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5.31.04 - Remember our fallen soldiers.

More EmBorasment

Dreck Too

Derek Hits Another Lowe Point.

Not so great Scott: 6.84 ERA

"He's (D-Lowe) durable... there's a value to durability... he's durable... did I say he was durable and had the second most wins?...that's what we spin for our clients." - Mr. Integrity, Scott Boras

Red's Dead, Baby... Red's Dead

Good News: No More Reasons to Wear the Ridiculous Red Shirts (Except Money of Course).

Lenny DiNada Can't Get it Done Either

Mora the same: Baltimore bombs Sox 13-4

Strike Out King: What's Wrong with Manny?

Monday Bloody Monday

I can’t believe the news today
Oh, I can’t close my eyes, make red shirts go away
How Lowe...
How low must we watch him go?
How Lowe? how low...

’cause tonight... 6.84's the number

Broken blisters, cut to his defeat
Contract strewn, talks hit a dead end street
But he won’t heed the battle call
It puts his back up
Puts his back up against the wall

Monday, bloody Monday
Monday, bloody Monday
Monday, bloody Monday (Monday bloody Monday...)
(allright lets go!)

Well, Well, Well

Look Who's Ready to Play. 2 for 3 Yesterday.

Nomar Hits Bong During Rehab


McParty Time

Dave Dinger is Game Winner

Extra, Extra: Sox Rally and Win 9-7 in 12

Perfect Gamer

Hurt Curt Carries Perfect Game into Sixth
but Can't Get Out of Eighth

Curtis Pride: Tito's Slow Hook Costs Hoss a Win. Extra Inning Sees Schilling ERA Skyrocket to 3.00.

Roger All-Star Match Up Now in Jeopardy.

That's Tall Foulke: Keith Blows First Save

The Dominator Delivers to Tie it Up

A-Mart Pitching Better than P-Mart


Son of a Bichiro

Mariners Torch Tim Early,
Sox Can't Rally Late

Manny AL HR leader, but Sox fall to Seattle 5-4

Nomar's Better, Trot's Not

Garciaparra starts rehab assignment for PawSox.
Nixon had leg up on return but now all bets are off.

"Is it true?"

"Don't ask me about my business."

"No- Enough! Alright. This one time. This one time,
I'll let you ask me about my affairs."

"Is it true? Is it?
Did you sell-out? You have to make Shaughnessy's lunch? Shine Ryan's shoes? Lucchino approves EVERYTHING?!?

...Are you going mainstream?"


"I guess we both need a drink, huh? Come on."

New Red Sox Game for 'Kid Nation'

"Where You're the Doctor"

With this remake of the beloved kid's skill game from the 70s, Red Sox Operation let's you take over the Red Sox medical staff responsibilities and get the walking wounded ready to play baseball again. You and your friends will be entertained for hours as you "take out wrenched ankle" of Curt Schilling, balance BK's muscle-leg-hip imbalance shoulder-ankle-back problem, repair Pedro's rotator cuff, see if you can locate a heart on Ramiro Mendoza, crack the case on Bill Mueller's knee, get D-Lowe's head examined, give a green light to Ellis Burks, keep Williamson in the waiting room, sew Nomar's sheath, untie Trot's butt-knot, and much more.

"My predictions haven't been that accurate lately." - Dr. Bill Morgan

5.28.04 - Jesus should return before Kim

Big Poppy

Life is Grand for RBI King

Up, Up and Away

Sox Pour it On M's, Win 8-4

Another Manny HR. The Youk is on Fire.

Pete gets through 7. Embree, Foulke lights out.

Trot and Nomar: We've Got Your
"Rehab Assignment" Right Here:

Let's Go While We're Young!

Trot will play 7 innings in the field on Saturday. He and Nomar are "pretty close"
but Theo won't "jinx" it with timetable.

Trot's not long for Ft. Myers: Kathryn, Chase head north today

Forecast Called for Reign

He can't throw 95 anymore, but he still owns Seattle.

There's a New Undercover Scheriff in Town

"Curt's car" by SoSH's Manny25 

Foul Tip: Schill Pitches in to Pinch Drunk Driving Sox Fan

"He was all over the road."
- Red Sox Top Cop Curt Schilling

(Sources indicate Curt is mulling run for Massachusetts Governor in 2006 :-)




#5 Pitches Like #2

Mulder Manhandles Sox
While Bronson, Brown Get Bombed

(Do you know any tracks from that one guitar man?)

Sox Get a Good Old Fashioned A'ss Whoopin' 15-2

And Lobel "raises issue" of keeping Pokey at short.

"Wouldn't it be easier on Nomar's heel if he played
third base instead of shortstop?"
- Lobel, NESN SportsPlus


Fenway Gets On Its Feet for Dominique

"Whatever (the motivation) was, I was very appreciative," said Dominique. "I'll never forget it. It was an emotional moment."

Maybe too emotional.

"I'm up there," recalled Dominque, "it's my first at-bat in the big leagues. I step out after the second pitch and all I can hear is them chanting my name. I couldn't block it out. It's a moment that will stay in my mind a long time." - Sean McAdam ProJo notebook


High Tek Boom

Jason's Three-Run Smash
Sox Past A's 9-6

"He's a bulldog, he plays hurt, he sticks his nose in the dirt... that's all you can ask for." - Alan Embree on Tek, NESN

And The Beat Goes On.

Really Big Impact: #32 for Bellhorn. #39 for 'Tiz

McCarty with the D

Bottom Line: D-Lowe Wins.

Embree, Timlin... That's All Foulke.

Youkilis not killin' us!
(Is this Carney Lansford to Wade Boggs all over again?)

           (Ben There)


Crosby Error Costly for Choakland

5.26.04 - ESPN MLB SCOREBOARD - Write in David Ortiz as AL 1B All Star. -

Will D-Lowe Remember
How to Throw Tonight?

We Think So... All Systems Lowe.


s Kickin'

DominiCan-Do. Bellhorn Too.

Todd who?

Sox Cross Hudson, Crush Oakland 12-2

Boston Bats explode for 19 hits

(Millar 9 LOB)

Schilling Never Looked Better

Dirt Dogs strong on the catwalk.

Curt Making His Move

Schill may face his idol Clemens in All-Starter match-up in Houston



Out "6 weeks" which in Red Sox medical terms may be 6 months.

(and it's 3-1 he's back before Nomar)

"Would any of you guys trust Bill Morgan to take your temperature at this point?


Doctors usually are conservative, but Morgan seems to be laissez-faire about everything.
Dr. Eyebrows and Dr. Drunk... who's next? Dr. Dre?" - Paul M. SoSH Dope

Welcome Back Choakland

Schill Gets All A's Tonight


Ben There, Done That

Tellum Tries to Bowl Us Over

Agent: "Nomar wants to stay." Looks like the price is coming down.
Are we talking one year deal? Let's get him back on the field first Arn.

But Front Office Won't Get Pinned Down

"The Great Unspoken around Fenway these days is "what's up with Nomar?" The star shortstop had his annual charity bowling festival at Town Line Ten Pin in Malden last night and continues to say all the right things about wanting to play here. No one can ever judge another man's pain or physical readiness to play. That said, the notion that the shortstop is sticking it to management by taking his sweet time returning goes beyond talk radio and water-cooler chats. Like so many fans, the men who run the Red Sox now are wondering whether Nomar is sending a message." - Shaughnessy

"If he's ready to play, he should be ashamed." - Gerry Callahan, WEEI

Where's Nomar? Take the survey on ESPN

Separated at Birth?

Ben Affleck Scott Peterson

$10 Million BK has a message for the Red Sox Medical Staff

Kim Goes Back to Korea for Muscle Imbalance and Hip Help

Be Back Soon

Get Ready 'Cause Here He Comes.
Dirt Dog in the Outfield Today.

Trot will play three innings in the outfield at extended spring training today
for the first time since he injured his left quad.

He could be back in the lineup in 10 days.

5.25 Update: "Nixon continued to make progress, going 2 for 4 with a double in an extended spring training game in Fort Myers. The Sox said Nixon ran and slid hard into second base on the double without any problem. He played three innings in right field without any action." - Globe Notebook

Nomar's Lingering Effect

Mazz says "only a matter of time before teammates grow frustrated." Gammons confirms "conflicting diagnosis" on Achilles.

5.23: Peter Gammons: "As for Garciaparra, this past weekend he still couldn't sprint without his Achilles' bothering him, and with the quick movements necessary to play shortstop, it makes no sense to try to play and risk a serious injury. "It's really frustrating," says Garciaparra. "But I think I tried to come back too quickly from the wrist injury, and it hurt the team."

Between conflicting diagnosis' and all the trade flap during the winter, it has been a rough seven months for Garciaparra." - Gammons notes on ESPN.com

Howard Bryant: "It (day-to-day reports) could go on all season. I'm serious. Something could be seriously wrong with him." - 7 Sports Xtra

Mazz hearing whispers: "So far, there is nothing too major to be concerned about, but there were whispers on the most recent trip concerning both Garciaparra and hitting coach Ron Jackson. In the case of the former, it is only a matter of time before teammates grow frustrated with Garciaparra's absence from the lineup with an injury that has persisted longer than anyone expected, especially in a contract year. While the Sox were in Toronto, one American League scout suggested that Garciaparra was taking his sweet time coming back, though that is a difficult accusation to make for anyone other than the player himself." - Time for frayed Sox to mend their ways

Tito going overboard: "This kid's coming out here on a Sunday morning to take live batting practice." (um, I thought Nomar was getting paid millions to get ready to play?)

