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in Love Again?

Derek Jeter with the Sox
(Nov. 24, 2010 / New York Post back page)

Signing Derek Jeter May Be the Only Move
NESV Can Make to Win Back Sox Fans

Red Sox Stars Keep Walking Out That Door ... Free Agent Market Stinks ...
Theo's Trade Options Are Few and Far Between Bridges ...
Getting Derek Jeter in a Red Sox Captain's Uniform
May Be the Only Way to Save Tom Werner's Tired TV Show
NY Post: Cashman Dares Jetes to Find a Better Offer (in Boston?)
Video: Tom Werner on Keeping Star Players, Increasing Talent, and Making Progress

"He is a free agent, he can talk to anybody at any time. What his market value is, we don't know but what we offered we are comfortable with." -- Brian Cashman on future Red Sox shortstop/third baseman Derek Jeter

Meanwhile, While Rome Is Burning Back in Boston
John Henry Goes Deep Into the 'Pool in London

John Henry waxes on and on over football
( screen image)

BBC Sport Video: In-depth Interview with LFC Owner John Henry
Eric Wilbur: Promises and Lies About LFC and More
John Spent 'Every Waking Hour' Studying Liverpool Football
Don't Look Now: Eric Wilbur Struck a Nerve with John Henry on Liverpool
Henry Says MLB Has Changed in the Last 5 Years. How John?
Surprise, surprise: Liverpool Confirms Tom Werner Will Take Over as Chairman
Good Thing This LFC Business Is Just 'An Investment by NESV'

Former Red Sox catcher Victor Martinez
(Alainna Chiklis / Red Sox)

For the Cost of a Striker, the Sox Could Have Kept Their Catcher

Shaughnessy: This One Should Leave Fans Hungry for Answers
Red Sox Fell Short in Martinez Deal
Tigers Sign V-Mart for Just $8 Million More Than Sox Offer
Finn: They Didn't Want Victor Martinez Back, Obviously
The Company Spin: Tito Remains 'Real Confident' Despite Departure More Good News -- Liverpool Signs Suso to 4-Year Deal
Two-Thirds of LFC Fans Think January Spending Is Necessary

"Wanting to have Victor in the lineup next April is a no-brainer. When you have to make a decision and you�re talking $40, $45, $50 million, four years down the road, that�s not quite as easy. I respect that." -- Sox manager Terry Francona

Red Sox Sending Mixed Messages

Theo says the kids need to shine; Werner expects a big sign and trade
(AP Photos)

Theo Says the Kids Need Their Time to Shine Next Season
While Werner Expects a Big Name Signing and a Trade

Werner Says No Bridge Year for Red Sox in 2011
Liverpool Chairman Says Sox GM Made 'Rare Mistake'
In Talking About the Bridge Last Year
Heads Up: Report: A's Offer Beltre 5 Years, $64 Million

Theo's Got Some Bus Tire Tracks on Him Now ...

Tom Werner on sports radio WEEI today: "I want to assure everyone that there is no bridge year here this year. [In] 2011, we�re committed to win. I think Theo would have been the first to say that he was excited about the prospects we had coming up through our system. I think he made a very rare mistake saying that. After that, we did sign Adrian Beltre. We did sign John Lackey. I think Theo would be the first to say it wasn�t his finest Winston Churchill moment...

I think that we are going to sign, I won�t promise, we are going to sign a significant free agent. We are going to make a trade to improve ourselves. There are some very strong players on our squad who are young. Kalish is strong. We�ve already gotten some interest from people who think that Felix Doubront is a frontline pitcher, although I�m not saying we�re going to trade him. We were hungry to get Saltalamacchia. I think he�s going to have a good year. Jed Lowrie came on at the end of last year and showed that he can play."

A Bridge By Any Other No-Name Is Still a Bridge ...

