Does Buch Stop Here?
Clay Buchholz
(Getty Images)

Or Is Clay on His Way to Pawtucket?

8.87 ERA Clay Takes on the Immortal Tommy Milone Tonight
Will a Little Home Cooking Kick Start Buchholz Against Oakland?
Or Does the New Recipe Call for Aaron Cook in the Rotation?
Everybody Looks Like Wade Boggs vs. Buchholz: .340 BAA

"It's a struggle when you're out there throwing pitches and guys are putting it in play. It has to change." -- Clay Buchholz after getting tagged for a season-high 10 hits in Minnesota

Red Sox Get Their Show on the Road

Alfredo Aceves

6-1 Trip Puts AL East Basement Dwellers Just 3.5 Back

Chicago 4, Boston 1 | Sox Not Disheartened After Dropping Finale
Killer Elite: Gavin Floyd Is the Pitching Version of Mike Napoli
He's No Stink Floyd: Righty Is 7-0 with a 3.21 ERA vs. Boston
Bad Start Beckett Proves He's Not an Ace Again
Just 2 Runs in 17 Innings for Bobby V's Bullpen
Another April Sore Back for Kevin Youkilis
Boston 1, Chicago 0: Lesterrific, Aceves Better
Boston 10, Chicago 3: Star of David Shines

"That's a pretty tough hole to put your team in, especially against a guy who has pitched well against us in the past." -- Beckett says all the right things, but can't get it done to start

"We feel good. We had a great road trip. We pitched great; we swung the bats real well. We�re pretty excited to get back home and play good ball." -- Dustin Pedroia puts in all in perspective

It's Beginning to Look
a Lot Like Nomar


Except You Can't Trade Crawford for Orlando Cabrera

Reports That Crawford Ripped Achilles Walking Out Of Dr. Andrews Office
If You're Keeping Track at Home: So Far No CC Production on $39.5 Million Spent
Tale of the Trainer's Tape: Looking Back at Carl Crawford's Red Sox Career:
2011: Hamstring Sends Crawford the DL, Drops Ball to Send Sox Out of Playoffs
2012: Comes to Camp With Secret Wrist Injury, Stays Down South With Bad Elbow
In a Perfect World, Crawford Coulda Been the Next Lee Tinsley
Mazz: Crawford Isn't Aging Well

Hammer Time

Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Junichi Tazawa, Kevin Youkilis and Adrian Gonzalez of the Boston Red Sox celebrate their win over the Chicago White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field on April 26, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. The Red Sox defeated the White Sox 10-3.
(Brian Kersey / Getty Images)

Boston Bombers Humble Humber

Sox Box: Boston 10, ChiSox 3 | Salty, Youk Lead the Power Surge in Chicago
Slow Starting Sox Offense Has Scored 43 Runs in Last Five Games
Who Had David Ortiz Leading the League in Hitting on April 27?
He Wants No Meddling from Middlebrooks: Life's Grand for Youk
Salty Pours Two Homers on White Sox Wounds
And All That Taz


"I look at it as long season and you�re going to go through stuff. Hopefully the bad at-bats are in the past." -- Kevin Youkilis, among the living again

The Return of the Cardiac Kids

Boston Globe Design
(Boston Globe Design)

Maybe They Will Kill Bobby V Before This Season Is Over

Sox Box: Sweepers 7, Minnesota 6 | Red Sox Hang On to Sweep Twinkies
Does Bobby Have Too Much on His Plate if He Can't Get Left/Right Straight?
If Salty Can't Hit, He Can Always Fill Out the Lineup Card for Valentine
Another Day, Another 3-Run Homer for Magnificent Mike Aviles
The Buck Doesn't Stop Here for 8.87 ERA Clay
At Least V Got the Bullpen Right Last Night

"I looked on this [mobile phone] and there was no history on him. It had his name, and 'against left-handed hitting.' My fault. That's why you make these lineups out early enough." -- Bobby V on his latest blunder

"Did Bobby think the 'R' stood for Republican?" -- Gerry Callahan on WEEI's Dennis and Callahan Show

He's The Heart Attack Closer

Maguire Design

Crawford's Heading South

Dr. James Andrews
(AP File)

Carl DL Crawford Is Going to See the
Dreaded Doctor of Doom James Andrews

Crawford Seeking Answers on Injured Elbow
It's Officially The Worst Signing in the History of Baseball
Theo Chicago Should Be Very Proud of His $142 Million Blunder

Smells Like the East River

Yankees frangrance

Or Billy Crystal's Dirty Laundry

Pompous Yankees Introduce Their Own Cologne
Rivera and Granderson Will Embarrass Themselves By Pitching Scent
Red Sox Expected to Respond By Selling Own Brand of Bathroom Air Freshener
Just In: Oakland A's Expected to Follow Suit with Bartolo Cologne

"New York Yankees fragrance captures a sporty and confident attitude, creating a timeless, masculine scent that contains fresh wood tones, an invigorating blend of sparkling bergamot, coriander and cool blue sage. The fragrance also evolves to reveal a fusion of crisp ivy leaves, orange flower and geranium, enhanced with rich earthy patchouli, smooth sandalwood and suede.