Nomar on Day 79 of day-to-day: "It's not lingering. It's where it's expected to be, where we thought it might be."

(um, we thought we'd see you playing shortstop for the Red Sox in late March according to the original medical reports and statements. That's what we thought.)



Good Night, Sleep Tight

Toronto can't Wake up, Sox blow away Jays 7-2

All-Star Ortiz leads offense, league in RBI.
Shavin' Damon sharp, ave. up to .286

Sox Go For Sweep the Hard Way

Bellhorn, Daubach, Youkilis, Mirabelli, and Crespo in the lineup today.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Man on Fire

MVP Shoots One Over the Moon

Hits Rocket than Lands Down Street

(or more Light Tower Power as Troup would say.)

Another Late Tiebreaker, Sox win 5-2

Martinez Gets a Win

But Pedro leaves after 6, record stuck at 4-3.

Tito on pulling Pete: "it's a long year"

Lilly wilts after shin shot.

Chimes in again.

Holy Sheath: No Rehab Assignment for Nomar.

Day-to-Day Update: Theo can't put a timetable on anything right now, next decision next week. Trot will be back first, rehab assignment in a week.

Mueller May Go on DL.
Sox Will Be Forced to Make Another Roster Move

Another one bites the dust: Bill Mueller is out indefinitely and heading to Arizona for a second opinion from his original knee surgeon Dr. Zeman.

The guy who loved Tom Gordon

OBP: Offense. Bats. Power

Enough of the walks and LOBs


Eighth Wonder

Manny Jumpstarts Late Rally with Monster Moon Shot

"We are family, I got my mother, wife, and kids with me."

Home Sweet Home: Sox Erupt in Eighth for 6, win 11-5

Timlin chips in for two inning win.

Yesmar: Pokey Shows Some Pop

All Around Reese: 2 hits 3 RBI.
Bellhorn, Dauber, Millar, Tek lead hit parade.

Nomar nervously laughs off sheath report

"I don't know where all that came from. It was kind of funny . . . but if that had happened, I would have been in a cast and not been able to do anything for a lot longer than I was. We've let you guys know the condition of it since Day 1. And I'll continue to do that when I have something to report."

Curt from Medfield calls in to correct LJ

Schill calls into WEEI to chime in on Tek "probably the most important cog in this machine," pitching deep into games, free agents and contracts:

CS:  "there's always news about other guys going through those same things and those topics come up, we talk about them.

...you (Larry Johnson) said Nomar got offered $16 for 4 years, $16 (million) a year for 4 years (LJ: actually, no what was reported in the paper was that Nomar had a four year deal offered to him for $60 mil). Right, I thought I heard you say $16 a year times four... have you seen a contract for Nomar?... Pedro?... you can't judge how an individual wants to live his life... I hear people saying what does it matter $13-$15 million... it's only $1 million to $2 million a year when it's somebody else's money."

Larry Johnson claims there's no accountability "on the internet." (Guess again.)

Here's Johnny, Boys and Girls

"The hair's looking pretty fly right now."

"Everybody in the league loves it, it's something different, a lot of guys wish they could actually have that look and distinction, so guys around the league love it, a lot of guys have full beards right now. A lot guys are starting to grow their hair long. Umpires are. It's cool."

On the beard: "I actually loved it. It was nice and soft and very cuddly and cozy and warm."

- Johnny on with WEEI's Dale and Neumy

Exclusive: Sox Plan to Replace D-Lowe Disrobed

And Judge Judy doesn't hang her sinker.

Johnny Damon, the Red Sox bearded centerfielder, will help launch the new Gillette M3Power by using the revolutionary shaving system for his first shave of the baseball season. The event will take place on Boylston Plaza at the Prudential Center on today from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

From PR release: "In February, the Red Sox veteran centerfielder reported to spring training sporting a full beard. Since then, Damon has been affectionately dubbed the "Caveman" by both fans and the media." Caveman. Jesus. Manson. Morrison. Grizzly Adams, etc.


Positive Sign

Ortiz Inks 2 year/$12.5M Deal with Option.

(The team's own website, RedSox.com promotes 8 potential Sox All-Stars, but does not mention anything about writing in David Ortiz)

In other news: Nomar will remain in Boston, not Pawtucket, to work out with the team and be reevaluated... day-to-day.

Scott Williamson goes on the DL. A-Mart called up. Bill Mueller TBD.

Jesus Shaves

But he said he'd be back before the original.


Tony Sees His Number Retired

The Boston Red Sox will retire Tony Conigliaro's number 25 in 2005 after Ellis Burks' retires. Casting has also begun on a Merv Griffin Entertainment feature film on Tony's C's life.

"In the end, it does not matter that the Red Sox retire Tony's number.  As someone who was fortunate to have witnessed Conig's entire career firsthand, I have retired number 25 in my mind years ago.  Jack Hamilton and fate already did a number on him why pile on?  Those of you who weren't around then apparently will never get it anyway even after I spent damn near a week doing nothing but explaining him to the uninformed.

He did not realize an unlimited, Hall-of-Fame potential due to tragedy and bad luck, but in my mind, he was not only the most popular player of the franchise over the past fifty years, but the most special player I've seen wear a Boston Red Sox uniform since Ted Williams.  The last time I looked, Reggie Lewis's number was retired.  And Reggie was not from the North Shore via East Boston.  Tony was one of us." Shaun Kelly

"I am delighted with this announcement. Tony C and Johnny Pesky are at the very heart of the RSN. They are our history like few others. They serve as standard bearers and they have helped pass the torch from generation to generation.

Sometimes it is about stats and sometimes it is about a moment in time or a life spent representing the franchise. Honoring these two would be absolutely the best thing that the Sox could do." - SoxFanSince57 on SoSH

Bring It On Ordway

You think we're full of sheath? We shall see on Tony C.

Ordway takes another shot at us claiming we "made up" Tony C. report

"Buckley can't get on (Sports Final in CBS4 Sunday night at 11:30pm), Lobel's having the Dirt Dogs on Sunday to talk about Tony C."
- Glenn, the Big O (you just don't know)

(Never mind the obvious denials, let's talk when the number is up Big O)



A New All Time Lowe

Unlucky 7 is Ugly: D-Lowe gives up 7 straight hits,
leaves game down 7-0 after 2.1 innings.

Sox walk, but can't get enough runs
No sweep in St. Pete 9-6

ERA now up to 6.02. Second highest opponent batting ave. in MLB.

Price goes down every day. Derek cries "Beam me up Scottie!"

(um, can we get the 3/$27M back on the table?)

Mueller, Williamson join Mish-M*A*S*H unit

Globe: Ortiz close to multiyear deal.

New Travel Policy: Sox expected to arrive back in Boston before the start of tonight's game.

Lowe Stinks

(By Portland Sox Fan sung to Love Stinks - J. Geils Band)

Teams love Lowe
and Lowe's defeated grin
When Lowe is making that face,
Sox just can't win
And so it goes
Till the day you die
This thing they call Lowe
It's gonna make you cry
I've seen the hits
The looks drive me to drink
One thing for sure

(Lowe stinks)
Lowe stinks yeah yeah
(Lowe stinks)
Lowe stinks yeah yeah
(Lowe stinks)
Lowe stinks yeah yeah
(Lowe stinks)
Lowe stinks yeah yeah

Two by two and side by side
Lowe's gonna let those men reach home
You just can't hide
You'll hear the call
Your heart will fall
Then Lowe will cry
They're gonna score
I don't care for any Raul Casanova thing
All I can say is
Lowe stinks

(Lowe stinks)
Lowe stinks yeah yeah
(Lowe stinks)
Lowe stinks yeah yeah
(Lowe stinks)
Lowe stinks yeah yeah
(Lowe stinks)
Lowe stinks yeah yeah



Sox Stay on Top at the Trop

SchillDog (per ESPN Baseball Tonight)
Back to Winning Ways, 4-1 Sox

Damon, 'Tiz, Manny end game early.

(Yes, wins against the Devil Dogs count in the standings)

Unit Comes Up Big

Johnson Masters Braves in Atlanta Perfecta.

RJ is Pitcher Perfect. Now It's Curt's Turn.


Papa Jacked

Father Tim is Born Again.

Sox Pull Away from Rays for 7-3 Win

Youk sits :-( but Mueller doesn't miss a beat.

Mark Shuts Up Walker's Talker with 3-Run Bomb.

Johnny was right: "but we're going to have to finagle the lineup a little bit to get Nomar back in there because Pokey [Reese] and [Mark] Bellhorn have done a great job."

Go Daddy-O

The Young and the Restless Need to
Wake Up Once and For All

I Smell a Rat

And you always thought Baseball Stars were created by hard work and talent.
Nope. Your Stars have been brought to you by Scott "Willard" Boras, revenue grower, agent for Derek Lowe and Jason Varitek.