Theo Epstein at the GM meetings: �At some point you need to give a chance to young players, let them build value. [Saltalamacchia's] one of those guys. [Jed] Lowrie is potentially another, [Ryan] Kalish is potentially another. We�re not going to have high-profile solutions to all our needs. It�s good to have those alternatives that you can turn to and realize that maybe you�re taking an educated gamble but you�re also potentially building a lot of values in those guys, giving them an opportunity to put themselves into the core we�re developing.�

Liverpool Wants a Piece of Henry's Wallet in January, Too ...

Damien Comolli, a.k.a. The Liverpool Theo: �We have a pretty good idea of what we would like to do and we have identified targets. If there's a possibility of us getting a world-class player, we will have the backing. John [Henry] and Tom [Werner] want to win - and you win with top players. If it can be done in January, great. If it can't because we feel it is the wrong market or players are overpriced, then we will wait. I'm not going to say we won't do anything in January because that is not the idea at the moment. We will do what is right for the long term. What is right for the long term can be something we do in January."

At Least England John Made a Token Trip to Orlando ...

Liverpool principal owner John Henry: �We will be in London and Liverpool with regularity. There is a lot to be done. We speak about the Sox and LFC daily - seven days a week. We are working on teleconferencing as well as spending time in Liverpool. In the digital world of today one can say almost nothing is local. It has never been easier to work from a distance. But like Fenway, Anfield will be hard to stay away from. We've really enjoyed our time in Liverpool thus far."

Reality TV: Tom Runs the Liverpool Football Operation ...

Liverpool Chairman Werner on the Sox... no wait, it's on the Reds... sounds like he's talking about a bridge for somebody regardless...: "I think fans are impatient, and they should be, but at the same time it is important for us to build a system and bring in more players going forward than we have in the recent past. To bring them up that are grown from within. But, as you said, this isn't something you can fix immediately. In the meantime we need to improve the squad for this year."

Werner Thinks We Can't Read the Papers in England ...

Liverpool Chairman Werner now downplaying the whole thing as another 'investment' on the other side of the pond... : "I�m concerned about perception. Regarding Liverpool, Theo is not involved in Liverpool. � There is a big wall between what Theo is doing and what [CEO Larry Lucchino] is doing and an investment that John Henry and all of us at NESV are making." (also file under: They're 'building a wall instead of a bridge' this year)

Battle Brewing ...

William and Kate

To See Which Power Couple Becomes
King & Queen of the London Tabloids

In Theo We Bust?

Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein talks to reporters during a media availability session during baseball general managers meetings in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010.

Can the Sox GM Continue to Try to
Spend His Way Out of This Mess?

Maybe Not... Looks Like Henry's Saving Cash for Liverpool's Transfer Window...
New England Sports Ventures Will Draw Line on Beltre, V-Mart Contract Offers
Rosenthal Rumor: Red Sox Drawing Interest in Marco Scutaro
Sox Think Upton Has an Upcoming Upside, And Salty's Quite the Catch, Too
Ortiz Is Just 'Fine' Making Twelve Point Five Million Dollars For
Getting Off the Bench Four Times a Night to Take Some Swings
Daily Mail: Are John Henry's Liverpool Crew Just Double Glazers?
Kate Knocks Pizzuti Off Pedestal in U.K.

This Just In: Theo's Bad Contracts will be costly next season: $63 Million Tied Up with Lackey, Drew, Beckett, Matsuzaka, and Cameron in 2011

"We�re not going to have high-profile solutions to all our needs" -- Theo Epstein... bracing us for another bridge year

Queen of England

Linda Pizzuti, partner of Liverpool's owner John W Henry, smiles before their English Premier League soccer match against Chelsea at Anfield in Liverpool, northern England, November 7, 2010.

Pizzuti Mania Sweeps Liverpool and the Kop
While Fenway's Stuck Singing 'Sweet Caroline'
Anfield Gets Busy Paying Tribute to 'Lucky Linda'
No Wonder John Henry Hates Us Now ...

