Wedding at Fenway

Red Sox owner John Henry Pans for a Wedding at Fenway Park!
Something Tells Us Margery Eagan's Not Getting Invited


(BDD / Meir Weinberg)


Selina Roberts Throws the Book at Alex Rodriguez
A-Roid Reportedly Took Steroids with Yankees, and as a Teen,
Tipped Pitches to Opponents, and Was a Bad Tipper at Hooters

BDD - Biff Henderson and A-Rod
(Biff Henderson and Alex Rodriguez / Late Night with David Letterman)

Van Every Dog Has Its Day

Jon Van Every hits a solo home run in the 10th inning off Cleveland Indians pitcher Jensen Lewis in a baseball game Wednesday, April 29, 2009, in Cleveland. Indians catcher Victor Martinez watches. The Red Sox won 6-5 in 10 innings.

Where You Been, Everyman?
Old School Rookie Carries Sox on His Back

Jonathan Van Every slides on the warning track after catching a foul ball hit by Cleveland Indians' Ryan Garko in the eighth inning of a baseball game Wednesday, April 29, 2009, in Cleveland. The Red Sox won 6-5 in 10 innings.

Boston 6, Cleveland's Going Nowhere 5
Van Every Homer in 10th Gets Sox Back on Winning Track
Sox Rally Back from 5 Runs Down This Time
You Just Take Your Time J.D. Drew
Jacoby Keeps Delivering on the Promise
Nothing Comes Easy Papelbon Closes It Out
Lester Struggles at the Start

"This has got to be the top so far in my career. It's definitely a special day. I spent seven years of my career trying to figure out a way to get to this point. Luckily I'm here. It couldn't have happened at a better time." -- Everybody loves Jonathan

More Prose from John Henry

Ice cream in Paris
(Names Blog via John Henry and Linda Pizzuti)

His Writing Is So Good, You Have to Wonder If
Dr. Charles Was Tapping the Keyboard for Him

Boston Magazine: John Henry Takes a Wife...
And Sends Some Inspiring Missives Via E-mail
Meanwhile, BDD Has Obtained More Deep Thoughts from the Sox Owner ...
This just in... John Henry Sends An E-mail to Red Sox GM Theo Epstein
From Somewhere Between the Panama Canal and Paris:

Dear Theo,

A team needs amusement. Well, it doesn't really. It doesn't need nearly as much as a fan generally thinks it does. Our Manny was greedy. Greedy for what he doesn't think he had and what he thinks he wanted.

We probably wouldn't have wandered far beyond the basic necessities without him pushing us to our limits. Progress is one of its most important byproducts.

So you will ask, "Why are you writing this?" Because a brief encounter-and-a-half with you in between excursions with my young bride-to-be gave a cool spin to this little green bandbox from my vantage point.

We feted the Celtics tonight and the skies opened. Brad Penny exploded and created a giant hole between the lefty and the old guy from Atlanta. We were transfixed. You only hit him if you swung in the right place. I was in the right place when Bud gave me the team.

I barely knew you. I don't have any illusions about capturing a new shortstop or replacement for Papi. But the World Series revenue is bigger this year, lights brighter, better, lighter and warmer when a man imbues a team he loves�even tabula rasa�with the attributes I believe reside in you. It's the small things that ultimately matter. The subtle things. Like middle relief.

I am honest. I don't play games. And I see no reason not to say that I've been smitten by your moves and you've done me a great service.

You've very innocently made my world richer, brighter, better, lighter and warmer and richer.

So thanks.

No response is necessary because an owner doesn't need to know nearly as much as he thinks he does.

But Henry waited for his response from Theo anyway. When it finally came, it wasn't quite what he'd hoped for.

An owner may not need to know as much as he thinks he does, but weirdness and pomposity should be acknowledged. I am not so naive as to believe I actually possess the talent you attribute to me. But thank you.

Big Mistake By the Lake

Javier Lopez watches the Cleveland Indians celebrate after the Indians won 9-8 in the ninth inning on an error by Lopez in a baseball game, Tuesday, April 28, 2009, in Cleveland.

Gotta Get Away Javier?
Did You Skip Those Drills in Fort Myers?

Cleveland 9, Boston 8 | Streak Snapped
8.66 ERA Penny May Be Pitching Himself Right Out of the Rotation
Julio Lugo Coulda Been a Hero, Coulda Been The Goat, Too
Mike Lowell Won't Be Getting the AL Defensive Player of the Month Award
And No One Will Talk About the 2 1/3, 1-Hit Relief of Hunter Jones
If Only Ramon Ramirez Could Have Closed It Out
Things Would Have Gone Better Sans Saito-san
...A Brisk 4-Hour, 19-Minute Affair

"It's a play a pitcher makes a thousand times in his career, I just took my eyes off it. There's no real excuse for it. It's a tough way to break a winning streak." -- Lopez dispenses about the loss

He's Feeling the Heat on the Hanging Sox Fiasco But
Mike Dee Has His $tory and He's $ticking to It

A Tribe Called Quest

Jason Bay, right, is congratulated by David Ortiz after Bay hit a three-run home run off Cleveland Indians pitcher Kerry Wood in the ninth inning of a baseball game, Monday, April 27, 2009, in Cleveland. Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia scored. The Red Sox won 3-1.

UnBaylievable, Sox Turn It Up to 11

9th Inning Box: Boston 3, Indians 1 | Bay Bomb Wins It
Two More Singles for David Ortiz... The Axes Are Sharpening
Wherever You Are Now, Give a Standing O to Forgotten Man Manny Delcarmen
One More Time: J-Bay: 5 HR .705 SLG, .344 AVE.,
The Former Sox Left Fielder Who Was Never Happy Here: Not Doing As Well There
Scaring No One Now: Papelbon Shoulda Grabbed That Long Term Deal
Cleveland Update: Kelly Shoppach is No Jason Varitek

"The guy throws like 100 miles an hour. You have to put it your mind to try and hit a mistake. I got a fastball up over the plate, and I didn't miss it." -- J-Bay on the HR

Sittin' on the Dock of J-Bay

A RemDawg Redux on the Late Inning Hitting Hero

The Unlikely Ace Is Back

Red Sox's Tim Wakefield pitches to the Cleveland Indians in the first inning of a baseball game, Monday, April 27, 2009, in Cleveland.

