D-Lowe Delivers, Sox Lose

Embree Oh No!


D-Lowe Delivered, But Pen Writes Bad End

Where Was Keith Foulke Over the Money?
Another Horrible One Run Loss for Road Hogs 5-4
Alan Wrench: Embree Fails in Critical Situation.
Tito Simply Cannot Manage When the Game's on the Line Late
(See Night Kap Run).

Bronson not Johnson

Who Needs Johnson?


We've Got Bronson!

Arroyo steals the show, Sox grind Twins into the turf 8-2
Arm and Hammer: Gabe leads the way.
Sweet 16 hit attack for Road Hogs.

Yankee Bob



'Yankee Bob' Screws Sox Again, Selig Powerless to Stop NY Corruption

Tek gets four games for answering foul mouth punk's challenge. Nixon gets three games for pulling behind-the-back sucker-choker Sturtze off Kapler's neck. Gabe gets three games for defending himself against mugging. Schilling,
Ortiz fined for no reason. MLB is a disgrace.

"Keep Us in Suspension"

"The new team motto for 2004" -- Boston media icon Bob Lobel

Are these suspensions fair?

Patriots/The Big Borkowski


'Happy' Campers Kick Off Today

No worries, we've been Pats fans since '67. We eat our own football players too. The only coverage you need is right here:

Will this selfish "team" of bland underachievers finally get their act together? Has Brady overstayed his welcome in Boston? Is a trade for Hollywood Tom in the works? Who is Ty Law? And who will show up late today and why? Is Belichick on the hot seat again? Was Corey Dillon seen buying a box of Little Debbie snack cakes at the Allston-Brighton Super Stop & Shop at 2:30am last night while Ricky Williams waited in his car? Follow all the drama, turmoil, fumbles, bumbles, and miscues of the 67 cabs for 67 players New England Patriots all season long on Boston Turf Dogs...

The Big Borkowski


What Happened Dude?

Sox Bowled Over in Baltimore by Dave Borkowski,
They Can't Strike in Splitsville, Lose 4-1
Hitters Couldn't Spare the Time to Work the Count,
Orioles Playing Out of Their League, While Sox Can't Pull
Themselves Out of the Gutter, Can't Pin Down a Reason,
Schilling was Framed, That's Life in the Sox Lane in 2004


Jesus, Boston Just Can't Lick Lopez, Orioles


"...no margin for error (last night) and every mistake cost me. Gotten Javy out more than once on the same pitch he homered on in the 7th... Had a chance to get a game on the Yanks too. I knew in about the 4th this was gonna be a tough one to get..." -- Sox Ace Curt Schilling

Looks Like RJ Will Stay Put

As expected, Randy Johnson will most likely stay in Arizona:

"The Yankees now believe that Randy Johnson will stay with the Arizona Diamondbacks past the trading deadline, a development that would be a devastating blow to a team with a shaky starting rotation.

"Officials from several teams, including the Yankees, said on Wednesday that Johnson seemed most likely to remain in Arizona, despite his desire to be traded to the Yankees. The Diamondbacks have acted as if they want to keep Johnson, failing to tell the Yankees what it would take to acquire him. They have also not made a serious effort to find other interested teams to which Johnson would accept a trade." -- 7.29.04 New York Times

Nomar not going anywhere

Nomar Not Going Anywhere


Never mind trading him, if he softens his stance,
and loses the attitude, he'll be re-signed.
(But stance hardened, attitude went south... bye-bye)

Rain out in Baltimore

Schill Takes the Hill on Hump Day


Aggressive Ace Will Keep Streak Alive,
But is He Dressed to the Nines Tonight?

Baltimore Takes Batting Practice Off Wake

(Sox-O's Luckily Washed Out; Tim Still Hurting)


Hip Check: Did Tito Slip Up Pitching Pedro on Wet Mound with 10-0 Lead?

Gammo Offers up Some Well Known Gems

"Tanyon Sturtze did put a headlock on an unsuspecting Gabe Kapler, but contrary to hysterical reporting, David Ortiz was trying to pull Sturtze off Kapler." (Is that how the Yankees' Bob Watson will see it Pete?)

"People don't understand that Terry Francona is managing a team where the three star players are, well, different. The Boston Herald's esteemed columnist Howard Bryant reported that Manny Ramirez was upset at being called out by his manager, and thus sat out games. Pedro goes on his own schedule. Garciaparra, who never has wanted to be a vocal leader, is embittered by his war with ownership, right down to being upset with his use in a movie made about Red Sox fans, which led to his being taken out of all promotions for the film." (Nothing new here. Nomar is known to run up to John Henry's office to complain if someone says "hello" to him during fielding practice. It's been beyond ridiculous for quite some time)

"Kevin Millar's streak began when he conceded he needed to make changes the previous Monday in Seattle. "I had to spread out," says Millar, "and stop popping everything out. I was watching that Miguel Olivo hit and said, 'that's what I need to do.' And it worked. Some guys copy Barry Bonds or Albert Pujols; I copied Miguel Olivo." (Nonsense. It started when he told third-generation fans they suck and to stop dropping $200 a night at Fenway 'cause he knows how this works having been in Boston for a year and a half)

