Viva Big Papi

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Two Old Friends Catch Up During the Playoffs
and Discuss the Official Sponsor of MLB

Pressure's On Papi

Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz points at a teammate during baseball practice for the AL division series in Anaheim, Calif., Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2008. The Red Sox take on the Los Angeles Angels in Game 1 on Wednesday.

This Time Around, David's Got to Get It Done
Without The Mayor of Los Angeles By His Side

The Underdog Defending Champions Will Field a Team
Francona on Lowell: 'We Just Don't Know Yet'
Photos of Today's Workout in Anaheim
Bradford: Will Angels Deal to Ortiz?
More on Lowell, Drew, Beckett
Sox-Angels Breakdown

Dan Shaughnessy: "he seems different. shift has really hurt him, i think. plus no manny protection and then there's the wrist. but he's your reggie jackson, so maybe he'll bust out now." -- 9.30.08, Red Sox ALDS Q&A

Look Who's Talking

(Video courtesy of Red Socks Diaries | Illustrations by Mike Briggs)

Two Old Friends Catch Up During the Playoffs
and Discuss the Nation's Financial Crisis

One for the Road

Dustin Pedroia was at afternoon rally. He had just finished a interview. His team is in the playoffs.
(Jonathan Wiggs / Globe Staff )

It's Just Another Rally Monday
Lowell, Drew Take BP, Could Play in Game 1
Hundred Flock to Fenway for Wild and Crazy Sendoff

And Dustin Pedroia Has a Very Important Message for Red Sox Fans...

"Be behind us, I know it�s going to be late. Shoo, get a few cocktails in you and root for us alright?" -- 9.29.08, Dustin Pedroia to Red Sox Nation at Rally Monday

Go West Young Men

BDD Photo Illustration / Steve Garberg
(BDD Photo Illustration / Steve Garberg)

New Dirt Dogs, Old School Grit

"Like the Dominican Duo of Ortiz and Ramirez, who batted third and fourth, it is easy to put Pedroia and Youkilis in some sort of duo category, like the Dirt Dog Duo.

"I like that," said Casey. "It's true. They don't look pretty all the time but the job gets done. If 'Dirt Dog' means doing whatever it takes, and getting your uniform dirty doing it, then they are it." -- 9.29.08, Eagle Tribune, The New Dirt Dogs: Youkilis, Pedroia Get It Done the Old-fashioned Way

Shocker: Home Runs Drop to 15-year Low | Mazz: Red Sox Report Card
Everyone Loves Manny in LA | Manny Fires Back at McCormick, Sox, Boston

Gut Check Time

Josh Beckett of the Boston Red Sox throws against the New York Yankees at Fenway Park on July 25, 2008 in Boston, Massachusetts.
(Jim Rogash / Getty Images)

A Serious Setback for Beckett, Sox

Oblique Injury Pushes Back Beckett's ALDS Start
Did Showing Up Soft in the Middle Catch Up with Sox Ace?
Eric Wilbur: Ace in a Hole
The Most Worthless Sox-Yankees Tickets in the History of Earth:
Sunday Boxes -- Game 1: NYY 6, Boston 2 | Game 2: Boston 4, NYY 3

Go Johnny Go, Go, Go

Johnny Pesky enjoys a ceremony in which his Boston Red Sox uniform number 6 is retired prior to the start of a MLB game against the New York Yankees at Fenway park in Boston, MA Sunday, September 28, 2008.
(John Bohn / Globe Staff)

Red Sox Retire That Pesky No. 6
Photos: No. 6 Ceremony | Pesky Retrospective

"I can't get over how it got up there. Because I wasn't Hall of Fame material. But I played with some great guys, and I was great coat hanger. I was hanging on to Ted and Bobby and Dom [DiMaggio]. We had so much fun and played so well together." -- 9.28.08, Johnny Pesky after the ceremony

Reign Out
Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka walks into the dugout at Fenway Park after he was scratched as the starting pitcher in their baseball game against the New York Yankees due to the game's delay and the rainy weather in Boston Friday, Sept. 26, 2008

Red Sox Manager Terry Francona Hands Over the
2008 American League East Division Title to the Tampa Rays
No Wild Weekend in Boston, Sox Will Go Wild Card Out West
Isn't the Courtesy Concede Reserved for the Ryder Cup, Tito?

BDD - Mike Briggs Illustration
(BDD / Mike Briggs Illustration -

Fans Get Soaked on Friday Night: New York 19, Pawtucket 8
There Goes the East! Sincerely, Van Every, Carter, Kottaras, Cash, Velazquez, Pauley
Globe: Painful Setback for Sox
Sox Are One and Done As AL East Champs; Crappy WC Caps On the Way
Insult to Injuries: Johnny Play-Through-Anything Damon: .305, 17 Home Runs
Ransom Money for Yankees: Shortstop Was 3-for-3, 2 Homers
Someone Forget to Tell Jacoby Tito Was Mailing It In
Jason BBay, Not Exactly Leading the Way, Sincerely MVP Manny
Did the Manager Add Insult to Lowell, Drew, and Coco Injuries?
Don't Blame J.D. Drew, He Is Who We Thought He Was, Sincerely Dennis Green
So Matsuzaka Can't Go in the Moisture with 8 Days Rest on Tap?

"The important thing is for us to get our house in order, be healthy, and try to get everybody at-bats. But not too many." -- 9.26.08, Terry Francona dampening the division hopes of the Nation

No Risk, No Reward ...

"Shame on you, Boston Red Sox. Yeah, you're in the playoffs...but as the wild card. You're the defending World Series champions, for Yaz's sake, and you've conceded your division title to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays of baseball--the Tampa Bay Rays! As both a Red Sox fan and a fan of Major League Baseball as a whole, I find this outcome unacceptable. You have one chance to set things right, Red Sox, and you've got one month in which to do so." -- 9.26.08, Metroville, Darkness Falls Upon AL East

BDD - Frank Galasso Illustration
(BDD / Frank Galasso Illustration -

Newman Was His Own Man

04/12/2006: Actor Paul Newman (left), his wife actress Joanne Woodward, and Red Sox owners Tom Werner and John Henry took in the action at Fenway Park from the owner's box.
(4.12.06, Jim Davis / Globe File Photo)

Rest in Peace: American Legend Paul Newman Dies at 83
Bleacher Report: A Salute to the Best Sports Movie Star

Paul Newman, a Man's Man
Would Play Through Pain, Rain,
and You Can Bet He'd Go All In to Win the AL East

"Yeah, well, sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand." -- Paul Newman as Cool Hand Luke, 1967

Joker's Wild About the Sox

BDD - illustration
(BDD / Illustration Courtesy of

Manny's Pouring It On

Manny Ramirez celebrates with teammates after they clinched the National League West following their game against the San Diego Padres in Los Angeles, September 25, 2008.

