From Demon Back
To Damon Now

Oct. 20, 2004: Johnny Brings Down the House that Ruth Built
(Oct. 20, 2004: Getty Images Photo)

Without the NY on His Cap, It's Time for Sox Fans to Tip Theirs

It's Time to Give Johnny His Ovation | That's Just Wilbur Being Wilbur

They Were Right in 2006 ...

"I just can't imagine anyone [in Boston] wanting to boo Johnny Damon... all he did was hustle here for four years." -- 4.30.06, Peter Gammons

"The right thing to do is a raucous standing ovation... show some class. Show some common sense." -- 4.30.06, The Boston Globe's Bob Ryan

"First time up, standing ovation." -- 4.30.06, The RemDawg

"The ideas emanating from the lunatic fringe of Red Sox Nation � that Damon is a 'traitor,' that he has gone from 'Jesus to Judas,' that he should be called 'Demon' instead of 'Damon' � are not worthy of serious discussion." -- 4.30.06, Ken Rosenthal

Oct. 20, 2004: Damon gets hugged after hitting his second home run of the night in the Bronx to send the Red Sox to the World Series.
(Oct. 20, 2004: Boston Globe Staff Photo / Stan Grossfeld)

For Friday Night's Homecoming, We Won't Forget

Oct. 20, 2004: Home plate umpire Randy Marsh, New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada, and Johnny Damon of the Red Sox watched Damon's second inning grand slam home run during the seventh and final game of the American League Championship Series between the Sox and the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium.
(JOct. 20, 2004: Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Damon Gave His All to Boston... All the Time

Oct. 6, 2003: Damon gave a wave to the fans as he was put into an ambulance after colliding with Damian Jackson in Game 5 of the ALDS.
(Oct. 6, 2003: Boston Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)

A Look Back at a Great Life and Good Times of JD

Feb. 22, 2005: The scene at the Red Sox minor league facility looked more like a rock concert than a sporting venue, and at no time did it more so than when Johnny Damon came out of the clubhouse and made his way to the field. With his hair flowing out of his hat, he was surrounded by screaming fans on his left, some young, some old, some male, some female.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Johnny Was Thankful, Why Can't You Be?

Johnny Be Good
(Feb. 8, 2006 / Boston Globe Advertisement Photo)

Simply Angelack

Red Sox John Lackey pitches in the first inning of a baseball game against the Los Angeles Angels, Tuesday, July 27, 2010, in Anaheim, Calif.

Homecoming King Steps Up on the Road

Boston 4, Anaheim 2 | Stellar Return
Lackey Looking Like an Ace, Gets Into the 8th, Win No. 10
7th Heavenly: A Man Named Jed Comes Through in the Clutch
Umm John Lackey Should Have Been Cheered Wildly. Sincerely, Johnny Damon
Hey Hermida, We'll Throw Daniel Nava Right Back on the Bus
Flying Under the Radar: Scutaro Looking Good at Leadoff
Calling All GMs: Lowell Hit Three Homers for PawSox
Just a Great Decision by Tim Bogar to Send Big David
Take a Breather J.D., We've Got Run DMc
Adrian Just Keeps on Beltin'
Bard-to-Pap, No Problem

"Nobody wants to get booed like that. The scoreboard talks the loudest. ... That won't be forgotten, for sure." -- John Lackey ... needs to lighten up, and understand how the world works ...

Two for 'Tiz
David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox watches his two run homerun for a 4-1 lead over the Los Angeles Angels during the eighth inning at Angel Stadium on July 26, 2010 in Anaheim, California.
(Harry How / Getty Images)

Sox Staying Alive in Anaheim

Boston 6, Orange County 3 | Sox Regain Punch
Old Buch Gets Back on Track: 7 Ks, 7 Inn., 1 Run
David's Swinging Like It's a Home Run Derby Show
Youk Sends the Injury Bug Haren's Way, the Hard Way
Heart of the Order Does All the Damage
Papelbon ERA Now Under 3.00
Welcome Back Victor

"In the third inning, I just thought it was going to be another long day for the bullpen. Fortunately, I was able to throw a couple of changeups, and sort of caught the feel for it." -- Buchholz hung tough when the early going got rough

Full Steam Ahead

Red Sox train wreck

And It's on to Anaheim, and Let's Lose More Ground There!

