38 Specials
Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Paul Byrd (36) had the Sox pitching pointed in the right direction allowing no runs over 6 innings pitched. illy Wagner winds up during his first appearance for the Red Sox
(38-Year-Old Paul Byrd: Barry Chin / Boston Globe Staff -- 38-Year-Old Billy Wagner: AP)

This Win's On Theo. Sox GM Pulls a Feather Out of His Cap
With Byrd Call. And Billy's No Goat Either

Humming Byrd | Boston 7, Toronto 0
Of Course Paul Byrd Outpitched Roy Halladay. What Did You Expect?
Welcome Billy The Whiff Wagner, 3 K's on 3 Jays
Solid as a Rocco... That's 50 Homers in August for Boston's Bashers
3 More RBIs for the Next Mayor of Boston, Kevin Youkilis
Another Hit for Theo, Too: Alex Gonzalez Has 10 Hits In His Last 23 At Bats
So Is J.P. Ricciardi Still One of Those Young GM Geniuses?
Bad News Brief: Matsuzaka Still a Mess, Wake Shot

"I'm throwing to a 13 and under team and the Red Sox called and I say, 'I don't know how long I'll take to get ready.'" -- Paul Byrd, 1-0

Clay Dough

Clay Buchholz tips his cap to the crowd as he comes out of the game in the ninth inning

Buchholz Is On the Money Again
Jays Remain Clay's Pigeons

Jays Get Thrown for a Curve | Boston 3, Toronto 2
9 K's for Clay Who Gives Up Just 3 Hits Into the 9th
Gonzo, Dustin GetPapelbon Gets a Real Save

"I had a good one from my first batter to my last." -- Buchholz locks down his spot in the rotation

Tag You're Out!

Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek  p[repares to apply the tag to Toronto Blue Jays left fielder Travis Snider (45) who over slid home plate in the 8th inning

'Tek's Still an Old Kid On the Block, Sox Stop Jays

Jays, Beckett All Wet | Boston 6, Toronto 5
Just for the Record, J.D. Drew Came Through with Big Double
Something's Wrong Here: 12 Homers in Last 4 Starts for Beckett
Kotchman Got the Job Done; J-Bay Goes Deep for No. 29
Jacoby Ellsbury Was Running Around the Bases Just Fine
That's the Typical Pap 'Save'

"It was an unbelievable block. It was the play of the game." -- Alex Gonzalez on Varitek stop on Travis Snider at the plate

Penny in Pinstripes?

BDD Photo Illustration / Joe DiIanni
(BDD Photo Illustration / Joe DiIanni)

Bombers Reportedly Interested in Bad Penny
Just Another Busted Move for Theo

N.Y. Post: Yankees Might Turn to Penny Savers
And Smoltz Set for First Start in St. Louis Tonight ... On Our Dime

"I'm approaching it totally different this time around, and that's why I think I will be benefiting from what the organization has allowed me to do." -- John Smoltz, makes you want to throw up in your mouth

Driving them away
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Let the Good Times Roll ...
Lugo, Smoltz, Penny Bet They Can Play Outside Of Boston
And Ortiz, Youkilis, and Papelbon Point Fingers at Media, Fans

Herald: Criticizing Media Makes Sox Look Bad
So Youk's All Bent Out of Shape Over 3 People Mad About His Mound Charge?
And He Only Likes Boston Between 7 and Last Pitch ... We Get the Hint... He Hate Me
Does He Think The Fans Were Yelling Boooo and Not Yoooook All These Years?!?
Does He Think the 'Let's Go Red Sox' Chants Are Angry Taunts at the Opposition?!?
Right on Schedule: Youkilis 'Clarifies' Comments... Brought to You By Trot Nixon
And Your New England Volkswagen Dealers
Speaking of Malcontents... Whatever Happened to Nomar?

Youk Is Treated Like a Greek God In this Town
And He Acts Like He Doesn't Know How This Works

�One night we get beat and it�s the end of the world and the next night we win big and it�s totally solid. We�re back. It�s up and down. One night we�re getting bashed and the next time they�re cheering. One guy has a bad game one night and they�re all over him and the next night he has a good game and he�s a hero." -- Kevin Youkilis... umm yeah Kevin... it's been that way around here for 100 years. Is there a problem?

Early Fall
Red Sox starting pitcher Junichi Tazawa (who was backing up the plate) doesn't join in the hand slapping of the White Sox Jim Thome (left) and Carlos Quentin (center) who have both just scored on a wall scraping double by number nine hitting teammate Jayson Nix in the second inning.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Tazawa Gets Tagged Early and Often, Game Over Easy

Mound of Trouble for BoSox | Chicago 9, Boston 5
Junichi Looks Like a Rook
Drew Hits No. 17 and 18, But It's Never Good Enough with J.D.
If They Don't Get In, You Can't Blame A-Gon
Oh Jacoby, No One Can Fill Your Speedy Shoes

"I think they're going to make a change. They might start [Green] and put [Tazawa] back in the bullpen." -- Ozzie Guillen joked

The Green Line Was Moving

Red Sox infielder Nick Green hit 90 mph on an eighth ining pitch. sprints in from the bullpen to pitch the top of the eighth inning. The Boston Red Sox play the Chicago White Sox at Fenway Park.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Nick Has a Knack for Pitching

Green's 2 Innings Spared 'Pen in Blowout

"I didn't know what to expect. I haven't thrown a strike to a batter in like 11 years." -- Nick Green on the mound

At the Pearly Gates of Boston

A Blast From the Past

David Ortiz is mobbed at the plate after his game winning home run.The Boston Red Sox play the Chicago White Sox at Fenway Park.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Cue Up 'Dirty Water,' Mr. Clean Just Hit a Walkoff

Ortiz-Gonzalez 3, Chicago 2
It's Two for 'Tiz and the First Walkoff for David Since 2007
Wake Up and Smell the Playoffs, Tim Looked Terrific
Ozzie Learns About the Boston 'Pen the Bard Way
Soooo... It Was Never a Big Deal to Catch Wakefield
Best Part... a 2:29 Game

"For the first time catching me in a game situation with hitters up there, he did a phenomenal job." -- T-Wake on V-Mart

The Dream Lives On ...

