Feather Duster

Jon Lester of the Boston Red Sox delivers to a Baltimore Orioles batter during the first inning at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on April 28, 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland.
(Rob Carr / Getty Images

Lester Shines in 14th Straight Win Over Birds

Boston 6, Baltimore 2 | Sox Fly Away
Who Else But Pedroia to Play a Little Small Ball?
Stop the Presses: Bats Bust Out for 13 Hits at Camden
AG Is On Pace to Give Us a Whopping 6 HRs for the Season
Another Ace Outing with Salty Behind the Dish
Bravo TV: Crawford Hits and Scores

"I just pitch well against this team. ... I just really don't know. I'm aware of the track record I have against them, but I don't know how to explain it." -- Lester does more vs. Baltimore

More Reasons Why DUI-Lowe Loved Drinking in the Back Bay ... No Driving

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Gordo Steps in and Comfortably Fills Remy's Shoes

Rally Bad Ending

Daniel Bard walks to the mound after giving up a single to Baltimore Orioles' Derek Lee in the eighth inning of a baseball game, Wednesday, April 27, 2011, in Baltimore. The Orioles won 5-4.

And They're Back in the Basement

Shops at K-Mart 5, Shops at Cartier 4 | It's Been a Bard Day's Night
Beckett Comes Completely Undone, Gives Up 2 Bombs, Won't Talk to TMZ
If You Blinked Over the Weekend, You Missed the Crawford Turnaround
Francona's Flatliners Find Another Way to Lose... Outfield Defense
Worst Offense Ever Makes Jeremy Guthrie Look Like Jim Palmer
CC Adds Another Tool to His Arsenal: Bouncing Into Double Plays
Penny Wise: Showalter Put the Sox Money Where His Mouth Is
Can We Get Back the Varitek that Was an Unfettered Mess?

"Obviously, that's a huge play [Ellsbury-Pedroia Bungle] any time you give them an extra out. It's not an error, but we didn't catch the ball." -- Tito ... who really wanted to say 'that's why I played Cameron in center!' ...

And Just for the Record, A Real Captain Doesn't
Send a Wingman Over to Talk to Girls for Him. Period.

Just 12 Wins to Go ...

Boston Dirt Dogs
(BDD Photo Illustration / D. Nickerson)

Baltimore Flop
Sox streak comes to a crashing halt
(Rob Carr / Getty Images | AP)

Rook Cooks Sox at Fenway South

Penny Savers 4, Best Team Money Can Buy 1 | Five Steps Forward, One Step Zach
6 Hits Out of the So-Called High-Powered Offense Won't Cut It
HR Fallout: Crawford Crawls Right Back in the Hole

"I thought I threw the ball better tonight than I did in the earlier game (against Oakland) when I got a win out of it. I felt like I was throwing all my pitches for strikes. They sat back and hit a couple of good curve balls." -- The Curious Case of Clay Buchholz falls to 1-3

Streak Over

Boston Dirt Dogs

Feelin' Groovy
John Lackey throws to the plate during the third inning of their Major League Baseball game against the Los Angeles Angels, Sunday, April 24, 2011, in Anaheim, Calif.

A Sweep, Another Shutout, and the Well Armed Machine
Comes Roaring Back East

Boston 7, Anaheim 0 | Skip Lackey's Back in Familiar Surroundings
The Pissed-Off-Bad-Beard-On Threw Like Brian Wilson for 8 Great Innings
We'll Never Forget Where We Were When Carl Crawford Hit That Home Run
Same Old Red Sox, Sweeping the Angels in Anaheim. Sincerely, Rex Ryan
Yo, Adrian! Getting Close to the San Diego Version in California

"That's the first time I've pitched in the rain here, I think. It was pretty crazy to warm up in the rain. But I've played in Boston for more than a year now, so I've gotten used to throwing in the rain." -- Lackey has to rain on our parade and remind us that we have the worst weather in the world in Boston

New Found Glory

Daisuke Matsuzaka  of the Boston Red Sox throws a pitch against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on April 23, 2011 at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California.
(Stephen Dunn / Getty Images)

The National Treasure Throws Another Gem

Boston 5, Worst Angels Team in Years 0 | Dice Rolls 1-Hitter Thru 8
Ells, Youk, JLoww Lead 11 Hit Attack for the Sox Mediocre Offense
If You Missed Saturday Night's Historic Bruins Double-OT Win over Habs,
NESN Proudly Showed You a Liverpool Soccer Replay Instead
2 More Slappy-Crappy Hits for Carl Crawford
The 39-Year-Old Catcher? Still Locked In
Told You So! Sincerely, Scott Boras
Thomas 2012

"He was hitting his spots, and it looked like those guys weren't feeling comfortable at the plate." -- Kevin Youkilis interpreting Dice-K's start

West Team Ever

Theeeee Red Sox win
(AP and Getty Images)

It's All Coming Together on the California Coast ...
a.k.a. It's Better to Be Lucky Than Good

Basement Boys 4, Monkey Business Goes Bankrupt 3 | Sox Starting to Look Better
Seven Innings or Les: The Big Lefty Finds a Way to Win Without Best Stuff Again
Car Accidents are Slowing Down to Watch Carl Crawford. Sincerely, Charlie Sheen
If Bobby Jenks Earned a 'Hold' Last Night, That's the Worst Stat Ever
And It Was the Angels Who Cleaned Up on David Ortiz
This Too Will Pass: Sox Just Need to Stick with Salty
Papelbon's Firing Away on All Free Agent Cylinders

"I remember back about the middle of that homestand, somebody asked me: 'What's the best way to get it going? And I said, 'A time or two through the rotation and have them give us a chance every night.' And that's exactly what's happened." -- Terry Francona.... Happy 52d!.... 52? ... Hmmm, Even Obama wants to see that birth certificate ...