Welcome to the Rat Race Red Sox Front Office

"It's Never Been Worse"
"In Oakland, You Flew a Charter."

Surprise, Surprise: Embree, Foulke,
Millar Admit to Travel Nightmares

"You've been beating this travel story for a while now, are you frustrated that the media hasn't picked up on it?"

- 5.15 Gerry Callahan, WEEI's Dennis & Callahan, interview with Boston Dirt Dogs

(Our .300 batting average at work again)

"Although some players, Keith Foulke said, have voiced complaints to traveling secretary Jack McCormick, they hesitate to say travel is why the team hasn't played well lately.

"Who's to say?" Foulke said. "Our plane, it's hard to sleep on. So it's hard to get your rest. Then you're showing up at 3 or 4 in the morning. It's tough."

Foulke said the team travels on a commercial jet.

"It's a 757. It's a big plane," Foulke said. "But we're still sitting in coach seats."

Manager Terry Francona and the coaching staff sit in first class.

"Obviously, you have your own row [in coach]," Foulke said. "But ... you can't really lie down. You got the seat belts and the seats are uneven. You can't recline."

It's nothing like the plane Foulke was used to last year with the A's.

"In Oakland, you flew a charter. So you had the big seat," said Foulke, who said he assumed the Red Sox would have a comfortable plane when he signed a three-year contract with them last winter. "This place is different here."

Foulke said he's not the only player who has mentioned the traveling conditions to team officials.

"Some guys have brought it up," Foulke said. "I don't know if they're working on it. I think the Sox should build a plane and when we're not using it, the Celtics and Bruins can use it." - Dave Heuschkel, Hartford Courant Report

Coffee, Tea, or Cheap?

Lenny DiNardo and Kevin Youkilis move through the cabin on the Red Sox Value Jet flight down to Florida. The Red Sox saved $29.00 a person by landing in Winter Haven then taking an old Trailways bus to Tampa where they took the free shuttle to St. Pete. Yes, they left the light on for them.


Oh to be Young Again!

Cy Clemens gives up 2 hits, 10Ks, over 7.

Dotel blows it on 2K Piazza HR. Rocket will have to zero in
on an 8-0 start next time out (not since Pedro in '97).

"He's the greatest right-handed pitcher in the last 75 years... easily.
You can't compare anybody seriously across the board to him."

- Curt Schilling (is an All-Starter match-up with Roger in the cards Schill?)

Doc Halladay Delivers the Bad News:

Cy Young Is Better Than Cy Old

Delgado goes deep off 'The Baby', Toronto wins 3-1.

"My fault, my mistake... I don't pitch against Halladay, I pitch to the hitters, that's the wrong question to ask me... I'm pretty pleased just because I'm feeling better, I'm feeling healthy." - Pedro Martinez (the last time he ever addresses the fans of Boston via the evil media again, never, forever no more yap, nada, nothing else, this is it.)

Bottom Line for Us: Another Pedro Loss, He Drops to 4-3

And with 7th home run against, he reaches his 2003 total

No-Name-Offense quiet as a church mouse again.

Doc Halladay Beats Doctor Pedro, Mr. Martinez.

John Flaherty, Phony Clark Put Yanks Back in First

Manny Gets Sox Motor Running

Sore-groin-DH Manny gets RBI #24,
but Sox stall after that.

Rip Van Damon Takes Day-Off Nap

After Helter Skelter Road Trip Start.

"There might be something to that."

Gammons Steps to the Plate and
Goes to Bat for Boston Dirt Dogs

Sunday 5.16.04: ESPN's Peter Gammons on Red Sox This Week on WEEI:  "I read that report, and there might be something to that... Nomar is very concerned (about the injury), and the way the denials came in, it (our report) might not be completely wrong."

March 2004: "The structural integrity of his achilles tendon is perfect. He has some inflammation of the sheath surrounding the tendon... back to baseball in hopefully 3-4 weeks."
- Dr. Bill Morgan, rebroadcast from spring training, CBS4 Sports Final

"The area that's injured, the question is, was it a traumatic injury or was it an overuse type problem that Nomar was having. It seems like it started from one specific incident. The tendon-type tissue, if it's damaged from overuse, is microscopically torn, where as if it's traumatic, you hear about guys rupturing their achilles, it would be one time, pop, falls down, can't step on it anymore. Well, it's somewhere in between those two things." - Craig Parsons, Sports and Physical Therapy Associates, CBS4 Sports Final

"OK any of the reports you heard this week are possible. Anything is possible here. Anything. Is. Possible." - Bob Lobel

Butch Blasts Big Show WEEiners

"My Blast tonight goes out to those of us in the mainstream media that think that everything that's reported on the internet is wrong simply because, it's on the internet. Maybe BostonDirtDogs.com is way off base. Maybe Nomar does not have a torn sheath of his achilles tendon. But maybe he does? The Red Sox are laughing at this report and Nomar's people tell me there is no truth to it. But I do know this, it's been 8 weeks since Nomar first reported this injury (um, 10 full weeks Butch), 8 weeks (10 weeks, March 5th bud), and he still isn't working out hard, by that I mean doing full workouts in back to back days. It is irresponsible for anyone to report a story without checking the other side (would love to, send us your black book with Victor's number Butch) and checking the facts first (we did), I hope Dirt Dogs has a bad source on this (sources, Butch, none bad) but I get a bad feeling about Nomar. I don't know about you guys."- Butch Stearns, Final Sports Sunday, Last Blast Fox 25

Cheap shot rebuttals, retorts, support, and record straightening here

Sox Miss Trot More Than Nomar

"We have a spot for Trot right away, but we're going to have to finagle the lineup a little bit to get Nomar back in there because Pokey [Reese] and [Mark] Bellhorn have done a great job. But I think we mostly miss Trot." - Johnny Damon

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Arroyoh Yeah!

Bronson Shutout in SkyDome

8IP - 100P -  3H - 0BB - 6K - 0R

The Young and the Restless
Sox Skunk Jays 4-0

You, yes You... Youkilis called up, in lineup,
crushes home run for first Major League hit.

"Once it got off the bat, I knew I hit it real well."

All-Star'tiz Hits Bomb. Bellhorn Toots One Out Too.

Malaska to Rhode Island.

NY Post Report: Boston May Add Aaron Boone

Congratulations to Tim and Stacey Wakefield on the birth of their son today. (And the house is finally ready too.)

That's All Foulke.

Hey BK, How Many Runs Did Arroyo Give Up Today?

Wrong. None.

No Trade or Promotion or even PlayStation 2 for You. Stay in Pawtucket.

Friday, May 14, 2004


Nomar Tore His Achilles Sheath

5.13.04 - 9:58pm:  Boston Dirt Dogs has learned through sources with direct, daily contact with Nomar Garciaparra and Victor Garciaparra, Nomar's uncle and private business manager, that the shortstop actually tore the sheath surrounding his achilles tendon. The tear is much worse than the "strained achilles tendon" or "tendonitis" or "inflamed right achilles tendon" or "bruise" as has been reported by the Red Sox and all other major media outlets (and BP's Will Carroll).

The Boston Red Sox and Nomar "agreed to call the injury a bruise" due to the many obvious factors involved after the tear was diagnosed. According to sources, Nomar "will be back with the team the first week of June and will start rehabbing with the PawSox at the end of next week."

Three Sheaths to the Wind: 
Mainstreamers Attack the Internet Again

But Dirt Dogs Bite Back

Where were the Big Show blowhards?  "4.24.04: Celtics fanatic Nomar Garciaparra has been rehabbing his Achilles' heel with the folks at Train Boston in Wellesley for a few weeks. The other undisclosed location where Nomar has been lifting weights and working on his lateral movement is the Boston Sports Clubs at HealthPoint in Waltham, Celtics section." Barks and Bites

Funny, no one chimed in or had this report. If we know where he's doing therapy and working out, it's not a stretch to think we can find out about his injury.

Dale and chip on his shoulder:  Dale Arnold attempts to confuse you by throwing out funny sounding discussion board user names. Newsflash Dale: Red Sox team members, front office, employees, owners, electronic and print media members, moles, talks show hosts, producers, doctors, lawyers, judges and juries use funny sounding user names online. Doesn't discredit the story. Thanks for going there. File under: red herring rant.

Also, trying to get us to out sources on live radio is a cute trick too.

Oh, hey Dale, when the producer called Victor Garciaparra for the industry standard rebuff (funny though, no one reported here that Victor Garciaparra said anything to anybody), were you able to line up the next exclusive impromptu call from Nomar on the Dale & Neumy Honeymoon Hotline?

Et tu John Tomase?

"First of all, I haven't not made a habit of cataloging all of Dirt Dogs hits and misses, so I can't say for certainty, you know, what his percentage is. I will say that the Red Sox front office does get a good laugh over the site, how it, I think in their words, he bats about .300."

