Fashion Show

Gammons Calls for Firing Over Shirtgate

"It was a disgrace. Someone should be fired over that. Again, a total lack of leadership out of the commissioner's office in New York. It was nonsensical." -- 8.31.07, Commissioner Peter Gammons, on ESPN radio's Mike and Mike show

BDD -- Meir Weinberg

(BDD Illustration / Meir Weinberg)

Francona Uniformly Upset About Shirtgate

"Unless that [expletive] RSA can keep Jeter close, he needs to stay out of the dugout," Francona said. "That was about as embarrassed as I've been in a long time for baseball." ...

"I've never seen anything like that before in my life," he said. "Middle of the game you've got the fashion police. This is incredible. He made me show him [the jersey]. I was sort of in a hurry because I thought Jeter was going to steal third. I was trying to do my job. I didn't ask to appeal. I think the cursing I did to the guy going up the tunnel was probably appeal enough." -- 8.31.07, Amalie Benjamin, Boston Globe

The Sox are Burning

The Sox are Burning

A Yankee fan holds up a sign in the ninth inning indicating what is about to happen, as New York took its third straight game from the Red Sox.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Boston Swept Away in a Big Apple Circus. 5-0

The Automatics Come Away with Two Hits in Barely Live Performance
Joba the Hunter: Why Oh Why Can't He Step in the Box Against Beckett?
Worst Signing in History: Galaxy-Beckham or Drew-Sox?
Coco's 'Hitting' Like His Bags Are Already Packed
Youk Did Manage to Put the Slip on A-Rod
But He Was Out as He Has the Turning Radius of the Titanic
How's That Oki Dance, Doki? Any CD's Coming Out?
Section .197: That's Just Hinske Being Hinske

Sox Respond Immediately After Sweep By Sending Out
E-Mail Pushing Lucchino Nation Prez Ballots to Gather
Fan Information for Database



Major league compliance man Bob Watson was in the Boston dugout before the game, and Red Sox manager Terry Francona showed him that he indeed did have his regulation game jersey on underneath his ever present pullover.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

'Yankee Bob' Watson Personally Checks Out Francona's Uniform
Then Has His Henchman Shake Down Tito with Jeter on Base

"Terry Francona was peeved this morning that a (major league baseball) security person made him show that he was wearing his uniform top in the second inning of Wednesday night's game with Derek Jeter at second base. ...

'The timing to me was incredible,' Francona said. 'He made me show him. I thought Jeter was going to steal third.' Francona said that the exchange caused him to miss one pitch."

Francona said he had no complaints with Watson, who he described as "very nice about it" but remained furious over the timing and the interruption of his managing during the game. -- 8.30.07, Nick Cafardo, Extra Bases

Will Bud Selig Wake from His Nap to Investigate Uni-Gate?
Is This Bob's Bogus Revenge for Tito Taking Him Out 2 Years Ago?
Where is the Outrage Across the Nation?

That's Just Yankee Bob Being Yankee Bob, Right?

New York Yankees coach Don Zimmer, from left, general manager Bob Watson and manager Joe Torre talk before the start of Game 4 of the American League Championship Series Saturday, Oct. 12, 1996 at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore.

(AP Photo)

The Automatics Live at Yankee Stadium

The Automatics -- J.D. Drew, Coco Crisp, Julio Lugo

(BDD Photo Illustration)

The Automatic Outs Keep Sox from Getting Runs In

The Big Awful: Clemens Coasts, as Mannyless Lineup is Toast, 4-3
Offensive Offense Earns Another No Confidence Vote in the Nation
The Hits Keep Coming: Can We Stop Talking About Josh Beckett's Shutout in The Stadium Way Back in 2003 Now?
Youk Was Dead Red Right on That Farnsworth Fastball
Suddenly, Grady Is Afraid to Save the Game in the Seventh

"You're gonna lose that lead ... you're gonna lose that lead ... so let it be." -- Sir Paul McCartney to Red Sox Nation

Is Curt Ready, Schilling, And Able
to Stop the Bleeding Today?

Back in Time?

Manny Ramirez of the Boston Red Sox watches batting practice before a game against the New York Yankees on August 29, 2007 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City.

(Getty Images Photo / Mike Ehrmann)

Will Manny Get Back to Baseball Before the Sox Free Fall?

And Is All That Hair Putting Too Much Weight On His Bad Back?
Shave His Head LMontro!

Johnny Rotten

Johnny Rotten

Johnny Damon as well as Jason Varitek and umpire Derryl Cousins all get a good look as his seventh inning two run home run leaves the yard.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Our Old Friend Sticks It To Us Again
Sox Drop Opener, 5-3

"It's taken a number of players to replace me," Damon said of the Red Sox.
"I'm Johnny [Bleeping] Damon." -- 8.29.07, New York Post

Johnny Gets the Job Done, Joba Too
7th Inning Stretch: Too Little, Too Late with the Hook Tito
Daisuke Mediocre: CD and Signed Ball Superstar Starter Drops to 13-11
Yankee Doodle Andy: Pettitte Has It All Under Control
J.D. Boo: Can't Trot Nixon Do That for a Whole Lot Less?
Back to Back: Down Goes Manny, Down Goes Kielty
Game Photos

"Manny's back spasmed on him. We need to keep an eye on him."-- 8.28.07, Tito's got Manny's back

Rally Squirrel at The Stadium

Before the start of the first game of the three game series between the Red Sox and the Yankees, as a waitress takes an order from a front row fan, a rouge squirrel appeared on the wall, which drew a gasp from a young Yankees' fan.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures as Yankees Steal a Page from Angels' Book

Mapping Out the Series

Mapping Out the Series

Lauren Caitlin Upton, Miss South Carolina answering a question from host Mario Lopez, left,  during the interview portion of the Miss Teen USA 2007 competition

(AP Photo)

Miss Teen South Carolina Shares Her Deepest Thoughts About This Week's Showdown at Yankee Stadium

How can the Yankees, now eight games behind, find their way back into the race this week?