05/21/08 Hyannisport, MA Senator Edward Kennedy and his wife, Victoria at the helm of their sailboat, Mya at the Hyannisport Yacht Club on Wednesday May 21, 2008. Kennedy was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor called glioma and was released from Mass General Hospital Wednesday morning.
(Boston Globe File Photo / Matthew J. Lee)

Sox Win One for Teddy, RIP Senator Kennedy
Tribute: Back Home, A Member of the Family Has Been Lost
George Will: The Most Powerful Knight in Camelot

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Bay's Way
Jason Bay's eighth-inning homer broke a 3-3 tie.
(Jim Davis / Globe Staff)

Homer in 8th Helps Bring Sox Back

Stolen Goods | Boston 6, Chicago 3
Sox Lose Lead, But Rally Late to Squash Chicago
Ellsbury Breaks Team Steals Record With No. 55
Lester Great, But Gets a Hard-Luck No Decision

"This is always a constant battle. You go out there, you get a pitch you can drive, and I had some early on that I didn�t swing at. It�s kind of nice to do it when it matters, and put the team up. That's something I had done a little earlier in the year, with the big hits and then just kind of struggled for the month and a half there, so it was nice to kind of get back and have a big hit for the team when we needed it." -- Jason Bay after another big win

Hail to the Thief

BDD / Frank Galasso Illustration

It's Not Exactly the 106 Bases Tom Brown Stole for the Boston Red Stockings in 1891,
But It's Not Bad


David Ortiz and Mike Lowell celebrate Lowell's homer
(Jim Davis / Globe Staff)

Sox Pile Up Two-Out Runs Again

Late bloomers | Boston 12, Chicago 8
Sox Score 11 of Their 12 Runs With Two Outs
To Cover Up a Stinker By Buchholz
Lowell Stays Red-Hot With Out-of-the-Park Shot

Over the past three days, 28 of the Red Sox� 30 runs have scored with two outs. The runs can demoralize an opponent - "backbreakers," Red Sox manager Terry Francona said. They also have allowed Boston to maintain a 1 1/2-game lead in the American League wild-card race over the idle Texas Rangers.

"I think everyone has kind of been waiting for this. It�s kind of been searching for that offensive identity all year. We've not really been consistent. We haven't had the games like this, like we kind of envisioned early on." -- Jason Bay

Ace of Clubbed

BDD Photo Illustration / Steve Garberg
(BDD Photo Illustration / Steve Garberg)

1. NYY, D. Jeter (Inning: 1 , 0 Out, 0 on) off J. Beckett,
2. NYY, A. Rodriguez (Inning: 5 , 2 Out, 1 on) off J. Beckett,
3. NYY, H. Matsui (Inning: 2 , 0 Out, 0 on) off J. Beckett,
4. NYY, H. Matsui (Inning: 8 , 2 Out, 0 on) off J. Beckett,
5. NYY, R. Cano (Inning: 4 , 1 Out, 0 on) off J. Beckett

Smackdown Big Apple Payroll 8, Small Market Sox 4
And BeCCket CCan Kiss That CCy Young Goodbye
Varitek?... Present. Farrell?.... Present. Beckett?.... Beckett?
The Cooler Strikes Again: Tito Gives Mr. Clean a Seat Against CC
One More Thing to Harp On: Ells Gets Caught Stealing
It's About Getting Outs, Stupid: Papelbon Makes Too Much Of Bullpen Dynamics

"We got pitches to hit and we hit them... "-- Derek Jeter... wait til Jim Rice hears about this

Saturday in the Park ...

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Reversal of Fortune, Sox Wallop Yanks

And All That Taz | Boston 14, New York 1
Youk The Man: 6 Big RBIs for the Get Hit Man
New York Strand Theater -- 12 Hits Push Just One Across
Why Can't Dice-K Pitch Like Junichi Tazawa
He's Cleaned Up His Game: Ortiz Hits No. 20, Threee RBI's
A.J. Burnout Returns to His Fenway Form
Enrique Gonzalez , the Latest Addition to the No-Name Bullpen

"I am satisfied that I could get a strikeout with him from my slider." -- Junichi Tazawa, trough a translator, on striking out A-Roid in the third

Just a Flesh Wound

Boston Dirt Dogs
(Monty Python and the Holy Grail Photo)

The Boston Red Sox Will Fight On Another Day!

Crushing Blow | New York 20, Boston 11
We Have The Yankees Right Where We Want Them
Michael Bowden Isn't Who Theo Thought He Was
Ramon Ramirez Just Wanted to Do His Part
The Scene at Fenway

King Arthur: [after Arthur's cut off both of the Black Knight's arms] Look, you stupid Bastard. You've got no arms left.
Black Knight: Yes I have.
King Arthur: *Look*!
Black Knight: It's just a flesh wound. -- from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

BDD Photo Illustration / M. Fisher
(BDD Photo Illustration / M. Fisher)

"It's one of the better hitting teams you'll face in the league." -- Captain Obvious, Brad Penny

The Yankees Are In The Dawg House

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Can Remy Return the Sox To the Top of the Division?

The Banter Is Back in the Booth

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The President of Red Sox Nation


Have Yourself a Very Merry Jerry Return Tonight

Jays Swept Away

Jays swept away
(BDD Photo Illustration / Meir Weinberg)

Lester Was Great for 8, Drew Belts 2

Sweeping Change is Clear | Boston 8, Toronto 1
And J.D. Drew (4-for-4, 2 HRs) Looks Very Comfortable Hitting 8th
Wish He Was Pitching Tonight, But Lester Owns Toronto with a 1.55 ERA in '09
How On Earth Was Jon Able to Throw without 'Tek Behind the Plate?!?
Is Not How He Started, It's How He Finished: JL Sets Down 22 of Final 24
The Starting Catcher Goes Deep Again for No. 20
Manny Who? Sox Have 33 Homers in April

"I needed a chance for my groin to catch up and it worked out that I had a couple of days with the day off. Definitely, when I came back and started playing, I felt a heck of a lot better than I did going into it." -- J.D. Drew, something tells us he'll be hurting again soon

Buch In The Saddle Again
Boston Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz throws against the Toronto Blue Jays during the first inning of their MLB American League baseball game in Toronto August 19, 2009.