"The starting rotation may not be as bad as it currently looks -- if Kevin Brown and/or Mike Mussina come back and Orlando Hernandez pitches as well as he has; El Duque says he feels better than he has in four years." (Oops, Pete spoke too soon, El Duque left the game in the second inning last night with tightness in his left hamstring)

Read Peter Gammons notes on ESPN.com: "Big Unit to LA Makes Sense"

Road Warriors - The Pete Goes On

No Recount Necessary in Maryland: Sox Win in Landslide

Road Warrior


And the Pete Goes On,
Aggressive Ace Gets Back at Birds


Offense Explodes, Tek Back, Manny Gets His Swing On,
Sox Reign Supreme 12-5, Pedro pinches hip on mound slip
He'll run through it and be OK for next start
Nation nervous about Nixon, say a little prayer for Trot
while Kap (3 hits) steps up again

"I like the momentum of our lineup." -- Super...sub Gabe Kapler

"Maybe that's what we needed, to actually start going after everybody a little more aggressively." -- Sox Ace Pedro Martinez


The Embedded Red Sox? Ramiro the Hero? 2.08 ERA

And the answer is...


Who is Karim Garcia?

Fight Suspension

Yankees' Watson Says Somebody's Gonna Sit

"There will be some suspensions. You can best believe that."

Down Goes FU-Rod, Down Goes FU-Rod


Stupid is as Stupid Does

"He's [Bronson Arroyo] not trying to hit him right there. That's ridiculous. You just don't do that. We're down, 3-0. A-Rod hadn't done much against us. He got a hit the night before, but it's not like he's killing us. Not that you'd hit him anyway. He overreacted to the situation. It was stupid. He's not trying to hit someone there. The pitch before was a fastball and he was trying to get in there [inside corner]. He's got to with the way he pitches. He got carried away. That happens. It happens more than you'd like to see in baseball." -- Red Sox Ace Curt Schilling

Blood and Putz


Bronx Coward Tanyon "Mickey Rivers" Sturtze Finds Out the Hard Way What You Get When You Back Door Sucker-Choke Gabe Kapler and the Boston Red Sox

Schill agrees "How could anyone write anything other than Sturtze deserving getting his ass kicked after grabbing Gabe in a choke hold."

Stock in trade

Stock in Trade


Yanks Take Lowe Blow

D-Lowe Has Win for the Road, Sox Outslug Yanks 9-6.
Finger Lickin' Good: Millar Leads Charge Again as Nation Scrambles for New Insults to Keep His Hitting Streak Alive. Damon Dogs Single into Double, Lets Pop Drop to Start Game, but Pole-arizes Yankees at End.
Timilin Lets Yanks Back in but That's All Foulke.

Yankee fans show their true colors on Jose Con-man: "Incredible. He is brave enough to jump on a raft over the Atlantic, but he see's the Sox uniform and he browns his pants. Enough. Do not pitch him against Boston again." -- nyyfans.com

Short and Cheat


Mound of Trouble? Kerry Elects to Choke Up on First Pitch but Still Can't Go the Distance as Fastball Goes Left, Right, Left, Then Bottoms Out in Dirt.

"Whichever aide suggested that John Kerry throw out the first pitch, get booed and look out of place Sunday night should be forced to drive Michael Dukakis' tank for a week." -- ESPN's Peter Gammons

All Systems Lowe

(Sink and Swim D)

Fight Club



Over, The Bill. Mueller Time to Win.





Boston Pops, New York Flops

Sox Smack Bombers Around Fenway.
Tek, Nixon, Kapler Knock A-Rod, Yanks on Their Ass,
Battle Back on Scoreboard Thrice to Win 11-10
Theo Pen Implosion Again as Gasoline Alley Returns,
Lescan'tic Throw Strikes, Malaska Lights Fire but
Mendoza Holds the Line. Nomar K's with Bases Jacked in
6th, but is Double Trouble in 9th

Think Tank

Think Tank


Ace Tanks When Big Gun Was Needed Most,
Nation Has Full Head of Steam

Same old song and dance my friends

Sox come back, but suffer another Foulke up with hockey puck closer 8-7

Clich� king pings three, but while Millar giveth, he also taketh away.
Francomatose again: Manny misses out in left field and Tito lets A-Rod hit game winner.
Birthday boy can't hold a candle to Jeter again. Nomar's burnt out in Boston.

In Theo We Bust?

(Wake us when this front office actually walks-the-walk)

Schill will/California Dreamin'

Schill thinks Sox will get it done: "Time to maintain a streak now, and then watch this team go out and whip the @#%$ out of some people for a few weeks." -- 7.22.04: Curt on The Remy Report

California Dreamin'

(Happy 31st Birthday Nomar!)


