Gang Green Is Back at the Garden

BDD Photo - circa. January 2005
(BDD Photo circa 2005 / Mr. X)

There May Be Blood, Sweat, and Tears, but the Celtics
Don't Want to See the Choke Sign After Tonight

Herald: Rev: Paul Pierce Should Pay for Foul Play
Globe: Pierce Message Still Isn't Clear
Shaughnessy: From Unrivaled to Unraveled
Photos: Pierce Through the Years

Barks and Bites: Rusty Hardin must be asleep at the wheel again because surely he would be trotting this out today: Clemens probably never set foot in Fort Myers in 1991, according to ABC 7 News in Fort Myers. The Daily News has been reporting that country star Mindy McCready met Clemens at a Fort Myers karaoke bar in '91, but the Red Sox were still in Winter Haven that spring and Clemens probably didn't make the trip to play the Twins because he did not pitch the one time the Sox visited Fort Myers. In the meantime, the Daily News continues to crush Clemens, with Mike Lupica doing the honors today. The Herald reports that Roger made a local pitch to a waitress at the Palace as well back in the day. And he didn't tip or pay his bar tabs to boot. He wasn't quite Jon Lester last night but old friend Joel Pineiro pitched 7 innings of one-hit ball for the Cardinals. And very old friend Ron Mahay picked up a win for the Royals as well. From his appearance on WEEI's D&C today: The President of Red Sox Nation will open a Jerry Remy's Sports Bar in the old WBCN building on Boylston Street. He hopes to be up and running for the '09 home opener. Further down Boylston Street, it looks like there's another green monster in town. has a nice feature on the radio voice of the Red Sox, Dave O'Brien. Finally, hats off to the hardest working crew in the business, the sports dept., for being named an Editor and Publisher EPpy Award finalist for "Best Sports Web Site with over 1 million unique monthly visitors" along with much bigger boys,, was also nominated. The short goodbye: So long Lobie.

Halladay on Ice

Kevin Youkilis runs for the dugout after being mobbed by his teammates following his game-winning single in the bottom of the ninth inning of their 1-0 win over the Toronto Blue Jays in a baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston Tuesday
(Boston Globe Photo / Winslow Townson)

Losing Streak Comes to a Screeching Halt with Walkoff Win

Sox 1, Jays 0
Youk Single Stings Halladay, Jays
Seems Like Old Times: Sox Get First 1-0 Walkoff Since 1980
Lowell Returns and Flashes Some Leather
David and Manny Get the 9th Inning Assist
Cheap Win for Pap; Tough Save for Pedroia
Red Flag: Drew Day-to-Day

"I said, 'Go ahead and send him [Ortiz].' The way Halladay was pitching, take your shot with [one chance], because that might be all we had." -- Terry Francona making the winning call

One-Hit Wonderful

BDD - Steve Ellis
(BDD / Steve Ellis)

Jon Was a Breath of Fresh Air

Life Ain't Nice When You're Caught Cheatin' Twice

Today's New York Daily News

Rocket's Gonna Get Grounded, Again

NY Daily News: Mindy McCready Weeps as She Confirms Affair with Clemens
And Brian 'Dave Stewart' McNamee Continues to Own Roger in Latest Round

"I cannot refute anything in the story," a tearful but resolute McCready told the Daily News, which broke the story at midnight Sunday.

This Just In ...

BDD - Mike Briggs illustration

Hall of Fame Chooses Cap for Clemens' Induction

Monday NY Daily News: Sources: Roger Clemens Had 10-Year Fling
with Country Star Mindy McCready

Big Slumpi Survey: What's Causing the Sox Slump?

Real Monster Sweep

The Red Sox watch the final out from the dugout after a three-game sweep by the Tampa Bay Rays April 27, 2008 at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.
(Getty Images Photos / Al Messerschmidt)

... But Nobody's Getting Any Free Furniture
Rays Shut Down, Shut Out, And Sweep Up Sox

Rays 3, Sox 0
Shields Protects First-Place Rays Streak with 2-Hit Bid
Beckett Looked Great Throwing Home... To First? Not So Much
J.D. Boo: Maybe He Should Throw Underhand Next Time
Youk's in a Free Fall: 0-for-His-Last-12

"Contract year. I'm stealing bases." -- Manny on his first stolen base in three years

Longoria Goes Way Back

Infielder Evan Longoria #3 of the Tampa Bay Rays scores on a home run against the Boston Red Sox April 27, 2008 at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.
(Reuters Photo)

Sweep Caroline: Rays Rub It In By Playing Our Song

Frank Galasso illustration

7 Is Enough

Red Sox starting pitcher Clay Buchholz returns to the mound after giving up an eighth-inning, two-run home run to Tampa Bay Rays' Akinori Iwamura, rounding the bases in the background, during a baseball game Saturday, April 26, 2008, in St. Petersburg, Fla. The Rays won 2-1.
(AP Photo)

Iwamura Raps Clay in the 8th

Rays 2, Sox 1
Buchholz Was Great, But Not in the Eighth
Okajima and Papelbon Watch the Game Slip Away

"He hit a good pitch, man. When I let it go, I thought he was either going to take it or swing over it, but he was sitting all over it. Hats off to him. I threw a pitcher's pitch and he hit it." -- Clay Buchholz, took a tough loss

A Little Less Cowbell

Christopher Walken demands more cowbell; More Cowbell sketch, Saturday Night Live.
(SNL Screenshot)

Big Flop in the Trop

Boston Red Sox's David Ortiz reacts after flying out with two runners on base during the ninth-inning against the Tampa Bay Rays in a baseball game Friday night April 25, 2008, in St. Petersburg, Fla. Red Sox pitcher Mike Timlin wipes his brow during the 11th inning. The Rays won the game 5-4 in 11-innings.
(AP and Reuters Photos)

New at 11: Sox Up Cough Up Another One

Rays 5, Sox 4
6 Stranded in Final 3 Innings Before Another 'Pen Collapse
Look Who They've Got Their Haynes on Now: Mike Timlin
David 000000rtiz and .370 Manny Don't Get It Done in the 9th
Cha-ching: Kevin Cash 3-for-3 hitting .323
The Magic Is Gone: Wake Just Doesn't Own the Rays Anymore
The Mighty Casey Just Limped Out
That's Enough Carl Crawford

"I don't know, I guess Joe [Maddon] just took a chance and it paid off. I threw a couple of good pitches, a couple cutters in, one he swung over, the other he got enough of to pull past [Dustin Pedroia]." -- Mike Timlin's still got it... Rays got lucky..

Getting Drafty... And His Blog Must Be Called 'Extra Mayo'

It Was the Best of Times ...

Red Sox rookie pitcher Justin Masterson was outstanding for six innings, giving up only one run, and after coming out of the game, he was all smiles in the dugout as he talked to Sean Casey, but the Boston bullpen let him down, and the Angels were victorious 7-5.
(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

It Was the Worst of Times ...

BDD - Tom Surette
(BDD Photo Illustration / Tom Surette)

Masterful Debut Blown by Lopez, Delcarmen, and Even Okajima | Wrap

Gasoline Alleycats Give One Away: L.A. 7, Sox 5:
The Steal Deal: Coco Crisp Is Not Leaving Town Without a Fight
Manny, Dusty, Youk 1-2-3 in AL Batting
Too Little, To Late But Ortiz Gets a Hold of One

Things to tell the manager before the pitching begins: "Warming up I was a tad dizzy, I was hoping to get through it." -- 4.24.08, a not-so-confident Manny Delcarmen

Matinee Idol?
Ft. Myers, FL 02/24/08: Wearing the Boston home white uniform (because the photo was shot on Sunday, which was Photo Day) that he would like to wear in the big leagues soome day, Red Sox pitching prospect Justin Masterson fires a pitch during a bullpen session.
(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Today at 1:30: Masterson Makes His Debut
The Lineups and Latest from Fenway All Day

Here We Go Sick Sox, Here We Go ...