Buchholz Holds Down Jays for 6 Strong Innings
The Boston Red Sox Are Suddenly Long Ball Hitters
3 Homers Tonight, At Least 2 in the Last 5 Games

Jays Are Clay's Pigeons | Boston 6, Toronto 1
It's A Big Changeup in Toronto:
The Doctor Was Out After 5, Clay Gives Up Just 1 Through 6
Hey 19 HR: Ortiz Continues His Torrid Streak at the Plate
It's the April and May Jason Bay, Hooks Homer No. 27
It's Good News David! Ortiz Has Hit 3 Homers in the Last 3 Games
Halladay Looked Horrible, Let's Blame Rod Barajas
Victor Martinez Piles On with Home Run No. 19 Of His Own
Props to the 'Pen: RamRam, Oki, and Saito No-Hit Jays
J.D. Drew Managed to Be in the Lineup, Goes 0-for-4
Alex Gonzalez, 2 Hits in the 9 Hole

"It's always fun going up against the other team's best pitcher, and if you want to succeed in this game for a long time you've got to succeed against the guys that are the best at the game and he's [Halladay] definitely in that category." -- Clay Buchholz, all the confidence in the world

The RemDawg Is Coming Back, The RemDawg Is Coming Back... on Friday
How About a 4-Man Booth NESN? DO, Rem, Eck, and Sweet Music Man...
Everything You Need to Know About Long Island's Frank Viola

Think Positive
Red Sox David Ortiz waves safe after sliding into home safely as Toronto Blue Jays Rod Barajas tries to tag him during the second inning of their MLB American League baseball game in Toronto August 18, 2009.

Boston Wins Wild One, Tied for Wild Card Lead
Ortiz Wakes Listless Team in Toronto

Sox Hang Tough | Boston 10, Toronto 9
Bump in the Road: Beckett Just Pitched His Way Out of Cy Young Lead
Maybe Mr. Clean Needs to Snap and Blame the Media More Often?
Why Can't We Face Guys Like Ricky Romero Every Night?
Is Papelbon Going to Break the Relief Record for Walks?
Alex Gonzalez Comes Through with the Winning Hit, Sort Of
Pain in the Neck 'Tek Can't Hurt Team on the Bench
And Thanks for Throwing Casey Janssen
Back Bay, Way Back, for No. 26
Oh Baby! Dylan Pedroia Arrives

"We've got to try to win some games. We're against the ropes. It's all about winning games right now. That's it." -- David Ortiz, just happy not to be ducking questions about his vitamins and supplements excuse for testing positive on the 2003 performance enhancing drug list

More Good News ...

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

... And we're not buying the excuse that V-Mart behind the dish cost Beckett a win. Please...

Are the Sox Missing Manny?

Manny Ramirez reacts after striking out against the Arizona Diamondbacks in the first inning of a MLB baseball game August 15 in Phoenix.
(AP Photo)

Or Are We Just Being Silly?

While we wait for Manny's press conference with Michael Weiner, we wonder if the other guy who tarnished the 2004 and 2007 World Series championships could be just what a team with no dangerous bat needs ...

Manny's Got a Mouthful of Vitamins and Supplements, and a Mouthpiece, Ortiz Jealous
Secrets of the Yankees Wives Club: Leigh Teixeira, Michelle Damon, and More
Jack Cust Is Mad That Mitchell Didn't Name Sox Users in Report
Approaching 70, Carl Yastrzemski Has No Regrets
Big Shots: Sports Photos from Indonesia to Patagonia

Yaz has a message that J.D. Drew could use... "Sure, there have been times when I was tired, but when the game ended I was always glad I played. When you start looking for reasons to pull yourself out of the lineup you�ll find yourself doing it more and more. A lot of guys have ended careers too early by getting into that habit of wanting time off.� -- Carl Yastrzemski to Joe Fitzgerald

Arlington Road Is
A Dead End

Boston Red Sox Mike Lowell throws his batting helmet after striking out against the Texas Rangers during the fifth inning of their game in Arlington, Texas August 16, 2009.

Sox On the Brink of Disaster, Drop 2 of 3 in Texas

... That's 7 Losses in 9 Games to the Rangers
If the Season Ended Today, The Boston Red Sox Hit the Beach
Sox Not Wild About Results | Texas 4, Boston 3
Mr. Clean Knocks Out a Homer, Still Wants Reputation Back
Kinsler Got the Head of the Bat Out on That One
Yes, Hot-Head Kevin Youkilis Cost the Sox a Game Here
Tazawa Tosses Up Some Matsuzaka Numbers
Blood and Guts Drew Misses Second Straight with Sore Groin
Francisco Says I'm No Sox Farmhand
At Least New Yawker Frank Viola Sounded Good on NESN ... umm ... ..

"Who says we can't reel off 25 wins in September? If you feel like you're defeated by losing a series, that's not the right attitude to have." -- Victor Martinez, the new face of the franchise

"He [Drew] said to me in the [ninth], he goes, I don�t know if I can finish this game. I said, look at the scorecard, you have to. We already put a pitcher in to run. That�s all we had to do was put somebody out there in right - like a circus. So we�re trying to take care of him for a couple days.�� -- Terry Francona, taking Drew out via the media, so he's seriously sick of this, and he wants you to know

Good Morning
Red Sox Nation

Boston Dirt Dogs
(BDD Photo Illustration / S. McDonald)

At Least The Sox Still Know How to Make a Buck

This Season is Getting Draining

Frank Galasso Illustration
(Boston Dirt Dogs / Frank Galasso, cartoonist)

Mazz: For Sox, Time is Fading Fast

Rangers Sprint Past Sagging Sox

(BDD Photo Illustration / Zach Tyler)

Penny and 'Tek, the Run-On Battery

Rangers Run Over Red Sox | Texas 7, Boston 2
That's All She Wrote: V-Mart and J-Bay Solo Shots
Penny Drops to 7-7, 5.22 ERA, Bullpen Taxer
Shocked That Brian Anderson and Alex Gonzalez Didn't Come Through ... ...