New York Yankees for Her is an alluring and flirty scent that captures a more playful spirit. This sparkling gourmand scent begins with a juicy blend of fruit notes that provides a playful vibrancy to the introduction. Drenched water lily and rich tiare flower enhances the femininity of the fragrance while creamy sandalwood, delicious vanilla and sensuous musk creates an instantly addictive quality that lingers on skin throughout wear." -- The Cloudbreak Group introduces the official fragrance of the New York Yankees

"It smelled like a knockoff to me." -- Mets fan from the Bronx

Aviles is More
<strong>Mike  Aviles celebrates in the dugout after his solo home run off Minnesota Twins pitcher Matt  Maloney in the fourth inning of a baseball game, Tuesday, April 24, 2012, in Minneapolis.

Jose Who?

Sox Box: Boston 11, Minnesota 2 | Ortiz, Aviles are Right on Target
Only the 'Rejuvenated' Derek Jeter Leads Iron Mike in AL Shortstop Hitting
Mendoza Line Reached: Mr. Brady's Sister's Husband Is Now Hitting .200
Stop the Presses: Kardashian and Kanye Were Seen Holding Hands! OMG!
Thanks Again Theo: Crawford Seeing Dr. Andrews for His Bad Elbow
NY Times: Crawford's Replacements Are Doing Just Fine, Thank You
Could Scott .190 OpBA Atchison Be the Next Great Red Sox Closer?
I'll Have What David Ortiz Is Having... Or Not Having... for Dinner
Even the Overrated Adrian Gonzalez Is Starting to Heat Up
Beckett's Never Going to Be an Ace Again, But He Battles
Is This the Same as Beating a Major League Team?
Byrd Gets Off the Ground, Too

"That's [expletive] five outs!" -- Josh Beckett to the vision-challenged home plate umpire Adrian Johnson

"He was into it. I haven't seen Josh like that." -- Bobby V calling out Josh Beckett, Youkilis style.... now waiting for Dustin Pedroia to run his mouth and rip his manager again

Boston Red Sox' Cody Ross celebrates his two-run, game-tying home run off Minnesota Twins pitcher Jason Marquis in the seventh inning of a baseball game Monday, April 23, 2012, in Minneapolis.

The Boss Man Cometh Up Big for Boston

Sox Box: Boston 6, Minnesota 5 | Twin Killing Not Killing Bobby V
Dirt Doggy Cody Homers to Left and Right for the Tie and the Must-Win
A Bard Day's Night for the 'Pen as Daniel Chips in for Win
But After 11 Pitches, Bard Won't Go Back-to-Back for 'Health Reasons'
When Hearts Attack: Alfredo 'The Replacement Killer' Aceves Picks Up Third Save
Was Bobby V Right About Youk? 3B's Brady Was Expecting, Now Married
Lester: More Enigma Than Elite

"I asked [Aceves] if he was trying to kill me." -- Bobby V to his closer on the mound

It's a Washout

Frank Galasso Illustration
(Boston Dirt Dogs / Frank Galasso, cartoonist)

2012 Is an Unmitigated Disaster
Let the Rebuilding Begin

Daily News: Players Confronted Bobby V Over 'Ugly Scene' with Mike Aviles
'Fast-Growing Clubhouse Resentment Toward Valentine'
Lundblad: Red Sox Pitching Staff's Horrific April
Bobby V Gives Himself an 'F' Grade
Lupica: Blame Tito and Theo, Not V

"It happened quickly and it was hard to believe." -- Bobby V on Saturday's amazing loss... and maybe his career as Red Sox manager

"This is not a 14-game problem. This is 41-game problem (dating back to last September). Our pitching has been terrible over the last 41 regular season games." -- John Henry to Sean McAdam after meeting with V

BDD Photo Illustration
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Until the Great John Lackey Returns Next Season ...

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Yankees 6, Red Sox 2: Party Pooper Buchholz Blows Up Birthday Bash
Yankees 15, Red Sox 9: The Worst Loss in the History of Earth

Or Is This 4-10 Start Just a Flesh Wound?

Boston Dirt Dogs
(Monty Python and the Holy Grail Photo)

And the Mighty $170M Red Sox Fight on in Minnesota?