He's a Wake in the Grass... And In the Hunt for the Cy

Wake's One of the Top 5 American League Starters
He's Having a Run Like It's 1995

These. Are. The. Good. Times.

New York tabloid recent back pages
(New York Daily News, Post, and Newsday recent back pages)

Yankees Drop 4th Straight, Under .500... Grin and Read It:
NY Post | NY Daily News | Newsday

Welcome Back Julio Lugo, He's in the Lineup Tonight
Eric Wilbur Finds 'The Manny Ramirez Rap'
This Just In: J.D. Drew Just Finds Out Ellsbury Stole Home

Ell on Wheels
Jacoby Ellsbury #46 of the Boston Red Sox celebrates after stealing home against the New York Yankees at Fenway Park April 26, 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts. Jacoby Ellsbury recorded the first steal of home by a Red Sox player in 10 years.
(Jim Rogash / Getty Images)

Full Speed Ahead, Sox Sweep Yanks
Jacoby Steals Home

It Was the Prettiest Steal of Home with the Ugliest Slide You'll Ever See
Box: Red Hot Red Sox 4, Yankees 1 | Sox Speed to Series Sweep

"The biggest thing is getting the courage to go, I guess. In that situation, bases loaded, you've got to make it. I was pretty confident that I could get in there." -- Jacoby Ellsbury after Sunday night's 4-1 win that gave the Red Sox their 10th straight victory and a three-game sweep of New York

Red Sox's Jacoby Ellsbury steals home under the tag of New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada during the fifth inning
(Jim Rogash / Getty Images)

One More Time ...

Boston Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell reacts to his 3 run HR in the 7th.
(Barry Chin / Boston Globe Staff)

The Lowell Connector Is Open Again...
Mike's Longball Puts Sox on Top to Stay, Double Blows It Open

The Neverending Story... Another Wild One at Fenway ...
Final Box: Red Sox 16, Yankees 11 | Comeback Kids Rally All the Way Back
Yanks 6 Run Lead Isn't Enough at Fenway
Big Day for Youk, Pedro, Ellsbury... 'Tek Grand Slam! Kicks Off Comeback
Bad News Dept: So Now What's Wrong with Josh Beckett? He Pitched Like A.J.
Hold On... Another Pitching Change at Fenway... Are We There Yet?

Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis is on the end of the receiving line after his walk off HR in the 11th.
(Barry Chin / Boston Globe Staff)

Bombers Overplay Their Hand

Bay, Youk Late Homers Lead Sox in Extra Innings, 5-4 | Box
Sox-Yanks Being Sox-Yanks... A Brisk 4:21 Affair
Not the Best Jon Lester... But Justin Chamberlain Is the Epitome of Average at Best
Did You Know? Bob Stanley Was To Be the Next Body Trotting Out of the Sox Pen?

UN-Der RAY-Ted!...
UN-Der RAY-Ted!...

Boston Red Sox left fielder Jason Bay is congratulated in the dugout after his 2 run HR off New York Yankees relief pitcher Mariano Rivera (42), not pictured, tied the game at 4-4 in the 9th.
(Barry Chin / Boston Globe Staff)

9th Life ... And It All Happened Because of Jason Bay

"That's a huge at-bat. If he just misses that ball, it's 'Game over.'" -- The Other Friday Night Hero... Kevin Youkilis, after Bay hit a two-run shot off Mariano Rivera with two outs in the ninth inning to send the game into extra frames.

OH-Ver RAY-Ted!...
OH-Ver RAY-Ted!...

Mark Teixeira waves to fans from the dugout before taking batting practice before playing the Cleveland Indians in a Major League Baseball game Saturday, April 18, 2009 at Yankee Stadium in New York.

The $180 Million Man Is Batting His Weight at .222

Leigh Teixeira's Husband Is 19th in Batting... for MLB First Basemen
Just 10 Hits on the Season for Mr. Leigh

So How LOUD Is Fenway Gonna Be?

Is The Empire Striking Back?

The Empire Formerly Known as Evil Is Back With a New $1.5 Billion Death Star
in the Bronx. Darth Vader and Yoda Discuss�

Here We Go, Again!

Here We Go Again
(Matthew J. Lee / Globe Staff | Reuters)

Will The Gloves Come Off Tonight?
And Can We Get Daniel Bard Up to Pitch the 9th?

They Wouldn't Dare Wear Those Foolish Red Clown Suits
and Fan Hats
Against the New York Yankees Tonight, Would They?

The Jonas Grandfather

Atlantis resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas
(Rob Hoffman photo)

Hold On... S.O.S... Curt Makes a Comeback After All

Schilling to Join Jonas Brothers as Group Grandfather and Backup Singer...
Goodnight and Goodbye

Oh Say Can You See Us Now?