"I'm trying to get outs and make good throws. I'm making the best throws I can make."
-- V-Tek, tossing donuts in Texas as the Rangers steal a club-record 8 bases

Red Sox batter Victor Martinez hit a two-out, two-run double last night
(Reuters File Photo)

Sox Show 9th Life in Texas-Sized Comeback

Sox Do the Texas Two-Out Step | Boston 8, Texas 4
Last Night Was the Night Professional Hitter Victor Martinez Became a Red Sock
Buch Stopped Here: Tito Puts In Inexperienced Pitcher to Run, Move Backfires
Buchholz Had No Idea Which Way to Go, Dives Headfirst, Could Have Been Hurt
For Everyday Eddie, It Just Wasn't His Day, He Left One Out for Ortiz
The Insurance Salesman, Inconsistent J.D. Drew Adds to Lead
This Just In: Daniel Bard's ERA Over 3.00 And Rising
Woodward Designated, No Word on Bernstein

"I don't want anyone at my locker so beat it." -- Frank Francisco, former Red Sox farmhand, after his blown save

Snap, Crackle, Dropi


Ortiz Goes Off on Boston, Media Before Game, Drops to 7th in the Order, And Launches a 2-Run Bomb to Ignite Comeback

The Blame Game -- Ortiz Puts It Back on Us: 'If You Want to Judge Me, It's on You'
Too Bad Ortiz Wasn't This Animated the Day His Name Came Out for Being on the List
The Devil's in the Details... And Ortiz Leaves Them Out Again in His Latest Rant
He's Mr. Clean: Ortiz Says He Has Now Passed 18 Drug Tests... Good News
David Thinks the Media Shouldn't Have 'Called Attention' to the 'Bad News'
With All the Money Talk, It Sounds Like He Lost an Endorsement
Or the Supplements Excuse Is Eating Away at Him ...

"Like I always say, I come in one day, I'll go out another. When I get to be gone, I won't give a flying [expletive] about nobody, period. Nobody going to give a flying [expletive] about me. They've already done anyway. But I see where all the media and player situation here come from. That said, I thought it was different. It ain't, though. All people work about is making money, selling bad news, talking [expletive] about people. Trying to call attention. I don't agree with it." -- David Ortiz, and there you have it sports fans

Next Stop, Gonzo Station
Shortstop Alex Gonzalez made the turn on that second-inning double play, one of four the Red Sox made in the game.
(AP File)

Theo Reaches Into the 2009 Retool Box Again
And Pulls Up Old Friend Alex Gonzalez

It's Back to the Future at Short: A-Gon Returns
So Has His Range Gotten Any Better Since 2006?
When Gonzo's Up, You Can Safely Go Get a Beer, 'Cause He Makes Outs
So It's Nomar, OC, Rent-a-Wreck, A-Gon, Lugo, Lowrie, Green, A-Gon
Mazz: How Gonzalez Can Help
Detroit 2, Boston 0: Verlander Mows Down Tito's Makeshift Lineup
Sox Don't Have a Difference Maker To Drive One In on Detroit
Kotchman, Green, Woodward... 'Nuff Said
Bright Side? Buchholz Gets Confidence Boost

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy waves to the crowd from the broadcast booth at Fenway Park during a baseball game against the Detroit Tigers in Boston Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2009. Remy said he hopes to be on the air soon after taking an indefinite leave of absence to recover from cancer surgery
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

It Feels Like Home with RemDawg In the House

Remy on the Road to Recovery
Remy Fought Depression, But He's Back in the Game
And Will Return to the Booth Soon

"I have boxes and boxes of cards, letters, prayers, kindergarten schools� letters, tweets, e-mails. In a way, at first, it worked against me because it felt like I was letting people down. But I was crying reading them. My wife was reading them - I couldn�t read them - while I was on the couch. She�d read them all to me. In a way, you feel like you�ve done something right for these people. And there�s no way I can get back to them."
-- Remy on the mend

Cy Young Gun

Red Sox starting pitcher Josh Beckett follows through on a fourth inning pitch. The Boston Red Sox play the Detroit Tigers at Fenway Park.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Oh to Be Young Again for Beckett
Sox Are the Lions, Tigers Are Pussycats

Sox on the Growl | Boston 8, Detroit 2
Beckett Takes Off Like a Rocket, First to 14 Wins
While Youk Serves Suspension, Lowell Says 'You Got Served'
J-Bay on Fire at Fenway

"Jason Bay looks like he�s trying to get hot again. That�s very welcome. When Jason gets hot, as you can see, it�s not just singles. He starts driving the ball out of the ballpark." -- Tito on J-Bay's resurgence

Philadelphia Petey

Phillies Pedro Martinez throws to the Chicago Cubs during the second inning of their MLB National League baseball game in Chicago August 12, 2009.

Philly Votes for Pedro While All We Got
Was the Shell of John Smoltz

Pedro Wins in Comeback... 17 Years and Still Tossing Strong
Meanwhile We Get Smoltz's Salary Added to Theo-the-Sunk-Cost-King's Coffers

Play Brawl!
Boston Red Sox's Kevin Youkilis, below, wrestles with Detroit Tigers starter Rick Porcello after being hit by a pitch in the second inning of their baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston, Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2009.

Sparks Fly, Youk Snaps, the Sox Go Up Fighting
And There Will Be Blood

Sox Show Some Fight Club | Boston 7, Detroit 5
Tazawa Gets Roughed Up by Green, Tigers, But Hangs Tough for the Win
Youk Had the Right Idea, But Ended Up Looking Like Don Zimmer Charging Pedro
Sit Lowell Every Night, So He Can Stand and Deliver
Is J-Bay Back?

BDD Photo Illustration - Dave N.
(David N. / BDD Photo Illustration)

"It was pretty crazy. Emotions were running high. It feels great to be able to get ready and get into a game like that and do something to help win a game. The situation I�m in is both unique and weird. I�m trying to get myself ready." -- Mike Lowell on a wild night at Fenway

After A Rocky Start to August,
The Sox Are Fighting Back

In Times Like These, Sox Need to Channel Rocky Balboa

"At some point you�ve got to protect yourself ...I let my emotions get the best of me... I don�t think there�s any plan when that happens. It�s just reaction. If I was an ultimate fighter, I think I�d have a plan." -- Youkilis on snapping after getting plunked

This Just In ...

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

A New Lease on Life

Fans show their support for Boston Red Sox's David Ortiz as he comes up to bat in the fourth inning of their MLB American League baseball game against the Detroit Tigers at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts August 10, 2009.

... And It's Good to Touch, the Green Green Grass of Home

Sox Tame Tigers, Skid Over | Boston 6, Detroit 5
Breaking News: Red Sox Score... and They Won, Too
Just in the Nick of Time, Green Gets His Game Back in Boston
Made in Boston: Sox Manufacture Winning Run on Singles, Sac Fly
It's Official: Michael Weiner Says It's OK to Say Ortiz Singled Last Night
Even Though Joe Morgan Said He Couldn't Lead This Team, Pedroia Homers Anyway
Let the Jason Bay Drive for a Big, Fat New Contract Begin
Penny a Non-Factor, But Papelbon's Four Outs Came at a Good Time
V-Mart Pays Homage to Jason Varitek By Going 0-for-5 in Fenway Debut
Is Casey Kotchman the Real Steal?