John, I used to be the first guy to defend some of your most outrageous articles, but please get your facts straight if you are going to talk about us on air. Hey Theo, you could use a good .300 hitter last time I checked :-)

With all due respect to the Red Sox front office, we stand by our .777 batting average as well. Oh, and we're not buying this one: Damon, Kim to Seattle, Beltran to Boston

More Big Show body blows:  "I already know I'm going to get mad. Glenn is going to tell us how it really is. His years of journalism training makes his moles more reliable." - SpongeBob on BSMW

Pete Sheppard spitting everywhere:  "I only want to hear from people who are in the locker room." I guess 'EEI will no longer be taking calls then.

Friday flashback - Breaking News: WEEI's John Meterparel apologizes to Garciaparra (after hearing of the report above) for questioning the shortstop's intestinal fortitude.

WEEI'm mad as hell

""I wanted to let you know that I am a big fan of your web site.

As a former radio news reporter, I know that as long as your sources remain true, you stand by your story. You have and it makes me feel that you have solid information.

The fact that Ordway and his lackeys at WEEI continue to attack you shows their true character. As talk show hosts, they would not know real journalism if hit them in the face. As ignorant idiots, all they know how to do is eat and get fat.

DO NOT BACK DOWN! You have touched a chord here with the mainstream media and with the Red Sox. The fact they are backtracking shows me that you have done your job correctly.

Keep up the excellent work.

Ken Fang
North Kingstown, RI"

SoSH's venerable veteran Harry Hooper

"There's potentially an interesting dynamic going on here, where both Nomar and the Sox have an interest in downplaying the extent of his injury. Obviously, Nomar as a free agent doesn't want potential suitors worried about his condition. Meanwhile, if Theo is forced to consider replacing Nomar for this season, he doesn't want other clubs to know how desperate he is to acquire someone. Such cheery thoughts." - Sox injury thread

Mazz still mad after all these years:

"Someone brought it up last night - what has happened to Tony Massarotti? He turns into a rambling fool whenever 'net journalism is brought up." - Ironhead on BSMW

And with all due respect to Victor Garciaparra, we stand by our report 110%.

Sean McAdam does not refute our coverage in Friday's WEEI call-in to Dale. Supports theory.

Roche Brotha!  Dan, in your interview with the manager tonight, you told Terry Francona that this site reported "Nomar tore his achilles." Completely inaccurate. We reported that someone said the sheath was torn and that's why it has taken so long for Nomar to return from what was 'credibly' reported as "day-to-day" on March 6th. So we'll give Tito a mulligan on his response to the report.

Bob Lobel rings true:  "The sheath is irrelevant. The bottom line is Dr. Morgan said in March that Nomar would be back in 3-4 weeks. It's more like 2-1/2 to 3 months."

Credibility Corner: "Quite frankly" some Morgan magic

March 27, 2004: "We're probably talking about another week before Nomar will be back playing," Morgan said. "We're being very careful. If it were September, quite frankly, he would be playing."  Nomar: "I'm definitely going to be out a few more days. I'm still optimistic, though (about playing opening day)." - Garciaparra will probably miss opener

Shocker: Denials all around. The GM's is lukewarm at best (as far as we know)

"As far as we know, the report is untrue," Epstein said. "According to Dr. [Bill] Morgan, Nomar had some fluid build-up in the sheath due to the tendonitis, but it was not torn." - Theo: Nomar had fluid in sheath

March 6, 2004: "It's day-to-day"... it's now 72 days and counting... Hartford Courant: "The team is hoping he can begin a minor league rehab appearance the first or second week of the month (June)."

We weren't born last night you know

(We hate to do this. It is amateurish, but in this case we have to set the record straight).

"Wednesday, October 24, 2001
Werner buys Red Sox?
This is yet to be verified by the major media, but Steve at The Boston Dirt Dogs has been suggesting since last Saturday that ''Tom Werner's group will be acquiring the Red Sox.'' I hesitate to mention hearsay, but the Boston Dirt Dogs site has scooped the big boys several times this season; most recently, they had everyone beat on the ''Mo wants to return to Boston'' story by several days." - Bambino's Curse

"Spring Training is only 53 days away. Meanwhile, the Dirtdogs site is alleging that Duquette is indeed done and that the new owners will be interviewing GM candidates next week. If true, that will be a very interesting development." - BC December 27, 2001

"So the Big Dog says the deal to make Francona the new Red Sox manager is done. I suspect he's right." - BC November 20, 2003

We've had other Nomar reports that never appeared anywhere else referenced by The Big Show:

4.6.03: "File under 'No Wonder Nomar Wants to Leave:' Last season, Nomar was signing an autograph for a fan as he left the park in his car. When he reached through his sun roof to hand the autograph back to the fan, his car rolled over the fan's foot. Then the a-hole sued Nomar for some cash. Does that happen in California? While the Sox brass couldn't afford many of the player roundtable requests last season, they did splurge for additional post-game police protection to prevent such incidents in the future." - Barks and Bites

And things that make you go hmmm:

7.23.03: Another E-5.  Nomar Garciaparra called the press box Sunday to try to overturn an error (he hotdogged it a bit coming in on a groundball but was clearly out of control). - Barks and Bites

And the former Dunkin' Donuts spokesperson still hasn't made up the cancelled appearance to the Hudson Little League.

We'll let The Prognosticator Pete Sheppard and John Cut-Throat Tomase thumb through the BDD and SoSH archives to revisit the validity of many other breaking news reports from us including a similar report on Jason Varitek's 2001 elbow injury refuted by luddite Tony Massarotti who was mad at technology way back then too.

Dirt Dog Paddling

Boston Dirt Dogs keeps their head above water after a barrage of gratuitous,
juvenile attacks on their credibility by some mainstream media talking heads.

Funny, I didn't hear Glenn Ordway attacking us when Boston Dirt Dogs defended him from an
SoSH onslaught, or when I'm working on the www.PatriotsTailgate.com website for free,
where he's a partner. Unreal.



Dirt Dog Delivers in Clutch

Double Trouble for Toronto as Brian Breaks the Tie

Sox Blow it Open Against Blue Jays,
Eighth is Enough for Rally.
9-3 Final

C'mon Kerry Ligtenberg My Fire.

Embree Oh!, Williamson, Foulke at Home in the Dome

Tough night for wild man D-Lowe. Damon flabbergasted by falling balls.

All Systems Lowe?

Derek needs a little artificial (turf) intelligence tonight to stop the bleeding.

Schellacking in SkyDome

Ace can't drive after five, but Curt's not hurt.

"I just didn't pitch well. I had a lot of problems. I kept getting into jams.''

O-Dog bites Schilling. Cat scratches him too.

Sox in Second Place: 12-6 Toronto

And the Defense is Offensive Again

Your Boston Red Sox continue to play slapdash, unsightly, lackluster baseball.

Longtime SoSH poster Rudy Pemberton counts the many ways:

"1) Mental Errors. Forgetting the number of outs. Botched rundowns. Balls landing between defenders because of lack of communication. Balls falling out of gloves for lack of communication or some other reason.

2) Preparation by Starting Pitchers. The number of first inning runs given up is disconcerting given the talent of this team. What is the reason? Bad karma, or lack of preparation?

3) Not getting up for lousy teams. 14-14 in games that aren't vs. the Yankees. Inexplicable. Too much partying or Playstation playing? What the hell is going on? The Red Sox payroll is more than double that of the teams that are kicking our ass.

4) The bullpen. When its a one-run game in the 6th inning, you don't go to a tired Rule 5 draft pick simply because its "too early" for your veterans. Keep the game close. There's also no reason for having a 12-man staff if guys like Malaska or Dinardo (no more talented than Man #12) are going to pitch 3 straight days.

5) The lineup. David Ortiz should not be batting third against lefties. Cesar Crespo should not be starting, ever. I'd also think that it might help the defense if players were playing in the same positions. Pick a 1B and go with it."  - Things have to change

Sox Outfielders Arrive Early
for Extra Fielding Practice Today

In other bad news: The Gasoline Alley Bullpen is Back for 2004

Bush League TrAAAvel Costs Sox Again and Again

Another 4:30am Hotel Arrival in Toronto
Then the jackhammers came out at 9:00am John Henry.

"(In Boston) It's Not Win or Lose, It's Win or Else."
- Curt Schilling, circa 2004

Forget the nine tonight Curt, just get the W. Or else.


Dead Ass Team

Heads Off to Toronto and Tampa

The Family Manny

Ramirez to Retire at End of Duquette Deal to be with Sons Manny and Manuel.

Uncle Ram

"I'm very proud to be an American citizen" - Manny Ramirez

Kevin, Curt: Get Your Manny Boxers Here:

Now Don't Be Sad 'Cause...

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

Hey wait a minute, they lost two out of three at home to the Indians?!? It is bad. And I'm not sad... I'm mad as hell (and I'm not gonna take it anymore)!

Tribe Wins Season Series Against Sox with 6-4 Win

Sox can't jump on Cliff while Indians go to Wake.

Yes, Tim was Terrible. 'Nuf said.


This lineup is killing us.

Indians Have Tito's Number

24?!? Is He the Original Manny?


Pinch Grit

McCarty's Park: Pinch Hit Trip Sobers Up Cleveland. Sox Rally for 5-3 Win.