"I personally believe that N.Y. Yankees are unable to do so because uh some people out there in Red Sox Nation don't have bats and uh I believe that our pitching like such as in South Portland and the wild card everywhere like such as and I believe that they should our hitting over here in the A.L. should help the Red Sox or should help Tampa Bay and should help the Pirates and the Canadian teams so they will be able to build up our future for." -- Lauren Caitlin Upton, Miss Teen South Carolina

Finish Them Off

Finish Them Off

Stick a fork in New York

(BDD / Frank Galasso Illustration)

Forget 1978, It's Time to 86 the Yankees

Yankees Come to a Dead Stop. Time for Sox to Go for the Jugular.
Sweet 16: Tigers Maul Bronx Bummers Before Sox Move in for the Kill
Cafardo: Yankees Losing Game of Catch
Survey Gallery: Rivalry Revisited

How the East Was Won

How the East Was Won

A fan of the Boston Red Sox holds a broom in the suite level as the Red Sox sweep a four game series from the Chicago White Sox on August 26, 2007 at US Cellular Field in Chicago, Illinois.

(Getty Images Photo / Jonathan Daniel)

South Side Sweep Locks Up AL East for Surging Sox
Magic Number Down to 25

Four Score: Bats Bust Out for Double Digit Runs in Four Straight
Spring is Still in the Air for Iron Mike Lowell
Spot On: Tavarez Takes It Up a Notch to Earn the Win
Kielty Crushes One: Finally Some Left Field Power
J.D. Whew! $14.4 Million Boras Baby Matches Uniform Number in
Homers, Hits First Long Ball Off an AL Pitcher Since April 22
Look Out Old Papi's Back

"They swept us this time. I swept them in the big one [the ALDS way back in 2005]. That's when it counts." -- 8.26.07, ChiSox manager Ozzie Guillen just wants to talk about the past

It's a Breeze

It's a Breeze

Jason Varitek

(AP Photo)

Rain Holds Off, and Red Sox Storm to Doubleheader Sweep in Chicago
Offense Plates 21 Combined Runs
Beckett, Schilling Effective
Yankees Fall Further Back
Not Much to Complain About Today (Well, Maybe This)

No Support for Dice-K

No Supporting Act

Daisuke Matsuzaka

(Reuters Photo)

Dice-K Makes Just One Mistake,
But Lack of Run Support Means
He's Stuck With Another Hard-Luck 2-1 Loss

Sox Have Averaged Just 2.6 Runs Per Game in Dice-K's Last 11 Starts
(That's Fewer Total Runs Than the Rangers Scored Last Night)

30-30 Club

30-30 Club

Jonathan Papelbon

(AP Photo)

Papelbon Becomes First Sox Player to Record
At Least 30 Saves in Two Different Seasons
Sox Take Care of Business Again, Top Rays 8-6

Papi Being Manny

Papi Being Manny

David Ortiz's ad on eBay

(eBay Photo, Screenshot)

First Manny's Grill, Now Papi's Mercedes Is on eBay (View the Ad)
No Word on Whether Manny is Helping Him Auction It Off

Not only are you securing your chance to sit behind the wheel of what critics have referred to as the "fantasy convertible" but this is a chance to own a piece of Red Sox history. This dream car belongs to David Ortiz, aka Big Papi, of the Boston Red Sox. This was a gift to himself after winning the 2004 World Series and was his prized possession over the past two years. This car has been pampered for its short life, taking Big Papi back and forth to Fenway Park. The car has a little over 4,000 miles on it and has been always dealer serviced and is in immaculate, showroom condition..

This SL65 AMG features a powerful 6.0- liter 12-cylinder, twin-turbo charged engine, hand built following AMG?s one-man-one-engine philosophy for unparalleled quality and workmanship. Supplemented by 738 lb.-ft. of torque, the SL65 boasts 604 horsepower and rockets from 0-60 in just over four seconds. This car is a real head turner and has many additional options including custom aero kit, including Lorinser Fenders. The car is sitting on 20" Lowenhart LSR wheels wrapped with Contintental Sport Contact Tires. This car cost David over $205,000 when it was purchased and then he spent another $35,000 in aftermarket accessories. This car has been featured in DUB magazine and won the 2006 award for Best Celebrity Car.

This car will be hand delivered at Fenway Park to the lucky winner of this auction by Big Papi, himself. He will bring you your new car with keys and title in hand.

Good luck and happy bidding.

-- Text of the ad (Bolding added by us)

"It's just one of my beauties. It has an unbelievable engine. I got it red and it was because of the Red Sox."
-- David Ortiz
"The car is an absolute animal. It will get you from A to B -- and you?ll blow right by B. You might be on D or E by the time you realize it."
-- Nima Karamouz (friend of Ortiz)

Wake A Sure Thing

Death, Taxes
and Wake vs. the Rays

Tim Wakefield

(Globe Photos)

Sure Thing Wakefield Does it Again at the Trop

Knuckleballer Improves to 19-2 Lifetime Against Rays
Lowell Continues to Make His Case to Stick Around
Cash Is Money Behind the Plate After Shaky First Inning

Half Full or Half Empty?

Half Full or Half Empty?

Red Sox fans

(Globe Photos)

Shughnessy: Decision '07: Leading men or fall guys?

With the Red Sox just four games up after a weekend series split with the Angels, it's time for us fans to take a stand and make our intentions known. So let us know ... are you a Glass Half Full fan or a Glass Half Empty fan? Vote in our survey.