Eleventh Ours
J.D. Drew, Carl Crawford, Dustin Pedroia, Marco Scutaro, and Jacoby Ellsbury of the Boston Red Sox celebrate after defeating the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in 11 innings at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on April 21, 2011 in Anaheim, California.
(Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Red Hot Red Sox Ride the Momentum from Montreal
And Take Down the Angels in Overtime

The Lineup of Musical Chairs 4, Real Guys of Orange County 2
Beckett and AG Can Cash Their Paychecks with Pride Today
So. Cal: Girls Were Girls and Men Were Men: 125 Pitches for JB
So I Guess Beckett Really Was Hurt and No One Bothered to Tell Us in 2010
No Truth to the Rumor that Jacoby Ellsbury Gave the Finger to Fans After 2-Run Single
Just What PoorCarlCrawford Needs, Angels Fans Throwing Cash at Him
Varitek's Making Crawford Look Like Ted Williams at the Plate
You Can't Stop JLoww, You Can Only Hope to Contain Him
Scutaro Joins the Uber Poular Under .200 Club
Now Crawford Has Held a Bat Before, Right?
Pedroia? Goes Without Saying
We're Watching Pap. Not Bad
J.D. Threw, Well

"That's the situation you want to be in, especially in extra innings. You know if you come through, you've got your closer coming in. I'll take 15 runners stranded with a W. Doesn't matter." -- Adrian Gonzalez... who looks right at home on the west coast

Road Warriors
The Boston Red Sox celebrate after they beat the Oakland Athletics at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on April 20, 2011 in Oakland, California.
(Ezra Shaw / Getty Images)

The Big Payroll Team Pounds Away in Oakland
Sox Road Woes Are Over for Now

Boston 5, Oakland 3 | They Take Won for the Road
Not His Best Start, But It Was Enough to Get Clay Started
Two Thumbs Up: Yoouuuuuk Starting to Hit Homers Again
Yet Another Hit, and Even an RBI from Carl Crawesome
Hall of Famer Jed Lowrie's Horrific Slump Is Officially Over
Is Varitek and His .050 Average Really an Option?
J.D. Drew Flying Under the Radar
Pap Slapped Around a Bit
Hat Tip: Daniel Bard

�He [Gonzalez] left a couple of pitches out over the plate and I got to capitalize on it... Buchholz threw the ball well today." -- Kevin Youkilis postgame

Red Sox remain winless on the road

Same Old Story: Young A's Arm Disarms Red Sox Offense
And the Umpires Are the Latest to Stick It to Boston

Oakland 5, Boston 0 | Anderson Shuts Windows, Lefty Outduels Lackey
Sox Drop to 0-7 Away From Fenway, Worst Road Start in Franchise History
This Just In: Hitting .179 on the Road Isn't Going to Get You 100 Wins
We'll See President Trump Sworn In Before This Team Wins 100 Games
Now That the JLoww Bandwagon Is Jam-Packed Full... He Goes 0-for-4
Hey Lack, Keep the Beard, and Add Brian Wilson's Filthy Two-Seamer
Maybe Youk Just Needs a Good Booing Before Today's Game?
Running Thoughts: A-Gon Makes Manny Look Like Carl Lewis
Gordo: Worst Case Scenario for Salty, Can Lowrie Catch?
E:60 Star Got a Hit... But He Had to Beat It Out
Welcome back Chokajima

"...What are you going to do? I just work here." -- John Lackey. Not happy about being skipped, leaving early, or having to throw over to first help Salty survive

And just for the record, that wasn't the first time Youk overreacted to hearing boos at Fenway: " 'The way [fans] treat some people is just wrong. If you're going to be a loyal fan, be a loyal fan through thick and thin. There are some great fans out there, but there are some fans that I really, honestly believe, they listen to WEEI and that's their final opinion. I honestly think WEEI is what some people believe is what their [own] opinions are. Being a true fan is sticking by your [players] when they're struggling, not booing him when he's coming into a 2-2 game in the eighth inning... He [Julian Tavarez] had no reason to tip his hat to them, they've treated him bad all year. I was watching him every step and was saying to Mark [Loretta], 'Please do not tip your cap.' That's how I felt, for him. I was mad for him, because if he tips his cap here, he's giving in. And that's what the fans do, they give in... I'd rather have no one at the field than people booing me all day... Of course, fans' booing means they care, which is certainly better than apathy, right? Do they really care? They care about the team, but when they boo a specific individual, do they really care about that person? No. If you boo somebody, it's like you despise them.' " -- Sept. 6, 2006, Kevin Youkilis was Irked by testy fans at Fenway five years ago

He's a Morning Person

Red Sox fans cheer for pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka at the end of the seventh inning

Keep the Matsuzaka Marathon Jokes on the Back Burner...
Along with the Boos

Boston 9, Toronto 1 | Dice O.K., Bats, Too
Thanks for the Hits Youk... But Stop Telling Us We Can't Boo Poor Performers
Minor Miracle: Crawford's Bat Finds the Ball and Hits the Wall
J.D. Leadoff... Not the Worst Idea in the World
Sam Fuld Wears Jed Lowrie Pajamas to Bed
Jury Still Out on AG
JLoww 2012

Yoouuuuuk still, shockingly, doesn't understand Boston, booing, or the last 100 Years of Red Sox baseball: �The one thing that was a little shocking is before the game he [Dice] got booed,... It�s funny how he came off the field and everyone was cheering. It�s kind of foot-in-the-mouth right there. But it�s good how he responded to that" -- In fact, it's so good how Dice responded that you could make an argument that Red Sox fans should gather in the bleachers before the game to boo him mercilessly in the bullpen before every Fenway start

�If I pitched badly, I thought there might not be another chance." -- Daisuke Matsuzaka... wonder if he was going to give back the money after his release...

