Attention V-Mart Shoppers...

Victor  Martinez  of the Cleveland Indians celebrates after hitting a three-run home run in the ninth inning against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Angel Stadium on July 27, 2009 in Anaheim,
(Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

To the Spoiled Goes the Victor, Sox Get Martinez
To the Indians Go Masterson, Hagadone, Price
To the Braves, Goes New Old Friend Adam LaRoche
To Boston Comes Casey Kotchman | Halladay Stays Put

That's V as in Victor Martinez Has Been Dealt to the Red Sox In Exchange for
Justin Masterson, and Prospects Nick Hagadone, and Bryan Price
Mazz: Sox Make Their Move; A Look at Some New Lineups
Sox Take a Stand at the Trade Deadline to Get the Offense Up and Running
More First Base-DH-Types, I Love It. Sincerely, Lou Gorman
Theo Did It! ... He Bumped Big Phony Off the Front Page!
Now Who Sits?

Taint That a Shame

BDD -- It's going to be a busy morning at Fenway
(BDD Photo Illustration)

It's Going to Be a Busy Morning at Fenway

"David Ortiz lied to you. It seems safe to say that his entire Red Sox career is a lie. And those life-changing Red Sox championships of 2004 and 2007? Are they forever tainted? You bet." -- Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe

I Read the News Today ...

Boston Dirt Dogs compilation
(BDD / Screen Images)

... Oh Boy ... The Red Sox Are Getting Ripped to Shreds

Dan Shaughnessy: Suffering from 'Roid Rage'
Tony Massarotti: Big Papi Revealed as a Myth
Gordon Edes: Ortiz Can�t Explain His Positive Test
Tom Verducci: A Dark, Dirty Day for the Red Sox
Curt Schilling Checks in with Some Q&A with The Big Schill
Joe Posnanski: Positive Tests No Longer Surprising
Jose Canseco on the Case: 'MLB Has a Hall of Famer Who's Used�
Steve Buckley: A Big Blow to Papi's Legacy | Ron Borges: Let's See the Whole List
Bronson Arroyo: What About Me? I Was Using Andro and Amphetamines
Sean McAdam: Steroid Taint Hits Home; Wakeup Call to Red Sox Nation
Gerry Callahan: 'Ortiz Not Just a Cheater, He�s a Greedy Cheater'
Howard Bryant: Faith Unrewarded for Your Boston Red Sox
Gammons on ESPN: Sox Are 'Tainted to a Degree'
Jay Mariotti: Ortiz Biggest of Frauds as Stench Lingers
Advertising Deals Likely to Walk Off in Papi Scandal
Ortiz Expected to Star in Southwest Airlines 'Gotta Get Away?' Spot
Any John_W_Henry Tweets? .... Crickets ...

New York Daily News
(New York Daily News)

"You want more information, I'm pretty sure you guys got the phone number to the union. Call the union, and they can explain that to you guys. ... Me and David, we're like two mountains. We're going to keep playing the game, and we're going to keep doing good. We're trying to move forward; that's the key here." -- Manny Ramirez checking in from St. Louis tonight

"[My name] better not be on it, or there�s going to be lawsuits... When and if that list comes out, I�ll be able to determine what that [2004 Red Sox World Series] championship means to me.� -- Old friend Johnny Damon weighs in with his infinite wisdom

David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez of the Boston Red Sox before the start of a preseason friendly against the Yomiuri Giants at Tokyo Dome on March 23, 2008 in Tokyo, Japan. According to reports on July 30, 2009, Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz tested positive in 2003 for performance enhancing drugs.
(Koichi Kamoshida / Getty Images)

Say It Ain't So, Papi!
(Manny, We Already Know)

The Greatest Clutch Hitter in Red Sox History
Is Listed on Baseball's 2003 Doping List...
Along With His Pal, The '04 World Series MVP
Yankee Fans Are Going to Have a Field Day

New York Times: David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez Are on the 2003 Doping List
Ortiz Statement: 'I Am Surprised to Learn I Tested Positive'
Extra Bases: Big Papi 'Blindsided' By Positive Test, Confirms Report
Henry, Werner, Lucchino, and Theo Better Start Shopping for Asterisks
Maybe There Was Something in Those Dominican Shakes After All
Meanwhile, From a Gym in the Dominican... Angel Presinal Says Hello
Video: Shaughnessy on the Report | Ortiz Talks About 'Roids
And We Thought Slapping His Name on That Framingham Restaurant Was a Scam
In Times Like These, It's Good to Hear From Nomar "False Positives!" Garciaparra
Biggest Crime: This Overshadows Monty's Triumphant Return to the Booth
Ortiz 3-Run Bomb on Top of Bombshell... TEST HIM! Sox Win 8-5
Just 98 Names to Go ...