When Nomar leaves our town (Nomar leaves our town)
We don't have to pay (we don't have to pay)
The Contract Ups will walk (Contract Ups will walk)
On a winter's day (on a winter's day)
He'll be safe and warm (He'll be safe and warm)
When he is in L.A. (When he is in L.A.)
California dreamin' (California dreamin')
On Nomar's birthday

Married Mia in a church
In Californ-i-a
Well, he got down on his knees (got down on his knees)
And he began to pray (he began to pray)
You know Red Sox fans are cold (Boston can be cold)
We know he's going away (yes he will go away)
California dreamin' (California dreamin')
On Nomar's birthday

When Nomar leaves our town (Nomar leaves our town)
We don't have to pay (Big contract goes away)
He won't have to talk (He won't have to talk)
Or care what writers' say (when he is in LA)

If he wasn't signed here (if he wasn't signed here)
He would leave today (He'd be on a pla-ane)
California dreamin' (California dreamin')
On Nomar's birthday
California dreamin' (California dreamin')
On Nomar's birthday
California dreamin' (California dreamin')
On Nomar's birthday

The Fortune .500's


Tony Mazz Turns the Perfect Phrase

"Let's be honest: These Sox are a Fortune .500 company. They make a fortune and play .500. On most occasions this season, the Sox have treated baseball as a nuisance and demonstrated little or no enthusiasm. They have played poor defense. They run the bases neither well nor aggressively. They fail to advance runners or execute the simplest fundamentals, and they generally have lacked respect for the game or the effort it requires.

And then, when asked to explain how it all could be so wrong, they scratch their heads, shrug confusedly and offer a look of bewilderment.

Just wondering: Do they have mirrors in the Boston clubhouse? Do they?" -- Yanks want it more: Sox haven't shown enough grit

Buckley adds: "These Yankees always seem to be taking the extra base, wheras the Red Sox seem more concerned with taking the extra day off."


"We can't afford to let them come here and kill us." -- Johnny Hair

Sox beat O's in nightcap

Sox Wake Up After
a Good Day's Sleep


Warrior... Comes Out to Play-Ee-Ayyy!!
Warrior... Comes Out to Play-Ee-Ayyy!!

Splitsville Shutout: Dirt Dogs get all the hits. Youk is served HR.
Gutierrez is a gamer too.
Tim takes one for the team as Birds fly south 4-0

O's over Sox, game 1



Abe Not Honest, Orioles Put Up Crooked Number

Fat Lady Tuning Up


Afternoon Disaster: Sox hit but can't score. Birds fly again 8-3
More good news: Yankees win 1-0, Red Sox lose David 'Ortez' for
five games for the stupid bat throwing incident.

Two Stooges


A Leader is Born

(And he doesn't speak in hackneyed cliches)

"We've had a couple of instances recently where we've gotten behind in a game, I think we could have... I think that we need to fight a little bit harder. I think that uh we've become semi-lifeless, and I think it's important that we show a certain amount of tenacity for wins and losses... I don't think we have a sense of urgency... we need to become the scrappy team that we are." -- Boston Dirt Dog Gabe Kapler

Dead Team Walking


Dog tired travelers prepare for electric chair,
Baltimore murders Boston as usual 10-5

Sox Practice Outfield Relays


Pedro Gets Shelled


(he asked for it, literally)

Who is Miguel Tejada?: Well-rested Martinez is all smiles and giggles after loss, tips hat to O's, says he took one for the team. Bad cut: Damon can't get jump on ball, or figure out which way to turn, but gee did his hair look great tonight, full of body, no problem with humidity. Dirt Doggin': Kap Krunches one, catches another.

Youk, Malaska Up

Pokey on DL. Youk, Malaska Back Up. Gutierrez Deal Done.

Youkilis will play third, Bellhorn at short tonight. Sox also pick up second baseman Ricky Gutierrez for PTL/cash considerations.

The Boston Red Sox placed infielder Pokey Reese on the 15-day disabled list and called up third baseman Kevin Youkilis from Triple-A Pawtucket, general manager Theo Epstein said Wednesday. Reese strained a rib-cage muscle during batting practice several days ago. He played Monday night against Seattle but left the game in the third inning after experiencing pain in his right side. Reese, who missed four games late last month because of a sprained left wrist, had been scheduled to undergo a magnetic resonance imaging exam in Boston on Wednesday after the team returned from a road trip. Youkilis was scheduled to start at third base Wednesday night against the Baltimore Orioles. Mark Bellhorn was scheduled to start at shortstop for Nomar Garciaparra, according to manager Terry Francona's lineup card. Garciaparra was supposed to have Tuesday off, but played because Reese was unavailable. Bill Mueller, Boston's regular third baseman, was in the lineup card at second base. Reese is hitting .230 with three home runs and 27 RBI in 77 games. Youkilis made his big league debut May 15. He hit .287 with three home runs and 19 RBI in 38 games. He was optioned to Pawtucket last month. The Red Sox also recalled left-handed relief pitcher Mark Malaska and optioned right-handed reliever Joe Nelson to Pawtucket.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Let's get behind this stinkin' rotten team right now!