It's Called Old Time Bruins Hockey

The Bruins Andrew Ference lands a solid left to the face of the Canadiens Benoit Pouliot late in the first period. The Boston Bruins visited the Montreal Canadiens in an NHL Playoff Game held at the Bell Centre.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Bruins Stay Alive with Must Win in Montreal

Here Come the Red Sox!

.D. Drew, center, celebrates with teammates, from left, Dustin Pedroia, Jed Lowrie, Carl Crawford and Jacoby Ellsbury after beating the Toronto Blue Jays 8-1 in the ninth inning of a major league baseball game, Sunday, April 17, 2011, in Boston.

It's Back-to-Back Wins for Boston
100 Victories Within Striking Distance

Best Team Ever 8, Sons of John Farrell 1 | Ellsbury, Salty Lead Sox to Fourth Win
Stop the Presses: The Banjo Hitting Ballclub Got a 3-Run Homer from Jacoby
Lester Pitches Just Well Enough to Grab a Rare Who-Cares-About-April? Win
Going, Going, Gone? Still Waiting for Gonzalez to Power Up
Larry Lucchino Got Into a Car Accident Today...
One Thing Is Certain, Carl Crawford Didn't Hit Him
And Who Knew Manny Played Better Left Field Defense?
I'll Have What Birthday Boy Jed Lowrie is Having

"Once it starts to go all together, it'll be scary." -- Jarrod Saltalamacchia, 2-for-4, 3 RBIs

JLoww and His Big Hits

Boston Red Sox shortstop Jed Lowrie (12) was in the lineup batting leadoff and he delivered. Here he is congratulated in the dugout after hitting a 2 run homer in the 2nd inning. Boston Red Sox take on the Toronto Blue Jays
(Barry Chin / Boston Globe Staff)

And Jed Lowrie Shall Lead the
Historic 2011 Red Sox Turnaround

Boston 4, Toronto 1 | Beckett OK for Second Straight Start
JLoww Goes 3-for-5, Big Home Run, Batting Leadoff, and Hitting .500
Don't Worry: Crawford Kept Warm with Jim Rice's Snuggie During the Game
Looks Like Mike Cameron Wants to Play a Little Bit
Paidrian Gonzalez Gets a Hit, Too

"The hits are there right now. That nice. But it all comes down to preparation. I'm really happy with my preparation." -- Jed Lowrie... Can you pass that preparation thing on to the rest of the team?

That Stinking Feeling

Things fell apart for Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Bobby Jenks (52) and the Sox relievers during the seventh inning.
(Barry Chin / Boston Globe Staff)

The Second Chance to Start the Season Begins
As Badly as the First Time Around

Second Place in AL East 7, Boooooooooo 6 | This Time They Come Undone in the 7th
Bobby Jenks Thinks He's Part of Ozzie Guillen's 2011 Blow-It-Up Bullpen
Adding Insult to Embarrassment: Sox Brass Makes Players Wear Childish Fan Hats
And the Godawful Red Circus Jerseys on a Night That Called for the Home Whites
He's Hitting .137, Making $142 Million, and It Looks Like the Worst Signing in History
Coco Crawful Can't Hit, Doesn't Hustle in Left, Gets Booed Last Night, Benched Today
Way Too Laid Back Gonzalez Must Have Left His Power Stroke on the Left Coast
Hey Curt Young, Sorry to Wake You, But Why Is Buchholz Going Backwards?
The Only Good News Regarding Salty: He's Not Making $142 or $154 Million
America's Most Beloved Advertising... Right Field Foul Line Be Damned!

"I probably could�ve jumped up at it [Travis Snider's RBI double] and given it that extra effort." -- Carl Crawful, stunningly not sure if he should be giving any extra effort to jump start the slip sliding away Red Sox

BDD Photo Illustration / Joshua Coles
(BDD Photo Illustration / Joshua Coles)

Too Early to Get Cocky?

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Adrian Gonzalez Hits It Big with $154 Million, 7 Year Deal
Maybe Now He'll Actually Hit the Left Field Wall with a Ball
Fans Take Sox Ownership to the Woodshed, Air Dirty Laundry on Tickets:
Sam Talks 'Affordable' Seats, But Doesn't Mention Arrangement with Ace Ticket

Gordo: Dice Is to Blame for His Own Failure
Can't Wait Until the Writers Start Talking Tough, Demanding Trades,
and Slamming Guys Who Can Read and Speak English, Too.
Home Run King Hank Aaron Is Free from Bonds* at Last
Knapp: Bonds' Own Words Come Back to Convict Felon
Oh My: Finn Wants to Send Manny to the Hall of Fame

Sheen's Message to Red Sox Fans: 'Relax'

Sheen at 98.5

The One Man Show and Longtime Baseball Fan Thinks the Sox Have Too Much Talent to Remain in Baseball's Basement

At least one baseball fan thinks the Red Sox are going to start Winning! eventually.

After his performance at Boston University's Agganis Arena Tuesday night, Charlie Sheen and part of his entourage traveled over to Brighton at 12:30 a.m. and the explosive entertainer went on air live with 98.5 The Sports Hub's �Toucher and Rich�� for about 90 minutes.

When he entered the studio, Sheen saw the Red Sox-Rays rebroadcast on TV and was informed that the Red Sox had the worst record in baseball. "Oh, that will change," he replied.

On the sports front, the 45-year-old Sheen talked about his plans to star in "Major League 3."

"We're definitely doing that, it's just a question of when." Sheen said. "The script's fabulous. It's excellent. It's really good... Pretty much everybody [is coming back from the original cast of "Major League"] except sadly James Gammon (who played manager Lou Brown), who's no longer with us."

