What a Country!

US Citizen David Ortiz pledges allegiance after an induction ceremony held at the JFK Library
(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Stan Grossfeld)

Even If You Signed a Contract that Grossly Overpays You,
You Get to Demand a New One Before It Expires

Hey David, If You Didn't Like the Deal You Signed in 2006,
Then Why Were You So Thrilled with It at the Time?
This Just In... Every Contract Has a Final Year, Deal with it David
Greed is Good. Sincerely, Gordon Gekko

With fans struggling to make ends meet, Ortiz won't just play out the end of his contract: "I'm not comfortable coming back just for one year because it's going to be the same roller-coaster that I had this year. All the question marks. People still don't realize what you're capable of doing even after eight years. I'm the kind of guy who likes to be left alone, play my game and be the best at my position." -- A shameless David Ortiz to Rob Bradford

Happy Halloween

BDD Photo Illustration
(BDD Photo Illustration)

5 Years Ago, Theo Said So Long to the Red Sox

Up to Their Old Tricks?

Boston Dirt Dogs / Mike Briggs illustration
(BDD Photo Illustration / Mike Briggs www.mikebriggz.com)

Or Just Two Guys Looking for Handouts?

Red Sox Fans Still Paying the Price

Boston Dirt Dogs

You Could Build a New Stadium at Anfield for the
Money They Keep Charging at Fenway

No Price Decrease for 20 Ticket Locations at Fenway; 30% of Tickets to Rise
Henry-Werner Given 6 Months to Decide on New Stadium in Anfield
Did You Know? The $135 Field Box Seat Cost Just $35 Back in 1999
All Red Sox Scalping Partners, Holding Most of the Tickets Already,
Are Expected to Hold Prices at Just 400% Over Face Value for 2011
Liverpool Looking to Bring in $28 Million Rated Belgian 'Ronaldo'
This Just In ... Sounds Like Somebody Wanted a 'Thank You, Jason' Night
What Did John Farrell Ever Do with Beckett, Lackey, and Dice-K, Anyway?
There Goes the Future: Hall of Famer Casey Kelly Shelled in Arizona
At Least Cliff Lee Won't Be Joining Mr. Leigh Teixeira in the Bronx No More
More Good News: Youk, Pedroia On the Comeback Trail. Ortiz, Too.

Just Say YES Network ...

BDD Photo Illustration
(BDD Photo Illustration / K. Jones)

The Bullpen Is
Too Damn Small

Jimmy McMillan, candidate for Rent is 2 Damn High party makes a point during the 2010 New York State Gubernatorial debate held at Hoftstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. on Monday, Oct. 18, 2010.

Want More Home Runs at Fenway Park?
Then Join The Bullpen Is Too Damn Small Party

Messing with Fenway's Dimensions Is the Only Way to Fix the Dangerous Sox Bullpen
I Had Plenty of Room to Warm Up Out There. Sincerely, Bob Stanley
The Bullpen Hits Are Now a Serious Safety Issue. Sincerely, Roger Goodell
Sellout Streak Continues... Plenty of New Seats Available. Sincerely, Ace Ticket

"I represent the bullpen is too damn small party. Relievers are throwing 50 pitches a day and 5 times a week and some a side session. Papelbon can't throw another pitch... feeds hitters his fastball for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. His main job is to provide closure in the ninth inning, put wins in the standings, and money in his pocket. This is politics as usual ... playing the silly game in the bullpen. It's not gonna happen. The bullpen is too damn small movement represents relievers who don't feel safe in a 21-foot-wide bullpen. They're getting hit with home run balls right now as I speak. They can't throw side-by-side, get ready in time, or get people out ... listen.. a fan's stomach just growled... did you hear it? You gotta listen like me." -- Red Sox Nation gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan

Are They Bringing Frugal Back?

Liverpool's new owners applaud the teams before their English Premier League soccer match against Everton at Goodison Park in Liverpool
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Henry Says They'll Be No Spending Spree for LFC
Should We Expect the Same Belt Tightening Back in Boston?

Liverpool Gets Message That NESV Is American for Thrifty
King Henry, Prince Werner Flying Back to the Colony for a Few Days
John 'I Don't Have Sheikh In Front of My Name' Henry's Crying Poor in the 'Pool
Reds in Danger of Turning Into a Minor League Team... Sounds Familiar
And While You Were Watching a Red Sox Team Still in Contention,
Sox Owners Were Flying Overseas to Check Out Melwood
And They'll be Heading Back to Anfield to See Reds-Rovers on Sunday

From the 'News to Us' Dept. ...

"We cannot afford player contracts that do not make long-term sense." -- Liverpool FC principal owner John Henry... wait... wasn't he the owner of the Red Sox when John Lackey was signed for five years and $82.5 million? Beckett's four-year, $68-million contract extension?

And Al Gore Invented the Internet ...

