Nightmare Over

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Or Is It Just Beginning?

Globe: Varitek Returns to a Lineup Full of Holes

Mazz Breaks the News: "Varitek will earn $5 million in 2009, with the club holding a $5 million option for 2010. If the Red Sox do not pick up that option, Varitek has the choice of remaining with the club on a $3 million deal. In '10, he can earn another $2 million in incentives based on playing time, beginning at 80 games started."

Friday the 30th

Michelle Schacht / BDD Photo Illustration
(Michelle Schacht / BDD Photo Illustration)

He Was Warned... He Is Doomed...
And on Friday the 30th, Nothing Will Save Him

It's Friday Afternoon, Do You Know Who Your Catcher Is?
Mazz: Sox, 'Tek at Odds as Deadline Looms
Boras, Sox Expected to Talk Into Afternoon

House on Fire
BDD Photo Illustration / Mike Briggs
(Mike Briggs / BDD Photo Illustration)

He Stings the Kings in a Big Show at the Garden

Globe: Celtics Bring Down the House
Subs' Improved Play Has Come to the Surface

Eddie House: "All season, we've been trying to find our niche, our identity, and I think we finally found it."

Now Available on DVD

Steve Garberg / BDD Photo Illustration
(Steve Garberg / BDD Photo Illustration)

What Are the Odds on 'Tek Taking the Deal?
Deadline Only a Day Away

Sox Ticket Sales, Sponsorships in Slump
NY Times: Urine Samples Said to Link MLB Home Run King Bonds to Steroids

This Just In

BDD Photo Illustration
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Concrete Blocks Less Painful Than Varitek Talk

Can The Deal-or-No-Deal Deadline Be Moved to Wednesday Morning?

Coming This February

Meir Weinberg / BDD Photo Illustration
(Meir Weinberg / BDD Photo Illustration)

Obsession Is Not Just a Fragrance by Calvin Klein

A-Fraud Exposed in 'The Yankees Years'

Torre Spelling Trouble

A-Fraud and Joe
(Getty Images and Reuters)

Joe Throws The Book at A-Rod; Cashman Steps In
Why Don't We Get Storylines Like That?

Cashman Says Yankees Should Rally Around A-Rod
Torre Tells All to Larry King Live Friday Night
Is Joe Wearing Out HIs Welcome in LA?

"The Joe Torre publicity tour continued today, as the Dodgers' highly paid manager continued to draw attention to the Yankees -- and to his new book on his tenure there.." -- 1.27.09, Bill Shaikin, LA Times

Adam Dunn isn't looking for $100 million anymore

Why Wait Til July? Do a Dunn Deal Now

Adam Dunn's Not Looking for $100m Anymore
And Big Papi's Not Getting Any Smaller, or Younger

1.27.09, Ken Rosenthal, One Year Wonders: "Take Dunn as an example. The Red Sox could sign him for one year as protection against further decline by David Ortiz. Dunn, by putting up big numbers for a high-profile contender, would raise his standing in next winter's free agent class, which features a weaker group of hitters."

Just Say Nomar

Lou Merloni and Nomar Garciaparra take in the Celtics-Mavs game on Sunday
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Garciaparra's Back at the Garden... Is Fenway Next?
Hey Lou, Southie 1988 Called. They Want the Scally Cap Back.
Tell Youkilis, Too.

Nomar Undecided About Retirement | Phillies Interested

Our Top Story Tonight

Generalissimo Francisco Franco

Generalissimo Francisco Franco Is Still Dead
And the Jason Varitek Talks Continue

Globe: Sox Make Formal Offer to Varitek

Tony Massarotti: "According to a baseball source, the Sox have formally presented an offer to Varitek's agent, Scott Boras, that could appease the catcher's desire for a second guaranteed season. While the precise value or term of the proposal was unclear, the Sox could ensure Varitek a second year by guaranteeing it outright or making it attainable through an option."

