Manny's Not All Here

Manny's Not All Here

Curt Schilling, who was in Warwick, ,Rhode Island yesterday to receive the Lou Gehrig award

(CBS4 Boston Screenshot/BDD Photo)

Schilling: Manny Might Not Be Here If He Stays

Delusional Fanboys in Dreamland Can Remain in Denial,
But Schilling Sets the Record Straight on Manuel Aristides Ramirez

�I think Manny is less than comfortable playing in Boston for whatever reason, that's his right. I think it's gotten to the point now where there's some thought that even though Manny might stay, he might not be here if he does. And I think the belief is that trading Manny and bringing somebody in would be more valuable than having a Manny here that didn't play. I don't know that to be a fact. That is pure speculation on my part.

"I live with the guys, I have some insight. I don't know for sure. I do know that I've spoken with Manny. Manny does want to be traded. Manny wants to play somewhere else.� -- Curt Schilling in Warwick, R.I. yesterday to receive the "Spirit of Lou Gehrig Award" | CBS4 video

WPRI-12 Video: Schilling's Comments on Matsuzaka, Manny, and J.D.
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So Manny Questions ...

So Manny Questions ...

Manny Ramirez and Terry Francona

(2004 Boston Globe File Photo / Jim Davis)

Why Are the Sox Really Calling It Quits with Manny?
Will Papi's Production Drop Like a Rock without Ramirez?
Will the 'Brain Trust' Pay Yet Another Player to Play Elsewhere?
Should Theo Just Say No on Bailing on His Biggest RH Bat?
Will the Godawful J.D. Drew 'Deal' Do in the GM?

Could Another Man Have Motivated Manny?

The Red Sox Hall of Fame welcomed its 2006 inductees on Nov. 9 at The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Left to right; Dick Williams, Joe Morgan, George Scott.

(Dick Williams, Joe Morgan, George Scott -- Boston Globe Photo / Sarah Brezinsky Gilbert)

Could an Angry Dick Williams Have Driven Ramirez to Get on the Field in September?
Could Walpole Joe Morgan Have Charmed Manny into Doing Right by His Teammates?
Could George 'Boomer' Scott Have Turned Around the Slugging Savant?

El Diario Report: Papi Says No Manny, No Problem
Eric Wilbur: Slugger Sendoff | Seth Mnookin: Manny and Drew
Wilbur: Bidding Up a Rivalry
ESPN The Magazine: Beware of the Monster

Will Sox Invest More Yen in the 'Pen?

Will the Sox Invest
More Yen in the 'Pen?

Hideki Okajima, Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters

(Sports Nippon Sponichi Annex Photo)

Lefty Hideki Okajima Could Be More Than Dice-K's Friend

By Daigo Fujiwara, BDD contributor and founder of

The American League East may gain its fourth Japanese player in just over two weeks. First it was Daisuke Matsuzaka Mania, then the Devil Rays got the rights to third baseman Akinori Iwamura. Yesterday, it was Kei Igawa to Yankees. And now ESPN's Buster Olney is reporting that "Hideki Okajima is in serious discussions with the Red Sox about a two-year deal." I like this deal for the Red Sox for multiple reasons.

Hideki Okajima, a 30-year-old lefthanded-specialist relief pitcher, is a three-time Japan Series winner, twice with the Yomiuri Giants in 2000 and 2002 (he was a teammate of Hideki Matsui, who he would be facing a lot, if signed), and this year (2006) with the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters.

Okajima has faced tough lefty opponents in critical situations out of the 'pen and proven his ability in Japan. He has a "big" curve, which is tough for lefthanded batters to hit, and he's held lefty hitters to less than a .200 average in '05 and '06. Okajima's last three years of innings pitched (IP), bases on balls (BB), and strikeouts (SO):

2004 2005 2006
IP 46 2/3 53 54 2/3
BB 20 19 14
SO 53 56 63

Bottom line is, Okajima is a solid situational lefthanded pitcher, and probably will cost much less than three years at $12 million that Orioles paid Jamie Walker. And Okajima is four years younger than Walker.

And maybe most importantly, Okajima would no doubt help Matsuzaka�s transition to the United States, as Daisuke will have someone who he can talk to about the culture shock they will both be going through.

CEO in Tokyo

CEO in Tokyo

Red Sox President Larry Lucchino, left, holding the major league team's baseball cap is surrounded by Japanese photographers during a news conference in Tokyo Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2006, after meeting with representatives of Daisuke Matsuzaka's team, the Seibu Lions.