Boston Bruins left wing Milan Lucic  connects with a right to the face of Montreal Canadiens defenseman Mike Komisarek during a fight late in the 2nd period.
(Barry Chin / Boston Globe Staff)

Absolutely Habulous!
Rag-Tag Farmers Advance Over Red Shirts

Bring on the Bombers

Let Joba hear it Friday

It's Time to Throw Something Into Chamberlain's Head...
Let Justin Hear It at Fenway Friday Night

"My niece was unable to pronounce Justin, so she'd call me that [Joba]. Nobody knew my real name until I graduated from high school, when my dad put it in the yearbook. Now there's nothing that could make me switch back. It'll never happen. No, sir." -- Justin Chamberlain, ESPN The Magazine, 7.28.08

Rivalry Rears Ugly Head With the COPS Star on the Mound
N.Y. Post: Papi to Justin: Don't Throw at Us

"He [Chamberlain] has great command until Youk gets in there.� -- Terry Francona last July

And Don't Forget Mr. Leigh Teixeira Tomorrow Night ...
Remember: He Strung Boston Along For Too Long

"I think I always had the Yankees in my sights... The other teams went out and told everybody their offers, and told everybody they're gonna talk to me, that they've made made this call, and they made that trip, and they did that... And I think in the end, it probably worked against them a little bit, because everyone thought the Red Sox were [my] No. 1, but in reality, the Yankees were gonna be the team, like I said all along... " -- Mr. Leigh to WFAN, 3.28.09

BDD -- Frank Galasso illustration

Captain Dave Sullenberger-Phillips-Roberts Returns to Fenway
The Re-Gift of Gabbard: Welcome Back Kason

He's SaBADthia

New York Yankees starting pitcher CC Sabathia looks on from the dugout after being taken out of the game during the seventh inning of a baseball game against the Oakland Athletics Wednesday, April 22, 2009,  in New York.

It's Looking Like the Big Man Is a Bust for New York

14 Walks Against Just 12 Strikeouts for Cheeseburger Cheeseburger
The Man with the Fat Contract Gets Booed Off the Field at New Stadium
And The Homers Continue to Blow Us Away at the New Yankee Wind Tunnel
Too Much Protection from Youk: Ortiz Left Off AL All-Star Ballot
100-Year-Old Bat Boy at Fenway: Welcome Back Mike Timlin!

Twin Killing at Fenway

Jeff Bailey watching the flight of his 3 run home run against the Minnesota Twins during 2nd inning action at Fenway Park on Wednesday April 22, 2009.
(Matthew J. Lee / Boston Globe Staff)

Gardenhire's Gang Green with Envy Over Sox Lineup

Boston 7, Twinkies 3
Won't You Go Homer Jeff Bailey, Won't You Go Homer?
That's Money Penny Gives Us 6 Strong Innings
And That's All She Wrote for Minny at Fenway This Year
Stop the Presses: Jacoby Draws a Walk at Leadoff
Hey .255 Bay, You're Making Manny Look Good
Prediction: Ramon Ramirez Will Not Give Up a Run This Season, or Next
Papelbon Shocked He Didn't Get Cheap Save

"I didn't know if it would clear the wall. When it did, I ran around the bases pretty quick." -- Jeff Bailey, who's not as green as he looks

Sox Jump on Twins in Afternoon Romp

Kevin Youkilis after a 2 run home run during the first inning between the Boston Red Sox and the Minnesota Twins at Fenway Park in Boston, MA on Wednesday, April 22, 2009.
(Yoon S. Byun / Boston Globe Staff)

It Takes Two, Two, Two-Run Homers to Make a Thing Go Right

Hot Sox 10, Mayor's Cup Losers 1
The Boom in Broomtown: Youk, Green, and Lowell Connect
Nothin'-But-the-Good-Wake Was Spectacular for 7-Inn. Win

Happy 70th Birthday to Terry Francona...
Wait... This Just In... Tito Turns 50 Today, Not 70...

A Look Around the League

With the Sox Rained Out, Jon Miller and Joe Morgan
Take Us for a Tour Around the Majors

Dirty Waterfall
The Celtics Ray Allen won the game with a three pointer in the final seconds of the game, 118-115. Here he is mobbed by his teammates, Kevin Garnett is at left, the Bulls John Salmons walks off the court at right fter the final buzzer sounded.
(Jim Davis / Globe Staff)

Boston You're My Home ...

It Was The Shot Heard 'Round the World ...
Allen, Rondo Send Bulls Running Home | Celtics 118, Bulls 115
Shaughnessy: Quite a Series of Events

"I pray that Danny Ainge didn't watch this game. What a great shot by Ray." -- Our coach of the year, Doc Rivers

Grin and Bear It

Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas and the Bruins celebrate after taking Game 3 putting the Canadiens on the brink of elimination facing a must win game on Wednesday.
(Barry Chin / Globe Staff)

The Habs Are Dead in the Frozen Water

Bruins Are a Tough Act to Follow | Boston 4, Muntreal 2
Canadiens Get Their Bell Centre Rung, B's One Win Away

"This game? Already put aside. Our guys are into the next game already, because that's the way we've been all year." -- Bruins coach Claude Julien

Sox Have a Sweep Tooth

Red Sox DH David Ortiz rips a two run triple to center field in the sixth inning that Baltimore's Felix Pie leapt for but couldn't come down with, and Ortiz gets a hand from third base coach DeMarlo Hale and the crowd as he pulls into third base.
(Jim Davis / Globe Staff)

Home Cooking Does It Every Time

Let the Good Times Roll | Red Sox 12, Baltimore 1
Justin Masterson: The Red Sox Not-So-Secret Weapon
Ellsbury Finally Gets In the Swing of Things
Long Fly Ball From Ortiz? We'll Take It
'Tek's Back

"I've been working with my mechanics, man. I've been late, a little late with pitches, which is something that I normally don't do, and pitchers are taking advantage of it. It's got a little bit out of hand. But at this point you don't want to get frustrated. It just makes it worse. You want to make sure you get to the point where you like to be and where you need to be. It's the beginning of the season and you don't want to give up." -- Big Papi shows signs of life

The Ultimate Fun Run

Three pink ladies were full of energy as they crossed the halfway point in Wellesley.
(Suzanne Kreiter / Globe Staff)