Dirt Napoli
Mike Napoli of the Texas Rangers celebrates his two-run home run with teammate David Murphy in the fourth inning against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park April 18, 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts.
(Getty Images)

Reeling Red Sox are Dead and Buried in Last Place

Sox Box: Texas 6, Bustin' 3 | Rangers Rap Red Sox Again
The Worst Team Money Can Buy Has Been Outscored 25-5 in the Last 3 Games
Red Sox 6.20 Team Pitching ERA Is Worst in MLB, 2 Runs Higher than AL Average
The Days of Dazed and Confused: Captain Slow-Hook Blows Another 'Pen Move
Franklin Morales Will Still Be on the Mound During Today's FREE Tour of Fenway
Did Theo 'Bad Contract King' Epstein Ever Think of Trading for Mike Napoli?
Beckett's Just Thrilled That the Target's Off His Back for Another Week
Looks Like There's a Method to Bobby V's Madness: Youk Homers
The Least of Their Big Problems: Salty's Hitting .080
#FireBobbyV Movement Picks Up Steam

"I didn�t think he�d get that many hits in these two games.� -- Bobby V after Mike Napoli shows him how things are done around here

A Bitter Pill for the Red Sox to Swallow

Terry Francona returns

Tito Calls an Audible and Turns the Table on Lucchino
The Terry Francona Show Will Preempt Fenway 100 Party

Francona Will Steal Fenway 100 Thunder in Triumphant Return on Friday
Revenge Is a Dish Best Served with a Wild Standing Ovation for the Fired Manager
Tito Plans for a Huge Bear Hug with Youk and Pedroia to Stick It to Bobby
Wonder If Tito Gets a Plus One with His Invite?
Will the Snitch Be In Attendance?

"Former Boston Red Sox manager and current ESPN analyst Terry Francona has changed his mind and says he will be attending the Red Sox's 100th anniversary celebration of Fenway Park on Friday afternoon." -- ESPN report

Texas Game Saw Massacre
Rangers rout Red Sox
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe)

Rangers Dismantle Red Sox, Season on the Brink of Disaster

Sox Box: Texas 18, Boston 3 | Nightmare on Lansdowne Street
Lesterrible! Lefty Has One of the Worst Starts in the History of Earth
Josh Hammer-ton's 469 Foot Bomb to Be Replayed During Fenway 100 Celebration
Still Counting How Many Different Rangers Homered Off Red Sox Pitching
Bobby V's Japan-Style Motivation Speech Did Wonders for Youkilis
Good News: The Red Sox Have Put Green Balloons All Over Town
And Mark Melancon Wanted to Be Our Latex Salesman?
Is That How Things Are Done Around Here, Pedey?

"I thought Jon [Lester, yes the one that pitched last night] had great stuff tonight, down and away. They were fouling some tough pitches off. Jon just kept battling..." -- Bobby V, getting more delusional by the day

BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons
(BDD / James MacLeod Cartoons)

Groans, Groins, and Golden Sombreros

Bobby Falls Into Booby Trap

BDD Photo Illustration / Mr. Punchy
(BDD Photo Illustration / Mr. Punchy)

Will Bobby's Mouth Go South After Youk Gaffe?

Misdirection: "It seems misdirection comes from all sides, players with an entitlement mentality, absentee ownership, and a manager struggling to imprint his brand on a wayward ship.

Even the hero in our story, Dustin Pedroia, reduces himself saying "that's not the way we do things here." In fact, that's exactly how we got to this disturbing place, players dismissing the manager, and ownership bringing a 'task-oriented' manager instead of a 'relationship oriented' skipper.

We hear how players are concerned about 'snitches'. In other words, professionalism matters less than protecting each others' reputations.

Nobody likes to be criticized. And worse than criticism of performance, impugning one's attitude or "commitment" gets our attention.

The manager's job is to get the best performance out of the players. No doubt that a great "process" is required to get the best outcome. But a seven win September last season argues that the laissez-faire, 'boys will be boys' approach no longer worked.

The question (for a team with a bloated payroll and several seasons of underachievement) becomes what approach will work?" ... continued." -- Ron Sen, BDD contributor and founder of Red Sox Reality Check

The Roosevelts: Remember When Babe Ruth Was on the Red Sox?

Why Can't We All
Just Get Along?

Valentine and Pedroia - Jim Davis / Boston Globe
(Jim Davis / Boston Globe)

Red Sox Clubhouse Is Coming Apart at the Seams, Again

Bobby Bashing Continues in Boston Where V Stands for Villain
The Bobby V Show Premiere Causes Clubhouse Chaos and Leaves Many Cliffhangers
Will Dustin Pedroia Be Benched and Suspended for His Total Disrespect of Valentine?
Was Everyone Behind Valentine Until He Sheepishly Apologized for His Honesty?
Was Youk Sulking After Being Benched for the Third Game of the Season?
Should Bobby Take Pedroia to the Woodshed for the Gratuitous Japan Jab?
Will Both Bobby and Pedey Each Have the Letter 'C' Sewn on Their Jerseys By June?
I Know How We Go About Our Stuff Around Here. Sincerely, The 2011 Collapse
Is Youkilis Schilling's Snitch, Or the Fried-Chicken-and-Beer Whisperer?
Ben Cherington's Bumper Sticker: Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Sveum
After the FA Cup Final May 5 at Wembly, Sox Owners Are Going to Look Into This
Is Schilling's Grin Wider Than His Waistband Right Now?