(AP Photo)

Larry's in the Land of the Rising Sum

Lucchino Goes Front and Center, and Far East for Dice-K

"We are hopeful the negotiations process will complete itself fairly quickly, but knowing human nature we have a 30-day period. One of the reasons we came here was to make clear to the Japanese baseball community, to Seibu and to the Matsuzaka fans that we are determined to sign Matsuzaka-san." -- 11.28.06, Larry Lucchino, Red Sox CEO

Sox to Pay Lions Share of Dice-K's Salary
But Will Seibu Share the Contract Load?

"An example of what Lucchino and the Lions could be discussing is the Red Sox being unwilling to go beyond an average annual salary of $9 million. If an acceptable middle ground of $11 million per year for, say, five years would get a deal done, the Lions could subtract $10 million from the $51.11 million owed them in order to bridge the gap." -- 11.28.06, Michael Silverman, Boston Herald

Will McGwire Get Exposed?

Mark McGwire and actress Helen Hunt are shown on the set of an NBC-TV 'Mad About You' episode titled Virtual Reality II. The show aired on Feb. 22, 1999.

(NBC Studios Handout/"Mad About You," Feb. 1999)

Mark McGwire Goes on Hall of Fame Ballot

Discuss: Would He Get Your Vote?

Learning Japanese

Learning Japanese

Seibu Lions pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka is tossed in the air by his teammates in celebration of his transfer to the major league during an exhibition game held as part of the fans' gathering at their home ground of Invoice Seibu Dome in Tokorozawa, west of Tokyo, Thursday, Nov. 23, 2006. Boston Red Sox bid US$51.1 million for the right to negotiate with 26-year-old right-hander, who was the MVP of last spring's World Baseball Classic. 3,6000 Lions fans converged for the annual event, a local report said.

(AP Photo)

An afternoon sun illuminates the foliage extending in every direction beyond Invoice Seibu Dome on the outskirts of Tokorozawa, and casts its natural light into 29,187 spectators through the breach between original grandstands and retrofitted dome. The horizontal band of sunshine circumnavigates the stadium, splitting the fuzzy manmade lumens into two pools, one reflecting from the dome above, the other from the concourses below.

This is Daisuke Matsuzaka's house and the gathered crowd is well aware that today could be his final day of home confinement. Speculation is rampant that Seibu Lions ownership will honor his year-old request to be posted at season's end, thereby paving his way to America. But there are neither tears nor long faces in the seats. Rather, an electric energy ripples through the crowd. This is yakyu -- Japanese baseball -- at its peak. The second-place Lions are hosting the third-place SoftBank Hawks in this best-of-three first stage that will ultimately decide the Pacific Division delegate to the 2006 Japan Series.

The Lions emerge from their first-base dugout and take the field, a pale-green Astroturf reminiscent of any National League surface with only minimal breaks to accommodate each base and pitcher's mound. But this is the extent of any NL comparison. The Pacific is the younger and more rebellious of the two leagues comprising Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), Japan's MLB equivalent. There is no 'Japan League'; the term is a stateside misnomer. And, unlike in the Central League, Matsuzaka must face a designated hitter each night.

On this Saturday afternoon of what is Columbus Day weekend back in the States, the Seibu Lions' cause will be furthered by the presence of their ace, who takes the mound for warm-ups. They will need it. Lions hitters will be going up against the best pitcher in NPB, SoftBank's Kazumi Saitoh.

As hard as it is to believe, $51.1 million doesn't even buy the exclusive right to negotiate with Japan's best.

Granted, Matsuzaka is not chopped sushi. He finished a close second to Saitoh in every major pitching category: wins (Saitoh 18, Matsuzaka 17), ERA (1.75 vs. 2.13), strikeouts (205 vs. 200), and innings pitched (201 vs. 186). While this is a typical Dice-K season, it is a career year for the 29-year old Saitoh, who will soon be the unanimous winner of the Sawamura Award, NPB's equivalent to the Cy Young. But this afternoon belongs to Matsuzaka.

Dice-K scatters six hits -- along with four hit batsman -- over a complete game shutout, striking out 13 while walking none. The only run of the game scores in the bottom of the seventh when the Lions lead off with three straight hits, capped by Kazuhiro Wada's RBI double. Saitoh gives up only one other hit in eight innings of work, striking out nine while walking two, but is the hard-luck loser. Nevertheless, in two days' time, Saitoh's Hawks will go on to eliminate Matsuzaka's Lions, two games to one.

This opener was vintage yakyu, where managers sit back and enjoy the pitching performances right along with the fans. Saitoh threw 115 pitches, Matsuzaka 137, and neither bullpen gate so much as creaked, leaving many purists outside Japan longing to see these global treasures swept under the protectionist wings of American baseball.