LA Ram Kicks Sox Fans to the Curb and Boston in the Teeth
Pray for a Dodgers-Sox Series So We Can 'Welcome' Him Back

After All Those Years of Unconditional 24 Worship in Boston,
and After Less Than Two Months in Los Angeles, on Our Dime
Manny Says The Hub No Longer Houses the World's Best Fans

This is now: "What's going on L.A.? Thank you, all the L.A. fans for your support. You guys are the best. Mannywood!" -- 9.26.08, Manny Ramirez to Dodger fans at Chavez Ravine

That was then: "You guys are the best fans in the whole world." -- 10.30.07, Manny Ramirez to Red Sox fans at the rolling rally

Hooray for Mannywood?

BDD -- Mannywood
(BDD Photo Illustration / Joseph Boucher)

Extra Bases: The Artful Dodger Is Back in the Postseason
Photos: Manny, Nomar, and Even Pedro
Video: Manny Talks About Making the Playoffs, Winning It All
LA Locker Room: Nomar's Excited | D-Lowe Being D-Lowe
Dodger Fan Thinks His Team Just Won the Pennant

"When I left Boston, it was great," Ramirez said, "A new life. My dream come true. I wanted to show people that I play hard and I wanted to show people what I could do. I know a lot of people doubt me. Whatever people say out there, well, that's good because I came and I proved everybody wrong." -- 9.26.08, Manny's comments in Extra Bases

More Blue Sox Video

Los Angeles ABC7 video

Lefty Groove
Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester gets a hand from the crowd after giving up a double to Josh Barfield to lead of the sixth ining, which was Cleveland's first hit of the game.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff )

Lester's No-Hit Drive Through Five Leads Sox to Take Tribe
Rays Lose, Division Barely Alive

Thursday Night Box: Boston 6, Cleveland 1
Lester Flirts with 2nd No-hitter, Beats Indians
Order Up: Ellsbury's Finishing Strong at the Top
The Youk Is Back on Fire, Home Run No. 28 for 1B
Short-Term Memory: Lowrie Shakes Off September Slump
Story Behind the Story: The Resurgent Bullpen Shoots 3 Blanks

"If it happens, it's nice. But we've got to get ready for the playoffs... I'm not worried about Game 1, 2, 4, 8. Whatever it is, give me the ball and I'll go pitch." -- 9.25.08, Jon Lester, a lefty with the right attitude about the postseason

Manny Gives More to LA Hospital in 2 Months Than He Gave to Boston Kids in 7 Years Here
Sox Celebrate Wild Card Close to Fenway | OT: Schilling is Secretary of Duh-fense
Hey RemDawg, Can You Kick This Clown Out of the Nation?

Kotsayonara Cleveland

Mark Kotsay heads to first after hitting an RBI double to drive in Jeff Bailey (right) with the go-ahead run during the eighth inning against the Cleveland Indians at Fenway Park in Boston on Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2008. The Red Sox won 5-4.
(AP and Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff )

Hello Home Plate

Wednesday Box Score: Wild Card Crew 5, Cleveland 4
Globe: Red Sox Show No Letup
Bailey Barrels Home With Winning Run on Kotsay's 8th Inning Double
Byrd on the Brain: 11 Hits Over Five Innings Won't Fly in the Postseason
Stat of the Year: 20 Stolen Bases from Pedroia
It's a Wonderful Life; We Owe Everything to Jeff Bailey
No Offense But Drew, Kotsay Errors Would Kill in Soxtober
Papi's RBI Machine Keeps Humming Along
Chris Carter Gets First RBI, Sox Consider Retiring His Number
Sox Made Fast Work of Fausto

"It went well. It got a little stiff, but not too bad. I really didn't expect to get as jelly-legged as I did out there. But when you think that I'm not doing anything for five or six weeks except sit down and lay down ... we've got some catching up to do." -- 9.24.08, J.D. Drew, not exactly inspiring confidence that he'll be ready for the second season

BDD - Frank Galasso Illustration

Eric Wilbur: Boo Goes the Dynamite

The In Crowd
The Red Sox defeated the Indians tonight to clinch a playoff berth. After the victory, the players first celebrated in the clubhouse, the returned to the field to continue the party with the fans. Here Jonathan Papelbon delights a fan by pulling up third base and giving it to him as a souvenir.
(Jim Davis / Globe Staff)

There's Only One Soxtober.
The Defending Champs Will Defend Their Title.

Tuesday Box Score: Boston 5, Cleveland 4
Globe: Happy Berth Day, The Boston Red Sox Are Heading to the Playoffs
Sox Don't Fall Off Cliff, Wake Outpitches Lee
Who Else? Dustin Pedroia Comes Through to Seal the Deal
You'll Play in October Jason Bay, You're Not in Pittsburgh Anymore
Youk Goes Long for Two Large Runs
Oki Gets the Bases-Loaded Out, Pap Gets the Big 4-Out Save
Toned-Down Celebration Photos

"We're dangerous in the playoffs. Everybody knows that... I think we're going to be fine." -- 9.23.08, Mr. October David Ortiz

Yet Another Yankee Elimination Party

BDD - Mike Briggs Illustration

Gaetti's Number Is Up

Gary Gaetti in the Year 2000
(Barry Chin / Globe File Photo)

Sox to Honor Gary Gaetti RBI in 2000 by Retiring G-Man's No. 6
... And Congratulations Johnny Pesky | Through the Years

Now That the Red Sox Retired Number Floodgates Have Opened,
Other Players' Numbers Rumored to Be Retired Next Week Include:
Sam Horn, No. 30; Doug Griffin, No. 2; Dwayne Hosey, No. 46;
Trot Nixon, No. 7; and Ben Oglivie, No. 14