"We desperately needed to find a way to win a game, and we did." -- Tito, whose worst week ever is over

Pandemonium for Big Papi at Fenway! ...

Fans show their support for Boston Red Sox's David Ortiz as he comes up to bat in the fourth inning of their MLB American League baseball game against the Detroit Tigers at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts August 10, 2009.

... Not Exactly. Outside of These Two Plants, You Could Hear a Needle Drop When David Stepped to the Plate Last Night

Daily News: After Feasting on A-Rod Coverage, ESPN Offers Little on David Ortiz
Despite All the Papi-ganda By MLB, MLBPA, the Red Sox, ESPN, and NESN
And Contrary to What Some Misguided Media Types Would Have You Believe,
Truth Is, Only a Lowly 30 Percent of Red Sox Fans Believe David Ortiz

Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci on WEEI's Dennis and Callahan Show this morning: "This is the roadmap, the next name leaks out, the next player knows what to do. It's the Ortiz defense, There's no need for anybody to fall on their sword the way Alex Rodriguez did... he [A-Rod] feels liberated, he's a much freer person now... no regrets on his part."

"I'm not even sure what that [careless use of vitamins and supplements] means? What does that mean 'careless use of over-the-counter vitamins and supplements'? ... If he came out and said that was the case [that Ortiz used androstenedione] then it would be more believable. It sounds like this is the life raft that he's clinging to, that the union gave him. ... I would have felt much better if the day he was confronted, he said, 'Listen, I don't know what's in those results, but I guarantee you I never used steroids.' Why did it take 10 days to say that? Your reputation and your career is on the line at that point and you don't say you never took steroids until 10 days later when you have a union rep sitting next to you? I do have a problem with that because if that is in fact true, why didn't you offer that up Day 1, first minute? "

BDD -- Survey Said

The Investigation Continues ...

David Ortiz attends Vitaminwater's MLB All-Star week celebration at Hudson Terrace on July 14, 2008 in New York City.
(Getty Images)

Was Ortiz Careless with His Consumption of Vitaminwater?

Boston Dead Sox

A fan in the stands holds up a sign as the Boston Red Sox play the New York Yankees in the eighth inning of their MLB American League baseball game at Yankee Stadium in New York, August 9, 2009. The Yankees beat the Red Sox and swept their four-game series to expand their hold on first place in the AL East.

Visiting Hours Are 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
at Waterman Funeral Home

The David Ortiz Distraction Sucks the Life Out Of Sox
Gotham Pity: The Sox Are Swept Away | New York 5, Boston 2
The Red Sox Victor-y Tour Comes to an Abrupt Halt
Daniel Bard Suddenly Looks Like John Wasdin
Yanks Are the Best Team Money Can Buy

�It can�t get no worse, right? We�re going to try. We�re going to keep on playing. Nothing we can do but play." -- The Vitamin Man, David Ortiz

While Ortiz Lawyers Up,
Youk Lightens Things Up ...

(Narrow World of Sports: Kevin Youkilis)

Youk: The Media Gave Us Swine Flu

Youkilis Sits Down with Seinfeld Writer/Producer Peter Mehlman

Sorry Papi
David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox speaks to the media regarding his positive test for a performance enhancing substance as part of the 2003 Survey Test during a press conference at Yankee Stadium on August 8, 2009 in the Bronx borough of New York City.
(Chris McGrath / Getty Images)

The Big Apple Circus Was a Careless Mess
Ortiz Embarrasses Nation By Holding Us Hostage for 10 Days
And He Picks Yankee Stadium to Air His Dirty Laundry

David Ortiz's 10-Days Late Dog and Pony Show Didn't Pass the Smell Test
And All the Starry-Eyed No. 34 Jersey Wearers Need to Take a Shower
Los Angeles Times: David Ortiz Leaves Drug Questions Unanswered
Ortiz Says Nearly Nothing, and He Could Have Said It 10 Days Ago
Was That Sammy Sosa Or David Ortiz Up There Talking?
Yeah, Whatever He Said. Sincerely, Manny Ramirez
Survey: Are You Buying What Ortiz Is Selling?

Los Angeles Times: "Ten days after the New York Times reported Ortiz's name was on the list of players who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003, 10 days after pledging not to 'hide' or 'make excuses,' Ortiz essentially did both.

Rather than coming clean, Ortiz took the easy way out, blaming the test results on nutritional supplements and vitamins he bought over the counter.

Rather than keeping his promise to reveal what he tested positive for, Ortiz took cover behind Michael Weiner, the top lawyer for the players' association, who said the union cannot give out that information." -- LA Times, Kevin Baxter, On Baseball

So Why Didn't David Deny Using Steroids Sooner?
He Doesn't Even Come Close to Providing an Answer ...

"Ortiz did not publicly discuss the revelation, at least not in depth, until more than a week had passed. Asked whether he regretted not [saying he 'never took steroids'] sooner, Ortiz would say only that �my name showed up on the list and I don�t know why. So I�ve got to find out, get some information, talk to the union to find out because I don�t know." (Huh??) -- Boston Globe

Bryant: Ortiz Offers 'I Don't Know' and No Insight

Howard Bryant, ESPN.com: "Ortiz said he never used steroids, and the public has the right to believe him or not, but then he said he did not know what substances he took, and offered no insight on what may have triggered a positive test.

"The reason for the charade, naturally, is both the level of the public breach when it comes to steroids and, for the elite player, the ultimate consequence of likely being barred from the Hall of Fame. But, it is a charade. If you took Weiner at his word, the entire steroids era has merely been a misunderstanding, naive but well-meaning guys mixing the wrong powders in their protein shakes.

"The common talk is for everyone to 'move on,' but truth and reconciliation cannot occur when the particulars -- management and players -- don't want to admit the truth."

More Nonsensical Statements from Big Phony...

"I never thought that buying supplements and vitamins, it was going to hurt anybody's feelings." -- David Ortiz, yep, that's what he thinks this is about...

New York Times: First Time the Union, MLB, Team, and Player
All Coordinated on the Same Page
If It Was a Supplement, It Was Probably 19-norandrostenedione
Federal Court Documents A Lot Clearer Than Red Sox Statement

"The team�s statement also mentioned 'substantial uncertainties and ambiguity surrounding the list of 104 names from the 2003 survey test,' adding: 'Indeed, there is even uncertainty about the number of players on this 2003 government list, whether it is 104, 96, 83, or less. Many of those uncertainties apparently relate to the use of then-legal nutritional supplements that were not banned by Baseball.'