Sun: Seattle 4, Boston 2 | Okajima's Indecision Does Sox In
Monday Morning QB: How About Leaving Dice-K in for 7 When He's Not Killing You?
Taking Out Daniel Bard Is Never a Good Idea Tito
The World's Most Exposed Offense Goes Down with a Whimper Again
See What Happens When You Trade Casey Kotchman?
Michael Saunders, Red Sox Killer
Sat.: Seattle 5, Boston 1 | Sox Fall Apart
Bright Spots: Lester's Early Effort, Ortiz Gets Back in HR Derby
Eric Patterson's Not Perfect
At Least There Was a Club Soccer Game at the Fenway Amusement Park

�We don�t match up with Bard. We brought [Bard] in in the seventh just because who�s coming up. There�s a couple of reasons. One is if he has a real quick inning, we�re going to send him right back out. Then the other one was to help Oki, rather than flip-flop then. Both were going to have to probably pitch, unless Bard has a real good inning." -- Tito trying to spin the botched move of putting Bard in early and taking him out after 18 pitches

"... [crickets] .... " -- Hideki Okajima's comments and explanations to Red Sox stockholders during the 2010 season

Playoffs? Playoffs?!?

BDD 2010 bullpen
(BDD Photo Illustration)

It Appears That Shipped Has Sailed

"...can't believe the front office just fiddled this summer while Rome burned and we flushed an entire season and $150M down the toilet by thinking we could tread water with Bill Hall playing second and Kevin Cash catching and David Ortiz batting third against lefties and J.D. Drew playing every day against lefties and Eric Patterson and Daniel Nava and Dusty Brown, et al. It was so [expletive] obvious when the Laser Show and V-Mart got hurt that we had to go get a real bat, Jason Werth level, who would still start when we got healthy, but instead we did [expletive] nothing and buried ourselves. It was like we had no front office, the Jack Hannahan blockbuster notwithstanding." -- An understandably apoplectic Kevin H. on the lost season

All Hall Breaks Loose

Seattle Mariners third baseman Jose Lopez, left, looks on as Boston Red Sox Bill Hall circles the bases on a home run in the seventh inning

Seattle Brawls and Battling Bill Hall Bangs Out Another Homer

Boston 2, Seattle 1 | Healthy Return for Beckett
Tip of the Cap to Cameron for Playing Well Through the Pain
Mariners Fighting with Each Other, and Bill Hall's Fighting for a Job
Speaking of Fighting, It Was 6 Years Ago Today That A-Rod and 'Tek Went at It
Hey David Ortiz, Get Your Head in the Game... Bogarrgh! Too
Scott Atchison's Effort Duly Noted

Beck in the Saddle Again

Starting pitcher Josh Beckett #19 of the Boston Red Sox pitches against the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field
(Otto Greule / Getty Images)

Josh Shuts Down M's in Long-Awaited Comeback

5 2/3, 5 Hits, 1 Run, 3 BB, 5 K's... We'll Take It

"The first inning I was a little methodical with things... I sped things up a little bit and it turned around pretty good." -- Josh Beckett on his not-bad return

Thursday the 13th

Kevin Youkilis of the Boston Red Sox congratulates Mike Cameron after they both scored in the thirteenth inning against the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field on July 22, 2010 in Seattle, Washington.
(Otto Greule Jr. / Getty Images)

Road Sox Survive a Horrow Show in 9th
Patterson's Bat Puts Mariners Out of Their Misery in 13th

