Heavy Duty

Curt Schilling points at a first inning pop up during the Red Sox Exhibition season oepning game vs. the Twins at City of Palms Park.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

He's No Spring Chicken, But Curt Makes Light Work of Twins
The Skinny on Schill: 19 Pitches, 15 for Strikes,
1 Solid Outing

Edes Extra: Cup Opener Ends 4-4 in 10 Innings
Alex Arm Strong: Ochoa Can Really Throw a Baseball!
Closer Call: Donnelly Takes the Early Lead
Runs Like Damon: Jacoby Might Make Us Forget About Johnny
Looks Like Lugo Will Giveth, and Taketh Away
Mauer Pokes One Out Off Manny's Publicist

Cover Boy

Cover Boy

Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka on the cover of ESPN The Magazine

(Business Wire Commercial Photo)

Finally, Someone Catches Up With the Stealthy Daisuke Matsuzaka and Will Publish a Story About the Sox Rookie Pitcher

Extra Bases: Manny and His Wheels (Final Chapter?)
Survey: Where Do You Stand on Schill?
Survey Gallery: 10 Things to Watch for in Spring Training
Eric Wilbur: To Helton and Back

Sting Water

Spring Water

(BDD Photo Illustration / Nick Merrill)

Fans in Fort Myers Set to Empty Their Pockets as the Grapefruit League Opens for Business Tonight

He's Starting to Throw His Weight Around

Curt's Starting to Throw
His Weight Around

The Red Sox could be waving goodbye to Curt Schilling after his contract expires following the 2007 season.

(Lucchino: Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis | BDD Photo Illustration)

Big Schill Won't Name Names, But He Thinks a Heavy-Handed
Sox Front Office Tipped the Scales Against Him

MacMullan: Case of Weight and See

"Schilling remains peeved about what he perceives to be media leaks concerning his conditioning. He held Francona blameless and quickly exonerated Epstein as well, leaving the finger squarely pointed in the direction of CEO Larry Lucchino, everyone's favorite pi�ata. If Lucchino is indeed the subject of his ire, then why not name him?

'I don't need to name anyone,' Schilling answered. 'The person knows that I know. I don't care if the rest of you know, too.' " -- 2.28.07, Jackie MacMullan, Boston Globe

Schilling Being Johnny?
Sounds Like One of the Most Beloved Members of the Yankees Fan Site, NYYFans.com, Is Warming Up to the Idea of Playing in New York ...

"I'm probably one of the worst hated opposing players for their fans. I doubt they'd want me there. It's got nothing to do with [GM] Brian Cashman. I love that guy. And I love Mr. Steinbrenner. But if I went to the Yankees, it would be me walking out of Boston and putting my finger up to the fans.

"I won't do it. And the dollar value will not tip the scales. If they gave me $25 million to pitch one season in Yankee Stadium, I'd still say no." -- 2.28.07, Schilling to the Globe's Jackie MacMullan

Buckley: Schill Throws Inside at Sox

"Asked specifically which Red Sox employees he believes are making anonymous comments about him to the media, Schilling�s response, verbatim, was as follows: 'People. No specific person. And nobody in mind. I just know that this is one of those organizations that there will be things said in the paper from a writer that you know didn�t come from the writer that came from somebody here that wanted to get a message to a player without telling him themselves.' " -- 2.27.07, Steve Buckley, Boston Herald

'Do You Know This Man?'

'Do You Know This Man?'

Inspector Clouseau is on the case

(BDD Photo Illustration)

The Steroid Investigation Continues,
But Sheff Won't Cooperate

USA Today: Sheffield Unfazed By Probe

"The (players) association told us this is just a witch hunt. They don't want us to talk to them. This is all about getting (Bonds)." -- 2.27.07, Gary Sheffield to USA Today

Tom Verducci: 'Shadows' Afterword Details Bonds' Freakish Growth
Seth Mnookin: Sheffield and Congress

The Last King of the Red Sox

The Last King of the Red Sox ...