Marathon Mania Hits the Streets on Boston's Finest Day

The Most Complete Boston Marathon Coverage

"I only enter a race if I expect to win." -- Kara Goucher, a looker and a runner

The British Are Running,
The British Are Running

Minutemen begin to line up on the Battle Green as British approach and order them to disburse before the battle begins during the re-enactment on the Battle Green in Lexington.
(Joanne Rathe / Globe Staff Photo)

With the Minutemen on the March, They Never Stood a Chance

Lester IS Who We Thought He Was

Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester throws during the first inning.
(Bill Greene / Boston Globe Staff)

Les Is More Than He Was Before, Two Runs Is Enough

Boston 2, Free Falling Birds 1
The Cy Young Hall of Famer Makes a Triumphant Return to Form
Pedey, Lowell RBI Singles Is All the Offense the Young Lefty Needed
Ramon Ramirez Making Us Forget Coco Crisp
And If Pap Can't Go... Saito

"That was the guy [Lester] that I remember from last year." -- Jason Bay remembers

The Youk Is On Fi-Yah

BDD Photo Illustration / Steve Garberg
(BDD Photo Illustration / Steve Garberg)

Youkilis Burns Baltimore, Sox Win Again
4-for-5 With 3-Run Homer for Big Y

Sox 6, O's 4, No Comeback Necessary
Beckett Far From Brilliant, But Good Enough for 6-Inning Win
A Big Improvement: Ortiz Showing More Signs of Life
The Unsung Heroes: Back of the 'Pen Is Nearly Perfect Again

"He's pretty special. I've played with some really good hitters and I don't think I've ever seen anyone that's as comfortable. It doesn't matter what the count is. He trusts his hands so much and that's what keeps him from swinging at those pitchers' pitches." -- Beckett on the amazing Youk

Rally Good Friday

The Boston Red Sox celebrate a much needed win and a great comeback against the Orioles in Game 1 of the series after a bad beginning by Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Brad Penny, not pictured.
(Barry Chin / Boston Globe Staff)

Sox Get Shoved Deep in the Hole,
Then Dig Deep and Score a Whole Lot of Runs

Friday Night's Alright for Fighting Back | Comback Kids 10, O's 8
Nice Big Smile from Papi After Bases-Loaded 3rd Strikeout in the 7th
And The Boos Are Coming Out for David Ortiz at Fenway Park
Looks Like Pedroia Is Putting Woodlandgate Behind Him
With J.D. Drew, Patience Is a Virtue, It's True
The Big Bad Bullpen Shuts Birds Down for Six
That's Just Ramon Ramirez Being Ramon Ramirez
It's Time for Manny Delcarmen to Get a Mention
Hey Julio, Take Your Time, We're Doing Just Fine with Nick Now
Jason Bay: 3 HR, 10 RBI, .344 Ave. ...The $25 Million Manny: 0 HR, 5 RBI, .278 Ave.
Record Crowd? Yeah, Record Crowd Leaves During Game Maybe

"I was just trying to get a pitch I could handle and they were throwing too many pitches out of the zone. I got a couple of pitches out over the plate I could hit and finally put a swing on the ball they couldn't catch." -- J.D. Drew, staying healthy and producing

Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Brad Penny (36) pitching in the 1st inning against the Baltimore Orioles.
(Barry Chin / Boston Globe Staff)

... The Hanging Sox Hats and Beer-League Red Tops ...
And Penny's Start Wasn't Pretty Either

Markakis Slam, Orioles Jump On Top of Sox Early
And If You Love Friday Night Games at Fenway, You're Looking at These
Bad Luck Red Shirts and Hats For the Rest of Your Life

Things Are a Little Dicey

The Red Sox look to scapegoat Dice-K for their early season woes.

R.I.P. '09 Celtics

This is a Feb. 19, 2009, file photo showing Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett hopping in pain during the second quarter against the Utah Jazz in an NBA basketball game in Salt Lake City.

Looks Like KG Is Done... So Are the Celtics.
For the Rest of the Spring, It's Called Bruins.

Let's Be Serious, Without KG, The C's Have No Shot
Set Your DVR for Lakers-Cavs, Kobe vs. LeBron, in the NBA Finals
Wyc Sees '2004 Pistons' in the Watered-Down Celts,
Because He Still Needs to Sell Big Tickets in Boston
We'll Always Have Banner No. 17. Sincerely, Sportstown USA

Coach Doc Rivers on WEEI's Dennis and Callahan Show this morning: "This is the first time I've said it, because it's the first time I've really watched him. He's not gonna be ready. After watching him run, there's no way. So, we're gonna move without him. And the way I saw him move today guys, I don't know if he'll be ready... he's just limping. He just can't run. And he had... this was an honest run today, you couldn't fake your way through it.... and the guy is a warrior, you can see him trying to mask it, but after 20 minutes of running, there's just no way...

I don't see it. I just don't. And I've flipped completely because I was watching him move, and he looked great, and then, I just... after today, there's no way he can play... Eddie's (Trainer Eddie Lacerte) doing everything he can to get him on the court. Kevin's gone beyond that, but at this point after going through all the rehab, and looking so good last week, and even, he was running last week, and it looked like he was running pretty well, to where he's at today, if he can't get through biking and working out without swelling and stiffness and his leg locking, I just don't know how you play in the playoffs."

Forget the Green, Think Black and Gold

During one of the second period free for alls, the Bruins Mark Stuart (left) pulls down the Canadiens Guillaume Latendresse (84) as Milan Lucic batles at far right.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Another One Bites the Dust...
BOOM! Tough Actin' Tenactin...
John Madden Retires

Fox broadcasters Pat Summerall, left, and John Madden stand in the FOX broadcast booth at the Louisiana Superdome before Super Bowl XXXVI Sunday, Feb. 3, 2002, in New Orleans.

A Shot in the Arm

Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Tim Wakefield throws a pitch in the third inning against the Oakland Athletics during their MLB American League baseball game in Oakland, California April 15, 2009.

