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Bronx Blowout



The Big Awful

Yee-Yuk, Gone-see-ya-parra, Sox Drop the Ball

New York 11 Boston 3, D-Lowe Comes Undone, Sox Defenseless, Lethargic, Fundamentally Unsound

Sheffield and Tony-the-Phony Clark Clobber Lowe

Sloppy Sox Slip Back into Francoma

"For the last two months, there's been a lull here." - Derek Lowe

"He is starting to look like Wade Boggs circa 1992, like a man so consumed with resentment that he cannot focus on anything else." -- Mazz on Nomar

"There may have been unhappier players in the history of Boston sports, but this typist remembers none. It could not be more clear that these are the final days of Nomar Garciaparra in Boston." -- Dan Shaughnessy

Fredo: "Nomar's trying to hustle, Kevin looks up because Lofton's fast. No that's not an excuse, that's what happened. We need to play the games as well as possible. We've got to come out here grinding."

Pedro Caught Clowning Around on YES While His Team is Taking a Vicious Beating in the Bronx

"I'm watching YES....I actually do not mind Jim Kaat... he was talking about Pedro clowning around with the fans in the middle of an ass whooping... he said that most managers would not allow that.. he said it is one thing to be loose, but it looks like you don't care about the team."  - Scott Cooper, SoSH (yes, that Scott Cooper... no)

Yankee fan emails us: "WTF is Pedro doing? Joking with the fans, flashing his tetas at them, smiling with an 11-3 deficit? Some leadership."


"It's obvious why one American League official told Newsday's Ken Davidoff the Red Sox are "a dead team." It has something to do with the fact that they are without a pulse.

Not that they'll find sympathy on the other side of the field. When Pedro Martinez made a loud entrance onto the field in street clothes yesterday afternoon, a couple of Yankees uncomfortably shook his hand. But not all. "I don't know the guy," Posada sniffed. "He's not my friend. No sense for me to say hello."

Boston's clubhouse was deadly quiet before the game. Manny Ramirez clicked off the voice of Bostonian baseball analyst Peter Gammons talking on ESPN about how lifeless the Red Sox are. Later, there was a half-serious confrontation between Jason Varitek and Curt Schilling about why Schilling blew off the pre-series pitchers' meeting, in which opposing hitters are discussed. That Schilling isn't pitching either of the next two games was no excuse, for Varitek or Schilling.

When Schilling tried to take the offensive, Varitek reasonably wondered why the guy who missed the meeting was the one raising his voice. The historic visual of "25 players, 25 cabs" was fresh in anyone's mind who witnessed this scene.

It's nice from a Yankees perspective that Boston appears to be coming unglued."

-- Newsday: More of the same

Gammo Rips Sox, Fenway Fans on The FAN

"There were fans were down there screaming obscenities at Mia Hamm..."

(you don't hear this on The Big Show)

Cover Boy

And the SI Jinx Stinks (Manny Goes 0-4)

(Only good news: Giambi has parasites)

Nice Hat Dick, Now Go... continued


Pokey's Back!

Johnny DamonCF
Mark Bellhorn3B
David OrtizDH
Manny RamirezLF
Nomar GarciaparraSS
Trot NixonRF
Jason VaritekC
Kentucky Fried Kevin1B
Pokey Reese2B

Gordon Edes Chat from New York City

In your opinion, what would Joe Torre do with Kevin Millar?
Gordon Edes (Moderator)
I don't know, take him out for chicken? Giambi is in a big slump, and Torre is still playing him. Tony Clark hit less than a buck and a half in June and he's still getting some playing time. I mean, Torre would do what Francona will do if Millar doesn't get hot, and that's to take playing time away from him, regardless of what he might have said. Burks and Mueller are both on rehab assignment and presumably getting close, so that will impact how often Millar plays.

"It's Payback Time" Ė Georgie Porgie

Hopefully Payback's Not a Bitch Big Stein.

In other NY Post news, Giambi sees a psychic.


Damon: "We need a nice kick in the butt"

(that's why we're here Johnny)

Theo Rips Sox (sort of)

"We've been playing .500 ball for two months, and that's a disappointment. We haven't met our standards."

Can Sox Snap Out of it in the Bronx?

Fire and Ace

Schilling Comes to Sox Emotional Rescue. Horse Stops Phillies After Bad Start.

10-4 Good Buddy, 7-0 at Home. All-Star Start on Radar.

Double Trouble

NomaRBIs are Game Winners. Manny's a Monster. Ortiz is Amazing.

The World's Highest Paid Male Cheerleader wakes up in 8th with double too after two pop ups and a strikeout.

Sox Win Series!

Boston Slaps Philly Silly 12-3, Pen Holds the Line

He's All Freddy Gone

(More good news: Mendoza recovering well from stiff neck after clubhouse nap.)

Loserville? Not with Schill.

"It's not win or lose, it's win or else."


Just in case you forgot, Schill still needs a shot of Marcaine.
With fans feeling down, all over town; Marcaine.
Schill does like, he does like, he does like; Marcaine.

Will Monday bring good news? MRI's confuse; Marcaine.
When Sunday is done he'll be able to shun; Marcaine.
Curt don't like, he don't like, he don't like; Marcaine.

If his ankle's cooked before he gets the hook; Marcaine.
Donít forget this fact, he's got a two-year contract; Marcaine.
Curt don't lie, pitch or die, sit don't fly; Marcaine.