Ortizzle (don't forget to vote) Sizzles in Heat.
Mueller Timely Again.

Hot Summer Night Kap Starts with Gabe HR.


Tito Wedges in Eric, Tribe

Pedro Can't Win

Pete puts up the big numbers (11K, 16 in a row), but it's not his red letter day:

(Early runs count too Pedro. Get ready already.)

Embree Oh! Martinez almost costs Sox Victor(y). That's All Foulke: Seventh save for Keith.

Don't say anything, but Pedro's speaking to us again:

"When you get the strikeouts, you normally are going to run high in pitches. I figured I was running into deep counts. They started swinging at some of those pitches and made things a little easier for me.'' - Pedro after his no decision (just like his contract... no decision)

Ace Up His Sleeve?

Will Dr. Pedro or Mr. Martinez Show Up Tonight?

(and will the boo birds stay on the wire?)

Time to Contract Up Again.


Mission Kimpossible 2

Fire Starting Starter is Stopped.
Kim not ready for prime time. Period.

Bronson gets his wish. Back in rotation.

Dauber steps up, but Sox still go down 10-6.

BK: Fix your mechanics and stop acting like a baby.

American Idol

My Fellow Amannycan

Congratulations Manny Ramirez, U.S. Citizen.

Taxing Issue: "Manny gets crushed in taxes. Guys who have made tons of money,
when you become a US citizen they take better care of you." - David Ortiz

Manny gets a day off. File under: American Idle

Update: Manny's live chat on Sunday night was postponed as "Manny arrived home a bit late and tired last night, and then the responsibilities of Mother's day took over." (or was it the responsibility of jumping on a plane for Miami right after the game Rossy? :-)

Manny's new moniker in The Crib

How many games will this losing streak last for B.K.?


Boston Robbed

Another second place finish.

But if you can't beat 'em, marry her. File under: He will survive.


Contract Upset

"The Face" Only a Mother Could Love

His Lowecation Was Off

Derek gives up the motherload of walks. Sox can't really rally.

Royals Fool Mother Nature

May Day, Kansas City Can, Sox Can't, Lose 8-4

Mueller loses battle, Sox lose war. Pokey error key

Beltran Buries Boston in Sixth. Monday Morning Quarterback: Malaska Not the Answer Tito.
Wrong Decision on Right Handed At-Bat.

(We blame the rotten tomato softball shirts)


Doing the Hokey Pokey

Inside Outstanding

You hit a homerun in, you hit a homerun out, (you hit a homerun in) And run the bases all about. You do the Hokey Pokey and you circle all around... that's what it's all about.

9-1 Good Guys. Sox Flush Royals as Pokey Gobbles Up the Bases

Nine Inn. Nails

Complete Game Curtesy

"I swear, I look so forward to pitching in this park every time. It's just a charge.
I thought I knew what it was going to be like and it's so much more than I thought.''

"I felt strong. That's the situation I've been thinking about for five or six months, being on the mound at Fenway Park in the ninth inning, the lead and two outs. I wanted to finish this one. That's how I was taught. Johnny Podres told me that you make your reputation as a starting pitcher in the big leagues after the sixth inning and it's something I've always prided myself on. I believe that you set goals at the beginning of the season . . . and the one goal that you have more control over than any other is innings. If you pitch your innings and you're good, then all the other numbers are going to take care of themselves. So that's what I do. I want make my 35, 36 starts and pitch 250-something innings. If I can do that, then the rest of the stuff will take care of itself." - Curt Schilling

To Sean McAdam, Allison in Cambridge, and the Rest of the WEEIner's Crying about Curt's Complete Game This Morning:  Your Mother Wears Army Boots.

Boston Dirt Dogettes Bashful with SoSH

Thanks to Sam Horn and Everyone at SoSH for the Outstanding Outing Yesterday.

(Our new 2004 Boston Dirt Dogs shirts will be out in June)

Today Will Be a Perfect 10,
If Schilling Goes the Whole 9 Yards


Kansas City Here We Comeback


Ring the Bell. Sound the Horn.

Dogs on a Roll, 7-6 Thriller.

Outstanding: "I was running hard all the way. It's an unbelievable feeling when your teammates
can come at you as you cross the plate. I feel better than when I hit a homer." - Manny

Bell Ringer

Big Dinger is Right on the Mark

(For Whom the Bell Tolls KC)

Hi-Tek Win

There's No Place Like Home

Sox Turn the Corner on Tek Hit,
Win in 9th on Stand Up Effort

Fandemonium on the Field

Drinking fans with a Fenway problem hit the slammer

(And if you tune into WEEI after the biggest win of the year,
 Ted Nation is complaining about Fenway, fans.)

Ready or Not... It's Trot

Nixon's Back in Boston.

Trot's Throwing in the Outfield. Taking Batting Practice. Looking Great... at Fenway.

Nomar Hitting off T Too.

"Since this is his contract season, there is growing sentiment in the Red Sox clubhouse that shortstop Nomar Garciaparra has no intention to play until his right Achilles' tendon is 100 percent." - Hartford Courant


Viva La Diva

Martinez Makes a Statement

With the Weight of the Angriest Red Sox Nation Ever on His Shoulder,
Ace Rises to the Occasion After Shaky Start.

Famous Last Baby Words

"I got lucky, I think. I got lucky today. I felt pretty good from the get-go. It was just the first pitch of the game. I had to throw strikes and Lawton happened to hit one. I'll take my chances again and over and over and over. I've done that throughout my career and very few times have I given up home runs right off the first pitch. I think all my pitches were there. It was just a matter of getting into a groove and getting settled." - Pedro Martinez speaking to Red Sox fans for the last time ever, like forever, he's never speaking again.

Oh Baby! Pete Puts Up, Shuts Down Indians

Sox Leave Cleveland With Win

5-2 Red Sox, Pete Perfect at the Jake

(But he's given up six homers in 43 2-3 innings this season,
after giving up only seven in 186 2-3 innings last season)

Manny Gets All A's Against C.C.

(6-for-9 with 3HRs vs. Sabathia)

Millar, Bellhorn Bats Come Alive


Will Pedro and The Nation Kiss and Make Up?

(or will the boo birds be out in force at Fenway?)

Big Poke

Reese the Least of Our Problems

Breaking News:

Henry, Lucchino Bring in Third Party to Negotiate Pedro's Contract

Contract Up!

Pete Can't Afford a Repeat

"It was just one bad outing," Martinez said, briefly suspending his ban on public discourse. "I don't feel like I have anything to prove."
- Bob Hohler, Boston Globe (and now, having said that, Pedro will never, ever speak to us again)

Nation doesn't want to hear any more soap opera hometown discount contract yap yap.

All together now: "Shut up and pitch Pete"

Steinbrenner, Spiderman Whatever.

Streak Behind Us

Time for Sox to Go on a Run.


Mueller Timely

Bill Takes Care of Riske Business,
Sox Avoid Stinko de Mayo

David is Goliath, Sox Work It 9-to-5

Damon down to .245, geezus. Boots Bellhorn is Walker without the clutch power. Millar comes alive at the plate. Kimpotency: BK out early.

Williamson in the eighth (strikes out the side). Foulke back for the ninth.

Yankee Comeback: It's all our fault.

Pedro, Pedro, Pedro

Where's Pedro? "Pedro Martinez did not take part in the pregame stretch. He wasn't even at the park when the players headed onto the field at 5:05 p.m." - Heuschkel, Hartford Courant

Teammate questions his stuff. "More than one person from management and at least one person in uniform questioned his stuff... That Martinez would speak about the closing of the talks, even in the midst of a wonderful winning streak by the Red Sox, should shock no one. Since last winter, he has maintained that he would enter free agency if he did not have a long-term deal by the start of the regular season. Did anyone think that the media would not remember this and ask him about it?" - Silverman, Boston Herald

How about his comments a month ago Michael? "When my agent has a deal for me to sign, he'll tell me. Otherwise, I'm not worrying about it... And that's business, and that's why we pay agents and a nice 5% to just yap, yap with the owners and the GMs. So we're gonna let them take care of that and we'll take care of business in the field."
- Pedro Martinez on not talking or worrying about his next contract

Boston.com Paydro poll. "If you were the Red Sox, would you give Pedro Martinez a multiyear deal worth at least $15 million a year if insurance companies refuse to offer disability coverage for him?"