High pitch counts among Japanese pitchers in general and Matsuzaka in particular have long been a concern among Major League scouts and front offices. Possession of this general awareness is one thing, but to be armed with the specifics (forgive the pun) is another matter altogether.

As a 17-year old, Matsuzaka's 17-inning, 250-pitch performance in the 1998 Koshien Summer Championships is folklore, even in Japanese circles. From there, his iron legend would only grow. By the age of 21, Dice-K had started 80 games in three big-league (read: no minors) seasons, facing almost 2,500 batters in 588 innings of work. That's an average of seven and one-third innings per start.

Who Drew Up This Plan?

For What It's Worth ...

Johnny Damon, of the New York Yankees, arrives at New York's Yankee Stadium after losing to the Tigers and being eliminated from the playoffs on Saturday, Oct. 7, 2006.

(AP Photo)

A Year Ago, the Sox Made the Costliest Error on J.D.
So Now They'll Have to Pay the Steepest Price for J.D. Drew

J.D.: Rock-Solid, Boston-Loving, Face-of-the-Franchise Leadoff Hitter Extraordinaire Got a 4-Year, $40 Million Dollar Token Offer

J.D. Drew: So Now a Soft, Oft-Injured and Out-of-the-Lineup Nonchalant Is Going to Get a 4-Year, $56 Million Deal?

Is Anyone in the Red Sox Front Office Ever Going to Accept Responsibility for This Mother of All Fiascos?

"His [J.D. Drew's] asking price, according to sources, is at least $14 million. That's $4 million a year more than the Sox offered last winter to Johnny Damon before he signed a four-year, $52 million deal with the Yankees." -- 11.25.06, Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Justin Has Been Served

Justin Has Been Served

1.6.04: Derek Jeter debates rabid Boston Red Sox fan Seth Meyers on the topic of whether or not he sucks.

(NBC Studios Photo / BDD Illustration)

Morneau Wins, New York Whines

"Derek Jeter hasn't had to swallow much garbage in his career. But finishing second in the AL MVP race to Justin Morneau likely required an ocean of flavored water to get it down the Yankee captain's throat." -- 11.22.06, George King, New York Post

Eric Wilbur: Twin's Souvenir

Meanwhile, the Move Manny Movement Continues ...

Shaughnessy: Sox Should Make Move on Manny

"Sorry, folks. It's time for Manny to go. Time and again, he's made it clear that he doesn't want to play in Boston. He quit at the end of last season, and everyone in the Sox clubhouse knows this. The manager knows Manny quit. David Ortiz knows Manny quit. Curt Schilling knows Manny quit...

"Face facts, fans: This is not us 'running Manny out of town.' Manny has run himself out of town. He did not return your love. He wants out. He quit on the Red Sox. He quit on you." -- 11.22.06, Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe

Los Angeles Angels of Mannyheim?

Los Angeles Angels of Mannyheim?

BDD: Los Angeles Angels of Mannyheim

(BDD Photo Illustration)

Will the Sox Seize the Moment and Relocate Ramirez?

Edes: Market Favors Ramirez Deal

"So where does he [Manny] go? The Angels, who showed considerable interest in Ram�rez last winter, would appear to have positioned themselves for a possible trade by signing free agent setup man Justin Speier, freeing setup man Scot Shields in a possible package deal that also could include a starting pitcher, Ervin Santana, or a top prospect such as Brandon Wood." -- 11.11.06, Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Callahan: Show Manny the Door

"Many Sox fans will lament the loss of Manny, who could lay down on his team one day and receive a standing ovation three days later. Kids adored him. His story was one of unrequited love; you loved him, Boston, even though he never loved you back. Many players say this is the greatest city in the world in which to play baseball. Manny can think of at least 10 other places he�d like to play." -- 11.21.06, Gerry Callahan, Boston Herald

Mnookin: Mixed Bag of Dealings

Theo, Henry Meet with Borat

Theo, John Henry Meet with D-Mat's Agent Borat in LA

John Henry, Borat, Theo Epstein meet to discuss Daisuke Matsuzaka's contract

(BDD Photo Illustration)

Borat Presents Theo with Draft of Contract for Review

"This one you have to pay big money for, but he worth it! Wow wow wee waa!" -- Borat to Theo and John Henry about the value of Daisuke Matsuzaka

Extra Bases: Henry, Theo, Tito Fly Back from LA
Gallery: Dice-K in LA | Verducci: Matsuzaka is His Sportsman of the Year
Wilbur: Soriano Sets the Bar
Dodgers Break Down and Give Nomar 2-Year Deal

Short End of the Stick

Will the Sox Get the Short End
of the Stick at Short Again?