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Ortiz talks about A-Rod and baseball's steroids policy during a spring training news conference: "I think you clean up the game by the testing. Okay. I test you. You test positive. You gonna be out. Serious. And period. I know that if I test positive by using any kind of, um, substance, I know that I'm gonna misrespect my family, the game the fans and everybody. And I don't wanna be facing the situation. So what I would do. I won't use it. And I'm pretty sure everybody is in the same page test everybody three, four times a year and that�s about it. You do what you got to do. Yeah, whatever they say. Ban them for a whole year."

Another Teachable Moment

Obama Brokers a �Teachable Moment� Between Dice-K, Boras,
and Terry Francona (With Big Papi and Manny On Deck).
Shocker: Matsuzaka-Boras Get the Spin Out

JV Penny
Red Sox starting pitcher Brad Penny looks upset as the A's Mark Ellis (foreground left) rounds first as the ball he hit to lead off the sixth inning bounces into the right field stands for a ground rule double. Penny would be pulled from the game afer the hit.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

A's Take Penny to School Right from the Opening Bell

A's Embarrass Sox at Home Again | Oakland 8, Boston 6
Brad Can't Take the Heat: 7 Runs in 5 Innings
That's 8 Losses in the Last 11 Games If You're Counting
5 RBI's! Meet the New Righthanded DH, Mike Lowell
Theo Must Really Hate What OC Did Here, Not to Take Him Back in a Deal
Mr. .300: Is Jacoby Ellsbury the 2009 Boston Red Sox MVP?
Kennedy Elected to Pick Up Where He Left Off Last Night
Are AL Pitchers Now Locked In On the Holes in J-Bay's Swing?
LaRoche Comes Back to Earth; Has Youk Hit Rock Bottom?
Bright Spot: Bullpen Settles Down

"It looked like they didn't finish hitting since last night. The first four pitches they had three hits. It was ridiculous. I guess we ran into them at the wrong time." -- Mike Lowell... the other DH

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Poison 'Pen
Jonathan Papelbon of the Boston Red Sox sits in the dugout after an error in the ninth inning against the Oakland Athletics at Fenway Park July 28, 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts.
(Elsa / Getty Images)

Papelbon Blows Another One After GrEEn Sets Him Up

GrEEn, Papelbon Combine for Loss | Oakland 9, Chokeland 8
The Theo Epstein Patchwork Plan at Shortstop Ain't Working Again
Nothing Gained: The Jury Is Still Out on Mystery Man Clay Buchholz
OC Goes 3-for-5 with No Errors... Why Can't We Get Shortstops Like That?
Even Nomah Goes 2-for-6, and No Errors at DH
Lone Bright Spot: J.D. Drew May Soon Earn His Salary
Can Manny Delcarmen Be Part of the Halladay Package?
Bard Would Have Closed It. No Question. No Doubt About It.
Papelbon Was Busy Thinking About His Weekly Media Gig
This Just In: Saito Blames the Red Sox Throwing Program for the Loss, Okajima, Too
The Oakland AAA's Had 21 Hits vs. Boston Pitching. Unacceptable.
Rice Was Just a Side Dish Last Night

"It�s tough. What are you going to do? It�s just the way I look at it. Things like that happen. It is what it is. You�ve got to move on and come back tomorrow ready to pitch." -- Papelbon tossing cliches better than fastballs

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

In Case You Missed It

The Tonight Show
(NBC / The Tonight Show Illustration)

California Introduces New State Quarter


That's Just Dice-K Being Pedro

Team Japan's starting pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka walks to the dugout after he was pulled from the game in the fifth inning against Team USA during the semifinal game at the World Baseball Classic in Los Angeles, California March 22, 2009.

We Haven't Seen a Prima Donna Punk Like This Since the Malcontent Pedro Martinez Shot His Way Out of Town

Dice-K Slams Sox Program, Farrell, Francona Disappointed
Funny, He Looked Just Fine Pitching for Team Japan, Sincerely Bud Selig
'Dice-K, Theo, and the President Need to Sit Down and Have a Beer' -- WEEI Whine
Thanks for Injecting Some Excitement Into This Dull-Ass Team Dice...
Sincerely, Fans Who Dearly Miss the 2004 Free-Spirited Trouble-Making Red Sox
The Red Sox Ruined Korean Pitchers Too, Sincerely Byung-Hyun Kim
When Does Scott Boras Come In To Pour Us a Drink and Tell Us Some Lies?
BDD Archives: It's a Hara Show, Let Japan Pay His Salary

"If I'm forced to continue to train in this environment, I may no longer be able to pitch like I did in Japan. The only reason why I managed to win games during the first and second years [in the United States] was because I used the savings of the shoulder I built up in Japan. Since I came to the Major Leagues, I couldn't train in my own way, so now I've lost all those savings." --Matsuzaka's comments according to's translation

Farrell Questions Whether Fatsuzaka Worked On His Foundation

"In hindsight, there might not have been the work that he needed to put in on his own time during the offseason to build the foundation that every pitcher requires to withstand the workloads that a major league starting pitcher is going to go through here in the States." -- Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell

File Under: He Don't Know When to Quit ...
Special-K Blames US Training Programs on Other Japanese Failures

"I know that there are Japanese starters who came to the United States before me only have two or three successful years. I now believe that it is because of a difference in training and conditioning methods." -- Matsuzka according to the Globe's translation

Tito Strikes Back and Is Right on the Money

"We had made huge strides [in communicating] during our meetings. So to hear him say that -- to have him air it out publicly -- I�m disappointed. ...For $102 million, if [Red Sox owner John Henry] came down and asked, �What�s going on?� and we said, �We�re letting [Daisuke] do it his own way,' he probably wouldn�t like that very much... I know there�s frustration, but it�s unfortunate for [Matsuzaka] to say that. I thought everybody was on board with what we were doing.� -- Red Sox manager Terry Francona

Farrell Says Fatsuzaka Has to Be Accountable at Some Point

"If you're going to throw 115 pitches, you've got to go out and be effective. At some point there's got to be some accountability and responsibility from the player." -- John Farrell, back for more

Mazz Takes Dice to Cleaners for Airing Dirty Laundry

"The truth is that the Red Sox were tired of Matsuzaka's high-maintenance act a long time ago, but they kept their mouths shut and put up with it because Matsuzaka won games... What Matsuzaka did not say, of course, was that he showed up in camp this year looking like the Sta-Puft marshmallow man. (What's the Japanese word for doughboy, anyway?) Asked about Matsuzaka's strength when the pitcher returned from the World Baseball Classic, Farrell said at the time that Matsuzaka graded out well when the club tested the pitcher's shoulder. In retrospect, what Farrell did not say was that Matsuzaka looked like he spent the winter eating dumplings and bonbons, which the Red Sox believe contributed to the pitcher's problems." -- Tony Massarotti on

Just Call Him Daisuke Martinez or Pedro Matsuzaka

"...In the end, they [Red Sox front office] scraped and bowed and gave [Pedro] the perks he requested, all proof he is different from the other players on the Red Sox... In Boston, Pedro was allowed to do whatever he wanted -- show up whenever and take vacations. The Boston media were easy on him for what he had done. They gave him a mulligan for not attending Game 6 in New York..." -- 12.14.04, Peter Gammons,


Theo's Tinkering with the Engine Again

Sox Trade Kotsay to ChiSox for Brian Anderson
Is Halladay on the Way? Gordo Tosses Some Names Out There
Red Sox Deny Buchholz, Bowden, and Westmoreland Offered

Stop the Presses

The Red Sox Dustin Pedroia got full extension on a first inning solo home run into the Monster Seats, which put a smile on the fans faces as well as his when he got back to the dugout.   The Boston Red Sox play the Oakland Athletics at Fenway Park.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Pedroia Goes Deep, Sox Bats Explode

LaRoche Leads Hit Parade | Boston 8, Oakland 3
Beckett Bounces Back with Big Outing: 7 Solid, 10 K's
That's 5, Count 'Em, 5 Homers for the 2008 MVP
La Hits Keep Coming for Adam LaRoche: Will He Bat .400 Forever?
The Leading Man: Is Ellsbury Finally Locked In at Leadoff?
J.D. Drew... 2 Strike Outs, But 2 Hits, Too
This Just In: Jed Lowrie Now Batting Over .100
Everybody Hits, Even J-Bay

"We're moving in the right direction. We've just got to continue to go out there and grind out at-bats, get the pitchers' pitch counts up and get in the other team's bullpen." -- Dustin Pedroia... batting .403 in his last 17 games

Same Old Story

Starter John Smoltz heads back to the bullpen as the Boston Red Sox play the Baltimore Orioles at Fenway Park, in Boston, MA on Sunday, July 26, 2009
(Yoon S. Byun / Boston Globe Staff)

Same Old Song and Dance My Friend

Smoltz Stumbles Out of the Gate Again | Baltimore 6, Boston 2
We Know You're On the Back 9 John, But an ERA North of 7 Won't Make the Cut
Bullpen the Lone Bright Spot for Second Place Sox
More Good News: Game Was Over in 2:38
Sox Bats Making Rookie Pitchers Look Like Hall-of-Famers
Adam LaRoche Can't Do It All on Offense
Saturday: Boston 7, Baltimore 2 | Lester in Control, Offense Comes Alive
Bats Come Alive, Everybody Hits... Except Pedroia
Friday: Boston 3, Baltimore 1 | Sox Steer Out of Skid
There's No Place Like Home with the Orioles
Brad Penny Is Right on the Money; Drew Breaks 0-for-24 Slump

"I'd walk away from the game right now if I didn't think I could do what I can do. There's no thought in my head of that right now." -- John Smoltz... in deep denial

Have a Rice Day

The 2009 Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was held this afternoon on the grounds of the Clark Sports Center. Former Red Sox leftfielder Jim Rice, who was voted into the hall on his final year of eligibility is shown as he laughs during the ceremony, with fellow Hall of Famers Robin Yount, (background right) and Rod Carew (backg
round left) behind him.
(Jim Davis / Globe Staff)