No way : 84.4%
Yes, his talent is worth the risk: 15.6%

Cutting room floor. "Most involved the Sox players interacting in the clubhouse or elsewhere off the field, though one took place during the climactic playoff game, when a fan made an uncharitable remark about Pedro Martinez. Doyle dropped the (Red Sox Movie) scene not because Lucchino objected to it but because he thought it played against the fan's true nature, "and that bothered me," he says (So New Yorkers know our "true nature" now, puhleeze). - Joseph Kahn, Boston Globe

Even Sons of Sam bored. "Even the message boards, whose denizens bleed red (Red Sox red, not normal person red), can't seem to muster much more than ambivalence."
- John Tomase, Eagle Tribune

And in case you don't know the drill by now... "Martinez, dismayed by the backlash against him after he cut off contract talks, does not plan to speak publicly again this season to the Boston media. He kept a promise to a number of reporters to share his feelings about the negotiations once they ended, and he felt blindsided by the reaction." - Bob Hohler, Boston Globe

Copa Curmudgeon

Pedro Gets Ready for His Next Start

"Red Sox starting pitcher Pedro Martinez turned into a reliever the other night at the Copacabana, when some of the expected performers turned out to be too inebriated to go on. Martinez hopped onstage with the Dominican band Aguacate and kept 2,000 partygoers dancing." 5.2.04: New York Daily News

Copacabana (At the Copa)

His name was Pedro, he was a showboy
With Jheri-curls in his hair and a world famous stare
He would meringue and do the cha-cha
And while he used to be our star, Petey's not quite up to par
The crowded clubhouse floor, he bitched from 8 till 4
But he was wrong when he yapped to reporters
Who could ask for more?

At the Copa (CO!), Copacabana (Copacabana)
The hottest spot south with Steinbrenner (here)
At the Copa (CO!), Copacabana
Whining and bashin' were always his passion
At the Copa....he felt the love

(Copa Copacabana)

His name was Pedro, Dominican Diamond
Silverman near his chair, we saw Petey talkin' there
And when he finished, he called us over
But Pedro went a bit too far, The Nation sailed across the bar
And then the punches flew, Theo's chairs smashed in two
There was mud and a single cheap shot
But just who shot who?

At the Copa (CO!), Copacabana (Copacabana)
The hottest spot south with Steinbrenner (here)
At the Copa (CO!), Copacabana
Whining and bashin' were always his passion
At the Copa....we lost our love

(Copa... Copacabana)
(Copa Copacabana) (Copacabana, ahh ahh ahh ahh)
(Ahh ahh ahh ahh Copa Copacabana)
(Talking Steinbrenner, have a banana)
(Whining and bashin'...always the fash--shun)

His name is Pedro, he was a showboy
But that was four long years ago, when he used to be The Show
Now he's a Diva, a Prima Donna
Shoulder a mess due to the wear, faded fastball in in his lair
He sits there so refined, and talks himself half-blind
He lost his youth and we lost our Petey
Now he's lost his mind!

At the Copa (CO!), Copacabana (Copacabana)
The hottest spot south with Steinbrenner (here)
At the Copa (CO!), Copacabana
Whining and bashin' were always his passion
At the Copa... don't fall in love

(Copa) don't fall in love

(just a coincidence, not a distraction, just a coincidence, not a distraction...)

Media Catfight in Cleveland

Exclusive complete details:  "It was beautiful. Both benches emptied in the press box. No punches thrown" said one member of the local press about the media brawl at the Jake. After Tuesday night's game, the local media was interviewing Cleveland pitcher Jason Davis after the game, asking him about what was said to Manny after the home run pimp. Davis didn't really want to get into it, but after the question was asked again, Jason started to answer that "it was no big deal." Then suddenly a local Cleveland radio guy (not the flagship station) interrupts Davis' answer to ask his own softball question. Dave Heuschkel of the Hartford Courant chimes in again with the original question about Manny pimping.

Fast forward to the press box later, The radio goon was told by members of the Boston media that he was being disrespectful and shouldn't interrupt the beat guys when they're getting quotes for their game stories. Radio Rambo got all bent out of shape. Things got heated. Heuschkel says "yeah, but you don't do anything except hold a mic." Cleveland Radio Guy says "Well at least I don't work for a shitbag paper like the Providence Journal!"

Everyone turns around and ProJo beat writer Joe McDonald says, "He doesn't work for the Providence Journal... I do."

The radio guy takes off for the bathroom stall. Everyone's sitting around, and then a few minutes later, McDonald says, "I'm going after him." and takes off.

At some point, one of the writers goes to the men's room and sees a guy standing in the stall (not on the toilet). He leaves the bathroom, and there's a crowd around the door. Everyone is asking if the radio jerk is in there. Local writer says "he's either hiding or taking the longest (time) ever."

Finally, they get back to the press box. Radio guy comes back and apologizes to our New England reporters. Heuschkel responds "I work for the Hartford Courant." Radio dude says "Yeah... that's a great newspaper." McDonald says "I work at the Providence Journal." Radio Guy says, "Yeah, that's a good paper too." He was now scared and very apologetic. They shook hands.

The Cleveland writers thanked the Boston writer for calling the bad reputation radio guy out on this. That's all folks.

How Many Wins Will It Take to Stop the Free Fall BK?


Let's Get this Ship Straightened Out Tonight.


Sox Finally Fight Back...

But Come Up Short Again.

It's Too Little, Too Late.

7-6 = 5 Straight Losses

Disappointing D-Lowe Horror Show. Manny, Damon HRs Not Enough.

"It's my job to stop the bleeding (that's what we said). I need to make pitches so the inning doesn't continue. When it adds up to five hits in the inning, the inning will probably not end up too pretty, which it didn't.'' - D-Lowe after loss

Swing and a Pimp

"He's earned the right to do that. I hate pimping in the game, but that ball was crushed. That ball was a long way out. It wasn't like it just cleared the wall. Manny's not going to pimp a ball that barely gets out. He has 350 plus career home runs, he can pimp. I've seen worse pimps. Millar, he's the master. I hope to see Manny pimp a lot more this season." - Johnny Damon, not talking about his hair, or how good he looks as a man

Bill Kills x2

Mueller Errors Throw Sox for Loss

"I lost that game for these guys. It was pretty obvious. Derek was doing great and
I made two bad throws. They were pretty basic." - Bill Mueller after loss

All Systems Lowe

Stop the Bleeding Already



Martinez Keeps Sox Down

This time it's Victor who upsets the applecart. 2-1 Cleveland

Schilling straight, fat, slow hanging Thing was the difference.

“It was a pitch that I didn’t want to throw. It was a fastball. I called the wrong pitch. It ended up costing us a game. Early in the game they were aggressive, I didn’t have as good of command as I needed. You've got to win games like this as a pitching staff. When your offense is trying to find it, if they're only going to score two, you've got to give up one, and if they're only going to score one, you've got to give up none. There’s a slim margin for error. I didn’t do my job.” - Curt Schilling after loss

Some Riske business for Sox late.
But bats tired too.

Room 222: Number of World Record LOBs after another 13 last night. Dauber still looks like he's facing Gagne no matter who's on the mound.

Manny, forget the whole talking thing. Just hit.

Another RePete Performance. Thanks Pedro.

(just a coincidence, not a distraction, just a coincidence, not a distraction...)

Four Straight Losses. Yankees One Game Back. Theo Won't Make a Panic Trade. 6 More Weeks?

While You Were Sleeping

Your Red Sox didn't get to the Cleveland hotel until 4:00am again John Henry. How many all-nighters, delayed double-headers, wrong time estimates, broken down planes, trains, and automobiles do they have to put up with this season?

How many games will trAAAvel cost the team?

Schilling had to charter his own flight to get some rest. Petey, Derek co-pilot.



"Wakefield theorized the Sox were suffering from their grueling schedule, which required them to play a day-night doubleheader Thursday at Fenway before a late-night flight to Texas. Then they waited until nearly midnight Friday at The Ballpark before the game was postponed and folded into Saturday's twinighter.

"I think our schedule is really starting to wear on some of the guys here," Wakefield said. "These late arrivals can take a toll on guys. We have to battle through this."
- Bob Hohler, Boston Globe

Half the team is on antibiotics. And the players are sick and tired
of the Red Sox bush league travel arrangements Jack, LL, John.

No other team in Major League Baseball travels this shoddily .

"This schedule is RIDICULOUS." - Tommy Heinson

Foot in Mouth Disease

Nightmare on the Misery Train

Red Sox Express Derailed

Manny's on the Money

Go-To-Guy Will Pay Part of Pedro's New Contract

Nomar's too. (And MR may seek the Democratic nomination for President when the convention comes to Boston.)

"No, Pedro was never lied to. There was no promise made that went unfulfilled." - Theo Epstein, 5.3.04, WEEI D&C

"Signing Varitek now is not an option based on the nature of the negotiations." - TE, 5.3.04, WEEI

(CBS4 Sports Final exclusive Pedro footage with Dan Roche)

Take This Job and Shove It:  Petey Paycheck.

Take this job and shove it,
I ain't pitchin' here no more.
My fastball done left,
An' took all the reasons I was whinin' for.
You better not to try to stand in my way,
As I'm a walkin' out the door.
Take this job and shove it,
I ain't workin' here no more.

I've been pitchin' in this city,
For nigh on seven years.
All this time, I watched my fastball,
Drownin' them in a pool of tears.
An I've seen a lot of my good folk leave,
Got a lot of bills to pay.
I'd give the shirt right off of my back,
Cause I had the guts to say.

Take this job and shove it,
I ain't pitchin' here no more.
My fastball done left,
An' took all the reasons I was pitchin' for.
You better not to try to stand in my way,
As I'm a walkin' out the door.
Take this job and shove it,
I ain't workin' here no more.