Boston 8, Seattle 6 | Extra Special | Photos: Sox Win a Wild One
Lackey Near No-Hit Gem Gets Ruined By J-Bard, Forgotten in a Hurry
Theo's Hall-mark: So-Called Run Prevention Defense Rears Its Ugly Head
Trusting Delcarmen with a 5 Run Lead? What Was Tito Thinking?!?
Papelbon Brings Out the Bard Birds with Another Blown Save
Raise Your Hand If You Stayed Up Until 2 a.m.?
Oh and Thanks for the 'No Comment,' Wake

"Kind of have a short career, a young career, so I don�t have too many hits, period. It was definitely a big hit. The way the game unfolded, lose the lead there in the ninth, come back and win in the 13th, it�s definitely huge." -- Eric Patterson, Big Props

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Sign of the Times: Citgo Sign Going on the DL, Too

And the Beat Goes On
David Ortiz, left, reacts after striking out against the Oakland Athletics to end the top of the fifth inning of a baseball game in Oakland, Calif., Wednesday, July 21, 2010. Athletics' catcher Kurt Suzuki, right, looks on.

Unless Tony Pena Sr. Is Pitching, Sox Can't Hit in the Clutch
The Wheels are Coming Off Out West, 7 Behind the Yankees

Boston 4, Oakland 6 | Grade-A Chances Go By the Board
Just Sayin'... Ortiz Post HR Derby Digits: 3 for 25, 10 K's, No Extra Base Hits
The Stopper: What Can Brown Do for You? Raise a Lot of Dust Behind the Plate
Remember-Jed-Lowrie Returns with RBI, But Lets the Ball Fly
Life Was Grand for Daniel Nava... Now Hello Pawtucket
Buchholz Comes Back, But He's Not Back to Normal
AL MVP Adrian Beltre Belts No. 16

"Just coming up short. These last few days, kind of rough. But you just keep fighting, see what happens. You�ve got to keep pushing. As bad as it�s been, it�s not that bad.��-- Mike Cameron, couldn't catch a break, but he made a helluva throw to Brown

Left Toast

BDD - Torontoast

It's Breakfast with the Sox

Feels Like We've Been Here Before

Boston Dirt Dogs
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Extra Painful
Oakland Athletics' Kevin Kouzmanoff, right, is congratulated by teammates including Cliff Pennington, left, after hitting the game-winning single during the tenth inning of a baseball game against the Boston Red Sox Tuesday, July 20, 2010, in Oakland, Calif.

Wake Coughs Up the Lead; It's a Bowden-Tied Win for A's in 10

Oakland 5, Boston 4 | Sox Get Tossed for a Loss
'Throw From Drew to the Plate... Not in Time' and a Mile up the Line
It's a Balk in the Coliseum: Ramon Was Roamin' Around Out There
And It's Zero Extra Base Hits, 9 K's, Since Ortiz Played Home Run Derby
Some Good News: Lowrie Set to Come Back... You Remember Jed, No?
More Good News: Theo's Not Paying Coco's Salary Anymore
Where's Waldo? How About Where's Jonathan Papelbon?
Sox Killer Kevin Kouzmanoff Does It Again... Who?
Run Prevention Offense Leaves 12 Men Stranded
Bad News: Fenway Sellout Streak Ends Tonight

"When Wake pitches, you�re going to see stolen bases, passed balls, that�s the way that knuckleball works, and it ended up adding up to four runs." -- Tito knows Wake's downside by now

"Bogar sends Papi with one out with Beltre coming up then holds Cameron with one out with Cash coming up... the guy has no clue." -- Kevin H. on Tim Bogarrrgh!