Actors Manny Ramirez, left, Jennifer Hudson, Helen Mirren and Alan Arkin pose backstage with their Oscars during the 79th Academy Awards Sunday, Feb. 25, 2007, in Los Angeles. Ramirez and Mirren won for best actor and Hudson and Arkin won for best supporting actor.

(AP Photo / BDD Photo Illustration)

... Gets the Oscar for His Performance This Morning
in 'The Late Arrival: Another Manny Ramirez Story'

Video: Manny's First Workout | Audio: Agent Speak
Extra Bases: Manny Strange Happenings in Fort Myers
Genske Hammered with Questions on Manny Issues

'Can you tell us when in the offseason Manny's mother had surgery?'
'You had zero conversations with anyone [regarding the auto auction]?'
'Do you think since he�s your meal ticket, you should try to help him grow up?'
'Manny is 34 now. Do you think it�s time for him to be more accountable
instead of being babied like a 12-year-old?'

Lost on the Road? Slide Home with Schilling
WBZ Video: Brewzer the Sleepdog

Sooner, Not Later

Sooner, Not Later

Red Sox left fielder Manny Ramirez surprised everyone by showing up in camp early this morning. Here he is shown taking live batting practice from teammate Daisuke Matsuzaka, Doug Mirabelli is the catcher.

(Boston Globe Photo / Jim Davis)

Breaking News: Surprise! Manny's in Camp
'Tek's Reaction: 'Good for Him'

Dressed to Thrill

Dressed to Thrill

02/24/2007: Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka threw live batting practice for the first time today, dressed in the team's home white uniforms that they wore because today was Photo Day.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

TC's Blog: Matsuzaka Looked Sharp Again on Saturday
(And Looks Very Dice in the Home Whites)

Bradford: Rear-View Mirror | Schilling Knows Better Now
More From Curt: Schill Goes Off on Shaughnessy
Gallery: Picture Day in Fort Myers
The Latest: Lester Looks 'Tremendous'

Captain Will Wait on Cargate

Extra Bases: Ramirez Changes Gears, Puts Brakes on Road Trip to AC

02/16/2007: Red Sox captain Jason Varitek arrived in camp this afternoon after all the workouts were finished, so when he went out to play catch, the lawn on the field was being mowed.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

'Tek Checks in on Manny's Plans

"Red Sox captain Jason Varitek, however, was not as dismissive [of the Manny controversy].

'This is a huge one for us to wait out and see what actually happens,' Varitek said. 'We can only go off [whether] it happens, what to do. There's not a whole lot to do. If it's a 'post' thing and already occurred, it changes the dynamics quite a bit.

'He's scheduled to be here, what is it, March 1? We hear he's in great shape and ready to go. We'll see what happens [when] we get him here March 1.' " -- 2.23.07, Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Meanwhile in Boston, Curt Schilling Remains Big News ...

2.23.07: Boston Herald Front Page

(Boston Herald Front Page Photo)

Herald: Sox to Curt: Fat Chance
Globe: Sox Won't Extend Schilling

Nobody Did It Better

Nobody Did It Better

DJ Drives the Lane

(11.19.86: Boston Globe File Photo / John Tlumacki)

A Celtics Great Is Gone. Rest in Peace DJ.

Never Say Never

Never Say Never

Could Curt Wind Up in Pinstripes?

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

Schill Will Talk the Talk, But the Sox Ace Could Walk the Walk
to the Bronx Just Like Roger, Wade, and Johnny
(Those Pinstripes Really Are Slimming)

Sox Don't Blink, No New Contract for Curt:
Schilling Plans to Test Free Agency
(Listen to Curt on WEEI)

"The 40-year-old Schilling said this morning that he spoke with Sox GM Theo Epstein about the situation yesterday, and that the decision not to make him a contract offer until season�s end was made for business reasons, not personal ones. Schilling also said he was 'disappointed.'