Party Pooper
Jed Lowrie of the Boston Red Sox strikes out with two men on base against the Cleveland Indians at Fenway Park on September 22, 2008 in Boston, Massachusetts.
(Getty Images / Jim Rogash)

Lowrie Wasn't Wearing a Lampshade on His Head
Boston P Party Pushed Back for Another Night

Monday Night Box: Cleveland 4, Boston 3
Globe: Sox Get Hung Up on Basepaths, So Clinch Must Wait
6th Feet Puts Sox Under: What a Mess on the Bases Jason
The Hits Keep Coming: Beckett Has Been Nearly a Bust in '08
September Surprise: Mr. October Ortiz Is Getting His Groove Back
Yeah, Get Rid of That Body Armor! Sincerely, Papi's Protection
Giveth and Taketh Away: J-Bay Whiffs While He Works
Mark Kotsay (3-for-34) Is No J.D. Drew, But Neither Is J.D. Drew
Jed Lowrie Has Four Hits in 33 At-Bats, Sincerely Julio Lugo
Sad But True: Pedroia Watches MVP Slip Away
Kevin Youkilis Is Doing It All Again
Silver Lining: Okajima Is Back On

"One guy had gigantic body armor on the whole [expletive] left side of his body. I get up 1-and-2 on him and then he [expletive] lays over the plate, and then it's in his [expletive] elbow pad. Whether or not he has a doctor's note for it, I don't know." -- 9.22.08, Beckett, doing what he's done best in '08, bitching about nonsense

"PINCH HIT FOR LOWRIE !!!!! What is he the new guy on Varitek's LOST Island??? 5 Terrible at Bats last night, 5 EASY OUTS. Pinch hit with Cora, anybody on the BENCH but don't leave Lowrie up there in his Chasm of a SLUMP with no clue !!!!! Sheesh, Francoma showed his ugly head in the 9th inning last night!!!" -- 9.22.08, Joe, BDD comments

A Fitting Tribute

Fans Say Goodbye to the House That Mickey Rivers Built
A Dump Since '76, Door Finally Closes on a Bronx Ballpark

Inching Closer
to Clinching

 Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka throws to the Toronto Blue Jays during the fourth inning of their American League MLB baseball game in Toronto, September 21, 2008.
(Reuters Photo)

No Worries, Matsuzaka Remains a Road Warrior
And the Fun Will Come Out in Boston Tonight

Sunday Afternoon Box: Boston 3, Toronto 0
Globe: Sox Have Safety in This Number
Tomorrow Never Dies: Sox Live On the Edge for Another Day
Dice-K Is All Grown Up, Celebrates Turning 18
Ellsbury Lays Out All His Tools in Toronto
Papi Shows More Signs of Showing Up in October
The Big Question: Is Okajima Back?

"Since the moment I turned pro, I wanted to match my win total to the number on my jersey. It took me 10 years, but I finally got there." -- 9.21.08, Dice-K Matsuzaka through a translator

Manny Look-alike Contest Ends in Tie

(BDD Photo)

�Te Pareces a Manny?

Two Guys Are Fit to Be Tied After Spot On Impersonations of Manny Ramirez in Boston at Viva Los Dodgers Festival

Les of the Same

Red Sox's Kevin Youkilis reacts after flying out to right during the third inning of a baseball game against the Toronto Blue Jays in Toronto on Saturday, Sept. 20, 2008.

Lester's Troubles in Toronto Continue
Sox Play the Waiting Game

Saturday Afternoon Box: Toronto 6, Boston 3
Globe: Big Hole in Plans for Sox
Sox Stuck Between Doc and a Hard Place
Oh Bay-B: Birthday Daddy Returns with a Bang
The Big E: Alex Cora, And Tito for Letting Him Hit

"You can't spot a pitcher like Halladay four runs, or five runs, in the second inning. You're just digging yourself too big of a hole." -- 9.21.08, Jon Lester not sharp early

Rays Reach First

BDD Photo Illustration / Steve Garberg
(BDD Photo Illustration / Steve Garberg)

Not Made in the Fade: Tampa Bay Clinches a Playoff Berth

Rogers That!
Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon celebrates his save against the Toronto Blue Jays during the ninth inning of their American League MLB baseball game in Toronto September 19, 2008
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff )

'Noodle Arm Club' to Jays: 'No Soup for You'
Toronto Is Road Kill, 2 Games Til Soxtober, Division Alive

Friday Night Box: Boston 4, Toronto 3
Globe: Almost There: Sox Squeak Past Jays, Can Clinch Playoff Birth Today
Overnight Results are In: Byrd Surges Past Wake in Postseason Roster Poll
Sean The RBI Machine Casey Came Through with Big Hit for 2
And Mark The Hit Machine Kotsay Belts Single in the 4th
7th Inning Mess: That's Just David Ortiz Being the Old Manny Ramirez
Time to Name Names: Lopez, Delcarmen, and Okajima Hold Their Own
A Run Is a Run: 'Tek Brings the Big Bat in the 8th
Trial and Error: Papelbon Needed to Be Saved From Himself
Cancel the Arby's Alert: So Long Bartolo Colon Surfaces in the Dominican

"That was a fun game to be a part of. It's a lot funner when you win." -- 9.19.08, Tito in Toronto

East or Famine?

BDD - Frank Galasso illustration

Is Boston One and Done with the AL East Crown?
Will the Sox Have a Serious Shot as the Wild Card?