One tough guy, can't deny, battle cry: Marcaine.


Nation Not Happy About Love of Country

Today's left fielder Kevin Millar and some of the Red Sox players celebrated their big loss to the Phillies country style last night as they kicked up their boots at the FM-99.5 Country Music Festival at the Tweeter Center.

Red Sox fans in attendance were less than thrilled to see the Achy, Breaky, Heartless bunch out on the town after their Bad News Bears effort yesterday and a must-win day game on tap today.

Lou PiŮata on the ball as usual: "I think when you're down 9-2, if it's a party in the dugout, something's wrong. I think these guys care a lot. There's always that fine line. If you're winning, it's a good loose club. If you're losing... it's always been that way. It always will be... I actually like our guys' attitude a lot." - Terry Francoma

(The hoedown was a few hours later Tito. We're having flashbacks to the late nights at The Rack in 2001 before getting crushed by the Yanks the day after. We'll see today.)

Sox Slip Back into Francoma


While Philly is Hungry Like the Wolf

Error, Error, Read All About It: Sox Outhit Philadelphia, Lose 9-2

Arroyo-yo up and down again. OBP = 11 LOB.


Red Sox Absolutely Refuse to Play Defense

Kentucky Fried Kevin can't wing it at first. Damon is defenseless.

(Good news: Johnny is getting a trim, pedicure, and a new shirt at Copley Place tonight!)

Lou PiŮata Thinks More Golf in Ft. Myers Will Help Next Spring

"Rampant unrest in the Nation. A 25-25 record since May Day. Three consecutive series losses. Sitting second in the American League East, nearer to Tampa Bay than New York. The prospect of falling a season-high six games behind the Yankees. Terry Francona getting roasted like a Fenway Frank on the Fourth of July." - Pedro reigns

"Having good players helps. That (meeting) wasn't for anybody's... I don't know how that stuff gets out.. it was a very low key conversation... I really enjoy this group a lot. And we're capable of not playing good baseball, but great baseball." - 6.26: Tito pre-game


Hero, then Pedro

United States Marine Lance Corporal James Preston Crosby, of Boston, who was paralyzed while serving in Iraq, delivers the ceremonial first pitch.

DominiCan-Do Attitude

Manny, David, and Pedro Make a Big Impression on Phillies

Sox Blow it Wide Open 12-1, Game Called (for a dozen reasons)

Another Horse in the Barn? Pedro sneaks up to 8-3 with solid effort. Youkilis The Man.

Philadelphia Flyer

Print the "Manny Would've Had It!" Bumper Stickers Lobie

The Heat's On Pete Tonight

Martinez simply has to come through.

Suicide Blonde

Nextel's Kentucky Fried Friendly's Kevin dies his hair Fat Boy Slim Shady blonde. (yawn)

Suicide blonde, suicide blonde
Suicide blonde, suicide blonde
Suicide blonde was the colour of his hair
Like a cheap distraction
For a tired affair
He knew it was finished
Before it began
Something tells me you lost the plan

He Did Come Back to Haunt Us After All

Oh, give me a home where the superstars roam
Fenway's fun to just hang out and play
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
And the skies are not cloudy all day.

Let's Be Franc: Only 39% Want Lou PiŮata Gone

"When the weather gets warmer, it'll help our guys get locked in." 

- Terry Francoma, still waiting around for something else to happen later on, June 24, 2004

(just wait until Ellis Burks gets back, oh baby, then we'll start to put it all together)

At least Francoma called a meeting to wake people up yesterday.


Nomah Errah

Garciaparra Throws Game Away

"That (ruling of two-base error) is hilarious to me. Pretty funny."

Update: Scoggins Changes Nomar's Fielding Error to Infield Hit for Guzman

Why is Nomar worried about the scorer when the team is tanking Tito?

Is Nomar not getting it?

Nothing funny about a dead ass team with a boatload of cheap excuses, Twins win in 10 innings 4-3

Sloppy defense sinks Sox, lose third straight series.

Balfour rings up Sox late; Nathan's famous for saves.

Garciapopup ends game again. That's all Foulke.

The Just-Happy-to-be-Here-and-Livin'-Large-on-Big-Coin 2004 Red Sox Don't Have It.

Meanwhile the Devil Dogs are Playing Like Dirt Dogs and Nipping at Dead Sox Heels.

Good News from Pawtucket!

Stiff OK After Neck Problem. Kim Hits 83 on Gun.

"Ramiro had stiffness in his neck, he said during warm-ups it may be a problem," said PawSox manager Buddy Bailey. "He slept on it wrong and it had nothing to do with his shoulder, thank goodness." (Baltimore is salivating as we type)

"However, while Kim was throwing 94-95 miles per hour a year ago at this time, as the Red Sox closer, he reached 83 mph just once on the radar guns of several scouts in attendance and was consistently clocked around 80-81." - The Woonsocket Call has it all


Cloud. Silva Lining.

Reese Hurt. Silva, Twins Shut Down Sox 4-2.

Bellhorn, Trot can't complete comeback solo.

D-Lowe pitched just well enough to lose.

Thumbs the Word

Pokey x-rays negative, should be able to avoid surgery.

Docs will watch overnight swelling.

RedSox.com: "Doctors optimistic he could return this weekend"

Captain Morgan on NESN: "Pokey will need a few weeks to recover"

Here we go again.