Hosts Fred Toucher and Rich Shertenlieb convinced Sheen to make a few phone calls to some of his sports and celebrity contacts. They were soon live on the air with former New York Mets star Lenny Dykstra, whose memorable ballclub came from behind, two games to none, and beat the Red Sox in seven games to win the 1986 World Series. The former Mets catalyst talked about hitting Oil Can Boyd's third pitch of Game 3 of the '86 Series into the right field seats at Fenway Park.

"Actually, it was the first time in my career I tried to hit a home run," Dykstra said from California. "And I did... I tried to do something to shut the crowd down so I turned on a piece of cheese from Oil Can Boyd.... those were good times."

Sheen also had Shaq's number in his contact list, but did not make a call to the sitting Celtics center.

Later during the on-air Q&A, one caller wanted to know what Sheen would say to the Red Sox and their fans about the team's bad start.

"I'd tell everybody to shut up, that they'll bounce back," Sheen said. "It's a long season and there's a ton of talent there and a really bitchin' hitter's park they play in. Relax."

The controversial sit-com actor turned headline maker turned stage performer also shared his thoughts about possibly owning a baseball team himself someday.

"My friends have come up to me and said 'Hey, let's put a group together and buy the Dodgers,' and I said, 'Or, we could just go to a few games this year and go home and not worry about it and just enjoy them," Sheen said. "It just seems like more headaches than it's worth."

On the showbiz side, Sheen talked about being vilified by CBS prior to getting fired from the comedy "Two and a Half Men" for having a lifestyle that "that the show was created behind."

"It was a little disappointing," Sheen said. "Had they [CBS] told me, like toward the end of season eight, that suddenly that [behavior] wasn't going to be cool, then I would have adjusted my behavior, but they forgot to mention that."

Sheen also said he's been in discussions with CBS about returning to the hit series and said there is an "85 percent" probability that he will be coming back to start working on the show by August. "There've been discussions, but I was asked not to divulge anything," Sheen said of a potential return to the series.

"...If they [CBS] had to keep the money train going without me, they'd want to do that with somebody else," Sheen said when asked about the possibility of someone replacing him on the show. "But this is a bit time-sensitive as far as having to make the announcement at the up-fronts [advertising agency lineup presentation] in like mid-May. So it's either the show with me, ,the show with someone else, or just no show. So I don't know. Whatever happens, it's going to be radical...

"But I'm doing everything I can right now to make good and give the people what they want which is me on that show... I have tremendous faith that they're going to do the right thing." Sheen, who filed a $100 million lawsuit against Warner Bros. and "Two and a Half Men" producer Chuck Lorre, also said he is not currently receiving syndication payments for the re-runs that air daily.

Dead Last
The Red Sox offense of lack thereof
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff and AP)

More Days in 30th Place
The Worst Record in Baseball Belongs to the Best Team Ever

Without Manny and Longoria 3, The Losing LeBrons 2 | And the Beat Goes On
Even Charlie Sheen Left Early When He Could See the Rays Were Winning!
John Lackey Better Be Wearing His Sam Fuld Pajamas to Bed Tonight
Johnny Be Good Again. The Curse of Booing a 2004 Hero Continues
Adrian Gonzalez Moves Slower Than My Grandmother's Dinosaur
One Small Move to Stop the Free Fall: Play Lowrie Everyday
No Patience, No Power, and Now Batting .152. It's Just Crawful
Too Bad We Couldn't Sign a Righthanded LF Werth the Money
The Right Stuff? The Sox Didn't Have It and Paid the Price
Jon Lester Pitched Well... Just Well Enough to Lose
Kevin Youkilis Picked a Fine Time to Come Undone
Home Run DMc

"We need a night where we show up and just pound the baseball ..." -- Jon Lester ... puts the stink back on Dustin Pedroia and the offense

From Bad to Worse: Sox Skipping Lackey and Going with Dice-K Monday
More Good News for the Sox! LeBron James' Jersey Is the NBA's Best Selling
LeBron's Our Co-Worker! NY Times Confirmed as 2d Largest Shareholder in Liverpool
Project Zach: Fundraiser to Win Red Sox Tickets | Hardball: Rise of Retired Numbers

The End of an Error?

Daisuke Matsuzaka steps into the dugout after being removed from the baseball game against the Tampa Bay Rays during the third inning in Boston, Monday, April 11, 2011. Matsuzaka allowed seven earned runs on eight hits in his outing.

'Hello Pedro? It's Theo. Matsuzaka? Sayonara.'

Curse of Booing Johnny Damon 16, The Fading LeBrons 5 | Dice Lit Up Early and Often
Remember When We Tracked Dice-K on John's Plane? That Was Awesome.
Love Him or Hate Pinstripes: That's Just Johnny Damon Being Johnny Damon
The Seibu Lions Are Laughing Their Asses Off on Their Gold Plated Toilets
Yep, Papi Is the Only AL Player with at Least 1 Triple for 12 Straight Years
More Good News: CC Scratches Out Two Hits to Raise His Average to .163
Sam Fuld. Sox Fold.

"A magnificient effort by everyone!" -- John Henry on today's game via Facebook... Liverpool-Manchester City, not Sox-Rays...

At the End of the Night, It Was a Great Day for the Red Sox

(Getty Images Photo)

Hey, 3-out-of-4 Ain't Bad!

Liverpool Crushed Manchester City 3-nil ... That's Like 16-5 in Baseball
New Edition LeBron James Knocked in 34 for the Heat Down in Atlanta
Carl Edwards Regained His Rightful Spot Atop the NASCAR Standings
And There Was the Little Problem of Lighting $103 Million on Fire

Sign of the Times

Boston Dirt Dogs
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Boston Has a Message for Theo This Morning

Boo Who? Cheer Up!