Rays Lose! Rays Lose! Rays Lose!
Eric Wilbur: Halo, Wild Card

Wake and Rake

Red Sox starter Tim Wakefield, right, waits for a new ball as Tampa Bay Rays' Fernando Perez circles the bases after hitting a solo home run during the second inning of a baseball game Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008 in St. Petersburg, Fla.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff )

Tim Gets Smoked in Tampa
First Place Now a Wild-Goose Chase

Wednesday Night Box: Tampa Bay 10, David Ortiz 3
Globe: Rays Build on Position of Power
That Wasn't Your Father's Wakefield Who Owned the Rays
Surprise, Surprise, Surprise... Sox, Not Rays, Come Undone Under Pressure
Murderer's Row? Willy Aybar, Gabe Gross, and Fernando Perez Do All the Damage
Why Theo Needed to Read the Fine Print in Boras's J.D. Drew Powerpoint
While You Are Reading This, the Sox Are Making a Pitching Change
Hopefully Jason Bay Isn't Scheduled for Diaper Duty in October
36,048? Must Have Been Free Beer Night at Tropicana Field
Sox Fan Puts Up More Fight Than the Happy-to-be-in-Second Sox
Looking for Glove in All the Wrong Places

"They're not the team we're used to playing. They're very, very good. They're not a team to take for granted now." -- 9.17.08, Wake breaks the bad news to us

Death, Taxes, and Nomar Going Down

Dodgers' Nomar Garciaparra is helped by trainer Stan Conte after injuring his left knee rounding third base on a fifth inning single by Dodgers' Pablo Ozuna against the Pittsburgh Pirates in a baseball game in Pittsburgh Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008. Garciaparra was tagged out by Pirates catcher Ryan Doumit to end the inning. Garciaparra left the game.

Rare Garciaparra Injury Could Derail Dodgers Run
And Get This Tito:
Manny Doesn't Want a Day Off Down the Stretch

Iron Manny: 'I'm Cal Ripken'

"I mentioned a day off to Manny [Ramirez] and he said he doesn't need a day off and that was the end of that conversation," said Dodgers manager Torre, who earlier said he hoped to give Thursday's game off for Ramirez, who hasn't missed a game since his July 31 acquisition. "We'll keep playing him, and if we continue to win, we'll deal with it later."

Ramirez, a free agent after this season, confirmed he doesn't need a rest.

'I'm Cal Ripken,' he said." -- 9.17.08,

Next Up: Manny Look-alike Contest Before Saturday's Game in LA
Yesterday's News: Schilling, Merloni Gang Up on Forgotten Manny

Citizen Sting

Over 3000 new citizens sworn in at the first naturalization ceremony ever held at Fenway Park in front of the Red Sox dugout.
(David L. Ryan / Globe Staff)

Over 3,000 Immigrants Fooled Into Believing
They Would Become US Citizens Today
But Fenway Attendees Merely Signed Up for
2009 Memberships to Red Sox Nation

Fenway Park Hosts US Citizenship Ceremony
But Sox Ruse Dupes Thousands of Hopeful New Citizens
The Gig Was Up When Meg Vaillancourt Tried to Collect the
$15 Red Sox Nation Membership Fee After Ceremony

"We are honored to welcome you to Fenway, the United States of America, and to Red Sox Nation. From all of us, welcome home." -- 9.17.08, Meg Vaillancourt, senior vice president for corporate relations and executive director of the Red Sox Foundation

Mazz: Tie Goes to the Rays | ALDS Matchup Talk
So Long Sweet Caroline? A New Lineup of Sox Songs
Say Goodbye to 45 Minute Drives Between the Ballpark and the Beach?
Are the Sox Getting Ready to Leave Gritty Fort Myers for Swanky Sarasota?
Schilling: Congrats to Jeter; the Sox Ace is Back

Red Sox reliever Justin Masterson walks off the field after giving up the game winning RBI single to Tampa Bay Rays' Dioner Navarro during the ninth inning of their American League baseball game in St. Petersburg, Florida September 16, 2008.

Without a Second Thought, Rays Drop Sox Back in a Walkoff

Tuesday Night Box: Tampa Bay 2, Boston 1
Drop Kick: Navarro's Ninth-Inning Single Boots Sox Back to Second
Beck in the Saddle: Josh Had a Big Night Besides the Pitch to Pena
A New Bay-b, But Was the Night Off Necessary? Sincerely, Ted Williams
Defensive Play of the Day: Beckett to Pedroia to Youkilis
8th Inning Wonder: Jacoby Could Have Gotten a Better Jump
Not Playing Second Fiddle: Sonnanstine Was Fine Facing Boston's Ace
Easy Come, Easy Go: It's Still Fun and Games for Masterson
Pray for Mike Lowell

"It's amazing how one pitch can change direction of the game. It was a poorly executed pitch. ... I was trying to throw it down, it was up. It was a bad pitch. He's a strong son of a bitch... 98 percent of the guys in the big leagues fly out to left field on that."
-- 9.16.08, Josh Beckett on his one bad pitch to Carlos Pena

"The problem tonight was not officiating. NO NO NO!!! The problem tonight was the problem all season. The inability to play shut down baseball over the whole series. After blasting Scott Kazmir, the Sox went dead against Andy Sonnanstine... Gimme a break. Champions beat great and bad pitching anytime, anywhere. Work has to be done!"
-- 9.16.08, Tim Taylor, BDD comments

Gorilla in the Midst

Photo caption goes here
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Shaughnessy: Henry: Theo Has a New Deal

"The negotiations were pleasant and were all about rewarding Theo for the great, great job he has done in bringing two world championships to the Red Sox. We look forward to the difficult task of trying to win a third." -- 9.16.08, John Henry via e-mail to Dan Shaughnessy

BDD: Epstein gets a new deal
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Sox Smash Six Home Runs at the Trop
(AP and Reuters )

The Dome Run Kings Are Fit to Be Tied
Sox Deep-6 Rays in a Good Old-Fashioned Kaz Kickin'

Out of the Box Scoring: Defending World Champions 13, Tampa Bay Devil Rays 5
Power Surge Carries Sox Past Rays in So-Called Showdown
Dirty Half Dozen: Papi, Youk, Lowell, 'Tek, Bay, Ellsbury Go Long
This Just In: The Rays Fade Has Begun (They're All Done)
The Great Pretenders: These Are Your Father's Devil Rays
3rd Time's the Charm: Dice-K Rolls No. 17 in His Usual 5 Inning Stint
Hats Off to Mike Timlin for Breaking MLB RH Relief Appearance Record
The Captain Passes Carlton, Too

"They're cooler hats, anyway." -- 9.15.08, Mike Timlin on the difference between the wild card and winning the division

Manny Who? He's Just a Guy Running 4.48 Down the Line
More of the Sveum: Dale Takes The Helm of the Brew Crew
Repeat After Me: Kelly Shoppach Has Hit 21 Homers This Season
Pedro Comes Up Small for the Mets