"When we arrived at the Red Sox [in 2002], the New York Yankees were a juggernaut and it wasn't that much of rivalry. We turned it into a rivalry..." -- Liverpool FC principal owner John Henry... Bill Lee, Carlton Fisk, 1978, will surely disagree

The First Flip-Flop Is In ...

"I think it's better the supporters' first experience of us as owners is at home [at Anfield.]" -- Liverpool FC principal owner John Henry who proceeded to attend the Merseyside derby at Goodison first. Result: Everton 2, Liverpool 0... and troubled gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill scored one of the goals

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy

(The Daily Telegraph, Oct. 19, page S7)

How Long Until Henry Gives Roy 'Grady Little' Hodgson the Heave-Ho?
And When Will He Turn His Mind to Matters That Concern Boston Red Sox Fans?
Our Owners Went to England, and All We Got Was This Lousy New Video Board

Roll Out the Reds Carpetbagger

John Henry, left, the financier who heads New England Sports Ventures, owners of the Boston Red Sox, and  Liverpool's soccer club chairman Martin Broughton shake hands at a lawyers office in London, Friday, Oct. 15, 2010, where  Liverpool FC's club directors are meeting.

Red Sox Fans Have Longed to Hear It
The Liverpool Reds Are Part of NESV!

John Henry Now Has a New Team, New Players, New Money,
a New NESN, an Old Stadium, and a Real Nation to Focus On...
Good Thing All Is Well Back Here in America with the Boston Red Sox
Red Sox Nation: 'N-E-S-V! NESV!, NESV!, NESV!' ...

John W. Henry ... dusting off the 2002 Red Sox purchase speech for LFC Nation... via guardian.co.uk live coverage: "I am proud and humbled. We have a lot of work to do, and I can't tell you how happy I am that [the deal] has been completed. We're here to win. We have a tradition of winning. We'll do whatever we need to do...."

"We regard our role as that of stewards for the club with a primary focus on returning the club to greatness on and off the field for the long-term. We are committed first and foremost to winning. We have a history of winning, and today we want LFC supporters [insert Red Sox Nation here] to know that this approach is what we intend to bring to this great club...

"Our first step as new owners will be to listen. We want to hear from the manager and the players and those who are part of the daily operation of the club. We will be visible at Anfield [insert Fenway] and will embrace and listen to those who have stood by this club and who are the rock on which its future success will be built. We want to hear from the fans, local leaders and the local community. We want to hear from those who know LFC [insert the Red Sox] best, who have made it the best and share our desire to return to a culture of winning."

Henry Won't Say It But Sox Fans Get Good News, Too
McDonald Has Thumb Surgery! Salty Avoids Arbitration!

Oct. 15: John W. Henry (R), the owner of New England Sports Ventures, arrives at the offices of the law firm Slaughter and May on October 15, 2010 in London, England.
(Oli Scarff / Getty Images)

Sox Fan: 'This Is a Slap in Our Faces'

Boston.com commenter ... on the purchase of the Liverpool FC: 04-Idiots wrote: "...And I hate to say this...but THIS is exactly why 'The Yankees' stay champions. Red Sox owners are more interested in the new shiny toy, Liverpool Soccer, than being 100% committed to the Boston Red Sox.

"In the end, this venture will be almost $900M.

"The purchase assumes the debt owed to the Royal Bank of Scotland ($405M) and 'THEN' the purchase of the team...$457M (approx). ...And the Red Sox are having 'Bridge Years'.

"The Steinbrenners spend it 'ALL' into the Yankees. They don't spend and buy 'Roush Brooklyn Nascar'...or 'Manchester-United'... it's 'ALL' Yankee Baseball. That's why they spend, spend and win!

"RSN are fools, if you think multiple-ventures, don't distract from singular investment-attention. You keep paying $14.95 for your RSN credit-cards with 'Member' on it...and enjoy repeat 'Bridge Years' as the owners will end up outbid for Carl Crawford, Cliff Lee and more...but hey, we have Liverpool Soccer, right?

"This is a slap in our faces."

Sox Fans, LFC Supports Squaring Off Online Already

Boston.com commenter ... on the purchase of the Liverpool FC: Wrath-Fury-Vengeance wrote:

DayLFC wrote: AND we dont have a single pennies worth of debt because ur owner paid this to RBS today.

"I believe that's the point, sunshine.
Henry paid off your debts, with money the Red Sox could use.
And you have some video posted here, telling us that is from GLOBAL success?

"If you had GLOBAL success singing "You Will Never Walk Alone", then why not pay your own debts off? You want to walk somewhere with me? How about walking over to Carl Crawford's agent and getting him signed for us?

"Sound good?