'3 weeks into Henry's reign, and its like we've found
our Princess Diana equivalent' -- LFC fan

More Good News for Sox: Henry's Investment in Liverpool May Double
Then Sox Could Lock Up More Stars Like the Phillies and Yankees Do
Echo: Meet Linda Pizzuti, the New First Lady of Anfield
LP is the New Queen of the WAGs

Posted by Locutus on
"Linda Pizzuti
Is quite a cutie
She likes to watch us
play our game.
It's not a rumour
she likes our humour
Oh Linda come back and watch us play"

Originally Posted by Carraking... To the tune of Lovely Rita (Beatles):
Lovely Linda, Anfield Queen
Lovely Linda Anfield Queen,

Lovely Linda Anfield Queen,
Nothing can come between us.
When you arrived you took our hearts away.

Standing by a John Henry,
When I caught a glimpse of you,
Filling in a tweet in your little black-berry.
In the flesh you seem so much bolder,
With all your Red Sox crew over your shoulder
Sings a song as nando runs past John Terry."

Meanwhile Back in the Colonies ...

Jerry Stiller, left, talks to Laura Trust, and Larry Lucchino in Stiller's hotel room before the L'Dor VaDor Gala at the Four Seasons Boston on Thursday November 4, 2010. Lucchino found out Jerry Stiller is a Red Sox fan and offered him the chance to throw out the first pitch to a game
(Matthew J. Lee / Globe Staff)

Sox Brass Hard at Work to Catch Yankees:
Lucchino Makes Offer to Jerry Stiller

... to throw out the first pitch at a game. But if all goes well, maybe Stiller is the answer in middle relief and the Sox can finish their BridgeY2 upgrades in one big move, bringing much needed star power to Fenway.

Finn: Is Jayson worth it? Should we be craving Crawford?; Adding insults to injuries excuse: Sox come up empty handed in Gold Glove. Jeter? Really?; Good thing defense is not related to the run prevention strategy; File under Never Gonna Happen: Sox reportedly one of the "suitors" for Cliff Lee... "Suitors" is french for Christmas at Fenway is coming up and we have to sell as many obstructed view, standing room, and single seats as we can early... Gammons prepares Sox fans for full-time Saltalamacchia, and teases us with Ryan Braun... Be still our beating hearts: Sox interested in Duchscherer... Calling all Captains: Phillies could take Varitek

Former Passionate Sox Owner John Henry Is No Longer the Guy That Negotiated Personally with Pedro, Flew Matsuzaka Cross Country, Met with Mark Teixeira:
LFC Owner John Henry's New Tune: 'We Are There If They Need Us';
Tom 'Talk to Me!' Werner Compares 2004 Championship to His 'Hit Shows'
And Henry Thinks We're Cavemen Who Keep Lining Up to Buy Marked Up Tickets: 'Neither Will Your Readers' Get It

Everyone Into the 'Pool
Liverpool co-owner John Henry and his wife Linda Pizzuti take their seats before their UEFA Europa League football match against Naoli at Anfield in Liverpool, north-west England, on November 4, 2010.

Henry, Pizzuti Take In Liverpool's Magical 3-1 Comeback Win
Hal Steinbrenner Huddles with Yankees Brass in Tampa, Targeting Cliff Lee

Gerrard 2nd Half Hat Trick Makes It a Happy Home Debut for The Henrys
In Case You Weren't Watching: Is Live Blogging All LFC Matches

Liverpool Echo lede: "He leapt out of his seat, punching the air in delight, completely immersing himself in his first experience of an Anfield European night.

What threatened at one stage to be a rather anti-climatic home debut for John W Henry turned out to be something rather more memorable and, as he left the famous old ground, Liverpool�s new owner will have realised he had witnessed something very special."

Meanwhile Yankees Top Brass Is Getting Busy
With Baseball Down in Tampa ...

Yankees Ready to Begin Pursuit of Lee
Steinbrenner, Cashman, Levine, Trost, Afterman spent Monday and Tuesday
Huddling at the Yankees Complex To Prioritize Winter Plans

"What I can tell you is we're looking at the free-agent market every year, and there are always areas of improvement. The free-agent market is certainly a big thing we look at. We're going to have plenty to spend and we're going to enter into it.