Oct. 20, 2004: Johnny Brings Down the House that Ruth Built
(Oct. 20, 2004: Getty Images Photo)

Stand. Because Johnny Damon Delivered.

"I guess whenever you put on the Yankees uniform they get upset about it. I get booed. They absolutely despise me. I just have to say, �You�re welcome for �04. You�re welcome for making it fun again over there.� �� -- Red Sox hero Johnny Damon to writers in Chicago yesterday

"I just can't imagine anyone wanting to boo Johnny Damon... all he did was hustle here for four years." -- 4.30.06, Peter Gammons

"The right thing to do is a raucous standing ovation... show some class. Show some common sense." -- 4.30.06, The Boston Globe's Bob Ryan

�I think he�s gonna get a lot of cheers, you�re gonna have your boo-birds, (but they'll) kinda get drowned out by a lot of applause because he's done so much for this club.� -- 4.27.06, former Red Sox center fielder Coco Crisp

"First time up, standing ovation." -- 4.30.06, The RemDawg

"The ideas emanating from the lunatic fringe of Red Sox Nation � that Damon is a 'traitor,' that he has gone from 'Jesus to Judas,' that he should be called 'Demon' instead of 'Damon' � are not worthy of serious discussion." -- 4.30.06, Ken Rosenthal, Foxsports.com

"I think the fans will cheer for what we accomplished the last few years, and boo the fact that I'm a Yankee." -- 4.30.06, Johnny Damon

" 'I think he's probably going to get a heavy booing. You go from Red Sox Nation to a big Yankee. I'm sure there will be a lot people who will cheer him, but I think you'll hear pretty loud boos. That's just how the fans are... No one ever leaves their job for a job that pays more money, 'Why would [fans] understand? We're just overpaid, spoiled kids.' " -- 5.1.06, Keith Foulke, his words dripping with sarcasm

Oct. 20, 2004: Damon gets hugged after hitting his second home run of the night in the Bronx to send the Red Sox to the World Series.
(Oct. 20, 2004: Boston Globe Staff Photo / Stan Grossfeld)

Boston Never Forgets One of the 25

Oct. 20, 2004:
Home plate umpire Randy Marsh, New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada, and Johnny Damon of the Red Sox watched Damon's second inning grand slam home run during the seventh and final game of the American League Championship Series between the Sox and the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium.
(Oct. 20, 2004: Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Give It Up for the Guy Who Gave His All ... All the Time

Oct. 6, 2003: Damon gave a wave to the fans as he was put into an ambulance after colliding with Damian Jackson in Game 5 of the ALDS.
(Oct. 6, 2003: Boston Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)

Thanks for the Memories Johnny

Feb. 22, 2005: The scene at the Red Sox minor league facility looked more like a rock concert than a sporting venue, and at no time did it more so than when Johnny Damon came out of the clubhouse and made his way to the field. With his hair flowing out of his hat, he was surrounded by screaming fans on his left, some young, some old, some male, some female.
(Feb. 22, 2005: Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

A Look Back at the Life and Good Times of Johnny Damon

Johnny Be Good
(Boston Globe Advertisement )

No, Really, The Pleasure Was All Ours, Johnny

Beck in the Saddle Again
Red Sox starting pitcher Josh Beckett is pumped after 2B Dustin Pedroia made a nice play to retire the Yankees Brett Gardner to end the top of the third inning and get him out of a jam. The Boston Red Sox hosted the New York Yankees at Fenway Park.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Red Sox Win the Series! Red Sox Win the Series!

Final: Boston 4, New York Nothing | Sox Had an Ace in the Hole
Tonight We're Gonna Party Like It's 2007: Josh Dominates Yankees Like the Old Days
Beckett Strikes Out 10 Bombers with the Big Powerball, Sharp Curve
While You Were Reading This Captain Dustin Pedroia Got On Base
Who Who Scutaro Comes Through with Clutch Two Run Double
Cam-for-Ells Slow Roller Knocks in a Run
Hey Pedey, They Pitched Better
We're Sick of A-Rod, Too
'Tek's Off the Market

" 'Tek and I were really clicking. We do that a lot." -- Josh Beckett makes it clear who he wants catching him for the rest of the season, 'Teknically speaking

Carl Crawful
The Red Sox Carl Crawford reacts after he grounded out in the first inning. Yankees 1B Mark Teixeiratosses the ball around the infield in the backround. The Boston Red Sox hosted the New York Yankees at Fenway Park.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

0-for-5 Drops CC to a Woeful .132
$142 Million Goes 1-for-15 vs. Yankees at Fenway
What's Going Wrong Here?

Hey, Must Be the Money!

Boston Dirt Dogs
(BDD Photo)

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Thanks, Partner!

LeBron's new partners applaud
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Team Owner LeBron James Takes Care of Business
Against Your Boston Celtics

LeBron leads Heat over Celtics

Heat on Fenway Sports Group 100, Celtics 77
James Scores a Game-High 27 Points, Adds 7 Assists, 5 Rebounds, and
4 Steals for John Henry, Tom Werner, and the Investors of Fenway Sports Group

""[This partnership] enables us to apply our team and brand marketing experience to elevate ... LeBron to new heights� -- Red Sox chief operating officer Sam Kennedy

The Team Formerly Known as The Red Sox
Updates the Org Chart, Again

Your team's org chart
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Clay Buchholz heads back to the mound after giving up a 3 run homer in the 4th. Boston Red Sox take on the New York Yankees at Fenway Park.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