"Nobody cares if Liverpool Soccer wins a - whatever it is "

New NESV Org Chart

(BDD Photo Illustration)

Sox and Fenway Now Just Part of the NESV Puzzle
Top 10 Little Known Facts About the Liverpool Purchase

John Henry Kicks Sox Fans to the Curb

A selection of back pages of British national newspapers showing the reaction to the proposed take-over of the English Premiership soccer club Liverpool by John W. Henry, owner of the Boston Red Sox baseball team, in London

Red Sox Owner Flies to London Hoping to Close Liverpool Deal
If He Put This Much Effort Into Landing Mark Teixeira,
We'd Be Playing Baseball in Boston on Friday

Henry Has Pint with Liverpool Supporters in Cambridge While
Boston Fans Sit Home Alone on Couch to Watch Sox-Less Postseason
Sox Owner Breaks Twitter Silence for Liverpool Supporters,
While Red Sox Nation Left Hanging Online for a Year
Former Rangers Owner Tom Broke the Rangers Hicks Claims
Henry is Involved in 'Epic Swindle' for Football Club
New NESV Video Produced to Impress Liverpool FC Fans...
Since When Is Soccer Referred to As Football on an MLB Website?
Sincerely, The National Football League
Is Anyone Paying Attention to the Olde Towne Team?

"... [crickets] ... ... [crickets].... " -- What Red Sox fans who follow John Henry on Twitter heard over a year that saw the team make a slew bad signings, suffer through devastating injuries, and spend more days in third place since NESV took over its former favorite team

Rangers Go Off Cliff

(J. Meric / Getty Images)

Texas, Lee Advance to Take on Yankees in ALCS
While We're Stuck With Liverpool and Lackey in Boston

Top 10 Little Known Facts About the Red Sox Bid for Liverpool FC

Red Sox take over Liverpool FC
(BDD Photo Compilation)

... with apologies to David Letterman:

10. Some Liverpool players are not fully on board with Theo Epstein's focus on "goal prevention," but they understand that this will be a "bridge year" for the Reds.

9. Rising star Uri Berenguer and old friend Nomar Garciaparra will be named as the new broadcast team for LFC TV and will call all the matches live from the NESN studios in Watertown. In addition, Garciaparra will be inserted as the lifetime President of Reds Nation.

8. More good news for Liverpool fans looking to save a few bucks: Ace Ticket will replace Standard Chartered Bank as the club sponsor and act as the primary ticket seller for all future matches.

7. In a bit of a surprise, Dr. Charles Steinberg will return as part of the new Liverpool braintrust and has already booked The Beatles to play on opening day 2012. Steinberg will also wear a red fur suit for all home matches in his role as the new team mascot, "Rally the Red Monster."

6. In lieu of building a new stadium at Stanley Park so Liverpool can compete with Manchester United, Anfield will get a new large sign that reads "England's Most Beloved Football Stadium."

5. In an in-house move, the Red Sox will ship Josh Beckett and an order of Legal Sea Food's fish & chips to Liverpool in exchange for speedy midfielder Jonjo Shelvey, who is expected to start in center field at Fenway next season.

4. Returning Twitter aficionado John Henry has vowed that any profit turned by Liverpool FC at the end of the year will be immediately and fully reinvested into Roush Fenway Racing.

3. In a rare cross promotion of the two teams, every time Liverpool scores against Everton on Sunday, Jacoby Ellsbury breaks another rib.

2. If it weren't for the $750,000 saved by passing on Kerry Wood, the Red Sox would not have been able to come up with the $477 million needed to make a bid on the struggling football club.

1. After a worldwide search, Linda Pizzuti will be named president of Liverpool FC while old friend Janet Marie Smith will be working the concession stand at the north end of the Kop.

Separation Anxiety

Randy fan Josiah Shumaker

There's No Masking the Frustration in
Patriots Nation This Morning

Randy Moss Traded to Minnesota Vikings for 3d Round Pick
Mazz: It Was Really Just a Matter of Time for Moss Trade
That's Just the Patriots Being the Red Sox. Sincerely, Manny Ramirez
The Patriots Are Doomed Now. Sincerely Asante Samuel and Deion Branch
Survey | Moss Through the Years | Discussion

Randy returns to the scene of the fine:
Reporter: "Write the check yet, Randy?"
Moss: "When you're rich you don't write checks."
Reporter: "If you don't write checks, how do you pay these guys?"
Moss: "Straight cash, homey."
Reporter: "Randy, are you upset about the fine?"
Moss: "No, cause it ain't #$%!. Ain't nothing but 10 grand. What's 10 grand to me? Ain't #@$!. Next time I might #@&$! %!& #@$%*!." -- Viking Randy Moss on getting fined for semi-mooning the crowd, ESPN/KARE-TV, Jan. 14, 2005

Those Were the Days My Friend

The Fun Begins at the 2:12 Mark in the Video

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How Mariano Rivera has influenced Yankees' top pick > Why starting rotation could be a big Yankees' strength

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