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Monday December 30, 2002

The Mendoza Line

Ex-Yankee Signed: 2 Years, $6.5 Million

"I will face the Yankees like rivals"

Sunday December 29, 2002

The Empire Strikes Back

Steinbrenner Calls Henry "Stupid" and Lucky "Sick"

12.29.02: NY Daily News: John Henry, your former partner and owner of the Red Sox, was quoted as saying after you signed Contreras that he "was and is a big risk." What's your response?

GS: That's just ridiculous. It makes him look stupid because they did everything they could to get him, including offering more money than we did. They offered $10 million to get him away from us. I give credit to Mr. Contreras. He wanted to play for the Yankees.

John Henry put down $1 million to buy into the Yankees. He gets back $4.7 million. I hope he does as well for his partners.

NY Daily News: Larry Lucchino, president of the Red Sox, called the Yankees "the evil empire" after the signing.

GS: That's B.S. That's how a sick person thinks. I've learned this about Lucchino: he's baseball's foremost chameleon of all time. He changes colors depending on where's he's standing. He's been at Baltimore and he deserted them there, and then went out to San Diego, and look at what trouble they're in out there. When he was in San Diego, he was a big man for the small markets. Now he's in Boston and he's for the big markets. He's not the kind of guy you want to have in your foxhole. He's running the team behind John Henry's back. I warned John it would happen, told him, "Just be careful." He talks out of both sides of his mouth. He has trouble talking out of the front of it.


Pats Catch Miami, But Jets Sack Pack

Friday, December 27 2002

The Battle of Good vs. Evil

Mr. Good Dr. Evil
Red Sox Yankees


Sox Caught in Steinbrenner Sting

Ex-Con Sandbagged Red Sox, George Went Contreras Shopping Early to Wrap Up Cuban

Georgiegate Conspiracy

New York Official G. Gordon Blakeley, Contreras Agent Jaime "Pay Me" Torres set up Jose Bag Job.


Lucchino Calls Deal with The Devil "Ludicrous"

"The Evil Empire extends its tentacles even into Latin America"

New York Stories

Writers Invent Broken Window, Door to Embellish Epstein Episode

The Mendoza Line

Free Agent Negotiation, Money, Length, and Signing Remain Unconfirmed

Yankees Win Contreras Battle But This Means War

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Bronx Humbug!


"Yankee Mystique" or Yankee Mistake?

Sox Deal for Cuban Goes Up in Smoke But Yankees May Get Burned in the End


No Way Jose Under Sox Christmas Tree

Contreras Conned into Pinstripes

Cuban a Yankee at 4-years at $32 million

NY payroll swells to $158 million

The Thrilla in Managua Ends in Early Knockout

Sox to turn focus back to Colon, Vazquez

We'll Have a Blue Christmas Without You

Steinbrenner Steals Contreras from Sox

The Mendoza Line

El Siglo report of signing false. Contact made.
But no negotiations yet.

Monday, December 23, 2002

The Thrilla in Managua

Yankees-Red Sox Fight for Contreras

Epstein, Eljaua Turn Up Heat in Central America

Is Saint Nicaragua Coming to Town?

Theo is in Managua (and keeps talking to Minaya)

'The Wizard' of Odd

Panamanian Paper Reports Red Sox-Mendoza Deal Done. Fox, Timlin Signings Still Not Official.

Will Red Sox Give Ramiro three years at $12 million?

"I feel annoyed, but I must move ahead now and go to work for the Red Sox", said Mendoza. "the things now will change,
I will face the Yankees like rivals".

Timlin, Fox Signings Official

Offerman II Avoided in Fonzie Scheme

Theo thankfully didn't bite on Duquette-style "4-years for $26 Million" Alfonso Albatross

Friday, December 20, 2002

Dog Gone But Not Forgotten

Tender Subject

After Midnight, They're Gonna Let Dauber Hang Down (Bye Bye Brian).

 Cliff Walks To New York

Mets Pay $26 million/4 years for Mr. Thin Skin Brittle Bones
(May be their best move since Mo)

Millar Still Dragon His Feet on Japan

Thursday December 19, 2002


The Six Million Dollar Man

We can replace him. We have the 'payroll flexibility.'
We have the capability to sign a true first baseman.
Who will be that man? Better than we had before.
Better . . . stronger . . . faster.

Injury Prone DH Rejects Salary Arbitration from Red Sox

Theo on Deadline Deals and Nomar Batting 5

Cliff-hanger Countdown

Will Floyd Be Back?

Song:  In the Midnight Hour
Artist:  Cliff Fraud and the Three Year Deals

"Iím gonna wait till the midnight hour
Thatís when the Dodger deal comes tumbling down
Iím gonna wait till the midnight hour
When thereís no other teams around

Iím gonna take arbitration I fooled you
Do all things that sold you in the midnight hour
Iím gonna wait till next year to go out
See dollar signs in my eyes

Iím gonna wait till the midnight hour
Thatís when the Sox begin to shine
Youíre the only team I know
Really love Boston so in the midnight hour"

Au Contreras!

Cuban star granted free-agency. Sox in driver's seat.