No. 14 Stands Tall at the Hall

Induction Suits Rice, Henderson
Posnanski: Thoughts on Rice

"I am a husband called Rice. I am a father called Dad. I am a brother called Ed. I�m an uncle called Uncle Ed. I�m a grandfather called Papa. I am a friend that doesn�t call. Some of my friends know that. Sometimes it�s best to not call at all. Finally, and I do mean finally, I am Jim Rice who is called a Baseball Hall of Famer." -- Jim Rice, reading his induction speech

Texas Toast

Jason Bay
(Getty Images Photo)

Sox Swept By Rangers, Drop 5th Straight Overall

Wednesday: Texas 3, Boston 1 | Help Is On the Way in LaRoche
Buchholz Wasn't Great, But He Wasn't the Biggest Problem
Sox Plate Just One Run in Loss, Six Runs in Series
Is LaRoche Enough? Theo May Not Be Done Yet

"I think [the Red Sox] need Halladay more than ever. They can make the deal if they want to. If they don�t and allow someone else in their division to get him, they�re in trouble." -- An unnanmed National League GM to the Globe's Nick Cafardo

Second Thoughts

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

It Makes You Want to Scream

Tuesday: Texas 4, Boston 2 | Sox Slip into Second Place
Who's the Real Hunter?: Tommy Pulled the Big Gun on Beckett
J.D. 'I Like to Watch Third Strikes' Drew Should Get the Lugo Treatment Next Season
Have No Fear: Adam LaRoche to the Rescue!
Jacoby at Leadoff: ..... Crickets ...... Crickets .....

"This one falls on me. I think the right person got the loss. The game was lost in the first inning. Two-out runs are demoralizing to everybody, especially to a pitcher. ... It's unacceptable." -- Josh Beckett taking the blame that belongs to the bats

Smoltzuzaka Strikes Again

John Smoltz puts his hand to his face as he walks off the mound after being taken out of last night's game. He surrendered five runs, including three homers, in the sixth inning.

Is This Really Better Than Buchholz?

Monday: Texas 6, Boston 3 | Smoltz Falls Apart
Smoltz Surrenders Five Runs, Three on Homers, in the Sixth
Tito Blows It By Leaving Him in to Give Up More Bombs
Meanwhile, Where Did the Offense Go? Bay Is Down to .255, Drew at .239
Yankee Walkoff Means First-Place Tie in AL East

"I�m trying my best to not get frustrated over the results, but they do frustrate me because I felt like the game was well in hand.One pitch I�d like to have back, but at the end of the day I gave up six runs. Shake my head, and battle. It�s unacceptable." -- John Smoltz (1-3 with a 6.31 ERA)

Stuck Between a Doc and a Hard Place

Roy Halladay watches as fans hold up a sign during the fifth inning of their MLB American League baseball game against Boston Red Sox in Toronto, July 19, 2009. Halladay has been the topic of trade rumors leading the MLB trade deadline.

OK J.P., We'll Throw In Michael Bowden

Sunday, Toronto 3, Boston 1 | Halladay Finishes Off Sox
Lester: Another Sox Starter Less Than Sharp After Long Rest
Maybe Jason Bay Was Thinking About His Next Interview RE: His Contract
J.D. Drew Sets the Tone for Sox Offense... ZZZzzzzz
Theo's Gamble: Green Whiffs Three Times
Good News: Ells No Longer Ill

"They should have traded him the other day, and to a National League team." -- Tito on Halladay

Bad Penny

Brad Penny wipes his face during a break in play against the Toronto Blue Jays during the fourth inning of their MLB American League baseball game in Toronto, July 18, 2009

Remember When Penny Was Winning Every Time He
Took the Mound... That Was Awesome
Five Straight Starts Without a W and Counting ...

Saturday, Toronto 6, Boston 2 | Bad Penny
Rzepczynsk Spells Trouble for Road Sox Bats
Sox Strand 7 Runners, 1 for 12 with Men in Scoring Position

"We needed a breakthrough at bat and couldn't get it." -- Sox manager Terry Francona on clutchless offense


Boston Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz hands the ball to manager Terry Francona during the sixth inning of a baseball game against the Toronto Blue Jays in Toronto on Friday, July 17, 2009. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Darren Calabrese)

Buch Stopped Here, Shipped Back to Pawtucket

>Friday, Boston 4, Toronto 1 | Clay Slays Jays
103 Pitches in 5 2/3 Innings... He's Working Dice-K's Side of the Street
Hip, Hip, Hooray: Mike Lowell Returns to the Lineup
Yooooouuuuuukkkkk Starts Strong with 2-Run Jack
When Is Daniel Bard Getting Jonathan Papelbon's Contract?
A Clap for Pap: Closer's ERA Down to 1.80, Save No. 24

"(Buchholz) was awesome. He threw every pitch in any count. You could tell he was frustrating those guys." -- Former Buchholz teammate Dustin Pedroia

