The Wrecking Ball

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Our Not-So-Secret Weapon

Lack, Stock, and Barrel
John Lackey, Adrian Beltre, and David Ortiz Lead the Sox
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Sox Are Firing on All Cylinders, Yankees In Their Sights

Boston 8, Fade-a-Rays 5 | Injured Sox Insult Tampa Bay
Lack Stays on Track: No Luck Needed for Win No. 9
A Big Blast from David Ortiz Blows It Open
AL MVP Adrian Beltre Goes 4-for-4 and Avoids Another Collision
Hall of Fame: Second Base Sub Leads the Replacement Killers
Oki Choki, Bard Is Bad to the Bone, Pap Steals a Save

"David was ready for a fastball and he got it. It changed the game." -- Tito on Papi's blast

Hangin' Tough

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Despite the Roster Devastation, the Rugged Red Sox
Remain Within Striking Distance of First

V-Mart's the Latest to Dance on the DL
Photos: Adding Up the Injuries

�We had some bad times, what stuck with me was that every day, these guys expect to win. That rubs off on everybody after a while. It did with me. I know people will say these injuries will get to us. But we�re going to expect to win every day no matter who is playing. That�s the way it is with this team. It feels like a family now." -- Darnell McDonald on weathering the storm

Dustin the Win

Pedroia shocks Rox

Third Time Is the Charm for Pedroia
Sox Avoid Being Swept Away

Boston 13, Denver 11 | Pedroia Rescues Sox
Does Cano Get 15 Total Bases in One Game?
The Quiet Superstar: Beltre Stays Red Hot, Best 3B in AL
Can You Even Get a Bag of Balls for Papelbon on July 31?
Maybe He Needs to Focus on More Dunkin' Donuts and Used Car Commercials?
Stop the Madness: Make Bard the Closer Now

"That was a crazy game. It was mentally draining. I'm just happy we won." -- Dustin Pedroia, the MVP version, is back

The Juice Guy Got Us

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Another Papelbon Meltdown Sinks Sox

Colorado 8, Boston 6 | Rockies Have a Blast
So What Exactly Do We Have with John Lackey? 5th Starter?
Late June, and the Sox are Led By Nava and McDonald. Who Knew?
Jimenez? No Problem. Street, Morales, Belisle, Corpas = Problems
Bright Side: V-Mart Swinging a Big Bat

Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia, left, and first baseman Kevin Youkilis look on as pinch-hitter Mike Lowell grounds out against the Colorado Rockies to end the ninth inning of the Rockies' 2-1 victory in an interleague baseball game in Denver on Tuesday, June 22, 2010.

The Rockies May Crumble, the Sox May Stumble, and We've Still Got Clay, So the Battle for First Place Is Here to Stay

Colorado 2, Massachusetts 1 | Sox Can't Mount Much Offense in Loss
While You Are Reading This: Your Grandmother Is Beating Mike Lowell to First Base
Chacin Redemption: Can Anyone Forgive Scoring Just One Run Off This Kid?
Bad News Barmes: A Cheap Win for Colorado Has Us Bad Hopping Mad
Life Is Not Fair in the Thin Air: Lester Takes a Rarefied Loss
You Just Can't Stop Beltre From Hitting

"My first thought that came to my mind was 'That was sick.' We knew Lowell wasn't running so well, so we were all yelling, 'Take your time and just make a good throw.' And he did." -- Colorado's Ryan Spilborghs

Mannyfest Destiny

BDD / Justin Wilder, Fairhaven
(BDD / Justin Wilder, Fairhaven)

Will There Be a Second Coming for Manny in Boston?

Manny Appreciates the Cheers, Regrets Being 'Dumb' in Boston
Does God Want Him to Be the Right-Handed DH for the Red Sox in a 3-Year Deal?
Thousands Stand and Cheer for Manny's Return to Fenway, Some Boos, Too
Photos: The Scene at Fenway on Friday | Audio: Manny's First At-Bat

Steve Buckley, Boston Herald column: �'He said he misbehaved at times and that he regrets some of the things he did in Boston,' [Red Sox Spanish Beisbol Network play-by-play announcer Uri] Berenguer said during a break in last night�s 2-0 Red Sox win. �He never said he was sorry, but he did say, �I was dumb.� He said it twice.'�

Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe, On Baseball: "Ramirez Berenguer Saturday that he regretted his trans gressions in Boston. 'There�s no reason I should have behaved that way in Boston,' Ramirez told Berenguer in a 45-minute private conversation in Spanish.