The Toughest Day in Red Sox History

The Toughest Day
in Red Sox History

Red Sox player Tony Conigliaro is surrounded by teammates after being hit on the head by a fourth-inning fast ball from Jack Hamilton of the California Angels. Boston, August 18, 1967

(AP Photo)

A Hometown Hero's Fall Still Echoes After 40 Years

Recalling Tony C. | Slideshow | Audio
Bob Ryan Archive: Unforgettable Moment Hit Home

The following article on Tony Conigliaro and the 1967 Red Sox by Shaun Kelly, was originally published by Jim Walsh for the 2007 Red Sox Annual, by Maple Street Press, publisher of the Ultimate Red Sox Companion:

On a balmy Sunday afternoon, September 18, 1966, my father and I strolled down an unassuming alley in the Back Bay section of Boston then called Jersey Street, entered Gate A, and sat in our appointed seats in Section 12 at Fenway Park.

Another summer of disappointment would officially end for the Boston Red Sox ten days later. On the final day of the season, the team would finish with a demoralizing 72-90 record, good for ninth place, one-half game out of last place in a ten-team American League.

At the time, the organization was considered a genuine loser with a disquieting moniker � �The Country Club�. Boston�s only professional baseball club was known to overpay and coddle its stars while playing in a then feeble stadium where the average attendance was less than nine thousand a game. The last major league franchise to include an African-American on its big league roster, the organization was a backwater for deep-seated colonialism that had directly affected the overall play of the team on the field.

Not surprisingly, the Sox hadn�t had a winning season in a decade, and despite the presence of a handful of talented prospects emerging from Boston�s AAA squad in Toronto, a sparse crowd of downcast loyalists sat passively as the Olde Towne Team lose their final home game of the season to the California Angels.

As my father and I watched from our red seats along the first base line, we witnessed starting pitcher Jim Lonborg relieved in the fifth inning after another unsatisfactory outing. He would then be replaced by journeymen hurlers Rollie Sheldon and Gary Roggenburk. Despite the looming presence of such emerging sluggers as Carl Yastrzemski, Tony Conigliaro, and George Scott, Angel hitters Jim Fregosi and Paul Schaal outmatched the Sox, 5-3, handing Boston its 86th defeat of the season.

At 3:29 pm, when the final out was made, even the most casual of fans recognized that one more futile Boston baseball season was already in the books. Observing my gloom, my father, who had come to accept disappointment as an unswerving baseball companion, put his arms around me and said fiercely, �Don�t worry, son. You know what they said in Brooklyn in the old days? �Wait until next year�!�

�I hope so,� I muttered as we walked past five-thousand torn scorecards, confetti for another melancholy season.

Walpole Grabs a Win!

Walpole Grabs a Win!


(BDD Photos / ESPN Screenshots)

Rando Robs Ohio in Game 1

The Buc Starts Here

The Buc Starts Here

Clay's day gets underway

(AP Photo)

Clay's Day Underway, Thank God for the Double Play

Rookie Gets Out of Early Trouble, Then Settles Down

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon

Also, Join Gordon Edes and Friends in Chicago on Aug. 25

Wily Goes to Washington

Wily Goes to Washington

Enrique Wilson, left, lends a hand to Wily Mo Pena

(3.21.06: Enrique Wilson, left, lends a hand to Wily Mo Pena -- AP Photo)

Wily Mo-vin'On to the Nationals
for a Player to Be Named Later
So, That's What Theo's Scouts Ended Up With For a Then-Hot-Property Bronson Arroyo. Nice Job Fellas.


"I don't imagine it's going to be a comfortable weekend for him ...

... because I know, I've always felt that Boston fans take it personal, and they react as such, and as a visiting player you hate it, as a home team player, you love it. I certainly hope the racial things is overblown. But I remember as a visiting player, I hated this place. ... there's nothing you haven't done in your career that 9the0 Boston fan isn't aware of from a negative standpoint. They'll find it. And they'll rag you about it, if you're worth ragging."-- Curt Schilling speaking on Gary Matthews, Jr. coming to Fenway this weekend on WEEI's Dennis and Callahan show, 8.14.07


Gary's coming to town

(AP Photo)

Don't Forget To Welcome Gary Matthews, Jr.
to Fenway on Friday!

Just in Case You Forgot:
Gary's Got Some Harsh Words for the Hub

"They're loud, they're drunk, they're obnoxious. ...

"Yankee fans are passionate about their teams, but they're a little more couth. They have a little more class than Boston fans. At least in New York they appreciate guys who play the game hard and play the game right and they let you know it.

"In Boston, they just smack you for three straight days. They're just dogging you there the whole time. It's a different place." -- 8.14.07 Boston Globe, Red Sox Notebook

The Buc Stops Here:
Buchholz to Pitch Game 1,
Ellsbury Back Up, Wily Go?

Wilbur: Red Sox CPR
Mnookin: Is Joe Working Mariano Into the Ground?

Sam's Place in USA Today

Back in the Day ...

Jose and Carl Back in the Day

(Boston Globe File Photos)

... When Offy and You-Know-Who Were Here

Conn. Post: Offerman Attack Slideshow
(The Closest Thing to Video)

Sam's Place in USA Today ...

Sam Horn placed an ad in USA Today

(BDD Photo - USA Today, 8.15.07)

Somewhere in the Nation, Jerry Remy is Getting Nervous

Rumor has it the rest of Sam Horn's Presidential Media Plan includes a full-page ad in The Economist, Physics Today, Vogue, Weekly World News, and the Poughkeepsie Journal, an informercial on The Food Network, printed slogans inside fortune cookies at Moon Villa on Edinboro Street in Chinatown, airplane banners flying over South Padre Island, and a billboard on US 287 in Wyoming. Mooninites are not expected to be used in Sam's campaign unless absolutely necessary.