The 100 Win Wonders Start Out 1-and-7

Another Defeat of Clay as Lucky Buchholz Gets Bombed at Fenway
New York 9, The Stumbling LeBrons 4 | After One Step Forward, One Giant Step Back
Doubront and Aceves Make Us Miss Us Yearn for Okajima and Delcarmen
Sox Starters ERA 7.46 and Rising Daily, Batting .215 as a Team
Thinking Out Loud: Maybe Crawford Could Bat 10th?
Ellsbury Plays His Way Into a Day Off on Sunday
Jed Lowrie for President!
Shaughnessy: In Need of Something

"We've got to pitch better, man." -- Dustin Pedroia says the pitchers are to blame for this mess... not the Left on Base Kings

Number Won
4/8/2011-Red Sox home opener-Sox vs Yankees .. In the 2nd inning, Dustin Pedroia slides in safely at home on a single by Sox Adrian Gonzalez past the tag of Yankees catcher Russell Martin. Umpire Mark Wegner made the call. Sox Kevin Youkillis (left rear) cheers.
(John Tlumacki / Boston Globe Staff)

There Really Is No Place Like Home

Boston 9, New York 6 | Sox Bust Loose at Fenway
Well, Crawford Not So Much... But Pedey, AG, Papi, Drew, Salty Get It Done
Lackey Again Pitches to Contact... Instead of Contract

The King's Speech?

Theo Epstein BDD

Rumors Swirl That Team Owner LeBron James
Wrote Theo's Rally Speech Yesterday

Theo Epstein was not about to hold back when manager Terry Francona asked the Sox GM if he thought the ballclub would win one more game: "Not one, not two, not three, not four," Epstein said. And he wasn't finished. "Not five, not six, not seven. ..." The locker room roared.

Gone Manny Gone

Boston Dirt Dogs, Goodbye Manny
(Globe and Wire Photos)

So Long, My Man
Manny Ramirez Retires After Getting Caught Cheating, Again.
The Fun Is Done.

Not Even Sure If He Could Purchase a Ticket to View the Hall of Fame at This Point
Manny Was Bangin' 7 Ounce Needles a Night in Cleveland and Finishing Them
Because That's How He Rolled. Sincerely, Charlie Sheen
Yep. He Was the Manny of Old This Spring All Right
With Plenty of 'Splainin' to Do... He's Off to Spain
One Last Time for the Road: Manny Being Manny | What a Career

And Thanks Again For Those Two Tainted Titles

Boston Dirt Dogs
(BDD Photo Illustration)

We Got This!
Sox Will Crush the Yankees in Opener
(Boston Dirt Dogs / Jamison Odone Illustration)

The Fighting LeBrons Set to Crush Yankees in Home Opener

John Henry's Store-Bought Offense Will Shine Like the April Sun Today
John Lackey Is Going to Earn Every Penny of His Insane Contract Today
The Boston Defenders Will Catch Every Ball That's Hit in Play Today
Phil Hughes Will Cry and Crumble Before He Takes the Field Today
Carl Crawford Will Be a One Hundred Forty Two Million Dollar Player Today
Adrian Gonzalez Will Tattoo the CVS Mini Clinic Sign on the Left Field Wall
Fans Will Line Up to Take Photos of the New Cement Floor in the Concourse
And Terry Francona Will Manage Like Brad Mills Is Calling the Shots Next to Him

I'm Hatin' It

McDonald... Not Your Kind of Place...

Cleveland 1, Bustin' 0 | Road Killed in Ohio, Sox Swept Away Again
Curse of LeBron Kills Sox as Cleveland Rocks Winless World Beaters
Squeeze Play, Blown Calls Join the Pile on Party
'Best Team Never' Comes Home Empty Handed
Yes, Les Showed More

"We certainly were aware it could happen [squeeze for a run]... They're not going to tell us. You pick your poison, they executed it, and it hurts.

"He [Darnell McDonald] went around second like he was supposed to and he just slipped and when you're playing like we are... every mistake mounts. we have to start playing like when someone slips it doesn't cost us a ballgame." -- Terry Francona postgame on NESN

Now Playing ...

(BDD Photo Illustration / S. Garberg)

We're All In... A Deep...

Boston Dirt Dogs
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Now Pitching for the Boston Red Sox

Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration
(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

Yes, Virginia, John Henry and Tom Werner Really Did Jump in Bed with One of the Most Hated Athletes in Boston, the World, and the History of Sport

LeBron, Sox Team Up | Eric Wilbur: King Con
John Tomase: 'There's Good Money in Blood Diamonds, Too'
No Truth to the Rumor That Curt Young Now Reports Directly to LeBron
Mirror Football: Handy Guide for Mr. South Beach As He Prepares to Visit Anfield
This Just In: LeBron's Mom Arrested Early Morning in Miami...
Tom Werner Now Writing the Official Statement on the Arrest ...

Mr. Henry: I want to say one word to you. Just one word.
LeBron: Yes, sir.
Mr. Henry: Are you listening?
LeBron: Yes, I am.
Mr. Henry: China.
LeBron: Just how do you mean that, sir?

Low Five
Deep Six
Home plate umpire Dale Scott, right, tells Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek that Cleveland Indians' Travis Buck is safe at home plate in the sixth inning in a baseball game, Wednesday, April 6, 2011, in Cleveland. Buck scored on a fielders choice for Michael Brantley. The Indians won 8-4.