Red Sox shortstop Alex Gonzalez extricates Tampa Bay Devil Rays' Julio Lugo from his legs after forcing Lugo out at second base on a fielder's choice hit by Tampa Bay batter Carl Crawford during the fifth inning of a baseball game Tuesday, July 4, 2006, at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Fla.

(AP Photo)

If It's Lugo That Upends Gonzo, He'll Provide More Muscle

The Buzz: Sox Appear to Be Frontrunners for Lugo

Take a Pause for The Professional

6.19.05: Red Sox 3B Bill Mueller made a nice play to get the Pirates Jason Bay on a ball in the fourth inning.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo/Jim Davis)

A Big One of the 25 in '04:
Mueller's Knee Forces Dodger Dirt Dog to Call it Quits

LA Times: Mueller to Work for Dodger's GM Ned Colletti
A Look Back on the Good and Bad Times of Keith Foulke
Sunday on Red Sox This Week on TV-38 at 10
Oh Manny: Soriano, Cubs Agree on 8-year, $136M Deal
Sox Will Be Looking for Their Fifth Shortstop Since 2004
A-Gone Goes to the Reds

Theo Scores a PS3!

Theo Scores a PS3!

Theo Scores a PS3

(BDD Photo Illustration)

Sox GM Offered Store Manager $51,111 for Exclusive Rights
to Cut the Line and Purchase a PS3 This Morning

Epstein Then Paid $5,000 for the PS3 Console
Even Though the Unit Was Priced at Only $500

�Clearly I believe PS3 has really fine features and graphics and it would be a great fit in my living room,� said Epstein, who wouldn�t disclose the amount paid. �I'm excited to move on to the next step of the process and read the manual.� -- 11.17.06, Theo Epstein, Chronic Overspender

Eric Wilbur: The Numbers Game

Watch: Comedy Central's Colbert on Dice-K
Listen: Northhampton 93.9FM's D-Mat Song

Time to Vote on Matsuzaka's Nickname... Ohh!

The Dice Man Says ...

Dice Clay

It's Time to Vote on Matsuzaka's Nickname... Ohh!

Risky Business with Manny

Jonathan Blazon Illustration

(BDD Illustration / Jonathan Blazon)

Can't Quit Talkin' About Manny

Cafardo: Ram�rez Still Talk of the Town
Heyman: Sox Hope to Move Manny
Mnookin: Manny, Manny, Manny, Manny
Olney: Manny's Market Value

"Manny Ramirez's contract has been the 160-ton weight hanging around the necks of the Red Sox for six years, and Boston executives have repeatedly tried to do his bidding and unload the slugger, despite the fact that he drives in 130 runs a year. The Red Sox have tried to waive him, trade him, swap him, sell him, everything...

"And in this new world, Manny Ramirez is suddenly a relative bargain. I wonder if the Red Sox might finally find themselves in a climate in which they can trade Ramirez. .." -- 11.16.06, Buster Olney, ESPN Blog

Dice-K Needs a Nickname


(BDD Photo Illustration)

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words When
It Comes to Pronouncing the Name of the Pitcher

Dice-K Needs a Nickname
... Or Is That It?

Shaughnessy: Now We're Talkin'
Wilbur: Drew the Wrong Way
Today: Edes D-Mat Chat Transcript
Print-Ready 2007 Red Sox Game Schedule Here

Sign of the Times in Boston

Sign of the Times in Boston

Sign of the Times in Boston

(Boston Globe Photo / BDD Illustration)

Let's Just Hope Matsuzaka Is Lights Out

Eric Wilbur: Scout's Honor
Did Theo Plant the Seeds for Matsuzaka During His Sabbatical?

"I actually talked to a Japanese team about doing some consulting. That may still come to fruition. I think it would be a good use of a year off to do something that would be stimulating and also involves seeing another culture which I haven�t had an opportunity to do. ...I do not (speak Japanese)." -- 01.06.06, Theo Epstein on KISS-108 in Extra Bases

Matsuzaka Survey Gallery: What Happens Now?

Are the Boston Red Sox the New Evil Empire?

'OK, Here's the Plan. We Get Mr. Matsuzaka
from the Lions by Paying a Ransom of...
$51.1 MILLION Dollars!'

$51.1 MILLION Dollars!

(BDD Photo Illustration / Don D.)