Meir Weinberg / BDD Photo Illustration
(Meir Weinberg / BDD Photo Illustration)

Same Old Story

BDD --Virtual Waiting Room
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Trying to Get a Couple of Obstructed View Grandstand Seats, Not Together, Is Still a Virtual Nightmare

Globe: One Click Away
No Worries, There Are Plenty of Overpriced Tickets Available in All the Usual Places

Thank You Leigh

The New Million-dollar Mad Men Have Fifth Avenue Leigh Teixeira
to Thank for Leaving All The Cash on the Table in Boston

Limo Up!
BDD -- Red Sox limo service 2009
(BDD Photo Illustration)

With the Economy in the Tank, the Sox Break Out the Limos

Red Sox Introduce New Luxury Limo Packages for Just $2,500.00 Per Game

"New in 2009, the Luxury Limo Package provides fans with an opportunity to purchase an entirely worry-free trip to Fenway Park for a Boston Red Sox home game. Brewster Coach will send one of its finest stretch limousines to pick-up 10 of your VIP guests and take them in style to and from Fenway Park..." -- Read all about it on

The Green Machine Is Running
on All Cylinders

David Nickerson / BDD Photo Illustration
(David Nickerson / BDD Photo Illustration)

Rocco Being Rocco

BDD -- Rocco's thank you letter

Baldelli Thanks Rays Fans in Newspaper Ad,
Manny Must Have Used Smoke Signals

Unlike a Certain Unsigned Outfielder That Played Us Here, Baldelli's a Class Act:
Rocco Thanks Rays Fans for His 9 Years in Tampa Bay

1.21.09, Rays blog: "Rocco Baldelli said he decided to take out the ad, which will also appear in tbt* later this week, because he wanted some way to share his feelings about the Tampa Bay area fans. "I just thought it was the right thing to do,'' Baldelli said Wednesday from Rhode Island. "I thought it was appropriate. I wanted everyone to know how I felt. It's tough to talk to every single person that I met down there, but I think it was a good start.''

Tom Dumb
Tom Brady outside his Back Bay Townhouse.
(Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe)

Brady Breaks Silence and Talks to Faithful New England Fans...
By Pitching Magical Arm Cream on a Canadian Radio Station
File Under: More Reasons to Keep Matt Cassel Around The Celebrity Pitchman Tom Brady's 'Interview' from Toronto

It's Called Myo-Med Tom, you gotta say the name if you want it to sell: "I come across a lot of things over the course of my career and I have found something that has been great. I started actually using it a few years ago on my arm. I had some pretty bad tendinitis and it was a product that I used and I really liked. It�s just over the last two years I�ve used it on my ankle before the Super Bowl, I�ve used it on like I said on my elbow, and this year it�s been nice, it�s worked very very well on my knee. It�s just a great pain relieving cream and I�m glad, and hopefully people who hear this understand that if they have those aches and pains that it�s a really special product. Like I said, I�ve been fortunate to find it and I�ll be using it for the rest of my life." -- Tom Brady, pitchman, 1.21.09 -- Listen on The Fan 590 here

Tom Brady Uses Myo-Med to relieve pain
( Web Page Image)

Steve Garberg / BDD Photo Illustration
(Steve Garberg / BDD Photo Illustration)

Lester Receives Hutch Award Lester Honored for Dedication, Courage
Yahoo! Gordon Edes Breaks Down the Sox
Pierce in OT: Bring Back Manny | Pap's Rolling the Dice
Deadspin: Mark McGwire's Brother Shares the Family's Worst-Kept Secret

Mark Your Calendars

BDD - Truck Day
(Steve Silva / Photo)

In Just 16 Days, Spring Will Be Here... Sort Of...
'Truck Day' Is Coming on Friday, Feb. 6

Lost and Pound

BDD Photo Illustration / Meir Weinberg
(BDD Photo Illustration / Meir Weinberg)

'Lost' Season 5 Begins Tonight With a Very Special Guest Star

Up for An Oscar?

BDD Michelle Schacht
(BDD Photo Illustration / Michelle Schacht)

Holy Cow!

Boston Herald sports back page Jan. 21, 2009

Herald Pounds Papi

Callahan: The Papi Problem

Gerry Callahan, 1.21.09: "Ortiz, who turned 33 (officially) in November, vowed to get in top shape this offseason, but there are some skeptics in the Sox front office. Will there be a noticeable difference in his body when he reports to Fort Myers in three weeks? Like Vaughn, Ortiz always has relied on his strength and power, and it�s hard to imagine he�s now running the beach or jumping rope... Well, you can be sure Theo Epstein and Co. wouldn�t mind seeing a little effort from Ortiz, maybe a body fat percentage somewhere between Obama�s and Oprah�s."

One and Done?