BDD - Tom Surette
(BDD Photo Illustration / Tom Surette)

Another Red Sox Ticket Scam:
Fenway Seats Allegedly Used to Reward Big Dig Inspector
Good News Dept.: Ortiz Jersey Bidding Reaches $100k

Tis an Ill Wind That
Blows No Good

Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester wipes his face after giving up an RBI single during the third inning against the Los Angeles Angels in a baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston Wednesday, April 23, 2008. Lester gave up nine hits and four runs over five innings.
(AP Photo)

While You Are Reading This, Another Red Sox Player Is
Coming Down with Flu-Like Symptoms

Angels 6, Sick Sox 4
Can't Comeback and Win 'Em All
Lester Needed More Rester, But Jon Took the Ball on Short Call
Lugo Is Looking to Get Into the AL Batting Title Mix, Casey Too
Hunter's Not Nice to Boston Either with That 4-for-5
A Fastball Right at Us: We've Seen The New Craig Hansen Before
Papi's Getting Closer Every Day
Flu-K Scratched; Back Scratches Youk, Too

One More Time

The Hanson Brothers
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Old Time Baseball Is Back:
Hansen Gets Another Chance to Skate His Wing in the 'Pen

Wham!! Bam!!

Illustration courtesy of
(BDD / Illustration courtesy of

Dynamic Duo Brings Angels Down to Earth
Bat Man and Robbin' Protect and Defend the Streak

Comeback Kids 7, Angels 6
Backup Plan in Place: Sorry Coco, Ellsbury Is What He Is
Jacoby Jumpstarts Sox with Homers, Bunts, Steals, and More
Dustin the Win: More Props for Pedro, the League's Leading Hitter
Power Play: Youk Brings the Big Stick in the 5th
Pauley Gets Whacked: You Won't Be Seeing Our Friend Around No More
Okajima Holds It Tight, Then Hands It Over
Sick as a Dog: Varitek Expected to Play Again... Eventually
Agent 99 MPH: Save No. 8 for Mr. Automatic

Jacoby will keep playing

4.23.08, birthday boy Terry Francona on tonight's lineup [on sports radio WEEI]: "Ellsbury's going to play center field today. Coco is to the point where he's ready to play, he's still feels it. We've already talked to J.D. though, we got a lefty going tomorrow, and it's a quick turnaround, so we'll play Ellsbury in right, Coco in center. Guys already kind of know where we're shooting for. The bottom line is we're trying to win every game we can... I just can't flat out manage it like a fan, because that wouldn't be doing my responsibility. There are some other factors that you have [to consider...]"

Lance met up with John Henry post-marathon Barks and Bites: If Ken Macha didn't knock ya into a coma on Monday, you may have seen the guy in the upper deck who caught a foul ball, went into an extended touchdown dance, and subsequently dumped the ball into the lower grandstand seats. Well, the Today Show is apparently looking for the guy. Another fine representation of Red Sox Nation for the country to see. Hank will love it. The Coco for Gabe Kapler talk kicked in a bit on Dennis and Callahan this morning after Kap knocked in another game winner for the Brewers last night as Eric Gagne blew save No. 4 for Milwaukee. Jesse Spector catches up with Kapler in his blog, where Gabe reveals he's a fan of the British version of The Office over Carrell and crew. Eric Hinske just a single shy of the cycle last night. Sox owner John Henry and Lance Armstrong were seen hanging together at Abe & Louie's on Boylston Street on Marathon Monday. Could be Henry wants to extend Red Sox, Inc. into the cycling world? Or maybe John was just recruiting him for a future episode of Sox Appeal. The two planned to head to Ciao Bella for more bonding. Schilling: Intent? And will someone step up and take the Bledsoe bungalow off Curt's hands for a cool profit? The Jordan's Monster Sweep ends this Sunday! At 7 p.m.! Did you know that 14 percent of teams have swept championships since 1977? We included roller derby and world team tennis to get to that number... so the chances are pretty good you'll win some free furniture... yeah right. Surviving Grady has a look at the new Tina Cervasio, head-turner Ms. Heidi Watney. She could be a Soxy girl. Jonathan Papelbuns is worried about the new jugband in the bullpen. Sorry, but unless Torii was telling a story about Mickey Rivers, he may have been stretching it a bit about having batteries thrown at him from the bleachers at Fenway. Does Don Orsillo live on the equator or sleep in a tanning bed? That's quite the April tan D.O. No truth to the rumor that RemDawg took Monday off to pick the silverware for the new Jerry Remy's Sports Bar, slated to open at Logan Airport's Terminal C in June. Get well soon hockey fan Keith Foulke. Other old friend Trot Nixon "brings his energy to Chukchansi." This just in: Johnny Damon's not dead yet. Is this the worst Red Sox roster in the last decade? The beer man is back at Fenway by the way, in the box seats anyway. You can get a 12 oz. Coors Light for a mere $6.75 served at your seat. The Manny HR banner on the left field light stand stands at 496 ever since he took those two days off. When former Red Sox shortstops attack each other: Renteria vs. Cabrera. Eric Wilbur checks in with more cowbell planned for the Sox visit to St. Pete, and a look at Academy Award nominee Dustin Pedroia. Now it can be told: Fenway not-so-secret secrets revealed. The bidding on so-called "cursed" David Ortiz t-shirt-quality-jersey for the Jimmy Fund is now up to a whopping $83,000. The bidding ends tomorrow at 12:30 p.m.

Pauley's Back

Boston Dirt Dogs
(BDD Photo Illustration)

David Pauley Gets the Call: Beckett Pulled with Stiff Neck

No Manny, No Problem

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Buchholz, Ortiz Lead the Way on Patriots Day

Sox 8, Rangers 3:
Go Slow Bartolo: Buchholz Gets His Game Under Control
Now That Was a Monster Sweep... Where's the Free Furniture?
Walking Texas Rangers: They Turned It Up to 11
He Is the Messiah! Ellsbury's Going to Be OK at Leadoff, CF
Pedroia is the Best Baseball Player in the History of the Universe,
Even the Yankee One
Any Day Now: Ortiz Is Pushing to Get His Average Over the Mendoza Line
Lugo Takes a Lickin' in This Town, But Keeps on Kickin'
Thurston Howl: 0-for-5 for the Manny in Left

BDD - Frank Galasso Illustration

Sox On the Run

The Boston Red Sox Jacoby Ellsbury rounding 3rd base scoring from first base on teammate Jed Lowrie's double against the Texas Rangers during 8th inning action at Fenway Park on Sunday April 20, 2008.
(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Matthew J. Lee)

Comeback Kids Keep On Kickin'

Sun., Red Sox 6, Rangers 5: 8th '08 Comeback Win is a Run/Walk in the Park
Kevin Youkilis Leads the American League in Hitting at .378
Dustin Keys the Win: Pedroia Comes Through in a Pinch with Big Double
You Can't Stop Jed Lowrie, You Can Only Hope to Contain Him
Small Steps But Big Papi Is Always in the Thick of Things
Walkers, Texas Rangers: Youk, Drew, and Casey Walk Around
Rally Starts in 7th: J.D. Drew Came Through
Early Day Off for the Mad Manny

"Means we've got some other good players on this team. It's exciting. It brings a sense of unity." -- 4.20.08, Sean Casey on winning without Manny

Rest in Peace John Marzano

Manny Being Papi

Fans cheer as Boston's Manny Ramirez  heads to home plate after a two run blast to give the Red Sox the lead against Texas during the 8th inning of Saturday's game at Fenway Park
(Boston Globe Staff Photo / David Kamerman)

Man-Made Win: Ramirez is the New Late Inning Home Run Hero

Sat., Red Sox 5, Rangers 3: Papi Does His Part, Manny Hits a Big Pop
Pedroia Now Locked in as AL All-Star Starting 2B. Period.
10 Hits But, Lester Hangs Tough Into the 7th
Delcarmen and the 'Pen Holds on Against rAAAngers

"You could just sense that Boston fever from the crowd. City of Champions. Right there, something special happened." -- 4.19.08, Jon Papelbon gets it.

