Manny Gets Out of Dodge
American League All-Star Manny Ramirez No. 24 of the Boston Red Sox after striking out during the 79th MLB All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium on July 15, 2008 in the Bronx borough of New York City.  According to reports July 31, 2008 the Boston Red Sox have traded Ramirez to the Los Angeles Dodgers.
(Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Say Hello to LA Ram ...
And So Long to the Man
What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been

BDD Photo Illustration / Joseph Boucher
(BDD Photo Illustration / Joseph Boucher)

It's a Mannywood Ending: Ramirez to Dodgers; Bay Coming to Boston

He's Leaving on a Jet Plane

BDD Photo Illustration / Matt Derba
(BDD Photo Illustration / Matt Derba)

"Given the recent trend of success that we in Red Sox Nation have been blessed with, I hope we do not all forget the journey we have taken to get here, and specifically, the role of Manny Ramirez in that journey.

"He came to us at the last second, when we had missed out on Mussina and needed to make a splash. The kid from Cleveland with the picture perfect swing, who smiled like a Little Leaguer when he played. That was our Manny. We embraced him, we cheered for him, we placed our hopes for the future in his able hands. And he delivered for us, time and time again. In the wake of all that has happened, let us not forget that Manny gave us hope when there little to be had. When a history of near misses and complete failures weighed so heavy on us that we thought we were destined for a lifetime of misery. When the Yankees were an unstoppable force that could not be reckoned with. In the face of all these things, we had Manny. Suddenly, nothing was impossible. We had Manny. There was possibility! Because we had Manny, there was always a chance.

"True, he has not always played the game the right way, and it can be argued that his attitude was sometimes less than helpful to the team chemistry, but through all the drama he never lost that swing. It remained a thing of grace of beauty to be admired and copied by a generation of young fans. And he never lost the enjoyment of the game. While he may have been dissatisfied with the front office or the management, he never stopped loving the game. There were always moments when you could see in Manny the same kid that hauled tires up hills in Washington Heights, building his core strength so he could drive the ball 420ft. to the opposite field.

Manny goes deep to win it with a three-run walkoff
(Jim Rogash / Getty Images)

When he watched his home run off K-Rod in the 2007 postseason, arms raised in triumph, we saw that same Manny that we fell in love with. Now that his time has come to move on, for whatever reason, I hope that we do not lose sight of everything he has done for us, and when we speak of him and his time in Boston, I hope we all realize what we owe to him. For the home runs, the laughs, the championships, the intangible sense of excitement that happened every time he came to bat in the late innings at Fenway; we owe him more than to think back fondly on his time here, we owe him our hearts." -- 7.31.08, Wolfe Coleman, via BDD comments

Don't Toss Those No. 24 Jerseys ...

BDD Photo Illustration / Steve Garberg
(BDD Photo Illustration / Steve Garberg)

Just Put Dewey's Name on the Back.

California Here He Comes!

peace train

The Peace Train Goes West with Young Manny

"My Train Doesn't Stop" -- Manny Ramirez, Oct. 6. 2007

Will the Fish Save Pittsburgh Deal?

BDD Photo Illustration - Steve Garberg
(BDD Photo Illustration - Steve Garberg)

Jeff Loria Wants to Reel in Manny, But Will He Net the Pirates
the Big Prospect They're Fishing For?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Pirates Want High-End Prospects from Manny Deal
Extra Bases: Pirates Want Extra Prospect, Will the Marlins Save the Bay?
Thursday Morning: Marlins Owner Denies a Manny Deal is in Place
The Buzz: The Latest Manny Updates from Around the Web and Beyond

"...there seems to be this growing sense that it is the Pirates really dictating this process. There are too many teams and too many moving parts to imagine that they are outright playing one deal off the other, but they probably are as close as they can be to doing exactly that. The Pirates' thinking, according to one, is that they want two high-end types and one or two others, depending which direction they turn. Obviously, giving up Grabow makes for the higher number." -- 7.30.08, Dejan Kovacevic, PBC blog

Schill Breaks Silence on Manny

7-11-2004: Prior to the Red Sox-Rangers game, during batting practice, pitcher Curt Schilling (left) had a rather long, animated conversation with teammate Manny Ramirez (right), who asked out of the starting lineup, sighting a hamstring problem.
(7-11-2004: Jim Davis / Boston Globe File Photo)

Today: Curt Says Keeping Manny Could Be a Problem

�..I�ve always wondered how we came to be OK with �� he�s just not gonna play hard today,� and that was OK. We�ve come a long way, especially in this city as devoted and as much as the Red Sox mean to people, the fact that you could have a Dustin Pedroia, a Jason Varitek, someone who would bleed and literally play his nine breaths to make an out or get a hit or win a game, and have somebody at the other end of the spectrum from a committed standpoint, you know these players love the uniform, love the fans, and believe in Red Sox and what it means to be a part of this and then you have guys who really don�t give a [expletive].� -- 7.31.08, Curt Schilling chimes in on Manny

Is He Getting on the Peace Train?

Will he stay or will he go? By Thursday afternoon's trading deadline, Red Sox LF Manny Ramirez (shown during batting practice at right) could be playing for one of the teams shown on the scoreboard, or he could be staying put in Boston.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff Photo)

While the Sox Are in a Sweeping Free-Fall,
Manny Just Keeps Shooting His Way Out of Town

The Phone Call with ESPNdesportes Before Tonight's Debacle:
Manny Says Sox Don't Deserve Him, Painting Him as the Bad Guy

"The Red Sox don't deserve a player like me. During my years here, I've seen how they [the Red Sox] have mistreated other great players when they didn't want them to try to turn the fans against them." -- 7.30.08, Manny Ramirez to's Enrique Rojas on the phone from Fenway Park

Pedro, Nomar Get Dragged into Spin

3-1-2002:Ft. Myers, Florida: Red Sox stars Pedro Martinez (left), and Nomar Garciaparra have some fun with each other in the outfield at City of Palms Park during afternoon workout.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Manny Dusts Off Two Broken-Down Icons to Take Whack at Sox

"The Red Sox did the same with guys like Nomar Garciaparra and Pedro Martinez, and now they do the same with me. Their goal is to paint me as the bad guy. I love Boston fans, but the Red Sox don't deserve me. I'm not talking about money. Mental peace has no price, and I don't have peace here." -- 7.30.08, Manny Ramirez to's Enrique Rojas on the phone from Fenway Park

The Latest from the Rumor Mill as the Deadline Approaches:
The Buzz: All the Reports on the Sox-Marlins-Pirates Possible Three-Way Deal
Gammons: Deal Not Done; Pirates Not Happy With Return
Gordo: 3-Way with Pittsburgh, Marlins for Real... But Not Done
Mazz: Sox Still Debating How Much of a Distraction Manny Is
Gallery: A Look at Theo's In-Season Deals Since Becoming Sox GM
Fla. Sun Sentinel: Marlins Make Strong Bid for Manny
Palm Beach Post: Tentative Agreement Reached on Manny to Marlins
Rosenthal: Source Not Confident Deal Will Get Done
Silverman: Chances of Ramirez Deal Very Unlikely

"At this point I think you have to trade him. I really do. I said a week ago that theyhad to pick up the option and keep him, but I think he's gone too far. I think he has just acted and spoken his way out of this clubhouse... almost no coming back from those comments, that's basically saying 'I can't play here.'" -- 7.30.08, Tom Caron, NESN postgame

"I think you know like they say today, you broke the camel's back right there. You know they have a situation where now I think their hands are tied a little bit, but even though you have probably some of the owners saying we want this guy, we're trying to make him happy, but he's telling you, I'm not happy, I wanna go, so what 'cha gonna do? ... I just want to know what kind of peace he's talking about." -- 7.30.08, Jim Rice, NESN postgame

Manny Being Funny ... Not

The sign of the times, Manny being Manny
(BDD / NESN screen image)

ESPN Quote Quiz: Manny vs. Favre

"Oh yeah, Marlins. Tax free. Stay at home." -- Manny before the game,, Ian Browne

Bay Day! Bay Day!

