Produce Tie
Payton Plays Hit and Run; Even Embree Escapes Trouble
How Sweep it Is! Comeback Kids Grind Out a Win 5-4

Ol�, Ol�... Ol�, Ol�, Olerud

Cleveland Needed a Clean Sweep

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo)

Come to Think of It, So Does Philadelphia

'Pedro' goes to Pawtucket

"We had been planning for an All-Star break move [to Pawtucket], but with Edgar Renteria's wrist a little sore we wanted to see sooner rather than later how he'd adjust to a higher level." -- Theo Epstein on Pedro, Boston Globe

'Pedro' Goes to Pawtucket

Pawtucket Red Sox

(Pawtucket Red Sox Photo/Illustration)

Dirt Dog Dustin Gets the Call Up to Triple-A

Top second base prospect Dustin Pedroia has been promoted from the Double-A Portland Sea Dogs to the Triple-A Pawtucket Red Sox. He will start for the PawSox tonight against the Durham Bulls at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, RI. Pedroia hit a two-run homer off the message board in left-center in Portland last night while Sox GM Theo Epstein was in attendance.

As recently as June 17, Pedroia was fourth in the Eastern League in batting and fifth in on-base percentage (.401) and hits. He remained the only player in the league with at least 150 at-bats who had more extra-base hits (24) than strikeouts (23). -- Boston Globe, 6.17.05

Pedroia was the Red Sox 1st pick (2nd round, 65th overall pick) of 2004 June draft and is rated as the No. 6 prospect in the Red Sox organization by Baseball America, who also rated him as having the �Best Strike Zone Discipline� in the Sox organization.

Pedroia was an All-America shortstop from 2002-04 and Pac-10 Conference Co-Player of the Year in 2003 with the Arizona State Sun Devils, who advanced in the College World Series by beating Nebraska last night. Sun Devils coach Pat Murphy recently expressed regret that Pedroia never got to play in a College World Series. �My heart goes out to Pedro,� Murphy said. �He should be here with us. He would be a great story in Omaha.� Murphy also had the name "Pedroia" written on his hat today as the Sun Devils beat Florida 6-1.

Arizona State Photo

(Arizona State Photo)

Big adjustment for Pedroia

"Seeing major league pitchers, it's not that much different. I was expecting everything to be lights out. They miss their spots just like everybody else. The game is the same as Double A, it's just on a bigger stage with a lot more people." -- 5.13.05 Dustin Pedroia, Boston Globe

Pedroia is a Real Mover

"Kind of an overachieving-type guy. He may not profile in some scouts' minds as the typical high pick. I think he's a winning baseball player. That's what we're hoping for. -- 3.22.05 Terry Francona"

"I'm just going to play my game and hopefully get to the big leagues soon."
-- Dustin Pedroia, 4.5.05

Big Man on Sox Campus

Boston Dirt Dogs

( File Photo)

Dustin Pedroia is one of the shortest players in the Sox system
He's listed at 5-foot-9 in some places, but is actually 5-7

Is Pedro on the Fast Track to Fenway?

Meanwhile Out in Cleveland...

Under the Radar

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)



Boston Dirt Dogs

(AP Photo)

Jon Hit Hard as Theo Scouts Top Dogs
Hip Was Bothering Hot Prospect: Five earned runs on seven hits, including two homers, and four walks in 4 1/3 innings

"I was out of sync. I was catching too much of the plate," said Papelbon, who added that his hip was bothering him a little "and I let that get into my head." -- 6.22 Portland Press Herald

Jon Bon Jovial Talks About His Tough Night with Dennis and Callahan

Sox Special Assistant to GM Bill Lajoie is Scouting Jays' Ted Lilly

Sox Rake at the Jake

Sox Rake at The Jake

Boston Dirt Dogs

(AP Photo)

David and Manny Strike Like Thunder and Lightning
Who Needs Johnson, We've Got Bronson
More Drama with Halama but Trot Nixon is Quite the Catch
Summertime and the Winning is Easy, 9-2

Boston Dirt Dogs

(AP Photo)

Are Manny and David the Best One-Two Punch in Baseball?

"I mixed and matched my pitches. I threw more changeups tonight than I have all year."
-- Bronson Arroyo

Big Pow Wow in Cleveland

Big Pow Wow in Cleveland


(Reuters Photo)

All's Wells that Ends Well

Manny Being Manny: Thrown Out By 30 Feet,
But No One Puts Lovable Left Fielder's Feet to the Fire

Sox Insurance Policy

Boston Dirt Dogs

(AP Photo)

Good Thing We Still Own a Piece of the Rock Star

Johnny's Ninth Inning Blast the Difference
Pen Implodes as Embree and Foulke Turn Blowout into Close Call
Manny and Tek Run Up the Score Early
Wells Hit Hard in 10-9 Win

Local Newspaper Takes on Manny

Local Massachusetts Newspaper
Takes on Manny for Sitting Out

'Players who care don't leave games after getting hit by pitches that wouldn't have hurt a Little Leaguer. Players who care don't seek days off like the office hypochondriac.'

Boston Dirt Dogs

'Manny's Selfish Act Needs to Stop'

"The free pass Ramirez has received this season from the fans, the media and his teammates is mystifying. But the time has come for someone in the clubhouse to call him out over a disgraceful pattern of behavior that, left unchecked, will only worsen.