Wakefield Loses No-Hit Bid Late,
But It Was a Most Impressive Start

'Pen to Tim: You Complete Me
History Was in the Making into the 8th, Sox Win 8-2
You Complete Me But 25-Minute Wait May Have Cost Wake the No-No
Bigger News Than Near No Hitter: Ortiz Got an Extra Base Hit
HR No. 2: J.D. Drew Refuses to Have a 4 Strikeout Game
Ellsbury Toying With Batting .200, Threatens to Draw Another Walk Soon
Error Surprises, But Mike Lowell Gets Son On the Board With 2-Run Jack
No Surprise: Dice-K Lands on the Disabled List

Let Japan Pay His Salary
Daisuke Matsuzaka kicks dirt on the mound during the first inning of their MLB American League baseball game against the Oakland Athletics in Oakland, California April 14, 2009.

Matsuzaka's One and Done
Seriously, Send Team Japan a Bill for $8 Million Plus the Perks
Bud Selig's WBC Marketing Ploy Has Cost the Sox a Pitcher,
And Maybe the Pennant

A rare moment of truth from Tito: "He's got some... general soreness or fatigue. He came out of the WBC and I think all the things we harped on and worried about kinda came to fruition. He probably ramped up a little too quick and now we're paying the price for that. So we're going to have to check him out tomorrow and see where we stand." -- Terry Francona to NESN's Heidi Watney, postgame

Red Sox Rolled Again in Oakland | Late Night Box: A's 6, Slump Sox 5
Mazz: Matsuzaka, Sox Already Scrambling
Justin Time: Masterson Sharp, Back in the Rotation Mix
Even a Standing O from Woodland on Pedroia's Stab at Second Base
If You Stayed Up Until 2:30 to Watch That Debacle, Raise Your Hand
Big Popup Goes 0-for-5, Ends 10th With Bases Jacked, .172, 5 Singles on the Season
This Just In: New Uni Sox Can't Cash In, Leave Everyone On Base Again
Did You Know? Nick Swisher Was Scheduled to Fly In and Pitch the 13th for Boston
Javier Lopez Wants to Give Okajima a Run At the Worst Lefty Award
Shocking: Just Two Runs Scored on the Season for the Overhyped Leadoff Hitter
Do You Mind If We Take Another Peek at Papi's Birth Certificate Again?
Last Thing We Need: Green May Not Be Ready, and Lowrie May Need Surgery
Stop the Presses: Nomar Leaves Game Early with Injury

It's a Hara Show for Boston

Team Japan's manager Tatsunori Hara takes the ball from Daisuke Matsuzaka (R), as catcher Kenji Johjima watches, in the fifth inning during the semifinals of the World Baseball Classic against Team USA in Los Angeles, California March 22, 2009

Regarding Daisuke, Tatsunori Didn't Want to Hear from Tito

Back on March 2, Team Japan manager Tatsunori Hara was in charge of our $103 million import: The Red Sox keep tabs on Matsuzaka in Japan through team massage therapist Takanori Maeda, whose access to Matsuzaka "has been limited," Francona said. Maeda gives updates to interpreter Masa Hoshino, who relays them to pitching coach John Farrell, who relays them to Francona.

"So there's a few channels," Francona said. "There's no other way to do it. We can't go over there and watch. And it's their team. I'll be glad when he's back and throwing the ball well. There's no other way to get around it."

Francona has spoken with managers of other WBC teams about the workload of Red Sox players, and he offered a line of communication with Japan's manager, Tatsunori Hara.

"There didn't seem to be a lot of interest," Francona said. "So we didn't push it. You hope you're talking to somebody, it's almost like a partner. And if it doesn't come across as that, it doesn't do any good just to offend somebody. -- 3.2.09, Boston Globe Red Sox notebook

Mainich Daily Archives: 'Red Sox Fans Can't Understand Why Matsuzaka
Is Putting Such Great Effort into the WBC'

Mazz on March 23: Too Much, Too Soon for Dice-K
Survey: Do You Blame the WBC?

Now Leaving Sportstown USA ...

They're the Choakland A's
(BDD Photo Illustration)

The Red Sox Are 3-12 in Their Last 15 Games in Oakland
And Now Wakefield Is In a Must-Win Situation Today

Beckett Suspended for 6 Games for Letting the Ball Slip Near Bobby Abreu's Head
What Was Josh Supposed to Do? Hug Abreu? Stop in the Windup and Injure Himself?
Or, You Know, Just Not Fire a Ball at His Head and BS About It Later?

BDD -- Frank Galasso illustration

Oh Nomar!
Nomar Garciaparra of the Oakland Athletics rounds the bases after hitting a home run against John Lester of the Boston Red Sox at a Major League Baseball game on April 13, 2009 at the Oakland Coliseum
(Jed Jacobsohn / Getty Images)

It's Lesterrible. The Sox are West Toast Again.

Les is a Mess | Oakland 8, Boston 2
Can We Revisit That Lester for Santana Trade Again?
Adding Insult to Mr. Injury: Garciaparra Goes Deep Against His Very Old Team
Dallas Braden Might As Well Have Been Roger Clemens vs. This Lineup
Giambi Goes 2-for-3... Will He Be Drug Tested This Morning?
Baldelli Now Leading Off... Is Coco Available?
Can Nomar Still Play Short?

"I don't think I pitched as bad as the linescore says." -- um, yeah, you did Jon Lester

Is This the Big Bat Missing from the Lineup?