Jason Bay sits on the bench with his bat during the third inning of a baseball game against the Colorado Rockies in Pittsburgh Wednesday, July 30, 2008.

Malcontent Manny and His Mental Peace Need to Be Moved Out by 4 p.m., Grab Bay and Grabow While You Can

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Bay Might Have Played His Final Game for Pirates

"A source in New York with direct knowledge of the transaction last night described it as "a tentative deal," but that might be too strong: For one, the prospects have not been fully determined, are the Pirates are thought to be dissatisfied with some portions of their pool. ... Bay, 29, is enjoying a revival season, batting .283 with 22 home runs and 64 RBIs, all dramatically ahead of his paces from last summer ... Grabow, 29, has a 3.19 ERA in 48 appearances. He was shut down for nine days earlier this month because of what the team described as a tired arm, but he returned and appeared healthy. He was a 1997 draft pick who came up through the system and reached the majors in 2003." -- 7.31.08, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Beaver County Times: Lowrie, Hunter Jones Could Be Part of Deal with Pirates

"The three clubs have talked about various version of a deal including some that would send Boston rookie shortstop Jed Lowrie to the Pirates with veteran Pittsburgh shortstop Jack Wilson going to the Red Sox. The Pirates also have interest in Red Sox left-handed pitcher prospect Hunter Jones, who is at Class AAA Pawtucket.

Part of the deal could also have Pirates left-handed reliever John Grabow going to Florida and Marlins outfield prospect Mike Stanton, who has 26 home runs as an 18-year-old at low Class A Greensboro, ending up in the Pittsburgh farm system." -- 7.30.08, Beaver County Times

Boras Being Boras

First Take Thursday
(ESPN's First Take)

Behind the Scenes, He's Pulling the Strings

Not-So-Straight-Answers: Boras Makes Lucchino Sound Like Mark Cuban

"... I think when you have great players and you have a team that's a great team, those decisions become all the more difficult mainly because the fact that you have two interests at hand, one being a player who has rights and a club who has a strong interest in being very successful in the postseason and during the season so, the fact of finding a fit and putting things together is more difficult in that situation." -- 7.30.08, Scott Boras may have said something if you read between the lies

Just 9 Months Ago, Manny Was at Peace in Boston

NBC Tonight Show Video


John Lackey of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is congratulated by catcher Jeff Mathis after throwing a two-hiiter against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park on July 29, 2008 in Boston, Massachusetts.
(Jim Rogash / Getty Images)

Oh No, Angels Get a Near No-Hitter
Yes, Manny Jogged Up the Line, Looked Like a Quitter

Tuesday Night Box: Orange County Angels 6, Boston 2
Globe: Touched Up By an Angel
Seven Heaven: Angels Beat Sox for Seventh Time in a Row
It's Six-Two, and Even in the Loss Column for Sox and Yanks
Manny's Not Running Hard Up the Line, But It's Still Not Easy to Trade Him
Buchholz Makes Us Want to Take Another Look at Bartolo
Is the Manny Distraction Causing a Drop in Run Production?
When the Going Gets Tough, Pedroia, Youk Get Going

Run Manny Run!

Manny Ramirez was out on a seventh inning ground ball to third, even though the throw was high and drew Angels 1B Robb Quinlan off the bag. He came down with it for the out.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

... Before They Run You Out of Town!

"He'll do that a lot." -- 7.29.08, Tito on Manny's "effort" up the line in the 7th

The Bloom is Off the Rose as Manny Gets Booed Loudly at Fenway
Cafardo: Manny Wanted to Go on the DL Last Weekend
Silverman: So Which Knee is Really Bothering Manny?
NY Post: Pedro Makes a Pitch for Manny

BDD - Frank Galasso Illustration

Rice Rips Manny

An ironic phrase is seen in the backround at left on a FedEx truck that just happened to be driving by as Red Sox leftfielder Manny Ramirez, (left), gets a hug from another legendary Boston leftfielder, Jim Rice (right)
(2.26.07 -- Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

This Comes Right Out of Left Field ...

Jim Ed Rice: Manny's Not a Leader; Or Really Part of the Team

"Manny Ramirez is really not a part of the team, he�s in the back, in the trainer�s room, not really taking a leadership role. If he was a leader, he would be with the rest of his team and honestly, over the last couple of years, he hasn�t been a leader and that�s not very good. Now, I don�t know if this is true, but Manny Ramirez may be making a big deal over some things so he can become a free-agent. You heard his comments, if he becomes a free-agent, he may be able to make some more money and maybe he�s trying to piss off someone with the Red Sox so, at the end of the year, he can maybe get some more money and some more years if he becomes a free-agent." -- 7.29.08, Jim Rice, XM Radio's "The Show"

Are the Sox Secretly Cranking Up the Anti-Manny Message?
Meanwhile, Manny Trade Looking Like a Long Shot
Report: Phillies Could Be Back in the Manny Hunt
Cafardo: Nothing Doing on Manny

A Nation Stands By Its Manny

07/28/08: As Red Sox LF Manny Ramirez rounds third base following his bottom of the ninth inning solo home run, a fan holds a sign reading
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff Photo)

Apparently Jim Ed Didn't Read the Sign

Deep 6'd
Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka is caught in the middle as the Angels Torii Hunter round first at left, and teammate Maicer Izturis rounds third at right following Hunter's sixth inning three rund home run that spelled the end of the Boston starter's night.
(Jim Davis / Globe Staff Photo)

Dice-K's 6th Feat Puts Sox Under

Monday Night Box: Anaheim of LA 7, Boston 5
Globe: Angels Still Causing Sox Plenty of Fits
Angels Win 6th Straight Over Sox; Dice Faces 6 Batters in 6th... 6 Runs
Dice-K Being Dice-K: What the Sox Have Is a $103.1 Million No. 3 Starter
He's So Marketable: Watered-Down Jacoby Strikes Out While the Bases Were Hot
Garbage Time: Manny Gives It That Old $20 Million Try to Beat the Double Play

"They might be the class of the American League right now." -- 7.28.08, Red Sox manager Terry Francona on the Sox being second-class citizens

Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration - Meir Weinberg
(BDD Photo Illustration / Meir Weinberg)

McCormick's Revenge: It's a Gammons Smackdown on Manny

"Everyone knows what this latest soap opera is about. It's about Manny being only about Manny -- not the team that will have paid him $168 million when this season's over, not 'teammates' he leaves to answer for him, not winning or any competitive motivation. ...

"Manny is right. The Red Sox are tired of him. They are not going to pick up the option for 2009 and spend one more year as his prisoner. ...

"Manny clearly has decided that he has already fulfilled his obligation to the first eight-year contract, and wants the next $100M right now. In the real world, this is a form of blackmail. In the clubhouse, where Francona and his teammates have allowed him to live by his own rules knowing that his production is Cooperstown material, many are exhausted by his disdain for the game, for winning and for any form of authority.

"What Henry, Werner and Larry Lucchino should do is call a press conference and announce extensions for Francona and Epstein for all they have had to swallow because Manny Ramirez can hit. Then they can watch and see if a 36-year-old DH whose production in 2007 and 2008 has fallen below his 1998-2006 levels will go out and prove he's worth four years and $100M and ride off into the sunset snubbing his nose at the people who paid him $168M.