Theo on with Dale & Neumy on WEEI: ďThe thumb is doing much better than he thought it would. The swelling and the soreness has not risen to a level that he expected after yesterday. So thatís good news especially because weíre going to be treating this thing by the symptoms. Itís a sprain. Itís not a complete rupture of the ligament. Surgery is not indicated. So weíre really going to treat it with taping, maybe a partial splint and hopefully thatís tolerant. Iíd imagine that late this weekend, maybe Sunday, heíll try to take BP, and if that goes well he shouldnít be too far away from playing but we have not placed him on the disabled list, thatís a pretty good indication that our medical staff thinks that we need to treat the symptoms.Ē

Beltransition: Boston the Focus Again

"According to several sources, the three-way Beltran/Dotel trade broke down for financial reasons, despite the fact that owner Steve Schott had told The Chronicle last week that he would increase the payroll to improve the bullpen. At issue was the fact that Dotel will be arbitration eligible after the season and, as a closer, he could command quite a bit more in arbitration than his current $2.8 million salary.

According to one source, Kansas City was to receive Triple-A third baseman Mark Teahen and rising Class-A reliever Jairo Garcia (Astros minor- league catcher John Buck also was to be part of the deal). The Royals were said to be furious that the deal collapsed and now are believed to be shopping Beltran to Boston instead." - San Francisco Chronicle

"The Royals then began shopping Beltran all over again, and industry sources said the Boston Red Sox might have positioned themselves to acquire him." - Houston Chronicle

Larry Lucchino: "We are willing to rent a player." - Sox CEO on WEEI with D&C

Tito thinks Pokey will be OK

But he also thought the Hindenburg made a smooth landing at New Jersey's Lakehurst Naval Air Station.

Hunter Kills Sox with Two-Run Homer

Torii Spelling T-R-O-U-B-L-E for Boston

(Sox have double play trouble too. Twice. Both sides.)

Blondes Do Have More Fun

Source: Schill slipped Shonda some tongue on the lip lock :-)

"Sheís so hot." Is she a good cook? "Sheís so hot." Ė Curt

Schilling will Start on Sunday

Howís the ankle? "It feels good. Itís still attached. Itís not really something Iím limping around with, it only bothers me to do some real specific movements, and most of those movements happen when I throw a baseball. Otherwise itís fine." - 6.24: Curt Schilling on 105.7-FM with Loren and Wally.


Ready, Schilling, and Able

Curt Stays Perfect at Fenway.

Boston Bats Bust Out in 9-2 Win

Sluggish Schill is Solid for Seven.

Right from the Source's Mouth: "Ankle OK."

Schill defends Tito's bullpen moves on SoSH

"Pretty much every manager I have ever played for lives and breathes thinking about the 25 man roster, who does what, who to bring in, who to match up.You guys/gals, well you are different, baseball here is different, but you focus all your mental energy on thinking about the why's and why not's during the 3 hours of the game, and a lot of ya some hours before and after." - Schill on bullpen


is the recipe for success.

Wham, Bam, Thank You Slam

Nomar's Better... Off in Boston.

Dominican Dynamite: Manny, 'Tiz Are Explosive as Long Balls Light Up the Night.


If Schill don't wanna sit out, then he'll beat Twins in a rout, Marcaine.
They planned to shut him down, down off the mound; Marcaine.
Schill does like, he does like, he does like; Marcaine.

Dirt dogs dropped bad news, but Curt just can't lose; Marcaine.
When his number gets called, he'll be throwing the ball; Marcaine.
Curt does like, he does like, he does like; Marcaine.

If his ankle's gone and he wanna pitch on; Marcaine.
Donít forget this fact, he'll just reach back; Marcaine.
Curt does like, he does like, he does like; Marcaine.

Schill must try, Sox on slide, did Docs lie? Marcaine.

Time to Take This Beltran Business Seriously

Gammo is in the know, Sox in the hunt

"Baird says there are four teams currently in the Beltran hunt, with the A's, Red Sox and Yankees three of the four (could the Marlins be the fourth?). Baird and Beane worked on the three-way trade that would have included the Dodgers, then spent the weekend working with Theo Epstein on a three-way deal that in the Red Sox's world would have sent Beltran to Boston, Kevin Youkilis and Scott Williamson to Oakland and A's third baseman Mark Teahan (Kansas City's favorite), Red Sox catcher Kelly Shoppach and Oakland pitcher Mike Wood to Kansas City.

But the A's are not convinced that Williamson is their answer at closer, and Youkilis would eventually have to be moved once franchise player and Gold Glove winner Eric Chavez returns in a month from a broken right hand. Every team Oakland talks to wants reliever Jairo Garcia, who throws 97 to 98 mph and at Class A Kane County has 16 saves, has allowed one earned run and has a 49/6 strikeout/walk ratio in 30 innings. Boston may be able to pull off a trade for Beltran, but Epstein will have to come up with some new parts in order to do so.

While the Red Sox think about putting Beltran in right field and having Manny Ramirez and Trot Nixon switch between left field and DH, Oakland has a lot of decisions to make in the near future." - New Gammons report on ESPN.com

It's not about the funny Dale

Dale Arnold Warrior Princess Lashes Out at Boston Dirt Dogs on Ill-Advised Skipped Start for Schilling Report

Yankees, Yankees, Yankees... Yuk.

"Real Red Sox fans are sick and tired of this obsession with the Yankees... It's cheap and low-rent and makes us look like idiots."