Well, that Theo, he's a regular dog,
The Baltimore boss is a fool.
Got a brand new geri-curl haircut;
Lord, he thinks he's cool.
One of these days, I'm gonna blow my top,
And suckers, you're gonna pay
Four, I can't wait to see their faces,
Cuza get the nerve to say:

Take this job and shove it,
I ain't pitchin' here no more.
My fastball done left,
An' took all the reasons I was bitchin' for.
You better not to try to stand in my way,
As I'm a runnin' out the door.
Take this town and shove it,
I ain't workin' here no more.

Zito to Replace Pedro?

Gammo thinks it could be so.

"The Red Sox want to sign two or three of their free agents, but they do not want to be stuck with a team of late thirtysomethings, especially if they do not win again and are faced with the reality that this team hasn't won. If they do win the World Series, then they'll find out who wants to sign, like Anderson with the Angels, Schilling and Mariano Rivera. Martinez and Lowe will be difficult to replace, but there will be some free agents (Carl Pavano, Kevin Millwood, Odalis Perez, Matt Morris, Freddy Garcia) and there could be pitchers traded, from Barry Zito to Kip Wells to Jason Jennings; yes, some time Billy Beane will have to break up The Big Three, and don't be surprised if he doesn't get Tim Hudson -- a 2005 free agent -- extended and trades Zito."  - 5.3.04: Gammons on ESPN.com

5.2.04: Gammons excerpts on WEEI The Baseball Show with Neumy, McAdam, Buckley: Pedro’s stream of consciousness wasn’t well thought out. If you’re worried about the fans and love Boston, you can play for $13M a year... some people sign under market, Curt Schilling coming here, if you really want to take the AAV (average annual value) side of it. Playing in a sold out park, having a team competitive in probably the most rabid baseball town in America, does mean something. Only a finite amount of money that the Red Sox can spend. They can’t spend with Yankees. They've done an astounding job raising revenue from $160M – 230M. But the Yankees have $340M. The Red Sox have $380M in debt service. George Steinbrenner paid $10M back in the '70s. So they (Sox) can’t play it that way. There's only so much money for each player.

It's unfair to call them liars. He might not agree with what they offer. But he hasn’t been lied to at all. They’re (Red Sox brass) trying to find a way. His shoulder is not likely to be insurable, so the Red Sox couldn’t collect if he went on the disabled list for a year. The way that was said (by Pedro) was wrong.

John Henry, Larry Lucchino, and Theo Epstein sat down with all people in the organization to make sure not to say anything negative about this guy. It was a pretty strong order. I think the shots he took at them were a little bit unfair. But part of what makes Pedro so good is to run off like this.

 Just Say No

 Curse of the BigMoutho

Buck: How much of this is a 72 hour brushfire or is it a season-long black cloud?

PG: Derek Lowe and Jason Varitek are not affected by this. Or Ortiz, and I think they’ll get him done. The cloud is with Nomar and Pedro, but they're both so driven to succeed, they’ll perform... They haven’t bled Red Sox blue for a couple of years now. Still, a very close team. And it's not from star players but from the second tier (read: dirt dogs). Ortiz, Varitek, Millar, they drive the engine, and create this team's personality.

I was amazed to see how much Pedro was missing the glove last night. It’s troublesome, but it’s one game... At same time, what level (salary to pay Pedro)? He wants an AAV higher than Kevin Brown, but what can you live on? $13.5M two years, plus options, depending on health. After two more years, he'll have made $117M with the Red Sox. It’s not the dollars (the players' care about), it’s you want more than this other person. If they gave each one what it requires to sign them right now, to me, they’d be insane.

They’re gonna stick to what they believe each player is worth… Scott Boras and Lowe at 4x12, 4X10 for Varitek, is not going to get done right now. ...I don’t know if the Nomar thing is going to get reopened or not. There's a lot of bitterness there. If they sign Ortiz, it's not going to infuriate Jason Varitek.

I think Oakland will trade Barry Zito and he could wind up here because of the relationship between the GMs. (Buck: Cape league coach Joe Walsh over at Harvard (not Hartford) raves about him every chance he gets). ...Andy Dominque has gotten Oakland A’s written all over him... Zito would be great here. Tall lefty, Bruce Hurst did well here. But we’re a long way from there.

Why the New Panic Petey?

"Unlike a year ago when he regularly and publicly pushed the Red Sox to exercise the 2004 option on his contract -- they did so a week into the season, seven months before they were required to do so -- he has said little about his uncertain future this spring.

"To be perfectly honest, it doesn't matter to me," he said yesterday of his status

After sending signals in a press conference last fall that he understood he would have to accept a reduction in salary in a new deal, he has been reluctant to address the issue specifically this spring.

"When my agent has a deal for me to sign, he'll tell me," he said. "Otherwise, I'm not worrying about it." - Pedro was Mr. Cool Breeze on March 23rd.

Pete Greeted Us with a Different Message

Agent was going to yap, yap. He was going to focus on the field.

"And that's business, and that's why we pay agents and a nice 5% to just yap, yap with the owners and the GMs. So we're gonna let them take care of that and we'll take care of business in the field."

2.24.04 - On going into the season without a contract:

PM: No that won't bother me, I'm actually aware that it's not up to me to get a new contract, I'm just gonna go and compete like I have to. Like a professional, for my year contract, that I have and if they don't want to sign me, that's fine, I'm pretty sure I'll probably get a job with somebody else. But if they do, I'll be more than happy to stay here.

There are no talks, none. And I'm not expecting it, I'm not looking forward to it. I'm just expecting to work this year and actually let them make the move. The ball is in their court.

I've always said that I would like to actually retire with the Boston hat, but if it's not that way, it's not going to be that way, there's nothing I can do.

I'm not really thinking about anybody else, I'm actually thinking about myself and working the way I have to. I can't really help the fact that they wanted to sign Schilling, and I'm really happy for Schill, he deserves it, he's a workhorse. And he'll give us a lot of help. I don't really have anything against it. God puts it in the way for whoever he belongs to and if it doesn't belong to me, it doesn't belong to me, I don't belong to Boston anymore, it's up to Boston. They know what they're doing. They're managing this team so they should know what they're doing.

This is my sixth year in Boston and I'm just looking forward to work my year and we'll see what happens afterwards. That doesn't mean that they're not going to try to sign me after the season or whatever. I don't know what they're gonna do actually, I'm just here to work and earn my money.

The way I look at my teammates and the way I've seen them work today for the first day, I think they're determined to take a chance at winning. I think they're determined to just work and not really worry about the outside problems. And that's business, and that's why we pay agents and a nice 5% to just yap, yap with the owners and the GMs. So we're gonna let them take care of that and we'll take care of business in the field.

I don't know (about it being wise to test the market if he's healthy and has a good year), I've never been in that position. I'll try to see what it's like, I'll try to see what it's like and you know what? I'll give Boston probably an opportunity to sign me if the season is over and they want to talk about it because I would love to finish in Boston, but if it doesn't work out, believe me I'm gonna just go to the market and see what happens, but I'm not looking forward to making it a big deal. I'm pretty sure somebody will give me an offer to be in one team. And that's what I want, I want a job.

Pedro's 2004 arrival press conference

Sorry Petey

In Theo We Trust

We can spend $22 million over two years elsewhere pal.

"The goal of the Boston Red Sox is to build a team every year that can compete for, and win, a World Series. These are our core values: team over individual, a World Series over everything else.

Although building a winning team is our primary focus, we have the utmost respect and admiration for our individual players and the sacrifices and contributions they make to help the organization achieve its goals.

We respect our players. We tell our players the truth. We listen to our players. We protect our players. We negotiate with our players in good faith, and we make every effort not to discuss these negotiations in public. We want our players to succeed, and we do everything we can to help them win.

Sometimes, however, our commitment to building winning teams, every year, means that we will have disagreements with our players about the length and precise value of their next contracts. These disagreements are unfortunate but they are inevitable. They will be resolved in time. In the meantime, we continue to focus on our most important mission: winning." - Statement from Red Sox Sr. Vice President/General Manager Theo Epstein 05/01/2004 4:13 PM ET


"We've been talking to him for some time, we have a lot of respect for Pedro and we're going to show that respect by showing some respectful silence here." - Larry Lucchino


"Martinez' teammate, Manny Ramirez, expressed his willingness to defer part of his annual salary - $5 million a year was a reasonable figure, he said - to chip in to help the team pay whatever annual average salary they could agree upon with Martinez.

"How long is he planning to stay, three years?'' Ramirez said. "I'll loan them a contract. Whatever they want - how much money do I need? It's for Pedro. If they give me my money back later, it's not a bad idea.''

When asked if he would simply restructure his contract a la Alex Rodriguez with the Red Sox way-back-when last December or simply give the money away, Ramirez simply offered a huge belly laugh.

He turned serious when it came to discussing Martinez.

"I want to stay, I want to finish here, but I'd leave and make him stay because it feels like he's the heart of this team,'' he said. "I'm not saying I want to leave. I'd rather him to stay. If it's because of the money, better me go and he stay, because he's been here so long.''

Ramirez said the Red Sox should open their wallets like that team from the Bronx.

