Game 6 - Red Sox Top Yankees 4-2

Schill, Sox Stick a Foulke in NY in Game 6, 4-2
D-Lowe Will Go in Game 7



(Boston Globe Photo)

For One Big Night, Curt Schilling was Larry Bird, Tom Brady, Bobby Orr, and Ted Williams all Rolled into One

Schill's Ankle Was Sutured
Skin Was Stitched Between Tendons

Who's Your Doctor?

Jim Rowe, Chris Correnti and Dr. Bill Morgan Get Major Props

� anticipation is that Curt will be there for the World Series....just kind of dire measures, really, you have to use dire techniques to try to control it and so no, there�s no precedent for this, and this was a last ditch effort to try to keep him playing.� -- Red Sox team physician Dr. Bill Morgan

Karma Suture

10.20.04: Dr. Bill Morgan on WEEI�s Dennis & Callahan:

Dr. Morgan: ��concerned about Curt�s health, now and in the future. There�s just no way of holding that tendon in position effectively regardless of the splint we were using, etc., when it popped in and out it was really painful for him regardless of numbing it up, the sensation was uncomfortable, so the thought was just to buttress the tendon in place short term until we could fix this thing and Curt being the player he is and just wanting to get out there and do it, was all for it, and luckily it worked out pretty well last night.�

John Dennis: �So the high top wasn�t working, the splint wasn�t working, any kind of wraps you put on it wasn�t working to hold it in place, tell us the physical theory and exactly how you did this��

Dr.M: �Well we know that the tendon itself was not in a position that we need it to be in and there wasn�t best being out of position because it would pop back into the groove and that would give him difficulties, and it was really just putting a few sutures in just percutaneously, through the skin without making any incisions or anything like that, and making a wall so that the tendon would stay in position and not really being able to move back into an awkward position for him.�

Gerry Callahan: �Was it tenuous throughout the game? Were you expecting the blood? We�re you holding your breath the whole time Doc saying �gee I hope this thing holds up?��

Dr.M: �I�ve been holding my breath since April basically but um yeah, certainly, he�s a big guy, there�s a lot of force that has been generated every time he pushes off. The little bit of bleeding was not really a concern, that�s� it looked like a lot, but it�s not a lot of bleeding� yes, we�ve exasperated the �red socks, but no that wasn�t a whole lot and certainly we were concerned about his future and his health. And certainly we want to make sure that we got through the game last night, that�s important, but so are the next couple of years, and his entire lifetime, so we want to make sure that he wasn�t in jeopardy at all and it didn�t seem to be the case.�

JD: �I�m still not sure I understand how you create a wall, what did you attach the sutures to? Skin to skin and that created what, a barrier? Is that the deal?�

Dr.M: �Well the tendon is out of position and out in front of the bone and the problem is that it would slip back again to where it was supposed to be and then slip out again. And it was really just to create a barrier between the skin and the underlying tissue which is called facia so that there wasn�t let�s say a tunnel subcutaneously underneath the skin, it just kind of anchored the skin through the underlying tissue so it would stick the tendon where it was supposed� where it was, so it couldn�t sublux at all."

JD: �If I understand you correctly, you sewed this in a position with the tendon not where it eventually will be when it�s repaired, it�s out of position for the entire game last night?�

Dr.M: �Just for last night. Those sutures are out now.�

GC: �And you assure us he�ll be ready for the World Series correct? You�ll do this again and have him ready for the World Series��

Dr.M: �We�ll do what�s medically correct for him and appropriate for the time but my anticipation is that Curt will be there for the World Series.�

JD: �Is he going to be sore as hell today?�

JD: �Is he going to be sore as hell today?�

Dr.M: �I would expect him to be sore, yeah.�

GC: �Can he just take some more Marcaine? Is that how you get through it?�

Dr.M: �No. The Marcaine thing has also been a little bit blown out of proportion. The Marcaine is used at game time, really to control pain so he can concentrate and focus on pitching, otherwise he kind of works through the pain. He�ll be sore today and he�ll work through it. We reserve the anesthetic for the appropriate time.�

JD: �To your knowledge, has this ever been done before in a stop-gap measure, or is this just something you invented on the fly �don�t know if this is going to work but we�re going to try it��

Dr.M: �No. There�s no precedent for this. This isn�t an injury you see in you know, a rather large professional baseball pitchers routinely anyway and um� just kind of dire measures, really, you have to use dire techniques to try to control it and so no, there�s no precedent for this, and this was a last ditch effort to try to keep him playing... when this all started off, we didn't just sit down and say 'OK this is it' we said 'OK what can we do' and we went through all the methodology of what, from the most conservative to the most extreme, and I said 'if nothing else works, this is something we can think about' and this was a while ago and he (Curt) said 'well, that's what we do then, if nothing else works, that's what we do' and you know he just wants to win, and so we thought it out very clearly and he said 'let's go for it' and we did.... Pedro's ready, he's not really undergoing any treatment, he's just on short rest, and he's ready to go at any time.�

"20 years from now they'll be saying Willis Reed pulled a Curt Schilling." -- Theo Epstein

"His heart is so big... he competed and he pitched his ass off."
-- Terry Francona






(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Mark Tessicini)

"I was touched by God tonight. Last time I tried to do it alone... it was God's work... I had had enough (after 7), I was struggling from the fourth inning on. I made some mistakes but they hit them right at people." -- Curt Schilling


Ready, Schilling, and Able

Curt Gets Out of Big Jam in 4th
Bernie Williams Touches Schill Up for HR in the 7th

Tek Hit, Saved by the Bellhorn Blast Puts Sox on Top, Foulke Closes it Out 4-2

That's why you stay with Bellhorn.

New "Sultan of Swat" Bagged for Cheating


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Adam Cormack)

Millar, Schill Bash Bush League Move


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Sawin)

�"We wouldn't have won the game if they didn't get those calls right, especially the play by that punk-ass A-Rod. What he did was extremely unprofessional... no class move. It was the most unprofessional thing I've ever seen done on a baseball field... Derek Jeter would have never done that, he's too much of a professional. Jeter, Posada, Bernie Williams, Matsui, those are the real Yankees. A-Rod's not a real Yankee anyway, he's an idiot like Barry Bonds. Hall of Fame numbers, but that's about it."
-- Sox warrior Curt Schilling on Jim Rome/ESPN Sports Center/Fox Sports Net/ The Poughkeepsie Pennysaver/ etc. (paraphrased)

A-Fraud is a member of COBRA KAI:
"Put him in a Body Bag Johnny!... Sweep the leg! Sweep the leg!"


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Peter Brandano)

Umps Get it Right in Bronx for a Change
Bronxon Arroyo Gets 3 Outs in 8th
Yankee Fans Toss Objects on Field
Foulke K's Phony Clark in 9th to End It


(Reuters Photo)

Schill Strong Through 7
Bronson Coughs Up Run in 8th

Joe Buck Wants Yanks to Bunt on Curt

Schill Shuts Up Stadium
Bellhorn Makes Some Noise


(Getty Images Photo)

Double Plays Kill Sox Early

Afternoon Delight, Manny's flight landed at 3:51, SoSH source says Martinez, Gutierrez on today's shuttle too (was Cabrera, Pedro stayed back for "treatment",
Tito: Wakefield starts Game 7 (changes to Lowe in postgame)

BDD pre-Game 6 chat wrap

"Q: What is a realistic expectation of Curt Schilling for today in terms of innings, runs allowed, etc.?"
"Seven innings. One run allowed."

Blowin' in the Wind

How many seasons must one team play
before a pennant flies in the air
yes an how many years must the fans cheer on
before they no longer despair
yes an how many times can the yankees win
before they're forever damned
the answer my friend is blowin in the wind
the answer is blowin in the wind.

How many times will the fans shout "I believe!"
before a world series victory
an how many games will it take for the team
to bring those Yankees to their knees
yes, an how many seasons will it take till they know
that too many have ended bitterly
the answer my friend is blowin in the wind,
the answer is blowing in the wind.

By Rita Burke, Lynn, Massachusetts

BDD is a feature of All posts are by Steve Silva unless otherwise indicated.

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