Losing Streak Is Alive at Five
Mistakes Deep-Six Sox Again
Team in Complete Disarray

Cleveland 8, Loston 4 | Best Team Never Ever Wins
Asdrubal Cabrera Puts an End a Big Market Teams' World Series Dream
Hit Me With Your Best Shot: A Devastating Bullpen Collapse by Sox, Dennys
Dream Team Batting Ave. .190, ERA 8.33, Games Left to Play: Only 157
I Think We Need to Have a Team FSG Meeting. Sincerely, LeBron James
WE WON'T REST Until We're 0-6. All In?
The Captain Was Confused

"This game will humble you in a hurry and it's doing that to us right now. We've got to start acting like a good team... We've got to find a way to win a game. I don't think many of us is going to sleep, so we might as well go ahead and play pretty soon. ... We can't feel sorry for ourselves." -- Terry Francoma (and "Francoma" was trademarked right here Charlie Sheen, as was Garciapopup, Dice-K, J-Bay, Rent-a-Wreck, and many more!)

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Charlie Sheen Made a New
T-Shirt in Cleveland

(BDD / cowbellposse.com Photo Illustration)

'Duh! Losing!'
Dustin Pedroia collects bats in the dugout after the Red Sox lost to the Cleveland Indians 3-1 in a baseball game Tuesday, April 5, 2011, in Cleveland.

Sox Coin a New Catch Phrase in Cleveland
The 'Best Team Never' Drops to an Ugly 0-4
And If They Don't Make History, They're History

Cleveland 3, Bad News Bears 1 | And Now the Offense Is Killing Us
Did You Know? No Team Has Won the World Series After Starting 0-4?
Josh Tomlin: Salary: $417,200. How's That Taste, Theo? Sincerely, Buck Showalter
Looked Like Another Progressive Field Sell Out. Sincerely, Red Sox PR Dept.
So Much for Beckett's Soft Landing ... 106 Pitches in Just 5 Innings
The Plane Truth: Sox Fans Getting Sick After This Rough Flight
More Good News: Crawford's Skittish on Defense, Too
Coming to an Also-Ran Near You: Closer Bobby Jenks
So Who Was That Guy With the 'C' on His Uniform?
How Long Can They Hide Scutaro at Short?
Carl Crawful ...Meet Edgar Rent-a-Wreck
Salty's Not Catching On

"We need some kind of spark right now. It's a little surprising, frustrating. We've got high hopes for this season." -- Carl Crawford... was supposed to be the spark

"You can't say this wasn't expected to a certain degree. Lots of new parts on this squad. There is always a chance (and almost certainty) that a team will lose 4 games in a row at least once in their season. However, what's most concerning is the god awful pitching. This was a group a few short years ago that was characterized by determination and guts. Now it just looks like a culture of laziness and bitterness." -- Big Bill H.

"Jacoby Ellsbury should be renamed 'Trade Bait.' His constant upper cut swing brings back Memories of Garciapopup ... Hey Jacoby 'YO NO BIG PAPI,' BUNT THE BALL!!! Any way we can get Reymond Fuentes back from San Diego for Ellsbury straight up? -- Joe

Boston Dirt Dogs - Mike Briggs Illustration

And the Annual Spring Break in Fort Myers Is Killing Them
in April for the Second Year in a Row, Too

"It's not a lot of fun. But I don't think anyone is going to feel sorry for us. We've got to play the game right and things will work out." -- Terry Cloth Francona

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Moment of Truth

Boston Dirt Dogs -- Sheen and Beckett

Two Controversial Former Stars of the Small Screen Take Center Stage in Cleveland Tonight Hoping to Stop the Bleeding

Charlie Sheen's 'Violent Torpedo of Truth' Tour Hits Cleveland Tonight
Will the Indians Hit Beckett's Fastball As Well?
Will the Red Sox Start 'Winning'?

Now on Display at the MFA

BDD Photo Illustration / Mr. Punchy
(BDD Photo Illustration / Mr. Punchy)

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Michael Felger on Beckett: 'He's a Fake Texas Tough Guy'
BostInnovation: Predictive Modeling: Can a Healthy Red Sox team Win It All?

Sweep in the Heart of Texas
A fan waves a broom as others stand in the closing minutes of an MLB baseball game between the Boston Red Sox and the Texas Rangers on Sunday, April 3, 2011, in Arlington, Texas. The Rangers won 5-1, sweeping the Red Sox in the Rangers' weekend season opener.

The Buch Doesn't Stop Here
Clay Makes It Another Home Run Derby
And It's a Texas Fold 'Em for the 'Best Team Never'


Texas 5, Boston 1 | Homers on the Rangers Complete Sweep
While You Are Reading This, The Rangers Hit Another Homer Off a Red Sox 'Ace'
Get Him Gonzo: AG 0-for-4, Joins Part-of-the-Problem Crowd for a Day. Ells, Too
Who Saw That Coming? Carl Crawfordable at $142M Gets Dropped Down to 7th
And He Comes Through with His First Two Boston Hits and an RBI
Dirt Napoli: 11 HRs By Rangers Put Sox Six Feet Under
What's Hot: "100 Losses!", What's Not: "100 Wins!"
At Least Papelbon Hasn't Changed
So Salty's Gonna Hit, Right?
Et Tu, Clay? Really?

"We got outplayed all the way around. They hit better than us, they pitched better than us. Now we've got to regroup and get us a win so we can feel better about ourselves." -- Terry Francona, Red Sox manager... for now...

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Texas Game Saw Massacre
John Lackey sits in the dugout after he was pulled from the game in the fourth inning of the baseball game against the Texas Rangers in Arlington, Texas, Saturday, April 2, 2011.

John Gets Shellackeyed. Texas Two Steps Backward.