"It's like New York - they take chances but they want to win,'' Ramirez said. ``That's what we need to do, take chances, see what happens. We need to sign Pedro, (Derek) Lowe, the rest of the guys.

If you really want to compete and want to win, look at the Yankees, man. They don't care, they just go and get anybody they want and they're trying to be there. Let me tell you, man, what makes this team better is (Curt) Schilling and Keith Foulke. You don't have to worry so much about Petey because they are going to be there and help us out a lot.''  - Michael Silverman, Red Sox Notebook, Boston Herald

"Pete's Gotta Eat"

Is Not Playing Well on the Street.

Liar's Poker: Pedro Says Sox "Dirty"

Disrespected Diva Says Lucchino Cheap, Ruined Baltimore.
Calls Sox Brass Liars. Thinks John Henry Ruined the Marlins.

Problem is, it was Peter Angelos and Wayne Huizenga, not our guys.

Marteamez Strategy of Throwing Tek, D-Lowe, and Nomar Onto His Bus, and Larry Lucchino and John Henry Under It, is Backfiring Big Time in Boston.

(Umm, Pedro, you're on the wrong side of 30 with a bum shoulder. Shut up and pitch. You're getting $17.5 million right now.)

When is Enough Enough Pedro? Are You Ever Happy?

The Attention Getter is Getting Absolutely Crushed in Coffee Shops, Convenience Stores, Car Washes, and Health Clubs this Morning.

Some side-arm deliveries from The Nation, some over-the-top:

"Well, this is lovely. Pedro gives up 6 runs and turns the ball over to DiNardo. Next we see him sitting next to Manny (of the 4 strikeout effort in the first game loss) and the two of them are yucking it up on the bench. Yeah, looks like a DH loss this evening. Beyond his poor outing after a tough loss bothering me, I'm trying to remember if I've ever seen Pedro exhibit this type of "what, me worry?" type of attitude after a bad outing before. Maybe it's just his rep, but I seem to remember Pedro being really pissed off if he had this type of outing in the past. Was this really the case? Is Pedro this vicious competitor or was that all a blind love of all things Pedro? - Rick from NH, on SoSH


"This is spot on and why some fans, unlike most here, are sick and tired of this "clown" opening his big trap time and time again. He talks to the media when its convenient to him. "Hey don't you dare ask me about my velocity being down, but wait til I have a couple of good starts and I'll bash management for not showing me the money". It grows tiresome and old and takes the focus off what has been a most encouraging start to the season. That said, the Sox have him over a barrel and he now has no choice but to prove to the baseball world that he's worth the millions he wants. A good situation for the Sox for sure." - Rocco Graziosa, longtime member, SoSH


"Pedro is a whiney little prima donna just like Nomar. Epstein and company have shown they can get value for our dollars (its our hard earned cash through incredibly higher ticket prices that goes into the player's stock, real estate and automobile portfolios) and put a good product on the field. I think Pedro's a great pitcher, but I'm going to hesitate before I buy a multi-million dollar cottage on a bluff that may or may not fall into the sea. Say we overpay Pedro, his arm falls off, and where does that leave us for the next several years? At the bottom of the f--ing cliff is where and still having to pay the rent. Investing in Pedro with the state of his arm is like buying JDS Uniphase, Cisco, WorldCom and Enron at their heights. The past performance is spectacular, but there is a tear in the guy's arm that says in the fine print of the annual report -- danger. I want solid players with stable makeups and good long term potential. I'd pay Varitek and guys like Schilling before I'd pay Pedro or Nomar.

Anyway, I hope he throws a nohitta tonight. Go Sawx!" - Sox65 - RedSoxNation.net


"Pedro Martinez has picked the wrong time to open his cakehole about his contract status. His government in the Dominican Republic has decided to pull their troops out of Iraq and not support the USA and Coalition. Meanwhile our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan protect Pedro so that he does not have to worry about a truck laden with explosives being driven into a stadium where he is performing. A week after Pat Tillman made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us we have to listen to Mr Martinez belly ache about his lot in life. I have one thing to say to Pedro and I will quote Tony Soprano here... "WATCH YOUR STEP" - serial emailer Scott "wrong again" from Barnstable

Boston.com:  Nation Showing No Mercy on Sunday

From Fall River Mass, to Falmouth Maine, to Fairbanks Alaska... Nation is Angry with Ace. Survey Says: Pedro Played it Wrong:

Boston.com poll:  75% Say "Good Riddance" or "Stop Whining"

Leon Martinez May Sign on with Budweiser.


And Ty Law Says Hello.

Mayday! Mayday!

Martinez Leaving in a New York Minute.

(At least he can still talk 94mph)

Will you sign with the Yankees Pedro?

"(I'll sign with) anybody that shows me more interest
than the Boston Red Sox have shown."

"I'm just really sad for the fans in New England who had high hopes that at this time I could say, truly, that I was going to stay in Boston, but now they're going to have to compete with the rest of the league. It's not going to be (a distraction) because I'm not going to allow it. It's over with and I'm just going to continue to play baseball like I would normally do. I was just wasting time, having something else on my mind. So now I get rid of one and concentrate on baseball and that's it. It's just business... I don't know - I'm going to have to wait and see, I gave them every single chance I could. That's from the bottom of my heart. The fans in Boston, I know they don't understand what's going on, but I really mean it from my heart - I gave them every opportunity, every discount I could give them to actually stay in Boston and they never took advantage of it. Didn't even give me an offer. They never gave me one number, never gave me anything. They said, `We're going to try with the insurance company, we're going to try whatever. Mr. Henry said he was going to talk to the insurance companies and stuff like that, and I waited longer, one more month after the season began. But no, sorry, didn't work out to this point and we're going to see what we can do next year.'' - Boston Herald, 5.1.04

Another Oscar Winning Performance by Prima Donna Pete

But His Act is Wearing Thin

Pedro Being Pedro, Just 'Yap Yapping' About His Contract

(He won't brief fans after he pitches. Only when he bitches.)

Manny expected to fix the situation with Papi

Herald changes headline after midnight:

Ace: I'm done dealing: Martinez says he'll be free agent
Now it's: EXCLUSIVE: Martinez says he'll be free agent

Silverman, Pedro, Cuza in Cahoots to Spin Starter's Story.

(Herald sat on story for a week... to get more input? or to wait for a good start?)

 Suddenly Boston Media Not so Evil. How Convenient.

Go-To in the Driver's Seat

Manny World Media Tour Continues as He Hits The Big Show Next Week

PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, 2004 9:46 am    Post subject: MANNY'S REPLIES2
What sites do you visit regularly? Why did you decide to make this website? Dirt Dog

"Man, I love cars. I go on the internet to look at the most powerful sports cars coming out. I also go on the internet to look at the new rims, body kits and classic cars that people hook-up. I do this for hours.

The reason for the website... Every time I met somebody and they talked with me for a little bit, they said "You know. Most people don't know you are like this. I wish people had a chance to see how you are". So I started to think about how I could get people and fans to know the real me. The website was my answer. Now, I can tell my fans and anyone who wants to know my side of the story. The only thing is that I'm a private person, so you won't see a lot of personal information about me.

Another thing, yesterday afternoon Zambrano had some real nasty stuff. He got me three times. Looks like I need some batting tips. :-)" - Manny reply at MannyRamirez.com

Do You Like "Schill's" Spinnas Manny?

  Animated Curt's car gif courtesy of SoSH's Manny25 

Manny the Dirt Dog

"Forget talking to the media, Manny's uniform is dirty every day." - Lucchino

Finishing Our Sentence

Dirt Dogs forced to carry "Manny's Best Friend" "Boston Dirt Dogs" signs outside Fenway as punishment for the good natured ribbing Ramirez has received in this space for the past three seasons. A Boston police officer ensures that the jury's sentence of a season long, no food and water, penance is carried out.


Sweep in the Heart of Texas

Bats Can't Wake Up! Sox Swept Up! 4-1

"Texas Stumbleweed" - Bob Lobel

R.eally A.wesome Dickey. R.eally A.wful Hitting.

And Now Yankees Breathing Down Our Necks

We said MFYs would win 'eight in a row' to get back in race after last weekend's sweep (Danny from Quincy never got that far). They've won six straight.

Sox Missing Trot, Nomar, and Todd Walker. Crespo not Cutting It Late.

Curse of the BigMoutho

End Selfish Pedro Negativity




MarTEAMez, Sox Come Undone

Big Trouble for Little Petey

Distraction Diva Derailing Red Sox Express

Texas hits Paydro hard. Sox drop pair.

Rangers Run Away 8-5 in Nightcap

Losing was no big deal if you listen to
Big Mouth's post-game comments. True Tito?

Side-arm delivery makes him look more like Kim than Clemens.

You want how much? And when do you start proving them wrong?

Martinez Mouth Opens,
Winning Streak Closed

Sox Deep Sixed in Seventh as Rangers Rally for 4-3 Win

Arroyo Hit-by-Pitch Leads to Loss

Pen Falters, Rally Falls Short

Balco Barry

Is the 3-1 Favorite at the 130th Running of The Kentucky Derby

Neumy says box the perfecta with
Steroid Sammy

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