Nomar to sit (and other news): Per manager Terry Francona on WEEI's Dale & Neumy, Nomar ("he's playing great") will sit out tonight and Mark Bellhorn may replace him at shortstop. "He's been pushing it, he's been pushing it. He needed a day off yesterday and he didn't get it. So he's going to get it tonight. Then we'll play him in the day game tomorrow and we'll kind of go from there." Francona also indicated that Pokey Reese is set to go on the 15 day DL (MRI today). Tito would not commit to naming a starter for game one of Thursday's double header until after tonight's game. On Kentucky Fried: "He was such a key part of this ballclub last year and I don't think you can just forget that... but at the same time, our job is to put the best team out there every day and sometimes you have to sit people that have done well in the past... a lot of is going to depend on how he swings the bat." On the team's lousy play: "Yelling and screaming and making an ass out of myself is not going to make us play any better... we need to string rallys together like we did yesterday, and not rely on home runs."

Sox-Seattle final game


Nation nervous as two runners get on in ninth,
but KKKeith saves the day anyway



Dominican Dynamite: Manny, Ortez go back-to-back in eight run fourth as Sox finish off M's 9-7

Lowe leaves early with blister, adding to the list of problems.
McCarty no party pooper, first-base dive stops Son of a Bichiro in 7th inning stretch.

Gidget Up in Seattle

Gidget Up!


Last call for D-Lowe?
(on the field, not on Newbury Street)

McCarty Parks Millar (and other news): Kentucky Fried Kevin takes a seat this afternoon as McCarty is playing first. The "badly limping" Nomar Garciaparra is back in the lineup at short. Pokey Reese may be headed to the DL with his bruised rib cage injury. Tim Wakefield will start game two of the double-header against the Orioles on Thursday. According to Gordon Edes, AL enforcer and New York Yankee Bob Watson has just received the "official tape" of the David Ortiz eruption from Friday and is expected to render a suspension decison over the next couple of days. Theo still talking tough on pre-game: "I don't like the tone of things on this team right now."

Belli, Trot on lap tops

Under the Radar


Doug Mirabelli and Trot Nixon are surprised to see that they continue to get a free ride on Boston Dirt Dogs during the team's recent slide.

Seattle Slews Sox



"...terrible, absolutely brutal" -- Red Sox "closer" Keith Foulke

SEATTLE'S WORST: Boston Blows 4-1 Lead in Eighth Inning as Bullpen Ruins Bronson's Best

Keith has no teeth, fools no one with 85 mph, $21M junk balls. Gasoline Alley bullpen returns as Francona's phonies crumble in worst loss of the year. Sox are 35-35 since April 30. Sox look like slop in the field again. What the Foulke happened to this team?
Time for "changes for changes sake" Mr. Epstein.

Another Boonedoggle as Lescan'tic gives up grand slam in 11th
Road Hogs turn to D-Lowe who looked like death on rye bread on bench in Anaheim

Nation goes to sleep after High Tek boom
but wakes up feeling sleepless
Mariners 8 Road Hogs 4


Dirt Doggin': Pokey goes down with injury. No good news today.

"No-mar's Bit-ter... No-mar's Bit-ter... No-mar's Bit-ter..."

Kentucky Fried is Cooked


Cow-boy Up Needs to Sit Down
He got endorsements in the off-season, but didn't bother to get in shape.

Kevin's KFC Targeted by Animal Rights Groups
"An investigator for an animal rights group captured video showing chickens being kicked, stomped and thrown against a wall by workers at a supplier for Kentucky Fried Chicken."

Manny Happy Returns

Manny Happy Returns!


Playing left field, batting fourth.

Schilling to Seattle

Breaking news: After reviewing the tape of Red Sox manager Terry Francona blocking an enraged David Ortiz Friday night, Patriots coach Bill Belichick has asked Tito to come to camp and try out for the right guard position. Change in itinerary: Schilling goes with team to Seattle while Pedro flies home to Boston. (BTW: Tito said Curt would be flying back not the evil media.) Curt posts on SoSH this afternoon: "As far as me coming back on the flight, I am guessing there was miscommunication yesterday between a few people, though I wasn't one of them, and someone assumed I would fly back with Petey. To tell you the truth I've never flown ahead more than a day before a game, BUT, I have never made this trip, Seattle-Boston as a starting pitcher. With a short series here and a day game Tuesday I don't think him flying back is a bad move if he thinks he needs that to be ready Wednesday." Gammons ESPN chat wrap -- On Ortiz: "My guess is five games and have the suspension reduced to three. They should suspend that umpiring crew for two months after watching three games of incompetence." On Tito sending Manny a message: "when Manny hurt his hamstring his last year in Cleveland -- he missed 49 games (!) and took a lot of heat. ... Joe Torre asked about Manny's status for the All-Star game and was told he was fine to play. There are certainly missing pieces here that none of us entirely know or understand." On Beltran to Boston? "I think they will trade Beltran. They have to get a young catcher back in the deal. Keep your eye on Boston b/c of Kelly Shoppach who when to McClean's alma mater. He has to OK any trade ... and I wouldn't hold my breath."

Schwinger: You're so money baby



"You're so money baby and you don't even know it"

ESPY Schilling on the money



*Erratic Sox Playoff Year?

Schill stops the bleeding again while David picked a fine time to suspend the baseball.