� 'At this age and stage it was probably more appropriate to make that contract decision at the end of the season,' Red Sox president Larry Lucchino said on WEEI this morning after Schilling�s appearance." -- 2.22.07, Extra Bases, Schilling plans to test free agency

Survey: Where Do You Stand on Schill? | Discuss

Amalie Benjamin Chat Wrap
Today: Dice Throws Marathon Session | More From Schilling
Today's Photos | Schilling Sound | Theo's Take
Spring Videos: See Schilling's Tony Maserati
More From the Fort: Lowell Talks About the Missing Manny
Bradford on Baseball | Herald Blog

Classic Manny

Classic Manny

Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez  picks the color of a carfor his Dad at Rad Rides by Troy.

(10.23.04: Boston Globe Staff Photo / Stan Grossfeld)

Breaking News: Ramirez Planned to Be at a Classic Car Auction in Atlantic City This Weekend While His Teammates Get Ready for the Season in Florida

Gordon Edes: Instead of Sox Camp, Ramirez Scheduled to be in AC

" 'Tony Avenso, who said he is a New Jersey dealer in high-end customized classic cars, primarily Cadillacs, and has sold Ram�rez five classic cars, said Ramirez has plans to join him at the Atlantic City Classic Cars Auction at the Atlantic City Convention Center, which begins tomorrow and runs through Sunday.

Ram�rez is planning to be there Saturday, said Avenso, who said he has been talking to Ram�rez on a daily basis this week. Ram�rez had not finalized plans, Avenso said, because of his mother�s medical condition. 'His mother had surgery, then was taken back in [to the hospital],' Avenso said.

�� 'There�s no question he was coming up,' Avenso added. 'He was flying up and staying with me in Atlantc City. He knows his good cars and his bad cars.' �� -- 2.21.07, Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Ortiz May Have a New Truck, But Manny's the One in the Driver's Seat

From the Fort: Epstein Says March Manny Must Be 'Accountable'
Bradford on Baseball | Herald Blog | Photos: Today's Camp Shots
Edes Chat Wrap: Gordon Answers 'Manny' | Nixon Off to Slow Start

More Bang for the Truck?

More Bang for the Truck?

Red Sox DH David Ortiz peels out of the  parking lot at the minor league complex this afternoon behind the wheel of a truck that he said team owner John Henry gave him today as a gift.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Are the Sox Hoping Papi's Perk Will Drive Up His Numbers?
Will John Henry's Gift Force Him to Keep on Giving?

March Manny May Get the Big Bucks,
But Papi Gets Payback with a New Truck
And Somewhere in Arizona, Keith Foulke Has Pickup-Envy

Big, Puppy

Big, Puppy

David Ortiz kisses his dog 'Mikey' following conditioning drills at the team's spring training facility in Fort Myers, Florida February 21, 2007.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Photos: Papi, Drew Show Up at No-Manny Camp

New Red Sox right fielder J.D. Drew made his first appearance in a Boston uniform today, here he catches his breath after doing one of the conditioning drills this afternoon.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Extra Bases: Drew Says He's Healthy

Pride and Joy

Pride and Joy

2.15.00: Garces warms up in Fort Myers

(2.15.00: Globe File Photo)

Nashua Celebrates Fat Tuesday By Signing Rich Garces

Just an Appetizer? Is Nashua Guapo's Stepping Stone Back to the Big Leagues?
Future Sox Closer? The Pride of Venezuela Was Always Around the Plate ...

"The Nashua Pride announced Tuesday that the professional baseball club has signed former Red Sox star setup man, Rich Garces, nicknamed 'El Guapo.'

"Garces played for the Minnesota Twins (1990, 1993), Chicago Cubs (1995), Florida Marlins (1995) and the Boston Red Sox (1996-2002). El Guapo was voted second most beloved Red Sox reliever since 1967 in a recent Boston Dirt Dogs poll on www.BostonDirtDogs.com.

" 'Signing Rich to pitch this season is really fun for the fans in Nashua,' said Pride manager Butch Hobson. 'He has pitched great in Venezuela this winter and we will look for him to be a leader both in the bullpen and in the community.'

� 'I am excited to move back to New England and can�t wait to pitch for Butch and help Nashua win a championship,' commented Garces." -- 2.20.07, Nashua Pride press release

Spring Hopes: Eternal


Spring Hopes: Eternal

FEB. 20, 2007 -- Mid-February is, in many ways, my favorite time of year.