"A group of Red Sox watched the Yankees take early batting practice Friday, and they complimented the way Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Bobby Abreu and Johnny Damon show up every day. 'Say what you want about A-Rod,' said one, 'but he plays every day and he plays his behind off.'" -- Read more from 'Manny all about the money' by Peter Gammons

Rest in Peace Russ Gibson
Gallery: So Manny Replacements to Consider
Manny in the Spotlight; A-Rod and Papi Dine at the Ritz
Universal Hub Finds: Man Tossed from Monster for Swearing at Fans
More Evidence to End It: Fan Shouts YS During Gibson's Moment of Silence

'Enough is Enough'

Manny says enough is enough
(BDD / WBZ-TV screen image)

Manny: ''09 I Move On'

�I don't want to talk to them about contracts right now. So what? I know they got me, but enough is enough. I'm tired of them, they're tired of me. After 2008, just send me a letter or whatever. You don't even got to call my agent or whatever. 'Hey, thank you for everything. You're going to become a free agent. We're not going to pick up your option in '09.' I�m happy, but enough is enough, you know? That�s it� (what does that mean?) They know, you got to ask Theo and John Henry, they know. I gotta go hit guys. Don�t worry about it. Enough is enough� �09, I move on.� -- 7.27.08, Manny to reporters in Sox clubhouse before Sunday's game

Gammons: Manny Has Fantasy of $100M Contract

�I don't think there's any question it's a distraction and it's not a humorous distraction because Scott Boras put it very well, 'for $160 million for eight years, there is an obligation to perform for the team,' and Manny doesn't seem to understand he has an obligation to the Red Sox, he only sees an obligation to himself and for the first time other than 2006 when they were out of it, I think it's really come to a head here and I have no idea how it's going to resolve itself because he'll be very happy to walk away; not care less about whether the Red Sox win another game and try and go out on the market this winter and get his fantasy of $100 million for four years, which I don't think is possible. ... I don't think the Red Sox will get anything back [in a trade]... I don't see it happening...

"I find it a little different this time around. I don't sense that this rallying of 'poor Manny' [in the clubhouse]. There's a sense that... they're trying to fight for their lives, they've had a lot of guys hurt, they're out on the road... 'let's see, I'm not going to play the two games this season against [Mariners pitcher Felix] Hernandez. He didn't play the two games against [Yankees pitcher Joba] Chamberlain, He didn't play against [Reds pitcher Edinson] Voquez, he didn't play against [Tigers pitcher Justin] Verlander. I think other teammates look at that and say ''oh, he doesn't want to play against the hard throwers,' take the day... I think that's also worn people out. ...

"Apparently $168 million isn't enough. I know there's been frustration on ownership's part in the past. I think the frustration is now anger and I'm not sure it's resolvable." -- 7.27.08, Peter Gammons to WBZ-TV's Dan Roche before Sunday's game

Rosenthal: Manny Considered Sitting Until KC Series

�...several days before Ramirez missed two games, citing a knee problem, Red Sox players sensed from his demeanor that he was about to shut down.

"Once Ramirez was out, he told some teammates that he might not play "until Kansas City" � a series that begins a week from Monday, after the Red Sox's current nine-game homestand.

"Management responded forcefully, sending Ramirez for MRIs on both knees and telling him that there would be consequences if the tests came back clean. Once they did, their message to Ramirez was clear: You need to play." -- 7.27.08, Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports

Manny: 'I Can Play in Iraq'

�I could choose a team that offers me the best conditions or one in the chase for the postseason. I don't care where I play, I can even play in Iraq if need be. My job is to play baseball." -- 7.27.08, Manny to ESPNdeportes

Globe: Manny Says He's Open to Trade Talks
Survey: Should the Sox Trade Manny Ramirez?
Red Socks Diaries: Manny's Just a NESN Comedy All-Star
RSN VP Breaks Silence: Did You Expect 'Manny Being Yaz?' The Ultimate Manny Being Manny Moment

Papi, Sox Back on Track

Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia congratulates teammate David Ortiz after Ortiz hit a home run, driving in Pedroia during the 4th inning. The Boston Red Sox host the New York Yankees
(Boston Globe Staff Photo / John Bohn)

Sox Avoid Sweep as Lester Steps Up Again

Sunday Night Box: Boston 9, New York 2
Ortiz, Ramirez Lead 15-Hit Attack
Earning His Paycheck: Manny Lets His Bat Do the Talking for Him
Lester Starts Strong, Finishes Stronger Improving to 9-3
Ellsbury 3-for-4 May Still Have Future Outside Water Business
Enough is Enough with the Red Sox Weather Service and 'It Might Rain' Delays
Cora Gets 2 Hits in Showcase Performance
Video: Jason & Johnny -- A Bronx Tale

Waylaid at Fenway

New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano rounds third base heading for home after hitting a solo HR off Boston Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield in the fourth inning.
(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)

Wake Gets Beaten Up; Yanks, Cano KO Sox

Saturday Slaughter Box: New York 10, Boston 3
Globe: Status Woe: Returns Unfavorable as Yankees Belt Punchless Sox
Bombers Win 8 in a Row, Get Right Back in the Race
Drew Swing and Drive Lone Sox Offensive Highlight
Not Masterson of His Domain: Justin Can't Get an Out
Sox Should Be Wearing Home Whites: Curse of the Red Softball Jerseys Continues
Ellsbury Goes from Hall of Fame to Selling Flavored Water Outside Fenway
Manny's Back... Whoopie
Pedroia Hitless

"I don't know. That's a great question for Manny." -- 7.26.08, Mike Lowell when asked if Manny has been a distraction

Joba Well Done

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees is hit by a pitch thrown by Craig Hansen of the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park on July 26, 2008 in Boston
(Jim Rogash / Getty Images)

Hansen's Wildness Good for Something
A-Rod Gets Plunked

Manny Happy Returns

Boston Red Sox left fielder Manny Ramirez participated in today's batting practice and was in today's starting lineup.
(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)

He's Back on the Field at Fenway
And It's Just Another Bump in the Road for Tito

A-Rod & M-Ram

Manny Ramirez is greeted by New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.
(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)

Future Teammates? Manny and Alex Have a Conversation By the Batting Cage

"We have run into bumps in the road ever since I've been here. The result, two of the times, has been a World Series ring, so as a team, sometimes you fight through things. Sometimes you work through things. It's not always perfect, but how you get to the end is what counts, and that's what we're trying to do." -- 7.26.08, Terry Francona on Manny drama

Get Him Gone

Manny may be writing his ticket out of town
(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Is This Latest Disappearing Act the Last Straw for Manny?
Does Ramirez Really Want to Write His Ticket Out of Town?
Only Manny, and an Empty-Pocketed Scott Boras Know

Friday Night Box: Overshift on Giambi 1, Return on the Investment in Manny 0
Globe: Ramirez's Absence a Hot Topic as Yankees win 7th Straight
Shaughnessy: Now Manny's a Guaranteed Out
Buckley: Time to Get Rid of Ramirez
Edes: Sox Player Calls Manny Missing Game a Disgrace
McAdam on Saturday: Ramirez Faces Penalty If He Sits Today
Read What John Kerry and the Rest of Red Sox Nation Had to Say
About No-Show Manny's Sick Day on Friday Night
Beckett OK, But He's 9-7 at the End of the Day
Will the Joba JV Jive Get Settled on Saturday?
Lowell and Behold: We Found the Worst Umpire in Baseball: Marty Foster
If Papelbon Were Managing, He'd Put in Mariano
Tito Fails to Come Through in a Pinch

"So, after the game, Ortiz left without a word from a clubhouse - and a front office - roiled by Ram�rez's decision to cite a sore right knee as a reason not to play, just as he had done for the last game in Seattle Wednesday. One player privately called it a disgrace and said he would not be surprised if the team tried to trade Ram�rez. The team captain, Jason Varitek, begged off from answering questions." -- 7.26.08, Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Material Boy
Fans hold pictures of Madonna as Alex Rodriguez #13 of the New York Yankees prepares to bat against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park on July 25, 2008 in Boston
(Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

The Tabloid King Always Provides Plenty of Fodder for Fenway
After the Joba Hunt on Youk, Is It Time for a Little Chin Music?