"That's not pressure, that's expectation. You get that through production. People wouldn't be expecting me to win if I hadn't done it before. That's part of the pride I take in doing my job. I expect that we should win on the days I pitch. And if we don't, then I've done something tremendously wrong." -- Red Sox prideful Ace Curt Schilling

Terry Cloth stays tough, keeps Hammy on the bench.

MVP Schilling gets Sox back to winning
Road Hogs 6 Anaheim 2

Dirt Doggin': Kapler makes his case for staying in the lineup.
"Kapler, McCarty... these are your real dirt dogs." -- WEEI's Gerry Callahan, 7.19.04

Sox fail Colonoscopy exam

Sox Fail Colonoscopy Exam


Sox can't hit for %#@! with Mickey Mouse lineup.
Tito's feud with the American League left fielder continues while the losses pile up and the season is slip sliding away. We know there's an "i" in "team" in Boston Terry, deal with it. We do.

KFK with his 25 RBI stays in lineup. David and his BS excuses and his 79 RBI will have to sit out soon over bush league blowup. The best Triple-A bullpen Theo can buy with $130 million is an absolute joke on us. Stay tuned for the pre-game where we'll hear how great $10 million BK is doing in Pawtucket.

Sox will be ready, Schilling, and able today, but it may be
too little, too late.

Another Wake funeral. Tim is what he is.
Garbage time homers don't help. Game over in first inning.
Anaheim 8 Road Hogs 3

Hammer time: Is Kapler a five tool player who needs more time, less pine?

RJ update

RJ UPDATE: Contrary to what has been reported in the New York rags, Randy Johnson has said nothing to the Diamondbacks regarding which team(s) he would waive his no-trade clause for at this point. He most likely will stay in Arizona or may be traded to Anaheim, who has a lot more to offer RJ, and the Diamondbacks. He is not expected to be traded to the New York Yankees at this time.

Batman Robs Sox David Ortossed

Batman Robs Red Sox


David Ortossed: Slugger will be suspended over selfish act.

Tizzle acts like chump by tossing bats at umps.
No excuse. That selfish stunt hurts the team, and the city of Boston. Home plate ump Matt Hollowell was horrible, but you just can't argue balls and strikes. One tossed bat nearly hit umpire Bill Hohn in the leg.
How many critical games will David miss? 3? 5? 10?!?

"It just ran out of hand for a second. Things happen. I made a mistake... That's not my personality. I don't mean to hit anybody, I just wanted to throw my bats out there, like, `Here, you hit for me.' I'm not a kind of guy who's trying to cause trouble, but we're not perfect. I did something wrong, and I apologize to the umpires and the fans. It's over." -- Red Sox favorite son David Ortiz (unfortunately for the Boston Red Sox, it's not over as the fans await the suspension decision.)

Pedro, Night Kap Get Sox Back on Track
Manny's hammy hurting again. All-Star out of left field indefinitely. Ouch.

Nomar, Gabe Ruth homer. Pete brings the heat.
Road Hogs 4 Anaheim 2

Dirt Doggin': Trot puts head down, runs past Sveum stop sign to score key run.

More Kap. Less KFK.


Nomar to Cubs still up


Cubs bearing down on Nomar

Millar shaves ass

BREAKING NEWS: "Per WEEI: Millar has shaved his ass and will run backwards tonight in an attempt to shake things up and turn things around." -- SoSH's exGloucester

"Randy Johnson does not want to go to Boston and be part of that nuthouse up there (with Francona)." -- Bill Madden, New York Daily News on WEEI (for real)

Thank you Ned Martin

Thank You, Ned Martin

By Shaun L. Kelly

His distinct tenor, reassuring and cerebral, was the second-most heard male voice of my childhood. Only my father's fixed baritone surpassed his as the soundtrack of my years growing up in the greater Boston area. For thirty-two summers, with discernable sagacity and style, Ned Martin served as the principal voice of the Boston Red Sox.

In an age where humility and grace slowly receded from our national character, Martin's modesty and elegance separated him from a host of other announcers - and people. He never intentionally developed a defined signature call for a homerun. The ball was simply, gone.

7.16: Road to Perdition

Road to Perdition


D-Wreck, Sox come completely undone in Anaheim.

Now why didn't the "Ace" start?
(Oh, it's only mid-July and eight games back, right, got it)

Manager Lou Pi�ata has them west coasting again,
Angels 8 Road Hogs 1

Loweball: More emBorasment for Derek but good news for Sox as slimeball agent
says D-Lowe will now play for $75.00 per start next season.





7.16: Out of left field

Out of Left Field: Manny's hammys tight again after All-Star jump around with Ortez. Left fielder has to DH and let stumble-bum Millar play outfield. Then KFK gives up on easy pop up (if it was a chicken wing or ice cream scoop, he would have caught it clean). Pedro needs another day off against Yankees. Francoma loses respect of Nation.

"Why do I have to pitch against the Yankees all the time?" -- Pedro Martinez

Um, because you're the highest paid pitcher in the history of baseball and the Red Sox are trailing the Yankees per usual, by an astounding eight games right now, and D-Lowe will face NY instead... but we're thrilled that you're in a "happy state" Petey. Meanwhile, Curt Schilling has stated that he never wants to miss a start against the Yankees.