"There were tons of things going around where guys had questions. No [he wasn't singled out by Beckett], I mean, there were things people questioned, stuff like that, normal stuff going on." -- Kevin Youkilis to Gorden Edes on the Thickening Plot

Patriots' Day Sox Box: Boston 0, Tampa Bay 1
And Now Bobby V's Blowing It On the Field, Too
Too [Grady] Little, Too Late to Take Bard Out
V-Youk-Pedroia Marathon Keeps Running

Alive and Kicking

The Red Sox Cody Ross is welcomed home by teammate David Ortiz following his second inning three run home run that put Boston ahead 3-0. The Boston Red Sox hosted the Tampa Bay Rays in an MLB game at Fenway Park.
(Jim Davis / Globe Staff)

Re-Tooled Red Sox Keep Hammering Away at Home
So Bobby V Takes a Swing at Youk and Creates a Firestorm

"The walks came yesterday and he's had a couple of big at-bats where he's really gotten into it. I don't think he's as physically or emotionally into the game as he has been in the past for some reason... He'll be Youk before it's all over." -- Bobby V decides to take Kevin Youkilis out at the knees

"I know Youk plays as hard as anyone I�ve ever seen in my life and I have his back and his teammates have his back,�� Pedroia said. �We know how hard he plays. I don�t really understand what Bobby�s trying to do, but that�s not the way we go about our stuff around here. I�m sure he�ll figure that out soon. [Could this be a way to motivate someone?] Maybe in Japan or something, but over here in the US we�re on a three-game winning streak and we want to feel good and keep it rolling. �We feel we have a good team and we just got to get each other�s backs and play together, because if we don�t do that, I don�t care what sport you�re playing, you�re not going to win. This game is hard and Youk�s a great player and he works his butt off and we all know how hard he works.�-- Dustin Pedroia slamming Bobby after Bobby's slam on Youk

�I answered the question, I think the question was, this is not Youk-like the way he�s playing. It�s not Youk-like. I think that was the question I answered. I should have explained that his swing isn�t what he wants it to be. The physical part of his swing is frustrating. Frustration leads to emotion. I haven�t seen him break as many helmets as I saw him break on TV. So... it just seemed different. At the end of the thing I said I don�t know what the reason is because I haven�t been here long enough, why his swing isn�t exactly the way he wants it to be and why he�s not throwing as many helmets. I thought it was rather innocuous. As a matter of fact it seemed like they were trying to bang him and I started by saying how good his at-bats were that day, is two walks ...

Kevin came in this morning, I thought it was about his groin, but he asked me 'What's going on?.' People called him and said I said things he didn't like, I totally apologized. I said Jesus, the last thing in the world I want you to think is that I�m doing anything to criticize you. I told him I was just giving an answer to a question and I should�ve been more specific ... I don�t know if he accepted my apology, but it was very sincere. The last thing I wanted him to think that it was anything but an answer to a question that seemed to be jabbing at him.. ... I should have been more specific, your physical is about your swing, emotional is about not being happy when you don't hit a ball off the wall." -- Bobby V trying like heck to backtrack his way out of his Youk gaffe

Sox Box: Boston 6, Tampa Bay 4 | Some Rays of Light for Boston
Is Bobby V Trying to Say Brady's Sister's to Blame for Youk's Issues?
Whomever Stands In for Tito Can Stay for the Official Ceremony
Valentine Expected to Rip Dustin Pedroia After Monday's Game
Sounds Like Pedroia Needs Someone to Play Cribbage With
Sign Luke Scott, He Obviously Loves It Here
Romney Considering Vicente Padilla for VP
Alfredo Aceves, How Do You Like Him Now?
I'll Have What David Ortiz Is Having
Mike Aviles, Range Rover at Short
Saturday in the Park: Five Guys 13, Tampa Bay 5
Here's to You, Jackie Robinson

Homecoming Sting

Stan Grossfeld / Boston Globe - Ellsbury crushed
(Stan Grossfeld / Boston Globe)

Sox Crushed in Home Opener, Still Win the Game

Carroll's Late Header Sends Liverpool to FA Cup Final After Beating Everton, 2-1
Henry, Werner Spurn Liverpool, Fly to Boston to Watch Baseball
Sox Box: Boston 12, Tampa Bay 3 | Opening Slay
Ellsbury Loss Leaves Painful Gaps in Lineup, Outfield
No Worries, Carl Crawford Will Soon Be Here to Hit Leadoff and Save the Day!
Mums the Word on Thumb: Beckett Pitched Well Enough to Win
Can Linsanity Save the Season? No.

"Buzzing. Fantastic win, heart pounding still. May 5th, LFC will be back at Wembley again!" -- Linda Pizzuti tweet ... who ever thought she was destined to be the world's biggest soccer fan?