This Just In: Lucchino Denies Reports
Sox Are Doing It on the Cheap

"That [reports that the luxury tax will limit Sox ability to add at trading deadline] is inaccurate, for one very obvious reason is that we're over the threshold... we are at the bottom end of the tax threshold, we're not at the highest tax rate... I know what our financial plans are and that is not true, we have money set aside to acquire talent if we can find it... This is not a promise or prediction that a trade will happen, we're not going to do something just to keep our record alive of making deals at July 31, there's got to be a deal that makes sense. Theo's parts with prospects less willingly than he might part with his first born." -- 7.21.10, Larry Lucchino on WEEI's Dennis and Callahan

How You Like Mannywood Now Dodger Fans? Manny Goes Back on the DL
Sitting in the $90 Cheap Seats at Fenway? No Beer Vendor for You

Road Warrior
Daisuke Matsuzaka is congratulated by his team-mates after being relieved in the seventh inning of their MLB American League baseball game against the Oakland Athletics in Oakland, California July 19, 2010.

Sox Off to a Good Start in Oakland

Boston 2, Triple-A's 1 | Dice is Right on the Left Coast
Two Wins in a Row, 89 Pitches Over 6 2/3 for Rolling Dice
Beltre Leads the Way with Homer on the Road
Bard, Papelbon Nail It Down

"There are countless small improvements that I would want to make throughout my outing. But this is the type of pitching I really want to continue to do as the season goes on." -- Matsuzaka said through the interpreter

Texas Two Stepped

Texas Rangers' Bengie Molina, left, is congratulated by starting pitcher Colby Lewis, right, after Molina's grand slam off Boston Red Sox pitcher Fernando Cabrera during the fifth inning of a baseball game in Boston, Friday, July 16, 2010.

Is the Beginning of the End of Bridge Year No. 1?

Friday: Texas 8, Boston 4 | Backpedaling in Boston
Sox Lose 7 of 9 and Dropping Like a Lead Balloon
Cyclerama: Slow-Footed Bengie Molina Changed the Game Real Fast
Felix the Cat's Out of the Bag: Sox Can't Plug All Leaks
Too Bad Theo Can't Shore Up the Catcher Hole with Plugs Like Bengie Molina
More Days in Third Place and Obsessed with Roger Clemens. Sincerely, Dan Duquette
All-Star Showcaser Adrian Beltre Back in the Swing of Things
CAAAbrera Makes It Look Easy to Lose Games Like This
Thursday: Texas 7, Pawtucket 2 | Quick Wake, Slow Funeral for Sox
Visiting Hours are 7 to 10 Nightly

"When I saw the ball going away from him, I just put my head down and kept going. For a guy who has been criticized for his speed for 11 1/2 years and may be the slowest guy in the world, it was an unbelievable feeling." -- Bengie on The Most Unlikely Cycle Ever

Texas 4, Strike Out Kings 2: Sloppy Sox Hit the Road Crawling
Boston 3, Texas 2: Lack is Back in Must-Win, Youk Does All the Damage

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Bye George
The one game playoff ...In a bit of an unusual move for the  losers' locker room, Yankee owner George Steinbrenner shakes hands with disconsolate Sox catcher Carlton Fisk.
(After the playoff game, 1978 | George Rizer / Boston Globe File)

The Man Sox Fans Loved to Hate Is Gone
Steinbrenner Dead at 80

Latest from New York Post | Daily News | Newsday | Times
Red Sox Statement on Passing of Steinbrenner

"George Steinbrenner forever changed baseball and hopefully some day we will see him honored in baseball's Hall of Fame as one of the great figures in the history of sports." -- Red Sox owner John Henry

We'll Miss the Good Old Days ...
Boss Called Henry 'Stupid' and Lucchino 'Sick'

Dec. 29, 2002: New York Daily News:

NYDN to George Steinbrenner: John Henry, your former partner and owner of the Red Sox, was quoted as saying after you signed Contreras that he "was and is a big risk." What's your response?

GS: That's just ridiculous. It makes him look stupid because they did everything they could to get him, including offering more money than we did. They offered $10 million to get him away from us. I give credit to Mr. Contreras. He wanted to play for the Yankees.

John Henry put down $1 million to buy into the Yankees. He gets back $4.7 million. I hope he does as well for his partners.

Daily News: Larry Lucchino, president of the Red Sox, called the Yankees "the evil empire" after the signing.