Dragging the Line

Sox Rookies Hit the Road
(BDD / WBZ-TV images)

WBZ-TV Video: Sox Rookies Hit the Road Well Dressed

"I wish I could put a dress on..." -- 9.14.08, Justin Masterson

Singular Sensation

Boston Red Sox's Coco Crisp, right, hits an RBI-single in front of Toronto Blue Jays catcher Gregg Zaun, left, in the second inning of a baseball game, Sunday, Sept. 14, 2008, in Boston. The Red Sox won 4-3.
(AP )

Coco's Crisp Base Hits Drive in Two, Sox Just One Back

Sunday Afternoon Box: Boston 4, Toronto 3
The Bottom Line: Lester Outduels Halladay
Sweet 15: Jon Was Spot On Again, While Doc Wasn't His Usual Untouchable Self
Bay, Lowell, Ellsbury Put Runs on the Board
Triple Threat: Papi's Good for One Big Run Around Per Season
Worst Save Ever: Pap Gets Help from Ump, and Needed It

"I have to work on my fastball command a little bit. I'm not worried about it. I've pitched four times in six days. I've been leaned on a little bit. Truly and honestly, I'll let (NESN's) Tom Caron and Dennis Eckersley worry about it. They seem to be worried." -- 9.14.08, Jon Papelbon, via the Hartford Courant

He's Loudon Clear

Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, Shonda Schilling, former NASCAR driver Richard Petty (L), Republican presidential nominee John McCain (R-AZ), his wife Cindy McCain and promoter and owner, CEO of NASCAR track owner Speedway Motorsports, Inc. Bruton Smith
(Getty Images / Elsa)

Curt Hits the Campaign Trail
While the Pennant Express Heads to St. Pete

Kind of a Drag
Red Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury hits an infield single that put the Sox up 6-5 in the 8th.
(Barry Chin / Boston Globe Staff )

Ellsbury's 'Bunt' Gets the Ball Rolling
Sox in Full Swing, Just 2 Games Back

Saturday Nightcap: Boston 7, Toronto 5
Globe: Sox Stay the Course, Split with Jays
Back Over .300: J-Bay Bangs a Double to Kick Off the Rally
Jed Doesn't Play Dead After Error; Steps Up with Game-Tying Single
In Good Company: Props to Pedro for 200 Hits, 50 Doubles So Far
Bartolo Back? A Clean Outing for Colon
Pretty Wild Pitch by Jesse Litsch
Big Insurance Policy Papi
Pap Makes It Look Easy

"We lose and we�re four (games) back. Instead, we win and we�re just two out. That�s a big swing right there, especially with the way (the Rays) are playing.� -- 9.13.08, Sox slugger Kevin Cash

Byrd Lays an Egg
(Barry Chin / Boston Globe Staff )

Paul Gets Pounded, Sox Bats Fly South

Early Byrd Box: Toronto 8, Boston 1
Jays Jump All Over Sox in Opener
Beginner's Luck: At Least They Got Beat by The Immortal Travis Snider
It's One of Those Days When You Miss Manny in the Lineup
Burnett Just Wanted to Show How He'll Throw in Boston Next Year
The Defense Never Rests: Pedro, Coco, J-Bay, Lowrie, Lowell Get Gold Stars
Not so Fast? Jacoby's Closing in on Tommy Harper's Stolen Base Record
Devern Hansack, The Missing Link or Just Mopping Up?
David Hit Haardsma

"I know I've faced them a lot, but I just didn't make the pitches that I needed to make. Couldn't throw the ball away very well. It was up and then I just left some key pitches over the middle of the plate." -- 9.13.08, Paul Byrd, who heard a few boo birds when he left the game

Mission Timpossible

The Boston Red Sox celebrate taking Game 1 of the four game series with a 7-0 win over the Toronto Blue Jays .
(Barry Chin / Boston Globe Staff )

First Place Still in the Forecast as It's a
Wakefield of Dreams at Fenway on Friday

Friday Night's Soggy Box: Boston 7, Toronto 0
Globe: In Nothing Flat, Wakefield Makes Quick Work of Jays
What Happened in Texas, Stayed in Texas, Sincerely Tim Wakefield
Timpressive Numbers: 0 Runs, 3 Hits, 13 Straight into the Eighth
Long Time for the Shortstop: Welcome Back Jed Lowrie's Bat
Lefty-Hefty: Ortiz Smashes a Double to Right
Cha-Ching: Cash Deposit Over the Wall

"You get to him, or you don't." -- 9.12.08, Blue Jays manager Cito Gaston knows the two Wakes, bad and good

From Fenway to the Runway

 Natick collection teams up with the Boston Red Sox Foundation and Red Sox wives for 7th annual 'From Fenway to the Runway'. L. to R. are MaryAnn Dunfey, girlfriend of Red Sox doctor Larry Ronan, Whitney Hayes girlfriend of Josh Beckett, Ashley Papelbon, and Tiffany Ortiz.
MaryAnn Dunfey, girlfriend of Red Sox doctor Larry Ronan, Whitney Hayes girlfriend of Josh Beckett, Ashley Papelbon, and Tiffany Ortiz (Bill Brett / Boston Globe Staff )

Sox Wives Hit Home Run for Charity

Never Forget
The Tribute in Light is seen during a test run as the moon rises over the East Village with Lower Manhattan in the background September 8, 2008 in New York City.
(Mario Tama / Getty Images)

On the 7th Anniversary of September 11, 2001
We Remember Our Brothers and Sisters That Flew Out of Boston
and All Those Who Died During the Terrorist Attacks

American Airlines Flight 11

Flight 11, flying from Boston to Los Angeles, crashed into the World Trade Center.

Confirmed dead







Barbara Jean Ares Tegui


Marstons Mills, Mass.

flight attendant

American Airlines

Jeffrey Dwayne Collman


Novato, Calif.

flight attendant

American Airlines

Sara Elizabeth Low


Boston, Mass.

flight attendant

American Airlines

Karen A. Martin


Danvers, Mass.

flight attendant

American Airlines

Thomas F. McGuinness Jr.


Portsmouth, N.H.

first officer

American Airlines

Kathleen Ann Nicosia


Winthrop, Mass.

flight attendant

American Airlines

John Ogonowski


Dracut, Mass.