Beefing Up the Bullpen

Sox sign veteran reliever Mike Timlin (Needs physical first before final)

Houston You Have a Problem

Astros Sign 34-year-old Jeff Kent for two years

Jackson 5 Backup

Sox sign Damian Jackson as second shortstop

Wednesday December 18, 2002

Godzilla Going to Gotham, Matsui a Yankee

Yomiuri Slugger Agrees to Record Setting Deal with Yankees

Musical Chairs

Courtesy of Riff at 'Your Turn:'  According to Gordon Edes, Theo wrecked some hotel furniture when he found out that Edgardo Alfonzo had slipped through his grasp. The kid's a Rock Star. And based on this incident alone, he should get along fine with the newly acquired Giambi. This incident could spawn a new Mastercard commercial:

- One Edgardo Alfonzo:  $13 million for 2 years
- One tacky Opryland chair:  $85.00
- Trashing a hotel room like Led Zep:  PRICELESS

Herald writes "the chair was already a bit damaged when Epstein's assistant, Craig Shipley, rendered it useless merely by sitting on it."


Old Man Floyd sends Dodgers a Me$$age

LA Times: "Cliff Floyd Sr., the father of the slugger, said Tuesday that if the Dodgers don't sign Floyd before Thursday, his son will accept an arbitration offer from the Boston Red Sox."

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Sox Sign J. Giambi to One Year Deal

Sox Bent on Kent?

"There's been significant dialogue"
but Astros have inside track on Jeff

Monday, December 16, 2002

Dodgers Making Run at Floyd

Cliff Falling Off Red Sox Radar?

Red Sox Get Another Colonoscopy, Reexamine Trade for Expos Star

Notes from Nashville

Sox Pick Up Cesar "Salad Days" Crespo

Red Sox Go White, Brown in Rule V Draft

Sunday, December 15, 2002

O Brother, Here Art Thou!

Sox Trade Josh Hancock for Jeremy Giambi

Jeremy and Naia Sheffield at 2001 ESPYs
(Will he wear that jacket on Newbury Street?)

Will Vazquez Show His Face in Boston?

Sox/Yanks Come Down to Wire on Expos deal

Saturday, December 14, 2002

Theo Knows When To Hold 'Em

But the Fat Lady Hasn't Sung in Nashville Yet.

Born Under a Bad Sign

Theo Puts Burkett on the Block

Sox Hope to Strike Back at John

Au Contreras!

MLB finds residency application of Jose invalid,
Sox pursuit of Cuban Star may have to wait.

Friday, December 13, 2002


Not Today. Nomar Makes it out of Nashville.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Sox Know the Way to Land Jose

Walker, Talker

First Things Second

Sox Trade Minor League RHP Josh Thigpen and 3B Tony Blanco for Reds 2B Todd Walker

Nashville News Breaks Early as Sox Run to Walker

Not So Fast

Sox Have Last Word on Pedro Talks

"When the time is right,
they will sit down and have the appropriate discussion, with the key phrase, 'When the time is right' ''

T'is the Season

Petey wants his $17.5M before testing shoulder

"If this year starts, in spring training, and I am not anywhere with them, then I will wait and become a free agent.''

Kidnap Caper a Hoax.
Pedro's Dad Not in Danger.

MLB: There was no plot. Pedro was mistaken.

Friday, December 6, 2002

Are the Red Sox Turning Japanese?

(I really think so)

Free agent slugger Hideki Matsui said on Wednesday he is thankful for the interest the Boston Red Sox are showing in acquiring him for next season. "It's something I'm very pleased about," said Matsui a day after choosing Arn Tellem as his agent for negotiations with major-league clubs. "The Red Sox are a team of tradition." Matsui, who was enjoying a game of golf with former teammates of the Japan Series champion Yomiuri Giants, also acknowledged Japanese fans' affinity to the club because of players like Hideo Nomo who once played for the American League team. "Nomo-san and (Tomokazu) Ohka both played there, so the fans are quite familiar with this team," Matsui said.

Mike Likes Boston

Port Stays with Sox

Lefty, Righty, and Over the Wally

The Red Sox are introducing two new mascots next year named Righty and Lefty. The "aggressively friendly" mascots will focus on Fenway toddlers who are too afraid of Chris errr Wally the Green Monster. In other non-baseball news, the Red Sox received approval to put 312 seats on top of the Wall in 2003.

Don Deal!
Sean McDone? Met on it.

Thursday, December 5, 2002

Rupe, Banks Cash In

Go Theo Go

Wednesday, December 4, 2002

Jerry NarrIN But Manual Shifts Gears

Tuesday December 3, 2002

No More Nomar?

Disgruntled Shortstop May Go West This Winter. Are you mad? Or Vlad?

Rojas Goes to Bullpen (No, not Cookie)

Tuesday December 3, 2002

Letters to Theo

Red Auerbach, Harry Sinden, Lou Gorman,
and Bill Parcells give Epstein advice

Harry Sinden: ''Another important part of the job will be working with the manager. Tell him right up front what your point of view is, or what your philosophy running the club is. Then if he wants to do it another way, or his own way, fine. But he better win. From the organizational standpoint, get everyone on the same page. Get them together and let them debate. Listen to what they have to say. But make sure when all of you walk out of the room, you are together, and not divided.''

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