Mini-Fee: The Matsuzaka Money Grab Total Could Top
$100 MILLION Dollars By the Time Boras Is Done with Them

Turning Japanese

Turning Japanese

Will Matsuzaka Be in Fort Myers in the Spring?

(BDD Photo Illustration)

The Boston Red Sox Are Back
in the Baseball Business

Gammons: The Matsuzaka Investment

"Boston still has Curt Schilling and Tim Wakefield. But if the Red Sox get Matsuzaka, they not only go into 2007 with a formidable five-man rotation, but with Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz and Daniel Bard on the horizon, could have big starting pitching for the next five years.

"Second, the Red Sox strongly want to build an Asian foundation. When Theo Epstein left the Red Sox last fall, after he turned down the Dodger job, he worked with two Japanese teams as a consultant. Epstein believes in the next decade the mass of baseball talent coming out of Asia will alter the landscape, and his owners want to be entrenched in Japan as well as China; they signed three prominent Taiwanese prospects this spring, and are looking into establishing complexes in Taiwan and mainland China..."

"It is a gamble to spend the next 30 days negotiating with Boras for Matsuzaka while other free-agent pitchers are being signed. Matsuzaka's health is always a concern considering that he threw 13 complete games and on days before he pitches he throws a 200-pitch bullpen session; it's also every fifth, not every sixth or seventh, day that he starts. Yes, he has thrown more than 1,402 innings before the age of 26, but as The Hardball Times points out, that's fewer before turning 26 than Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, Carlos Zambrano, Brett Myers, C.C. Sabathia and others, and his regimen is legendary." -- 11.14.06, Peter Gammons, ESPN Insider blog (by subscription only)

Sox Bid of $51.1M to Land Matsuzaka is Tops

" 'If they can sign him, they've got the best pitcher in the market, and he may be the best pitcher in baseball when all is said and done,' said one American League general manager Tuesday night. 'He's got five outstanding pitches. 'Coming over from Japan where he threw a lot of innings and had 13 complete games, I would think this would seem like a vacation to him. It's a lot of money, but if you have it, why not use it on a kid like this? The Yankees have to be sick about this.' " -- 11.14.06, Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe

Now All They Have to Do Is Sign Him

Deal with the Devil

(BDD Illustration / Jonathan Blazon)

Bob Ryan: Sox Make Big Investment

"At the very least, the consensus is that he is a top-of-the-rotation starter. He is said to have outstanding stuff. According to a National League scout quoted by "Baseball Prospectus," the repertoire consists of a mid-90s fastball, a cutter, a two-seam fastball known as a "shuuto," a curveball, a changeup, a splitter, and a slider. Again according to Baseball Prospectus, another NL scout says he has three different sliders, which would give him nine pitches. Mike Mussina will be jealous." -- 11.14.06, Bob Ryan, Boston Globe

Has Theo Created a Monster?

Has Theo Created a Monster?


(BDD Photo Illustration)

The Market for Starters May Never Be the Same

Verducci: Boston's Bold Move

"Just four months after the Boston Red Sox said they couldn't possibly consider picking up the $22 million owed Bobby Abreu at the trading deadline -- "We're not the Yankees," was the short version of their defense -- they apparently have blown the rest of baseball out of the water for the rights to negotiate with Japanese ace Daisuke Matsuzaka, a pitcher who might cost them $75 million for three years of service.

"It would seem to be a stunning reversal of philosophy until you understand this: There is no more valuable commodity in the game than young ace pitchers, and the Red Sox boldly just redefined the value." -- 11.14.06, Tom Verducci, Sports Illustrated

Eric Wilbur: Great Expectations

"For all the mind-boggling dollars the Red Sox are prepared to sink into Japanese pitching star Daisuke Matsuzaka -- an investment that will likely top $100 million by the time a contract is agreed upon -- the bottom line remains that nobody is quite sure how he'll fare once arriving in America. While names like Ichiro and Hideki Matsui are most commonly associated with Matsuzaka, guys like Hideki Irabu and -- while not Japanese -- Robinson Checo remain the primary concerns about importing unknown commodities into the major leagues." -- 11.14.06, Eric Wilbur,

Sox Get the Word Tonight

Extra Bases Today: Epstein Looking for More Than Matsuzaka

"While he might be in front of cameras Tuesday night answering questions as the top bidder for Daisuke Matsuzaka, Epstein also disclosed on Monday that he has made formal offers to two free-agent pitchers." -- 11.14.06, Nick Cafardo, Globe Staff

Not the $42 Million Question But ...

Not the $42 Million Question But ...