"Berenguer said that Ramirez no longer speaks of retirement, and said that the length of his career will be determined by a higher power. Berenguer said Ramirez has found God, reads the Bible on a daily basis, and quoted scriptures constantly during their conversation."

It's Showtime for Pedro

(BDD Photo Illustration / Meir Weinberg)

And Dustin Shall Lead Them Back to First Place

Globe: Red-Hot Pedroia Puts on Show
Sun. Boston 2, Lost Angeles 0 | Buchholz, Sox Flying at Finish
Sat: Boston 5, LA 4 | Sox Erase Mistakes, Pedroia Walkoff Single
Fri. Boston 10, Los Angeles 6 | Sox Offense Steals the Show, Doubront Pitches In

He's Gonna Run
This Town Tonight

(Stan Grossfeld / Boston Globe)

In the Park Where Everybody Knows His Name

Will the Sox Show Manny Highlights to Cue the Fenway Crowd
Like They Did for Pedro's Return?

A Standing O

Manny Ramirez f the Boston Red Sox celebrates after connecting for a three-run home run to defeat the Los Angeles Angels, 6-3, in Game 2 of the American League Division Series at Fenway Park October 5, 2007 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
(Jim Rogash / Getty Images)

For the Man That Always Delivered

Grossfeld: Dodging the Boos? | Globe 10.0: Will Manny Get the Pedro or Damon?
Survey Said! Standing O or Boston Boos? | Mazz: Will It Be a Happy Return?
Photos: Manny Being Manny | Through the Years | They Left on Bad Terms, Too

This Bud's for You!

Manny Ramirez celebrates with teammates after they clinched the National League West following their game against the San Diego Padres in Los Angeles, September 25, 2008.

"...Be glad there's one place in the world
Where everybody knows your name,
And they're always glad you came;
You want to go where people know,
People are all the same;
You want to go where everybody knows your name.

Where everybody knows your name,
And they're always glad you came;
Where everybody knows your name,
And they're always glad you came..."

Wilbur: Cheer or Jeer, Will Manny Care Either Way?

Manny Being Bozo?

Boston Dirt Dogs: Manny Being Bozo
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Yes, We Remember It Well ...

Marching to the Beat of His Own Drummer | Manny's Month Off
Manny Being Manny... He's Great Man | Those Were the Days My Friend
July 31, 2008: Manny Gets Out of Dodge | Shooting His Way Out of Town
Rice Rips Manny | Gammons Smackdown | Enough Is Enough | Get Him Gone
This Time It's Personal | Looks That Kill | When Push Comes to Shove
Fight Club: When Manny Attacks

Snakes on a Plane

Arizona Diamondbacks
(Jonathan Wiggs / Boston Globe Staff)

Along with Their 0-13 Road Losing Streak. Too Bad.

Boston 8 Falling Arizona 5 | Sox Complete Sweep
And the Boston Sports Spotlight Is Now Solely on Your Red Sox
Hottest Team Beating Up on Bums: 12 Games Over .500, Just 2 Games Back
John 'Reggie Cleveland' Lackey Has Somehow Managed 8 Victories
Ortiz Is Hitting Like Manny's Back in the Lineup to Protect Him
Pap Can't Understand Why He's Not Getting a Save for That

"He looks like the old David. He's taken some ferocious swings." -- Tito on the New Old Big Papi

Paul Fierce
Boston Celtic Paul Pierce arrives at the Staples Center for Game 7.
(Bill Greene / Boston Globe Staff)

How You Like Me Now
The Captain Has Arrived for Game 7

Let's Go Celtics! Game 7 Photos
Too Bad He Didn't Look So Fierce On the Court
Celtics Lose to Lakers, Let the Baseball Season Begin

6-2, and Even ...

Kevin Youkilis (cq) left and his teammate Dustin Pedroia (cq) right celebrate their teams win. The Boston Red Sox
(Jonathan Wiggs / Boston Globe Staff)

... Closer to First Place
Youk, Pedro Rake on Snakes, Sox Just 3 Games Out

Boston 6, The Immigration State 2 | Sox Stay on Target
8 in a Row and Right Back in the Cy Race for Lester
Nice to See Old Orioles Punching Bag Rodrigo Lopez Hasn't Changed
A Save So Easy, Even a Caveman Could Get It

"He's just a good player. You wind him up, and let him go play. He'll produce." -- Terry Francona on forgotten Sox superstar Dustin Pedroia

This Just In

Menino makes announcement on Manny parade
(Bill Brett / Globe Staff Photo)

Mayor Menino Confirms 'Rolling Rally'
for Manny's Return on Friday... Sort Of

Boston to Celebrate the Triumphant Return of '04 Series MVP
Duck Boats Were Already Purchased for Planned Celtics Parade

BOSTON -- The city of Boston will celebrate the return of 2004 Red Sox World Series MVP Manny Ramirez with a "rolling rally" on Friday, Boston Mayor Tom Menino announced today.