The equipment truck has left Fenway, pitchers and catchers reported last week, and today, Spring Training starts in earnest, with position players reporting for work for the first time since last October. And thousands of baseball writers across the country are all writing the same column.

The beginning of Spring Training gives writers and columnists all over town carte blanche to dust off all their creaky old metaphors about baseball. This week they have license to use ancient, tired bromides like �the national pastime� and, so help me, �the boys of summer,� with complete impunity. They will make grand, sweeping statements in the mold of Bart Giamatti about the nobility of this grand game, the verdant fields on which it is played, and how, with apologies to the Beatles, it�s been a long, cold, lonely winter, but at last the world once again has purpose and meaning, because they�re stretching down in Fort Myers.

I�ll confess: I�m no different. I mock the writers that succumb to such hackery, but I find myself doing the exact same thing.

Why? Because it�s all true. Spring Training DOES represent the incipient end of winter, and even if this winter has been drier than most, I�m still happy to see it in my rear-view mirror. Baseball DOES occupy a special place in the hearts of millions of Americans, myself included � and just because I no longer circle the date on my calendar when pitchers and catchers report, that doesn�t mean I hold it any less special.

Baseball is the sport I learned to love on my Dad�s knee, and the sport that he learned to love from his father, who came over on a big boat to find and fall in love with baseball on his own. It connects the generations like no other sport can. That�s why writers this week will shamelessly expound on sunny summer afternoons in a hammock with a beer and a transistor radio. Not just because it�s an easy clich� but because it represents the common experience of so many so vividly. Who hasn�t taken a well-deserved break in hammock or lawn chair after mowing the lawn, listening to Ken Coleman (or Curt Gowdy) at the mike?

And nothing can tie the past and the future together so neatly quite like Spring Training can. There�s nothing but promise in the air. The Red Sox, god love �em, are undefeated. The pitching rotation is unsullied by injury. There�s still plenty of pop in the lineup and even without Gabe Kapler their bench is deeper than many. Red Sox fans can still hold their heads up and declare that maybe, just maybe, this will be a special year.

No, I think I�m inclined to give my writer colleagues a break. Every so often you encounter a phenomenon that earns its wellspring of clich�s, deserves every overfull cauldron of hyperbole, every time. The advent of Spring Training reinforces our long-standing love affair with the Boys of Summer, and the eternal, grand, glorious National Pastime they play. Today, this one time, you can call me a hack. You can call us all hacks. Call us whatever you like. Spring Training starts today. -- Gary Jacobs, Boston Dirt Dogs contributor. E-mail Gary

March-ing to the Beat of His Own Drunner

March-ing to the Beat of His Own Drunner

Boston Dirt Dogs / Frank Galasso Illustration

(Boston Dirt Dogs / Frank Galasso Illustration)

'Hey Manny, Can I Have Your Autograph?' ...

Boston Red Sox fan Robert Gravel of Ocala, Fla., left, and his son Robbie, 5,right, wait to get autographs from players at baseball spring training camp in Fort Myers, Fla, Monday, Feb. 19, 2007.

(AP Photo)

Things You Won't Hear in Fort Myers Today If You Flew Down to Florida Expecting to See the $20 Million Manny

It's Another Year of the Sox Not Starting on the Same Page
As Manny Will Stay Put Two Hours Away While
The '07 Team Comes Together on Edison Avenue Today

Look for the Sox to Dust Off Last Year's Lame
'We're OK With This' Statements Any Minute Now.