Boston Red Sox pitcher Jonathan Papelbon signals one more win to go as he closed out the win for the Boston Red Sox in the 9th inning.
(Barry Chin / Boston Globe Staff)

Papelbon Gets One Year Deal; More Could Be on the Table

He Does Set the Bar... For First-Year Arbitration-Eligible Relief Pitchers
Not to Be Left Out: Lopez Signs On for One More Stint in the 'Pen
This Just In: Jason Varitek Didn't Know What Arbitration Was

The Wheelin' Dealin' Boston Red Sox
Keep Shaking Up the Baseball Landscape

( Photo)

Fabian In, Aardsma Out

NY Daily News: Manny Can't Find a Team to Pay Him;
Papelbon Wants to Test Free Agency in 3 Years

Roger Clemens' Fate Rests with Federal Prosecutor

Pauley Gets Whacked

Boston Dirt Dogs
(BDD Photo Illustration)

You Won't Be Seeing Him Around Here No More
T Sent Him to See Our Friends in Baltimore

Love that Dirty Water

The West Coast co-owner of the Red Sox talks to Heidi about the premiere
of NESN�s newest reality-TV show, �Dirty Water�

Will He Quit on the Sox, Too?

'Fan' Bails on His Hometown Team...
Red Sox Gladly Recruit Him for Their Nation Letter to free agent fan from your Boston Red Sox
(Image courtesy of

Front Office Will Do Anything to Grab $15 Membership Fee Free Agent Fan Joins Red Sox Nation, Inc.

"...If you were to become a fan of the Red Sox, you would have the chance to join a prestigious nation known as Red Sox Nation the largest nation of all fans in professional sports." -- 12.17.08, Fenway ambassador to Timothy... the newest member of Red Sox Nation...

Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek, shown here receiving a World Series ring from principal owner John W. Henry during the ceremonies before the 2008 home opener, is meeting with the Sox owner
(Stan Grossfeld / Boston Globe File)

Varitek Requests One-on-One with Henry...
Yes, That Means Without You Scotty

Mazz: Free-agent catcher Jason Varitek confirmed today that he is meeting with Red Sox owner John Henry tonight in Atlanta, but not at the 36-year-old catcher's home.

Dirtdog Millionaire

Kevin Youkilis responds to a question during a Red Sox press conference announcing an agreement to terms on a 4 year contract with the first baseman. Red Sox manager Terry Francona is seen at far right.
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Youk's In the Black and His 4-Year Deal Is a Steal for the Sox

Sox Get a First Baseman Whose Wife Likes Shopping on Newbury Street
Youk's Deal Included His Having to Model the New Red Sox Traveling
Black Leisurewear With 'Hanging Sox' Scally Cap

The Nation Needs to Know

Former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz speaks with the media after signing with the Boston Red Sox, on Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2009, in Atlanta. And in Boston on Monday.
(AP Photos)

Is Everything in Smoltz's Wardrobe Cut From the Same Cloth?

Like Manny and Boston, Smoltz Says His Heart�s in Atlanta

Takashi Being Takashi

BDD - Takashi Being Takashi
(AP and Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

New Sox Reliever Takashi Saito May Soon Been Wearing Manny's Old No. 24

Nikkan is reporting that Takashi Saito may be getting Manny Ramirez's No. 24. Saito wore No. 44 for the Dodgers last season but that is Jason Bay's number in Boston. Saito's next choice was No. 29, but that just went to John Smoltz. His other request was for No. 24, and "[Red Sox] seemed OK with me taking that number," according to the report translated to us by the Globe's Daigo Fujiwara.

Don't Tell Theo!

BDD / Celebrity Boxing Federation
(BDD / Celebrity Boxing Federation)

But That Big Bat He's Desperately Seeking May Be Available After Jan. 24... No, Not Danny Partridge, the Other Guy Jerry Crasnick Thinks We'll Freak Out If Josh Reddick Gets Traded
Rob Neyer: OK, How Healthy Is John Smoltz?
Rosenthal at Dunn in Boston? Probably a Stretch Ben Affleck Talks Smack to Yankee Fan Video-razzi
Things Are Bad All Over for Manny as He Shuts Down

Rickey and Rice

(CBS Video via Sox and Dawgs)

Top 10 on Letterman Features Two Madonna One-Liners

Sox and Dawgs: More from Letterman on Meeting Rice

More Riffs on Rice

Mr. Punchy / BDD Photo Illustration
(Mr. Punchy / BDD Photo Illustration)

BDD / Frank Galasso Illustration

Michelle Schacht / BDD Photo Illustration
(Michelle Schacht / BDD Photo Illustration)