"Manny Ramirez does not care this season. And do not believe for even a single solitary second anyone who claims otherwise or tries to justify his disinterest by saying he acted the same during successful seasons past." -- Read more at the Eagle Tribune newspaper online

Schilling Talks About His Rehab Progress on Dennis and Callahan

Sabathia vs. Wells

The Big Matchup

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Getty Images Photo / David Turnley)

Sabathia vs. Wells

Upbeat Schilling Throws 65 Pitches/3 Innings to Vazquez and Youkilis.
Will Throw Another Simulated Game Friday in Philadelphia.

Say it ain't so!

Say It Ain't So!

Boston Dirt Dogs

(6.20.05 Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Another Scandal Dogs Red Sox Nation

Mr. AutoMattic

Mr. AutoMattic

Boston Dirt Dogs

(AP Photo)

Ace of Diamond is Also an All-Star
Clement's Savage Slider Sticks Bucs

Treasure Hunt Comes Up Empty for Pirates in 8-0 Shutout
Payton a Trophy in Showcase
Nixon Sets the Stage
Big Papi a Triple Threat
Mueller Sneaking Up on People
IronManny Sits Out

"Pretty much everybody associated with the Sox knew Ram�rez, plunked just above his left foot by a pitch Saturday night, wouldn't be playing yesterday, even though new NESN analyst Gary DiSarcina, the former Angels shortstop, practically demanded that Ram�rez suck it up, strap on a shinguard, and play, the way his former teammate, Chili Davis, used to after getting hit by a pitch... But Francona didn't even bother to wait to see how Ram�rez felt yesterday morning; he assumed after taking Ram�rez out of Saturday's game that he wouldn't want to play and gave a heads-up to Payton and Olerud that they would be playing." -- Gordon Edes on Manny Tejada

What Was Jay Thinking When He Came Here?

"I could get 200 at-bats or I could get 500 at-bats"
-- 3.2.05 Jay Payton (Boston Globe)

"Payton, who made a show of his displeasure at being a part-timer when he walked to his position when subbing for Ram�rez Tuesday night, walked, hit a two-run home run, and singled and scored." -- Gordon Edes on Jay's Gotta Play

Not Your Daddy's Lineup

1 Nixon, RF; 2 Rent, SS; 3 Ortiz, DH; 4 Millar, LF; 5 Olerud, 1B;
6 Tek, C; 7 Playton, CF; 8 Mueller, 3B; 9 Bellhorn, 2B

Batmen Can't Score, Tito Plays Little Ball

Box Score Bust

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

$38,133,000 Is Worth More Than $121,311,945 Tonight

Tito Plays Little Ball

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

Way Too Much Drama
With Embree, Mantei, and Halama

Francona Pulls Wake in Shutout
Lights Tie Game Fire With Embree
Pours Gas on the Game with Mantei
Leaves Truck and Timlin on the Bench

Gammons on Schmidt, Payton, Kapler, Mueller
Sox Sign 15 Draft Picks

The Buc Stops Here!

The Buc Stops Here!

Boston Dirt Dogs

Steel Curtain Defense

Aye, Captain! Tek Timbers Don't Shiver

Thar She Blows! Damon Hit Finds Treasure Island in 9th for 6-5 Win
Skuttle Me Skippers: Payton Plays for Double Play
Blow Me Down! Bellhorn Delivers Big 3-Run HR
The Truck Stops Here: Foulke Puts On the Brakes
Yarr-ha-harr! Millar Schedules Three-Week Interview Tour
To Talk About Clutch Double After 11-Pitch Battle
Umps Cost Bucs as Sox Order Fifth Straight

Rockies High on Payton

Bucs Back to Avenge Loss

Bucs Back to Avenge the Loss of Their Brothers

Boston Public Library Photo / McGreevey Collection

(Boston Public Library Photo / McGreevey Collection)

Pittsburgh Hopes to Put 1903 Series Loss Behind Them Tonight

Somebody Gotta Play

Somebody Gotta Play

Boston Dirt Dogs

(AP Photo)

Is Jay Walking?

"In all reality, for me to come here, this is the last place you'd really want to be as far as a guy that's coming in and looking to play and used to playing every day." -- Jay Payton to Michael Silverman, Boston Herald

Fine. But Can We Get Kapler or Roberts Back?

Closing with Truckin'
Schilling Warms Up at Fenway

The Name of the Game


The Name of the Game

Recently the Red Sox celebrated the return of Carlton Fisk to the organization by naming the left field foul pole �Fisk�s Pole�. Who�s going to quibble about another Hallmark Holiday? While this brings some symmetry to �America�s Greatest Ballpark� alongside Pesky Pole, why stop here?

Scores of people made Fenway and the Red Sox great, tragic, and triumphant over the years. Many deserve recognition even if they didn�t necessarily have their greatest moment at Fenway.

Should the Monster seats be the Dick Radatz Monster Seats in memory of the Sox great closer? Radatz pitched over 120 innings of relief four times for the Sox, including the 1964 season, pitching 157 relief innings, yielding only 103 hits and fanning 181.

The tarpaulin-covered centerfield bleacher area was informally named �Conig�s Corner� after Tony C�s eye injury led him to complain about fans� white jerseys interfering with his view. Not far from there resides the Al Luplow Bullpen, where the Indian right fielder robbed Dick Williams of a home run, June 27, 1963 in one of the greatest catches ever in Boston.