12.17.04 - El Toro, Dominican Republic - Sox prospect Hanley Ramirez practices the Manny Ramirez double point at the Red Sox Academy.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Stan Grossfeld)

Will Trading Away the National League Rookie-of-the-Year Shortstop Prove to Be as Foolish as Letting Johnny Damon
Go to the Yankees to Save a Few Bucks?

Only 'Home Run King' Josh Beckett
Can Answer That Question Next Season

Hanley Was Home Grown

2005: Hanley in Portland with fans

(BDD Photo / Bill Chapman)

And Now the Sox May Be Forced to Settle for Julio Lugo

"I'm so happy. I want to thank each one of my teammates, because every day they gave me the energy to play in the big leagues... Nobody was talking about winning Rookie of the Year in the clubhouse. No egos." -- 11.13.06, Hanley Ramirez, the former future of the Boston Red Sox

Mnookin: More Food for Thought: Rookie of the Year Awards

Do the Sox Have Something in the Air?

Do the Sox Have Something in the Air?

Frank Galasso Illustration

(BDD/Frank Galasso Illustration)

Meet and Beat: Let the GM Games Begin

Globe: Market is Open for Business
Herald: Sox Could Pursue Peavy

It Was the Best of Times ...

It Was the Best of Times ...

Red Sox's catcher Jason Varitek jumps into the arms of pitcher Keith Foulke after beating the St. Louis Cardinals 3-0 to win the World Series Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2004, in St. Louis. Celebrating in the background is teammate Bill Mueller.

(10.27.04 World Series Celebration -- AP Photo)

" 'I don�t want to forget -- or have anybody else forget -- what he accomplished here,' Red Sox manager Terry Francona said late yesterday. 'It was phenomenal what he did here in 2004. I mean phenomenal. We don�t win anything without him.' " -- 11.11.06, Tony Massarotti, Boston Herald

It Was the Worst of Times ...

Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Devil Rays at Fenway Park - Releiver Keith Foulke came back out of the dugout briefly to have a few words with some unruly fans after he was taken out of the game in the 8th inning after giving up a solo HR to Tampa's Carl Crawford and failing to record an out in relief.

(5.26.06 Foulke Gets Into It with Fans -- Boston Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)

That's All Foulke: Not a Happy Ending
Cantankerous Keith Gets Closure in Boston

Herald: Foulke Has It His Way

"Now Foulke is gone and here is the truly amazing thing: No one is shedding a tear. Not Foulke, not Epstein, not anyone who has watched the Red Sox over the past two seasons. That might all be considered sad were it not for the simple fact that Foulke brought so much of this upon himself." -- 11.11.06, Tony Massarotti, Boston Herald

Foulke Has It His Way

Foulke Has It His Way

Boston Dirt Dogs

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

Cranky Former Closer Chooses to Leave Boston
Extra Bases: Foulke Elects Free Agency

The Quote That Will Live in Infamy

"I'm more embarrassed to walk into this locker room and look at the faces of my teammates than I am to walk out and see Johnny from Burger King booing me." -- Former Red Sox pitcher Keith Foulke

Boston Dirt Dogs

(BDD Photo Illustration / Karl Stier)

The Foulke Archives:
Foulke Festival: The King and Him
Johnny Cash vs. Johnny From Burger King

Dog Eat Dog in Right?

Dog Eat Dog in Right?

Los Angeles Dodgers' J.D. Drew heads to the dugout after being tagged out at home plate in the second inning of the first game of the National League Division Series against the New York Metsat Shea Stadium in New York on Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2006.

(AP Photo)

Does J.D. Drew Have the Right Stuff to Replace Trot?

Cafardo: Sox May Pitch Their Attention at J.D. Drew
Edes in Extra Bases: Don't Rule Out Drew
Another No. 7 Dirt Dog: Should Sox Pursue Drew?

Is Schilling's Career in 'Jeopardy!'?

Curt Schilling on Jeopardy!

(NESN screengrab of Jeopardy!)

It's More Offseason Fun and Games for Curt

Bostonist: Curt Knows Biscuits, Puns: Schilling on 'Jeopardy!'
Video: The Gamer on Jeopardy! | Wilbur: Tricked on 'Treat'

"Schilling specifically mentioned starting Green Monster Games, his new video-gaming company. The plug was a good idea because trivia isn't Schilling's strong point--the man isn't paid the big bucks to think about Greek philosophy." -- 11.10.06, Bostonist

A Motley Crew

The Red Sox Hall of Fame welcomed its 2006 inductees at The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Left to right; Dick Williams, Joe Morgan, George Scott, Dick Bresciani, and Jerry Remy.