Lugoing, Going, Gone

Julio Lugo points to Manny Ramirez as he approaches the dugout after his 8th inning grand slam.
(Barry Chin / Boston Globe Staff)

Another Colossal Blunder at the Shortstop Position for
Theo Epstein and the Boston Red Sox

"When you see a good looking girl, you get married and sometimes things don�t work out. I gave it my best and unfortunately things didn�t work out. This is the best for both parties. I wanted it to work out but it didn�t." -- Julio Lugo to Steve Buckley today

Lugo Released | The Curse of Orlando Cabrera Continues
Buckley: Julio Lugo: 'I Wanted It to Work Out'
That's Just Theo Making Another Error at Shortstop. Sincerely, Edgar Renteria
It's the Media's Fault, and It's Impossible to Survive in Boston. Sincerely, Nomar
Trying to Fill the Big Shoes of Alex Gonzalez Was Apparently Too Much to Ask
Good News: The 5th Year of This Godawful Contract is Not Going to Be Picked Up
So It's Just a $36 Million Mulligan for the GM, Not $45 Million
The Club Has Only Used 18 Shortstops Since the Trade of Garciaparra
This Just In: We'll Soon Be Done Paying for Edgar Renteria's Contract
We'll Always Have the Mother's Day Miracle, Julio
Did You Know? Some Guy Named Hanley Ramirez Is Leading the NL in Batting
Hey Umm, Wait a Minute... Can't Lugo Still Hit and Run?
Will Nick Green Be the Same as Derek Jeter in October?

Bad Deals Keep Piling Up for Theo Epstein...

How Much Money Is There to Light on Fire at Fenway? Daisuke Matsuzaka: $113.11 Million, J.D. Drew: $70 Million, Edgar Renteria: $40 Million, Julio Lugo: $36 Million ...

He Was As Reliable As a Yugo

BDD -- Julio Yugo
(BDD Photo Illustration / Michelle Schacht)

Turns Out We Had Another Rent-a-Wreck on Our Hands

Julio Just Couldn't Hang On ...

BDD - Lugo makes Error No. 10, Tigers win
(BDD / NESN screen image)

And Now He Goes Off Elsewhere on Our Dime...

2008 Herald Archives - Buckley: Questions About Errors Spark a Lugo Outburst

Someone Needed to Explain to Julio How It Worked in Boston: �I don�t care, but sometimes it would be nice to say something positive,� he said. �But all the time it�s negative things, you know? Sometimes, you know, people should say something that�s positive. But every time it�s something negative . . . bring it up, bring it up, bring it up. Why? I understand you (the media) are going to write whatever you want . . . but I come here every day and bust my ass . . . if things don�t work out sometimes, that�s the way it�s going to be. You understand? But sometimes you bring up the same things . . . You get tired of that." -- 5.7.08, Julio Lugo to Steve Buckley, Boston Herald

Mind On Their Money, Money On Their Mind

The Second Half of the Season Finally Gets Underway,
�Get Your Pren-ups, Heeere!�

Nothing Doing in Boston

The Worst Sports Day of the Year
(BDD Photo Illustration)

And On the Fourth Day, They Still Rested
Sox Off Until Friday and Some Fans Don't Know What to Do

Diehard Sox Fans Can't Live Another Day Without Baseball
Globe: Sox Fans at a Loss During All-Star Break
Eric Wilbur: Get a Life Sox Fans

BDD Tips for Surviving Thursday Without Baseball: Play some baseball, or tennis, or golf, or go to the gym, or for a run, watch a movie, have a conversation with someone you love, make a phone call, get on the To-Do list, cut the grass, wash the car, meet for drinks, go out for fried clams, write a letter, hug your kids, go for a drive, read a book, call your mother, talk to your neighbor, get out of the house, and off the computer...

Try Catching Up with Some Old Friends

Catch up with old friends
(Globe and Wire Photos)

The Latest on Pedro, Coco, D-Lowe, Arroyo, and More

That's Our Boy

Carl Crawford of the American League slams into the wall as he catches a fly ball hit off the bat of Colorado Rockies Brad Hawpe of the National League in the seventh inning of Major League Baseball's All-Star game in St. Louis, July 14, 2009

Papelbon 'Saves' Another One ...
And Serves Up the MVP to Carl Crawford's Catch

AL Rallies to Defeat NL Again
Home Field Advantage Sox 4, Dodgers Come to Fenway First 3
Carl Crawford Snatches Victory from Jonathan Papelbon's Defeat
Doing Us Proud: Youk and Bay Delivered Line Drives
'And He Won the 2009 All-Star Game...' Sincerely, Papelbon's Agent in 2011
Speaking of Closers, Sandman Breaks Tie With Eck for All-Star Saves
Not Gonna Get on Joe Maddon for Not Risking It With Wake
Streak Continues: AL Now 12-0-1 Since '96 Loss in Philly
Congratulations to Boston's 'All-Star Among Us' Rob Dixon