Below and to the right of Conig�s Corner was the Reggie Smith Flagpole, where the eponymous center fielder gunned down Dave McNally from the 379 foot sign as McNally tried to score on a sacrifice fly. Naturally, many of Reggie�s best years came after he left the Sox, but he eclipsed .300 in six full seasons and slugged 314 homers.

Bill �Spaceman� Lee Grass covers the entire outfield. Lee is quoted, �It�s hard to be mean when you�re stoned.� Everyone calls George Toma the �Guru of Grass�, but maybe Lee deserves the title.

Moving in from the outfield, we have the Tris Speaker Second Base Bag. Sure, he�s long gone, but holds career records for outfield assists and twice completed unassisted double plays from centerfield in 1918, snagging line drives and beating the runner back to second. Take that Paul Blair.

Naturally, we have the Bill Buckner First Base Bag. Buckner hit .300 five times, missed by a point with the Sox, is 53rd in all-time hits, and yet we will always remember him best (worst) for missing Mookie Wilson�s roller in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. Those ghosts are exorcised, but history remains.

Luis Aparicio third base line. Hall of Famer Luis Aparicio, in the strike shortened 1972 season, fell down rounding third in the next to last game of the season costing the Sox a chance at victory. His slip caused the Sox to miss the playoffs by half a game. Aparicio�s 9 Gold Gloves and 9 stolen base titles couldn�t protect him from Red Sox demons.

In the center of Fenway�s diamond is the John Wyatt Pitching Mound. Why Wyatt? Not content with the Magnus Effect of increased force on the faster side of a spinning ball to create baseball magic, Wyatt brought the Vaseline Ball to Fenway Park. Wyatt was thought to keep a syringe of Vaseline in the thumb of his glove. Wyatt had twenty saves and a 2.60 ERA for the Impossible Dream Red Sox of 1967. Runnerup was the Luis Tiant Whirling Dervish Mound.

Can we forget about the Carl Yastrzemski Home Plate? Although we remember Yaz for 452 homers, over 3000 hits, and stellar left field play, we all remember the game in 1976 where he got so frustrated at the umpiring that after striking out he covered home plate with dirt and tossed his helmet on it.

I can�t do justice to the Billy Martin Visitor�s Dugout, the Vin Orlando Clubhouse, the Tim Naehring Whirlpool, the Jason Varitek Fungo Circle, and too numerous nooks and crannies that make Fenway so notorious. We can only dream that the future creates as many great memories for our children and us.

-- Ron Sen, Boston Dirt Dogs contributor (Check out Ron's blog, Red Sox Reality Check)

20/20 Archives

Dog back

Dog Back

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Contra Costa Times Photo / Dan Honda)

Dauber's Back Where He Belongs

Brian Daubach scores during the second inning at McAfee Coliseum in Oakland on Thursday. Dauber walked three times and scored twice in the Mets 9-6 win.

WEEI'll Talk for Trucks; Nation Sedated

WEEI'll Talk for Trucks

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

That's All Foulke: Knee, Moles, Trades, Payday, Cars and Trucks

"That's fine," Foulke said (about talking to WEEI every week). "That's more answering questions about different things. And I get a free truck. If you give me a free truck, I'll talk to you more." -- 6.16 Keith Foulke to the Hartford Courant's David Heuschkel

A Nation Sedated

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo)

The Intensity is Gone

"It seems to me like he's a little less hard on the Sox," said David's wife, Kristen. "He's not as intense as he was. And our two kids don't care as much. They were fanatics last year." -- 6.16 Boston Globe, Dan Shaughnessy column



Eric Joyner

(Eric Joyner Illustration)

Reds Socked in Final Round

Bronson Gets His Groove Back
Top of the Order Turns Reds Blue
Breaking News: Manny's Having Fun
Alabama Slammer Shuts the Door
How Sweep It Is, 6-1

Take Tomorrow Off Big Fella

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Globe Photo / Matthew Lee)

Cowboy Upset Payback Tour continues

The Cowboy Upset Payback Tour Continues

NESN screenshot

'They don't pay me to be a complete player.
They don't pay me enough to hit 45 home runs.'

Kevin Millar is Swinging at Everyone Now That He Has a Few Hits

"It makes me a little hotter to know who I lost, and I check 'em off. I know who was on my side when things aren't going great." -- 6.14 Kevin Millar on NESN

If you wanted to sign Carlos Delgado, or voted for John Olerud, or did not cheer the Cowboy when he was down and out... he's got your number and your name.

The Ultimate Whiner Line

6.15 Millar follows up his NESN whining with a call into WEEI's Big Show: (Excerpts from Millar) "Buckley likes to talk smack in his articles and doesn't want to give credit when I'm hitting. So Buckley I'm trading you for a Miami Herald writer. I think your stories suck. Buckley's articles suck, and so I'm trading him for a Miami Herald. (Steve Buckley: So you did see the column I wrote last week praising you right?) No. All I hear about is the negative that you write. I'm going around seeing who's on my side when things start going good. (Steve Buckley: So it comes down to who's on your side?) ...What happened last year? We won a world championship, first time in 86 years. We brought more happiness to this town. I'm not done talking, it's my turn. Second of all, I don't care about the back of the baseball card the first three months. I worry about the 162 game schedule. And by the time the years all said and done, every player that has a track record will be right where they are. I laugh at you guys yelling about Manny Ramirez. He's three RBIs behind Derrek Lee, who's everybody's praising as being a triple crown threat..."