GS: That's B.S. That's how a sick person thinks. I've learned this about Lucchino: he's baseball's foremost chameleon of all time. He changes colors depending on where's he's standing. He's been at Baltimore and he deserted them there, and then went out to San Diego, and look at what trouble they're in out there. When he was in San Diego, he was a big man for the small markets. Now he's in Boston and he's for the big markets. He's not the kind of guy you want to have in your foxhole. He's running the team behind John Henry's back. I warned John it would happen, told him, 'Just be careful.' He talks out of both sides of his mouth. He has trouble talking out of the front of it."

Boss to Henry: Sour Grapes Over A-Rod

Feb. 18, 2004: Steinbrenner responds to Henry after A-Rod acquisition: "We understand John Henry must be embarrassed, frustrated and disappointed by his failure in this transaction. Unlike the Yankees, he chose not to go the extra distance for his fans in Boston. It is understandable but wrong that he would try to deflect the accountability for his mistakes onto others and to a system for which he voted in favor. It is time to get on with life and forget the sour grapes."

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Big Cocky
American League All-Star David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox winner of the 2010 State Farm Home Run Derby during All-Star Weekend at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on July 12, 2010 in Anaheim, California.
(Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

So David Pops a Few Practice Balls Out off Tony Pena
And Now He Wants a Multi-Year Deal from John Henry & Co.?

ESPNBoston: David Ortiz Doesn't Want to Return for Just One Season
Will John Henry Buy Him Another Truck? Ortiz Wins Slam Dunk Contest
Ortiz Looked So Good, We Thought John Lackey Was Back on the Mound
It's Always a Good Time to Bitch About Your Contract. Sincerely, Pedro Martinez
The Home Run Derby: ESPN's Cheesiest Production Since LeBronapalooza
The Home Run Derby: Paying Homage to the Steroid Era Since 1996
This Just In: Jay-Z Keeping the Heat On Big Papi in Court

"I don't want one year. Why should I return for one year and go through the same [stuff] I'm going through now, just because it's my last year? No. I like to be left alone when I'm playing baseball. I know how to clean my [stuff] up." -- David Ortiz to Gordon Edes

Beyond a Shadow
of a Doubt

Darnell McDonald, Marco Scutaro and Kevin Youkilis of the Boston Red Sox celebrate Darnell McDonald's two-run home run during the game against the Toronto Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre on July 11, 2010 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
(Abelimages / Getty Images)

McDonald, Sox Deserve a Break Today

Boston 3, Toronto 2 | Some Relief Before Break
Run DMc, Ortiz Go Deep in Win
The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Was Stuck in a Bad Place
Daisuke Didn't Blow Up for Once
Bard Finishes Strong, Papelbon Gets Save No. 20
Injury Bug Finds Its Way to Beltre
Sat. Toronto 9, Boston 5 | Jays HR Bats Too Much for Boston
Lackey Is Officially a First Half Disappointment
Fri.: Boston 14, Toronto 3 | Sox Unload on the Road
Four Bombs More Than Enough Power for Lester

"When he first got here I think he was really trying to show he belonged in the big leagues. Now he knows he belongs, he knows he's valuable on our team. He's kind of taken it and run with it. He's been tremendous." -- Tito on superstar Darnell McDonald

DLsbury Shows Up ... Sox

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Ellsbury Rips Sox Docs, Defends Self

Adding Insult to Injuries
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Final All-Star Vote Goes to Swisher Over Youk

Red Sox Nation Won't Flex Its Muscle for the Most Deserving Candidate ...
Votto Goes for Reds, Too, So That Part Worked

Swept Under the Rug

A Tampa Bay Rays fan holds a broom after the Rays defeated the Boston Red Sox 6-4 to sweep a three-game baseball series Wednesday, July 7, 2010, in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Dome Spells Doom for Boston; Can the Season Be Saved?