Red Sox and Dodger players will ride on World War II-era amphibious duck boats and will take the same route as the 2004 and 2007 championship parades, except they won't go into the Charles River, Menino said.

The rally will begin at noon at Fenway Park and Lansdowne Street, circle Fenway Park, go up Boylston Street to Boston Common and end near City Hall.

Menino did say that Ramirez has "promised to do his now-famous dance routine" at several locations along the route and joked that the length of the parade would be determined by how long Ramirez danced.

"The City of Boston is so excited to have Matty Rodriguez return to the place where he delivered the Stanley Cup to us. And he has to do a dance," Menino said. "He promised the people he would do a dance."

Menino acknowledged that he already paid for the rally for the Celtics before watching last night's pitiful performance. He shifted his attention to Manny this morning. Menino estimated security would cost $500,000, and that Manny would "probably" pick up the tab.

Boston Dirt Dogs will livestream the parade starting at 10 a.m. Friday. -- BDD Parody

The Beat Goes On

Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz is congratulated at the plate after hitting a 2 run HR in the 1st.
(Barry Chin / Boston Globe Staff)

Sox Have Their Way with the Senior Circuit, Again

Boston 6, Arizona 3 | Buchholz, Sox Good Enough
These Aren't Your Father's Diamondbacks: 11 Straight Road Losses
Winners Win When Their Winning: Clay Buchholz, 9-4, All-Star
Ortiz Is All Washed Up Again, Hits Homer No. 13
Pedroia Finally Starting to Put It All Together
Once in a Blue Moon, an Error for Youk
Nice, Quiet Save for Papelbon

"That's the last guy I worry about."
-- David Ortiz on the Little Pony Laser Show Resurrection

Thursday's Sox-Snakes Game Moved to 6:10 Start for Game 7 Viewing
Unless Cam Is Lacing Them Up, This Is More Bruins Window Dressing
Horrible: Red Sox Nation's Pathetic Performance at the AL Ballot Box Continues

This Just In


Sox Docs Set to Take Another Look at Ellsbury

See Him By September? Will the Sox Release More Statements?
Nava's Got Leadoff Covered Just Fine. Sincerely, Bob from Accountemps

Break Out the Vuvuzelas

(BDD Photo Illustration / Mr. Punchy)

The Celtics Are All the Buzz Tonight

Daniel Boom
Red Sox left fielder Daniel Nava connects for a Grand Slam off Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Joe Blanton in the 2nd inning in his first major league at bat.
(Barry Chin / Boston Globe Staff)

Nava a Dull Moment at Fenway

Who is Daniel Nava? | From Bat Boy to Hero
Sun.: Philadelphia 5, Boston 3 | Sox Can't Win 'Em All
The Nava Ending Story: 2-for-4, Batting .500
4 Score in the 4th and Philly Escapes with Win
Congrats Mr. 3,000 Innings (Just Want that One in 2003 in NY Back...)
Sox Find More Cole in Their Stocking at Fenway
Sat.: Philadelphia 10, Boston 2 | Sox Win, But Lose Matsuzaka
Life is Grand for Daniel Nava, Yes, That Daniel Nava
Who Needs Matsuzaka Every Fifth Day Anyway? Sincerely, Scott Atchison
Fri. Boston 12, Philadelphia 2 | League of Their Own
And Forgotten Mike Lowell Homers, Too
This Just In: Jamie Moyer Is Older Than Dirt
17 Hits, and Ortiz Had 3 of Them
Thurs.: Tribe 8, Sox 7: 9th Life, and Death for Sox in Cleveland
At Least No One Was Watching

Justin Time
David Ortiz walks back to the dugout after striking out against Cleveland Indians pitcher Justin Masterson in the seventh inning in a baseball game.