Yankee Fans 'Outraged' That Bobby V's on NYC Radio

Bobby V, the King of New York

Bobby V Defends Going on New York Radio,
Praises Francona, Won't Bite on Schilling
Francona Chimes In Too, Regrets Red Sox Comments

From The Michael Kay Show on ESPN 1050 New York:

Michael Kay: �Now you�re weekly with us Bobby, when we announced it last week, I wonder if you sensed it, because you were on the road, but people went nuts [Valentine: Nuts], Yankee fans are outraged.�

Bobby Valentine: �I�m gonna tell you why, you got a lot of good advertising Michael, that�s all I can say, everyone knows where you are on the dial.�

Kay: �First of all Red Sox fans think you�re a traitor. Yankee fans, they�re calling me Mata Hari, why do you think that this is such a big deal?�

Valentine: �I guess they think there aren�t people who care about the Red Sox, or care about baseball who listen to your station, they think there are only people who bleed that navy blue Yankee or whatever it is or the orange and blue Mets. I happen to know there�s a lot of people who listen in the New York metropolitan area who give a damn about the Red Sox and I�m glad that I have a chance to be with you every week.�

Kay: �Because so many people acted so angrily in Boston, and I know that you�re a man of your word Bobby, was there a part of you that said, �You know what, maybe I better bag this?�

Valentine: �Well, I�m a commitment guy and I thought that this was the right thing to do and why shouldn�t I do it? It�s absolutely ridiculous to think that they�re protecting me, and talking to some of the other radio show hosts, they felt that I needed protection if I went on shows with the hated enemy, that I�d say something stupid and wind up getting in trouble. I�m just going to try to say what�s true and see if I can stay out of trouble.

Don La Greca: �Looks like Terry Francona�s not going to go to the ceremony for the 100th anniversary at Fenway Park, as someone who has been fired by organizations before, do you understand where he�s coming from?�

Valentine: �You know I didn�t take a big bite out of that apple. � I don�t know that I can comment on that other than �to each their own,� and I think that Terry is as much a part of the Red Sox history and the Red Sox nation as anyone and if he�s not here, he�ll be truly missed.

Kay: �I was listening to the interview that you did with WEEI, and you have a weekly with them in Boston, and it seems not much gets to you but you don�t like answering questions about Curt Schilling. Why is that a hot button issue with you?�

Valentine: �I don�t care about answering questions about something that is really relevant. I can�t go on a radio show and say I�m going to answer everything that every commentator thinks about me, that�s not what I�m on for. I�m on the show to talk about the Boston Red Sox.

Kay: �But Schilling has said negative things about you and you're usually the type of guy that returns volley.�

Valentine: �And so have many others.�

Update: Tito Goes on with Kay, Regrets Slamming Sox Publicly

"That came out the other day and I wish I had handled it a little differently. I think I'm smarter than that, but I'm not comfortable going back there. But I wish I would have kept some of the reasons to myself and I'm a little disappointed in myself for that." -- Terry Francona, follows Bobby V on Michael Kay radio show

Christmas Eve Is Here

Boston Dirt Dogs
(BDD Photo Illustration)

No Matter What the Red Sox Do to Ruin the Homecoming
Fenway Will Be Filled with All the Who's-Who on Friday

It May Be That Their Heart Is Two Sizes Too Small
Tomase: Intimidation Factor Gone, Red Sox Are Now 'Just Part of the Pack'
So What if Senator Scott Brown Wanted to Ship the Sox Down to Foxborough
Have You Heard the Sox Open on Friday the 13th? Sincerely, The Titanic Overhype
No Truth to Rumor Wakefield and Varitek Declined Invitations for 'First Pitch'
Tito Won't Be Buying Tickets to Bobby V's Speech at Salem State Either
The One and Olney: Clubhouse a Mess, Resentment Lingers from Snitch-hunt
Henry, Werner Fixing Liverpool, Ready for Everton
Tickets Anyone?

"The whole thing has lost its way, they've lost their soul." -- 98.5's Michael Felger on the Red Sox

Henry, Werner Take Action
Boston Red Sox owners Tom Werner and John Henry
(Jim Davis / Globe Staff)

Heads Begin to Roll After Team's Ongoing Struggles

Damien Comolli Axed As Director of Liverpool Football
Henry Shows Brutal Side 'Swings Axe After Genteel Lunch with Comolli'
So This Is What Happens After $160 Million in Spending with Lousy Results
Just In: Henry, Werner Axe Top Liverpool Doc Hour After Comolli Gets Fired
Wasn't He the Doc That Was Supposed to Get the Fat and Unhappy Sox in Shape?
Rumors Certain to Swirl Next Week About Comolli's Pill Popping and Womanizing
'If the Phone Don't Ring, That's Me On the Other End.' John Henry to Damien Comolli
True Story: Comolli Was Recommended to Henry by Oakland A�s GM Billy Beane
Comolli's Poor Performance Will Get Him President's Position at Manchester United
Video: Werner Talks to Claire About Sacking Comolli, Liverpool's Resources
Hopefully Sox Owners Get Out of Fenway in Time For the Everton Match
'Jordan Henderson and Stewart Downing Were Terrible Signings.'
-- Sincerely John Lackey and Carl Crawford