Extra Bases Archive: Same Time Last Year

"The Red Sox and Manny Ramirez today [Feb. 21, 2006] issued the following joint statement: 'With the permission of the Boston Red Sox, Manny Ramirez will report to spring training in Fort Myers on March 1, 2006. Manny is in Florida completing an extensive training regimen, and is prepared to have an exceptional season.' � -- 2.21.06, Extra Bases, Manny's March

Extra Bases Today: Wily Mo, Coco, Closers, and Theo on Schill
More ST News: Bradford on Baseball and Alex Ochoa | Herald Blog
Photos: Today's Camp Shots

Taking a Closer Look

Taking a Closer Look

The Red Sox search for a closer is underway, and today general manager Theo Epstein (rear left) checked out one of the candidates, righthander Joel Pineiro as he threw from a mound in the bullpen area this morning.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Joel Just Might Save the Day

Extra Bases: Closing Time

The Fire Starter

The Fire Starter

Red Sox reliever Julian Tavarez may have created a minor uproar with his comments regarding the arrival date of teammate Manny Ramirez, but today he was relaxed as he sat on a sunflower seed pail and fed balls too coach Brad Mills who was hitting ground balls to pitchers.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

March Madness

Julian The Publicist Goes to the Media on Manny's March Arrival
And Causes a Campload of Trouble for Tito

Extra Bases Monday: A Laughing Matter for Manny

�The way he [Manny] sounded yesterday, he was laughing. I don�t know if it�s because his mom, you know she�s home already and he�s happy. But he said, �Hang in there, I�ll be there the first.� I said you better show up out here, what the hell are you doing home? He was just laughing. It�s Manny.� -- 2.19.07, Julian Tavarez on Manny Ramirez

Why Won't Manny Call His Manager On His March Arrival?
And What is J.D. Drew Going to Think About All This?

No Manny Till March?

No Manny Till March?

No Manny Till March

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Julian Tavarez Said Manny Will Arrive to Camp Late
Due to His Mother's Surgery

Shaughnessy: The Manny Question

"But Manny also has a propensity to shut it down, and we never know why. And please, don't be a stooge and attempt to perpetuate the farcical theory that Manny was too wounded to play last September. Every man in the Sox clubhouse knows what went down; teammates simply wouldn't say anything on the record, lest they risk 'losing' Manny.

"The amazing part of the Manny-fan relationship is that most Boston baseball customers, who are normally critical and discerning, have lost their minds when it comes to Mr. Ram�rez. The timeless rules and standards don't apply. Manny can hit. It's a joy to watch him hit. And it's pretty clear that he's incapable of offending the sensibilities of most Sox fans." -- 2.18.07, Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe

Look Who's Talking

Look Who's Talking

Boston Red Sox pitchers Schilling and Matsuzaka share a laugh on the first day of full practices in Fort Myers. Boston Red Sox pitchers Curt Schilling (L) and Daisuke Matsuzaka of Japan share a laugh on the first day of full practices at the team's spring training facility in Fort Myers, Florida February 18, 2007.

(Reuters Photo)

Schill and Dice Speak the Same Language
As The Big Men Are On Campus in Fort Myers

Extra Bases Sunday: Spring Has Sprung
Workout Photos: Saturday | Sunday

Schilling's a Go for Opening Day

Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling delivers a throw at baseball spring training at the team's minor league training complex, in Fort Myers, Fla., Sunday

(AP Photo)

Globe: Ace Touches on Foreign Policy, Health Care

The Kings of Comedy

The Kings of Comedy

After they had spent some time taking questions from the American media on the bench outside of the clubhouse (as is normal every year) Red Sox manager Terry Francona and general manager Theo Epstein did something they haven't had to do in past years, they walked over to the

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

It's A Laughing Matter As Theo and Tito Took
Questions from the Japanese Media Today

Settle Down: Wily Mo and Sox Settle for $1.875m Deal
Friday's Spring Training Photos: Dice-K, Beckett, Papelbon, Okaji
Bradford: Beckett Chimes in on Dice-K's Adjustment

That's All, Foulke

That's All Foulke!

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

Cantankerous Keith to Call It Quits

"While we are disappointed that Keith will not be pitching for the Indians this year, I have a tremendous amount of respect for him and the way he went about this decision." -- 2.16.07, Indians GM Mark Shapiro, MLB.com

Boston Dirt Dogs

(BDD Photo Illustration / Karl Stier)

The Quote That Will Live in Infamy:

"I'm more embarrassed to walk into this locker room and look at the faces of my teammates than I am to walk out and see Johnny from Burger King booing me." -- Former Red Sox pitcher Keith Foulke

The Foulke Archives:
Foulke Festival: The King and Him
Johnny Cash vs. Johnny From Burger King
Yes, We Know Foulke Hero Was a World Series Star in '04,
He Pitched a Million Innings, Should Have Been Series MVP, Etc.