He's Really Baldelli

Willie Don't-Call-Me-Hazel Mae interviewing John Smoltz, the Boston Red Sox newest starting pitcher during the break between the third and fourth quarters of the Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors game at the TD BankNorth Garden on Monday January 12, 2009.
(Matthew J. Lee / Boston Globe Staff)

Smoltz Gets Introduced

"I'm as determined and I'm as focused as I've ever been. The uniform has changed. The desire won't change... I love their [Red Sox] approach. Their approach is, 'We're going to slow you down and give us the best chance to win a championship. Whenever you're ready, you're ready.' " -- 1.13.09, John Smoltz, No. 7 starter

The Weight Is Over

01/12/09: Former Boston Red Sox slugger Jim Rice was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame today on his fifteenth and final year of eligibility. He is shown as he answers questions at a late afternoon press conference held at Fenway Park.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

And It's a Big Load Off Jim's Back
Long Time, No See, But Rice Finally Joins the Club

Mazz: The Wait Is Over
Congratulate Jim Ed On His Induction
Sawxheads: Remy Talks to Rice
This Just In: Fred Lynn Wants In

Don't Tell Theo!

Tom Glavine shows off his new jersey under the watchful eyes of general manager Frank Wren, and manager Bobby Cox, right, during a news conference in which the Atlanta Braves announced signing the pitcher to a one year contract at Turner Field in this Nov. 19, 2007 file photo in Atlanta.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Because This Is Right In His Wheelhouse:
42-Year-Old Free Agent Returning from Elbow and
Shoulder Surgery... Boston Roots

Tom Glavine: �I know it�s going to be fun for him [Smoltz] playing in Boston. I�m envious that he�ll be playing in Boston and I never got to play in Boston.� -- 1.12.09, since when did Glavine ever want anything to do with Boston?

Have a Rice Day!

Jim Rice gets in the Hall
(John Bohn / Boston Globe Staff)

Jim Ed Gets In the Hall of Fame
Gallery: Rice Through the Years

Rice's reaction: �I don�t understand about being overrated, the numbers spoke for themselves, and during that time, you look at the guys that played the game and the numbers they put up. So as far as being overrated, I have no idea. I think what you�re trying to get at is that some of the writers probably said I was arrogant, you know that wasn't true. You want to talk about baseball, I talk about baseball, but I never talked about my teammates. I protected my teammates. I don�t think you should make any excuses, when I felt like as captain of the ballclub, I took a lot of pressure off the guys because some guys could handle pressure, some guys couldn�t handle pressure, and I was the type of guy that I got paid to go out and play baseball...I didn�t get paid to sit there and rah-rah myself, or rah-rah the team. When the team lost I was there, when the team won, I was gone. That�s the way I was. I didn't sit back and give the writers the information about the ballclub they wanted as far as who�s not playing today, what�s wrong with the ballclub, why aren�t there more black players coming to Boston. I didn�t deal with that. You had to deal with the front office. I was just taking care of myself and my teammates.�

Saito Added to M*A*S*H Unit

Takashi Saito of the Los Angeles Dodgers pitches against the Arizona Diamondbacks during the ninth inning on May 1, 2007 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles,
(Harry How / Getty Images)

Trying to Build a Bullpen, Again and Again,
Theo Takes a Chance on Takashi

This Is Getting Old ...

Tom Seaver, a former Hall of Fame pitcher for the New York Mets and Boston Red Sox, gets a call from Theo Esptein at his vinyard in Calistoga, California, U.S., on Thursday, May 22, 2008. Seaver feels like a rookie all over again.

Theo Puts In a Call to Tom Seaver to Round Out 9-Man Rotation

Nomar Garciaparra Is Not Walking Through That Door

Newly acquired Boston Red Sox Rocco Baldelli holds up his new number 5 Red Sox jersey during a news conference in Boston on Thursday, Jan. 8, 2009.

... Because Rocco Baldelli Is Now Wearing No. 5

What Happens in Vegas

David Ortiz, center, signs autographs at the Sharp booth at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas,Thursday, Jan. 8, 2009.