"Federal court documents for the 2003 tests are less uncertain. They show that the government seized the records of only those players who tested positive for steroids. Whether Major League Baseball and the union considered them banned substances and whether they were a byproduct of legal substances is another matter." -- N.Y. Times, United Front Behind Ortiz Speaks Volumes

So the Blindsiding Was Bogus After All ...

Ortiz was told in August or September of 2004 that he were on a list attached to a grand jury subpoena issued by the government and met with MLBPA attorneys in September.

Ortiz Is Master of the Obvious:
"I don�t think this game could have been as good as it is without the fans"

How true. Without the fans dropping about $300 a night to watch him whiff, he wouldn't have half the wardrobe, or that little $13 million a year salary. It's a lot less when the seats are empty.

Meet the Flintstones Defense

Meet the Flintstones

After 10 Days, All We Get Is This Lousy
'Vitamins and Supplements' Excuse

'Vitamins and Supplements' Is the New Flaxseed Oil Excuse
Ortiz Doesn't Know What He Took?
Bottom Line Is A Man Knows What He Puts In His Body,
A Man With Millions at Stake Knows EXACTLY What He Puts In His Body

A Disheveled Michael Weiner Just Adds
More Distraction to the Discussion

Michael Weiner, general counsel to the Major League Players Association, consults with Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz at a news conference at Yankee Stadium

So Why Are We Just Hearing About Your Fuzzy Math Now?
Where Was All This for Alex Rodriguez?

Weiner: Ortiz Knows What Supplements He Took

Whoops... the snappy dresser spoke to soon. Ortiz tell reporters he has no idea what supplements he put in his body.

And Mr. Weiner, Since That Was Your Coming Out Party for the World To See,
Do You Think You Could Have Dragged a Comb Across Your Head?
Or Put on a Shirt That Fit, Was Buttoned, With a T-Shirt, and Maybe a Sport Coat?
Thank You.

And the Bronx Beatdown Goes On

Boston Red Sox batter David Ortiz reacts after umpire Jim Joyce called him out on strikes with two runners on base against the New York Yankees in the seventh inning of their MLB American League baseball game at Yankee Stadium in New York August 8, 2009.

The Curse of Careless Papi Continues
Sox Shut Out Again

New York 5, Boston 0
4 Hits, That's All There Is
Youk Left for Dead in Outfield
Buchholz Bright Spot
Ortiz .071 for August

Rude A-wakening

New York Yankees pitcher A. J. Burnett stuffs a shaving cream

It's A Bitter End In the Bronx

A-Rod Homer Sinks Sox in 15 | Yankees 2, Boston 0
Disastrous Debut: Welcome to Major League Baseball Junichi Tazawa
Deep Sixth: Tito Not Moving Runners Along Made for a Long Night
Beckett-Burnett Showdown An Instant Classic No One Wants to See Again
Nice Catch for Naught J.D. Drew

"It was a tough night offensively." -- Terry Francona, understatement of the year

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

He's Leaving

BDD -- Meir Weinberg
(BDD Photo Illustration / Meir Weinberg)

... On That Midnight Train to Georgia
(If He Hasn't Left Already)

Common Sense Prevails, Smoltz Designated for Assignment
Thanks for the Bad Memories | Gallery: More Things That Have Gone Terribly Wrong
A Mr. Oil Can Boyd Holding On Line Two For You, Theo
Too Bad Pedro Martinez Wasn't Available... Hey, Wait... He Was...
Who Knew Smoltz Would Be a Waste of Time, Money, and Games in the Standings?
... Just the Other 29 Teams in Major League Baseball
Headhunting Games Tonight... Oh, Goodie

Meanwhile Up in Cooperstown ...

BDD -- Joe D.
(BDD Photo Illustration / Joe D.)

This Just In:
Smoltzie Won't Be Wearing a Red Sox Cap Into the Hall

The Long and Winding Road
Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona, left, takes the ball from pitcher John Smoltz after Smoltz gave up a three-run home run to New York Yankees' Melky Cabrera in a baseball game at Yankee Stadium in New York, Thursday, Aug. 6, 2009.

... Has Hopefully Come to An End For John Smoltz in Boston
It's a Big Bronx Blowout As The Sox Keep Slip Sliding Away

Everything Comes Undone In a Hurry | New York 13, Boston 6
Smoltzuzaka Needs to Say Sayonara... Until We Meet Again in Cooperstown
Smoltz's Pitches Floated Like a Butterfly, Yanks Stung Like a Bee,
Sincerely Muhammad Ali (Who Looked Better Than Smoltz Last Night)
It's Back-to-Back Four Home Run Games for Your Red Sox Pitching Staff
Billy Don't Be a Hero Traber Was a Mop Up Hero, Throwing 70 in Relief
We're Sure John Is ThisClose to Being Back, But There's a Wild Card Race to Win
David, The Distraction, Ortiz Goes 0-for-5, 1-for-19 in August, .053 for the Month
Mr. Leigh Teixeira and Co. Absolutely Eat Up John and Billy for 18 Hits
Lowrie Hurt, Green Is What He Is, Lugo Gone... Theo's Killed Us at Shortstop Again
Mazz: Master Plan Shortsighted | Shaughnessy: In Reverse Gear and Slipping Fast
The Left Fielder Is Out With Hammy Issues... Deja Vu All Over Again
Yeah, That's Going Away, Ortiz Accusations Bit Just Ran on Conan O'Brien
That's an 8.32 ERA for Smoltzie. Enough.
Hooray for Casey Kotchman
Sign Johnny Damon in 2010

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

The Adventure of the Distracted Detective

BDD Photo Illustration / Anthony D.
(BDD Photo Illustration / Anthony D.)