(Left to right: Dick Williams, Joe Morgan, George Scott, Dick Bresciani, and Jerry Remy. Globe Photo / Sarah Gilbert)

Sox Induct Seven Into Hall of Fame

Offseason Overview: Will the Sox Take the Long View at Shortstop?

The Matsuzaka Bid Watch is On!

The Matsuzaka Bid Watch is On!

(Boston Globe Photo / BDD Illustration)

Extra Bases: Waiting on Matsuzaka
Matsuzaka Watch Blog: Still Waiting

Separated at Birth?

Separated at Birth?

Omar Minaya, center, general manager of the Montreal Expos, talks with unidentified people as he walks through a hotel lobby at the baseball winter meetings in Nashville, Tenn. on Saturday, Dec. 14, 2002. | Deval Patrick arrives for a media availability at a stem cell research company in Cambridge, Friday, Oct. 13, 2006.

(Minaya - AP Photo | Patrick - Boston Globe Staff Photo/Michael Dwyer)

Over the Next Four Years, Let's Just Hope Deval Spends
$53 Million on Something Better Than the
Shell of Pedro Martinez

Congratulations to the Newly-Elected Massachusetts Governor

Offseason Overview Continues:
Time for Pedroia to Take Over at Second Base?

Eric Wilbur: Closing Time | Seth Mnookin: Scouts Honor

That's All Foulke?

That's All Foulke?

6.28.05: Red Sox closer Keith Foulke turns and wears a shocked look as he follows the flight of Travis Hafner's ninth inning grand slam that sent Boston to a 12-8 defeat.

(Boston Globe File Photo / Jim Davis)

Sox Decline Club Option on Foulke
But He Could Still Make the Sox Fork Over $3.75 Million

Hot Stove Talk: Theo's Got Some Holes to Fill

Election Day: Which Boston Sports Legend Would You Elect?
Eric Wilbur: Matsuzaka's New Spin
Remy Chat: Dawg Has Doubts About Wily Mo Pena
Backup Plan: Cora Confirms Deal in Principle

Do the Sox Need Mo Power at First?

Do the Sox Need
Mo Power at First?

9-20-95: Mo Vaughn on his victory ride following the teams' clinching of the American League East title.

(9.20.95, Boston Globe File Photo / Jim Davis)

Or Is Theo Content to Compete
with a Banjo-Hitting First Baseman?

Boston Globe Offseason Overview:
Five Possibilities at First Base

"Do you want to measure [Kevin] Youkilis by what he is, or what he isn�t? If you choose the latter, then he falls woefully short of the big-bopping sluggers that traditionally have defined the first base position. Youkilis hit 13 home runs last season, which tied him for 10th among AL first basemen, with just a little more than a third of the home runs posted by Paul Konerko and Nick Swisher, leaders at the position with 35 apiece." -- Gordon Edes, Boston Globe Offseason Overview

Outfield of Dreams?

Outfield of Dreams?

Will Manny, Coco, and Wily Mo Be Playing in Boston Next Spring?

(Boston Globe and Wire Photos)

Or Is This Defensively-Challenged Trio
Another Nightmare Waiting to Happen?
Offseason Overview: Who's In, Who's Out in the OF?

Will Theo Grant Manny's Wish to Get Out of Boston?
Can Coco Live Up to His Overblown '06 Marketing Materials?
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Pats Bombed, Adam Booed

"For lack of any other way to put it, Vinatieri got the Johnny Damon treatment last night: When he came out for his first field goal try, he was practically booed out of the joint." -- 11.6.06, Steve Buckley, Boston Herald

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Let the Pandering Begin

Let the Pandering Begin

11.2.06, Adam Vinatieri in Indianapolis

(CBS4 Boston Screen Grab)

Adam's Family Isn't in New England Anymore
He Chose to Live in Peyton's Place
Sox Cap or Not

Lonie Wants You to Let The Colts Kicker Have It

"Did they boo Johnny Damon when he came back? ... These are the greatest fans in the world. They should boo him [Adam Vinatieri]. He plays for the other side now." -- 11.3.06, Patriots long snapper Lonie Paxton to CBS4's Steve Burton

Survey: Boo or Cheer Adam Vinatieri?

Oh My Minaya: Pedro Martinez Might Quit
NESN Video: Celtics Dancers Make Debut

Kick Adam to the Curb, Too

Kick Adam to the Curb, Too

Partners in Crime

(BDD Photo Illustration / Meir Weinberg)

After All, They're Partners in Crime

Bomb Adam with Boos Like You Did When Johnny Came Home
(Or is Misplaced Meathead Vitriol Only Reserved for
Boston's World Series Heroes?)