Matsusucka Born Every Minute

Matsusucka Born
Every Minute

Red Sox fan Michael Ardagna, from Andover, showed a baseball that Daisuke Matsuzaka autographed for him near the Red Sox player development complex in Fort Myers on Wednesday.

(AP Photo)

It's Going to Cost You $450.00 for a Signed Matsuzaka Ball
as Price-K's Exclusive Memorabilia and Autograph Deal
Will Net the Puzzling Pitcher $150.00 Per Signature

So Does Matsuzaka Have His Eye on the Ball?
Or His Bank Account?

"Sure enough, the price for a Matsuzaka signed baseball in English will be $449.99, while his signature with a Kanji inscription will cost $100 more. The public usually pays between double and triple what the player gets per signature. So that means that Matsuzaka is conservatively making $150 per signature, one of the highest in sports memorabilia history." -- 8.14.07, Darren Rovell

It's 1, 2, 3 Strikes Yer Out!

It's 1, 2, 3 Strikes Yer Out!

The Red Sox trailed the Devil Rays 6-0 after six innings, but mounted a comeback that just fell short, and they fell 6-5. In the bottom of the ninth, they scored their last run to get to within one run, but left the potential tying and winning runs on base. All three outs against Tampa bay closer Al Reyes came on strikeouts, and all three Boston players had interesting reactions.  Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkilis, and Manny Ramirez (out number three to end the game) are shown.

(Boston Globe Staff Photos / Jim Davis)

Rays Stop Sox Rally By Way of the K

In the Big Inning: Dicey-K Came Apart Early, Again
Pena in the Behind: Carlos Put Rays Up Early
Nice Swing Chief: That's Just Manny Not Being the '06 Papi
The Walking Man: That's About the Best Ortiz Can Do in in the Clutch
So, When's the Last Time Manny Ramirez Stepped Up in the Last At-Bat?
Sonnanstine the Latest Sox-Turned-Cy
J.D. Boo

Tooting His Own Horn

Game Over? RemDawg Announced Today that He's in the Race to Stay

Tooting His Own Horn ...

Sam Horn for President

Big Sam Horn Plays Hardball on the Campaign Trail

Watch Out Rick Swanson and the Rest of the Regular Fans
Former Sox First Baseman, NESN Analyst, Message Board Operator Calls On Endorsements from Heavy Hitters in His Bid to Get Elected as
President of Larry Lucchino's Nation

A group calling itself the "Fans of Sam Horn" have launched a website to help Sam in his bid to become the ceremonial president of the team-sponsored fan group. The site includes video endorsements from former Red Sox players Dwight Evans, Rick Miller, Carlton Fisk, and current players including David Ortiz, Mike Lowell, and Jason Varitek. Horn placed an ad in today's USA Today Money section under the Franchising Today banner, asking Red Sox fans to vote for him for President of Red Sox Nation. According to the website, Sam is known for "his famous cult following Sons of Sam Horn."

Horn also posted the following candidate statement:

Student- Player- Businessman- Analyst-Fan-through each phase of my life there has always been one common thread - the game of baseball. From the age of 7, when I held my first bat, to the present day, everything I have done has been centered on my lifelong love of baseball. But let's face it - Red Sox baseball is in a league of its own. And there is no group with greater passion than Red Sox fans.

Sure, I've been blessed to play for the Red Sox and work as their analyst and ambassador, but what I love best is just being a Red Sox fan. From the bleachers to the boxes, the Green Monster seats to the grandstands, whether it is Fenway or another ballpark around the country, I sit alongside fans from all walks of life. But we all have one thing in common - a passion for Red Sox baseball.

That's why I'm running for President of Red Sox Nation. When elected I will keep doing what I love - go to baseball games, teach skills to young people, bring the game to people in disadvantaged areas, and show love to fellow fans. I will continue to engage new kinds of social networks for Red Sox nation, such as, a MySpace for sports, and unique events in Boston and around the country promoting a more personal connection between the game, its players and the fans.

There are millions of people of all ages who love to share their stories, their pictures and their experiences with the only other people who truly understand-fellow Red Sox fans. So, when elected, I'll make it my mission to expand Red Sox nation to support and promote what we all have in common - our passion for Boston Red Sox baseball.

Join my world ~ this is what drives me!


Long Island Duck's Jose Offerman rushes the mound toward Bridgeport Bluefish pitcher Matt Beech, after Beech hit him with a pitch during an Atlantic League baseball game in Bridgeport, Conn., Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2007. Offerman was charged with two counts of second-degree assault after hitting an opposing team's pitcher.
Offerman tangled up with the catcher

(AP Photos - Connecticut Post - Christian Abraham)

Jose's Off the Ballot

In Other Election News, Former Sox Second Baseman, Jose Offerman, Has Withdrawn His Candidacy This Morning
Offerman Goes Off | Duck Hunt

Inside Track: Kerry Flak Pushes Himself for Prez
The Nation's Cartoonist, Frank Galasso, Is Throwing His Hat in the Ring

Cocomotion at Fenway

Cocomotion at Fenway

Coco Crisp is at the center of the Red Sox celebration after his game winning double in the 9th inning.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)

Everyone's Feeling Better Now
Crisp Drives in Run for Walkoff Win ...

