Just Another Manny Friday

Dodgers' Manny Ramirez steals second base as Colorado Rockies second baseman Jeff Baker (10), looks on in the fourth inning of a National League baseball game in Los Angeles on Thursday, Aug. 21, 2008. It was Ramirez' first stolen base as a Dodger
(AP )

It Takes a Thief

Manny Stole Your Money, Our Summer, Maybe the Fall, and Now the Two-Faced Tendinitis Trotter Is Swiping Bases in LA

” 'We started out a little flat but Manny seemed to pick us up with that stolen base,' Torre said. 'It just seemed like we were waiting for something to happen. We got a lift (on the stolen base) but we also got a giggle out of it.'

It was Ramirez's first stolen base with the Dodgers. He also had one earlier this season in 100 games with the Red Sox.

'Juan Pierre told me to run if I wanted to,' Ramirez said."-- 8.21.08, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Manny Ramirez bats against the Colorado Rockies on August 19, 2008 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California.
(Jonathan Moore/Getty Images)

The West Coast Spin: Red Sox Nation Was Too Big,
And Boston Was Way Too Small for the Man
to Sit on a Couch After Having Sushi at Ginza

LA Times - T.J. Simers: ”He likes to be comfortable, and says he never really was in Boston. "I couldn't breathe there; it's a small city and all on top of you. Here it's spread out. I love it. I went out for sushi, sat back on a couch and no one cared. It's like there's 20 pounds less on my back here."

And yet, here he is carrying the Dodgers, an air of excitement in the stadium again, and while the bitter folks in Boston might consider it fool's gold, who are they kidding?" -- 8.21.08, T.J. Simers... thinks you're bitter

It's the 4-Year Contract, Stupid:
T.J. Simers Thinks Manny's Just Full of... Surprises

LA Ram Shows California Kids the Money ...

LA Times - T.J. Simers: ”He says he will donate $1,000 to Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA for every homer, $300 for every RBI, $100 for every single and while the bitter folks in Boston say he never makes good on his charitable pledges, he has the Dodgers take the donations directly out of his pay -- the first check already hitting the hospital.

He says he'd rather not make the donations known publicly, agreeing to do so only when told it might encourage others to help the kids.

He's nothing like the bitter folks describe him in Boston, the e-mail continuing to pour in, "just wait," they say -- the Red Sox apparently no longer as interesting to watch, so Boston fans needing to do something with their time." -- 8.21.08, T.J. Simers... thinks you're bitter

But Back in Boston, After 7 1/2 Years and $160M,
the Kids Waited for Something That Never Came...
The MR24 Foundation Promises...

”Manny's official foundation is amid the process of being established. Nevertheless, he has already begun to participate in charity events and has made donations in Florida, and once his foundation is up and running he has pledged to start helping organizations in New York City, as well as in Boston." -- MannyRamirez.com

But It's All Good, Because The Dodger Dreadlock Wigs Are Here
And Even Colorado Rockies Players Are Buying Them ...

Manny Ramirez dreadlock wigs via Deadspin

But Is Manny's Leaving All Boston's Fault?
Is The Red Sox Nation Monster Eating Its Own?

Driving them away

(BDD Photo Illustration)

BDD Archives: A Nation That Knows No Boundaries

Who Wants Out Next?
Are Overzealous Adult Fanboys, Annoying Autograph Hounds, Pocket-Camera Paparazzi and Restaurant Rubberneckers Driving Our Players Out of Boston?

Red Sox Nation Attention Causes Tension
We've Been Down This Road Before ...

"Outside the ballpark, it was hard. You can't go anywhere, especially if you're not pitching well. You get the business from [fans]. You can't enjoy your family time. Your alone time is gone because you're subject to photographs nonstop. It was the worst. You go to a mall with your kids and you have people always wanting to take pictures. They should call it 'Picturetown' not 'Beantown.'" -- 2.25.05, David Wells in the Boston Globe

"I think Manny is just looking for change more than anything, and I think that this coming up every… and that’s not to belittle his emotions and feelings, I talked to Manny about this a couple of times towards the end of the season and expressed my desire that I didn’t want him to go if he could find a way to make it here. I think one of the things that tends to really catch guys off-guard is the attention you get off the field." -- 10.29.05, Curt Schilling on WEEI

"There also is a quality of life issue to consider. Epstein, who grew up in Brookline, can rightfully complain of privacy issues as great, if not greater, than Ramirez, though he has never done so. His youth, and hometown ties, have led many fans to approach him with an often brazen disregard for his personal space. There are times when Epstein, even when just running out for a sandwich, has to pretend he's on his cellphone to escape people who want a piece of him. The fact he is rated one of Boston's most desired bachelors only intensifies the attention.

"A small price to pay for running the Sox? That's easy for someone on the outside to say.

"'This town is hard to play in,' David Wells said Friday night. 'You can have no life here. You leave the stadium, you can't go out with family and friends without being subject to the town wanting a part of you. We understand it, but I don't think [the fans] do. That takes a toll on you.'" -- 10.09.05, Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

"People don't understand there's times when we want to be private. There's a lot of times people come up and they get in your business. ... It's one of the reasons that for next year I am relocating. I'm moving out of the city so I can be with myself a little more." -- 9.17.05, Keith Foulke, San Francisco Chronicle

Even Way Back Then...
Manny Liked Anaheim... No One Bothered Him at the Mall

"Manny has issues with Boston and privacy... I think the privacy issue is the ability to kind of leave your apartment and go to the park with your kid. Leave your apartment and go out to dinner with your wife without sort of being surrounded by well-wishers and autograph seekers, things like that." -- 7.28.07, Larry Lucchino on WEEI

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