"The club needs to move forward and we now have a huge game on Saturday. It is important that everyone joins us in supporting the manager... We have a strategy we need implemented and we felt Damien was probably not the right person to implement that strategy. We prefer stability. But when it�s time to act, we need to act. We�re coming close to the end of the season and the transfer window for the summer and we felt it was important to make this change expeditiously." -- Liverpool chairman Tom Werner, knee-deep in football

"We are grateful for all of [insert fired employee name here] efforts on behalf of [insert name of Fenway Sports Group entity here] and wish him all the best for the future." -- Liverpool principal owner John Henry, dusting off his Terry Francona speech

Dome and Gloom

Boston Red Sox Kevin Youkilis, right, reacts in front of Toronto Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia after striking out during ninth inning of a baseball game in Toronto on Wednesday, April 11, 2012.

Stumbling Red Sox Off to 1-5 Start in Bobby V Era
Boo Birds Await as Fried Chickens Come Home to Roost

Sox Box: Toronto 3, Boston 1 | Sox Make Ricky Romero Look Like Vida Blue
Did Shoppach Miss Bobby's Bunting Boot Camp?
Can't Win: Another Strong Losing Effort for Lester
V Says Lavarnway Starts at Catcher If He's Called Up
Ellsbury Boras' Dough Boy Starts Year in 3-for-23 Slump
Is Jenny Dell Afraid of Bobby V? She Should Be
Is Middlebrooks Ready to Make His Debut at Third?
No Ninth Life for Sox

"It's just as frustrating. We'll get out of it, but it is frustrating now. It's a whole different season. It's a different team. It does feel different." -- Adrian Gonzalez ... not happy with God's plan

From Bard to Worse

Boston Red Sox pitching coach Bob McClure talks to pitcher Daniel Bard during the third inning of their MLB American League baseball game against the Toronto Blue Jays in Toronto April 10, 2012.

Not the Start to Stop Closing Talk

Sox Box: Toronto 7, Boston 3 | Daniel Pitched Just Well Enough to Lose
The Sun Comes Up, The Sun Goes Down, and Crawford Has Another Setback
Lighten Up Tito, You're Not to First Guy to Get Torched On His Way Out of Boston
Pedroia Can't Carry the Sox Forever, But He's Trying Like Hell
Is Lavarnway the Answer to Ignite the Offense?
Aceves's Pregame Not to Bobby V: 'Loss'
Justin Time? Not So Much
Sox Need More Deep Threats

W for V
Boston Red Sox's Darnell McDonald slides into home plate to score against Toronto Blue Jays catcher J.P Arencibia during the ninth inning of a baseball game in Toronto on Monday, April 9, 2012. Boston won 4-2.

Red Sox Get Off the Schneid in Toronto

Sox Box: Boston 4, Toronto 2 | Sox Can't Lose 'Em All
Alfredo Gets A-Save-es; Atchison the Win
Felixer Extends Life of Rotation with First Rate Effort
When the Ball Meets Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie, That's La Luna
Is It Time to Get Punto Back in at Leadoff?
Salty Not Looking Sharp at the Plate, or Behind It
Watermelon All Over the Clubhouse as Sox Celebrate Win
Ryan Sweeney All-Star Campaign Has Begun
And Papelbon Got Booed in Philly to Boot
Zero Point Zero: John Blutarsky... and Kevin Youkilis
Run David, Run!

"A great effort by a team of men who just never said die... They kept battling, down 2-0... No one ever got down... They stayed aggressive, [and] won a big game here." -- Bobby V is for Victory

Rabbit Punch
Boston Red Sox catcher Jarrod  Saltalamacchia walks off the field as Detroit Tigers celebrate a 13-12 win in 11 innings, after a baseball game Sunday, April 8, 2012, in Detroit.

It's the Mother of All Double-Blown Saves
Sox Wind Up with Easter Eggs on Their Face

Sox Box: Detroit 13, Boston 12
Widespread Panic Across Red Sox Nation as Boston is Blown Away in Wild Walkoff
You're Damn Right NESN's Showing An Old Liverpool Match Tonight Instead
Clay's Awful Day Will Fly Under the Radar After Gasoline Alley Blows Two
For Those Keeping Score:That's 1 Homer and 30 Strike Outs in 3 Games
Three Straight Defeats to Open Bobby V Era, But He's Cool With It
John Henry Being Told About the Sweep Any Day Now
At Least They Found a Leadoff Hitter
Franklin Morales on Deck to Close?
Wait Til Next Year

"Why are you trying to throw gas to the greatest right-handed hitter [Cabrera] in the game?" -- Eck on Aceves blowing his save on a three-run bomb to Miguel Cabrera