... But Jon Lester Was the Real Winner Tonight
Jon Goes Toe-to-Toe With the Kazmanian Devil
Sweet 16: Sox Can't Get to Victory Lane Without the Lowell Connector
EriKKK Gagne: The Big Man Gets His Game On a Few Days Late
Upton of Thanks: Remember-Me-Mike-Timlin Comes Through
V-Tek Kicks In: The Captain Kept Hope Alive for Coco
Shocker: Manny Thrown Out, Goes Down Looking in the Ninth
J.D. Boo

" ... *crickets* ... "-- 8.14.07, Coco Crisp on his game winning hit

BDD - Dale Olsen Artwork

(BDD / Dave Olsen Artwork)

Barry Bites Back: Is Bonds Going After Schilling?
Ask Edes: Some Unfriendly Fenway Comments
Survey Gallery: Keys to the Race

Gem Dandy

Gem Dandy

Tim Wakefield pumps his fist after striking out Delmon Young, for the final out of the top of the seventh inning, stranding the man who moments earlier had ruined his no hit bid, Tampa Bay's Carl Crawford, at third base.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

He's a Sure Thing

Death, Taxes, and Tim Wakefield Beating Tampa Bay
Career Win No. 18 Over D-Rays for Knuckleballer

Sox Win Three Zip, But Yanks Win, Again, in 10
Wake Was Having a Field Day: No Hits Through Six
Late Arrivals: Rays Just Can't Wake Up in Boston
Backhanded Compliment: Belli Saves a Run With Wild Wake Grab
Julio Lugoes 3-for-4, Leads the Way Over D-Rays
The Dog Days of Youkilis?

"It's amazing what Wakefield does. Any given day, he can come out and do what he did tonight. I'm battling to keep our guys in the game, and he's doing what he does." -- 8.13.07, James Shields, Tampa Bay starter on 14-10 Tim Wakefield

Chris Speakman Illustration

(BDD / Chris Speakman)

Make No Mistake: What a Difference a Day Makes

Two and a Half Man

After getting knocked down by an inside pitch in the sixth inning, Red Sox DH David Ortiz amused Tampa Bay catcher Dioner Navarro, as well as the fans as he did a couple of push ups while he was down there.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Big Papi Shoulders the Load and Does a Few Pushups

Fans Fear the Worst | 1978 vs. 2007
Eric Wilbur: What's to Complain About?

Ghost in the Machine?

Ghost in the Machine?

BDD - Frank Galasso Illustration

(BDD / Frank Galasso Illustration)

Four Games Back and Closing, Yanks Stand So Close to Me
Bronx Bombers are Burning Up the Rest of the League
Is It Really Deja-Lose All Over Again?

Extra Bases Survey: Red Alert

Name That Team

Name That Team


Rock-Solid Defense.

Timely Hitting.

Power at the Plate.

Smart Baserunning.

An Enthusiastic No. 7

Clutch Pitching.

They're All on the Juice ... Orange Juice.

A Firm Grasp of Baseball-101 Fundamentals.

Not Worried About Free Agency or Endorsement Deals.

Are We Talking About Terry Francona's Free-Falling
Country-Club 25 On the Back Nine?

Nope ...

Talking About the Walpole American Little League Team ...

Walpole, Mass. Little League team storms the field in celebration after beating Shelton, Conn., 14-4 to win the New England Regional Championship baseball game, Saturday Aug. 11, 2007 in Bristol, Conn.

(AP Photos)

Big Time Play from Little Leaguers:
Walpole Heads to Williamsport

Maybe The Sox Should Set Their TiVos Friday and, You Know,
Learn a Few Things from The Little Guys

GagMe Throws Gas ... On the Fire, Again

More Bull@#%! from 'Pen

Eric Gagne - BDD - Dale Olsen Artwork

(BDD / Dave Olsen Artwork)

GagMe Throws Gas ... On the Fire, Again
It's a Cowboy Upset in Bostonmore, Lead Down to Four

Is Eric an Embedded Yankee By Any Chance?
Is It In Gagne's Contract That He Blows Games in the Eighth?
Tejada He Falls, And Everyone Knew It Would Happen, Except Tito
Francona Messed with Eighth-Inning-Okaji, Now Okaji's a Mess
Manny Being Stupid: Baserunning Blunders Not So Funny When
Run-of-the-Mill Ramirez Isn't Pulling the Weight of His Contract
Go Figure: J.D. Who? Goes 3-for-5, with No Runs or RBIs
Fatal Flaw Theo?: 'Rent-a-Wreck Revisited' Makes Another Error
Overthinking It: Tito's Hook too Quick on Oki and Delcarmen
Lack of Speed Kills: Was Hinske Running on Coco's 'Tired Legs?'
Snyder Remark: Mop Up Man Pitching 10 with a Pennant on the Line?
Adding Insult to Insult: Chad Bradford Gets the Win
Needed More Than Six from Schill

"We should have won three games out of three and I ... blew two of them. They brought me in to do a job and I'm not doing it. It's ridiculous. These guys play eight great innings and I go out there and blow it. It's a shame." -- 8.12.07, Eric Gagne in a profanity-laced rant

What Is Tito Saving Papelbon For?
Cinco Ocho Can't Get Five Outs to Keep Lead at Five?!?
Does Jon Get a Bonus If He Pitches More Than 45 Innings?

Saturday in the Yards: Beckett Rights the Ship, 6-2

Gag Job! Red Sox Chokajima in Baltimore!

Gag Job!

Eric Gagne of the Red Sox hands the ball to Manager Terry Francona after giving up 4 runs in the eighth inning against the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards August 10, 2007 in Baltimore, Maryland.

(Getty Images Photo / Greg Fiume)

Sox Chokajima!

Red Sox relief pitcher Hideki Okajima (R) and designated hitter David Ortiz leave the dugout after losing to the Baltimore Orioles in their MLB American League baseball game in Baltimore, Maryland August 10, 2007. Okajimi was the losing pitcher in the game.

(Reuters Photo)

The Gag's on Us as Sox Come Back, Then Come Apart
Eric's in the Red Again, Another Big E for Theo?
Oh No! O's Win in Walkoff, 6-5

... Still Waiting for Coco's Throw to Come In
Lugo Goes for It, And the Bunt Put Sox on Top
It's a Long Night in Charm City for Road Sox Nation
Dice vs. Bedard Was Nice Opening Act
Wily Won't Be a Hero

"I'm not doing my job right now. The last four games have been horrible. I've got to step it up and do my job and get people out. There's no excuse. It's the same, the adrenalin has been there, everything has been there. I'm just not making my pitches." -- 8.10.07, Not Jermaine Dye ... the Other Guy

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Oh Baby! Curt Hates Barry

Oh Baby! Curt Hates Barry ...