Papi and Joba Together in Vegas at CES, and on CNBC
Pedroia on Cover of PS3's MLB 09 The Show

Old Time Baseball

BDD -- John Smoltz tries on his Sox cap
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Sox Agree to Terms with Smoltz, Baldelli

1.8.09, John Smoltz, talking about the money: "I was going to withhold comment until the announcement of my signing with a new team, but I now feel the need to clear up any misconceptions and inaccuracies about the contract negotiations between myself and the Atlanta Braves. There were large discrepancies between the offer from the Braves and offers from other teams.��

Baldelli is Beautiful

Tampa Bay Rays' Rocco Baldelli rounds the bases after hitting a two-run home run during the first inning of a baseball game against the Chicago White Sox, Sunday, Aug. 24, 2008 in Chicago.

Here's to Your Health... Smoltz, Too

Baldelli Signs On with Sox; John Smoltz On Board

Rocky's Penciled in to Play on Rhode Island Day... Maybe More
YouTube: Will the Rocco Baldelli Song Remain the Same?
Globe Archive: A Dream Sequence for Baldelli

This Just In ...

Boston-12/19/2008. The sidewalk on Newbury Street is nearly deserted of shoppers at 4:45 pm.
(John Tlumacki / Globe Staff)

Newbury Street Buried... Sox

... 5th-Avenue-Leigh Teixeira Does Not Like the Shops on Newbury Street
... And She Didn't Like the Meatloaf at Stephanie's Either...
Gammons Takes Boras Mouthpieces and More Out to the Woodshed on WEEI
(And Schilling Goes After Shaughnessy, Again, For the Last Time, Again)

Peter Gammons on WEEI, 1.7.09: "...five or six days later Cashman went, and that was decided that the Red Sox were the stalking horse and the Red Sox would go to a number and then the Yankees will sign him. And the Yankees did a very good job of saying, 'We're not in it, we're not in it' . . . all along, that's where he was going. Not because his father was a [high school] teammate of Bucky Dent, but he made it very clear watching it yesterday [and wading] through the baloney . . . Teixeira is Scott Boras's ultimate client, and he's very well-programmed . . . The Red Sox didn't know it, and in the end there was nothing they could do about it. He wanted to go to the Yankees, his wife doesn't like Boston -- apparently she doesn't like the stores on Newbury Street or something -- and in the end that's the way it goes."

Henry's Not His Type

John Henry and Scott Boras finish up their negotiations

Boras, Leigh Duped Sox
Yankees new first baseman Mark Teixeira, right,  smiles with his wife Leigh, center, and agent Scott Boras beside him before donning his number 25 jersey during a press conference at Yankee Stadium in New York, Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2009.

Sox Got Suckered as Teixeiras Made Up Their Mind
to Join Yankees Two Weeks Before Christmas and
Long Before John Henry & Co. Flew to Texas

The Yankee Flipper: '...The Yankees Were Always on Top'
Ringless Don Mattingly Was Tex's Idol... Perfect

New York Daily News photo
(New York Daily News back page)

"Two weeks before Christmas, I talked to [my wife] Leigh about it again, and we kind of decided that, hey, the Yankees are where we want to be. Cash [Brian Cashman] might want to give Leigh a hug, because when I asked her during the process, 'Where should I go, where should I go?,' she'd always say, 'I just want you to be happy.' Finally she said, 'I want you to be a Yankee,' and it was a done deal. Once we got the contract figured out, it was a no-brainer for me." -- 1.6.09, Mark Teixeira, the latest mercenary to join the Yankees

Birds of a Feather: Pavano Signs on Same Day As Teixeira's Intro
Shocker: Boras Embellishing Giants' Interest in No-Market-Manny

Welcome to Yankee Stadium

New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira looks at his wife Leigh at a news conference after signing as a free agent with the team at Yankee Stadium in New York, January 6, 2009.

...Where Starting Today, Mark Teixeira
Will Star in the Off-Broadway Play:
Carl Pavano, Part Deux

Teixeira Introduction Today. To Counter, Sox Go Green
And the Rich Get Cheaper: John Henry Hammers the Market in 2008
Could He Have Funded Teixeira's Deal?

Tonight on NESN

BDD - Steve Harvey says...
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Oh, Say Can B See? YES...
NESN to Broadcast BC's Upset of No. 1 UNC
Eric Wilbur: B-C-Mess

Attend the Jimmy Fund's New Stars for Young Stars Event on Jan. 10
Inside Track: Coakley Goes After Youk on Charity Error

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Lauber: Eduardo Rodriguez showing Red Sox he's special > PawSox start looms large for Masterson


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How Mariano Rivera has influenced Yankees' top pick > Why starting rotation could be a big Yankees' strength

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