American Airlines

Betty Ann Ong


Andover, Mass.

flight attendant

American Airlines

Jean Destrehan Roger


Longmeadow, Mass.

flight attendant

American Airlines

Dianne Bulls Snyder


Westport Point, Mass.

flight attendant

American Airlines

Madeline Amy Sweeney


Acton, Mass.

flight attendant

American Airlines


Anna Williams Allison


Stoneham, Mass.


A2 Software Solutions

David Lawrence Angell


Pasadena, Calif.

executive producer


Lynn Edwards Angell


Los Angeles, Calif.


Seima Aoyama


Culver City, Calif.



Myra Joy Aronson


Charlestown, Mass.

press and analyst relations manager

Compuware Corp.

Christine Barbuto


Brookline, Mass.



Carolyn Mayer Beug


Santa Monica, Calif.

filmmaker and video producer

Kelly Ann Booms


Brookline, Mass.



Carol Marie Bouchard


Warwick, R.I.

emergency room secretary

Kent County Hospital

Neilie Anne Heffernan Casey


Wellesley, Mass.

planning manager


Jeffrey W. Coombs


Abington, Mass.

security analyst


Tara Kathleen Creamer


Worcester, Mass.

planning manager


Thelma Cuccinello


Wilmot Flat, N.H.


Patrick Currivan


Winchester, Mass.

vice president


Brian P. Dale


Warren, N.J.


Blue Capital Management

David DiMeglio


Wakefield, Mass.

computer service

Donald Americo DiTullio


Peabody, Mass.

endoscopy division

Smith & Nephew Inc.

Alberto Dominguez


Lidcombe, New South Wales, Australia

baggage handler

Qantas Airways

Peter el-Hachem


Tewksbury, Mass.

senior software engineering manager


Paige Farley-Hackel


Newton, Mass.

spiritual counselor

Alexander Milan Filipov


Concord, Mass.

electrical engineer and church deacon

Carol Flyzik


Plaistow, N.H.

marketing supervisor


Paul Friedman


Belmont, Mass.

management consultant

Emergence Consulting

Karleton D.B. Fyfe


Brookline, Mass.

senior analyst

John Hancock

Peter Alan Gay


Tewksbury, Mass.

plant manager

Raytheon Co.

Linda M. George


Westboro, Mass.



Edmund Glazer


Wellesley, Mass.

chief financial officer

MRV Communications

Lisa Reinhart Fenn Gordenstein


Needham, Mass.

assistant vice president and merchandise manager


Andrew Peter Charles Curry Green


Santa Monica, Calif.

director of business development


Robert Jay Hayes


Amesbury, Mass.

sales engineer


Edward (Ted) R. Hennessy Jr.


Belmont, Mass.


Emergence Consulting

John A. Hofer


Los Angeles, Calif.


John's Sharpening Center

Cora Hidalgo Holland


Sudbury, Mass.

Sudbury Food Pantry at Our Lady of Fatima Church

John Nicholas Humber Jr.


Newton, Mass.


Brae Burn Management

Waleed Iskandar


London, England

chief of digital strategy for Europe

Monitor Group

John Charles Jenkins


Cambridge, Mass.

corporate office services manager

Charles River Associates

Charles Edward Jones


Bedford, Mass.

retired astronautical engineer and manager of space programs

BAE Systems

Robin Kaplan


Westboro, Mass.

senior store equipment specialist


Barbara Keating


Palm Springs, Calif.


parish office, St. Theresa Catholic Church

David Kovalcin


Hudson, N.H.

senior mechanical engineer

Raytheon Co.

Judy Larocque


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founder and CEO

Market Perspectives

Natalie Janis Lasden


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product testing team leader

General Electric

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road crew

Backstreet Boys

Daniel C. Lewin


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co-founder and chief technology officer

Akamai Technologies

Susan A. MacKay


Westford, Mass.

assistant vice president of merchandise planning and allocation


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Boston, Mass.


Alta Communications

Jeffrey Peter Mladenik


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interim CEO


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housekeeping worker

Boston Harbor Hotel

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former ballet dancer

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general partner

Alta Communications

Philip M. Rosenzweig


Acton, Mass.

vice president

Sun Microsystems

Richard Barry Ross


Newton, Mass.

president and chief executive

The Ross Group

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Boston, Mass.

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Xavier Suarez


Chino Hills, Calif.

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Boston, Mass.

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Everett, Mass.

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Mary Barbara Trentini


Everett, Mass.

retired secretary

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Los Angeles, Calif.

project manager for consulting firm


Mary Alice Wahlstrom


Kaysville, Utah

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Methuen, Mass.

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Torrance, Calif.

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Northeastern University

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Hopkinton, Mass.

software engineer

Concord Communications

Midnight Sour

The Rays (right) celebrate and David Ortiz (left) doesn't after the last out of the game.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff )

Timlin Comes In... Turn Out the Lights
Time to Start Planning for the Angels in Round 1

Wednesday Night Box: Tampa Bay 4, Boston 2
Globe: Rays Take Finale in 14 Innings
It's Hammel Time for the First Place Rays
Nothing Doing for Big Bunti Again
Just Sayin': J-Bay Goes 0-for-7; LA Ram Hit 2 2-Run Jacks
Not Counting Mike: Bullpen Was Outstanding for 7 1/3 Innings
Not So Sweet: 16 Sox Runners Stranded on the Night
Individually: 100 RBIs for Youk; Pedro Breaks Jodi Reed's Doubles Record
Why Can't We Be Patient with Local Ringers Like Carlos Pena?
Tools We Can Lose: Another Fan Interferes with the Home Team
Where's the Replay When You Need It: Bad Call on Jacoby in the 9th
Way Back When: Not a Bad Start for Beckett
Coolio Francona: No Hot Coco, Big Problem with the Bats
Thanks for Grinding It Out J.D.