"There's more that I bring to a table than the back of a baseball card like I said. There's intangibles that we all bring to this clubhouse. We were world champions last year. First three months I could hit .110, it doesn't matter what Kevin Millar's hitting. And the last three months, we played the best baseball we ever played and won a world series for the first time in 86 years. Alls said and done, patience. This is a long season and it cracks me up. Like each night, each day, each two weeks. All of a sudden this guy stinks, that guy's great... do you buy stock low? Or do you buy stock high? And right now, it's a good time to buy stock right?... Not my stock, it could have been Rent... you guys are throwing Renteria on the Pike... (Glenn Ordway denies he ever ripped Renteria; wrongly gives Whiner Line credit for Rent-a-Wreck; blames callers and Dennis and Callahan show)... It doesn't matter about anything other than my teammates when that door's closed. And we compete and we believe in each other. So I could care what Buckley writes, or what you guys write or say because this is all fun to stir it up on the radio and get some press. My point is, it's always nice to sit here an say 'yeah, you know what, we want Delgado at first, Soriano at second, Troy Glaus at third' and this fantasy baseball team. But you know what? They don't pay me to be a complete player. They don't pay me enough to hit 45 home runs. If that's the case, they go get Delgado and pay him $16 million. Go get Troy Glaus and pay him $15 million. But without me and Billy Mueller here, you don't have Schilling and Faulk here. You don't have this guy here. So that's all about making a team. A team that runs the same way, you understand what I'm saying?... I've never told you I'm the best player ever. I never told you this and that or Mark Bellhorn or Trot Nixon or Billy Mueller. But these are things, this is a team, this is a machine. And it runs together and we pull together... (talks about individual players who have struggled at times) This team is fine... we're still right where we need to be. We're three games out. This team's just now getting ready to get on fire and we're the boys of summer for one reason, when it heats up, we roll the pole."

On taking the heat off Renteria: "Because this guy was new to this situation and all I told him what a great place it is to play here and you're gonna love the city and within five weeks he's getting booed at his home field. He's never seen something like that. So I wanted to say 'boo me.' I'm the bad player. Let this guy play. This guy's a freakin' All-Star, he's a World Series champ. He's done a lot in this game and give him some space and let him play. That was my point. (Talks about how he's always available to the media after games, good and bad, and how he doesn't listen to the radio but gets his info from guys that listen, e.g. Schilling)"

On his struggles: "Imagine being the guy doing it. You imagine that? How much time do you think I sleep at night? Zero. And I'm on the video every night. But it's not lack of effort. There's no rhyme or reason to it. You lose confidence as a human being... When you're not hitting you don't sleep. I don't. I live, eat, drink Red Sox baseball. That's the way I live. Some guys they go home to their family. They forget about the game. I watch baseball. I have the baseball package at home. I love this game, and I thrive this game... when I'm not doing well, no one hurts more than myself. Understand that. But on the flipside, when I'm not hitting, I'm on the video room and what happens is you start tinkering, and then you lose your confidence and it's like a snowball effect. And all of a sudden one day you come to the field you find one adjustment, you get that one line drive up the middle and it locks in for two months. They're no rhyme of reason. You're hitting a round ball with a round bat. It's hard. (Talks about going to an open stance for the first time last year on June 17, came back and opened a little too much, then was leaking too much, then he came back to a 'virgin of open stance' this year)..."

On how he hears about criticism on the radio: "Mostly Schilling. He's the one guy. He knows everything. He knows all your names. He knows every single... the morning show, evening, late. He's probably listening to the show during the game. Schilling's great for that. No doubt about it (he's online listening right now). That's what Schilling brings."

On this team... and Buckley's articles: "This team will make another special run this year. This is the same club. Nobody was booing Mark Bellhorn when he went deep of John Lieber in Game 6 at Yankee Stadium. Or when he homered off Julian Tavares off the foul pole. This guy hasn't changed. He's gonna go through struggles. Who cares? (how many months it is into the season)... I love it (playing in Boston). I love it. I wouldn't be on the show if I didn't care. I could be this quiet guy and answer all the right questions, give you all the right answers and that's all I do. So say what you want to say. Buckley thinks I suck and that's fine. I think his articles suck. So we're even... Nah. I haven't read it (his article). (Steve Buckley: You know what, I don't know if you're kidding or if you're serious and that's fine but you're apparently reading what you want to hear.) Have you ever written a nice article about me? (Buck: You want to bet on it?) No, I'm asking you a question. (Buck: The answer is yes. And I'll bring it down and I'll show it to you smart ass alright? I'll bring it right down and I'll show it to you.) Alright how many bad articles have you written about me? (Buck: You had a little press conference a couple of weeks ago, and you talked about Olerud coming to the Red Sox and I wrote a column the next day in the newspaper saying that you are a standup guy and you showed your value to the club on that occasion. That was the next day. It was like two weeeks ago.) I gotta high-five you then. Now can you high-five me for hitting now? (Buck: Absolutely.)...

Hot Stove, Cool Music -- The Fenway Sessions

The Fenway Sessions

Theo Epstein, Peter Gammons To Lead July 16 Charity Event:
Benefits Newly Formed �A Foundation to Be Named Later�

Music and baseball once again team-up for an all-star double-play tandem as organizers of the �Hot Stove, Cool Music� concert series today unveiled details of Hot Stove, Cool Music: The Fenway Sessions. Pending city approvals, the unique musical revue will take place Saturday evening, July 16, at Fenway Park following the Red Sox� afternoon game versus the New York Yankees.