"Great effort by the offense, oh I've probably been involved in a game like this. You get down 4-0 after the first inning, losing a couple of games here at the start of the season, these guys showed they got a lot of heart, a lot of ability, they did a heck of a job." -- Bobby V to Jenny D... he must have watched a different game than the one broadcast on NESN

Here's Lookin' at Youk

BDD -- Kevin Youkilis
(BDD Photo Illustration)

The Benched Third Baseman Got Old Overnight

Motor City Beatdown

Josh Beckett of the Boston Red Sox is replaced in the fifth inning by manager Bobby Valentine during the game against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park on April 7, 2012 in Detroit, Michigan.
(Getty Images)

Beckett Implodes, Offense Evaporates

Sox Box: Detroit 10, Boston 0
Tigers Bang Five Bombs Off the Shell of Josh Beckett
Good News: Beckett Just Locked in Intro Boos for the Home Opener
It's September in March for the Reeling Red Sox
Thumb and Dumber: Beckett Just Didn't Execute... Yeah, Right
Schill, Theo, Tito, and Pap Smiling Ear-to-Ear
Look Out Below Shuts Down Stumblin' Sox, Too
Good Thing Baseball's Not Important to Beckett Anymore
Buchholz in Must-Win Start Sunday
We'll Always Have Fenway 100 and a Liverpool Re-run Sunday Night
Maybe They Should Carry 15 Pitchers
Too Soon to Fire Bobby V?

"They were all in the middle of the plate and they hit them hard." -- Josh Captain Obvious Beckett

BDD Photo Illustration / Steve Garberg
(BDD Photo Illustration / Steve Garberg)

1. Say I didn't execute pitches, 11 #@%! times,
2. Try not to mention missing 'Tek in postgame Q&A,
3. Fly to Boise Idaho then Gary Indiana to get thumb examined,
4. Get back on Popeye's and Lone Star pronto,
5. Get oil changed on my truck

Panic in Detroit

Red Sox pitcher Alfredo Aceves walks off the field as the Tigers celebrate in the backround after he gave up a single that drove in the winning run in the bottom of the ninth inning that gave Detroit a 3-2 victory. The Boston Red Sox visited the Detroit Tigers for an Opening Day MLB game at Comerica Park.
(Jim Davis / Globe Staff)

Back End of the 'Pen Does Sox In
Austin Powers Tigers in Game 1 Walkoff

Sox Box: Detroit 3, Boston 2, Alfredo Can't A-save-es Sox
Tigers Rally on Makeshift 'Pen to Beat Boston
Finn Reaction: Familiar Opening Scene for Red Sox
Adding Insult to Injury: Papelbon Gets First Save for Phillies
V is for Verlander: Justin V Ruins Bobby V's Red Sox Debut
No Wonder Mark Melancon Didn't Fight for the Closer's Job
Good News: Aston Villa vs. Liverpool Is On Sunday at 8:00 p.m. on NESN
If Bobby V Didn't Talk to Michael Kay Yesterday, the Sox Would Have Won
Reports: Kanye West Is Now In Love with Jenny Dell ... Developing
Hey Salty, Next Time You Want to Walk to the Mound... Don't
Detroit Breakdown, Motor City Shakedown for Openers
Clutch Time: Don't Blame Ryan Sweeney, Pedroia
Sox Fans Could Use a Beer Right About Now
Punto Is Italian for 'Legs of Cement'

"I do hope I'm wrong, but this team has no legit ace, and now no closer, and a hapless collection of Survivor cast offs who will split time between giving up dongs and going on the DL for injuries only old stuntman should legitimately claim." -- Muldaddy

"Yeah, it did. It felt a little quick, but that�s not my job. My job is to get outs and I didn�t do that. I�m not going to think any more about that. I�m just going to continue to try to get outs and get after it." -- Mark Melancon on his memorable outing

"Jon Lester was impressive the entire time out there�. We were throwing strikes and they were throwing strikes. With a two run lead we weren�t going to give up. � It looked like we were rolling if we could have scored one more there� " -- Bobby V postmortem on NESN

"An issue is Melancon... I think they were a little stunned they didn't see a lot of swings and misses from Melancon in spring training." -- Peter Gammons on NESN after the Opening Day loss

Tigers fan takes a shot at the Sox
(Leon Halip / Getty Images)

I Heart Radio
Bobby V, the King of New York

Bobby V Takes His Show on the Road to
Stick It to Yankee Fans in New York

Listen to Bobby Tell Yankee Fans About the Boston Red Sox on New York Radio
Yankee Fans Beyond Thrilled to Tune Into Bobby V's Boston Bias on Commute Home
Imagine Tuning Into Joe Girardi on the Southeast Expressway? Not Happening
Go Bobby Go, Ignore the Negative Nancies
Benson: Unseasonable Red Sox Season

"It's all thumbs on deck for Josh [Beckett], he's ready to go." -- Bobby V to Michael Kay on ESPN New York radio

"I see no reason for that, that's for sure... I have big things to worry about." -- Bobby V on if he'll talk to Curt Schilling