(Same goes for any "curse" crap merchandise. Whether you're reversing it, nailing it, ending it, turning it into first... forget about it. Just don't mention the "c" word.)

Are You Obsessed?

And did The Soxaholix gang come from HBO's Deadwood?


Let's Go Skip

Ankle's Aweigh Again.

Don't Forget to Vote Tonight at Fenway.

(It's Time to Thank Trot for his 2003 Heroics)

"I'm excited to get back home and see my family, be with them for a little while, and obviously get out there and play in front of the best fans in baseball."

Sox Signed Curt Leskanic

Bullpen Help Sign is Not Bull.

Source: Just someone who chats on the internet

(a source of a different color)

SoSH Confirms Report by Linking Back to Their Report Link Here.



Jason Was On, Sox Offense Off

Fonzie Grand Slam is Totally Cool for Frisco in 4-0 Win Over Boston

Another Giant Step Backwards

About Schmidt's Shutout: Boston Batters Were Sleeping Giants While Bronson Left His Heart in San Francisco.

No Bunt = Punt in Big Inning

Keys to the Game: Millar Gives Up on Game Ball in Left, Timlin Didn't Get Pitch In Again: Another Tito Bandito: Damon Should Have Put Bunt Down.

"Our bullpen has too many guys who don't miss bats. They all throw 83-86 miles per hour." - ESPN's Peter Gammons

Kentucky Fried Kevin Can't Lick Left Field

Coming up on The Friendly's Scoop: Kentucky Fried Kevin, who looks like his belly is full of ice cream and chicken, shows us how NOT to play left field.

American Idle: Manny rests at wrong time. Deja Vu: Garciapopup ends game.

Tito Banditoed

Umps Played Us Like Chumps on Wrong Call

"At that point I didn't really care if there was an explanation, there was no room for any error... we had our backs against the wall." - Terry Francona after 2-4 trip

Good for the Goosen: Reteif Kicks Grass in U.S. Open Win



Not the right move as lefty takes turn for the worse

San Fran Answers Sox Rally

Boston Pays High Price for Gasoline Alley

Red Sox Can't Buy a Winning Streak, 6-4 Giants

Pinch Me! Did Tito really let Embree Oh! pitch to Alfonzo?

Pedro Just Not Ready to Go

Martinez gets roughed up in the first inning again.

Nixon led rally takes ace off the hook for another loss.

("Believe in the man" is getting old Jason, we believe in the wins)

Let's Go Pedro

(and let's hear the Balco chants at SBC today too)



Five Home Runs Rally Sox in San Francisco

Giants Plead in the 5th as Sox Climb Out of 7-2 Hole to Beat SF 14-9

They're Back to Back to Back to Back!

Ortiz (15), Manny (18), Home Run Trot, Belli Flops One

Game Saving Bonds*? Not Tonight.

Kentucky Fried Kevin Greases Go Ahead HR Past Steroid King


Tough night for Tim but Timlin Gets the Win

Bottles, baseballs, and golf balls tossed on field from frustrated Frisco fans

Weaver, Dodgers Beat Vazquez, Yankees: Sox Inch Closer to First

The San Francisco Trick-or-Treat

Wake Can't Get His Show on the Road

Bonds* is a Total Fraud

"They built a tunnel to honor Ted Williams in Boston. What did he imagine would be built for him? "Nothing, man," he said. "I'm black. They don't build stuff for blacks." -- Barry Bonds*

Bonds makes a powerful statement on, off field - By Gordon Edes, Globe Staff | June 18, 2004

San Francisco Giants
24 Willie Mays Plaza
San Francisco, CA 94107

Willie Mays Plaza, located at the corner of Third and King streets, honors one of the greatest players in Giants history. With an official street address of 24 Willie Mays Plaza, the entrance of SBC Park pays tribute to the Hall of Fame center fielder. The plaza features 24 palm trees in recognition of Mays' jersey number and is home to a nine-foot bronze sculpture of the famous ballplayer.


Relief Pitch for Nation: MRI OK

For Better or Worse: Schill Won't Sit, Will Make Next Start

Throws Side Session in Pawtucket Saturday (Say Hello to BK)


Update: Fallout from Early Report on Skipped Start Causes Sox Docs to Have Change of Heart

"...Let's put it this way, Schilling shouldn't be making his next start. But he's making it nonetheless..." - source update

Dirt Dog Digs In: "Feel free to mark the initial bdd.com report down as wrong, call it A-Rod II, no problem with that at all. But I stand by it. The decision at the time was to have him sit. The report had nothing to do with Curt, how he was feeling, the MRI, which was why I didn't drag him into it before posting it..."

Dirt Dog Update on RedSoxNation.net

Maruyama Still Smokin' at U.S. Open



Curt to Skip Tuesday Start

Source Says Sox Medical Staff Has Decided to Give Ace a Rest

(Yes, Regardless of Today's MRI Results)

Are Big Schill and Big Dog in a Catfight?