Okajimania Continues!

Okajimania Continues!

Boston Red Sox lefthanded pitcher Hideki Okajima of Japan talks to members of the media at the team's Player Development Complex in Fort Myers, Florida February 15, 2007. Pitchers and catchers report to spring training camp February 16 and have their first workout the next day.

(Reuters Photo)

New Sox Japanese Pitcher Finally Addresses the Media

Apparently the Other Japanese Pitcher Met the Media Too
Thursday's Fort Myers Photos
From the Fort: Thursday's Dice-K Presser
Drew May Have to Wait for All His Money



Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka arrives at Red Sox Minor League Complex to work out before spring training camp starts officially in Fort Myers Tuesday, Feb., 13, 2007

(AP Photo)

Has Dice-K Been Eating at the Monster.com Cafeteria with Curt?
Is David Wells the Personal Trainer at Boras's California Camp?
How Many Asahi Super Drys Did He Have to Guzzle in That Commercial?

From the Fort: Funai Electric Deal; History of Sox
Yet Another Sox Movie: Cousins Believe There Was Some Curse on the Team
Ken Rosenthal: Will Manny Make It On Time Next Week?
ESPN.com: All About Potential Sox Closer Devern Hansack
Bradford on Baseball: Rob Finally Gets a Blog

Henry's New Team

Henry's New Team ...

DAYTONA, FL - FEBRUARY 14: Boston Red Sox team owner John Henry speaks at a press conference announcing a partnership between Roush Racing and Fenway Sports Group at Jackie Robinson Ball Park on February 14, 2007 in Daytona, Florida.

(Getty Images Photo / Matthew Stockman)

... Some of These Guys Are Older Than Timlin

Sox Owner Starts His Engine on an Exit Strategy
Globe: Henry Sees Dollars in NASCAR Deal
Schilling Would Fit Right In: Older Drivers Snub Retirement, Keep Racing
What a Coincidence: Roush Racing Had a Poor Season, Needed Shakeup

"If you're on top, which we were, the conservative nature and the conventional wisdom here is that you want to be slow to make changes because if you fix something that's not broke, it may not work as well as it was before you fixed it." -- 11.11.06, Roush Racing owner Jack Roush to the St. Petersburg Times (Wonder if Theo Epstein had the same thoughts after the 2004 baseball season)

No Dice

No Dice

Boston Red Sox pitcher Hideki Okajima carries his luggage after he arrived at Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers, Fla, Wednesday, Feb., 14, 2007 to attend baseball spring training camp.

(AP Photo)

It's a Bag Job for Friend-of-Dice Hideki Okajima as The-Japanese-Pitcher-
Who-Didn't-Cost-$103-Million Gets To Carry His Own Bags,
Clemens-Style, Upon Arrival in Fort Myers

True Romance

Don't Worry, Big Papi ...

.Red Sox DH David Ortiz is cheered and saluted by  the fans as he heads for home after his third inning solo home run sailed out of the park. Devil Rays' manager Joe Maddon (beneathh Ortiz' left arm) doesn't look thrilled.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

... Is the Most Beloved Red Sox Player Since
the '67 Team Took the Field Forty Years Ago

Who do you love?

All-Beloved Team Since '67:
Who Do You Love the Most?

Frank Galasso illustration

(BDD / Frank Galasso Illustration)

We're Sure the Sox Have Arranged for the Longest Long-Stem Roses
and the Richest Chocolate to Be Delivered to Dice-K's Doorstep Before Breakfast

Love at First Pitch?


MLB.com Store -- Boston Red Sox Japanese Flag T-Shirt by Lee Sport

(MLB.com Store Photo)

MLB's New Red Sox Japanese Flag T-Shirt:
Geography and Vexillology Lessons Needed
NESN: Matsuzaka Works Out in Fort Myers

Love at First Pitch?

