Butler Did It
Butler follows through on a three-run home run against the Boston Red Sox during the fourth inning of a baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston Thursday, July 28, 2011.

Sox Killer Goes Deep for 3d Game in a Row
Sox Drop Another One to Hapless Royals

Kansas City 4, Boston 3 | Sox a Bit Short
Beckett Seen Crying Like Dylan Sylvia in Clubhouse After Game
Warning Track Power for Mr. Disappointment
Gonzo Pads Average with Two More Singles
Costly Move: Drew Sutton in for Cal Crawford in Left
Is Hochevar Available at the Trade Deadline?
Bright Spot: Pedroia 25

"Good thing there's no Green Monster in right field or we'd be talking about a 5-4 Red Sox win." -- Jeff Francoeur on Carl Crawford's little fly ball

Grand Ole Papi

Boston Dirt Dogs
(Barry Chin / Boston Globe)

David Goes Deep with Bases Jacked; KC Goes Down Easy

Boston 12, Kansas City 5 | Sox Crown Royals
John Lackey Keeps Racking Up the Wins
That's the Bruce Chen We Remember Spot-Starting for Pedro
Ellsbury Playing Like He's Making Carl Crawford Money
24 Game Streak for Pedroia and Counting
3 More Hits for Singles Gonzalez

�It�s a compliment. It�s something you don�t think about right now when you�re playing. But when you�re done, you kind of sit down and say, �Well, I did OK.� �� -- David Ortiz on getting 1,000 RBIs with the Sox

Clean Upgrade
Pedroia gets a hit against the Kansas City Royals on July 26, 2011 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts
(Elsa / Getty Images)

The Muddy Chicken Is Playing Like an MVP Again,
Keeps Hitting Streak Alive, Leads Sox to Win,
And Is Walking Tall in the Cleanup Spot

Boston 13, K.F.C. 9 | Pedroia, Ortiz Lead the Way to Win
And That's Zero Home Runs for the Home Run Derby Boys Since the Break
Now Comes Trade Deadline Time, Thanks Andrew Miller, This Bud's Not For You
Long, Late Night Turns to Long Day Followed By Another Big Night for David Ortiz
Bob Ryan, Steve Buckley Scramble to Write About the Streak of Del Pratt in '22
At the End of the Day, Alfredo Aceves is 6-1

"He's a position player. He's just happy to get it over the plate. I hit it pretty good, but I can't supply that much power." -- Pedroia on not being able to hit outfielder Mitch Maier's 80 mph slider over the wall to complete the cycle

MarcOh No!
After Scutaro had been tagged out to end the 12th inning as he tried to stretch a single into a double, (and he possibly missed a squeeze sign while at the plate that resulted in Reddick being thrown out) as he waited for the next inning to begin as he crouched near his SS position
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Scutaro Didn't Have His Head In the Game, Blows Suicide Sign
Reddick, Red Sox Left for Dead in the Middle of the Night

Can-sas City 3, Boston 1 | Chances Are ... Blown
Crawford Costs Sox a Win with 0-6 Effort, Clutch Strikeout
And That's Just One Extra-Base Hit for AG Since Home Run Derby
And Now We Can't Even Count on Randy Williams to Hold the Fort in the 14th
Youk Pulls Up Lame, Sox Play Downplay Game
Did You See That Catch Reddick Made?

"I just didn't see the sign. My fault. I didn't see the sign." -- Marco Scutaro, who's paid handsomely to see the sign ...

Shot in the Arm

Red Sox starter Jon  Lester keeps the Royals Melky  Cabrera close with a pick off throw to first base in the first inning.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Lester Return Provides Boost

Lester Looks Good in Return
Sun Comes Up, Sun Goes Down, Josh Reddick Drives in a Run
Catch 22: Pedroia's Hitting Streak Alive and Well
Game On After Crawford's Wayward Cutoff

The Curious Case of J.D. Drew

J.D. Drew

The End of An Error?

By Ron Sen, BDD contributor, founder Red Sox Reality Check

As we approach the end of the J.D. Drew era, what can we conclude about the enigmatic right fielder? His Churchillian 'finest hour' came during the 2007 post-season, with a critical grand slam against Fausto Carmona. At other times, he was capable of carrying the team with mercurial, epic heights; occasionally, although playing hard he seemed indifferent.

We love guys who wear their heart on their sleeve. Kevin Youkilis disappoints. He punishes equipment and looks penitent and fretful. Dustin Pedroia strikes out and curses the day he was born. He even gets a base hit and spins around while running to scream at the umpire over perceived indignity. But Drew approaches the marathon with as even-temper as is humanly possible. He seems to be a machine, one that gets good jumps on balls hit his way, throws accurately and well, hits the cutoff man, and runs the bases with quiet efficiency.