Vince Wilfork photographed at Foxborough stadium on March 19, 2009
(Essdras M Suarez / Globe Staff)

"Wow... this team is a complete failure in my mind. No bats, no heart, no personality, no resiliency, no timely hitting, soft manager, soft ownership, soft GM. Not to mention we're getting absolutely drilled by HUNGRY TEAMS. TEAMS with so much camradarie that they clear the bases in defense on their new Right Fielder on a pitch over his head. I've never been more disappointed in this organization and it's leadership in a LONG time." -- e-mail from Jimmy, who's not happy with the team

Welcome to Sportstown USA, Where the Stars Align

He Left His Mark
on the Game

6/24/1976 Fenway Park, during a Red Sox vs Detroit Tigers. Mark Fidrych of Detroit Tigers digs a small hole so he will have good footing while pitching.
(Bill Brett / Globe File Photo / 1976)

In the 70's, The Bird Was the Word
R.I.P. Mark Fidrych

Talking to the Ball and Having One on Monday Night Baseball
Those Were the Days... Long Before the $2,625 Ticket
Fidrych Killed in Accident
Gallery: The Bird Through the Years

Former Detriot Tiger pitcher, Mark Fidrych, ran his own small trucking company
(Frank O'Brien / Globe File Photo / 1996)

And R.I. P. Phils Announcer Harry Kalas.

Hotter Heads Prevail

Bobby Abreu is held back by the umpire and Angels manager Mike Scioscia as the benches clear after Boston Red Sox's Josh Beckett threw a high pitch that hit the backstop during the first inning of a baseball game Sunday, April 12, 2009, in Anaheim, Calif.

Angels Get Fired Up After Beckett Fires One Up
Sox Can't Shift Gears in the Clutch, Again

Beckett Gets Too Close, Causes Brouhaha
Another One Gets Away | Anaheim 5, Last Place Team 4
Losing 2 Out of 3 (Again) Ain't Good
Beckett Did Nothing Wrong There, Just Ask Him
Tito Was Just Asking for Trouble Letting Chokajima Pitch to Guerrero
Mike Lowell Swinging Away Was the Right Call... He Just Didn't Hit the Ball
Greatest Fear Realized: No Extra Base Hits for David Ortiz
J.D. Drew Likes to Watch... Third Strikes
Yes, It's Time to Revisit the Leadoff Position
Yes, You Have to Keep Playing Green at Short

"Don't use Nick (Adenhart), man. Yeah, we had a tragic week. And a rough week. But . . . that was blatant. What happened right there, you saw it." -- 4.12.09, an ejected Torii Hunter

Quiet Thunder Sticks Angels


That's Just J-Bay Being J-Bay
Homers Help Sox Hold Off Halos

Much Drama Saved for the End | Boston 5, Anaheim 4
Hey, Rocco! Way to Beat Out That Infield Hit
Lowell Stays in the Lineup and Goes Long, 'Tek Keeps Hitting
Sure It's Early But: J-Bay: OPS 1.433, Manny OPS .824
Hold On Now, Ramon Ramirez Was the Dominant Reliever Yesterday
While You Were Reading This, Howie Kendrick Fouled Off Another Pitch
Again, Papelbon Sharper in Weekly TV Skits, Than He Is On the Mound
After 39 Pitches, Pap Not Slated to Pitch Until June
Penny Outing OK

"Was that the proverbial 'had them all the way'? That was some kind of at-bat. Tek kept setting up, looked to me, farther away. It just wasn't going farther away. If you were a baseball fan -- which at the moment I wasn't -- that was an unbelievable at-bat." -- Sox manager Terry Francona

Problems at Home

Dustin Pedroia #15 of the Boston Red Sox stands in the dugout before the game with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on April 11, 2009 at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California.
(Stephen Dunn / Getty Images)

Woodland Takes Pedroia to the Woodshed

Anti-Pedroia Banner Pops Up on Main Street
Man Who Threatened Pedroia Family Arrested
Pedroia: Woodland Comments Taken Out of Context
And the Beat Goes On: City Has Words for Dustin
I Hate When Players Backtrack. Sincerely, Trot Nixon
This Just In: 'I Love Woodland' -- Dustin Apologizes
Meanwhile, Dusty Goes 0-for-4, batting .158

"We're going to need a public apology before the banner (below) comes down." -- Mark Bachman, owner of Bachman's Custom Cycles, Woodland, Calif.

Bachman's Custom Cycles signage
(Matthew Henderson / Daily Democrat Photo)

So Manny Problems

David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox strikes out as catcher Jeff Mathis the Los Angeles Angels reacts during the eight inning at Angel Stadium April 10, 2009 in Anaheim, California. Angels won, 6-3.
(Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images)

Sox Offense Is Suddenly Full of Holes

Anaheim 6, Reduced Payrollers 3
Will the Sox Be Able to Hit Good Pitching This Year?
Are We Witnessing the Real Decline of David Ortiz?
The Shell of Mike Lowell Is Dragging Down the Bottom of the Order
How Long Until Julio Lugo Recovers from His Latest Injury?
That's Wake: The Ugliest 3 Earned Runs You're Ever Going to See
The Last Thing This Team Needed: A Sudden Masterson Implosion
Jason Bay and J.D. Drew Doing Nothing to Jumpstart the Bats
Are You Kidding Me? Sox Lose 9th Straight Regular Season Game to Anaheim
Mazz Can See It: Sox Offense Silenced Again
The Sad News: Angels Push Forward, Get an Emotional Victory
Tragedy bets the question, 'Why?'

"It was one of the toughest I've had to get through. It still really hasn't hit home yet. I shed a couple tears before I went over there." -- Jered Weaver, who allowed only an unearned run in 6 2/3 innings

A Hanging Sox Horror Show

Justin Masterson, relief pitcher of the Boston Red Sox throws a pitch against the Los Angeles Angels during the seventh inning of the game at Angel Stadium April 10, 2009 in Anaheim, California.
(Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images)

No Wonder the Angels Hitters Weren't Intimidated
The World Class 'B' Is MIA... And These Hats Look Ridiculous

But the Blue Unis Are the Best Beer League Softball Jerseys Ever
Taking the Boston Out of the Red Sox...
With Hanging Sox Hats, You Can Easily Move the Team to Oklahoma City

That's Pretty Good: Beard of
Dustin Pedroia's No Hometown Hero in Woodland
This Just In: Jonathan 'The Zakim Bridge' Papelbon Is Lights Out

Too Soon to Panic?