The charity fundraiser before a limited audience would feature musical performances by a host of Boston sports, music and entertainment all-stars including Epstein, Gammons, Red Sox pitchers Bronson Arroyo and Lenny DiNardo, and Yankees center fielder Bernie Williams.

All proceeds will benefit Epstein�s �A Foundation to Be Named Later,� a new branch of the Red Sox Foundation.

Tickets for Hot Stove Cool Music: The Fenway Sessions are $50 and $100 and are available starting June 16 at noon via or by calling the Red Sox ticket office, 877-RED-SOX9. The gates are expected to open at 6 p.m., and the entertainment is expected to begin at 7 p.m.

In a set up designed to preserve the intimacy of the winter event, the performers will use a small area of the ballpark. Their stage will be adjacent to the roof of the Red Sox� first base dugout, and only the seats near the dugout and along the first base foul line will be used.

A Foundation to Be Named Later, a branch of the Red Sox Foundation, was founded in 2005 by Theo and his brother Paul Epstein to support community programs that focus on at-risk, underprivileged and disadvantaged youth.

The 2005 Hot Stove, Cool Music Fenway Sessions performance line-up includes Buffalo Tom featuring Theo Epstein; Peter Gammons & the Hot Stove All-Stars, featuring Bill Janovitz and The Gentlemen; the Dilettantes featuring Kay Hanley, Michelle Lewis and Paula Kelly; Juliana Hatfield; Ben Kweller; Red Sox pitchers Bronson Arroyo and Lenny DiNardo; New York Yankees outfielder Bernie Williams and other musical and baseball guests. The music will be interspersed with on-stage skits performed by Mike O�Malley.

Clear as Foulke

Clear as Foulke

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Globe Photo Photo / Jim Davis)

Foulke's Answers to Edes' Injury Inquiries
Raise More Questions

Foulke's Health Still a Sore Spot

On his back: "Go talk to someone else. I don't talk about health. There haven't been many situations [to pitch]. I've been doing side work and long-toss." -- Keith Foulke to Gordon Edes

On his knee: "I was supposed to have that done before. We talked about doing it last year, but after the World Series there wasn't enough ... Naah, we didn't do it. So much [expletive] went on at the end of the year, when it was time to go, it was time to go." -- Keith Foulke to Gordon Edes

One hit wonderful

One Hit Wonderful

Boston Dirt Dogs

Big Outing for B000-000-0mer

Bats Stay Hot on Cool Night, Reds Come Up Empty 7-0
Manny Finally on Fire? Another Long Shot
Mueller, Millar Step Up for Starters
Trot Hits Lefties Too

Mr. Big Shot

Boston Dirt Dogs

Manny Ramirez hits a seventh inning "Embree Balcony" shot

Schilling's a gamer

Schilling's a Gamer

Warcry Photo

(Photo taken from Tamat's WarcryVegas EverQuest II fanfaire gallery)

Hey Curt, Can Leon Pitch in Relief?
We Could Use Some Arms Like That.

The Everquest II Gang's All Here

Warcry Photo

(Photo taken from Tamat's WarcryVegas EverQuest II fanfaire gallery)

Tamat Interviews a 'Defiler' About Everquest

"So many late night sessions, things that made me bust out laughing out loud at 3am are things I remember. Drow's original Gunny, one night he was foraging, talking trash on guildies and in chat and splat, falls off a cliff and dies, laughed for 30 minutes at that one. Another one was when one of our original Coercers, Obms, was killed to the point of nakedness during an early Maidens Gulch Raid. It was like 2am, we just wipe for the 6-7th time, I turn around and there's a naked ratonga, emoting left and right about covering himself and yelling in ooc not to look." (Tamat: Haha! Good times.)

WEEI's Dennis and Callahan Schilling Update:
Curt to throw batting practice to ASU players today;
returning to Boston tomorrow; hopes to pitch before All-Star break.
Curt on Michael Jackson verdict:
"I think there was a collective puking in this nation yesterday."

Watch the Curt and Shonda PSA Spot for
The Shade Foundation

Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling and his wife, SHADE Foundation Founder, Shonda Schilling, appear in the thirty-second PSA with their 4 children to help prevent skin cancer. "So many people want to get out and enjoy the nice weather. We just hope they will pay attention to the public service announcement and enjoy the outdoors safely," said Shonda Schilling, a melanoma survivor. "Skin cancer can happen to anyone. If you limit the sun, not the fun, you can reduce the risk for your loved ones."

The Big Red Sox Machine

The Big Red Sox Machine

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Globe Photo / Jim Davis)

Home is Where the Hot Is

Lucky June 13th for Manny
Ace of Club Clement Bounces Back
Sox Romp Over Reds 10-3

"This is our park. It's no secret that we're more comfortable here. That's what it's about. Your fans. Your music. This is our house." -- Kevin Millar

Boston Dirt Dogs

A night to remember

A Night to Remember...

Boston Dirt Dogs

(AP Photo)

...The Biggest Home Run of the 1975 World Series.
Thanks Again Bernie. You're Always No. 1 Here.

Can't wait to hear Troup call "Swing and a drive, deep center field, way back, waaaayyy baaaack, gone into Bernie's Bleachers!"