"It's definitely probably my best catch I've ever made. I didn't think it was going to carry that far. But it carried and I just tried to find the wall and was able to jump up and make a play on it." -- Change the rules to give Carl Crawford the save

Lame Toss By the Lefty

President Barack Obama throws out the first pitch before the 2009 All-Star Game at Busch Stadium July 14, 2009 in St. Louis, Missouri.
(Rich Pilling / MLB Photos via Getty Images)

President Flubs First Pitch to Pujols

The Worst Eephus Pitch By a Lefty I've Ever Seen. Sincerely, Bill Lee
No Wonder Fox Blew the Camera Coverage of the Entire Event
OK, It Was Better Than Senator Kerry's Ground Ball at Fenway
But It Doesn't Compare to President Bush's Perfect Strike in Yankee Stadium
Obama Practiced, Too... With a Teleprompter

Get Used to This ...

Derek Jeter slaps hands with Boston Red Sox Jason Bay after Jeter scored the American League's third run of the fifth inning on a double by Minnesota Twins' Joe Mauer against the National League during Major League Baseball's All-Star game in St. Louis, July 14, 2009

Jetes and J-Bay Banging Fists for Four Years

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

A Young Fan's Trip to the 1970 All-Star Game

Prince of Fools

National League's Prince Fielder of the Milwaukee Brewers holds up his championship trophy after winning the MLB baseball Home Run Derby in St. Louis, Monday, July 13, 2009.

The Home Run Derby Is Just a Sad Reminder That
Major League Baseball's Home Run Records Are Worthless
Thanks to Bud, Don, and the Steroid Era All-Stars

When Put to the Test, There Was a Power Outage in St. Louis on Monday Night
Fielder Wins Meaningless Competition Lofting Batting Practice Flies Into the Stands
It Was Better When the Balls, Bats, and Players Were Juiced the Old Fashioned Way
Here's to Sammy Sosa*, Mark McGwire*, Barry Bonds*, Jason Giambi*,
Miguel Tejada*, Juan Gonzalez*, Luis Gonzalez*, Manny Ramirez*, Rafael Palmeiro*,
Brady Anderson*, Gary Sheffield*, Pudge Rodriguez*, Matt Williams*, Bret Boone*
and the Rest of the Home Run Derby Heroes* of the Past Who Paved the Way
for the Derby Superstars of Today

"I'm just happy that I was able to put on a show and win." -- Prince Fielder on the Batting Practice Snoozefest

A Little Captain in Them?

In this photograph taken for Captain Morgan, Captain Morgan and the Morganettes present Boston Red Sox pitchers Tim Wakefield, center, and Jonathan Papelbon showing off their Captain Morgan All-Star jerseys at the Ryan Howard Foundation All-Star bash
(AP Images for Captain Morgan)

This Was More Entertaining Than The Home Run Derby for Sure

Beck on Top

Josh Beckett painted a masterpiece today, as he tosses a three hit, complete game shutout of the Kansas City Royals. He is shown looking a bit like a painting himself in a slow shutter speed photo of one of his pitches.  The Boston Red Sox play the Kansas City Royals at Fenway Park.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Sox Roll Into the Break

All Beckett, All the Time | Boston 6, Kansas City 0
The Line: 9 Innings, 0 Runs, 3 Hits, 7 K's, 0 Walks, Win No. 11
Double Trouble for KC: Is Aaron Bates the Secret Weapon?
Saturday: Sox Offense Offsets Shaky 'Pen | Boston 15, Kansas City 9
Masterson, Manny, and Okajima Mess Up an Easy Win
Youk Goes 3-for-4 With 2 Homers to Avoid the Loss
Smoltz Will Live to See Another Start
Bard Fires Away to Stop Bleeding

"We�re kind of hitting our stride. Winning a series is the short-term goal, and we�ve been doing that for the most part. We�re going to enjoy the break a little bit, and then come back feeling pretty good about our second half." -- J-Bay at the halfway point

Dustin the Win

Bill Cosby jokes with Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia before taking on the Kansas City Royals in their MLB American League baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts July 10, 2009.

One Hit, One Run, One Big Win
But There's Nothing Funny About Close Games with Kansas City

One Way Ticket for Sox| Boston 1, Kansas City 0
Lesterrific! One of Jon's Finest Outings at Fenway... No-Hitter Aside
Slow Clap for Brian Bannister
Hey Rocco! Thanks for the Help
Papelbon, No Drama

"I never squared up a ball (on his first three at-bats) and so my biggest thing was try and hit it on the barrel. That's the worst feeling as a pitcher to throw that good and not win. For their guy, he threw the ball great. And Lester was just a little bit better, I guess." -- Dustin Pedroia on a big night in Boston

Halladay on Ice?

You Say Halladay, I Say Holliday... Let�s Call the Whole Thing Off

Danny Picard: The Wrong Move

Penny for Your Thoughts?

