Manny Wants Out

Manny Wants Out

Manaheim or Cleveland

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Red Sox $20 Million Hitting Savant
Threatens Not to Report in Spring

"Gene Mato, one of Manny Ramirez's representatives, communicated to Red Sox owner John W. Henry yesterday that Ramirez wants to be traded, and will not report to spring training if his wish to be dealt is not met, according to a team source." -- 10.29, Chris Snow, Boston Globe

Gammons: Manny Trade Would Mean a Step Back for Sox in '06

"... Meanwhile, Epstein's extension with the Red Sox could be announced Monday, after hashing out the relationship between baseball operations and the business/spin floors of the Red Sox offices. The biggest question is whether or not Epstein wants to remain in a situation where revenues and publicity rule, or whether he wants to do social work like his brother, Paul, and find a situation where he can do what he loves -- developing a team with talented young players.

"Larry Lucchino has been fingered as the heavy, which is unfair; with all they expend on expanding revenues and spinning the Red Sox Nation schtick, they are addicted to the immediacy of the talk-show callers, afraid of taking a necessary step back from selling Fenway tours and pieces of sod at $150 apiece to build a better team for a longer view than 2006 (of course, if Manny Ramirez sticks to his trade demands, the Red Sox will have no choice but to step back)." -- 10.29, Peter Gammons, Insider (subscription only)

Looking Back: Anaheim Tops Ramirez's Trade List

Olney: Mets Still May Be Only Option for Manny

"There is at least one team that has the financial power to make a deal for Ramirez and is motivated to get Ramirez, and that is the Mets. Peter wrote in his story that Ramirez doesn't want to go to the Mets, but in the end, Ramirez's choice might be this: Boston or New York.

"If no deal is made and the matter comes down to a spring training confrontation, as Ramirez's representatives suggest, you can bet that Red Sox president Larry Lucchino won't be afraid to dig in for a protracted fight.

"The silly thing is Ramirez doesn't realize how good he has it in Boston, with great teammates, a tolerant manager and GM, and a fan base that forgives his foibles, as long as he keeps generating those 140 RBI every year.

"If Ramirez does depart, you can bet this: David Ortiz's walk total will increase dramatically next year, with opposing managers and pitchers exercising the option of working around Ortiz repeatedly." -- 10.29, Buster Olney, Insider (subscription only)

Schilling Breaks Silence on Manny

10.29: Curt Schilling called in to WEEIís Mustard and Johnson program today and offered his opinion on Manny Ramirezís trade request.

"Itís November now rightÖ or itís OctoberÖ once a month. It happens (Mannyís trade request). Itís gonna happen. Itíll be out there and weíll move on. So we get to rehash the same questions and answers that youíve rehashed every year, every four months for the last three years. And itís going to be the same answers and the same questions you had before. Itís gonna depend on the situation and Iím sure Theo will address it and whatever happens will be in the best interest of the Boston Red Sox when all things are said and done.

"The bottom line is there is no indispensable player on any team, in any sport and Manny is certainly, heís probably the best right-handed hitter that Iíve ever put a uniform on with but no one player is going to get us that World Series that weíre going after next year and we have a good chance to win again if weíre healthy. He certainly makes you a better club, youíre gonna score more runs, but the fact of the matter is, there is no one guy and I trust in the fact that if Manny leaves Boston, which I hope doesnít happen, but if he does leave Boston, that whatever players they bring in to either fill his role or use his salary for, we will be a better team come opening day next year. I feel confident enough in Theo that thatís exactly what will happen. ...

Q: Does anybody ever talk to Manny and say "Manny it just doesnít look good when youíre half trotting and going down to first base?" Does anybody ever pull him aside and ask him that?

"You know what, those conversations are few and far between because I donít think anybodyÖ Manny knows, Manny knows what people think and feel about the things he says and does and heís not as simple as people like to make him out to be. Heís a lot smarter than that. And I think sometimes he might do things to get actions and reactions like every other player at certain points but you know what, the bottom line was at the end of the season it's 48 and 130, 140 RBIs and thatís what you have to live with. Iíd love every teammate that I ever played with to run to first base as fast as he possibly can, it just doesnít work out that way unfortunately, and Iím not sure why."

Your Turn: Should Sox Grant Ramirez's Trade Request?

In January '04, Mato Said Manny Was Happy Here

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