No, but Curt's hurt we didn't bother him with this report; calls us the "m" word: "media"

"...So the only reason you wouldn't have asked me is kinda in line with why the media does the same, there would not be much of a story if I shot it down..." - CS to Big Dog on latest report

Those were the days my friend? "...Hey, Just wanted to let you know, as a player, I sincerely appreciate the effort and creativity on your end. Your site is a lot of fun, and I am always checking in to catch up on things I miss...." - C. Schill to Big Dog 5.1.04

Schill: 'They Didn't Tell Me'

"Bad source, bad info (on bdd.com) unless someone told someone other than me that I am not pitching Tuesday (SoSH)."  Ė SoSHilling

"I am starting (Tues. vs. Minn.) as far as I know. If I am not, someone hasn't told me yet..." Ė CS on Remy Report

(Source response to Dirt Dogs: "stay the course on this one")

"You can bet on the internet. It's the prudent thing to do."
- Bob Lobel, CBS-4 News on skipped start news

This just in: Dale Arnold dusts off internet credibility speech for today's show; Big Show cues up "We're the Fuuuuuture" comedy bit (one of the best ever).

It's Not About the Delivery Vehicle Dale

(it's about the story)

Of course Dale, it is the uncle of the limo driver of the HDTV repairman who goes by Crespopolitan on the Cousins of Connie Mack... it is what it is Dale.

Did Offense Take a Giant Step Forward Yesterday?

Bonds* Away: Sox Play Ball by the Bay Tonight

A Little Altitude Adjustment

Mile-High D-Lowe, Sox Shut Out Colorado 11-0

59 RBI on Season for David: Hits Bomb, Two Run Double

Double Play Combo: 3-5 for Cry Baby, 2-3 for Big Pokey

Praise the Lord: Two more hits for Trot

Cry Baby Talk

If you have any idea what Nomar is talking about below, please let us know.

"I've been judged on one month - I've got eight years. Think about what I've done. What would you rather have: eight great years and one bad month or eight bad months and one good year? I think those eight years count - they will somewhere, to somebody... I can't win - 21 ABs (for Pawtucket) but no, `You're faking it' and `C'mon, what are you waiting for?' Then I come back, they are still going to say `See - he sucks. He's not good. You were bad last year, you're bad this year.' It's a no-win situation. They should just be glad I'm back. That would be great (still working out in the minors), just working out, getting some feel, but I don't have that luxury because then I'm faking it - am I right?'' Garciaparra said. ``Think about it - I get 21 ABs and I'm faking it.'' - Nomar Garciaparra to the Boston Herald's Michael Silverman

Garciaparra for the Course: Nomar Whines to Silverado

(Don't worry Nomie, Dale and Neumy are on at 10:00)

At least now we know what the hell he was so animated about at Sonsie on Saturday.

Lucky Strikes Back

Boston Red Sox President and CEO Larry Lucchino on with WEEI's Dennis and Callahan:

"I would rather had not seen any kind of commentary like this at this point. I don't think that's what the team needs at this stage in the season. I think he would probably agree in retrospect." - Larry Lucchino


If Schilling pitches beyond, that awful 6th inning, Marcaine.
If he schuts them down, after three more guys go around; Marcaine.
Curt does like, he does like, he does like; Marcaine.

Bum ankle blues, he wanna kick that juice; Marcaine.
When your day is done he's back online; Marcaine.
Curt does like, he does like, he does like; Marcaine.

If his ankle's done and he wanna pitch on; Marcaine.
Donít forget this fact, he's got our back; Marcaine.
Curt does like, he does like, he does like; Marcaine.

Schill won't lie, Sox on slide, can we all try?; some Marcaine

Rock Solid Return

Mile High Home Run, Mile Long Throw Home

Toe Jam

We Found Him: Pokey's Got Bingo!


"I Feel Fine"

Schill Says He's OK, but What Will Morgan's Magical MRI Tell Us?

One-Legged Horse Walks!... Too Many. Sox Pull Up Lame, Lose 7-6


If Schilling pitches beyond, that awful 6th inning, Marcaine.
If he schuts them down, after three more guys go around; Marcaine.
Curt does like, he does like, he does like; Marcaine.

Bum ankle blues, he wanna kick that juice; Marcaine.
When your day is done he's back online; Marcaine.
Curt does like, he does like, he does like; Marcaine.

If his ankle's done and he wanna pitch on; Marcaine.
Donít forget this fact, he's got our back; Marcaine.
Curt does like, he does like, he does like; Marcaine.

Schill won't lie, Sox on slide, can we all try?; some Marcaine


McCarty Pop Up is the End Game


Mile High 6th is 7 Heaven for Rockies, Make Mountain Out of MoleSchill

Hot to Trot Shot, and Schill's Hot too... in the Dugout

7 K's... and 7 runs for Schill (and 11 - L.O.B. for Clutchless Kids)

Curt's AL All-Star game start is shot


New York 6 Up in Loss Column

Sox Slip Sliding Further Away:

Thanks to Diamondbacks D, Yanks Raze Arizona

Umm... cowboy up?

Ankles Away

Schill Thinks He'll Be Bad to the Bone Tonight

(from lyrics to the original Anchors Aweigh)

Stand Schilli out to sea
Fight our battle cry
Weíll never change our course
So vicious foe steer shy-y-y-y
Roll out the M.R.I.
Ankles Aweigh
Sail on to victory and
Sink their bones to Todd Jones hooray!

Yo ho there Schill dog
Take the fighting to the far off sea
Hear the wailing of the Nation banshees (by the second batter in Denver tonight)
All hands, fire brands Letís blast them as we go, so

Ankles Aweigh my boys
Ankles Aweigh
Farewell to wild card joys
We sail at break of day day day day
Through our last night on shore
Drink to the foam
Until we meet once more
Hereís wishing you a happy voyage home!

Heave a ho there Nixon
Everybody drink up while you may
Heave a ho there sailor
For your gonna sail a break of day
Drink away, Drink away,
For you sail at break of day, hey!