Southern Hospitality

Melissa Behr, from Winchester, Va., Cyndi Lucas, from Front Royal, Va., Krissy Lucas, from Charlestown, Va., and Julianne Strauss, from Winchester, Va. wanted to send Alex Rodriguez a message about his friend Madonna.
(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo)

... Sincerely, The Girls From Virginia

Traveling Red Sox fans Melissa Behr, from Winchester, Va., Cyndi Lucas, from Front Royal, Va., Krissy Lucas, from Charlestown, Va., and Julianne Strauss, from Winchester, Va. made a sign to pay homage to A-Rod and the 80's pop star at Fenway on Friday night.

Check Out the Rest of the Scene at Fenway on Friday Night

'JUS-tin ... JUS-tin ...'

Let Joba hear it tonight

Let The Cowardly Lion Hear It Tonight

"I've known myself as Joba since I was born. My niece was unable to pronounce Justin, so she'd call me that. Nobody knew my real name until I graduated from high school, when my dad put it in the yearbook. Now there's nothing that could make me switch back. It'll never happen. No, sir." -- Justin "Joba" Chamberlain, ESPN The Magazine, 7.28.08

Besides the 'JUS-tin... JUS-tin' Shout Out, There's No Time Like the Present to Kick-Off the 'EX-Rod... EX-Rod' Chant

He's Baaack!
BDD - Illustration by Mike Briggs
(Boston Dirt Dogs / Illustration by Mike Briggz)

It Could Be a Dark Night for New York

Globe: Ortiz Will Bring Punch to the Party
But Will Manny Be Punching in Today?

Support the Sons of Sam Horn Auction to Benefit Curt�s Pitch
Tom Verducci on Fenway's His Favorite Venue
ESPN Title Town Poll: Vote Boston, Early and Often
Maybe Dale Sveum Wasn't Such a Bad 3rd Base Coach After All?
Sox Running New Ads to Get You to Pay for Joining Red Sox Nation
Sox vs. Yankees: A Tale of Two Ballclubs

Rant Against the Chant

Yankees You-Know-What' Shirts Banned at Fenway
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Tis the Season to Remind You That You'll Look Like a Tool If You Wear Those Shirts and Chant That Low Rent Chant

Kevin Cullen: Nice Time to Retire the Stupidest Chant in the World

"...beyond being crude and moronic, the phrase "Yankees suck" is simply outdated. Its origins are from a bygone era, when we all knew deep down in our hearts that no matter how far ahead the Red Sox might have been in August, no matter the score and inning of a game in October, the Yankees were going to win. And there was nothing we could do about it.

But that's over. It's been over since October 2004, when "Yankees suck" should have been put out to pasture. Shouting "Yankees suck" at Fenway Park today is like yelling "No Taxation Without Representation!" at Faneuil Hall.

Whatever you think of "Yankees suck," it used to mean something, but now it doesn't. It is mindless, as those who chant it often are." -- 7.24.08, Kevin Cullen, Boston Globe

He's Preaching to the Choir... Kevin Hench, 2001, on BDD:
Yankees Suck? No Such Luck.

"I have dear friends in both columns, though it has never really been explained to my satisfaction just how it is that these Yankees suck. Clearly, with four World Series titles in five years, they do not suck in the Tampa Bay Devil Rays sense of sucking. With the obvious exception of Roger Clemens, Messrs. Jeter, Williams, Martinez, Mussina et al. wouldn't appear to suck in that Mean People Suck bumper-sticker kind of way. And while their record-setting $115-million payroll does invite invective, it would probably be poor form for the inveighing to come from fans of a team with a $108-million payroll.

The battle cry would seem as wrongheaded as it is coarse and venomous. But is it understandable? Forgivable? Explicable? Of course. This inarticulate speech of the heart bursts from a deep black well of sincere contempt and hard-earned hatred and should therefore not be judged too harshly for its inelegance. Still, as veterans of disappointment, the Fellowship of the Miserable should perhaps demonstrate a little more sophistication in its collective response to our lifetimes of adversity." -- 8.5.01, Kevin Hench, Boston Dirt Dogs

What Do You Think?

"Amen to Kevin Cullen. Hey guys, 1998 called, they wanted their chant back. The "Yankees Suck" chant is awful, outdated, and isn't needed in the era of Boston as the City of Champions.

Chant "Year Two Thou-sand!" instead." -- 7.24.08, Ryan, Extra Bases comments

'Yankees You-Know-What' Shirts Banned at Fenway,
Although This Was the Deal Back in 2004, Too

"Fans have told us loud and clear that, for families, such shirts are offensive." -- 8.23.05, Charles Steinberg on the YS shirt ban

"It makes us look, as a community, like idiots." -- 2004, Bill Burt, WEEI, on the YS shirt wearing fandom

"I've stated many times that there is ZERO hatred on the field between these two teams (Red Sox-Yankees), for the most part, zero. Probably as much respect as anything... The hatred part is in the stands and in the media, they need that sorta stuff for material, and they make it into their own little story often times. What they don't make up, fans seem to give them willingly." -- 2004, Curt Schilling

Sully: Can't We All Just Get Along?

"Both fan bases will boo the third base coach and embrace hard working players (like the Yankees with Luis Sojo and the Red Sox with Rich Garces.) Both fan bases live and die with the team and basically play 162 seasons. Heroes are booed the next day. Villains get standing ovations if they come through. It's a collective passion that is so common between the two fan bases that it should be seen as common ground...

[Reason No.] 8. We've Both Been Burned By Roger Clemens. Seriously... he'll have to wear a Blue Jays Cap on his Hall of Fame plaque!" -- 7.14.08, Sully Baseball

Iron Manny Sits Out

Manny calls in sick in Seattle
(Otto Greule Jr. / Getty Images | Reuters Photo)

Self-Proclaimed Sore Knee Takes Tito by Surprise

Ramirez An Unexpected Scratch in Seattle
Is Manny Going Into Shut Down Mode Early This Year?
Is He Taking Yet Another In-Season Vacation Day?
Is It Really a Sore Knee Keeping Manny from the Grueling Job of DH'ing?
Or Is This a Message to Management?

"He showed up this morning, I wasn't ready for that,'' Francona said. "He said his right knee hurts.'' Francona then joked, "The (expletive) jaywalking, if you do it right, you won't hurt your knee.'' Ramirez told reporters his knee has been bothering him for about a week. "I've just been trying to play it out," he said, while jokingly singing for tips at his locker in the clubhouse, with his I-Pod docked to a speaker and a cup out seeking donations from teammates. "I decided it was time to give it a rest." Asked if he would be ready for the Yankees series, which begins Friday, Ramirez said, "I don't know. I'm day-to-day at this point."-- 7.23.08, Extra Bases

Road Warrior
Daisuke Matsuzaka delivers a pitch against the Seattle Mariners during the second inning of their American League baseball game in Seattle, Washington, July 22, 2008

Dice-K Cruises Through Seattle; Stays Unbeaten Away

Tuesday Night Box: Boston 4, Seattle 2
Globe: Sox Strong-Arm Mariners Again
Dice Now 5-0 with a 2.20 ERA in 8 Road Starts
J.D. Gets to R.A., Who Is No Tim Wakefield, with No. 18
Manny Watch Continues: Bloop Single, Scores, Eats, Then Sleeps... Stay Tuned
A Man Named Jed: Lowrie Steady as He Goes
Is Oki Going to be OK from Now On?
Save No. 30 Easy as Pie for Paps

"If I couldn't throw a complete game today I don't know when I'm going to do it." -- 7.22.08, Matsuzaka (taking on Tito?) through an interpreter

'Ohhhh Manny Being Manny'

'... Was It Really the Right Time to Cross, Manny?'