Jason Lowrie grimaces as he strikes out with two runners on in the 8th inning with Sox down 4-2. Boston Globe staff photo by John Tlumacki
(John Tlumacki / Boston Globe Staff)

Sox Struggles on the Mound, and at the Plate, Continue

Dice-K Knocked Out Early, Sox Rally Falls Short | Rays 4, Sox 3
Looks Like the WBC Wiped Out Dice-K
Suddenly, Jed Lowrie Is Not Ready for Prime Time
David Ortiz Not Looking So Hot, But He Can't Blame Youk
Bad Omen: Sox Have Not Lost an Opening Series Since '88
Okajima Is What We We Originally Thought He Was
A Very Good Reason Not to Go See the Sox in Anaheim
Red Sox Fan Does New Hampshire Proud at Fenway Last Night
Comcast SportsNet: Papelbon Doesn't Know What Twitter Is,
And He's Not a Fan of Walking Through the Fans

"They're a good team. We'd like to think we are. It will be a long, interesting season." -- Tito after the loss... yep, it could get interesting real quick

This Just In ...
Lester reacts to a rough inning against the Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway Park, April 8, 2009, in Boston, Massachusetts.
(Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

The Cy Young Award Is Still Up for Grabs After a
Les Than Thrilling Duel at Fenway

Visitors 7, Home Team 2
The Kazmanian Devil Ray Was Back and Jon Lester Took a Step Back
More Breaking News: Josh Beckett Is Still the Ace of the Staff... Developing ...
Another Quick Night at Fenway: Game Only Lasted 5 Innings
Ahh, So This Is What They Meant About Missing Manny in the Lineup
Speaking of Him: LA Ram: 2-Run Double in 7th Leads Dodgers to Win
So, Explain to Us Again How It Was So Easy to Give Up on Carlos Pena?
Note to Jacoby: 1-for-5 with No Walks Isn't Going to Cut It at Leadoff
Bright Side Award: Ramon Ramirez
Welcome Back Kapler... Not So Much

"Last night's game against the Rays was unbelievable... Bob Davidson is easily the blindest home plate umpire in the entire league. I just want to know if Bob Selig has to write Davidson's check in braille?" -- e-mailer Ben to BDD

Good News: Girardi On the Hot Seat as Billion Dollar Bombers Fall to O's Again
Why Can't We Get Idiots Like That? Bad Joba 'Loves' Yogi
Fenway Puck: Bruins Reportedly Will Lace Up on the Infield
Time for a Statue at Fenway: Dave Roberts Set to Retire from Baseball
In Case You Missed It: Matt Clement Retired, Too... No Statue Planned

Bundle Up!
Bundle up if you're going to Fenway tonight
(Getty Images)

It's 39 Degrees in Boston ... Perfect Weather for Baseball
Sincerely, Bud Selig

If You Can't Find a Ticket to Freezing Fenway Tonight,
You're Just Not Looking Hard Enough
This Just In: Snowflakes Reported on the Cape, in Worcester
Left Turn: Lester vs. Kazmir Could Be a Classic
ESPN: If MLB 2K09 Used Manny Instead of Linecum

The Only Person On the Planet Who Had a Better Day Than Josh Beckett ...

Adam Lambert Was Pitch-Perfect

Beck in the Saddle Again

The Boston Red Sox opened the 2009 season against the Tampa Bay Rays at Fenway Park. Here starting pitcher Josh Beckett reacts after getting out of a second and third, nobody out jam in the tiop of the sixth inning without allowing a run.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

The Really Good Josh Beckett Returns
It's a Home Sweet Home Opener for Sox

Workmanlike Sox Get the Job Done | Box: Red Sox 5, Rays 3
Shaughnessy: Day Late, a Perfect Way to Start
Bottom Line on Beckett: 2 Hits, 10 K's, in 7 Strong
Middle of the Order Looks Mighty Meaty, Sincerely, Manny Ramirez
Pedroia's On His Way to Another MVP Award, Sincerely Evan Grant
But Can He Hit That Hight and Inside Fastball?
This Just In: Ellsbury's 18-game Hitting Streak Ends
Okajima and Kennedy Struggle a Bit on the Mound
Somebody Give 'Tek a Raise! Sincerely, Scott Boras

"I think in these next few years, you'll see it all come together for him. He's got everything you want in a power pitcher. He's fun to watch. If I had to teach somebody the power mechanic throw, next to Roger Clemens, he's right there as far as a guy who gets in position to deliver what I'd call a perfect pitch." -- John Smoltz on Josh Beckett

Men of the People

"That was different. We got a little jammed up back there, surrounded by fans, and I felt a little like a gorilla at the zoo. But it was kind of neat. Everybody was excited to start the season." -- J.D. Drew on the gathering in the stands

Breaking Bad
Mr. Leigh Teixeira reacts after grounding out against the Baltimore Orioles in eighth inning

It's a Horrific Start for CC and Mr. Leigh

Wait Till Next Year Again, N.Y.
CC, Yanks Rocked to Start Season
Daily News: Struggles an Eye-Opener
Sabathia: 6 Runs, 5 Walks, No Strikeouts
Leigh Texeira's Husband: 0-for-4, 5 Left on Base
What a Waste of Hard-Earned Money. Sincerely, Bernie Madoff

"It's going to leave a sour taste in my mouth." -- CC's not talking about his last cheeseburger either