7.15: Mendoza, Youk

7.15.04 -- Breaking News: The Boston Globe has confirmed that Kevin Youkilis has been sent down to Triple-A Pawtucket and embattled reliever Ramiro Mendoza has been activated by the big league club for tonight's game. (Dale Arnold follows up, but won't source report, on WEEI.)

7.15 - DLowe Gidget in Anaheim

Surf's Up!


Let's just hope the sinker stays down.
Gidget catches a wave in California tonight.

All Systems Lowe for the Second Half Run

7.15 - California Dreaming - Nomar ESPYs

California Dreamers


Hooray for Hollywood

Nomar and Mia ham it up at the ESPY awards in Los Angeles.
(Did Sly Stallone Garciaparra get a perm?)

7.14: Chowder Fest goes West

Barely Legal: Chowder Fest Goes West

(Everyone knows Manhattan chowder is an oxymoron. And you'd be a moron to choose the New York Globetrotters over the Boston Red Sox.)

Legal Sea Foods sends 5.1 gallons of New England Clam Chowder to RJ.

7.14: Jimy Williams Fired

General Manager's Decision


Surly Bumpkin Fired

"I don't know much about guns. I'm not Charlton Heston."
-- Former major league manager Jimy Williams

7.14: Dirt Dog Helmets, Nomar MLB

What in Tarnation?!?


Dirt Dogs Have to Dump Dirty Helmets
While Nomar Drives Himself Crazy Over MLB Logo

7.13 - Manny, Ortez All-Star romp

Manny, 'Ortez' Rockets Fuel AL Win. Sox to Have Home Field vs. Cards.


Roger can't get off the launch pad, retires after one bad inning.
Manny hits rocket off Roger, Ortiz piles on Pavano, AL wins 9-4.

(Could have used a two-run jack like that against Texas on Sunday)
Game paused to congratulate Clemens on earlier performance.

7.13 - Down goes Jeter

Down Goes Jeter.
Down Goes Jeter.


The Greatest is a Sox Fan

7.13: RJ on the way?

"If the Yankees are pursuing this (acquiring Randy Johnson), the Red Sox have to block them from getting him... This is one time the Boston Red Sox cannot allow that to happen. If Johnson is going to be traded to a team in the American League East, if I'm the Boston Red Sox, I'm saying 'that's got to be us.'"
-- Tim McCarver FOX, All-Star Game, 3rd inning

Is RJ on the Way?


Rumors abound. Randy's in play.

Sox message boards buzz with Johnson/Nomar trade rumors.
Chicago Board of Trade runs Nomar to White Sox on squawk box
(too bad they know more about trading soybeans than trading ballplayers).
But is it really the Cubs, not the White Sox, who are involved?


More Reports that Big Unit Won't Come to Boston

"The competition that RJ and I had, it was a lot of fun because you see people setting a bar and doing things that you never thought you could do. And then you go out and do it and you realize there isn't a ceiling there and you compete against each other in a good way. I wanted to pitch better than him, not because he pitched poorly and I pitched well, but because he pitched good and I pitched great." -- Curt Schilling, 2.24.04

7.12.04 -- Schilling for Randy

Johnson Back on Sox Radar?


Schilling offers to change one of his kid's names to "Randy" in effort to lure
Johnson away from Yanks.

SI's Tom Verducci says Johnson tired of sharing billing with Schilling.

7.12.04 - Home Run Derby

Papi, Corky


Star of David could have used some extra shoot tonight.
Or-Tease gets three in Derby. Plus one F-bomb.

"Like Manny Ortez... Manny Ortez, David Ortez" -- John Kerry pulls a Ted Kennedy

(Listening to Morgan and Berman call that sideshow last night was even more embarrassing)

Second Half Effort

Second Half Effort?

The Ask-Out Red Sox try to catch the All-Out Yankees starting Thursday night.


Pedro bobble: Sox lose 7.11: 6-5

The Lyric Little Dollhouse


Diva Doll Says:

"Hey lay off Manny. If Pedro Marteamez had started Sunday instead of body surfing in Manoguaybo, the Sox would have won."

Wake wasn't great. Comeback too little, too late. Keith Foulke up again.

Sox come up shorthanded 6-5 in first half finale.


Me Too

Hamstringing us along?

"What happened? Who died here? I can't get a day off? You guys should have gotten him (Alex Rodriguez). If we got A-Rod, he would've played every day." -- Manny Ramirez, 7.11.04

Citizen Caning: Schilling in face

Citizen Caning

(and what Manny was thinking)

(...is this that old guy that was taking all the notes on the bench? Is he a coach or something? I'll ask Ino ...why is he still talking? My legs are getting tired... someone tell Millar there's chicken on his finger... I'm going to write about this on my website... I wonder if this guy goes online?)

Boston Globe Photo / Jim Davis

"Manny, if you vote for that empty suit nightmare
John Kerry, you're loco. Loco."

Saturday Night Special

Saturday Night Special


Top of the order puts Texas on bottom. In terms they can understand in Arlington,
Two touchdowns for Boston, two field goals for Texas.