Tiant, Clemens, Martinez, Schilling

(Globe and Wire Photos)

No, Matsuzaka's Not There Yet

Since '67: Pick Your Most Beloved Starters

Special-K's Day

Boston Dirt Dogs

(BDD Photo Illustration)

Edes: Team Reinventing Itself for Matsuzaka
Callahan: Dice-K's on Easy Street
Update: Matsuzaka Set to Appear in Fort Myers at Noon

Reports Persist That Roger Clemens Would Have to
Carry Dice-K's Luggage If Rocket Joins Sox in July

From the Dominican: Big Papi Dancing Merengue
Since '67: Most Beloved Right Fielder | Center Fielder | Left Fielder

Gritty in Pink

Gritty in Pink

Boston Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka, in pink shirt holding bag over shoulder, arrives at Tampa International Airport, Monday, Feb. 12, 2007, in Tampa, Fla.

(AP Photo)

Dice Has Arrived
And He's Going to Love the Pink Hat Crowd

Galleries: Dice-K Lands | First Workouts

" 'I have a few days left before camp officially starts,' Matsuzaka said through an interpreter during a five-minute interview session in the baggage claim area. 'My excitement has not reached its peak, but I would love to meet my teammates.' " -- 2.12.07, Dice-K arrives

Truckin' ...

Truckin' ...

Truck Day
Eat, spit, and be happy

(2.12.07: Boston.com Photos / Steve Silva)

The Wheels Are In Motion at 1:00 p.m.

Extra Bases: It's Truck Day! | Today's Truck Photos

Spring Is In the Airplane ...

Spring Is In the Airplane ...

Fort Myers Guide

Before You Head to Spring Training, Check Out
Boston.com's Interactive Guide to Fort Myers

Most Beloved Red Sox Manager | Unsung Hero

Dig in Dice-K

Dig in Dice-K

(Boston Globe Graphic / Photo)

Boston Braces for Matsuzaka Mania

Where to Turn for Japanese Food
Audio Slideshow: Dice-K's Boston | Eating Japanese
Food Guide | Red Sun Over Boston
Extra Bases: The Dice Plan

Guapo or D-Lowe?

D-Lowe or Guapo?

10/20/04: Derek Lowe reacts during the sixth inning of the seventh and final game of the ALCS at Yankee Stadium. 8/18/01: Rich Garces is pumped up after pitching out of a bases loaded situation

(Boston Globe File Photos / Jim Davis and Barry Chin)

Since '67: Time to Pick Your 'Pen Pal

NASCAR Nation?: Henry Completes Deal with Roush Racing
Bradford: Pedroia Sheds Some Pounds

Green 17?

Green 17?

Frank Galasso illustration

(BDD / Frank Galasso illustration)

Oh Danny Boy, The Road, The Road Is Calling...
Let the Streak Continue

File Under Perfect Timing on 'The Office' Last Night ...

Uncle with dementia: Phyllis and you are great together.

Michael Scott: We're a great team.

Uncle with dementia: The Celtics were a great team.

Michael Scott: Yes, yes they were... Robert Parish... -- 2.8.07, NBC's The Office, Phyllis' Wedding

The Office - Pictured: (l-r) Angela Kinsey as Angela, Kate Flannery as Meredith, Steve Carell as Michael Scott, Phyllis Smith as Phyllis, Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesley

(NBC Photo / Paul Drinkwater)

Boggs or Bill?

Boggs or Bill?

8/3/86: Wade Boggs, hits a 2-RBI single during the seventh inning. 7/24/04: Bill Mueller watches the flight of his walk off HR in the 9th off Yankee closer Mariano Rivera.

(Boston Globe File Photos)

Since '67: Who's First at Third?

NESN: Look Who's Got Sox Appeal
GameDaily: Schilling: 'I'm a Big Nerd' | Arroyo Gets Extension
Silverman: Boras Still Surprised the Sox Didn't Sign Damon

Who Besides Papi?