Texas 12, Greatest Team Ever 5 | Arlington Road is Another Dead End for Sox
Violent Torpedo of Truth: Charlie Sheen Had a Better Night Than John Lackey
Meet the New John Lackey, Same as the Old John Lackey
No. It Wasn't a Good Idea to Set the Stage for Adrian Beltre
Is Carl Crawford Collapsing Under the Weight of a $142 Million Contract?
Dan Wheeler Looks Like a Theo Epstein Bullpen Pickup All Right
Lucky Buchholz, the Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes to You
Stop the Bleeding and Move AG Up Front in the Order, Tito
More Good News: NESN to Force Liverpool's 2-1 Loss to West Brom
Down Your Throat Tonight at 8

"If he [Josh Hamilton] hits a ball and you asked me why I didn't walk him, I wouldn't have had a good answer. He has had so much success against Lack." -- Tito, on the hot seat already

The home crowd is out of their seats after the Rangers Mike Napoli (rounding the bases in the backround) has just hit a three run home run off of Red Sox starter Jon Lester in the fourth inning to put Texas ahead 5-4.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

It's a Texas Mess for Openers

Texas 9, Boston 5 | Can't Win 100 Until You Win No. 1
Lester Gives Up 3 Homers, Strikes Out Zero Batters, But Hits 2 Guys
So Carl Crawford Is Basically Lee Tinsley With a Bigger Contract?
It's Been a Bard Days Night and He Was Pitching Like a Dog
Why Can't We Get Guys Like David Murphy, Lobie?
Papi Can Hit Some of the Lefties, Some of the Time
Can't Blame This One on Beckett or Papelbon
Bright Side: AG OK

"I really don't care about April. It's nice to go out and pitch well, but at the end of the year, everything speaks for itself. It sucks at the time, but everything pretty much speaks for itself at the end of the year. I'll get going when I get going. I don't know what it is. I don�t know what to do. I've done different things each year, and I'll just go about it this year and see what happens." -- Jon Lester when asked about his slow starts in April upon arrival in Fort Myers in February

A Baseball Man

Lou Gorman, Boston Red Sox executive vice president of baseball operations, smiles as he announces his retirement during an Tuesday January 23, 1996 news conference at Fenway Park in Boston. Gorman, the team's former general manager, was involved in professional baseball for nearly 35 years.
(AP File)

Rest in Peace Lou Gorman (1929-2011)

Former Red Sox GM Dies at 82
Before Theo and the Duke, There Was Lou

"The sun will rise, the sun will set, and I�ll have lunch." -- 1987, Red Sox GM Lou Gorman when asked what might happen if he didn't reach a contract agreement with the great Roger Clemens

"Where would we play Willie McGee?" -- 1990, Red Sox GM Lou Gorman when asked why the Red Sox didn't complete a deal for outfielder Willie McGee

Breaking News from England: John Henry to Sell Liverpool Reds

(Stan Grossfeld / Boston Globe Staff)

Red Sox Owner Plans to Unload Liverpool Football Club
and Get Back to Baseball in Boston

April 1, 2011, 8:57 a.m. E.D.T.: With the start of the Red Sox season just hours away, Liverpool Football Club (LFC) and Boston Red Sox owner John Henry is putting the Liverpool Reds up for sale immediately. Henry, who purchased LFC for $476 million in October, is "looking for upwards of $1 billion" for the venerable 118-year-old English Premier League franchise.

"I'm done with this," Henry wrote in an e-mail to Boston Dirt Dogs earlier this morning from his estate in London. "Between the godawful weather over here, all the time... you thought I looked pale in Boston? You should see me now, but I digress... the always terrible food, Linda [Pizzuti] running up credit cards at Christie's, Bonhams, and Sotheby's on a daily basis... Tom [Werner] wandering around the streets of London all day, no idea what to do... this antiquated Anfield dump we have to watch these matches in... you thought Fenway Park was old? This place makes Fenway look like Cowboys Stadium..."

But Henry insisted that the overriding reason he is selling the soccer team is that he misses baseball and living in Boston.

"They flew me back for the Adrian Gonzalez press conference, and I didn't even know where I was," Henry said. "I was spending every waking moment worrying about this freakin' soccer team... a team that's scored just one goal in its last three matches!... So I started to realize then just how out of touch I was with America, the Red Sox, and all that was happening back in Boston.

"When we bought the team in 2001, I said at the time that the Boston Red Sox are a special franchise that deserved special attention and stewardship. Well somewhere along the way, while we were building Fenway Sports Ventures or whatever it is we're calling it, I lost my way. At the end of the day, I'm a baseball guy, not a soccer guy. It's the most boring game on earth... I learned the hard way. Did you know they don't use their hands, at all?!?"

Henry also said that others in the Red Sox organization pushed him into the Liverpool purchase when Tom Hicks and George Gillett were forced to sell to repay 200 million pounds of the club�s 351 million pounds of debt.

"Tom [Werner], but I think this was [former NESN chief] Joel Feld talking, said this soccer thing was going to be big on NESN, that we would 'knock Comcast out of the ring'... was what I think he said at the time. Well guess what? You can take soccer, the NASCAR nonsense, Dirty Water TV, Pocket Change, NESN Daily, all our award-winning programming... and the numbers are still smaller than the number of goals the Reds score on a weekly basis... Baseball is the only thing that gets us ratings on NESN.

"So my plan is to get the 'For Sale' signs up everwhere, gas up my plane, and land back in Boston in time to see Lester throw his first pitch in Texas. I'm back baby!"

And the Winner Is

Boston Dirt Dogs Most Beloved Red Sox players
(Globe File and Wire Photos)

Who's the Most Beloved of Them All?

Since '67: Vote for Your Favorite Red Sox Player
Cameron Starts Opener, AG Bats 5th, Salty, Ortiz to Face Texas Lefty
Welcome to Fenway Park... Home of the $30 Martini?

BDD is a feature of Boston.com. All posts are by Steve Silva unless otherwise indicated.

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Rodriguez gem wasted > Chili Davis doesn't want to turn Red Sox into free-swingers > Red Sox draft catcher in third round

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How Mariano Rivera has influenced Yankees' top pick > Why starting rotation could be a big Yankees' strength

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