Gammons' Latest: On Theo, Bullpen, Draft, Foulke Trouble
Congrats Captain: Karen Varitek Gives Birth to Caroline Morgan Varitek

The City of Big Knuckles

The City of Big Knuckles

Boston Dirt Dogs

(AP Photo)

Battery Recharged: Sox Wake Up at Wrigley
Belli Flop Back to Second Not Costly.
Wake Runs Bases Like His Hair's on Fire
Damon, Youk, and Manny Deliver in 8-1 Win

Chicago Blues Festival

Chicago Blues Festival

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Globe Photo / Barry Chin)

On the Center Stage: The Big Papi Players Perform 'I've Been Down So Long, 7-6 Looks Like Up to Me' from the Album 'Too Little, Too Late.'
... Which Followed the Strike Out 'Run David Run.'

Volcano Erupts: "I Don't Give a Damn What We Did Last Year."
Theo Too: "Isn't Anybody Gonna Ask Me Any Questions?
I Put This %#@! Team Together!" -- per Sean McAdam, WEEI

"This is my fault. The guys have to play better or we've got to make some changes. I think we've allowed something like (77) runs in our last 10 losses. We're out of games. It's time for changes. Soon." -- Epstein's not asleep at the wheel

No Brass Ring for Nomar

Exclusive Photo of Nomar's Ring Ceremony

Boston Dirt Dogs

(You May Have to Squint a Little)

No Brass Ring for Nomar

Boston Dirt Dogs

(NESN Screenshot)

Garciaparra Won't Accept Ring from Sox Brass
Tek Must Act As Middleman in Private Transaction
Clandestine Cub Can't Even Say 'Boston'

""I don't think there's really any need for it to be a public thing, especially here... Me getting it and being part of it is something that obviously was in that other wonderful city. It's something that is going to be done in a private manner that I think is best for everybody." -- Red Sox World Series Ring Recipient Nomar Garciaparra

Boston Dirt Dogs

(AP Photo)

"Many think trading Garciaparra to the Cubs improved the chemistry in the Red Sox clubhouse and catapulted the team to its first title since 1918."

Sox Chewed Up at Wrigley*

A Chicago Bear

Sox Chewed Up at Wrigley*

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Reuters Photo)

Wrigley Field of Nightmares. 14-6 Final.

Arroyo-yo's Latest Trick is a Sleeper
All Rest and No Play Makes Manny 0-for-4
Maddux Shuts Down Sticks and Slams Halama
Ortease Blasts Too Little Too Late

(* Courtesy of CBS4's Bob Lobel... hey it's not like he's never used our heads :-)

Poison Ivy

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Globe Photo / Barry Chin Photo)

Sox Get An Ivy League Education

Curse of the Contracto?

I'll be a monkey's uncle

I'll Be a Monkey's Uncle...

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Shea Hillenbrand Photo)

Before Theo Epstein Lets Hillenbrand Put on a Red Sox Uniform Again

Nomar's Ring Ceremony

The Stage is Set

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

But the Event is Sold Out

Nomar's Secret Decoder Ring
"(Nomar) will be presented the ring before one of the three interleague games at Wrigley this weekend. Out of respect for Garciaparra's privacy, the team won't disclose when the presentation will be made or which team official will make it." -- 6.10 Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

File Under: Paranoia May Destroy Ya

Late Show with David Numberman

David Numberman

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

Star of the Late Show

Sox Avoid Sweep with 4-0 Smackdown

Wells Runs Wet: Lefty Has the Right Stuff in 4-Hit Shutout
Tito Costs Boomer His Second Complete Game
'Tiz, 'Tek, and Rent Provide Enough Offense
Millar Singles But Has Rough Outing in Left
Props to Trot for Savvy Slide Home
Foulke Shaky in Relief Again

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Getty Images Photo / Elsa)

Pudge's Pole

Pudge's Pole

Boston Dirt Dogs

(AP Photo)

CBS4's Bob Lobel Reports That Fenway's Left Field Foul Pole Will Be Renamed for Carlton Fisk (Pudge's Pole?) Before the Game with the Cincinnati Reds Monday Night.
But When Will the Centerfield Bleachers Be Renamed 'Bernie's Bleachers' in Honor of The Biggest Home Run Hit on October 21, 1975??

Slam, bam, thank you Cam

Slam, Bam, Thank You Cam

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Cam Neely and Pittsburgh's Ulf Samuelsson: Boston Globe Staff Photo / Bill Brett)

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Neely and Ottawa's Trent McCleary: Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis) Coverage: Neely Heads to The Hall

Should Manny Sit Tonight?

More on Manny's Day Off

"Is it a slap on the wrist (Manny's) not playing tonight with the day off tomorrow?" -- Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley

"Well he's (Manny) been walking around the clubhouse all week saying 'I got Thursday off, I got Thursday off'... he was begging for a day off." -- Jerry Remy

Should Manny Sit Tonight?

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Millar: AP Photo / Manny: Reuters Photo)

Survey: Should Millar Start Over Manny?
Discussion: What Do You Think of the Millar Move?
Is There More Going On Here Than Tito's Letting On?
What Would Miguel Tejada Do?

No-Show Me State

No-Show Me State

Boston Dirt Dogs

(AP Photo)

More St. Louis Blues

Cards Deck Sox 9-2
Clement Falls to 3-6 vs. Red Birds
Where's the Manny? No Homers Since May 22
Rent-a-Mess: Hits into Two More DPs

"It's just unacceptable to start an inning with two outs, no disrespect to anybody, but two outs with the No. 8 hitter coming up in the National League, and not be out of the inning." -- First Time Loser Matt Clement

Arch Enemies?