The Tables Get Turned in the Bronx Today, When the Distracted Detective Faces the White Hot Spotlight of the New York Media

Overheard Later This Afternoon in Front of Ortiz's Locker at Yankee Stadium ...
David, David, Over Here... Not Talkin' About the Past, What's Up with That?
Is It True That Barry Bonds Has Advised You On These Early Deception Strategies?
Will Canseco Cover for You In Exchange for 2 $25 Gift Certificates from Papi's Grill?
What Kinds of Supplements Were You Taking Prior to the 2003 Voluntary
Everyone-Knew-In-Advance Test That May Have Triggered a Positive Result?
Has Anyone Ever Injected B12 or Lidocaine Into Your Buttocks Over the Past 7 Years?
Dan Duquette Regrets That You Missed His 'Advisory Meetings' in the Spring of 2001
Do You Have Any Cousins That May Have Bought Boli in a Dominican GNC?
Did Your Former Paid Personal Assistant Monga-roid Teach You Anything He Learned from the Pumped and Jacked Red Sox Security Guards?
Have You Ever Shared Fertility Strategies With Old Friend Manny Ramirez?
How Were You Blindsided About a Test Result You Were Notified About in 2004?
Can You Believe That Alex Rodriguez Handled This 1,000 Times Better Than You?
Do You Think You Can Run Out the Clock on the News Cycle and Red Sox Nation?
Do You Want To Point Your Finger at the Cameras And Offer a Strong Denial?
Sammy Sosa Says He Doesn't Understand What's Going On, But You Should Call Him
Are You Thinking of Blaming It on Those Dominican Shakes? Or the Rice and Beans?
Is Angel Presinal Your Personal Dr. Watson?
Was It All Loosey-Goosey Back Then?

Papi's Got a Brand New Bag

David Ortiz and the wait for answers

Ortiz Is Hiding Behind His Solo Effort to Find Out What the
Feds Have On Him Before He Talks to Us

He's On His Own: Union Won't File Motion for Ortiz Results
Buckley: Ortiz in For a Rude Awakening in Bronx Tonight
Newsday: You Can Boo Ortiz Now, But Then Let It Go
N.Y. Daily News: YES Can't Needle David Ortiz About Failed 2003 Test
Vennochi: Silence from Fenway on Steroids

Wrong Tito, Ortiz Has All the Answers,
And He Can Tell Us What He Took At Any Time

Tito Gets Testy in 'EEI Interview: "What do you want him to say? We were very honest. We need to let this process play out. There are things that I�m sure are happening that are way over my head, that Major League Baseball, the union, lawyers are taking care of. David said when he has answers, he�ll address it. We don�t have answers. I don�t know how much more explicit I can be." -- 8.5.09, Red Sox manager Terry Francona on the Ortiz delay

Massarotti: Waiting for Someone to Come Fully Clean

"All we can hope for, at this stage, is that Ortiz does not adopt Rodriguez�s approach when it came time to answer questions and fill in the blanks. We don�t need to know merely what Ortiz tested positive for and when he used it. We need to know what else he has taken, if anything, and we need to know why.

We have yet to hear a single player stand up and tell us the complete truth, that the game was out of control, that players felt the need to keep up, that things became twisted and out of control. That the line between right and wrong did not grow fuzzy - it disappeared entirely - and the game became one muddied mass.

That they were all wrong." -- 8.5.09, Mazz: For Ortiz, the real test is yet to come

Home Run King Hank Aaron: Release 104 Drug Names
Globe Editorial: Red Sox Strike Out on Ridding Baseball of Steroids
Everything Is Gravy for Manny... Positive Test? Bobblehead Night in LA!
Tom Caron Checks In: Ortiz Owes Sox Fans an Explanation
Reminder for the Clueless: Steroids Have Been Banned in Baseball Since 1991
Waiting For Ortiz to Get Answers For ...


Red Sox pitcher Brad Penny reacts to giving up a home run to the Tampa Bay Rays' Pat Burrell (background) during the sixth inning their MLB American League baseball game in St. Petersburg, Florida August 5, 2009.

... Pitching Troubles Seemed So Far Away
Now It Looks As Though They're Here to Stay
Now We Long for Yesterday

Penny Lane Leads to Breakdown | Tampa Rays 6, Boston 4
That Lazy Underachiever Penny Is What I Thought He Was, Sincerely Larry Bowa
Welcome Back J-Bay... So Long J-Bay
V-Mart Can't Do It All on Offense

Pitching troubles seemed so far away,
Now it looks as though they're here to stay,
Oh, I bought in to trading Clay.

Wakefield's half the man he used to be,
Penny's belly hanging over me,
Sox swept away, so suddenly.

Why he
Cannot throw I don't know, Dice wouldn't say.
Tito said,
Something's wrong, now we long for yesterday.

This was such an easy game to play,
Now first place has slipped away,
Oh, I believed in Jason Bay.

Had to throw, Why? Don't know, what did Tito say?
I said,
Evan's going long, now we long for yesterday.

Boston stayed out of the steroid fray,
Now Papi needs a place to hide away,
Ortiz gets grilled, at 4 today.

When Smoltz takes the mound, it's time to pray.

-- With apologies to Sir Paul

(BDD Photo Illustration / Zach Tyler)

Wednesday Link: Ex-Wife of Troy O'Leary Reportedly Working As Escort in Arizona

A Bard Day's Night


A Walk, Wild Throw, and Game Tying Homer for Daniel
And Tito Takes the Loss By Letting Longoria
Take One Deep Off Takashi

Sting Rays, Longoria Makes It Hurt | Tampa Rays 4, Boston Just 2 in 13
Flops at the Trop: Rays Have Won 13 of Last 15 in Season at St. Pete
Same Tito That Used to Manage Circles Around LaRussa, Scioscia, and Torre?
Francona: Walking Longoria Not Preferred Option (Neither Was a Walkoff Homer)
While He's Busy Ducking Questions and Getting His Sad Story Straight,
David Ortiz is 1-for-14 for August, .071
Pedroia Delivers... But Not When the Sox Needed Him the Most
Where Have You Gone Jason Varitek's Bat?
Sign Mike Lowell"s Name Into the Lineup Card!
Sox Only Burned Through Six Relievers Last Night
Evan Almighty: 7 HRs, 24 RBIs in 11 Games vs. Sox (Tito Take Note)
Hey, Will Anyone Remember The Great Outing Lester Had?
Shades of Manny... J-Bay and His Hammy

"We�re getting into a situation where, at least with the open bases, we have some room to make some pitches. If we back him to a bind with Zobrist next, if you want to go all the way with the bases loaded, the guy�s thrown 40 pitches. That�s putting [Saito] in an unfair position." -- Terry Francona on his late night decision making

