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RoundHouse Landed


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"House's forearm looks to hit Sheff in the side of the head. You can see House's arm pause in place for a second and Sheff's head turns away from his arm, which (it looks to me) shows him making contact. Wasn't a punch, wasn't an upper-cut. Whatever it was, it definately didn't hit Sheff with any amount of power." -- Steel Beak to BDD

Schill Sides with Sheff

"Schilling just called into Dan Patrick's radio show. Schill thinks Shef reacted like anyone else would and says we all have the benefit of 12 hours to reflect on it, which Gary didn't have at the moment. He thinks the Commish might suspend him, but he doesn't fault Gary and thinks he handled it as best he could." -- 86spike on SoSH


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FHM Has All the Play-by-Play of the Incident

�Sheffield flipped out. He started screaming, �You (expletive) punched me!� After he threw the ball back in, he was about a foot away and said, �Don�t (expletive) punch me.� The guy was leaning back into me, saying, �I don�t know what you�re talking about.� -- Keith Whamond/FHM

Update: Yankee Bob Watson Investigating Incident for Commissioner's Office

Sox, MLB Look into Sheffield Scuffle


While some friendly House calls are rolling into WEEI to defend their friend, season ticket holders are also calling in with damaging tales regarding the seven-ticket season ticket holders and former Curry College football coach's trouble making, fight picking, and excessive drinking in the section. One ticket holder chimes in to Dale and Holley: "one of them passed out during Opening Day, another one fell on the stairs getting up. It's up and down every inning, two beers. Last summer when I went, and I'm afraid now to give them (my tickets) to clients because I don't want families going out there to be abused by these guys. The language got so bad on opening day, it became racial at the end, sorry Mike (Holley), it's a disgrace. They stack the beers up. My 12 and 14 year old daughters said last year during one Yankees game said "hey dad, they've got 16 cups stacked up" and it's just not appropriate... I've sent an email to the Red Sox, letting them know what's going on. I, as a business owner, my partner and I, we're afraid to give tickets to clients to bring their kids in there to be subjected to this abuse. I don't know what the intention of the individual was last night, but I know it was alcohol induced... What's going on out there is that those guys are buddies, and they are half in the wrapper before they get in the park. They're not true fans, they're there to just have a boys night out (Dale: It's a club with a $30 cover charge.) Exactly... I cannot subject my daughters to the language and the drinking. My point is if I go and have 3 or 4 beers during the game, have 3-4 hot dogs, whatever, and I'm not stacking 16 cups up. And it's 16 cups for one guy. It's like he's saying 'hey, look at me, I drank 16 beers and watch me stumble out of here'... and it's these same guys."

Hothead History: "Assistant coach Chris House ran on the field, and grabbed the linesman to alert him. Startled, he assessed a 15-yard penalty against MIT (thereby granting Curry a first down). As the linesman walked away, House called him a �fat boy� and another 15-yard penalty was assessed." -- Curry College incident

More House Calls from MassLive and SportsFrog

The guy in the GAP sweatshirt's arm was pulled back by the woman behind him.
He did nothing wrong and was horrified to lose his beer.

"This discussion has the makings of the best and most hilarious debate involving fan/player interaction since Kramer and Newman insisted it was Keith Hernandez who spit at them outside Shea Stadium in the 90's. All we need now is Seinfeld himself to break down the film..."you can clearly see the fan's beer hand being jerked...back and to the left...back and to the left"..." -- Tom in New York City


(AP Photo / YES Network)

Fans Disagree with BDD on GAP Guy Guilt

"I'm definitely in your corner as far as House goes, but I've got to disagree with your assessment on the guy in the GAP sweatshirt. Yes, he had a girl next to him, but she wasn't what made him spill his beer on Sheffield. I suggest you watch clip on and take a closer look, particularly to the footage at the 2:40 mark. Gap Guy takes a sip of his beer, sees Sheffield in front of him and jerks his wrist forward, projecting the wrest of the cups remains onto Sheffield's jersey.

Furthermore, you'll notice that while the woman in the white gloves had her arm wrapped around GAP Guys, at the time of the beer spilling, she was NOT making contact with him. The thrust of the cup forward was WAY too much for it to be caused by the girl pulling back on him (which she didn't even do until AFTER the beer was tossed).

In closing, both GAP Guy and the other guy are complete jerks and I hope they are never allowed into Fenway Park again."

-- Dan

"The G.A.P. guy clearly flicked his beer onto Sheffield's back; it wasn't forced out of his cup by the girl pulling him back. Take a look at the tape again. If he has season tix, his should be lifted just like that galumph Chris House's unlucky 7. I agree with your coverage of the incident, otherwise. I guess I won't be wearing my Sox cap at The Stadium in two weeks, when I take my kids to see them take on the Blue Jays. I was only called an a-hole once on opening night-that's before I moved down from the Tier to the loges and discussion actually centered on baseball."

-- Ken Winneg

No House Arrest

Chris Avoids the Big House as Sox Won't Press Charges Against Phony Fan
Video, Spin Control Too Tough for Boston Brass to Challenge
House Friends Pass Windmill Story, Refuting Fiancee


House of Cards Comes Tumbling Down

House told girlfriend he was "going for the ball." But his friend who "spoke to Chris this morning" tells WEEI's Dennis & Callahan that House told him he was "doing the windmill" to wave the runners around. Yeah right. Delusionial fanboys say he was trying to catch his friend who looked like he was falling on the field. Or maybe House was telling the other fans to pull their hands up (even though the ball was right in front of Chris at that point and well past other fans). Spin city continues for townie who got caught taking a sneaky cheap shot on Sheff... more House friends calling 'EEI with new windmill excuse "he was waving Tek around... he's a great fan, he went to World Series games last year, he's a great athlete... he would call you guys in a minute (D&C) but he wants to talk to Red Sox management right now"...

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