... For Papi to Go Back in the Tank

Boston 0, Cleveland Turned It Up to 11 | MasterSonofaGun
Ortiz Is 1 for His Last 23! (Just Trying to Fire Him Up Again)
Buch Wild, But Bonser and Nelson Really Blew Up the Jake
He Never Threw 95 When We Had Him, But I Never Saw Masterson Pitch.
Sincerely, Lou Gorman (Get Well Soon Lou)
We'll Always Have Those Two One-Out Singles By V-M and JD
No Free Pass: Pedroia 0-for -11 for Series, 17-for-101 (.168) Last 25 Games
We Had a Pitcher Like That Lobie, Traded Him for V-Mart, Remember?
Slam Dunk: Hafner Turned the Whole Game Around
14,022... Not Exactly Progressive

"When you walk that many, you're asking for trouble." -- Red Sox manager Terry Francona ripping Buchholz in the media

Just for the Record

(BDD Photo Illustration)

Wake Eats More Innings. Roger That.

Boston 3, Cleveland 2 | Wake, Sox Make Their Mark
2777 Makes Wake the Sox Innings Leader Until Clemens Returns
Big RBI Double from Bill Hall
Bard Tunes Up for 2011 Role

"I had no idea what was going on. I feel very blessed to wear this uniform for so long for an organization that believes in me. It's a tribute to never giving up. I'd like to pass that on to somebody on the bubble." -- Tim Wakefield, all class

Shame on You
Red Sox Nation

Boston Red Sox's Adrian Beltre, left, taps with Kevin Youkilis

Youk, Beltre, and the Rest of Your Boston Red Sox Are Virtual No-Shows in This Year's All-Star Vote

The City Made Famous for Putting Sox Players in the All-Star Game Just Gave Up
Youk in 4th Place Trailing Morneau by 517,462 Votes?
Beltre in 4th Place Trailing Longoria by 1,084,980 Votes?
David Ortiz Trailing Vlad Guerrero By 812, 351 Votes?
Even The Laser No-Show Is Trailing Cano By 568, 643
V-Mart Trailing Mauer By 1,535,732 Votes?
No Red Sox Outfielders in the Top 15?
Marco Scutaro? Not Even on the Map
Voting Ends July 1, Get Going

Dice and Easy

Daisuke Matsuzaka pitches in the first inning in a baseball game against the Cleveland Indians, Monday, June 7, 2010, in Cleveland.

... Does It Every Time... Well, Most of the Time, Lately.

Boston 4, Cleveland 1 | Sox Top Punchless Tribe
Matsuzaka Is Suddenly a Cutter Above the Rest
Sox Starters 8-0, 0.70 ERA in Last 9 Road Starts
Double Trouble: Scu Scu Scutaro Stays Red Hot
Don't Go Crazy, These Aren't Jim Thome's Indians
Stop the Presses: Ortiz Busted Down the Line
Old Home is Sweet for Victor

"I feel great seeing the ballpark again, and some ex-teammates, Dice-K did a great job pounding the zone and staying ahead of the hitters.... then he was able to throw his cutter, expand the zone a little bit, he did a great job." -- V-Mart postgame

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Add Kolbrin Vitek, Bryce Brentz, and Anthony Ranaudo to the List

Scu Scu Scutaro

(BDD / Paul Paquette Video)

There's a Shortstop on My Mind, All the Time, Scu Scu Scutaro

Marco Scutaro went 3-for-6 Friday night with a home run (for the second night in a row) and three runs scored, raising his average to .276 on the season.

Sox Can't Sweep Yards

Sun. Baltimore 4, Boston 3 in 11
Nice Catch Cameron Can't Come Up with Markakis Walkoff Bloop
No Such Thing as an Easy Win for John Lackey
And the Okajima Magic Has Disappeared, Delcarmen's Too
Bottom Line: 11 Runners L.O.B., 1-for-8 in Scoring Positions
Sat. Boston 8, Baltimore 2 | Lester Won't Let Up on Sorry O's
Youk HR Gets Big 1 on the Board in 7th, Sox Blow It Open in 9th


Anamika Veeramani of New Royalton, Ohio, wins the 2010 National Spelling Bee in Washington, June 4, 2010.

That Is Correct... We Have a Winner!