In a Perfect World, Zoe Zaferiou and Jenny Samuelson Would Be Singing the
National Anthem Followed by 'Manny Being Manny' at Fenway on Friday

Was it really the right time to cross, Manny?
Manny being Manny
Manny being Manny
Did you really have to go you couldn't wait... for the little walk sign?
Did you really have to go you couldn't wait?
Ohhhh Manny being Manny
Ohhhh Manny being Manny, being Manny
Who do you want him to be?
Manny being Manny
Ohhhhhhh Manny being Manny
-- 7.22.08, Zoe Zaferiou and Jenny Samuelson, 17, Melrose

Manny Lectured by Cop for Jaywalking in Seattle
Tito: 'That's the Last Straw'
Not Safe for Supper: Schilling's Surgery Photos

Battery Powered Win

Jason Varitek rounds the bases after hitting a two run homer against the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field. Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Jon Lester pitches against the Seattle Mariners in the fifth inning during their MLB American League baseball game in Seattle July 21, 2008.
(Getty Images Photo / Otto Greule Jr. | Reuters Photo)

Lester Was Electric, Again. 'Tek Puts a Charge in One.

Monday Night Box: Boston 4, Seattle 0
Globe: Lester to the Rescue
It's a Hometown Shutdown for Jon: 7 1/3, 8 Hits, 0 Walks, No Runs
Lefty Came Through in a Pinch: Cup Trouble Can't Stop Lester
'Tek's Catching Fire: Second HR in 42 Games for the Captain
Back on Track for Hall of Fame: Ellsbury Gets a Hit
Julio Who? Lowrie Gets It Done with the Glove, and Stick
Something for Him to Yap About: Pap Gets a Big-Boy Save

"I won't hit for him. We need him. I believe in him. I will always believe in him. When times are tough, you don't waver from that. If we want to get where we ultimately want to get, the faith in him will bear itself out." -- 7.21.08, Terry Francona sticking with Varitek for the rest of eternity

Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon, accompanied by his  wife Ashley, shows off his World Series ring to a hostile crowd during a Red Carpet Parade that passed by Radio City Music Hall. Papelbon was loudly booed for initially saying that he, rather than Yankee legend Mariano Rivera should close the All-Star game at Yankee Stadium.
(Globe Staff Photo / Stan Grossfeld)

Picture's Worth a Thousand Unnecessary Fighting Words
Pap's Gripes About Gotham City May Not Ring Totally True
Closer Was Showing Off Series Ring Along Parade Route

Just a Thought... Maybe Leave Your Wife at the Hotel If You're
Going to Bait Yankee Fans in New York City
Globe: Closer Is Over New York Ugliness
Video: Papelbon on Parade: 'I'm Starting to Cool Down'

"Not getting shot." -- Jonathan Papelbon when asked what he was thinking about along the All-Star parade route in New York City last week

Anaheimlich Maneuver
Red Sox pitcher Manny Delcarmen wipes his head after giving up a double to Los Angeles Angels' Casey Kotchman allowing Howie Kendrick and Chone Figgins to score during the eighth inning of their MLB American League baseball game in Anaheim
(Reuters Photo)

Sox Get Swept Up Out West; Bullpen Collapse the Culprit

Sunday Night Box: July Series Champions 5, World Series Champions 3
Globe: Road Trippers: Sox Sent Packing on the LA Freeway
Vlad Had Given the Sox the Lead, But That Didn't Last Long
Manny Delcarmen Can't Stop the Bleeding as Kotchman Comes Through
Three Bad Pitches Was Not Good Enough for Wake
No Favors from Old Friend: Darren Oliver 1 1/3 Hitless Innings
Sorry Paps, He's Mariano II: Francisco Rodriguez, 40 Saves

"They had momentum in the eighth, and we haven't been doing that. Shoot, they get the big hit and keep adding on. They put that damn monkey on the board, and the place went nuts." -- 7.20.08, Dustin Pedroia, 3-for-4, a one-man band on fire

Clay in Disarray;
Eck Rips Manny

Red Sox starting pitcher Clay Buchholz reacts after being struck by a ball hit by Anaheim Angels' Vladimir Guerrero during the fifth inning of their MLB American League baseball game in Anaheim, California July 18, 2008.
(Reuters Photo)

Buchholz Battered in Anaheim; Sox Tripped Up

Friday Night Box: Anaheim 11, Boston 3
Globe: Red Sox are Clay Pigeons
Second Straight Stumble: 5th Starter Can't Make It to Through the 5th
Buchholz Better Figure It Out Before the Next Bus to Pawtucket
Youk (No. 16), Good Time Manny (No. 19) Go Deep... Then Nothin' Doin' on Offense
More Messages to Sox Management? Ramirez Takes a Seat on Maicer Izturis's Popup
Cora, Cora, Cora! Error, Error, Error!
Celebrity Sox Fan Sighting: Michael Chiklis Strolling Up Newbury Street Late Night

"I know Bob Ryan thinks I should quit, but I'm not dead yet. I may be getting there." -- 7.18.08, Terry Francona

(Eckersley - Boston Globe Photo / Lynne Hillman | Manny - Reuters Photo )

"It's upsetting to me, and not as an ex-player and watching this from afar. I've had guys that used to talk about their contracts all the time, Rickey Henderson, and it's just bothersome, even when I was there. And now I'm not there. I don't know the temperature of what's happening over there but I've watched what's been going down, and nobody at home... and there's people scuffling, not making very much money and this guy's dropping a $20 million bomb like it's no big deal, I'm in the driver's seat, this, that... that's bothersome to me, to watch this go on like that with Manny. I respect the guy. He's one of the greatest players ever, but this is tired, to me. The players put up with it because they have to. I don't have to. I can come on this show [NESN pregame] and tell you I don't like it. And I don't like the way Manny plays this game, not so much the way he plays it, but the way he's playing his act with his contract. I don't want to hear about it to be honest with you. He's making a lot of money. He's been making a lot of money a long, long time, eight years, all of a sudden he starts chirpin' about the last year, it's because all of a sudden it's money time again. That's about all I can say about that right now because I don't want to go too far." -- 7.18.08, Dennis Eckersley on Manny Being Greedy

Shaughnessy: Did Ramirez Intentionally Fan Flames?
Edes Update: Manny Was Fined for McCormick Melee, But Just $10-$15k;
Sox Don't Think Manny Went Down on Purpose

Lobel: Manny Fined Six-Figures for McCormick Shove
Perception Exists That May Have Mailed It in vs. Mariano in NY
Survey: Should the Sox Pick Up Manny's $20 Million Option?
Boras to Meet with Manny on the Future
Red Socks Diaries: Press Conference with Manny

David Ortiz watches the flight of his leadoff HR in the 4th inning. The HR came in Ortiz's second at bat in the first game back at Pawtucket in his rehab for a injured wrist.
(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)

He's Back in the Swing of Things

PawSox Box: Pawtucket 15, Toledo 6
Ortiz Homers in Rehab Start

"It was so hot in New York City today that Madonna was having an affair with Ted Williams's frozen head." -- 7.17.08, David Letterman, The Late Show

ESPN Mag.: Beckett Works Out Kinks with Catcher in Texas
Regis and Kelly: Kelly and Anderson Cooper Grill Big Papi in NY
Gallery: Catching Up with Some Old Friends
Survey: 10 Things to Watch for in 2nd Half

This Time It's Personal

Stan Grossfeld, Boston Globe -- John Henry at Fenway, Oct. 24, 2007
(Boston Globe File Photo / Stan Grossfeld)

John Henry 'Personally Offended' By Manny Being Whiney

Herald: John Henry Fires Back at Manny
'Behind the Back' Comments Are An Affront to Sox Owner

�I find remarks that we have been anything other than completely straightforward to be personally offensive." -- 7.17.08, John Henry e-mail to Boston Herald