Another One of 'The Great Escapes' Returns Sunday

The Great Escapes

(BDD Photo Illustration / Timothy Owens)

The Money Grubbing Adam Vinatieri Returns to New England After Kicking Pats Nation in the Teeth By Signing On with Our Most Bitter Rival

Money Can't Buy Him Love at Gillette

It should be deja vu all over again

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

It Should Be Damon Deja Vu for the Former Deja Through

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Wilbur: An A for a 'Z?'

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

BDD: Jim Nabors stars in Gomer Pyle -- USMC

(BDD Photo Illustration / Gomer Pyle -- USMC)

It's a Travesty of a Mockery of a Sham
(And You Thought the Award Was About Fielding)

Mnookin: Good Things Happened in 2006, But You Might Not Have Heard About It in the Media

Old Time Baseball in Boston?

BDD: Old Time Baseball in Boston Photo Illustration -- Rembrandt, Head of a Bearded Old Man Wearing a Fur Cap, ca. 1630, Isabel and Alfred Bader / Handout.

(BDD Photo Illustration)

The Sox Could Pick Up Yet Another
44 Caliber Pitcher This Winter

Houston Astros' Roger Clemens makes a final curtain call after leaving the game in the seventh inning during a Major League baseball game against the Cincinnati Reds in Houston September 20, 2006. / Roger Clemens makes his way past the throngs of creative autograph seekers as he heads from the PawSox dugout to the bullpen to prepare for his rehab start.  May 28, 1995

(9.20.06 Clemens Astros / Reuters Photo -- 5.28.95 Clemens PawSox / Boston Globe Photo, Jim Davis)

Boston Globe Red Sox Offseason Overview:
Gordon Edes Primes the Hot Stove
First Up, Starting Pitching

Clemens' Name Will Be Kicked Around Again

"He turned 44 in August, his name surfaced in steroids reports, and he cost the Astros $12 million to pitch just over three months last season. Still, it wouldn�t be the Rocket or the Red Sox without another round of speculation that Roger Clemens will return to Boston for the final chapter of his storied career." -- Gordon Edes Red Sox Offseason Overview

Is 38 Special to the Senior Sox?

9.19.95 - Lou Gorman / Houston Astros first baseman Jeff Bagwell shows off his muscles to teammate Ricky Guiterrez before the start of warm ups on the first day of full squad practice during spring training on Thursday, Feb. 19, 1998 in Kissimmee, Fla.

(9.19.95 - Lou Gorman / Boston Globe Photo,Jim Davis | 2.19.98 Jeff Bagwell / AP Photo)

At Least Lou Gorman Would Sleep Better If the Sox
Beefed Up the Infield with 38-Year-Old Jeff Bagwell

"One announcement that might be slow in coming is a retirement declaration from Bagwell. He'll probably file for free agency as a procedural matter, just to keep his options open. As Axelrod, who is also Bagwell's agent, points out: It never hurts to be prepared just in case Boston wants to right an old wrong and bring Bagwell back for $20 million." -- 11.1.06, Jerry Crasnick,

But If the Senior Sox Retire Early Again in '07
The Young Guns Could Be Firing Away at Fenway Soon

North Carolina starting pitcher Daniel Bard delivers against Cal State Fullerton in the first inning of a College World Series baseball game in Omaha, Neb., Wedesday, June 21, 2006.

(AP Photo)

Edes: Sox Rank First in Draft Class, Bard Throws Hard

"Daniel Bard, who has yet to pitch a competitive inning for the Sox after signing in late August, is the draftee drawing the most early raves, as he reached 100 miles per hour during his work in the Florida Instructional League. McLeod, who used the 28th pick overall to draft the University of North Carolina righthander, said the radar gun readings are not urban legend." -- 11.1.06, Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Was the 2006 Sox Lineup a Botched Joke?

Was the 2006 Sox Lineup
a 'Botched Joke' Too?

Theo on the John Kerry campaign trail in New Hampshire, Oct.31, 2004

(10.31.04 AP Photo)

At Least Theo Might Be Able to Make a Run For It All in 2008

No Apologies, But John-Gone Has More Advice for the Cranky GM

"You know Theo, $120 million payroll, if you make the most of it, you study players hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in third place in the American League East and sit around hoping Manny Ortez wins an MVP." -- John Kerry's advice to Theo Epstein this offseason

Guillermo Mota Suspended for Violating MLB's Drug Policy

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