Jersey Turn Strike?

Jersey Turn Strike?

BDD - Papi chips a grand slam over the wall
(BDD Photo Illustration - Michelle Schacht)

Was the Over-the-Wall Grand Slam Ball
Concrete Evidence That the Big Slumpi Is Over?

Looks Like Ortiz Was the Only One That Could Afford the Buried Jersey After All

Red Sox 11, Rangers 3: Papi's Back in the Swing of Things
Dice-K Mediocre: It's More Questions Than Answers, Again
Is Lowrie Going to Give Lugo a Run for His Money?
Just Give Sean Casey the 10th Player Award Right Now
Can Coco Go Now? Ellsbury's All Over the Bases
Pedroia Power: Sophomore Thumps One Out of the Park

BDD - Steve Garberg
(BDD Photo Illustration - Steve Garberg)

"My teammates are the best. They are so happy to see me come through." -- 4.18.08, David Ortiz on his big night

Who Needs the Pope ...

Who needs the Pope?
(BDD Photo Illustration)

... When We've Still Got Curt Schilling in Boston?

Fun from the archives... "When he comes into the game, people cheer him like he's the Pope. You think they'd let Pedro get away with this? Why does he get a free pass?" -- September 2005, Anonymous Curt Schilling comments from former player

It's Called Bruins... on NESNplus!

BDD - Bruins on NESNplus!
(BDD Photo Illustration)

What's Wrong with This Picture?

The Red Sox bump the B's off NESN. The Celtics get a special banner at the Statehouse. The Pats get panned on South Park... and the Bruins and their diehard fans continue to get no respect.

Mannyfest DestiNY

Manny Ramirez of the Boston Red Sox runs the bases after his first inning home run against the New York Yankees on April 17, 2008 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City.
(Photos by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Ramirez Remains the King of New York
Two Manny, Too Much as No. 494 and 495 Sinks Yanks

Sox 7, Yankees 5: Manny Leads the Way | News and Notes
5 Away from 500: It's Manny's World, We Are Just Living in It
It Was Great to Get 8: Welcome to the Season Josh Beckett
Is A-Rod on Deck? Farnsworth Says He Was Just Trying to Be Aggressive
Shhhh... Ortiz Went 0-for-5 Again
Papelbon Barely Hangs On
J.D. .362

"I worry about Manny getting hit in the face, that�s what I�m worried about. We showed up to win, and that�s what we did. That�s as far as it goes for me." -- 4.17.08, Sox manager Terry Francona on Kyle Farnsworth's fastball past Manny's head

BDD - Mike Briggs illustration
(BDD Illustration -

Sox Dig Their Own Grave


Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz reacts to popping out with men on base in the eight inning of their MLB American League Baseball game against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium in New York, April 16, 2008.
(Reuters Photo)

Yankees 15, Red Sox 9: Champs Come Undone in New York

The Buchh Doesn't Stop Here for Night and Day Clay and His 6.75 ERA
Loose Cannon Lugo Lets One Fly and It Was Time to Say Goodbye
Singles Aren't Cutting It As David's Not Papi Without His Power
Jacoby Can't Jumpstart: Ellsbury Goes 0-for-5 at the Top
Tavarez Throws Gas on the Fire While Timlin Seals the Deal
On the Bright Side: Aardsma Was Alright, Again

"I think there were some good things we can take from this game; we had some guys swing the bats well and we battled back. But we've got to find a way to get some more innings out of our starters." -- 4.16.08, Sox captain Jason Varitek

Captain Crunch

Captain Crunches One

Jason Varitek is congratulated at the dugout after his solo home run off Cleveland Indians relief pitcher Jensen Lewis in the ninth inning of a baseball game Tuesday, April 15, 2008, in Cleveland. At right is Julio Lugo. Varitek's homer broke a 3-3 tie and Boston went on to win 5-3.

(AP Photo)

V-Tek Kicks In, Sox Win Again, 5-3

Deep 6: Wake Pitches in with a Quality Start
Rookie was a Rock: Lowrie Steps Up Big Time
Bat, Glove, and Wheels: Is Jed the Real Deal?
The Hitting Machine: Ortiz Comes Through with 1-for-5
Say It Together: Aardsma in the 8th, Okajima in the 9th

"I can't even describe it. It's one of those moments in your life you are always going to remember." -- 4.15.08, Jed Lowrie, Jacoby Ellsbury du jour, on his 2-RBI first MLB hit

It's Red Sox vs. YankeeZZZzzzzz: Rivalry's Buzz Takes a Beating
38Pitches: 'Umm, no.' | Wilbur: Space Shot | Yankee Swap
Video: Big Papi Explains Reason for Hitting Woes

Pinstripe Pitch Slap?

Pinstripe Pitch Slap?

Could Curt go to the Yankees next year?

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo Illustration)

Doc Thinks Curt Could Pitch for New York Next Year...

Dr. Craig Morgan Made More Remarkable Remarks on the Radio

4.15.08, Dr. Craig Morgan on WEEI's Dennis and Callahan: "He (Schilling) called me when he was angry about a month ago and was having recurrent pain, and said 'Listen, I want to pitch again next year,' and the possibility of the New York (Yankees) option, he would consider. He didn't say he was going to do it, he didn't do any of that. I think it was in part of anger... Oh that's definitely possible. He told me, despite this thing, he doesn't think he's done and he wants to pitch next year. And if you read between the lines, that's (pitching for the Yankees) definitely a possibility. I don't think he's going to pitch for Royals next year, if he pitches at all,""

4.14.08, Dr. Craig Morgan on ESPN radio in Philadelphia: "It's my opinion that he's (Schilling) angry enough that it's entirely conceivable, even though he's 40 years old, it's entirely conceivable that he will have the operation, rehab, and pitch for the Yankees next year."

But Schill Still Says No Pinstripes for Him...

4.15.08, Curt Schilling WEEI's Dennis and Callahan: �The first word that popped into my head, is a word that I think is new to the English language, but everybody understands what it means is �misrember,� Schilling said. �I talked to doc probably within the last week. He�s called me a couple of times during my rehab, but I�m not really sure how he got to some of the conclusions he got to. But I think you guys know me well enough to know that me wearing pinstripes, regardless of what point of the season or my career it would have been, is not an option. I can�t remember how or think back to having that conversation specifically or� it�s not an option. Never has been an option. And I�m not really sure where he�s drawn from a conversation standpoint, but from a rehab standpoint, I�m probably as surprised as anyone how well it�s gone and where I�m at.�

2007 archives, Curt Schilling on the possibility of finishing his career as a Yankee: "It wouldn't be in New York. No. I could not make that move." | �That�s not a place I think I could finish my career after what�s happened here." | "When it ended and Boston had become the new team, in my mind, growing up a baseball fan, I had made a choice there was no going back on. I liken it to the Hatfields and the McCoys, once you pick a family, you are in, for life."