"I was extremely surprised. It was a good pitch. We pushed him off the plate and then went down and away." -- 9.11.08, Mike Timlin... the only person in the Nation surprised that Pena smoked him and his 6.09 ERA

More Days in Second Place
Pedroia and Papelbon leave the dugout after the devastating loss
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff )

They Put Up a Good Fight, But Pap's Ball Had No Bite,
So No Love at First Sight as Sox Sit Tight in Second

Tuesday Night Box: Tampa Bay 5, Boston 4
Globe: Rays Refuse to Let Sox Grab First
One Trick Pony: Pap Lives by the Fastball, Dies by the Fastball
Pinch Me: Did Dan Johnson Hit a Game-Tying Homer Off Jonathan Papelbon?
Coco Goes to the Top of the Order... Then Quickly Cools Off
Bay Saves the Day!... But Pap Blew the Night for the 5th Time
Wednesday Morning QB: Should Have Kept Oki In to Face Lefty at Least
Closer Aside, It Was a Good Night for the Bullpen. Sincerely, Manny Delcarmen
Death, Taxes, and Matsuzaka Going Just 5 Dicey Innings
Blame It on the Rain, Pap? The Dirty Dancing Video Show Jinx? The 4-Out Save?
Percival Being the Old Papelbon

"If it comes down to them winning the home field by one game, maybe we'll look back at this game. But we'll see." -- 9.9.08, Mike Lowell on the worst loss of the season

"I'm human." -- 9.9.08, Jon Papelbon

ESPN's Rick Reilly Gratuitously Slaps the Race Card on Boston
Herald: Howie Carr Hits a Homer on the Brady Craziness
More Significant Injuries in Boston Sports History
Red Sox Thank Fans for Selling Out | Mazz: A Good Trot Spoiled

Half Time
Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester reacts after striking out the Rays Rocco Baldelli to end the top of the sixth inning, and strand two Tampa Bay runners on base.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff )

First Things First: Les Get It Started
456th Sellout, 14th Shutout, and Just a Half Game Out

Monday Night Box: Boston 3, Tampa Bay 0
How the East Was Won? Sox Blank Rays in Game 1
In the Big Inning, They Scored All the Runs They Needed
And the Long Awaited Tampa Bay Fade Is Finally Here
Kotsay. The Long Awaited Answer at Leadoff.
eBay: The Sox Left Fielder is the Real Deal
No Wrist for the Weary: Papi Keeps Producing
Hot Coco: Extra Crispy 3-for-3 Effort, Hitting Streak at 10
0-for-4? What's Wrong with Pedroia?
Treinta Seis Para Cinco Ocho

This Just In: Fenway Scalper Caught Holding 99 Unsold Tickets
For So-Called 456th Straight 'Sellout'... Developing ...

BDD -- Frank Galasso Illustration

Funeral for a Friend?

(BDD Photo Illustration / Mark Couto)

Not So Fast. The Brady Backup Plan ...

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin Expected to Report to Patriots Camp Tomorrow After Campaign Stop in Cambridge. VP Candidate Will Design Plays for Coaches, Play Catch With Moss, and Could Be Ready to Lead the Offense by Sunday

Long Time for Mr. Big

Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz (R) is congratulated by third base coach DeMarlo Hale after hitting a two-run homerun against the Texas Rangers in the fifth inning of their MLB American League baseball game in Arlington, Texas September 7, 2008.
(Reuters )

Ortiz Goes Deep in the Heart of Texas
Byrd, Sox Takin' Care of Business

Sunday Afternoon Box: Boston 7, Texas 2
Globe: Sox Rock Rangers, Keep on a Roll
Coco Keeps on Comin' Through
Another MVP Measure: Dustin's Defense
In the Swing of Things: J-Bay's Big Bat is Back
Byrd is the Word: 8-1 in Last 9 Starts

"They're as good as anybody out there. One thing they've got is they've been there. ... Tampa Bay's never been in that situation. The Angels are the Angels. If you're asking me to make a pick, it's Boston." -- 9.7.08, Rangers manager Ron Washington on the defending World Series champions

The Quick and The Dead
Red Sox relief Tim Wakefield, right, is pulled from the game by manager Terry Francona in the second inning of a Major League Baseball game against the Texas Rangers, Saturday, Sept. 6, 2008, in Arlington, Texas.

Wake, Then Funeral. Rangers Bury Sox Early.

Saturday Nightmare: Texas 15, Boston 8
Globe: Rangers Walk Over Wakefield, Sox
The Apologists: ... But Tim Just Needed More Run Support!
On 2nd Thought: Lowell Doesn't Connect with Home Plate
A Tale of Two Bullpens: There Was No Friday Night Fight in the 'Pen
One Wake Waived Goodbye, the Rangers Cruzed
The Bob Stanley of Milestones: Wake Gets 500th Sox Appearance
Bright Side: Youk Returns and Brings the Noise
Time for Timlin to Retire Again, Pauley Too

"It was one of those days I'd like to forget. I felt physically great, mentally great. The inning just unfolded so fast." -- 9.6.08, Tim Wakefield, now 8-10

Beck in the Saddle Again
Josh Beckett pitches against the Texas Rangers in the first inning of their American League baseball game in Arlington, Texas September 5, 2008.

Josh Returns and Let's It Fly in Arlington
Sox Stay Perfect vs. Rangers

Friday Night Lights: Boston 8, Texas 1
Globe: Beckett, Lowell Bounce Back | Mazz: Things Falling Into Place
Josh Bounces Back: 7K's, Just 4 Singles Over 5, Fastball Command
Lowell and Behold: Mike Returns in a Big Way, 3-for-5, HR, 4 RBIs
Remember the Arlington: Red Sox Nation Takes Over Texas
Crisp Getting Hotter in Texas, Now 21-for-46 Last 13 Games
Texas Hold 'Em: Manny, Masterson Gettin' It Done; Oki OK
Bay Manages to Stay Above .300
Tooth Hurty Ave. for 'Tek

"I'd be lying if I didn't say the most important thing for me today was being healthy. The win's just the icing on the cake. There were some selfish things going on. There were some things that I wanted to do to prove to myself that I'm healthy." -- 9.5.08, Josh Beckett on a big night out

Pedey Storms Ahead in MVP Race

BDD - Hockey Moms for Pedroia
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Hockey Moms Switch from Palin to Pedroia
Dusty's the New Frontrunner for MVP

What's the Difference Between Pedroia and a Pit Bull?

BDD -- Pedro and the pit bull

Big Stick.