Who Besides Papi?

7.4.06: Mike Easler greeted at home by Bill Buckner after hitting a home run, 8.31.86: Don Baylor gets congratulations after his home run

(7.4.06: Mike Easler / 8.31.86: Don Baylor - Boston Globe File Photos)

Since '67: Designate Another Hitter

Rooster or Rico?

Rico or Rooster?

3.24.76: Rick Burleson, 10.11.67: Rico Petrocelli

(Boston Globe File Photos)

Since '67: Short and Sweet

Extra Bases: Non-Roster Invitees; Francona Holds Court
Shaughnessy Chat Wrap

Barrett or Bellhorn?

Bellhorn or Barrett?

11.4.86: Marty Barrett at Fenway, 10.23.04: Mark Bellhorn signals as he rounds first on his game winning two run shot.

(Boston Globe File Photos)

Since '67: Who's Your Second Choice?

Boomer, Mo, Dauber ... Millar?


1978: Boomer makes the play at the bag

(April 15, 1978: Boston Globe Staff Photo / Stan Grossfeld)

Or Big Mo?

5/20/96: Mo Vaughn and manager Kevin Kennedy yuck it up during a 7 run third inning.

(May 20, 1996: Boston Globe File Photo / Jim Davis)

Since '67: Love at First Sight

Who do you love?


7/24/04: Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees and Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek trade blows in the third inning that precipitated a bench clearing brawl between the two teams. Both players were ejected from the game.

(July 24, 2004: Boston Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)

Or Pudge?

Globe file photo 8/1/1973. Red Sox Carlton Fisk and Yankees Thurmon Munson as they collide at home plate. In back, Red Sox players Doug Griffin and John Curtis attempt to pull Munson away from fight at the plate.

(Aug. 1, 1973: Boston Globe File Photo)

Who Do You Love the Most?

Bradford: The Wacky World of J.D. Drew | Why We Waited for J.D.

Deal or No Deal?

Deal or No Deal?

Curt makes Theo an offer ...

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Will a Deal Get Done or Will Curt's Clock Run Out?

Shaughnessy: Some Curt Answers

"Yes, if I don't sign by the end of spring training, I will become a free agent after the season's over, but it won't be 'I'll show you guys.' I'll be disappointed. But at this point in my career, if I need to jump through some hoops to get a one-year extension, then it's in their plans. I would imagine that would be the only way this wouldn't work out [would be] if they had earmarked the money for something else. I was going to be off the books. And I get that. This is not a line in the sand. There's no anger or intent or secret strategy." -- 2.2.07, Curt Being Curt

Wilbur: Daisuke's Ad Debuts | Extra Bases: Lester Speaks

Grady Sees His Shadow

Grady Sees His Shadow


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For Only the 15th Time Since 1887, Grady Little Saw His Shadow This Morning ... Six More Weeks of Winter!

Lights-Out Closer?

Lights-Out Closer?

Err will be throwing his hat in the ring to become the Sox closer in '07

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Now That He Has Retired from the Advertising Business,
The Mooninite Plans to Throw His Hat Into the Sox Closer Ring

But Will He Scare Opposing Batters as Much as He Scared Us in Boston Yesterday?

Birds of a Feather?

Birds of a Feather?

2.24.04: Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling (left), has been in camp for some time, but today he was joined by fellow ace righthander Pedro Martinez (right) who worked out for the first time at the team's minor league facility. They are shown tossing baseballs, biding their time on the pitching mound, while listening to a coach go over some details before a morning drill.

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Mnookin: The Big Schill Pulls a Pedro

"It�s no secret that Pedro and Schilling were not the best of friends, and it�s no secret that Pedro was wounded that Schilling overtook him as the Sox�s best pitcher. It turns out the two pitchers might not be that different after all. Negotiating in the media? Check. Playing on fans� emotions and Boston�s tendency towards soap operas? Check. Needing the attention focused on himself? Check." -- 2.1.07, Seth Mnookin blog, The Big Schill Pulls a Pedro

Surveys: Just Say When | What's Schill Worth?

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