Homecoming King Dinger

Homecoming King Dinger

Manny Ramirez, right, is greeted by teammate Jacoby Ellsbury after Ramirez's two-run homer off Cleveland Indians relief pitcher Joe Borowski broke a tie in the ninth inning of a baseball game Monday, April 14, 2008, in Cleveland.

(AP Photo)

Sox Break Free on Ramirez Homer No. 493

Comeback Complete in Cleveland, Sox 6, Indians 4
Big Bloopi: Ortiz Is Back... with a Couple of Well-Placed Singles
The Hits Keep on Coming for Youk, and Now a Home Run
Not Your Average Slow: Joe Borowski Can't Blow One Past Manny
Bunting His Way to the Top: Coco Had Cleveland on the Run
Has Lester Lost It? Another Long Short Stint for Jon
Tip of the Cap to Tavarez: Julian Had a Ball Last Night
Shortstop Spark Plug: Lugo Lit the Fire in the 9th
Papelbon, Indians Gone, Grab a Coffee

"It was fun at the end. There's something to be said for perseverance. Tavarez did a great job. If he stumbles anywhere, we're in trouble, but he gave us a chance." -- 4.14.08, Terry Francona

Papi's Coming Back

Papi's Coming Back ...

Will Papi's bat be back, too?

(BDD Photo Illustration / Meir Weinberg)

But No Word Yet on His Bat

Bob Ryan: Written Out, Not Off
Ch. 7 Video: Ortiz Talks About Slump, and the Offday Trip to NY

"You know, just trying to figure things out for a minute so I can go back to being Big Papi." -- Slumping Sox slugger David Ortiz

Curse of the Fan Gino Over

Frank Gramarossa, project executive for the new Yankee Stadium, removes a Boston Red Sox jersey with the name of player David Ortiz from the ground at the new Yankee Stadium in New York, Sunday, April 13, 2008.

(AP Photo)

Unless Gino Reversed the Curse on Ortiz

Yankees Unearth Buried Ortiz Jersey from New Stadium
But the Search for the Hitter Formerly Known as Big Papi Continues
Saturday: Gino Talks About Burying Papi Shirt in Stadium | Photos

"I hope his co-workers kick the (stuffing) out of him" -- 4.13.08, Hank Steinbrenner on Red Sox lover and construction worker Gino Castignoli

Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Kevin Youkilis, Julio Lugo, Dustin Pedroia, and Sean Casey  of the Red Sox share a laugh during a game against the New York Yankees at Fenway Park on April 13, 2008 in Boston, Massachusetts.

(Getty Images Photo / Jim Rogash)

Actually, It Was More Like a Happy Four Hours
Sox Go Up Big Early, Finish Off Yankees Late

Sox 8, Yankees 5: The Game May End Any Minute Now
Sox Nickle and Dime Yanks with Stinging Singles
It Takes Two These Days: Jacoby and Coco Make Sox Go
The Nibbler Is Back: Dice-ZZZZZzzzzzzzz Puts Nation to Sleep Early
Hold on a Minute...or a Couple of Hours: 'Pen Seals Win
It Was Old Outside: Home Run Mike Timlin is Back

"It was a long, cold night, but it turned into a long, cold good night." -- 4.14.08, Terry Francona

Kudos for Coco

Boston Red Sox Coco Crisp celebrates with teammates after scoring on a sacrifice fly ball during 8th inning action against the New York Yankees at Fenway on Sunday April 13, 2008.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Matthew J. Lee)

While the World Is Rooting for Jacoby,
Coco Just Keeps Playing Ball

But Is Crisp Getting Ready to Head Out West?

"Red Sox center fielder Coco Crisp has purchased a $3 million getaway in a gated Rancho Mirage, Calif., community. The home in the Palm Springs area has four bedrooms and seven bathrooms in 8,500 square feet, with a pool, a spa, a waterfall, a two-room master-bedroom suite, his-and-her bathrooms, a wet bar, a media room, three fireplaces and an air-conditioned garage." -- 4.13.08, Hartford Courant

The Rainmaker

The Rainmaker

Manny Homer, Double Does in Yanks

(Getty Images Photos)

Manny Made His Point: HR, Double Does In Yanks

Sox 4, Yankees 3: Sox Earn Win Via Decision
A Better Start for Beckett... for 5 Innings Anyway
Top of the Order to You: Ellsbury Gets Sox Started
0-for-4: Ortiz Struggles Continue, Down to .070
Mouse Must Protect This House: Pap Hangs Around to Close It

"I thought they were going to pitch around him, trying to get him to chase, but Manny came out on that first pitch and drove it into the gap. I'm sure that's not the way they wanted it to happen... It was definitely a great at-bat. Manny smells those RBIs, and they come in bunches." -- 4.12.08, Dustin Pedroia on Manny Ramirez

Wang, Bang

Wang ...

It wasn't a good return off the disabled list for Sox reliever Mike Timlin who gave up the go ahead run to New York Yankees designated hitter Jason Giambiin the 7th inning

(Getty Images Photos / Jim Rogash)


It wasn't a good return off the disabled list for Sox reliever Mike Timlin who gave up the go ahead run to New York Yankees designated hitter Jason Giambiin the 7th inning

(Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)

Sox Take One on the Chien-Ming Wang
Just Two Hits for Still-Japan-Jet-Lagged Offense

Wang Allows Two Hits in Going the Distance in Yankees 4-1 Win
Big Night for Buchholz is All But Forgotten
Earth to Tito: It Was a Terrible Time for Timlin
J.D. Drew Can't Do It All for the Next Four Years
Is Manny Still Going for that MVP?
Coco! or Jacoby!? ... Is Not the Problem

"It was terrible, absolutely terrible. I came back and pitched terribly. -- 4.11.08, Mike "Not ready for prime time" Timlin

David Is Lost

(BDD Photo Illustration)

Shaughnessy: Lowly Ortiz is Hitting Rock Bottom

In the Big Innings

In the Big Innings ...

Detroit Tigers left fielder Marcus Thames waits in the outfield after the Boston Red Sox scored their fourth run of the inning during the eighth inning of their MLB baseball game in Boston, Massachusetts, April 10, 2008.

(Reuters Photo)

The Sox Tamed the Toothless Tigers

Red Sox 12, Tigers 6: Sox Hang Tough, Break Loose
Tim is Timeless: Wake Goes Five Solid to Get the Win
Casey's Not Bad at the Bat; Youk and Drew Come Through, Too
Sign of the Times: Manny Just Keeps on Running
More Pen Problems: That's Just Julian Being Julian
Popular Papi Mired in 0-for-10 Slump
Saving Paps for a Tight Yankees Game Tonight? Nope.
Thumbs Down, Lowell on the DL

Red Sox Gear Buried Under New Yankee Stadium

Belichick Gets a 'Toon Up

Belichick Gets a 'Toon Up

(4.9.08, South Park Studios)

Cartman Blasts Pats Coach for Cheating
on Last Night's South Park

More Clips: 'I Misinterpreted the Rules' | 'Let's Win One for Real'

�Just before the last Super Bowl, Bill Belichick gathered his football players and said let�s win this one for real� Just this one time.. Let�s not cheat. You know what happened? They lost. Even if you feel all eyes are on you, you can't give up on cheating!� -- 4.9.08, Cartman, South Park


Bradford: Cora Hurts Arm | Tonight's Sox Lineup


Papi in New York doing Vitamin Water shoot

(4.7.08: Adrian Peterson, Brian Urlacher, 50 Cent, Dwight Howard, and David Ortiz. Vitaminwater Photos / Bill Kostroun)

Should a Pooped Papi Have Flown to New York City to Shoot a Spot for Vitaminwater on the First Day of Rest Back Home?
Do We Have a Watered-Down David on Our Hands?