Baseball is a game of failure. Three successes of ten at the plate make you an all-star. Four of ten hasn't occurred for seventy years. We have blown saves, caught stealing, missed signs and other transgressions. And to quote George Carlin, the game is played at the park, not War Memorial Stadium. Every player has a finite playing mortality and Drew's seems to have come prematurely.

Or not. I don't think for a minute Drew used performance-enhancing drugs. But Peter Gammons cautioned that after drug testing came on the scene, mid 30's guys would start playing like, well, older players. The immutable (unenhanced) laws of physiology and aging have returned to the game. Home runs are down, scoring is down.

We need shed no tears for J.D. Drew, and in fact, part of his problem emanates from our expectation of performance per year...PER DOLLAR. And most of us contend, with statistical support, that even at his best, Drew didn't match OUR expectations. We want to compare the contemporary player's salary to our heroes, reminiscing that Drew was no Yaz or Lynn or Dewey.

Did Drew give ever not give an honest effort, play hard, or shirk any of his duties? I think not. But maybe he never was one of "our guys"; as Shakespeare would remind, "the fault lies not in our stars but in ourselves."


Lock, Stock, and Barrel

Jacoby Ellsbury of the Boston Red Sox rounds the bases after hitting a solo home run during the third inning at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on July 20, 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland
(Rob Carr / Getty Images)

Captain America Ellsbury Powers Sox to Another Win
Time for Theo to Play Games with Scott Boras Again

Boston 4, Baltimore 0 | Ellsbury is Front and Center
Mazz: Ellsbury a Case of Before and After
Ells Bangs Homers No. 14, 15, Numbers Up ... .316/.375/.509
AndreW Miller Knows How to Pick Up the W
Just What Do We Have with Matt Albers?
Singles Dance ... AG Breaks Out, Sort Of

"It is not a secret that we have sat down and tried in the past and tried to lock Jacoby up in the past, and we will sit down in the future and try and do it again at the appropriate time." -- Theo Epstein, looking at Carl Crawford money for a guy who's earning it

He's Gon Bad
Adrian Gonzalez of the Boston Red Sox strikes out swing for the second out of the fourth inning against the Baltimore Orioles at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on July 19, 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland.
(Rob Carr / Getty Images)

Post-Derby Drought Continues for the AL MVP

6-2, and Even | AG Slumps, O's Power Up
Josh Reddick Can't Carry This Team on His Back Forever
The Ageless Jim Palmer Holds Sox to 2 Runs Over 7 Innings
Thanks for the Help Weiland, But It's Back to Pawtucket
A Home Run a Day from Salty, That's All We Ask
Aceves Pitched Like He Just Flew in from Tampa

"Well, we had a lot of Red Sox people here last night. We'll take their admission and put it towards keeping our players. Thank you very much." -- Angry Birds manager Two-Buck Showalter... just can't let go of the money

Running on Fumes

Pedroia stays hot, Sox win
(Getty Images and AP Photos)

Dustin Time for Sox to Blow It Open in Baltimore
Sox Bang Out 16 Hits to Follow 16-Inning-to-6 a.m. Arrival
Hey, Must Be the Money

15-10, The Zone | They Can Sleep When They're Dead
Tito Regrets Not Leaving Wakefield in to Give Up 10 Runs for a Win
Making Sure Dan Wheeler Gets His Props for 2.1 Innings of No-Hit Relief
The Score: $162M 61, $85M 32 in the Last 7 Games, Sincerely Buck Showalter
Did You See Wake Staring Back When Terry Took Him Out? Nope.
Seasoned Salty Goes Deep, Everyday Reddick, Too
Every-Tired-Body Got a Hit... Except J.D. 0-for-3
Where Would They Even Play David Ortiz?

"It�s not like we all need that much beauty sleep anyway." -- Terry Dangerfield on the Red Eye Red Sox

Eric Wilbur: Red Sox launch youth summer camp...in Maryland

MC Hammer
Sox beat the Rays in 16
(Getty Images and AP Photos)

Sox Hang Tough in the Trop, Muddy Chicken Pecks Away,
Takes Down Rays in 16

Boston 1, Tampa Bay 0 | Beckett Shines, Pedroia Delivers
Beckett Would Be On His Way to a Cy with a Few More Wins
Walking Tall: Pedey's Back on His Game and Doing It All on the Field
Tip of the Cap to Albers, Morales, The Hungry Aceves, and Pap
A Nasty 0-for-8 Line for the World's Greatest Center Fielder
How's That Whole Legend of Sam Fuld Working Out?