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Fan Takes Late Night Loss in Stride: "Francona ought to be concerned about his job after tonight. It's easy to manage a rich and very talented team to two World Series. But, he can't manage to beat a team whose payroll is roughly $85 million less than his own EVER? Guys, this is about RESOURCES!!! I can't believe a team like the Sox would lose so frequently to a team with far less financial resources EVER! Frankly, John Henry needs to quit pouring so much time and money into his extracurriculars and focus on the business on WINNING BASEBALL GAMES, EVERY SINGLE GAME OF EVERY SINGLE YEAR! Nothing should stop him, or the Sox, in their pursuit of perfection every single season. Tonight was a disgrace." -- 8.5.09, Sox diehard 'J. Kerr'

Time to Talk the Talk

David Ortiz loosens up before the start of a baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles, and fans react with signs over the weekend
(AP and Reuters)

The Longer He Takes to Get His Story Straight
The Harder He's Going to Be to Believe

Still, We Wait for Ortiz to Get Answers
Will This Continue To Be a Distraction Through Tampa and Into New York?
Since Papi Actually Got His Answers from the Players Association in 2004,
The Nation Has Plenty of Questions to Ask
How Many Days Does It Take to Get Your 'Stuff Together'?
Meanwhile, Sox GM Theo Epstein Continues to Admire Ortiz's Courage
Is Papi Out Helping O.J. Find the Real Killers?
What Should Ortiz Do? Survey, Comment

"He needs some time to get some answers and then he�s going to stand up and answer every question. I admire that courage." -- Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein, July 30 (... tick, tick, tick Theo)

NY Daily News: Could Ortiz Blame Test on Supplement?

"Because neither Major League Baseball nor the Players Association is believed to know the substances for which the players tested positive during that survey testing year - only the government has those results - if a player thinks he tested positive for a supplement, he might have a reasonable case. The supplement 19-norandrostenedione was legal in 2003 and contained the steroid nandrolone, a hard-core performance-enhancing drug used to build muscle." -- 8.3.09, Daily News

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

"Gimme something baby. On Monday we don't have answers from David Ortiz. Give me something..." -- 8.3.09, WEEI's Michael Holley

Cheat Skate

Manny skates clean
(BDD Photo Illustration)

So Why Does Manny Ramirez Get to Skate Clean
on His 2003 Positive Drug Test?

Plaschke's Not a Manny Lemming: Manny Was Bigger Cheater Than We Thought

Los Angeles Times: "Sorry, all you righteous Red Sox fans, but your heroes are no better than our heroes.

That historic comeback from the three-games-to-none deficit against the New York Yankees in the 2004 playoffs?

It was indeed too good to be true.

That first world championship in 86 years? Truly a dream.

The second World Series title three years later? As magical as it seemed.

Turns out, the heavy lifters in those lineups had some help, Ramirez and Ortiz doing it with syringes and pills. They were just Barry Bonds with bigger smiles, Mark McGwire with fewer freckles.

The Curse of the Bambino lives.

At least Ramirez had the good sense to stay in the shadows. How about that beauty of an interview given by Ortiz this spring, when he climbed into a pulpit and announced that steroid users should be suspended for a year?

"Ban them for the whole year," he said, later adding, "I know that if I test positive for using any kind of substance, I know that I'm going to disrespect my family, the game, the fans, and everybody . . . so what will I do, I won't use."

OK, Ortiz far surpasses Ramirez on the fraud meter, so at least our Manny has that going for him." -- Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times

BDD - Frank Galasso Illustration

Pedro Martinez: "There's no crying in baseball. We won in 2004. That's it. Are you going to tell me that the other guys, who used it on other teams are now whining? They used it, too. One thing that's really caught my attention is -- why is it all Dominicans? What's going on? Why is it all Dominicans that all of a sudden come out positive? The last one standing might be me.

"That's a big question to ask. What's going on here? Why is it I'm the only one who might be left standing? All of a sudden, they're going to come up and say: 'Pedro [did it], too.' That's when I'm going to start stripping my clothes off and showing everybody I've never had acne on my back. If I did use it, it didn't help me. They need to give my money back. It didn't work." -- Pedro Martinez checking in on MLB.com

Sunday: Bats Attack, Sox Explode for 18 Runs, 23 Hits, Naturally, in 18-10 Win
Saturday: Beckett in Control in Baltimore, Sox 4, Birds 0
Friday: Papi Booed But Strikes Again, Sox Win at Camden, 6-5

Boston 'Roid Sox
Scandal Deepens

Left: Nicholas Alex Cyr was fired from his job as a security employee for the Boston Red Sox. Right: A photo of Jared Remy, posted on his girlfriend's Facebook page
(Former Sox employees Nicholas Alex Cyr and Jared Remy / Boston Globe)

While Nation Continues to Await Word From Big Papi on How He Failed Drug Test
Report Reveals MLB Inquiry into Red Sox
After Guard Found with Steroids in '08

Jared Remy Admits to Using Steroids and
Talking Drug Details with Papi's Former Assistant ...
Red Sox Didn't Probe Matter Much After Findings

Boston Globe Spotlight Report: Sox Fired Two in Steroids Case
MLB Launched Inquiry After One Fenway Guard Caught 'Roid Handed
Named Jerry Remy's Son Jared as His Steroids Supplier
Nation Gets Blindsided: Ortiz, Others Knew They Were on 'The List'
Players Who Tested Positive Were Notified in 2004...
Not Last Week As David Would Have Us Believe

"I�m sure they were hoping I didn�t know anything. It�s like they didn�t want to know. It�s like: Do we really want to know or do we just want it to go away? ...They didn�t ask much at all; they wanted to make it disappear... [Former Ortiz salaried personal assistant, Felix Leopoldo Marquez Galice, a.k.a. Monga] admitted taking steroids. We had conversations about steroids. We�d talk, �This one works for that. This one makes you bulky. This one makes you harder.'" -- Former Fenway Park security guard Jared Remy in Globe spotlight report

BDD is a feature of Boston.com. All posts are by Steve Silva unless otherwise indicated.

Boston Globe:

Rodriguez looks like the steal deal > Despite effort by Rodriguez, Red So fall > Tazawa has come a long way, on and off field

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Lauber: Eduardo Rodriguez showing Red Sox he's special > PawSox start looms large for Masterson


Rodriguez gem wasted > Chili Davis doesn't want to turn Red Sox into free-swingers > Red Sox draft catcher in third round

NY Post:

How Mariano Rivera has influenced Yankees' top pick > Why starting rotation could be a big Yankees' strength

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