Buckley: Just Say No

Boston Herald, Steve Buckley, 4.10.08: �I just don�t want the Red Sox to come to me and tell me what I can do and what I cannot do,� Big Papi said. �That�s why I don�t even want to talk about it. . . . I don�t want them to think that if I struggle, it�s because of that.�

For Ortiz, it comes down to this: Throughout his tenure with the Red Sox, he has been in the �yes� business. Whether it�s been community outreach activities (speaking with kids, posing for pictures, etc.) or personal for-profit endeavors (such as TV commercials), Ortiz has been able to do it all while maintaining his status as one of the game�s top offensive performers.

As he put it yesterday, �I�ve been doing this for years. I don�t want people to get the wrong idea.�

But when the story of this season is written, it�s now going to be tough for Red Sox players to complain about the burdensome trip to Tokyo, Los Angeles, Oakland and Toronto when one of their own - indeed, one of their marquee attractions - tacked on an extra trip in order to be in a television spot.

Asked about the New York trip, Ortiz said, �Whenever you sign a contract, you�ve got to do it.�

From the Perfect Timing Department ...

Personal e-mail from Big Papi

Ortiz Sends a Personal E-mail to Sox Fans This Morning

Would David Share Some Thoughts on His Slow Start?
Or a Batting Stance Tip That Will Turn Up His Power?
Nope, Guess Again ...

It's an XM radio pitch

Forget the Water, Is There Too Much on Papi's Plate?

Papi has a lot of commitments, charities, and commercials to deal with

(BDD Photo compilation)

Does David Need All Those Commitment$?

Too Many Hands on His Time? David Ortiz steps up for fans, charities, "wrote" a book with Tony Massarotti, is featured in advertising for Vitaminwater, Nokona bats, ESPN's SportsCenter, D'Angelo sandwich shops, XM radio, has introduced a new shoe for Reebok ... and even had a plane ...So is all the off-field activity dragging down David's numbers or not?

Bradford: Early Slump Gets Papi Down

McAdam: Time for Sox to Raze the Big Top at Fenway

Sean McAdam, Providence Journal, 4.10.08: On Bucker: "To think that Buckner was, until Tuesday, regarded by Sox fans as some sort of villain is to display an ignorance of the very fans they otherwise venerate. Talk about a tin ear."

On Diamond: "And when Werner was shown raising his arms and swaying to the music, the thing became laughable."

On Red Sox Nation: "Expanding the brand is one thing; relentlessly harping on the team�s appeal is quite another. (It should be pointed out this was not the most egregious co-opting of the Red Sox Nation concept. That came last month when the Henry and Lucchino had Supreme Court justice Stephen Breyer swear in broadcaster Jerry Remy as the make-believe president of a nonexistent fan club)."

On the Green Monster Auction: "But the Green Monster auction was something else entirely. Effectively sold out for the season, the move smacked of greed, which is hardly becoming of the group."

Crouching Edgar, Hidden Tiger

Crouching Edgar,
Hidden Tiger

Detroit Tigers Edgar Renteria (L) and Marcus Thames are congratulated by their teammates, including manager Jim Leyland (C), after they scored on Thames' two-run home run against the Boston Red Sox in the fourth inning of their MLB baseball game in Boston, Massachusetts April 9, 2008

(Reuters Photo)

Did Someone Tell Rent-a-Wreck 'All Is Forgiven,' Too?
Lester Takes the Loss, Tigers Get Their Win, 7-2

Sox Lost Without Extended Introductions, Pomp, and Circumstance
Too Happy to Be Home: Sleepy Sox Offense Hit the Snooze Button
4th of Goodbye: Thames Takes Lester Deep in 39 Pitch 4th

Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester has a new ball, because the Tigers Marcus Thames (background, rounding third) lost the last one he threw him for a fourth inning two run home run that put Detroit ahead 4-2.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Old Friend Todd Jones Nearly Kept Tigers Streak Alive
Good News: No More Talk of 'United States Win Streak' for Sox
Bad News: Lowell Has a Bum Thumb
Did Japan Jet Lag Kick Back In?

Buck Yea!

Buck Yea!

Former Red Sox star Bill Buckner throws out the first pitch during a standing ovation.

(Boston Globe Staff Photos / Jim Davis, John Tlumacki)

'Behind the Bag' is Finally Behind Him
Why Was It Ever In Front of Him?

Buckner's Appearance Marks End of an Error
Video: Buckner's Ovation | Discuss: Your Thoughts on Buckner

Game 6 was gone before Buckner's blunder: "...the game was tied and essentially lost at that point. Blame Clemens, McNamara, deer-in-the-headlights Schiraldi, Gedman, or Stanley, but not Buckner, who if not for him, the Sox would not have even been there, he had a fabulous year in '86." -- July 2001, Boston Dirt Dogs

Buckner Aside, Rotten Roger Was the Real Game 6 Goat Anyway

Roger Clemens first pitch 10.25.86

(AP File Photo / Roger Clemens first pitch 10.25.86)

Maybe Rocket Needed Some B-12 to Finish Off the Mets in '86
Or Maybe McNamara Just Misremembers What Was Said ...

''Roger said he just had enough,'' Sox manager John McNamara on Oct. 25, 1986

Another story Clemens can't get straight: 1986 Clemens gave himself the hook in the game, telling manager John McNamara, �That�s all I can pitch.� Clemens later informs the press: �My blister was at a point where I couldn't finish off my slider. I didn't want to hang my slider and jeopardize the team. But I thought I did my job.� ... 1988 McNamara gets fired. Suddenly, Clemens reverses his story, throwing his old skipper under the bus and saying he never wanted to leave Game 6 after all. -- Esquire feature: The Wonderful, Despicable Life of Roger Clemens

Eric Wilbur: Buckner Was the Scapegoat... Not the Goat
Jon Keller Can't Forgive | Roche: Get Over It

Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger

Red Sox starting pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka fires the first pitch of the Fenway Park season to the Tigers Edgar Renteria.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

When Matsuzaka Attacks His Spots, the Sox Can't Miss

Homecoming Kings Breeze Past Tigers 5-0
MacMullan: Matsuzaka Was Brilliant, in Every Facet
Busted to Bustin' on Basebaths: Manny Gets a Hustle Homer
Inspired by Buckner, Youk Makes No Errors at the Plate
Coco's Got Sac: The Other Kid Manages to Stay in the Picture
Early Warning: Papi's Starting Slower Than the Tigers
Sox-Tigers Box | Pregame Ceremonies | Scene at Fenway


(BDD / Illustration courtesy of

Bird Watching: The Hawk Was Back with a Mouse in Its Mouth
Not-So-Hot August Night: Neil Diamond to Play Fenway This Summer
Oh, And the Sox Picked Up More Jewelry Yesterday ...

David Ortiz with his two World Series rings

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Stan Grossfeld)

And Mirabelli, Leskanic, and Daubach Make Triumphant Returns to Boston

First Things First

First Things First ...

Who's throwing out the first pitch?

(Boston Globe File Photo)

Is One of These Guys Throwing Out the First Pitch?
Or Will Someone Else Tingle Fenway's Spine Today?