Boston Dirt Dogs

(AP Photo)

Five Players Hit in Fiasco

Why can't we re-sign players like that?

Here's to you Mrs. Robinson

Here's to You Mrs. Robinson


(AP Photo)

Anne Bancroft dies at age 73

Star Track: The Next Generation

Star Track: The Next Generation


(Jacoby Ellsbury / AP Photo)

2005 Baseball Draft: Sox take Jacoby Ellsbury (No. 23) and St. John's closer Craig Hansen (No. 26) with their first two picks today.

Red Sox 2005 Draft Recap

Draft Profile: Clay Buchholz, Angelina College. The Skinny: Lock Your Laptop in Lumberton

To be fair, though, Red Sox director of amateur scouting Jason McLeod told newspapers he spent a lot of time on background checks with Buchholz, who has had off-field issues, and came away convinced that those issues were behind him.

Cards take Game 5

Cards Take Game 5

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Getty Images Photo Photo / Elsa)

Have You Ever Heard of Matt Morris?

Beat Me in St. Louis

Pitching, Defense, and Small Ball Big Blow to Sox in 7-1 Loss
Wake a Nightmare Again. Can We Review That Extension?
Rent-a-Wreck Back Home: DPs, Popups, Error, and Jeers
Def Champs 17-18 vs. Teams with Winning Records
Sox Bats Brutal without Johnny Abandon
Tough Night on Defense for Manny, Tek

"Ramirez didn't appear to be in any hurry to make the catch as he drifted back and wasn't in position to make a strong throw. That allowed Walker, 38, to tag up and move into scoring position with one out... Yeah, but it happened," said Wakefield, who appeared to glare at Ramirez as he walked toward the dugout after handing the ball to Francona." -- David Heuschkel, Hartford Courant

"Amid an expletive or two, Jason Varitek made it clear he wasn't going to "play that game" when told the Red Sox have barely been playing .500 the past six weeks... This new hitting coach, he's putting the whole team in a slump," one Red Sox uniformed member said, requesting anonymity." -- David Heuschkel, Hartford Courant

Felix Romero suspended for violating drug policy

Felix the Caught

Felix Romero

(Wilmington Blue Rocks Photo)

Sox Minor League Reliever Felix Romero Suspended for Violating Drug Policy

Gammons' Latest: On Damon, Clement, and the First Base Situation
Renteria 'Treated Harshly by Front-Running Red Sox Fans'

Kevin Millar: Drama Queen
"All of a sudden I walk around this city and it's like I'm a murderer."

Pedro would have stayed in Boston but Sox "were trying to save a couple of million"

Eye Yi Yi

Eye Yi Yi

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Globe Photo / Jim Davis)

Queer Eye Photo
Queer Eye Photo
Queer Eye Photo

Much Ado About Nothing

Judge Judy, Jessamy, and Gisele

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Judy: AP Photo / Jessamy: Handout Photo / Gisele: Boston Globe Photo / Jim Davis)

Three Other Celebs Who Threw Out the First Pitch at Fenway

Bellhorn makes his mark

Bellhorn Makes His Mark

Boston Dirt Dogs

(AP Photo)

Sac Fly Breaks Tie in 7th

Born Again Pen Holds the Line in 6-3 Win

Alabama Slammer: Foulke Shuts Down Angels in 9th

"I don't talk about the negative. I'm going out there for the positive, and if it doesn't happen, you guys can go talk to someone else." -- Struggling Sox reliever Keith Foulke

Lefty Killer

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

Mike Myers is a Horror Show for Opposing Batters

Dirt Dodgeball


(Boston Dirt Dogs / Hope-Valarie Pashos Photo)

More Sunday Game Photos from Bill Caine

Gasoline Alan Lights Pen Fire

Gasoline Alan Sparks Angels

Boston Dirt Dogs

(AP Photo)

Sox Blow 5-1 Lead as Angels Score Like Wildfire

Fans Need Rolaids After Sox Relief
Bullpen Holds Angels to 11 Runs as LA Slips Past Sox 13-6

"I don't blame anybody for booing me. I'd be booing myself. I set the tone for the game." -- Embattled Sox reliever Alan Embree

Olewho? Millar Has a Monster Game with 2 HRs

Angels and Damons

Angels and Damons

Boston Dirt Dogs

(AP Photo)

Johnny's Double Trouble for LA

Bases-Clearing Rocket Clears Bases, Completes Comeback 7-4

"That's one of the hardest-hit balls I've ever seen." -- Angels reliever Scot Shields

Say hello to my little friend

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Boston Dirt Dogs

(AP Photo)

Those Were the Days

Boy, the way Cabrera played
Thank God Theo made The Trade
With OC, we had it made
Those were the days

Didn't need Nomar irate
Everybody pulled his weight
Gee, those old handshakes looked great
Those were the days

And you knew where you were then
Games were fun, oh Cab�s web gems
Tito, we could use some men like Lowe and Roberts again

Players seemed to be content
And the Cardinals paid the Rent
Clubhouse was a circus tent
Those were the days

Took a little playoff spin
Manny always had a grin
Yankee doodle dandy days when all the Sox did was win

Hair was long and laughs were long
Kapler always played along
I just don't know what went wrong
Those were the days

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Let's Move the Sox Up on the Face of Baseball List

Don't Tell You-Know-Who...