That's Just Manny Being Petey

Pedro Martinez and Manny Ramirez at Fenway, July 22, 2004
(Boston Globe File Photo / Matthew J. Lee)

Scott Boras Has Manny Stealing a Page from Pedro's Exit Plan

�I want no more (expletive) where they tell you one thing and behind your back they do another thing. I think I�ve earned that respect, for a team to sit down with me and tell me this is what we want, this is what we want to do.�-- 7.16.08, Manny Ramirez to the Boston Herald

Sounds Like Deja Vu All Over Again from the Dominican Diva II

''I sacrificed a lot of money by not being a free agent the next two years... I'll let you know what I deserve." -- 4.9.03, Pedro Martinez after the Red Sox picked up his $17.5m option seven months early

Based on John Henry Caving to Pedro, Manny May Have a Point

"Initially there was an issue of respect, but with the conversations we had, that faded away. I don�t think he believes that anymore. Then the issue of trust came up. A feeling on Pedro�s part that maybe we didn�t trust him that he�s healthy. By picking up the option now, we showed him that: 1. We trust you, you are healthy 2. We're committed to you." -- 4.7.03, John Henry on the Red Sox picking up Pedro's 2004 option in April 2003

Boo Who?
American League All-Star J.D. Drew of the Boston Red Sox holds the MVP trophy after Major League Baseball's All-Star game at Yankee Stadium in New York July 15, 2008. The American League defeated the National League for the 11th straight year.
(Reuters Photo)

J.D. MVP and the Sox Get Bronx Cheers at the Stadium
Are the Boo Birds Still Bitter About the Bombers' Fall?
The Series Sweep Is On: Game 1 @ Fenway, Wed. Oct. 22

Early Morning Box: AL 4, NL 3
Globe: The Longest Goodbye
Drew Homer Gets American League Back in the Game
Stadium No-Show: Manny Should Have Stayed Inside the Green Monster
Yap-Yapelbon Bombarded by New York Nitwits That Read the Daily News Yesterday
Pedroia Plays Small Part; Youk Chips in with a K

"It was brief to say the least [home run cheer]. It was a little weird. I heard about it when I got back out to right field, for sure. Then as the game went along, I think they forgot that I hit a home run and it [booing] picked up again." -- 7.16.08, J.D. Drew, booed much of the night along with the rest of the Red Sox

Wade Ruffles Our Feathers ...

BDD -- Illustration by Mike Briggs

In Other '86 Sox News ...
NY Daily News: Clemens Got HGH in Mail

The Earth is Back
on Its Axis

Dustin Pedroia is congratulated by teammates J.D. Drew, Jacoby Ellsbury  and Manny Ramirez after Pedroia made the catch for the final out of the game on July 13, 2008 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.
(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Boston Sits Atop the AL East

Sunday Afternoon Box: Boston 2, Baltimore 1
Sox Waste Opportunities, But Get the W
Another 6 Inning, 5 Walk Gem for Dice-K
All-Star Offense: Drew Double, Dustin Groundout All the Runs They Needed
Someday Soon Reggie Jefferson, Casey's .373 Average Will Matter
The Mayor Also Has All the Wheels of a Young Kevin Millar
57 Heavys: Sox, Angels, and Cubs Lead Majors at Wins at Break
Saturday Night Owls? 14th Straight Sunday Loss for O's
Okajima Inherits Matsuzaka's Control
Sort of a Save: Papelbon Holds On

"I was talking trash to my teammates to make sure they got back in first place before I came back. I can't wait to start playing again and I am feeling good." -- 7.13.08, more good news from Mr. David Ortiz

This Just In ...

Crystle Stewart, Miss USA 2008, falls down on stage as she appears in her costume among the top 10 at the final of the 57th Miss Universe contest held on July 14, 2008 at the central coastal resort city of Nha Trang.
(Getty Images Photo / Hoang Dinh Nam)

Stumble You Might Fall:
The Rays' 15 Minutes Are Up; Crystle Stewart's, Too

ESPYs? Vote Beckett, Lester, Red Sox, Manny, Tito
Caption Contest Finals: The Best Manny Faux Calls
Sox on the Radio: 'Swing and a High Fly Ball'
Ch. 7 Video: Manny on the Wall Call, June Altercations, and Future in Baseball
On Scuffle: 'We're Not Here to Babysit Babies, We're Here to Win Games'
On His Future: 'The Ball's in My Court, I Don't Worry About It'

Loaded for Bear

For the second time in two nights, Kevin Youkilis came up to bat with bases loaded and he delivered tonight with a Grand Slam in the third inning.
(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)

Youk, Sox Unleash Arsenal on Birds

Saturday Night Box: Boston 12, Baltimore 1
Globe: With One Blow After Another, Sox deliver KO
What a Difference a Day Makes: Youk Comes Through; 6 RBIs on the Night
Back to Back in the Saddle: J.D. and Manny Get Their Long Ball On
What's Right with This Picture: A 12-1 Game Done in 2:32
Wake Gets a Rare W After Another Winning Effort
Jed Lowrie Has Some Pretty Small Shoes to Fill
In the Beginning, Another 7-Run Inning

"I think that's actually the best I've ever seen Wake pitch." -- 7.12.08, Terry Francona... stretching it a bit

Nerves of Clay

Boston Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz walks off the field after a rough 1st inning giving up 2 runs in his 1st start since coming back up from Pawtucket.
(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)

It's a Return for the Worse as Clay's Not Ready for Prime Time

Friday Night Box: Baltimore 7, Boston 3
Globe: Slow Start for Buchholz
For Eddings and a Sox Funeral: 'The Worst Call in History'; Take a Look
Maybe Clay Needs More Weight Around His Neck on Hot Summer Nights?
He Was Just 17, You Know What I Mean: Pedroia Streak Over, Markakis, Too
Time to Toss 'Em: Another Day, Another Couple of Fans Reach Out and Grab Fair Balls
Mora the Same: Year In, Year Out Melvin Kills Sox
Manny Beaning Mora: That Might Have Been Delcarmen's Best Pitch
Run Driver Wanted: Need Drew of June Back in the Lineup Soon
More Coco Woes: Add Forearm Injury to Nomar Crisp's List
From Fan Insults to Injury: Lugo Gets MRI on Quad
Standing O for Jay Payton... Not
Postgame Sighting at Sonsie: John Mayer

"Sitting in the back of the clubhouse, Ram�rez looked up at the television and saw himself being discussed on ESPN's 'Pardon the Interruption.' The picture was of Ram�rez with a cellphone in the Green Monster from Wednesday's game. 'Pizza Hut,' he said jokingly. Ram�rez added that he was using Cora's cellphone. Cora just smiled " -- 7.11.08, Boston Globe Red Sox Notebook. Tito talks about Manny's Wall Call on PTI

Red Sox Nation Rap

... See You Later Tessie

'Can You Hear Me Now?'

During a sixth inning pitching change, when Red Sox starting pitcher Josh Beckett was removed from the game, Red Sox leftfielder Manny Ramirez went inside the Green Monster, and was seen smiling and apparently talking on someone's cellphone.
(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Look Where We Found Manny Again

Call from the Wall: "Hey Jack, I'm gonna need 32 tickets to the All-Star game next week. I'm giving you plenty of notice, too, so do your job or else I'll have to throw you down again!"

Caption Contest: You Make the Call on Manny in the Wall
Was Manny Fined Heavily for Throwing Jack McCormick to the Ground?
Is Manny Back to Being Manny? Check.