The rings! The rings! Barks and Bites: Sox chairman Tom Werner was on sports radio WEEI this morning and spoke a bit about the Fenway Opening Day ceremony. On the surprise "goosebumps" guest that is expected to throw out the first pitch, Werner revealed that it would be "somebody who has not been to Fenway Park recently, and who will be a very nice homecoming ..." Some of the suggestions sent into 'EEI included Bill Buckner, Barack Obama, Mo Vaughn, Dave Roberts ... Werner also said that "a special rock star guest would be performing God Bless America" today. It sounded like he said rock star singular, so that may leave out the reborn New Kids on the Block. Werner revealed an interesting tidbit on the just-unveiled 2007 World Series rings: The rings have a picture of the trophy on the side and the 8 players from the '04 championship team will get special rings with two trophies on it." Schilling also called in to WEEI's Dennis and Callahan show this morning and talked a bit more about how the trip to Japan affected the team and how he's not sure what the benefit to baseball was. "We were dragging ass a little bit. ... Are more people now baseball fans because we played in Japan for a week? I don't think so. The people who came to see us are baseball fans. They're not going to like the game any more of less because we played over there as opposed to over here, but I guess in some ways it had to be good for the game, I'm hoping. ... The hardest part to me about the trip is the short timeframe, that seven days is just not enough. It's enough to just start to get yourself acclimated, but the second you're acclimated, you've moving 16 hours again back to California ...". Werner's take: "The fact is we're 2-0 in the United States and we're playing most of our games in the United States going forward. I will say this, it was a great trip but we will be gracious and let somebody else go on the trip next year. ... All of us have to do things in life that's good for the business that you're in. This was good for Major League Baseball and it was good for the Red Sox because we showed our flag in Japan. I wish that our relief pitching had been a little bit better in Toronto, I don't know if that was affected by the long trip or not. In retrospect, I'm glad we went. ... We were fascinated with the warm toilet seats... a couple of players were trying to find out who manufactured them. ... The Commissioner asked us (to go to Japan)... the players voted for it, and I go back to the fact if we had one of those games in Toronto we wouldn't be having this conversation."

Boston Sports Blog: The Mystery Guest Is ...
Opening Day Notes | The Rings

Only a Day Away


The Sox were given a well earned day off, but that didn't stop opening day starting pitcher (and notorious workout warrior) Daisuke Matsuzaka from showing up at Fenway. He did some throwing and running in the outfield, then, as he was finishing up and headed for the clubhouse, he decided to take a detour and walked out to the mound to check on the condition of the hill. The mound was covered, and the grounds crew was working on the field, so Matsuzaka, without a baseball in his hand (which he had covered by his jersey sleeve to ward off the cold air) took a couple of pretend throws to get the feel of  the mound. The mesage on the Green Monster behind him reads 1 Day Til Opening Day.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Dice-K Gets Ready to Get Sox Back on Track

Home Opener Preparations | Fenway Fan Info

Monster RipoffBarks and Bites: Pitching staff woes continue as news broke that Bartolo Colon has "tweaked" his oblique on a day when the Sox find themselves in last place. But fear not, Eric Wilbur reminds us that it's still very, very early. So Manny Delcarmen is not Joba Chamberlain. Yet. But it looks like Gabe Kapler could be the second coming of Gorman Thomas for the Brewers. Old friend Kason Gabbard made a strong start for the Rangers, who can't keep David Murphy out of the lineup. Joel Pineiro is getting closer to joining the Cards staff. Dice-K is at Fenway today. Tony Mazz has another side to Jose Canseco's latest mess. Did Larry Lucchino find a solution for the Hawk problem? Morton's must regret not having locked up Bronson Arroyo for steakhouse spots when he was in town. Arroyo got raked today and his ERA is pushing 6. The Online Casino Advisory thinks Clay Buchholz is taking a gamble by dating Erica Ellsbury (sic)? The new Dropkick Murphy's bar replacing the Foggy Goggle on Boylston Street is fine but they won't be forcing "Tessie" down our throats again, will they? Remember when you could just be a fan without having a 5-point plan? Those were the days... Schill checked in yesterday with some thoughts on Canseco, Mirabelli, and more... So is it the Susan Goodenow show tomorrow? She's got some big shoes to fill... Sox in first place? Corn dogs? Has 'The Guy from Boston' ever gone to Opening Day? And does he really have anything to say? Just asking... Did the Herald just discover that Monster seat auctions are a ripoff? Or was it a slow Saturday?

Coco in; Ellsbury Out | Colon to Be Examined



BDD - Torontoast


D'oh! Canada... The Road Sox Are Swept Away

"There was a 'lack of energy, more than anything,' in recent days, according to J.D. Drew."
-- 4.6.08, Boston Globe

There's No Place Like Home, Apparently
Jays 7, Sox 4: Sox Stumble Back To Boston Below .500
Let's Be Frank: It Was Manny Being Lousy Again in the Pen

Boston Red Sox reliever Manny Delcarmen reacts after giving up a grand slam to Toronto Blue Jays batter Frank Thomas on the first pitch during the fifth inning of their American League baseball game in Toronto, Ontario, Sunday, April 6 2008.

(AP Photo)

Solo Efforts Not Enough as Ellsbury, 'Tek, and Drew Go Deep
Lugo Loses It: 3 Errors On the Day for Sloppy Shortstop
Beckett's Back? Sort Of. 5 Runs in in 4 2-3; 6 K's, Hits 96
If You Haven't Seen Enough... Game Photos

Don't Look Now ...

BDD - NESN Screenshot During Sox Comeback

(NESN Screenshot)

But Even NESN Knew the Sox Comeback Would Come Up Short

'Rings and Clean Underwear' Coming to a Park Near You

BDD - Around the World in 80 days

(BDD Photo Illustration / Tommy Surette)

Kyle Doesn't Go Out in Style

Kyle Doesn't Go Out in Style

Boston Red Sox reliever Kyle Snyder rubs his head while waiting to be relieved during the sixth inning of their baseball game against the Toronto Blue Jays in Toronto on Saturday, April 5, 2008. The Jays scored six runs in the inning, going on to defeated the Sox 10-2.

(AP Photo)

Snyder Sparks Jays Rally in 6th; Gets Released

Jays 10, Sox 2: Big Bullpen Trouble in Toronto Continues
On the Bright Side: Buchholz Not as Bad as the Bullpen
Bryan Corey Was Another Story as Thomas Goes Deep
Sean Casey: A Good Guy Just Made a Bad Play

"We don't point fingers at anybody. We win as a team, we lose as a team. When we lose, we all feel like we didn't do the job. They got into our bullpen and did what good offensive clubs do."-- 4.5.08, Terry Francona on the Sox bullpen troubles

FARM REPORT by Gary Jacobs

Making Their Case

PAWTUCKET, RI | April 5, 2008 -- Of course by now you�ve heard of Bartolo Colon�s dominant performance here at McCoy Stadium Thursday, when he worked five sparkling innings against the Indianapolis Indians, striking out five, walking one, and reaching the mid-90�s on his fastball. Certainly he has made his case that if he�s not ready for prime time, he�s no more than one start away. Craig Hansen, coming back again?
But Colon was not the only one to make a statement from the mound that day. There are some players here in Pawtucket that are making their case that their ticket to The Show is only an opportunity away.

In Thursday�s opener, Craig Hansen pitched two strong innings, not allowing a hit while striking out three. And well-traveled ex-All-Star Dan Kolb, having signed a minor-league contract after nine years in the Bigs, pitched an uneventful inning.

After the game, Kolb seemed pleased with his performance.