The Official Red Sox Raincoats Are Here

Red Sox pitcher Jonathan Papelbon, left, and designated hitter David Ortiz, right, have a mock argument above pitcher Tim Wakefield, center, during a game show spoof at the 2009 Red Sox Foundation Welcome Home Dinner
(AP Photo)

On Sale During Faux-pening Day at Fenway

Let's Get It Started

The Boston Red Sox are scheduled to open the 2009 baseball season on Monday afternoon at Fenway Park. The team held a workout this afternoon in preparation. Here leftfielder Jason Bay is all smiles as he plays catch at the start of the practice with the Green Monster  in the backround.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

And Let the Reign Begin Again

Have a Nice Bay: Jason Took the Long Way Home
The 2009 Theme? Let's Go BoSox*.... * Boring Red Sox
Shaughnessy: No Sideshows for Bland Sox
High Five for D-Lowe: Braves Dominate Phillies in Season Opener
LA Times: Jose Canseco Wonders About Manny

"A lot of people say it's almost like I'm stoic. Just kind of emotionless. It's not meant to be that way. It's just, that's the way it's always been. Whether I'm doing really good or really bad, I try to keep the same look, the same demeanor, be the same teammate."
-- Jason Bay is what he is

A Wet Start

Rain is in the forecast
(Barry Chin / Boston Globe File Photo)

April Showers Expected to Rain Down on Fenway Tomorrow

Looks Like a 90 Percent Chance of Rain

"We're looking at heavy rain headed our way as we head toward the evening hours. We are expecting to see lots of rain. So Opening Day forecast? It doesn't look too great. Unfortunately, rain will be nearby by the midday hours. It may be light to start but it's going to come down. And once it does in the afternoon, it will be raining pretty hard and it will also be very windy." -- 4.5.09, Sarah Wroblewski, meteorologist for WBZ-TV (Ch. 4) in Boston

Saturday in the Park

The season opener at Fenway Park might be a washout on Monday, but groundscrew members John Driscoll pounds down the dirt around homeplate while Jeremy Fuller smooths the gravel in the the area on Saturday morning.
(John Tlumacki / Globe Staff)

... I Think it Was the 4th of July,
But It Was Actually the 4th of April

The Big East
Ross MacDonald Illustration for The Boston Globe
(Ross MacDonald Illustration for The Boston Globe)

The Globe's 2009 Baseball Preview Is Here

How Do You Like Them Apples, New York?

It's Time for A-Roid and Mr. Leigh to Meet Mr. Wicked, and Mr. Pissah

Coin Flip for Penny

Brad Penny of the Boston Red Sox poses during photo day at the Red Sox spring training complex February 22, 2009 in Fort Myers, Florida
(Nick Laham / Getty Images)

5th Starter Slot Up for Grabs Today

If His Head Is Up After About 80 Pitches, He's In
If He Walks Off the Hill with His Tail Between His Legs, He's Out

"If he's ready, good. If not, we don't want to force the issue."
-- Tito's prognosis on Penny

Penny Tries to Pitch in at 1:05 p.m.
And Clay Forget-My-Last-Start Buchholz Will Be Paying Attention
No Foolin': Papelbon Wins and Beckett Struggles vs. Pirates
Still Hard to Believe: Beckett was 12-10, 4.03 ERA in '08
One Tough Ambres Hits Two Home Runs
And Even Was Tweeto Francona on Twitter This Morning?
No Twitter for John Henry, But Turtle Safari? Yes.

Get Ready for Baseball in Boston

Tony Massarotti's video preview

Video: Mazz's Red Sox Scouting Report

Mazz: Breaking Down the AL East
Survey: Floating Some Questions, Like A-Roid or Mr. Leigh?
New York Times American League Preview

Sneak Preview

We Just Found Tonight's Episode of LOST
Warning: Spoilers (And It's a Bit Gory)
Yankees Invade the Island ...

Still Dogging It at Fenway

Still dreaming of a real hot dog at Fenway

We're Still Dreaming of a Better Hot Dog at Fenway
They've Got to Make Some Real Change, To Be Frank

The New Fenway Frank? Not Buying It
Local Frank Maker Get O.Kayem from Red Sox
Surprise, Surprise: Survey Said Kayems Taste Better Than the Bland Ballpark Franks
Wake Us When They Sign On With The Real Deal Dog...
Like Those Served at George's Coney Island in Worcester,
Or Faneek's or Nick's Coney Island in Fall River
Or Simco's in Mattapan

Wally Let Go!
Red Sox lergend Luis Tiant gets a hug from outgoing mascot Wally the Green Monster
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

B D D   E X C L U S I V E:

Economic Downturn and Slow Ticket Sales Force Sox to Lay Off Longtime Mascot 'Wally the Green Monster'

Wally's Got to Get on This Morning As The Red Sox Have
Shocked the Nation and Relieved No. 97 of His Duties at Fenway
This Is a Travesty of a Mockery of a Sham. Sincerely, Former Celtics Mascot Lucky

Boston Dirt Dogs has learned today that longtime Red Sox mascot Wally the Green Monster was relieved of his duties this morning. In a statement released to BDD, Sox owner John Henry said he was saddened by the decision but given today's economic climate and record low ticket sales, the hard choice of cutting Wally's salary had to be made. GM Theo Epstein reportedly fought to keep Wally on the roster but was overruled by team president Larry Lucchino, who sources say accused Wally of leaking team secrets to the press over the last 11 years. Lucchino plans to fill in for Wally, greeting fans at the gate and dancing on the dugout in the seventh inning, on an interim basis.

The fate of Lefty and Righty, the alternate mascots introduced by Dr. Charles Steinberg in 2003, was unknown at the time of this report. Wally is expected to address the media in a press conference later today.

* - Oh, and while you are digesting this story, don't forget to check the calendar. And look back at Sox news on this date in 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004...

BDD is a feature of All posts are by Steve Silva unless otherwise indicated.

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