"We know we're expected to field a championship-caliber team and we're going to do what it takes to do that, so if we have to get creative in a trade, or if we have to go out for a big free agent, we're going to do it. We do have some money coming off." -- Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner to 1050 ESPN

Meanwhile, Back Over in England, Sox Owner John Henry's
Busy Rebuilding the Liverpool Football Club...

Henry Reassures Fans He Won't Allow Club to Be Weakened in January
LFC Owner: 'We Intend To Build This Club the Right Way'

"We have recently read stories about our intentions for the forthcoming January transfer window and have a sense of humour about this type of inevitable speculation.

"As everyone knows we are new to English football, but not to sport, and we are studying all options. Opportunities and value will drive spending in January and in the future.

"Our clear focus from day one of our ownership has been - and will be - to improve the club and focus on what it will take to put Liverpool FC consistently in a position to challenge for trophies.

"We intend to build this club the right way.

"Stories about our top players leaving are destructive and unwarranted but we realise that this kind of speculation is also common.

"We intend to build on the strength of the current squad, not undermine it. And I can reassure our supporters that we have no intention of allowing the team to be weakened going forward." -- Red Sox owner John Henry, Oct. 29,

Meanwhile, Look Forward to Another Bridge Year in Boston
Sounds Like Sox Young Talent Won't Be Ready Until 2012

Henry, Werner Talk Sox on a Plane

Question: Last year became known, unfortunately, as the Year of the Bridge . . .

John Henry: "Not because of us. When you are a general manager, you say a lot of things and somebody can pick up on one and make it a major issue. [Epstein] said that because we felt that by 2012 we�d have some young talent that�s going to be ready. I don�t know why that was perceived as a negative. For me it was a positive." -- John Henry, Tom Werner Q&A on the plane with the Globe's Stan Grossfeld

One and Done?

Photo caption goes here
(Bill Greene / Globe Staff)

Option Call: Sox Agree to Pay Ortiz $12.5 Million to DH in 2011

Will the 'O' in Ortiz Stand for 'Overpaid?
Epstein: Ortiz 'Cool' with One-Year Extension
Sox GM Has No Problem Paying for Past Performance
Maybe Manny Can Be the Righthanded DH Needed to Platoon with Papi?
This Just In: Vlad Guerrero Would Love to Get a Sweetheart Deal Like This
Oh, Someone Tell Papi the April Games Count, Too

"I'm not comfortable coming back just for one year because it's going to be the same roller-coaster that I had this year." -- David Ortiz, Oct. 29, to Rob Bradford

Rent Owns
Pay the Rent the MVP
(BDD Photo Illustration / Brian Shamis)

The Giants Win the Series! The Giants Win the Series!

And It All Happened Because of Red Sox Castoff Edgar Renteria
This Just In: The Red Sox Are Actually No Longer Paying Rent-a-Wreck's Contract
Brian Wilson: A Zany Closer with a Real Personality, Not a Manufactured One
Giants Remind Us That We Once Had a Fun Bunch of Guys to Get Behind
... Before the Red Sox Marketing Machine Took Over the Team and the Nation
And By the Way, Lincecum Obviously Deserved the MVP

"Maybe I am more in focus. I know it's a different game, because if you make a mistake, you're going to pay. That's why my focus is different, my level is different, I just want to be the guy to do something. ... I can't explain that. I was ready to play." -- Edgar MVP Renteria... why can't we keep shortstops like that?

Those Were the Days ...

Pay the Rent the MVP
(BDD Photo Illustration / Brian Shamis)

Renteria Pulls Himself Off the Scrap Heap

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Boston Globe:

Rodriguez looks like the steal deal > Despite effort by Rodriguez, Red So fall > Tazawa has come a long way, on and off field

Boston Herald:

Lauber: Eduardo Rodriguez showing Red Sox he's special > PawSox start looms large for Masterson


Rodriguez gem wasted > Chili Davis doesn't want to turn Red Sox into free-swingers > Red Sox draft catcher in third round

NY Post:

How Mariano Rivera has influenced Yankees' top pick > Why starting rotation could be a big Yankees' strength

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