�We don�t even know his name any more. He�s now the Muddy Chicken. The Muddy Chicken was definitely the player of the game. He got it done when we absolutely needed it.� -- Josh Beckett on another name for Captain Pedey Laser Show Little Pony

Sully: Lady in Silver Dress Was the MVP for the Sweet 16 Win in St. Pete

Roger Dodger
Roger Clemens walks

From Misremember to a Mistrial ...
Clemens in the Clear, Case Closed

Shaughnessy: The Biggest Win of Clemens's Career
Feds Use Banned Testimony to Prove Roger Used Banned Substances
Judge Says Prosecution Flub Not a Mistake a Rookie Would Make
This Just In: Roger Thinks This Means We Think He's Innocent
BDD Archives: Rusty and Roger Go to Washington to Lie to Congress
Rocket Meltdown | Screws Tighten on the 'Baseball Titan' | Plan B-12
Andy Pettitte as Miss Remembered | 2007: First Come the Denials
Photos: Redesigned Roger: Launching Some Shots at the Rocket

Clemens signs ball for fan outside the courthouse... Clemens: "Are you a fan?"
Fan: "Yes, I am. I'm from Boston. God bless you Roger, thank you."

Rocky Loves Adrian

AG Puts the AL on the Board with New HR Swing
Last Night: Cano Knocks Out A-Gon in HR Derby

David in a Dust-Up

David Ortiz in a Dust-Up

Big Swing and a Miss, Both Sides

Birds Try to Go Inside Ortiz One Too Many Times
Gregg Doesn't Know But That Is Papi Running to First
Photos: Red Sox Fights, Melees, and Brawls Through the Years

Six Pack Fabs
Red Sox belted six homers vs. the Orioles
(Getty Images and AP Photos)

Long Story, Sox Belt Six Homers to Hammer Birds

John Henry's Money 10, Buck's Bargain Basement 4 | Home Run Derby
Bradford: Sox Rank the 6 HRs, Must-Play-Every-Day Reddick Wins Vote
Ells No. 11, Pedey No. 9, AG No. 17, Ortiz No. 18, Styles Reddick No. 2, Salty No. 6
And As Usual J.D. 'Worth Every Penny' Drew Just Watches History Pass Him By
Slacker: Gonzalez, Still, Has .49 Points to Go To Be Batting .400
Miller's High Life: Andrew Just Wins
More Days in First Place

"There's a lot of games to be played. We're not going to get too excited because we're a half-game up or whatever. What is it, July?" -- Dustin Pedroia does the math, has a calendar

One Tough Cookie

Dick Williams, April 12, 1967
(Globe photo by Danny Goshtigian)

Rest in Peace, Dick Williams

The Man Who Lit the Spark for the Real Red Sox Nation in '67 Dies at 82
Shaughnessy: Can't Skip His Place in Sox Lore
Hardball Times: Williams Career Highlights

Tim Cruise
Tim Wakefield of the Boston Red Sox heads back to the dugout after the first inning against the Toronto Blue Jays on July 6, 2011 at Fenway Park in Boston
(Elsa / Getty Images)

Mission Timpossible 19:
The Sox Could Use a Few Good Men Like Wake

Dropping Like Flies 6, Going Nowhere as Usual 4 | Rotation Taking a Beating
The Old Knuckleballer Just Keeps Going, And Going, And Going
Can We Just Pay Wakefield with Lackey's Unearned Money?
Win No. 198 and Counting: Can Wake Play Til He's 50?
When the Going Gets Tough, Manny Gonzalez Takes a Day Off :-)
No Kidding Around: J.D. Drew Had an Extra-Base Hit
The AL All-Star Team Could Use a Guy Like Daniel Bard, No?
Youk Comes Back Strong; Ells Shows His Star Power
Salty Gets a Pass on the Passed Balls
So-called Save No. 19 Not Pretty for Pap

"I�m very proud of the job that I�ve done so far." -- Tim Wakefield, and so are we

I'm Lovin' It
The crowd erupts as home plate umpire Brian Knight calls Toronto's Edwin Encarnacion out to end the game as he is tagged out by Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek after a great throw from leftfielder Darnell McDonald who was mobbed by teammates including SS Marco Scutaro after the play. The Boston Red Sox hosted the Toronto Blue Jays
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

McDonald Closes Toronto Drive-Thru

Boston 3, Toronto 2 | Sox Thrown a Scare
2010 All Over Again? Lester Joins Ranks of Walking Wounded; Youk Sits
Oh What a Relief: Albers, Morales, Bard Pick Up Where Lester Left Off
We'll Give Papelbon and His 4.01 ERA a Mulligan
Pap Gets the Save, But Varitek Made the Save
Stop the Presses: J.D. Drew Drove In a Run
Do You Want Fries with That John Farrell?
Dustin Pedroia, Born to Bat Cleanup

"We should still be playing. That play is right in front of Brian Knight. It was clear that Edwin did a good job sliding around the plant leg of Tek. His swipe tag missed him by no less than a foot." -- John Farrell feeling blue and mad at the man in blue

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