�Not bad for the [cold] weather,� he said with a smile. �It was a little hard to hold on to the ball, but for the most part it went the way it normally goes � I got ground balls, which is what I normally get�everything felt good. Had a little adrenalin, everything is going to be a little off, but I got through it. You always want the first one to go nice and smooth.�

David Pauley, too, acquitted himself well, pitching five strong innings in in the top of Saturday�s twinbill (Friday�s game was postponed due to rain), striking out three, walking no one, and giving up only two hits.

�[Pauley] did a really nice job, first time out,� said PawSox manager Ron Johnson. �He was pitch-efficient, he threw strikes, he [gave] a really good performance�I was really pleased.�

On the other side of the baseball, Brandon Moss is batting .500 thus far, tripling down the right field corner in his first at-bat Saturday, and smoking a double to left in his next one. As unsurprising as that was, one of this season�s early surprises seems to be Jonathan Van Every, who has a reputation of being a light-hitting defensive specialist. Van Every has already hit two home runs while batting out of the nine hole, and making some loud outs as well.

And left fielder Chris Carter, brought over late last year in the Wily Mo Pena trade, has started the season 5 for 9, picking up right where he left off last season.

Johnson: �He came here with a reputation as being a good hitter and he�s living up to it. We saw it in Spring Training. This guy has a really good idea of what he�s doing at the plate�he keeps his hands back, he stays with pitches, he tracks balls well. It�s going to be really fun to watch; we�re going to see some really good things from him this year.�

All in all, the very early verdict is positive for the farm. If the Big Club stays healthy, look for Johnson�s PawSox to pile up wins by the bunch. If not, look for Pawtucket to make a real impact in the continued success of the organization.


Of course it�s a bit early to identify trends (or is it?) but Bobby Kielty is struggling in the early going. Kielty has started the season 1 for 7 for a .143 average�Knuckleballer Charlie Zink got shelled in his 2008 Pawtucket debut, giving up five runs in the second inning of his Saturday afternoon start. Compounding his troubles were two errors made by his defense. �Charlie didn�t have his real good stuff today, but we didn�t really play well behind him either- he�s a guy who [the opposition] will put the ball in play, and we kicked some balls around. It happens,� said Johnson�Jed Lowrie has yet to register his first base hit this year- is expectation weighing down his bat?�Johnson, at his accustomed position as third base coach, is sporting a new look: a shiny batting helmet, required attire of all coaches at all levels since the tragedy last year where Double-A coach Mike Coolbaugh died after being beaned off first base. �It is what it is,� said Johnson. �If I had my druthers I�d wear a [cap] but I�m superstitious�I don�t want to be �that guy� to not wear a helmet and then get drilled.��umpire Jason Bradley made his International League debut Thursday � welcome to Triple-A, Jason, and best of luck. -- By Gary Jacobs, Boston Dirt Dogs contributor. E-mail Gary

Jays Attack, Too

Jays Attack, Too

Frank Thomas is congratulated in the dugout by teammates after he doubled in two runs in the seventh inning of their MLB baseball game against the Boston Red Sox in Toronto April 4, 2008.

(Reuters Photo)

The Fenway Hawk Isn't the Only Bird with a Bone to Pick
Jays Peck Away at Sox in 7th

Jays 6, Sox 3: Shaky Pen Collapses in Canada
That's Just Manny Being Lousy, Sincerely, Frank Thomas
Tim Was Fine Through Five, But Wacky 6th Sinks Wake
Even Shaun Marcum Can Mow Down the Sleepy Sox
Just 4 Hits on the Night for Tito's Traveling Band
J.D. Comeback Goes Away Quickly

"I keep seeing it as one pitch away the whole time I was up there. One pitch away. That's baseball... As soon as I let it go, I knew. I was like 'Oh no.''" -- 4.4.08, Manny Delcarmen on the one that got away to Frank Thomas

This Just In ...

A woman who ran onto the field is arrested and escorted off the field by police in the ninth inning of the Toronto Blue Jays game against the Boston Red Sox at the Blue Jays' home-opener at the Rogers Centre April 4, 2008 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. g

(Getty Images Photo / Dave Sandford)

Jays Fans Willing to Give Shirts Off Back This Season

Colon Pleads the 5th

Colon Pleads the 5th

Bartolo Colon glances toward the field as he steps into the dugout before pitching for the Pawtucket Red Sox in the team's home opener minor league baseball game against the Indianapolis Indians, in Pawtucket, R.I., Thursday, April 3, 2008.

(AP Photo)

Bartolo Comes Up Big in Pawtucket, Makes His Case
for Cracking Sox Rotation as 5th Starter

Colon Goes 5 strong for PawSox
5 K's and One Batter Over the Minimum for BC

��The arm feels good. I didn�t have to rear back any harder. I was consistent all game. The real big thing for me was making sure I had control of my pitches tonight.�� -- 4.3.08, Bartolo Colon on his 5 scoreless innings

Canseco Comes to Boston to Pitch 'Vindicated'
WBZ-TV Interviews: Canseco Lashes Out at A-Rod,
and Surprise, Curt Schilling

Welcome to Fenway Hawk

Welcome to Fenway Hawk

A hawk swooped down on a student touring Fenway Park today. The girl was not seriously hurt, according to the Red Sox.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / John Tlumacki)

Bird Attacks A-Rod at Fenway...
Alexa Rodriguez. No Kidding.

When Hawks Attack ... At Fenway Today
Scenes from the Hawk Attack on Girl at Fenway
Have You Seen the Hawks?
Archive: Hawks in '05 | Crow Flies in '06

A hawk swooped down on Connecticut student Alexa Rodriguez, who was touring Fenway Park today. A-Rod was not seriously hurt, according to the Red Sox.

Red Sox Show Off Upgrades at Fenway | Photos

Johan Who?

Johan Who?

Jonathan Lester of the Red Sox pitches against the Oakland Athletics during the first inning at the McAfee Coliseum April 2, 2008 in Oakland, California.

(Getty Images Photo / Justin Sullivan)

OK, It Was Just the Triple-A's, But Lester Was
Locked and Loaded Yesterday

"I don't think the whole Japanese thing is as big a deal as everybody is making it to be. Take another stride forward and keep working." -- 4.2.08, Jon Lester, a rare Sox lefty getting a win in Oakland

Lester, Big Papi Spark Sox to 5-0 Win Over A's
Lefty Lives Up to His Promise with 6 2/3 Strong
Youk Knocks in Coco(2-for-5) with Run No. 4
Pedroia Knocks DiNardo Out with RBI Single
Papi 2-Run Blast Puts Sox on Top in 7th
Papi and 'Tek go deep in Oakland. Reuters Photos
'Tek Goes Deep Again, This Time It Counts
Sox Load Bases in 1st... Then Come Up Empty for a While
2-for-1 Special: Ellsbury Sits; Drew Back in Right
Could There Be Less Fanfare About Youk's Errorless Streak?
Is It the Time of Year for Cora-Over-Lugo Talk?
F for A's: Embedded Embree and DiNardon't Get It Done in Middle Relief
Remember Me: Corey, Delcarmen Keep Shutout In Tact
Sox-A's Box | Log | Photos
CSN Video: Paps Pans Japan Trip

Celtics win No. 60 - Frank Galasso illustrationBarks and Bites: Former Sox minor league manager Gabe Kapler goes 1-for-5 with an RBI for the Brewers batting out of the 2-hole. Riske solid in relief, Howry not so much. Gabe fans read also: "Kapler's actions earn respect" from the Journal Sentinel. Renteria goes 3-for-4 for Tigers. Arroyo shaky, Brandon Lyon, too. Poor Pedro. Blown save for Cla. Bradford's got more Q&A with Big Schill. The Track has more on Brian McNamee and his eBay offerings. Theeee Yankees lose. And MLB wants to talk to Canseco. More love for Lobel. Don't forget: UMass Minutemen face Ohio State in NIT Championship at MSG at 7 p.m. Speaking of hoops, these guys are threatening to get on the Boston sports radar one of these days. Back to the what's really important: Your Red Sox Pet Photos...