St. Pete 6, Boston 4 | Sox Flop in the Trop
The Price of Gas Was Right On the Money
At Least Youk Isn't in a Boot or on Crutches... Yet
Positive Thinking: If You Just Count Hits, the Sox Won, 11-5
Could Have Used One of Those Cameron Hits The Other Night...
That's Just Wakefield Being Dice-K... and It's Not 1995 Anymore
Darnell McDonald Can't Do It All, But He Tries

"This is actually kind of a fun group right now. It's a good group to work with. We'll figure it out." -- Terry Francona ... good times...

Raise Your Hand

Youk Can Do It
(Globe and wire photos)

If You Helped Youk.


Hello Niuman

Niuman Romero can't save the day
(Harbinson Newman on Seinfeld)

Just Like the Mail ... The Injuries Never Stop
Youk Goes Down, Rays Win Again, Sox Slip Sliding Away

Tampa Rays 3, Boston 2 | No Gain, Just Pain for Sox
Evil Rash of Injuries Has Nation Turning Its Lonely Eyes to ... Niuman Romero
Things That Make You Go Hmmmm.... Ortiz in the Home Run Derby
Lefty Groove: Felix The Kid Did Alright in a Big Start
Everyday Rafael Soriano Should Break the Bank for Closers Eh Paps?
No Worries: Backett and DLsbury Expected to Return Someday
Any Openings on the DL for Okajima?

"[Youkilis's injury] was very unfortunate for them. But once that occurred, I said: 'Ortiz is done.'" -- Joe Ruthless, Rays Manager

Tito the Magician

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

ProJo: The Second Guessing Is Getting to Tito

Falling Apart
Daisuke Matsuzaka watches the game against the Tampa Bay Rays from the dugout during the third inning of their MLB American League baseball game in St. Petersburg

The World's Worst Investment Comes Undone Again,
Sox Drop to Third After Flop in the Trop

Tampa Bay 6, Boston 5 | Sox Stung By This Loss
Same Old Story: Matsuzaka Is a Five Inning Pitcher
Dice Dazed and Confused: Rays Bunt, Matsuzaka Punts
Smoke and Mirror Offense Cracks: Bats Go Bust with the Game on the Line
The Pedroia Problem: Bill Hall Can't Get to Balls
Eric the Great Night: 2 Homers by Patterson Wasted
That's a Theo Bullpen: 29 Runs in Last 30.1 for Relievers
Ramon Ramirez Reminder: Trading Deadline July 31
J.D. K

"He�s got to go to first, he�s got to take the out. We were set up to get the out at first. He knew that." -- Slow Hook Tito on another bad decision

Sox Life on the D-List

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

More Guys on the DL:
Buchholz Joins Varitek, DLcarmen as the Latest to Land in the Sox Hurt Box

A Look Back at the Bright Side

BDD / Frank Galasso

Photos: 2010 Red Sox All-Stars

Door Matts
The Red Sox Bill Hall reacts after being called out on strikes to end the second inning. Rays catcher Kelly Shoppach heads for the dugout. The Boston Red Sox take on the Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway Park
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Garza, Rays Walk All Over Sox

Tampa Ray 9, Boston 4 | Tamped down in Boston
The Replacements Rear Their Ugly Heads on Offense
And the Old Bullpen Collapse Checks In on Defense
Delcarmen, RamRam Ensure the Game Gets Completely Out of Reach
Good to See Dice-K Back in His First Inning Groove
About 60 People Remained to See the 8th Inning Rally
Let the Eric Patterson Era Begin
Et Tu, J.D. Drew?

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Rodriguez looks like the steal deal > Despite effort by Rodriguez, Red So fall > Tazawa has come a long way, on and off field

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Lauber: Eduardo Rodriguez showing Red Sox he's special > PawSox start looms large for Masterson


Rodriguez gem wasted > Chili Davis doesn't want to turn Red Sox into free-swingers > Red Sox draft catcher in third round

NY Post:

How Mariano Rivera has influenced Yankees' top pick > Why starting rotation could be a big Yankees' strength

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