Sox Turn 18
Kevin Youkilis, right, is welcomed to home plate by Mike Lowell as Youkilis scores on a double by Manny Ramirez in the fifth inning of a baseball game against the Minnesota Twins at Fenway Park in Boston on Wednesday, July 9, 2008
(AP Photo)

It's a Twin Killing at Fenway; Sox Sweep Up, Just 2 Games Down

Afternoon Delight Box: Boston 18, Minnesota 5
Triple Play Reversal Spurs Sox Past Twins
The Hit Parade: Sox Bust Out for 23 at Steamy Fenway
Ill Will Get It Done: Beckett Has Enough to Work Win No. 9 Over 5
17 and Counting: Pedroia Clears the Bases in the 7 Run 7th
Manny Gets Right in the Thick of It for the Third Day in a Row
Error Schmerror: Youk on Fire with 3 More Hits, HR, 4 RBI
Rookie on the Rise: Ellsbury Gets a Career-High 4 Hit Night
Even Tek Breaks 0-for-11 Drought in the Daytime Demolition
Cash Crushes One Over Everything; Lugo Gets In the Act, Too
Another Faux Fan Reaches Over a Wall to Interfere with Sox Rally
Unfortunate Sun: 3 Balls Lost in the Win

"I'm trying to get out of here and go to the beach, man." -- 7.9.08, Dustin Pedroia, look for him in his lounge chair on Revere Beach today ...

America's Most 'Be Locked' Ballpark

The Teddy Ebersol's Red Sox Fields stand vacant, on Monday, July 7, 2008.   All of the gates around the three-acre park are chained and locked.  The main complaint is that after opening two years ago, the much-developed and trumpeted fields along the Charles River are rarely used.  The park is named after the son of NBC Sports chairman Dick Ebersol and actress Susan Saint James.
(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Pat Greenhouse)

Ain't That a Shame Tom Werner?
Ebersol Fields Mostly Empty Except for Well-Heeled Players
Boston Kids and Ballplayers Mostly Fenced Out of Public Park

"Schedules from the state Department of Conservation and Recreation show the fields are emptiest on summer weekends. The West End Community Center has booked the field on Saturdays from 3 to 5 p.m. and a smattering of adult softball teams have booked the space on weeknights, most of them from well-heeled investment and law firms such as Lee Munder Capital Group and Ropes & Gray.

"A reporter visiting the field complex on a dozen occasions in June, including weekends and weekdays when games were planned, found it empty all but once." -- 7.9.08, Boston Globe, Megan Woolhouse

Evil Twin
Red Sox DH Manny Ramirez brings the crowd out of their seats as they all watch his game tying eighth inning home run sail out of the park.
(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

The Good Manny Is Back to Being a Bad Man

Tuesday Night Box: Boston 6, Minnesota 5
Ram's HR TKO's Twins; Mossy Finishes the Job
Eighth Wonderful: Sox Sluggish vs. Blackburn Early, But Started Slugging Late
Les We Forget: No-Hitter for Lefty Was Short Lived Last Night
Seeing Stars: Youk Gets Tough in the Clutch; Pedro Keeps Swinging and Hitting
Back on the Bases: Ellsbury Gets His Wheels Rolling Again
Easy Win for Aardsma; Another Not-So-Easy Save for Pap
Did You See That Ball That Got Behind Coco?

"It was nice seeing him hit the ball out of the ballpark." -- 7.9.08, Terry Francona on the rare Ramirez home run

Just Say No
to Giambino!

BDD - AP / Photo Illustration Sharon Aukstolis
(AP Photo | BDD Photo Illustration / Sharon Aukstolis)

Since Red Sox Nation Owns the Online Vote,
Let's Elect Longoria for the Final All-Star Spot,
and Deliver a Little Justice to Jason

Hey Giambi: 2003 Strikes, Yer Out!
Don't Let the Cheater That Cost the Sox an '03 World Series Appearance
Become an All-Star in 2008

Good Times in Boston ...

Boston Herald, July 8

Herald: Ex-Stripper to Cindy: Alex Won�t �Change His Spots�

Happy Homecoming

Dustin Pedroia is all smiles as he comes into the dugout after scoring the only run of the game in the bottom of the eighth inning. He led off the frame with a double, and later scored from thirdbase on a Manny Ramirez single.
(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Dice-K, Dustin Don't Let Twins Win in Our House

Monday Night Box: Boston 1, Minnesota 0
About Time: Ramirez the One to Lift Sox
So Long 5 Inning Starter: Magnificent Matsuzaka Gets Into the 8th
15 Game Streak and Counting for Dustin the Deliverer
Oki Gets Out of It and Keeps Twins Away From Home
Boo Birds Chirping: All-Star Catcher Captain Now 6-for-last- 63
Baker Couldn't Take the Heat; Surrenders to Fenway Kitchen
Keep the Hands in the Stands: Faux Fan Reaches Out and Grabs Dustin's Double
Youk on the Defensive: All-Star 1B Getting It Done with the Glove
More Relief: Masterson Will Be the Man in the Middle
Bonds Away: Papi Takes BP

"That was probably his best outing as far as his ability to command the strike zone." -- 7.7.08, Jason-V on Dice-K tonight

Looks That Kill

Manny Ramirez strikes out looking in the ninth inning against the New York Yankees on July 6, 2008 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City.
(Getty Images Photo / Jim McIsaac)

It's a Nightmare in New York
Manny Can't Shoulder the Load in a Pinch
Road Sox Dead Again

Sunday Night Baseball Box: New York 5, Boston 4 (10)
Globe: Gardner Did It | Bob Ryan: Seeds of Doubt Planted?
Gardner Digs the Grave with Very Shallow Single in 10th
Another Month, Another Extra Day Off for Way Off Manny
The Curse of Jack McCormick Continues to Haunt Slumping Slugger
Left 'Em for Dead: Lopez Chosen for the Bullpen Culprit Sunday Night
Joba the Hunter Strikes Again: Chamberlain Gets Free Pass Throwing Past Youk
Papelbon Gets Nickel and Dimed Again, But Can't Stop Yankees from Coming Home
Rays Extend Lead to 5 Games: 3-Out-Of-10 on Road Just Won't Cut It for Sox
86 the Running Game: 5 Straight Sox Caught Stealing
Bright Side: Pedro Hit Streak at 14

"I don't think it was passive. I'm not going to rate his energy. Mo made some good pitches. I've seen Manny lay off several pitches he doesn't think he can get to. Mo just made his pitches" -- 7.6.08, Tito, the ultimate players' manager pablum

Ninth Life Turns to Dead End

Crisp struck out. Varitek popped out to first baseman Betemit. Lugo struck out.
(Coco, Varitek: Getty Images / Jim McIsaac | Lugo: Reuters Photo )

Coco, Tek, and Lugo Crush Sox Comeback

Sox on Fox Box: New York 2, Boston Just 1
Rivera Throttles a Sox Uprising in Ninth Inning
Done, 2, 3 Ninth: Bases Loaded, Nobody Out, Nobody Scores
Drew, Lowell Spark Rally Fireworks, But Bottom of the Order Was a Dud
Moose of Old Runs Through Sox Lineup
Defense Was the Story But Wildman Masterson Held His Own for 6
Lopez and Timlin, the New Middle-Relief Stopper Solution
Hit Record No. 7: Manny's Plunked 3 Times... McCormick Rumored to Be Behind It
Nightime Sighting in Newport: John Henry Blending Right in on Bannister's Wharf
At Least It Was a Fine Time: A Rare Sub-3-Hour Sox-Yanks Tilt

"... and then Mariano went to work and pretty much carved us up for the next three hitters." -- 7.5.08, Tito on the done deal

They're Back in the
New York Groove

The Boston Red Sox celebrate victory over the New York Yankees on July 4, 2008 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City. The Red Sox defeated the Yankees 6-3.
(Getty Images Photo / Chris Trotman)

There's No Place Like Feeling at Home in the Bronx
And Nothing Better Than a Yankee Feast on 4th of July
Lowell Provides the Fireworks, Boston Pops New York Again

