Derek Talks About Lowe Blows on Way Out of Boston

'Pedro was a Little Testy.'
-- Chris "Mad Dog" Russo after WFAN interview with the Disingenuous Diva

Questions About Bum Shoulder and Deferential Treatment Set Pedro Off


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Pedro on Mike and the Mad Dog: "I didn't feel that the Red Sox should have waited until the last moment to try to get Pedro Martinez like a leftover... I thought they should have shown more respect, to wait until the last moment, the last minute, the last second, wasn't the right thing to do, I had already given my word to Omar... It didn't bother me, the attention Schilling got, I actually don't like so much attention and it seems like he does... When I got to Boston in 1998, Boston had finished dead last (did not), dead last, before I arrived here, dead last... I have no idea, I have no idea (if Mets offered the most money), my agent has all the details... physically I can throw still the same way, and pitch the same way, I just had an off year... I don't pay attention to those things (high ERA, HRs up, etc.), I don't know, maybe I am getting older and not so good anymore?... without a doubt (I'm wearing down)... we have to think positive if we want to win, we can't start thinking negative right from the get-go. If you guys are going to wish me well, please do it... who said I had separate rules? You're coming from speculation you have been hearing from a lot of people. I have a different regimine of working, no one wants to ask about that. People want to know "how come you got lit up by the Yankees?"... you guys don't look at how we work, I had to recover in 2001. I work a little longer than the average pitcher, people want to deal in controversy and create ratings... They let me go? I left. I didn't ask them to guarantee any more years... if they had offered the third year a week ago, I'd be signed with the Red Sox right now. Are you hurt by the way the Red Sox acted? A little bit, yeah... I would like to stay healthy, with God's help... I will miss the players, my ex-teammates, my fans, the stadium and the tradition you carry around there. The fans respect me a lot."

Derek Talks About Lowe Blows on Way Out of Boston

"So if they make it ugly, and kind of drag your name through the mud, people will say �well now I see why they�re not bringing him back.� But if they leave on good terms, people will be wondering why they didn�t bring this guy back. So there�s a lot of politicking going involved. And I think a lot of it has to do with the media." -- Former Sox Pitcher Derek Lowe


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12.14: Exclusive full transcript of Derek Lowe with Arnie Spanier on Sporting News Radio's The Arnie Spanier Show discussing his departure from the Red Sox along with the Red Sox not re-signing Pedro Martinez.

Derek Lowe (on Pedro): I�m shocked in a way. Over the last couple of weeks there was  lot of talk in Boston about being able to afford both Carl Pavano and Pedro. Having gotten none of them was kind of a shock. It was kind of disappointing. Started last spring training, opportunity to get something done last year, and it didn�t. Maybe the outside world is shocked but me seeing what he�s gone through isn�t really that big of a shock.

This goes back to last year for a lot of us. Everyone knew we were going to be free-agents after the year, they tried sparingly last spring training to get us done. And I think a lot of us weren�t happy with the way the progress went.  This isn�t just something that didn�t get done in three weeks, it�s gone on for over a year.

If you look at it from a financial standpoint, it really wasn�t the money because they�re ultimately going to give that much money to other people. I think it was a decision of who they really wanted to come back. And Pedro and myself, and Nomar as you can see weren�t in the plans, and so it�s a great organization, they�re going to keep getting quality guys to go there. But I�ve said all along, when you find a group a guys that works, it kind of makes sense to try and stick with it.

Don�t Red Sox fans deserve better coming off first World Series in 86 years?

Yeah, again, looking at it from a players� standpoint, it�s shocking to see what they�re doing. They�re not bringing back Orlando Cabrera who helped out to get Renteria which I believe is kinda the same person.

They went out and got a 42-year old Dave Wells and gave him what looks like it�s going to be $9 million a year. And you have a Curt Schilling who did so much for us last year, he said today it looks like he�s not going to be ready for Opening Day and then you have a 38- year-old Tim Wakefield, then Arroyo, so, again they definitely have a plan and and I think time will tell how they�re going to do.

What if they call you up in an hour and say �we really need to have you back,� you sound like that really isn�t an option.

No, it really isn�t an option. You could kinda see how things were going to unfold with me, over the last two weeks of the season, with them kinds telling me I wasn�t even going to be on the roster as a starting pitcher, that tells me where you believe you are in their eyes, which is fine. As a team we pulled together and won a World Series. But obviously they haven�t prioritized me as even one of the top 10 guys they want to bring back.

You weren�t even asked back to the Red Sox holiday party, Was this a slap in the face?

Yeah (it was a slap in the face) it was disappointing, but you know what? I saw it happen with Mo Vaughn. I saw it happen with Nomar. You�re seeing it happen with Pedro. And myself. Unfortunately when you leave the Red Sox, unfortunately has to be ugly. And I don�t think it really needs to be that way, I mean it�s a business I completely understand if they don�t want to bring you back. They had a get together down in Ft. Myers when I live, and not to be invited was disappointing.

Why the disrespect?

They came out publicly and said they invited me but it was after an article came out and said they didn�t invite me. 30 minutes later they called and said they invited you. To me that�s not really an invite, it�s a reaction to an article. They had three weeks if they really wanted you to come. You move on. I enjoyed my time there, and to win a World Series, but to break up the team that won, it�s shocking.

Why did it have to be ugly?

You�re in such a high media market, and they are so conscious of what people say because people in the New England area have such strong opinions, good and bad. So if they make it ugly, and kind of drag your name through the mud, people will say "well now I see why they�re not bringing him back.� But if they leave on good terms, people will be wondering why they didn�t bring this guy back. So there�s a lot of politicking going involved. And I think a lot of it has to do with the media.

Are we going to see negative stuff about Pedro Martinez now that he signed with the New York Mets?


Yeah, I read an article today, and that�s exactly what they said. It�s so unfortunate that it has to be like that, but it�s exactly what you said. They did it with Nomar. They did it with Mo Vaughn before. I know it was a different regime. They did it with me. And they said �well now it�s gonna to look like they�re going to start bringing up bad things about Pedro,� and sure enough they are, saying he�s a selfish player, he broke the rules, which really doesn�t need to be brought up. This guy did so many things for them. He brought them a World Series, you�re kinda doing the guy disjustice (sic) by dragging his name through the mud.

What�s the part that hurts the most?

The big thing is the friendships we had on our team,  I think that was the main reason why we were able to come back from being down 3-0. We enjoyed playing with one another. We had a bunch of talented guys. And to know that that group of guys really could have stayed together, but management broke us up, that�s the most disappointing thing.

You�ve got interest from the Tigers, the Cardinals, and you won�t accept arbitration with the Red Sox.

As you can see� it would actually be funny if I did (accept arbitration) to see the look on their faces. But no, it doesn�t look like that�s going to be a route.

Where do I go? A lot of pitchers are signed to a lot of places they would definitely like to go. There are definitely places I feel I would like to go. Time will tell. It�s my first time through this process. It�s a slow process. Wherever I end up, you hope to start off fresh and bring a World Championship.

You don�t necessarily want to go back and burn them. For me personally and from a team standpoint, Just pitching the way I was able to do in the post-season, bringing a championship to the city. There is probably going to come a day when I�ll be pitching against the Red Sox, and you look forward to it.

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