Used in a Sentence: "Clay Buchholz is currently the ace of the Red Sox staff and the frontrunner to be named starting pitcher for the American League in this year's All-Star Game in Anaheim"

Boston 11, O's 0 | Birds Are Clay Pigeons
Clay Ace is 5-0, 0.00 ERA in Last 5 Starts, 9 Straight on the Road
16 Sweet Hits Takes Care of Business at Fenway South
Clay Don't Need No Stinkin' Strikouts with These Free Swingers
Red Sox Have-to-Be-Named All-Stars Youk, Beltre Stay Red Hot
Unless Earl Weaver's in the Dugout, and Palmer's on the Mound, It's the Lame Old O's

Money Talks

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig

Galarraga's Legit, Bud's Not

By Ron Sen, BDD contributor, founder of Red Sox Reality Check: Armando Galarraga lost a perfect game lin Detroit, what was the 21st perfect game in major league baseball history. Umpire Jim Joyce called a routine ground out a base hit, as though he were unaware of the historical significance of it all... or just oblivious. Joyce was man enough to acknowledge his mistake, apologizing to the Tiger pitcher after the game.

Commissioner Bud Selig has the power to change the error, using the best interests of baseball clause. What keeps him from doing so? Is it tradition, stupidity, possible testosterone deficiency, or fear of opening Pandora's Box?

Tradition and racism kept generations of African-Americans out of baseball. The tradition argument falls apart when acknowledging baseball's current use of replay for determination of disputed home runs, introduction of the designated hitter, changing the field dimensions by lowering the mound itself, and other revisions that have occurred in baseball.

Stubbornness is hardly unique to Selig. Baseball protests about its integrity, yet dragged its collective feet for years regarding drug testing, maybe because "chicks dig the long ball" and their money rolled in. Perhaps baseball fears interminable delays about the purity of the grand old pastime. Has anybody watched a Red Sox-Yankees game lately? Often it's like watching the last two minutes on an NBA perpetuity. Some wanted to crucify Joe West for his keen sense of the obvious. Enforcing an "indisputable" standard works for the NFL, and managers could be given a finite number of challenges.

Are more nefarious forces at work? I doubt that, but if this were Yankee Stadium, and a right-hander named Phil Hughes had accomplished what Galarraga achieved, does anybody NOT think that Selig would be falling over himself to make things right?

I will always consider Galarraga's effort a perfect game. In fact, if fans wanted it to be so, they could simply vote with their wallets, targeting a future game day, let's say Sunday, to boycott MLB merchandise. Can you imagine owners calling Selig, demanding that he overturn the decision lest they lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue? Would you like to be a fly on the wall for those (expletive deleted) calls?

Baseball has an empowerment clause about the "best interests." Selig has the power to right the wrong that happened in Detroit. Yet ironically only the fans can make that happen. Money talks... keep you wallet in your pocket, and make Selig squirm and Galarraga the legitimate author of perfection.

World Series Ring, Team-Issued Phone Allegedly Stolen from
Staten Island Yanks Coach During Wild Night of Partying

Victor Martinez, left, is out at home while attempting to score on a double hit by Red Sox's Kevin Youkilis as Oakland Athletics' catcher Kurt Suzuki, right, makes the play in the third inning of a baseball game at Boston's Fenway Park, Thursday, June 3, 2010.

Tim Bogar... The Jim Joyce of the Boston Red Sox

Oakland 9, Because of Bogar 8 | 18 Hits and They Still Lose
Sox Third Base Coach Runs Home Team Right Into the Loss Column
Two Guys with Bad Feet: V-Mart and RunDMc Are Just the Guys to Send
Hermida and Hall Can't Do It All
Et Tu, Manny Del Timlin, Tim Wakuzaka?

"Feel free to re-run my Sveum Old Song and Dance piece with a line-through on Sveum and Bogar's name in its place... cost us a game against TB by getting a guy thrown out at home with nobody out and today he gets laboring V-Mart thrown out at home with nobody out... he can't do the job... it's pretty obvious.... a better throw would have had Victor by 30 feet. Bogar just panics... he forgets the situation, the runner, the on-deck hitter, the score... his mind goes blank. Brutal... I would definitely be getting tased right now if I were at Fenway... What Bogar did to us today was the equivalent of Doc reaching out and stealing the ball from Rondo as he dribbled down the sideline in crunch time." -- Kevin Hench... no one gets more furious about baserunning blunders

Boston Red Sox player Darnell McDonald is tagged out at home by Oakland's Kurt Suzuki. . Boston Red Sox vs Oakland Athletics
(Jonathan Wiggs / Globe Staff)

"Nobody out, two bad decisions and I got two runners thrown out. It's all about results, and obviously both times I was wrong." -- Tim Bogar, doing his best Jim Joyce after costing the Red Sox a win today

"If you watch the Zapruder film you can see secret service agent Tim Bogar Sr. waiving the Kennedy motorcade into Dealy Plaza... Commenting afterward Bogar Sr. said, 'Sure, I could see the guy with the rifle in the school book depository but he's got to make a perfect shot.' " -- Endangered in Mass.