George's Birthday Box: Boston 6, So-Called Bronx Bombers 3
Globe: Youkilis Jolt Gets the Ball Rolling
Top of the Order Outstanding: Jacoby and Dustin 12-Game-Streak Kick Start Offense
Beckett Buckles Down, But It's Still 102 Pitches Over 6 Innings
The Immortal Darrell Rasner Is Surprisingly Not the Stopper in the Stadium
Tito 'Sometimes You Need a Three-Run Homer' Was Right
Okajima Makes Nation Jumpy, But Delcarmen Gets Friend of Madonna
Lugoin' Gets Tougher: 0-for-4, .216 in the Last 33 Games
Did You See That Catch Coco Made? The Ump Sure Didn't

"Believe me, when I'm coming in there, I know I'm facing A-Rod." -- 7.4.08, Manny Delcarmen wasn't gonna blame it on the rain

That's How We Roll

In this photo combo, New York Yankees Johnny Damon attempts to catch a ball hit deep by Boston Red Sox's Kevin Youklis during the third inning of a baseball game Friday, July 4, 2008 at Yankee Stadium in New York. The ball slipped out of Damon's glove and the hit was ruled a two-run triple. Damon left the game after the play.
(AP Photo)

Youks's Bizarre Triple Spurs Sox
Photo Gallery: The Balancing Ball
Give Johnny 'A' for Effort Per Usual

Fans watch as a ball that popped loose out of New York Yankees' Johnny Damon's glove rests momentarily on the fence before dropping to the ground during the third inning against the Boston Red Sox in Major League Baseball action Friday, July 4, 2008 at Yankee Stadium.
(AP Photo)

Jason Varitek of the Boston Red Sox congratulates teammate Jon Lester after Lester shutout the New York Yankees 7-0 on July 3, 2008 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City.
(AP Photo)

Jon Stopper Blanks Yanks
Battle for Second Place Resumes Today

Thursday Bronx Box: Boston 7, New York Nothing
Globe: Finishing Kick for Sox | Shaughnessy's Take
Big Jon Locks in All-Star Spot in First Yankee Stadium Start
Not Since Pedro2000 Has a Sox Hurler Tossed a Complete-Game Shutout vs. NYY
Not Since Roger Moret Did It 35 Years Ago Has a Sox Lefty Blanked the Yanks
A Shell of His Former Self: Manny's Soft Signal Is No Sign He's Back
Breaking Out of It News: RBI Single for Tek in the 8th
Added Punch: Coco Makes an Impact in Comeback
Sac It to Me: A Little Lugo Love, Too

"Stuff-wise, I don't think it was any different." -- 7.3.08, Jon Lester on last night compared to his no-hitter

Sorry Andy, This Time Lester Was ...

BDD Photo Illustration -- Steve Garberg
(BDD Photo Illustration / Steve Garberg)

Sox Tumble
at The Trop
Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell, right, talks with pitcher Craig Hansen after he surrendered the lead to the Tampa Bay Rays during the seventh inning of a baseball game Wednesday, July 2, 2008, in St. Petersburg, Fla.
(AP Photo)

7th Hell: Delcarmen-Hansen Double Up for Disaster

"Manny not taking the extra base on an error, Lowell actually going for a stolen base in the ninth with some of the slowest feet in baseball, the bullpen failing to produce any "productive" innings since last year... For one of the highest paid teams in baseball, this team sure played some bush-league ball the last five games. Pressure? You better believe it's on now." -- 7.3.08, B. Smithers, BDD e-mail

Wednesday Night Box: Tampa Bay 7, Boston 6
Stinging Rays Rally to Sweep Slumping Sox
Can't Blame It on the Rain: Milli Delcarmen Forgets to Cover First
Managing to Lose: Was Tired Tito Asleep at the Wheel?
Was Francona Too Wrapped Up in Manny's Attack on Jack?
Thanks for Stepping Up: Manny "The Small Ticket" Ramirez Goes 0-for-5
Poor Penmanship: It Would Be Great If Dice-BB Could Go Past 5 Innings
File Under Whew! Timlin Coming Back to Bolster the Bullpen
Singular Effort: Pedro Finishes a Hit Shy of the Cycle
Per Usual, Lugo Contributes to Sox Slide
How'd Tek Do in that All-Star Vote?
Hope Coco Enjoys His Week Off

"... We had a lead ... got to Delcarmen, and things unraveled in a hurry." -- 7.2.08, Tito on Manny Being Horrific

Sweep Caroline

Rays fan celebrates with an inflatable broom next to a Boston Red Sox fan following the Rays 7-6 win during a baseball game Wednesday, July 2, 2008, in St. Petersburg, Fla. The Rays swept a three-game series from the Red Sox.
(AP Photo)

Did Road Sox Nation Let the Team Down in Tampa Bay?
Were There Really More Rays Fans Than Sox Fans at the Trop Last Night?
What's Next? Will Yankee Fans Take Over the Stadium?

Red Sox Reality Check: In Defense of the Pink Hats
Drew's Just 262,802 Votes Out of OF Spot: No Time Left to Vote for J.D. & Co.

Ex and the City

New York rips A-Rod pillar to Post

Bronx Bombshell: A-Rod Is Out at Home

NY Post: C-Rod Goes Down Swinging with Kravitz in Paris

Slap on the Wrist for Manny?

Manager Terry Francona of the Boston Red Sox watches play against the Tampa Bay Rays June 30, 2008 at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.
(Getty Images Photo / Al Messerschmidt)

Tito Doesn't Want to Tell Us the Inside Story

7.2.08: Terry Francona on sports radio WEEI�s Dale and Holley program: �I was there. I was there,� Francona said when asked if he witnessed the altercation between Ramirez and McCormick in Houston on Saturday. �I�m gonna speak a little bit more in general terms because how we choose to deal with things is how we choose to deal with things. When things happen in our clubhouse that get out to the media, to me that doesn�t make it that we should treat it differently or make the punishment more severe. When somebody does something wrong, we try to handle it and we always handle it internally, and we will continue to do that, but we will not change the discipline because it has leaked to the media. I think that would be a horrible mistake on my part. We�ve always tried to handle things with respect regardless of whether people know or not, and we�ll continue to do that.�

When Push Comes
to Shove

Manny Ramirez removes his helmet after being stuck out by Tampa Bay Rays' Matt Garza during the second inning of a baseball game Tuesday, July 1, 2008, in St. Petersburg, Fla. The Rays defeated the Red Sox 3-1.
(AP Photo)

Sox Drop to 0-5 at the Trop; Fall to 2 1/2 Back of Rays
Rocky Ramirez Just 10-for-54 in His Last 16 Games

Tuesday Night Box: Tampa Bay 3, Boston 1
Garza Beats Tim Sure-Thing-at-the-Trop Wakefield
The Big Ticket Taker: Sugar Ray Manny Can't Push a Run Home
The Defense Rests: Cora, Cash Cost Sox Early Run
Red Hot Mike Lowell Picked the Wrong Night to Turn Cold
Tito Knows Best? No Casey at the Bat, .358 Hitter Pulled Back
Bummer for Boras, Too: Two More K's for Terrible Tek
Balfour Rings Up Sox to End It

Jack Strikes Back

BDD -- Illustration by Mike Briggs

"You want 16 tickets?!? Have you seen your numbers over the last 16 games?!? Lugo's in line for extras before you. Van Every and Varitek, too." -- What Jack McCormick should have said to Manny

Since the Sox Are Content to Sweep Manny's Shove Under the Rug
McCormick Had to Take Matters Into His Own Hands
Survey Said: Should Manny Be Punished?
Ryan: Why No Suspension? | Shaughnessy: Actions Unacceptable

Shea Hey! Hillenbrand Lands in the Atlantic League
Gallery: How the Sox Lead Was Lost in June

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Rodriguez gem wasted > Chili Davis doesn't want to turn Red Sox into free-swingers > Red Sox draft catcher in third round

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