Ankles Aweigh my boys
Ankles Aweigh
Farewell to wild card joys
We sail at break of day day day day
Through our last night on shore
Drink to the foam
Until we meet once more
Hereís wishing you a happy voyage home!


Dog Days of Summer Start Today

Trot bats in the six spot tonight.

6.16.04: "When he was introduced to this crowd, it was almost like he was being introduced at Fenway Park for the first time this season." - Jerry Remy from Coors Field in Colorado, USA.

The "Heart and Soul" is Back from His Leg and Back Attack.

Just in time as Sox drop to 4-1/2 back.

(Kentucky Fried Cowboy will have a seat on the bench. Did Kevin dig deeper into his schnozz in that awesome NESN camera shot than he digs into those buckets of chicken?)

Sox Vanish into Thin Air

The Skinny on Vinny: 3-4, home run, 2 RBI

Embree Oh! Rockies pull away late, Sox lose 6-3

Error, Varitek/Manny ridiculous baserunning costly

"It wasn't a miss... if anyone did anything wrong it was me. Kennedy hung, Tek didn't go like he's supposed to... I thought he'd (Youkilis) put it in play. That's why in those situations we don't run as much as other people" - Tito Francona

Nation Has a Field Day at Coors

"Let's Go Red Sox" chants bust out again on the road

6.15.04 - ESPN MLB SCOREBOARD - Write in Ortiz for AL 1B today

Pokey Scratched for Series Opener:
Hurt Toe Making Leaping Catch Last Week

Arroyo-yo goes in Colorado


Walker Ends Roger Run

Cubs Ground Rocket. Clemens loses first game 7-2.

(But they still may let him face Curt Schilling in the All-Star game)



Los Angeles: Pedro Dominates

Pedro Brutality, Pokey Handcuff Dodgers 4-1

Sky Dive

Pokey Goes Airborne to Stop Rally in the Defensive Play of the Year

Former President George H.W. Bush Made a Skydive from 3,000 Feet Sunday. Pokey Jumped Higher.

(No error for Nomar? Oh my!)

Kapler, Reese Drive in Big Runs


Dodgeball Knocks Out Wakefield, Sox

Wake Can't Fake Out Dodgers. Sox Get Slammed.

Not Good Times at Fenway on Saturday.

Schilling May Have to Schut it Down

Curt Schilling will make his next start in Colorado then will have an MRI and check of the edema in the ankle area. If the MRI shows a change in condition for the worse "we will have to shut him down" according to Red Sox GM Theo Epstein. Curt has had two MRIs, and the second one showed a build up of fluid and Doctor Morgan indicated there may be a meniscus tear at the end of the bone where the ankle meets the joint. It is possible that if 2-4 weeks of rest does not improve the situation, Schilling's ankle will have to be scoped at the end of the season, if he can continue to pitch through it for the remainder of the 2004 campaign.

More Morgan magical timetables. "The concern, and that's my concern, is, are we masking a continuing problem? There's a reason you have pain so you stop beating on the problem. So the drawback is causing injury, quite frankly. That's why I'm being extremely cautious and we'll see how he does this outing. The downside is, if you shut him down, then he doesn't get a lot of shoulder work in, and we don't want him to have problems with his shoulder as well. Obviously pitching is a very explosive motion for him and the obvious assumption is that's what's causing the problem. If the problem doesn't resolve itself, then we need to add to the treatment regiment (rest). If we're going to go that course, you've got to do it right, so two to four weeks. (which means 2-4 months on Morgan time) The MRI, which is very sensitive, just shows a little bit of fluid in the bone, which is interpreted as a bone bruise. So we want to see if that's going to worsen, or in fact improve. It may just be a transient phenomenon. Not many people get weekly MRIs, but we're basically basing it on his symptoms and any MRI changes. We're erring on the side of caution. If there's anything that looks like it's going in a bad direction, then we need to protect him. There was a slight change between the first and the second (MRI). That's why we're monitoring it. It's very, very mild changes. With No. 3, if it shows worsening, then we need to shut him down. If it shows improvement, then we're OK." - Red Sox medical director Doctor William Morgan


If you wanna a strike out youíve got to get a shot Marcaine.
If you shut them down, down on the count; Marcaine.
Schill donít like, he donít like, he donít like; Marcaine.

Bad ankle news, you wanna kick them blues; Marcaine.
When your day is done and side sessions; Marcaine.
Schill donít like, he donít like, he donít like; Marcaine.

If your ankle's done but you wanna pitch on; Marcaine.
Donít forget this fact, you can get it back; Marcaine.
Schill donít like, he donít like, he donít like; Marcaine.

Schill donít like, he donít like, he donít like; Marcaine.


Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me....
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now, I see.

T'was Grace that taught...
my heart to fear.
And Grace, my fears relieved.
How precious did that Grace appear...
the hour I first believed.

Through many dangers, toils and snares...
we have already come.
T'was Grace that brought us safe thus far...
and Grace will lead us home.

The Lord has promised good to me...
His word my hope secures.
He will my shield and portion be...
as long as life endures.

When we've been here ten thousand years...
bright shining as the sun.
We've no less days to sing God's praise...
then when we've first begun.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me....
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now, I see.

C'est LA vie!

Two for 'Tiz

All-Star of David Does it Again.

D-Lowe Deserved the Win Manny.