Krispy Kreme Photo

Tito's ticked off at Yankee Bob

Tito's Ticked Off at Yankee Bob

Boston Dirt Dogs

(AP Photo)

Terry Thinks YB Gave Torre a Break. Ya Think?

Edes chat wrap: Wake, Arroyo, and the rest | Mailbag: The price of success

Walkoff in the Park

"Edgar Renteria showed a lot of chutzpah in laying down that bunt."

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Getty Images Photo / Mark Wilson)


Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

"I like your website�don�t agree with you often�however�you keep me coming back daily �- so you must be doing something right!

Here�s my take�the bunt by Renteria was an AWFUL play�last year in a similar situation Nomar made the last out of a game the Cubs badly needed to win late in the season during their pennant run�I remember distinctly Nomar getting slaughtered on WEEI �- comments like he is a #3 hole hitter �- paid to drive in runs in that situation and laying down a bunt was a bad play!

Fast-forward to yesterday�the new �boy-wonder� shortstop�also paid to drive in runs�supposedly a better �run-producer� than O-Cab/Nomar�lays down a bunt with the tying run on first base�a double in the gap or better yet a homerun by Renteria wins the game �- no need to bring Ortiz to the plate�it ended up working so everyone is happy�but just say he gets thrown out laying down that bunt�what would everyone say then?

�SWING THE BAT EDGAR!!!!!!� � I thought that was why you were brought here�quit wussing out and hiding behind �it was a great baseball play�the 3rd Baseman was playing back� �- ridiculous�double-standards in this town�an incredible �what have you done for me lately attitude� �- Nomar would be getting DRILLED if he did the same thing!!

Hooah!" -- Bruce M. Kimball, MSgt, USAF


"Please say something about Renteria's bunt in your recap of the game. So many times I am frustrated by a major league ballplayer not knowing the situation and costing their team, especially on the Sox. Plain and simple, that was just good baseball and saved Foulke's ass yet again. Maybe you should keep a stat going: times the team has saved Foulke vs. his actual saves."
-- 6.2 Ryan Boughan email


"I have an ear to the WEEI stream and honestly I'm getting steamed. It's almost as if he (Renteria) is being blasted for the bunt. Come on -- it's great baseball -- if the 3rd baseman is gonna give it to you by playing closer to the outfield grass than playing even that moves the tying run to 2nd. The play or potential play people should be talking about is Bellhorn not taking 3rd. They had the heavy shift on for Papi -- 3rd base was wide open for the taking the only way he runs into an out is if he trips. This was a potential MAJOR non-move -- it could of made Papi's at-bat even easier. The pitcher, Ryan, would of lost some of his reliance for the big sweeping slider away waste pitch in the dirt -- a potential passed ball in the making, which of coarse would of brought in the tying run. Thank god it didn�t come down to that, but that should be the story. Was it Bellhorn maybe missing a sign or Sveum not being aggressive?" -- Tom D. email

Big Papizzle

Boston Dirt Dogs
Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Globe Photos / Jim Davis)

David is Goliath

Ortiz Got the Right Pitch Off a Tough Lefty

3-Run Home Run in the 9th Wins It 6-4
Bill Caine Game Photos

"There's nothing more important than today." -- 6.2 Terry Francona

No Alabama Getaway Necessary

Foulke Gets the 'Win' After the Orioles Almost Beat Him
on a Cheap Hit and Some Small Ball

D-Lowe Loses Cool, Throws Stool | Everybody Loves Pedro... For Now

We'll Get 'Em Titomorrow


Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

Francona Closes up Shop Early

V-Tek Just Kicked Out Yo!

"I want him to catch tomorrow." -- Terry Francona

More Rough Waters for Wake

Boston Dirt Dogs

(AP Photo)

Tim Gets Trounced Again in 9-3 Loss
You Live and Die with the Knuckleball
And Tito Kills Game by Waiting Out Wake Too Long

The Boston Rest Sox

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo)

Because the Games Count More in the Standings in September

The Stuff of a Survivor

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Globe Photo / Essdras M. Suarez)

War Veteran Damon Throws Out First Pitch Today

Put Damon and Nixon on the All-Star team

The Best Offense is a Great Defense

Vote Online Here to Help Put the
American League's Hardest Working Outfielders
on the 2005 AL All-Star Team

Damon: AP Photo | Nixon: Boston Globe Photo / Barry Chin

Johnny Damon
.351 BA #1 for AL Outfielders
42 Runs #1 for AL Outfielders

Trot Nixon
.414 OBP #3 for AL Outfielders
.928 OPS #4 for AL Outfielders

Papi, Tek, and Manny Already Lead in A.L. All-Star Voting
Now Get Damon and Nixon on the Team

Just Say Nomar: Garciaparra Leads NL Shortstops

Damon Back in Lineup Tonight. Olerud Rides Pine.

Schilling Update:
Curt's Going to API in Phoenix for 10 days to work on conditioning
Who would you choose as your starting first baseman?

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Boston Globe:

Rodriguez looks like the steal deal > Despite effort by Rodriguez, Red So fall > Tazawa has come a long way, on and off field

Boston Herald:

Lauber: Eduardo Rodriguez showing Red Sox he's special > PawSox start looms large for Masterson


Rodriguez gem wasted > Chili Davis doesn't want to turn Red Sox into free-swingers > Red Sox draft catcher in third round

NY Post:

How Mariano Rivera has influenced Yankees' top pick > Why starting rotation could be a big Yankees' strength

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