Gidget Goes Through Texas on the Big Screen at 7:00pm Tonight

Gidget Goes Through Texas on the Big Screen at 7:00pm Tonight

Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em


Sox on a roll 7-zip

Bronson of a Gun: Eight Shutout Innings; Johnny Jumpstarts Sox Again.
"We want to get the fans and the media off our backs." -- Johnny Red Sox

Congratulations to Curt Schilling's All-Star Tickets Winner

Congratulations to Curt Schilling's All-Star Auction Winner

Charles Ryan of St. Petersburg Florida submitted the high bid of $2,550.00 for Curt Schilling's All-Star ticket package. Thanks Charles for your generous contribution to Curt's Pitch and the SHADE Foundation.

Speed Damon/Timlin Keith Foulke Up



Mueller Timely With Game Winning Hit

Bottom Line: Sox Win 8-7 in 10

Home Sweep Home

Timlin, Keith Foulke Up

Is He Still on the Oakland Payroll?

Soft Underbelly of Sox Bullpen Belches Again as Boston Becomes Choakland; Schill Win Blown


The Dominican Dominators Lead the Attack. Kentucky Fried Kevin Too.

Schill Goes Downhill After 7-1 Lead. All-Starter?



But he doesn't blame #%@! Internet bull#%@!

Johnson Headed to Yankees?

Johnson Headed to Yankees?

We'd love to comment, and have our own details, but we are currently under a Red Sox requested gag order and cannot comment on anything related to the pursuit of tall left-handed pitchers.

"An RSDD (BDD) gag order means he can only write about it in 20 pt type, not the usual 60pt." - Monbo Jumbo, SoSH

Schilling Not Pitching in

Schilling Not Pitching in Houston.

But he will go to the All-Star game. Mulder expected to start. DiNardo on DL with blister. Iron Scott Williamson in Cincinnati for second opinion, will be back in Boston July 14th. Juliana Ramirez still awaiting her All-Star seating assignment.

Johnson won't come to Boston

Johnson Won't Come to Boston.
Should Theo Still Go to Houston?

Peter Gammons reports on ESPN radio that Diamondback pitcher Randy Johnson has no interest in winning a World Series with the Boston Red Sox and will not waive his no-trade clause for the Red Sox. The lanky left-hander is more interested in taking an easier road to his 300th win with the Ego Empire and be just another pitcher. Gammons makes pitch for Roger to come home to Boston. (Now you're talking) BDD has learned that Johnson's agent Alan Nero also said Boston would not be in RJ's mix. He's hoping Diamondback owner Jerry Colangelo talks him into staying with Arizona, but RJ remains interested in the possibilities of Anaheim and the Yankees. GM still hot and bothered. Meanwhile a cranky Theo Epstein is still PO'd about all the %#@! Internet BS (while the Nomar three-way trade was an Internet report, RJ was already a TV report, but let's blame the Internet for RJ anyway) and continues to hit dead ends trying to track BDD sources when he should be out looking for live arms. Will cooler heads prevail? Would the Red Sox be better off if Theo cools off on Nantucket for a few days instead of heading to Texas? Will Roger return to the Hub? And does Juliana Ramirez plan to sit next to Debbie Clemens in Houston?

Gammons knows where to go

"I'm glad I live in Boston because I like that passion, I like these... I love going through... I mean I scroll through the Sons of Sam and the Dirt Dogs every day just to see what's out there on people's minds and it's, you know, that's one of the great things and it's hard for players because they don't understand it a lot but..." -- ESPN's Peter Gammons on Sports Radio 850 WEEI

Some Home Cookin' and a Little A's Kickin'

Some Home Cookin' and a Little s Kickin'

Wild Bunch from Boston Wins 11-0 on Bill's HR, Juiced Walks, Kentucky Fried Doubles

In the Wake of Chaos, Tim Comes Through

Mueller for President of Cheers

Damon Deserves Some Props

(Johnny Damon, and Matt too for that matter)

Zito Pitches Like D-Lowe; Nice Catch My Manny

Last Wake Up Call

Last Wake Up Call

Sox need to get all A's this week.

(No Booing Tonight. Not for No Show Nomar. Not for Asleep at the Wheel for Most of the First Half Francona. And Theo for That Matter.)

The Whole Nine Yards

The Whole Nine Yards

Schilling is Nine Inn. Nails as Sox Go Belli Up in Atlanta.

Boston wins a big one, 6 - 1

More Story Weather

More Stormy Weather as Lowe Pressure System Moves Through Atlanta

10-4, Over and Out.

Make Them an Offer They Just Can't Refuse

Make Them an Offer They Just Can't Refuse. And Throw in a Few Grando.

SoSH Report of Three Way Trade Must Have Been Infected by the Internet Bad Source Parasite.

LA Nomar image by StazGraphics/Pete Stasiowski 

Manny Bird Hits the Ball in OT

Manny Bird Hits the Ball in OT

Crazy like a Cox: Bobby Chose to Pitch to Man on Fire

3 hits for Nomar. Ortiz HR. Mueller Delivers.