Sox Have Ninth Life, Dodge a Bullet 2-1

Fan Photos:

 Ortiz HRManny Drop


The Last Time the Dodgers Played Against the Boston World Champs.

Mazz Uses Off-the-Record Online Post to Serve Himself a "Scoop" on Schilling

The Boston Herald's Tony "maybe we won't promote Curt's charities" Massarotti has issues again with Curt Schilling's off-the-record comments in Sons of Sam Horn "Members Only" forum. Curt, who posts both public and private comments at SoSH, posted details regarding his bad ankle socket early Wednesday morning in the 'Members Only" forum on SoSH with the caveat that his comments are off-the-record for the media. On yesterday's Big Show on WEEI, Glenn Ordway also indicated that SoSH members were emailing him with Schilling's comments about the severity of his ankle injury, but said on air "stop sending us this stuff, we don't want to know. Keep it to yourselves." Ordway did not reveal the details of the information he received. The other print, electronic, and online media members, who also have access to the same off-the-record information, have respected Curt's wishes to keep his private SoSH comments private.

But in today's Herald, Tony Massarotti writes:

"Earlier this week, according to sources (read: SoSH member and Herald scribe Michael Silverman), the Sox cyberace visited his friends in a private chat room at sonsofsamhorn.com, where he revealed that one course of treatment for his ailment would be surgery. Schilling then stated that he had no intention of exploring that route, though he acknowledged following last night's outing that he would have surgery if this were the end of the season." - Boston Herald

Schilling answered all ankle injury questions from the assembled media after last night's start.


Welcome to Curt's House of Pain

Schill Goes 5-0 at Fenway, 8-3 Overall After 7 Strong

(Health permitting: Curt Starts for the American League Against His Mentor, 9-0 Roger Clemens, in the All-Star Game in Houston)

Sox Take Series from San Diego (nice unis) 9-3

iPads - Who are those guys again?


Knock on Wood, Bats Bounce Back with 13 Hit Attack

Nomar Double Drives in Two, 'Tiz on Fire with Four Hits, Youk Kills 'Em, Pokemon Up to .262

Birthday Bash

New Second Baseman Pokes One Out

Doin' the Hokey Pokey

You throw the baseball in, he hits the baseball out

Man Power

Sweet 16 for Ramirez

Ray Passes Away

Ray Charles performing ďGod Bless AmericaĒ in the pouring rain on Opening Day at Fenway - 4.12.03

Hurt Curt Plays the Stopper Again Tonight


Returns as Sox Can't Hit at Home

(They can't field either)

Grrrciaparra's Back

But Weak Bats are Boston's Achilles Heel

Sox Can't Get to Lawrence

Arroyo so-so, Wake not OK in relief

San Diego 8 Boston 1, Sox are all wet

No Pokey, Dominique at First Tito?

Two Runs in Two Days Doesn't Cut the Mustard.

Nomar Press Conference

"If I was taking my time, I'd see you in August"

Reporter: "they said you're selfish, sticking it to the team?"

Nomar: Do you know who said that? When you give me a name, I'll address it, until I know exactly who said that, unless you're saying it but 20 at bats is a heck of a lot of at bats isn't it?

I don't know what the reaction's gonna be (when he first steps into the batter's box), but I'll tell you what, the fans here have always been so good to me and I appreciate it since day one, and you know what, I'm going out there to play and do the best I can, it's the only thing I can... it's the only way I can repay them the way they've been to me is just go out there and give my all no matter what the results, I'm gonna go out there and try and try to win tonight.

No not at all (taking his time more this time than with wrist injury), if I was taking my time, I'd see you in August, so, on about the Achilles injury, I really how long it takes to really come back from tendonitis, it takes heck of a lot longer than what I just came back, so if I was taking my time, I'd be back in August playing.

On hitting 5th: We just talked about where to hit in the lineup, I've hit in different spots I think through my career so it doesn't bother me, it's fine, you know like I said I'm glad to be out there, I don't care 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, leadoff, you tell me, I'm just glad to be out there.


Tonight is The Night

"The only place where it has been reported that Nomar will return to the lineup tonight is on the Boston Dirt Dogs website." - 6.9.04 - Dale Arnold, WEEI

It's now official: Nomar comes up with Malaska, Dauber outrighted to Pawtucket

Boston Dirt Dogs Source Close to Nomar Has Confirmed Garciaparra to Play at Fenway Tonight

Chris Collins breaks the report on NECN and The Boston Globe now confirms that Nomar will be in the starting lineup tonight.

After Stiffing Henry, Lucchino, Theo, His Teammates, and His Fans Yesterday, Nomar Will Show Some Pride and Play in Boston Tonight.

Standing Room Only, Standing Ovations Expected


Pete Brings The Heat


Well, Well, Wells... Pete is Just Swell

Mission Control: Dr. Pedro/Mr. Martinez Had it Last Night

Kapler, Damon Push Lone Run Across

San Diegoes down, Sox win 1-0

Yesmar: Pokey Makes the Plays at Short

That's All Foulke



But Not Playing Until Wednesday

After 95 Days, One More Night with Pawtucket.