Gordon Edes: Multiple Options for AL MVP
WT&G: Sizing Up Another Giant Pedroia Effort
Herald: Pedroia MVP Talk Heating Up
TATB: Small Wonder: Pedro and the MVP

"Everyone remembers what happened last year in the first month (Pedey batted just .182). We kept talking to him and pushing him. He probably didn�t think everyone believed in him, but there were a lot of people in this clubhouse that did." -- 9.3.08, Alex Cora on the MVP

"He has had a great season,and a fantastic last 5 weeks. But lets be real here. Pedroia will not be the MVP of the league. There are a half a dozen other players who will get more votes than him. Pedroia fans need to open thier eyes,and look at the rest of the league as well.Carlos Quentin, K-Rod, Carlos Pena, Josh Hamilton, Justin Morneau has his team in first with a .313/21/109 and 41 doubles. Hello people, there is more out there. Hey, I love Pedroia as much as the next guy, but open your eyes. He IS NOT the American League MVP." -- 9.4.08, Joe via BDD comments

Afternoon De-late

Alex Cora scores the game winning run scoring on a bunt and a throwing error in the 9th.
(Barry Chin / Globe Staff)

It's a Rally Good Show as Sox Sweep O's with a Walkoff Win

Wednesday Afternoon Box: Boston 5, Baltimore 4
Recap: Sox Overcome 4-Run Deficit to Complete Sweep
Cora, Cora, Cora: Defensive Gem, Clutch Single, Winning Run
When a Bunt's Not a Punt: Coco Lines One Up for the Win
It Was Just 17: MVPedey Homers Again, Starts the Comeback
Catching Fire: That's Just Jacoby Being a Young Johnny Damon
Kotsay Can You See How Good This Guy Hits?
Storyline: Remember Masterson; Forget Matsuzaka

"Compared to what it was yesterday, it's night and day. But a win is a win. We have some momentum going into Texas. So we'll have a great off day tomorrow and get ready for Friday." -- 9.3.08, Alex Cora on the thrill of the win

YouTube Finds: Pedroia: 'Jerry Remy Stunk' | Manny Prez | Jacoby's Rap
Schilling Pitches In: Over $400k Raised for Curt's Pitch in 100 Innings
NYPD Defends Ejecting Sox Fan from Stadium During 'God Bless America'
Hunt for Red October | Confidence Meter | Down the Stretch They Come!

Dirt Dog Dustin
Cleans Up Again

Once again Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia was at the center of it all with a 3 run home run in the 4th inning.
(Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)

5 More RBIs for MVPedey; It's a Hit Parade at Fenway

Tuesday Night Box: Boston 14, Baltimore 2
Globe: A Laugher at Fenway
Little Big Man Is 9-for-14 from Cleanup Spot, .600 in Last 7 Games
4-foot-6 Slugger Leads the American League in Hitting at .330, Crushes Homer No. 16
Ortiz, 3 Hits, Manages to Find Protection without His Manny, Sox 20-9 without LA Ram
That's Just Lester Being Dice-K and Getting an Easy Win
Coco Crisp Could Be the Wild Card in Sox Lineup
Sox Won't Miss a Beat with Bailey in Daily
Kotsay Better Than Okay

"I was going to paint an 'S' on his chest. He's a great young player. It's fun to see him hit behind Ortiz, who's such a huge guy, but Dustin is such a great competitor." -- 9.2.08, Mark Kotsay on the MVP

Palin Is Ready to
Pitch In for Sox

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and presumptive Republican vice-presidential nominee Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin greet the crowd during a rally August 31, 2008 in O'Fallon, Missouri. The GOP has announced it will suspend most of Monday's Republican National Committee activities in Saint Paul
(Whitney Curtis / Getty Images - BDD Photo Illustration)

Sarah Barracuda Is Ready, Willing, and Able to Take
Josh Beckett's Turn in Texas on Friday

BDD has learned that Republican vice-presidential candidate Alaska Governor former high school basketball star University of Idaho graduate Miss Wasilla and Miss Alaska runner-up government reformer avid caribou hunter gun-toting sharp shooter fisherwoman sportscaster mother of Track, Bristol, Piper, Willow, and Trig New York Times crossword puzzle queen and soon-to-be grandmother super cougar hockey mom Sarah Barracuda Palin has agreed to take Josh Beckett's spot in the Red Sox starting rotation if the DL'd Boston ace can't take the mound against the Rangers Friday night in Arlington Texas. Developing ...

"I eat breakfast 90 miles from Russia and snack on big oil companies for lunch, so don't think for one second that pitching inside to Milton Bradley and the Texas Rangers is going to make me nervous. Give me the ball if Beckett can't go." -- 9.2.08, Sarah Palin's overheard thoughts at the Republican convention ...

Red Sox starting pitcher Paul Byrd gives a fist hit to teammate second baseman Dustin Pedroia during the 6th inning. The Boston Red Sox host the Baltimore Orioles in a MLB game played at Fenway Park in Boston, MA Monday, September 1, 2008.
(John Bohn / Boston Globe Staff Photo)

It's a Broken Record But Pedroia Powers Sox to Win
This Just In: Dustin Is Second to None in the AL MVP Race

Monday Night Box: Boston 7, Orioles 4
Globe: Pedroia Is Spot On Again
Solo Effort: Homers Off Byrd Fly Below the Radar
Power Couple: 'Tek and Bailey Hit Back-to-Back Bombs
No. 184: Pedey Breaks Sox Record for Hits by Second Baseman
Short Mention: Lowrie Double Tied It Up Nicely
Coco Props

"I can't say enough about my second baseman. This guy, in my opinion, is the MVP of the league. He's unbelievable. I didn't know he was that good when I came over here." -- 9.1.08, Paul Byrd with the word on Pedroia

BDD is a feature of All posts are by Steve Silva unless otherwise indicated.

Boston Globe:

Rodriguez looks like the steal deal > Despite effort by Rodriguez, Red So fall > Tazawa has come a long way, on and off field

Boston Herald:

Lauber: Eduardo Rodriguez showing Red Sox he's special > PawSox start looms large for Masterson


Rodriguez gem wasted > Chili Davis doesn't want to turn Red Sox into free-swingers > Red Sox draft catcher in third round

NY Post:

How Mariano Rivera has influenced Yankees' top pick > Why starting rotation could be a big Yankees' strength

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