Rocket Meltdown

Smoking Nanny

Rusty Rushes to Roger's Defense

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Nanny TKO's Clemens

Rusty Rushes to Roger's Defense Because Nanny Interview Knocks Out the Rocket
Roger Tried to Get Nanny to Come to His House Before House Interview
Nanny Places Roger at Canseco's House for Pivotal Party

Clemens Can't Answer the Question of Why McNamee Was Telling the Truth on Knoblauch and Pettitte But Lying About Him...
And Why Honest Andy and His Wife Would Lie, Too

2:26 p.m.: Rep. Elijah Cummings (D., Md.), whose questioning began all of this 4 1/2 hours ago, came back to how it is that Andy Pettitte and Chuck Knoblauch swore to the veracity of Brian McNamee's testimony that they used HGH but that somehow, in Roger Clemens's case, he was lying. Cummings told Clemens and McNamee that after all the testimony, if he came into the room today and everything was "Even Steven," he would be inclined to believe "Mr. Pettitte." Why would Pettitte and Knoblauch admit that McNamee's testimony was accurate, but Clemens does not? "Andy and I are close friends, we were plane travel mates," Clemens said. "If he misheard me, on the subject that I was talking about, some gentleman using HGH for quality of life, like I stated, then he misunderstood that. I�m telling you again that he should have had no doubt in his mind when he came into the locker room when the ... LA Times report was released, about having us implicated in that ordeal, he sat down and looked at me, I still at that time did not know ... again, he looked at me wringing his hands white as a ghost, and asked me, 'What are you going to tell them?', and told him I�m going out there to tell the truth, I didn�t use any of this stuff, that alone should have took Andy off any kind of wavering about whatever he said."

"I take you at your word,'' Cummings said. "You say Andy Pettitte is an honest man. His integrity is impeccable. It's hard to believe you, sir. You're one of my heroes, but it's hard to believe you.'' -- Read the rest of the steroid hearings play-by-play in Extra Bases

Body Language Expert Pans Clemens' Performance

Lillian Glass, body language expert on MSNBC after hearings: �A lot of lip-licking going on [with Clemens], wrinkling of forehead, he�s reading� that makes you question what�s really going on with him. [On McNamee]: Direct eye contact� he was not nervous, the voice was flowing.�

Rocket Meltdown

Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens testifies about allegations of steroid use by professional ball players before the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Capitol Hill February 13, 2008 in Washington, DC. The Mitchell Report named several former and current major league baseball players

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Roger Stumbles, for Umpteenth Time, on Why He Kept Mac Around
Clemens Can't Get His Story Straight on Debbie's HGH Timeline
And Claims Debbie Did It Without His Knowledge
Waxman Keeps Whacking: Roger Talked to Nanny About Talking to Congress
Congresswoman Maloney Crushes Clemens on Mitchell Meeting Discrepancies
Congressman Lynch Hammering Roger on Blue Jays' MRI Report
Lynch Digs Up Doc Who Thinks Clemens' Abscess in Buttocks Caused by Winstrol
Roger Also Doesn't Recall 'Bleeding Through His Pants'
Dan Burton Calls Clemens 'Titan' and He's Worried About Roger's Reputation
Burton Puts Heat on McNamee for Past Lies Confirmed by Mac
Clemens Keeps Coming Undone Under Fierce Questioning
Congressman Tierney Has Clemens on the Ropes with Credibility Issues
Roger Gets Caught Telling Two Stories About HGH Conversations
Roger Thinks Andy 'Misheard' and 'Misremembers' Past Conversations
Clemens Stumbles and Bumbles Under Questioning About Discrepancies
Andy and Laura Pettitte Strike Decisive Blow to Roger and Debbie's Credibility
McNamee's Account Sounds Clear as a Bell, Believable
Shameless: Clemens Says Mother Turned Him Onto B-12

Roger Takes the Oath

Roger's Licking His Lips to Tell the Truth

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Clemens Licks His Lips Before Telling His Story
Waxman Whacks Rocket in His Opening Remarks

Extra Bases: Live Coverage of the Steroid Hearings Here
ProJo: Live Streaming Video of Hearings

Flower Power for Debbie

Former New York Yankees baseball pitcher Roger Clemens, left, and his wife Debbie, right, arrive on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2008, prior to his testimony before the House Oversight, and Government Reform committee hearing on drug use in baseball.

(AP Photo)

Former HGH User Debbie Clemens Brings a Flower
And Roger Just Keeps Licking His Chops

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