"He's trying to do it all on an accelerated schedule...
he'll be back when he's 100%" - Theo Epstein

"I never said I was playing today anyway. That never came out of my mouth. I don't know where that came from. I said I'm going to go out there on a rehab assignment and I still am." - Nomie

Dustin Time: Sox Draft Shortstop Pedroia

"We couldn't believe he fell down to us... he's undersized but plays a big man's game, he can play second base or shortstop, has tremendous energy, great hands, can make spectacular plays, has a great arm, swings a big bat but only has 10 K's, great hand eye, a unique player at any level and will be a fan favorite." - Theo Epstein

BK's Back

But no one can pin down a date for his return to the U.S.

"I spoke to BK in Korea, he's doing great, getting a massage, acupuncture,
different kinds of therapy." - Theo Epstein

6.6.04:  June 6th: 60th anniversary of the D-Day allied invasion of occupied France

KC Goes Out with a Bang

He Bangs, He Bangs

Red Sox Rally Against Royals 5-3

Damon's Triple Double Crowns Royals

D-Lowe Holds His Own. Timlin Terrific.

Mourning Again in America


One for the Gipper

Schilling Stops Streak. Goes Seven Strong on Weak Ankle

It's not how he starts (or how he finished), it's the W

Bellhorn, Ortiz, Youkilis Hammer Away at Royals 8-4

President Reagan is Dead at 93

Get Smarty

Birdstone was Smart as a Whip

Bust A Move

This here's a tale for all the gamblas
Try to do what those experts tell us
Get shot down cause you're over zealous
Play hard to bet an other jockey's get jealous
Ok Smarty, go to a party
Rock Hard kickin the crowd and showin body
A Bird walks by you wish you could catch him
But you're standin on the rail like an also-ran extra
...So come on Birdstone and just bust a move

Me and Smarty Jones

Me and Smarty
Smarty Jones, Smarty Jones, Smarty Jones
He had a thing going on
We both knew it was wrong, Birdstone's much too strong
So let it go now

(Congrats to the Grafton Gang on Winning the Superfecta!)


With the Horse Going Tonight, We're Off to the Belmont Stakes

(next update Sunday night)

Wake, Then Funeral

The Boston Dead Sox

Sox Go Away Quietly as June Swoon Continues

Kansas City Gobbles Up Boston Bats

Royals 5 Can'tsas City 2

In the big inning, the Sox run themselves out of the game.

Pedro Finds Flaw in Delivery



Fainting Spells T-r-o-u-b-l-e for Slumping Pedro, Sox

...used in a sentence: "The vicissitude in Pedro's former adroitness
caused a state of trepidation throughout Red Sox Nation."

"Vicissitude... v-i-c-i-s-s-i-t-u-d-e (sfx: thump)"

Akshay Buddiga, 13, of Colorado Springs, Colo. hits the floor after appearing to faint, and collapsed on stage after watching Pedro Martinez give up another first inning home run during the National Spelling Bee in Washington.

Martinez sycophants quickly losing their svermari.

More Good News from Pedro!

No, he's still sucking up $17.5 million off the payroll, throws a flat 92, can't locate anything else, rarely wins... but he just saved a bunch of money on his auto insurance by calling Geico!

Back and to the Left

Day 90 of "Day-to-Day" is a Good One


Twilight Zone

Cy Clem Goes to 8-0 with 318th win

"This is a special time. I think we have to appreciate -- those of us who really like baseball, whether you pull for the Astros or not -- just to see what he is doing." - Jimy Williams

Rocket's career best start to a season came in 1986 with the Red Sox when he was 14-0. The last starter in MLB to start 8-0 was Pedro Martinez in 1997.

Oh to be Young Again!

"He's the greatest right-handed pitcher in the last 75 years... easily.
You can't compare anybody seriously across the board to him."

- Curt Schilling (is an All-Starter match-up with Roger still in the cards Schill?)

Prima Goner
Crouching No-Show, Hidden Fastball

You want how much again Petey?!?

God just wanted you to beat the Angels tonight
(At 72į and balmy, no elements excuse necessary)

Oh but He's the Pitcher of Health

Same old BS from Pete: "The good news is I'm healthy."

Pitching Staff in Shambles

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Pedro ERA at 4.40. "Ace" wins 40% of his starts.

Wake is a toss up, Schill needs Marcaine injections, Lowe is a mess, AAArroyo is overmatched, Kim is MIA.

Timlin back to one long ball per appearance.

Tito dealt rotation whose starters can't go six,
relievers balls always find bats.

Angels Win, The Red Sox Fold

Red Sox Nation is Vlad as Hell,
Guerrero Clobbers Boston 10-7

Theo: keep fiddling around with the draft while Rome burns please.

Vlad the Impaler Drives Steak Through Sox Heart

A Serious Must-Win for Martinez Tonight

(Weather permitting of course)


The Anaheimlich Maneuver

Another West Coast Trip for Boston

Aren't you Vlad you stayed up for that?

Rally comes up short, Angels drop Sox 7-6

Plead the fifth: Arroyo "is what he is."

Colon Celebrates Another Four Inning Outing

But Sox left Bartolo off the hook

"God wants me to beat the elements."

- Pedro on NESN whining about having to pitch in some drizzle this year

All-Star Surprises

Nomar leading at short. Johnny's in as outfielder. Ortiz still off the charts.

(Splitting hairs, but did the Do do it for Johnny?)

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Curt and Shonda will be contributing $25,000 to The ALS Association Massachusetts Chapter, and they are asking fans to contribute as well. All proceeds will benefit research and patient services for those in Massachusetts affected by the disease. Program participants will receive different incentive prizes based on the dollar amount per strikeout that they pledge. Please click here to learn more about the program.

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