Arroyo Gets an A. Good Effort.

Nation Uncomfortably Numb.

Sox pick up Anderson, Puffer. Caesar Salad Days Over.

Same Hit, Different Day

Same Hit, Different Day

Green with Envy, Braves win it in 12th

A-Mart Comes Apart, Keith Foulke's It Up This Time

Red Sox are Yesterday's News Again

Another Spine Chilling Shame

Another Spine Chilling Shame... Thank God Schilling's Got Game

The turnaround starts tonight.

Jeterrific Catch

Leskanic Pulls Fans Back Off Ledge as Sox Survive the 12th

Sox Strand Winning Runners on Base Again and Again

Jeterrific Catch

Extra Excruciating as Captain Intangibles Robs Boston in 12th with Catch of the Day, Crashing into Stands. That's a Dirt Dog.

Did Tito Makes All the Wrong Moves with Pinch Hitters in 7th?

Pedro Throws a Hanging Changeup to Tony-the-Longest-Swing-in-the-World, the $5-Million-AL-Rep-with-Us Phony Clark, Who Gets a Curtain Call in Yankee Stadium After Two-Run Bomb.

Early Fireworks as Mucho Macho Plunks BALCO Gary, Posada Gets His Revenge

Manny Breaks Out with 2-Run Homer

Mazz on pre-game: Schill (no comment) and Wake (denial) got into it with Williamson last night(was he stung like John Heyman and the NY mediots?)



(Not exactly. But so much for the SI Jinx)

Ramirez Puts Sox Up in 13th with 2nd HR

The Terry Cloth Kids Got Tough



Sox Swept Away in a New York Minute

Parasites 5 Boston 4, 13 Unlucky for Sox

Trot Gets in Game with Massive Pain (Giambi Too), But Where Was Nomar?

Fredo Says Nomar "Trying to Get Loose" in Most Important Game of the Year to Date

Another Chicken Capital Brigham's Scoop by Millar

Leskanic Doesn't Panic, But Curtis Runs Out of Gas

Nomar to Dodgers?

SoSH Reports Garsitaparra Deal Done

Nomar to Dodgers?

Boston Red Sox would get: Odalis Perez and Carlos Delgado
Toronto Blue Jays would get: Cesar Izturis and minor-league pitcher
Los Angeles Dodgers would get: Nomar and BK Kim

Updated "FungoHesketh" post: have no new info. There was going to be a press conference to announce a trade tonight, my source claims involving the Dodgers and Blue Jays, and then the press conference was canned. Did the trade break down? Are they waiting until the morning after a tough loss, or for another reason? I don't know, and probably won't have any new information for a while. I apoligize (sic) for this thread, as for whatever reason, there is no deal to report." SoSH report

Mona Lisa Martinez Watches Sox Succumb in the 9th

Mona Lisa Martinez Watches Sox Succumb in the 9th

(Pedro Martinez: This is no laughing matter.)

"Varitek called a players-only meeting yesterday, which was a great idea except Pedro Martinez didn't get to the park on time to participate. Pedro, who has spent the first two nights here bantering with Yankee fans nonstop (think he wants to play here next year?) works on his own schedule. Asked if Pedro was late when the rest of his teammates were stretching at 5:30 -- after the players-only meeting -- Francona said, "He's pitching tomorrow. When I know where people are and the reasons why, I'm OK with it." - Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe

Dave Stapleton McCarty Sits While Fredo Waits to Lose

Dave Stapleton McCarty Sits While Fredo Waits to Lose

Tim Bitchin' After Game: "Ask the manager... I'm only an employee."

Fredo Francona: Timlin-Mirabelli just "trying to get on the same page"

Why can't we get relievers like Tom Gordon Lobie?

More Good News: Kentucky Fried Kevin will be joking around with his friends on The Worst Damn Sports Show on Thursday

Williamson Has No Elbow Room: Scott Has Forearm Injury Now



Sox Boot Another One in a New York Minute

Yankees 4, Red Sox 2, Boo Hoo.

Six Feet Under, Eight Games Back in Loss Column

Error, Error Read All About It

Oh Nomar! Red Sox Defense Does Them in Again, 10th Error in Last 4 Games

Ortizzle Giveth and Taketh Away

OBP = LOB: Sox Come Up Empty with Bases Full

Lucchino's Not Happy

Lucchino's Not Happy

Sox prez says to "back off Nomar" but said "I don't think anyone on this team is untouchable, we don't have no trade contracts for a reason... we reserve the right with players of all stripes." Garciaparra and Lowe should have taken their contract offers. Tito needs an attitude adjustment and a good talking to.

Hear the Dennis & Callahan WEEI interview here.

Nomar and Trot out of lineup tonight. Millar in right. McCarty at first base.

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Lauber: Eduardo Rodriguez showing Red Sox he's special > PawSox start looms large for Masterson


Rodriguez gem wasted > Chili Davis doesn't want to turn Red Sox into free-swingers > Red Sox draft catcher in third round

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How Mariano Rivera has influenced Yankees' top pick > Why starting rotation could be a big Yankees' strength

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