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Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Illustration / Derek Hixon)

Manny Hits a Milestone
But More-of-the-Sveum Holds Him at Third When Sox Needed Tying Run
Ichiro Throw Was Up the Line, Manny Would Have Scored
Millar Helps Olivo Break Slump, Beat Sox

Box: Seattle Takes Series with 5-4 Win on Sunday
Yankees Win Eight in a Row, Get Right Back in the Race

Gammons Apologizes to Mr. Baseball

Peter Gammons on WEEI's Sunday Baseball Show: "I owe Felgie an apology, I gave him the Mr. Baseball treatment, I wouldn't send him a voicemail I'll say it publicly, I feel badly about that 'cause I get frustrated with this Boston, 'Well Manny Ramirez is the only guy' and hence the Albert Puljols thing. I'm really glad that Chris Snow, who by the way is phenomenal, did that story today because I asked the manager, a couple of coaches, three of his closest friends, 'What's going on? Is there something that's bothering Manny?' This guy is a hall of fame player, if you take adjusted OPS he's 22nd all time and he's way down off of that since the last All-Star game. And I'm very glad to know what it is because I just haven't sensed that joy that he has when he plays. I don't know if you guys feel the same way but I haven't had the sense this year that he's been as joyous as he's been in the past."

Steve Buckley: "I don't know if joyous is the word for it, but preoccupation is what I've been sensing all season, particularly in left field, there are occasions where he can be on any given day a top left fielder in baseball, but there are too many days when he's not."

PG: "I agree. I don't subscribe to the Manny-being-Manny because I think he's better than that and I know how hard he normally works, just as I don't believe in the canard that he's actually a genius savant. But Manny's a great hitter. At a time when their two veteran starters are hurt, and some other guys have struggled, you kind of look for 'gee will the guys in the middle of that order pick them up?' Now obviously Johnny Damon has been unbelievable and Varitek and Nixon and Ortiz is Ortiz but it's just been something that I sensed that was wrong. He's had some at-bats this last week where he normally is on everything and he looked completely confused by pitches right down the middle of the plate. And I'm glad to know, 'cause he's pretty sensitive about family so, if that's bothering him, he gets a hall pass on that one."

Greg Dickerson: "Where do you rank Manny in terms of great right-handed hitters in the game?"

PG: "I think he's in the top 3 or 4. Pujols is in such a class by himself and the other two guys that rank ahead of him (Manny) if you take all the different adjusted OPSs and all those numbers, Frank Thomas and Bagwell, but they're sort of at the end of their careers. So Manny's can be pretty close to second, in those categories, just as a pure hitter and, no I shouldn't say that, third, because Alex Rodriguez absolutely deserves to be in that group, but he hasn't been. From the All-Star break, that's 112 games to be around .260 and little under .900 OPS, that's way below what Manny does for a living and what he does well. (On the lineup switch) In spring training, they wanted Manny Ramirez to hit fourth because David Ortiz has never been in that fourth position where he gets pitched around and they knew it was going to happen, and he's never been in the position of taking walks the way Giambi and Manny are so good at doing. And Manny was uncomfortable with it, which I found a little strange because he had great numbers hitting cleanup last year, but obviously this was weighing on him and so he postponed that, didn't want to do it, and he's done it now and I think it's clear by doing this that he has said 'OK, I'll trade my comfort for the good of the team' and I think that's really good."

Mom's Arthritis Was Distraction for Manny

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Surprise: Nixon Will Have Offseason Leg Surgery

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