(BDD / Ball Video)

... And He's Able to Calculate How Many Homers
Bonds* Would Have Hit Without the Juice

And There's Some Extra Innings 'X-Play' for the Big Schill, Too

Curt Schilling will appear on an episode of �X-Play,� the videogame show on the G4 network this Wednesday, Aug. 15 at 8 p.m. Schill will be part of �X-Play Fall Sports Preview�. The segment was shot in Schilling�s 38 Studio's offices in Maynard, where the Sox righty talked �Guitar Hero,� �World of Warcraft,� and �Evergquest.� The episode will also focus on Tuesday�s Madden �08 release and have behind-the-scenes footage from Madden�s Florida facilities and review the game for the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Pahk in the Yahds

Pahk in the Yahds

BDD - Home sweet home at Camden Yards

(BDD Photo Illustration)

Half of Boston is Flying Southwest
to Head to Fenway South This Weekend

Don't Forget: Orioles Fans Will Get Their Revenge on Sept. 8

Big Papi's Flop

Chris Speakman Illustration

(BDD / Chris Speakman)

But Papi's Been Flopping

Edes: Ortiz Powerless in the Clutch

"In close and late situations, Ortiz has no home runs and three RBIs. Rookie Dustin Pedroia, who hit a tiebreaking home run in the seventh inning of Wednesday's 9-6 win over the Angels, has two home runs in close and late situations.

"And Ortiz can hardly look to Ram�rez to pick him up in those situations: Ram�rez has two home runs, but is 8 for 50 (.160), .100 less than Ortiz. Pedroia has the highest average on the team in close and late situations, .372, with Jason Varitek just behind at .367. Four players, including Varitek, have knocked in as many as eight runs." -- 8.10.07, Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Eric Wilbur: All Clear for Clay?
38Updates: Schill Gets Us Up to Speed on 38Studios

Sox Appeal: UMass Amar

Last Night on Sox Appeal:

UMass Amar

There's not much appeal for Amar

(BDD Photo / NESN Screenshots)

An Unappealing Appearance by UMass Alum
Dude! Like, What in the World Happened to the Once Proud
University of Massachusetts at Amherst?

Jerry Remy: "Congratulations, you got a guy with a conductor's hat." Don Orsillo: "He's a keeper."

Commander McBragg: Dude, Amar is, Like, Awesome, Just Ask Him
'Future Doc' Is Over the Top: Amar Goes Too Far in Episode 2
This Time, The Two Losers May Actually Have Won
So There's Traditional Blue Caps, Infamous Pink Hats, and Now It's
Crooked Conductor Lids to Cover Premature Balding
In Case You Missed It: Amar is of Indian Descent
Oh, And If You Actually Like Watching Sox Appeal
You'll Love Watching the Best of 'Blind Date'
Cameo of the Week: Tony Massarotti; Is John Henry Next?

Meet I, Me, My Amar: "I grew up dancing ... I've been to Europe, I like Thailand, I backpacked for two weeks ... when I first went to college, I was a film student ... a little bit [like Seinfeld], but not that funny ... I like [the movie] Bicycle Thief... Citizen Kane is my all-time favorite ... Just Friends has special meaning to me, that's my life story, I was a very chubby individual in high school, I was that kid... I was 270 at my max .. sophomore year in high school ... a lot of push ups later I ... I don't really get to look at the game very much, but I just keep getting lost in your eyes ... that's smooth isn't it? I play the guitar ... it's not that hard. I was an acoustic guitar player and singer in college ... so it's cool, it's fun, I ...I know Crossroads ... I love karaoke at Hong Kong ... I'm a karaoke fanatic ... I went on a cross-country road trip ... I went to the Red Sox vs. Philly, in Philly ... like ... dude ... I work in a hospital ..."

Pedroia the Destroya

Pedroia the Destroya

Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia, right, gets kudos from on deck batter Kevin Youkilis after hitting a solo homer against the Los Angeles Angels in the seventh inning of a baseball game in Anaheim, Calif., Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2007.

(AP Photo)

7th Heaven: Filthy Little Angel Powers Red Eyes' Rally
Long LA Story Ends Well in 9-6 Win

When the Going Got Tough, The Tough Avoided a Sweep
Timlin Saved the Day Late Last Night
Lesterrible: The Lefty Still Doesn't Look Right on the Mound
Lowell and Good: No Second-Half Fall Off the Cliff for Mike
Manny Was Double Trouble: Wish You Were Here Monday Night
Someone Stop Lugo: Sloppy Shortstop Picked Off Again
Hurray for Low ERA: Okaji at 0.98, Ocho at 1.99

"People dropping off bridges are going to miss some good baseball. They'd better climb back up.'' -- 8.8.07, Tito addresses Chicken Little Nation

Pain: Shoulder Keeps Ortiz Out of Lineup
No Gain: Yankees Get Crushed in Toronto
The Boom Comes Down on David Wells

West Toast

West Toast

Boston Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield  hands over the ball to manager Terry Francona after giving up three runs to the Los Angeles Angels during the fifth inning of a MLB American League baseball game in Anaheim, California August 7, 2007.