BDD - Frank Galasso illustration

(BDD / Frank Galasso Illustration)

Dice-K Strikes Back

Dice-K Strikes Back

Dice-K and the Sox take care of the A's in Opening Game 2

(Getty Images and Wire Photo)

Sox Get Past A's in Opening Day II, 2-1

"I had asked my teammates to hang onto the game ball, but I guess the message didn't get through." -- 4.1.08, Daisuke Matsuzaka, who wanted the game ball as a souvenir for his newborn son

Dice-OKKKKKKKKK: 9 K's, No Walks in 6 2/3 Strong Innings
Sox Offense Evaporates But Clutch Hitting Makes a Difference in Nailbiter
Back on the Juice? That's the Question When Jack Cust Goes Deep
Living Up to the Overhype? Jacoby Gets Job Done, Drives in Key Run
The Umpire Strikes Back: 'Tek Homers! ... But They Call It a Double
It's Early, It's Early: That's the Bright Side of 0-for-11 Ortiz
Born Again in the U.S.A.: Paps Got His Groove Back, Enter 4-Out Save
Box Score: Youkilis 2, A's 1

First Ballot Hall-of-Famer Bob Lobel Is Leaving Channel 4
Say It Ain't So: Lobel 'Sad, Excited' to Say Bye to 'BZ
Buckley: Lobie's Still at the Top of His Game

Lobel: Game OverBarks and Bites: Cue up Journey and fade to black� Bob Lobel won�t be coming down for the 6 and 11 sportscasts on WBZ-TV much longer, and local sports will never be the same. Steve Buckley lays out the Lobel era best in his piece today. Lobel was a friend of BDD from the get-go in July 2001, holding up the Dirt Dogs T-shirts during his sportscasts when the Red Sox won, as he promised when he introduced himself outside of Fenway Park. Through the years, Lobel would share BDD headlines with �BZ viewers from time-to-time and BDD was happy to share the off-the-cuff thoughts of Lobel received via e-mail� hopefully we�ll be able sharing Lobie�s thoughts here from time to time as he sets out on his next course.

Pedro grimacesMajor league leftovers: Old friend Pedro Martinez made his 2008 debut for the Mets last night and �screamed in agony� when he strained his left hamstring in the fourth inning in Miami. Wonder if Petey and his 10.80 ERA will be talking extension with GM Omar Minaya today? The other New York team won its home opener last night over the Jays, and leadoff hitter and left fielder Johnny "Or-Is-It-Billy-Crystal" Damon managed to eke out a triple. Also leading off is local hero Dave Roberts, for the Giants, who lost to a solid D-Lowe and the Dodgers last night. Lowe took a line drive off his ankle during the game but is expected to make his next start. More left fielders from the past: David Murphy went 2-for-4 with a double. From the Inside Track: The Senior Bachelor, coming to ABC this spring� John Henry and his posse partied at the Playboy Mansion while in LA. In case you missed it, Boras has Manny appearing in some Macy�s ads. Bradford's got some fan Q&A with Curt Schilling. Alex Spier has the fourth of six part-look look at the Red Sox player development machine. Stop the presses: Curt Schilling called Jose Canseco a "skanky, dirty, scumbag" yesterday and the author called Schill a "hypocrite, liar ... pathetic human being" (video) ... yawn. New York Post headline of the day: ALEX TAGGED MY EX-WIFE: JOSE. In other New York news, the Daily News reports that Brian McNamee is selling all his relics with Roger's name on them. Not sure if the syringes are on the block. How 'bout those Minutemen! Is anyone watching here?

Will Ticket Prices Go Down Now? Sox Drop to 4th in Player Payroll
Another Boycott Coming? Fenway Bartender Seeks Sox Support on Tips
Ace in the Hole: Beckett Throws Five Strong Innings in Fla.

Roger Clemens Set to Return to Red Sox

Roger Clemens to Return to Red Sox

B D D   E X C L U S I V E:

Roger Clemens and Rusty Hardin discuss plans to spend a season in Boston

(AP Photo)

Rocket Will Pitch One Final Season in Boston, Then Retire*
Rusty Hardin to Replace Dr. Charles Steinberg as Maestro

Theo Epstein Stuns Baseball World By Working Behind Scenes
to Strike Secret $40 Million Deal with Roger

Boston Dirt Dogs has learned today that former Red Sox great Roger Clemens will return to Boston and pitch one final season in an attempt to rescue the beleaguered BoSox rotation. Theo Epstein reportedly was sold on signing Clemens after fully digesting the 18,000-word statistical report Hendricks Sports Management issued to rebut accusations that the pitcher's career rebounded about the time he was accused by that scoundrel Brian McNamee of using performance-enhancing drugs.

Epstein is expected to announce the $40 million deal, done completely behind the scenes, later this morning. Red Sox manager Terry Francona will name Clemens as the Red Sox fifth starter. Clemens is tentatively slated to join the team in mid-July after an extended spring training.

The Hendricks report compared Clemens' performance during the second half of his career to those of Nolan Ryan, Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson. Theo was sold. Epstein also referenced Clemens' testimony before Congress, where the Hall of Fame lock denied use of any performance-enhancing drugs. That clear and focused testimony convinced the nation, and Epstein, that the Rocket wasn't fueled by anything illegal during his time in Toronto and New York and that his legacy will remain in tact.

After Clemens speaks to the media at a press conference today, his longtime attorney Rusty Hardin will also be introduced as the man who will attempt to fill the deep void left when Dr. Charles Steinberg bolted for Los Angeles and scored a coup by locking up Marilyn McCoo for the LA Coliseum extravaganza on Saturday night. That's when John Henry made the call to Hardin.

In Hardin's first act as Red Sox Maestro, he reportedly asked Jose Canseco to speak at the Clemens press conference. Canseco is in New York promoting his book "Vindicated," which pretty much all but clears Clemens of any wrongdoing during the steroid era. When reached by BDD this morning to confirm his appearance, Canseco said he would not be in attendance, adding "the time is not right"...

* - Oh, and while you are digesting this story, don't forget to check the calendar. And look back at Sox news on this date in 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004...

Eric Gagne blows a save for BrewersBarks and Bites: Old friend and accused performance-enhancer Eric Gagne did what he does best for the Brewers last night and blew a three run lead, but came up with a cheap win as old friend Bobby Howry took the extra-innings loss and David Riske ended up with the save for Milwaukee. Fenway not-such-a-fan-favorite Edgar Renteria hit leadoff for the Tigers but failed to come through in the clutch for his new team in the 11th. Why can�t we keep players like that? Eric Hinske went deep for the Rays and old fan favorite Orlando Cabrera scored two runs in his White Sox debut. Not a good outing for Flash Gordon in Philadelphia. Pedro -- who one blog says he had the greatest individual season in Red Sox history -- goes tonight, so does D-Lowe. Elsewhere, Jose Canseco's interview with Boomer and Carton on The Fan ended rather abruptly this morning. And he didn't fare much better on Letterman last night. Speaking of hot dogs, Kosher franks coming to Fenway. Speaking of dogs, the Sox missed out on Rudy Seanez, Part III.

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