Red Sox starting pitcher Brad Penny wipes his face with the towel that covers his pithing arm in the Sox dugout,  as he enjoys a 3-0 lead in the 3rd inning.
(John Tlumacki / Boston Globe Staff)

We Bet Brad Can't Stand to Watch MDC and Masterson
Blow the Game Either

Royal Blues | Tiny Payroll 8, Unlimited Payroll 6
Callaspo, DeJesus Leads Royals; Collapse for Sox Bullpen
Theo Would Like to Remind You That Duquette Found Delcarmen
Papi Hits No. 300... Needs Just 455 to Catch All-Time Leader Hank Aaron
Pedroia Bangs Out Three Hits to Take the Lone Sox .300 Torch
Lord Help Us: Masterson's ERA Is On the Rise

"There are times when things don't always work out. Lately, it has been a different guy missing on a different pitch at a different time." -- Justin Masterson on Gasoline Alley revisited

Awesome Baby!

David Ortiz stood at home plate and admired his long sixth inning three run home run to right field for a few seconds, which gave the fans behind him plenty of time to stand and exult as they too watched the ball head out of the park. Finally
(David Ortiz and Dick Vitale | Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Papi Drills a Reggie for a Trifecta!

Wake Brings Another W, Baby! | Boston 5, Oakland 4 in a Knee-Knocker
Big Papi Was a Human Space Ship Last Night
Pedroia's a P.T.P. and Was Mr. Pac Man, Baby... Eating the A's Alive on Defense
J.D. Drew, the MVP of the All-Mystique Team Is a Real Dow Joneser
Cahill Was Diaper Dandy for the Athletics Early
Another Dipsy-Doo Stink-a-Roo Save for Papelbon
I Heard About Nick Green, But He Was an MIAer for Boston, Baby
It's ZZZZ Time Baby Because the Sox Have the KC Cream Puffs In Town for Four

"I was telling George (Red Sox catcher Kottaras) behind the plate, 'How do you even catch that ball?' He was like, `I just close my eyes.' And I said, 'OK, I'm going to try that one, I'm going to close my eyes and swing.' And nothing." -- Orlando Cabrera on All-Star knuckleballer Tim Wakefield

Fenway, Unscripted

After he popped out while pinch hitting in the eighth inning, Oakland's Nomar Garciaparra heard a lot of noise from the fans behind the visitor's dugout as he returned.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Boston Still Enjoys a Good Old-Fashioned Garciapopup

After he popped out while pinch hitting in the eighth inning, Oakland's Nomar Garciaparra heard a lot of noise from the fans behind the visitor's dugout as he returned.

The King of Stop

Josh Beckett makes his final throw of the game (which wasn't even a pitch) one of his hardest and most intense of the night , as he fielded a high chopper by Oakland's Mark Ellis with two outs in the seventh, and tried to get him at first. Ellis was called safe on a close play, which upset Beckett
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

Beckett Now 6-0 After a Red Sox Loss
Win No. 50 for Boston, All-Star Hurler Gets No. 10

Bay, Beckett Lead Way Over A's | Boston 5, Oakland 2
Just 4 K's But Josh Turned In a Top-Notch Performance
Stop the Press: The Sox Have a Hitter Batting Over .300: Jacoby Ells, .303
All-Star J-Bay Gets the Old Stroke Back, HR No. 20
'Tek Drives in Two, All-Star Pedey Adds Some Insurance
Good to See Steroid-Cheat, and Sox 2003 Title Thief, Jason Giambi Struggling
Speaking of Numbers: Solid Save No. 21 for Papelbon ...
With a 3-Run Cushion... Against the AAA's
Think the Jays Will Take AAron Bates for Halladay?

"Obviously I blew it in April, but I feel like I've had a good couple of months, really getting back on track... I love pitching here. It's awesome to pitch in front of a full house every night." -- Josh is Beck on track

Manny and the Mets

(AP / Reuters)

In New York, It's a Hit and Run Return for Ramirez
Manny McGwire Still Doesn't Want to Talk About the Past
New York Fans Aren't Tough

Another Dicey Outing

John Smoltz looks frustrated as as walks off the mound following the top of the sixth inning after giving up a run as Oakland lead 5-0. It would be his last appearance of the night. The Boston Red Sox play the Seattle Oakland Athletics at Fenway Park.
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe Staff)

The John Smoltz Feel-Good Story Is Going to Get Old Fast
If He Keeps Putting Up Matsuzaka Numbers on the Mound

Same Old Story for Smoltz | The Mighty Oakland A's 6, Boston 0
But While A's Banged Away on John, It's the Boston Bats That Get the Loss
Nomie Goes 2-for-4 with a Garciapopup... Does Not Make an Error at DH
And the Crowd Goes Wild for 1-of-the-25 Series Hero Orlando Cabrera... Right?
It's the Offense Stupid: Red Sox Hitting a Whopping .193 in The Last Four Games
The .200 Club: Not One Member of the Red Sox Is Batting .300
The New Jason Bay: Contract Price Going Down Every Day
Great Theater: Nomar Nails First Live Performance at Fenway...
Even Better Than the Rehearsals in California with Mia
Brett Anderson Pitched Like Brady Anderson on Steroids
Note to Theo: All Set with Matt Holliday
Welcome (Hank) Aaron (Norman) Bates

"I'm almost there. I really am. I always felt I could pitch in any ballpark, any stadium, against any team, but there's some familiarity that comes with it. I don't know some guys." -- John Smoltz... Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades

Revisionist History Revisited ...