(Reuters Photo)

Did the Sloppy Sox Drop Another One in Anaheim?
10-4, Good Buddy, Sox Go South in a Hurry Out West
The Bad Wake Rears Ugly Head at the Wrong Time

Anaheimlich's Maneuvers: Bad News Bears Put on the Sox Road Jerseys
Sveum Old Song and Dance: Hale Storming Lowell Around Third Looked Like Mike Cubbage Doing a Wendell Kim Impersonation
Did You See That Catch Gary Made?
Youk and Dusty Can't Do It All
Dougie Goes Deep

Gordo's Got All the Gory Details: "A line drive over Wily Mo Pe�a's head. Coco Crisp throwing a rainbow to home plate. Tim Wakefield walking the leadoff man after being handed the lead. Julio Lugo stumbling over his own feet and botching a double-play ball for the second straight night. Manny Ram�rez missing another cutoff man while a run scored. Kevin Youkilis bobbling a ball, losing a chance for a force at second. Manny Delcarmen undone by two balls, one that barely made it to the mound, the other a trickle in front of the plate. Third base coach DeMarlo Hale waving Mike Lowell home with no outs and the Sox down by three. Crisp again, playing soccer in center and kicking away his club-record errorless streak." -- 8.7.07, Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Another West Coast Disgrace:
Mariner Moose Won't Be Punished for Speeding, Coco Crash
Eric Wilbur: Oh, No, One More
More Good News: Sox Appeal is Back on NESN Tonight

Don't Look Now

Don't Look Now

Just 5 Games Back

(BDD Photo Illustration)

Clemens Leads the Fired Up Yankees
While the Sox Are Flat as a Pancake
Survey Gallery: Getting Too Close?

Help Me Hank!

Help Me Hank!

Oh Henry

(Reuters Photo)

Home Run Sting

Did a Scam Artist Out West Just Pull a Fast One?

Oh Henry! Bonds* Thinks He's the New No. 1
That Painful Hank Aaron Video Was Really Sincere
Bacsikly, This Is What Mike Will Be Remembered For
And Somewhere Not Named San Francisco, Bud Selig Shrugged

"I move over now and offer my congratulations to Barry and his family."-- 8.7.07, Baseball's Legit Home Run King Hank Aaron... about all he could painfully muster for this moment

Callahan Takes Bonds Down to Chinatown

�So he smashed McGwire�s ill-gotten record for homers in a season, and then he set his sights on the most hallowed milestone in sports. Last night in San Francisco he stole that record from the great Hank Aaron with a solo shot off Washington�s Mike Bacsik. In San Francisco, thousands of soulless toadies took great delight in Bonds� tainted achievement, but beyond the bay, the moment was met with almost universal disgust. Perhaps the only legitimate record set last night was: most eyewitnesses to a crime in human history.� -- 8.8.07, Gerry Callahan, Boston Herald

Wily Go Pena: He's Cleared Trade Waivers
Ask Edes: Gagne Trade Thoughts | Survey: Gagne or Dye?
Gallery: Combing the Wire

Yes, Virginia, You Can Stick a Fork in New York

Yes, Virginia, You Can
Stick a Fork in New York

Boston Dirt Dogs - Frank Galasso Illustration

(BDD / Frank Galasso Illustration)

Still, We Believe The Yanks Are All Done

Eric Wilbur: Too Little, Too Late

"Everybody�s favorite enemy is 19-7 since the All-Star break, has been mashing the ball at a prodigious pace, and has everybody in a tizzy that they�re right back in the race, just a half-game behind the Tigers for the wild card lead.

"As for the AL East? Please." -- 8.7.07, Eric Wilbur,

Rats!: Anaheim Stadium Really Is Fenway West
38 Pitched: Schill's Not Blaming the Offense Today
MLB Must Hunt Down the Mariner Moose:
Speeding ATV Could Have Crushed Coco!

Check Bounces Manny

Check Bounces Manny

Manny checks his swing

(BDD Photo / NESN screenshot)

Check, Please! Rookie Ump Gets It Wrong
Manny Checked Swing, But Was Rung Up Anyway

"I'd be curious to know the dialog, because one of the guys who never, ever, if Manny argues, I would bet a paycheck the umpire's wrong. He never argues. He knows the strike zone. And he's smart about it. I would bet that that was a bad hook and he threw him out for no reason." -- 8.7.07, Curt Schilling on the call of the game

Oh, Hoye!

Oh Hoye, Manny Gets Tossed

(BDD Photo / NESN screenshot)

Ramirez Gets Tossed in a Hurry by James Hoye

Angels 4, Boston 2: Monkey Business Hurts Sox
Six Weeks Under: Schill's Not in Pawtucket Anymore
No Moose Tonight, But Moss Makes an Appearance
But It Wasn't a Randy Debut as Moss Replaced Manny
Out in Left Field: Moss Gathers Ball, Sort Of
Same Old Story: They're the Can't Comeback Kids
And Somewhere in Anaheim Tom Werner and Rich Krezwick Are Having
a Riveting Discussion About Taxes, Labor Unions, and Making Movies
While a Game is Going On ... ZZZzzz

Kielty as Charged: Sox Sign Bobby Kielty

Loose Cannon

Loose Cannon

Dangerous Moose Is Still On the Loose in Seattle

(BDD Photo / NESN Screenshots)

It's Not That Safeco in Seattle for Sox
There's No Excuse for an Out-of-Control Motorized Moose
Does Someone Upstairs Have a Screw Loose?

Mangy Moose on an ATV Clips Coco
But the Sox' Great Catch in Center Runs Over M's in the End
Crisp Line: Two Doubles, Two Runs, Web Gem, RBI, and Near Miss
Sox Take Two of Three in Dome of Danger, Win 9-2

Sox Not Amused by Moose Mishap: "Why do crazy things like that always happen to me that you people always want to talk about? ...

"I'm not an angry person," Crisp said. "I'm not going to run over and go clothesline the guy. It was an accident. I'm sure he didn't mean to try and take me out. I was fortunate enough to react fast enough to get out of the way. There was no damage." ...

"I've never really gotten hit by a moving vehicle before, so now I can put that on my list of things I've survived. But that's really nothing compared to some things that are happening around the world." ...