"As a Yankee fan, I take it as a slap in the face." -- Yankee fan on having to listen to Bobby V in New York via WEEI's Big Show

We Bailey Knew Ye

Bailey going home
(Elsa / Getty Images)

It's Over Before It Started for Closer
Sox Will Start Season Behind the 8-Ball

Brittle Bailey Is Out for 3-4 Months
This Just In: Papelbon Thinks Philly Brass Knows Baseball Better Than Boston Brass
It Could Be Worse: Ben Could Have Signed Tommy John Madson
Looking Back: Who's Your Favorite Red Sox Closer?
Looking Ahead:

"Oh, I don�t think it�ll be before the All-Star break is what the trainer told me... The guys you�ve seen in the bullpen are going to hold down the fort, do their job, and help us win a lot of games. I think Aceves there at the end, you�ll see him at the end of games. Melancon will be at the end of games, for sure.�" -- Bobby V on the Bailey bad news

Best Medical Care
In the World?

Driving them away
(BDD Photo Illustration)

Red Sox Players Will Fly All Over the Country
To Avoid The New Braintrust at Mass General

Boston Dirt Dogs
(BDD / The Three Stooges)

Valentine: Bailey Will Be Out 'A While'
Beckett Goes from San Antonio to Cleveland for Third Opinion on Thumb

Beckett Out with
Bum Thumb

Josh Beckett - Stop Snitching
(BDD Photo Illustration)

And Alfredo Aceves Is the One Doing the Snitching:

"They say Josh Beckett, he have injury in his thumb ... [reporters: Andrew Bailey?] No. Josh Beckett. And if he don't start the second game, I will start the second game and the first game at home. That's what he [Bobby Valentine] said. And then he said, and now you're gonna be in the [rotation]. I like Felix Doubront he say, because he's lefty, hey that's his approach... they say that Bard, the organization wanted him to put give the chance so I had no chance. It don't matter how good you throw, you know, you're still not gonna pitch." -- Alfredo Aceves via sports radio WEEI

Two Thumbs Down for Sox As Beckett Joins Bailey on Thumb Injury List
Silverman on Twitter: Beckett Out with Thumb Injury
Aceves Breaks the News That Beckett Could Be Out to Start the Season
Edes: Sox Source Indicated Beckett Thumb Issue 10 Days Ago
Alfredo May Finally Make His Way Into the Rotation as the No. 2 Starter
Melancon's Turn: Bailey Won't Be Ready to Start the Season with the Team
Beckett En Route to See Doc in San Antonio... Avoiding Sox Docs
Good News: Bailey Picks Stones' 'Under My Thumb' for Entrance Song
Did Beckett and Bailey Get Hurt Playing Video Games? #Lazy
So Aceves Will Start and Close, Excellent

Bobby V's Bars to Take Over Boston

Boston Dirt Dogs

B D D   E X C L U S I V E:

13 Bobby V's Sports Bars To Open Throughout Boston
Will Replace Jerry Remy's Sports Bars By Opening Day

Valentine Set to Dominate Boston Sports Bar Scene
Extends Bobby V's Brand With Hub Takeover

April 1, 2012: With the start of the Red Sox season just days away, Boston Dirt Dogs has learned that Bobby V's Sports Cafes, owned by Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine with locations in Stamford, Conn., and the one Bobby built from scratch early in the morning, late at night, in Arlington, Texas, will replace the two Jerry Remy's Sports Bar & Grill locations in Boston by Opening Day.

Bobby V's will also replace 11 other well-known Boston area sports bars in the $121 million deal. All 13 Bobby V's are expected to have a grand opening event on April 20 to coincide with Fenway Park's 100th anniversary. "That date will be known as a Bobby 'Versary for the next 100 years," Valentine reportedly said when signing the deal.

With the acquisitions, Bobby V's now vaults to become the No. 1 entertainment brand in Boston. The complete list of sports bars being taken over by Bobby V's follows:

- Jerry Remy's Sports Bar and Grill, Northern Ave.
- Jerry Remy's Sports Bar and Grill, Boylston Street
- Baseball Tavern, Boylston Street
- McGreevy's, Boylston Street
- Game On! Fenway, Lansdowne, Street
- Champions, Boston Marriott Copley Place
- Champions Cambridge, Broadway, Cambridge
- The Fours, Canal Street
- Hurricane O'Reillys, Canal Street
- Stadium Sports Bar, Old Colony, South Boston
- Clarke's at Faneuil Hall, Merchant's Row
- Coolidge Corner Clubhouse, Harvard Street, Brookline
- Brighton Beer Garden, Market Street, Brighton

NESN broadcaster Jerry Remy plans to stay on board at Bobby V's as the chourico-and-chips-wrap chef at the two former Jerry Remy's sports bar locations during the offseason. And while you are digesting this story, don't forget to look back at Sox news on this date in 2011, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, and 2004.

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