Most Wanted Frauds

BDD / Mike Briggs Illustration
(BDD / Illustration:

Reward: Title No. 18

Celtics Get It Started in LA Tonight

Movin' On Up
David Ortiz celebrates a 2 run home run
(Jonathan Wiggs / Boston Globe Staff)

It's More Days in Third Place, Sox Get A's Again

Boston 6, Oakland 4 | Sox Paced by Ortiz, Dice
David Ortiz Continues to Put the Earf on His Shoulders. Sincerely, Randy Moss
Can Scutaro Makes Us Forget Jacoby D'Ellsbury in the Leadoff Spot?
Darnell McDonald Is No Ken Griffey Jr., But He's Workin' It Everyday
No Walk in the Park, But Daisuke Quality-Start Matsuzaka Racks Up a Win
Imagine the Bargaining Power the Sox Would Have Over Beckett Now?
Pedroia's Still Scuffling, But He Grabs a Big RBI
Bard Gettin' Nastier, Nice Save Paps

"My only thought was to dig in and keep battling. Things turned around." -- Matsuzaka, who hung tough for a change

Shameful: No Sox Anywhere Near the Top in AL All-Star Vote
Chad Finn: Is Jacoby D'Ellsbury the Second Coming of Fragile Freddy Lynn?

Bitter? Sweet?

Dice-K Is Like a Box of Chocolates,
You Never Know What Your're Going to Get
(Except a $102 Million Bill from Scott Boras)

Matsuzaka Squares Off Against Sheets Tonight

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Rally Good Time

The Sox' Adrian Beltre  is greeted by Kevin Youkilis #20 and Victor Martinez  on his 3-run home run in the 5th. The Boston Red Sox play the Oakland Athletics in Boston, MA on Tuesday, June 1, 2010
(Yoon S. Byun / Boston Globe Staff)

Sox Climb Out of Hole in Second Half to Power Past A's

Boston 9, Oakland 4 | Lackey Lacking, Sox Pick Up Slack
Double Trouble: V-Mart Has Career Night, 5-for-5, 4 Doubles
So Far, John Lackey Looks Like the Second Coming of Dennis Lamp
Holy Dan Duquette: Opponents Hitting .128 vs. Delcarmen, Best Among AL Relievers
Sign of the Times: Where's Adrian Beltre's Long-Term Deal Theo?
How About Trading for Iron Man Johnny Damon to Play Center Field?
Ortiz Is 0-for-June, Release Him Immediately!

"He told me to hang in there, said he was going to take care of me. He did. It was pretty cool." -- John Lackey on Victor Martinez' Herb Brooks speech

May I Have Another?

David Ortiz  and the rest of the Boston Red Sox wears a special edition hat in honor of Memorial Day during the game against the Kansas City Royals on May 30, 2010
(Elsa / Getty Images)

Big Papi Hit on All the Right Notes in May.
Will We Be Singing the Same Tune in June?

Boston 8, Not Playing Kansas Anymore 1 | May Fly
Lester 6-2 and Even Better Than We Thought He Would Be
May Big Papi: .363 Ave., 10 Homers, 27 RBIs, 100 Percent Swagger
Bottoms Up: 'Tek, Hall, Cam Crank Up the Runs
Not for Nothin' But Good Move Not Releasing Varitek and Ortiz Theo
I Can't Believe Cameron Just Got His First 2 RBIs. Sincerely Jason Bay
Note to Paps: Even Joe Nelson Can Do It

"People started trash talking too early." -- David Ortiz... keep the vendetta going

Buch Stops Here

Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Clay Buchholz had another solid outing allowing only 1 run over 7 innings.
(Barry Chin / Globe Staff)

Ending Losing Streak is a Feat of Clay

Boston 1, KC Zip | May Fly
Clay on Fire: 3-0, 1.32 ERA Last 3 Starts
Mike Lowell Drives in the Winner... Sort Of
Dustin The-Defense-Never-Rests Pedroia

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Rodriguez looks like the steal deal > Despite effort by Rodriguez, Red So fall > Tazawa has come a long way, on and off field

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Lauber: Eduardo Rodriguez showing Red Sox he's special > PawSox start looms large for Masterson


Rodriguez gem wasted > Chili Davis doesn't want to turn Red Sox into free-swingers > Red Sox draft catcher in third round

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How Mariano Rivera has influenced Yankees' top pick > Why starting rotation could be a big Yankees' strength

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