"I didn't see my career flash before my eyes or anything. Actually, I was thinking of me being a billionaire," Crisp said, smiling at the thought of a lawsuit. "I probably could have made as much as somebody's wife divorcing a billionaire. But it was just a weird thing that happened." -- 8.5.07, Coco Crisp on the Moose that was hunting him down

Bring It On

Manny Ramirez #24 of the Boston Red Sox celebrates in the dugout by imitating a charging bull after hitting a solo homer in the fifth inning against the Seattle Mariners on August 5, 2007 at Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington. The Red Sox defeated the Mariners 9-2.

(Getty Images Photo / Otto Greule Jr.)

Manny Isn't Going to Take Any Bull from a Moose
And Nice to See Him Playing Fast and Loose All Weekend

Reverse Belli Flop

Reverse Belli Flop

Reverse Belli Flop

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Dougie Plays the Hero-Goat-Hero Role
Sox Pull Away Late, 7-4, and Push Yanks Further Away

Is 41 the New 20 for Wake? Tim Digs In for Win No. 13

"To go back and tag and try to come home like that was the second mistake and it's embarrassing. I still feel like I had a terrible game. ... it's hard to face the team. It's hard to face everybody." -- Doug Mirabelli dodges a bullet

Hello, Eric the Red

Gagne makes his Fenway debut

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

The Canadian Was Bakin' at a Steamy Fenway Yesterday
No Save, But Gagne Will Hold His Own Here

Oh My Goodness Gracious:
Clemens Rocked, Booed, as Yanks Lose to ChiSox

Go Figure ...

NESN Introduces Extra, Extra Innings Extra

NESN's New Postgame Show

(BDD Photo / NESN Screenshot)

'Honey, Why Isn't TC Wearing His Glasses?'
'Ummm, That's Not TC...'

Go Figure ...

It's all about Sox Appeal

(BDD Photo / NESN screenshot)

Jen Scores Winning Run and Wins a Date
with a Figure Skater

Episode One Goes to Southie Native Who Actually Said:
'I Want All the Attention on Me'
And Likes 'Wearing the Pants in a Relationship'
Garrett 'I Don't Like Beer Actually' Lucash
Stumbles and Bumbles Through His Boring Roof Rap
But Somehow Gets a Date Out of the Deal
Hannah Says Right Guy Is Out There for Her, Somewhere
Tabitha Takes Garrett Out After the Game:
'I Wasn't Too Into Him... He's a Figure Skater'

NESN Will Be Back with More Sox Appeal
Once They Get That Annoying Red Sox Game Out of the Way
Now Stay Tuned for Fenway Roush Racing Right After
Back-to-Back Big Papi Commercials
Eventually, There Will Be a Pennant Race Postgame Show
Starting at Around 3 a.m.

Oh Yeah, Youk Rallies Sox to Big Win
Gagne Arrives, Garnett Gets First Pitch Over the Plate
Blah, Blah, Blah, Whatever ... Let's Watch More Sox Appeal!

Breaking News From NESN: Garrett May Consider Running for President of Larry Lucchino's Nation ... Hazel Mae Will Have All the Developments on Whatever-Happened-to-Sports Desk

Lucchino Talks About TV Reality

�Yeah, I noticed that,� Red Sox president and CEO Larry Lucchino said on WEEI�s Dennis and Callahan show this morning when he was asked about NESN going right to Sox Appeal after last night�s game in lieu of the Extra Innings postgame show. �I understood what happened last night, I wanted to prolong the joy of that victory and see the replay and hear the analysis, when you have a game like that with the theatrical comeback and all of that, you say �let�s savor it.� But I do understand that with a new show, Sox Appeal was making its debut last night, and they were eager to get the highest number of people to watch it last night. I don�t think you�re going to see that as a pattern, where a show of some sort comes on immediately afterwards, displacing the postgame show.

�We have stuffed a lot of baseball into the NESN daily or weekly schedule, and I think you�ll see plenty of that. But there�s also an effort to diversify, to come up with some interesting programming, that�s both artistically and commercially successful. But you�re right. We�ve got to keep our eyes on the prize here, and recognize that Red Sox baseball is what drives the NESN subscribers, and I think you�ll see they�ll always be recognition of that fact. Just cut us a little slack that this was the debut of a highly anticipated [show].�

More Breaking News From NESN: Dice-K's Party Mix, Just Some Songs Pressed on a CD, is in Stores Now!

Will Bonds* Ever Hit Another Homer?

Will Bonds* Ever Hit
Another Homer?

BDD: Will Bonds Hit Another Homer?

(BDD Photo Illustration / Meir Weinberg)

The Baseball Gods Are Holding Strong
Barry Can't Muscle One Out of Dodger Stadium

The Bonds* Watch: Cafardo's on the Case, Again

Thank God Nomar Gives Gagne Trade a Nod: "There was LA's Nomar Garciaparra, standing in the Dodgers clubhouse, intrigued by the Celtics' acquiring Kevin Garnett, watching the news conference with great interest.

"The former Red Sox shortstop also nodded when asked if Boston made a good move with Gagne." -- 8.1.07, Nick Cafardo, on the road again

Everything's Not O-Kay in Yankeeland:
New York Strikes Out at Trade Deadline

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Boston Globe:

Rodriguez looks like the steal deal > Despite effort by Rodriguez, Red So fall > Tazawa has come a long way, on and off field

Boston Herald:

Lauber: Eduardo Rodriguez showing Red Sox he's special > PawSox start looms large for Masterson


Rodriguez gem wasted > Chili Davis doesn't want to turn Red Sox into free-swingers > Red Sox draft catcher in third round

NY Post:

How Mariano Rivera has influenced Yankees' top pick > Why starting rotation could be a big Yankees' strength

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