Too Bad Lou Forgot to Ask Nomie to Confirm The Meeting
That Dan Duquette Held in Spring Training in 2001 ...

THIS JUST IN ... Nomar Thinks He Heard a Boo... Developing ...
They Were Stars Before Boston: Smoltz Joins Saberhagen, Cone, Clark, Deer...

Just Say Nomah

Former Red Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra was at Fenway Park in an oppostion uniform for the first time since being traded in the middle of the 2004 season, as his current employer, the Oakland Athletics opened a three game series vs. Boston. Here he gets emotional in front of the crowd as they give him a standing ovation.
(Jim Davis / Globe Staff)

Garciaparra Makes His Return ...
And He Wants to Come Back

Nomar Gets Emotional, Dreams of Finishing in Boston

Fake Laugh on Cue? Check.
Red Tape to Keep the Media Away? Check.
Saying the Right Things When the Cameras Are Rolling? Check.
But Old No. 5 Will Get Big Applause from a Holiday Hungover Crowd at Fenway
Fans Will Forget What Went Down When He Left, and Do the Right Thing Tonight
In a Perfect World, He Coulda Been the Next Ted Williams
And Nomie Wasn't All That Jacked in the SI Cover Photo
Mazz: Nomar and the Two Bostons | Gallery: Nomar Through the Years
Haaaaaaaa ... Nomar Said He Didn't Want to Leave Boston
This Just In: Mass General On Alert In Case Nomar Pulls or Fractures
a Groin, Hip, or Wrist or Something Tonight
Mr. 'False Positives' on the Steroid Problem in '04: 'Testing Is Just Not the Answer'
A Reminder to Kids: Nomar's Not a Fan of Signing Autographs
How About a Couple of Garciapopups for Old Times Sake Nomie?
Remember When He Sat Out That Jeter Dive-in-the-Stands Game? That Was Awesome
Globe Archives: Garciaparra Traded | Shaughnessy: In Short, Time for Him to Go
BDD Archives: How to Leave Boston on Bad Terms | Soccer Bomb
Achilles' Heel Is Fine Now | Thanks Blue-tiful

"Kids crying all over Boston for a month or two, or maybe some even now still crying at night going to sleep. Nomar was... hey look, I feel it's saad that Nomar's still not a Red Sock. He was the link. Williams. Yaz. Nomar..."-- ESPN's Nomar Delusionist Chris Berman, October 2004

Tainted Love
Manny Ramirez of the Inland Empire 66ers waits on deck against the Lake Elsinore Storm on June 27, 2009 at the Lake Elsinore Diamond in Lake Elsinore, California. Ramirez is preparing for hsi return to the Los Angeles Dodgers after a 50 game suspension.
(Stephen Dunn / Getty Images)

LA Lemmings Will Flock to San Diego to Cheer on the Cheat
But Make No Mistake, Manny's Legacy Is Forever Tarnished

Born Again on the Third of July: Cheating Coward Returns to MLB Action
And the Gutless Dodger Is Still Afraid to Answer Questions About His Suspension

"I wouldn't be lying to say that when he steps to the plate here he's going to probably feel like he's at home. There's no doubt about it... [Manny's drawn interest] over this event that's really negative and detrimental to himself and the game. It's really kind of taken on a new life of its own. I've never seen, really, something like this." -- Former Red Sox reliever Cla Meredith

All-Star Voting Ends Tonight: Vote For the Best Player to Give the Sox Homefield
Picturing the Pastime: Check Out 'Baseball Faces' at the Hotel Commonwealth Slow, Steady Tim Wakefield

Sox Rocco and Roll!


The Sox Have a Comeback They Can Call Their Own Today

Sox Turn Tables, Show Some 9th Life | Boston 6, Baltimore 5
Mother's Day Miracle Meet Canada Day Comeback
Baldelli Delivers the Big Hit to Tie It Up in the Ninth
Who But Julio Lugo to Cap the 4-Run 9th Inning Comeback
Ball Was Gone But Not Forgotten: Kevin Youkilis' Clutch Homer
The Sox Were Between a Rocco and a Hard Place in the Ninth
Ellsbury Comes Through with Clutch Double in the 11th
Beckett Was a Bust Early, Then an Ace Late
Bullpen Bounces Back: 24 Straight O's Retired at End
Pedroia's Gotta Work on Those Wheels
Papelbon Gets Save No. 133 with Sox
Bay Gets a Baltimore Mulligan

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