Brian Roberts is Innocent!... Oh, Nevermind

Brian Roberts Is Innocent!
He Shouldn't Even Be on the List!
It's Not Fair to Include Brian Roberts! ...

BDD-- Oh wait, Brian Roberts did do steroids, please disregard the previous spin

(AP Photo)

... Oh Nevermind, Roberts Admits to Using Steroids
Mitchell-Report-Hating Media Left Searching for a Replacement 'Innocent' Player to Rally Around

Roberts Acknowledges Using Steroids... ... (wait for it) ... ... Once
Not Sure If He Did It to 'Heal Faster' or 'Help His Team' Though

"In 2003, when I took one shot of steroids, I immediately realized that this was not what I stood for or anything that I wanted to continue doing. I never used steroids, human growth hormone or any other performance enhancing drugs prior to or since that single incident." -- 12.18.07, Brian Roberts in the best confession yet

A-Rod and K-Cou


(CBS News Photo)

A-Rod Tells the World How Much Damage Boras Did
Did Jacoby Talk to Alex Before Signing Up with Boras?

NY Daily News: As Usual, A-Rod is Only About A-Wad

"The whole situation saddens me a little bit," Rodriguez told Couric regarding Scott Boras. "There hasn't been much back and forth talking."

Couric: "Do you talk to him (Boras) at all?"

A-Rod: "No, not right now."

Couric: "Do you think that will change?"

A-Rod: "We'll see."

It was easy envisioning Boras watching all this with a smile. Rodriguez's image is worth plenty - in terms of commissions - to Boras. So if anyone watching wound up believing Rodriguez felt terrible about bogarting Game 4, well, that's good for business.

And if anyone watching Couric's interview came away feeling sorry for poor A-Rod, and left with the impression Boras is a snake, just another agent who would mislead a client, well, no big deal. If this "60 Minutes" spot cast Boras as the bad guy, so be it. That's good for business too." -- 12.18.07, NY Daily News

NY Times: Jacoby's Agent Provides Bad Info on HGH

�Prior to 2005, a doctor had the ability to prescribe H.G.H. for recovery from injury,� said Boras, whose clients Eric Gagn�, Kevin Brown, Rick Ankiel and Ron Villone were named in Mitchell�s report. �To link players who used anabolic steroids for performance enhancement with players that had allegedly used H.G.H. prior to 2005, is wrong; those drugs are from two different arenas.�

The owners and the players union agreed to testing for steroids before the 2003 season.

�They are very different and baseball�s rules towards them have been very different,� Boras said.

�Medical practitioners widely used H.G.H. to assist many athletes in recovery from injury and would escalate athletes� ability to recover.� -- 12.16.07, New York Times

Lupica: Scott Boras Supplies Dirty Cover-Up

"Drug use in sports is classified in three ways," Dr. Gary Green said yesterday. Green is a clinical professor at UCLA's Division of Sports Medicine, works at UCLA's Olympic Analytical Lab and is Major League Baseball's consultant on performance-enhancing drugs. "There are therapeutic drugs, recreational and performance-enhancing. Steroids and HGH are performance enhancing."

Green then added, "These guys aren't going to legitimate doctors to get (HGH) because they know they wouldn't prescribe it. To suggest otherwise is just an attempt to mislead the public."

Here is something else that Boras tried to tell the public on Sunday in the Times:

"Medical practitioners widely used HGH to assist many athletes in recovery from injury and would escalate athletes' ability to recover."

Maybe his athletes...

These are the types of "medical practitioners" who traffic in HGH, which guys like Boras now want us to believe is the wonder drug of healing, instead of performance-enhancing juice. Boras thinks he can get over with this, and so does Pettitte. It only works with people who get their information - and education - on baseball drugs from people like, well, Boras and Pettitte.

When Boras talks about "medical practitioners," he must mean the Signature Pharmacy of Orlando, the pharmacy that is the total star of the Albany District Attorney's investigation into illegal Internet drug sales. It was from Signature that Rick Ankiel received eight shipments of HGH in 2004." -- 12.17.07, Mike Lupica, New York Daily News

Rodriguez Hires Manager, Keeps Boras as Agent

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