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Boston Globe: Sox-Yanks pitching matchups > Sox do it again > Wake Comments were doctored > Robinson's legacy set in stone >  Thumbs

Boston Herald: 'Tek good in pinch > Heckuva first game > Cora corralled > Schilling offers a far-from-Curt response > Chamberlain to miss Sox

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It's Red Sox vs. YankeeZZZzzzzz: Rivalry's Buzz Takes a Beating
38Pitches: 'Umm, no.' | Wilbur: Space Shot | Yankee Swap
Video: Big Papi Explains Reason for Hitting Woes

Jan 31, 2007:

Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka of Japan, smiles during a press conference at the office of his agent, Scott Boras in Newport Beach, Calif., Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2007.

(AP Photo)

Dice-OK in California

And Now Nothing Gets Lost in Translation

Daisuke Matsuzaka of Japan, center, holds a press conference at the office of his agent, Scott Boras, right, in Newport Beach, Calif., Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2007. At left is interpreter Masa Hoshino

(AP Photo)

Interpreter Masa Hoshino (left) Tells Us What Dice Actually Says

"The biggest difference between this session and his introductory press conference in Boston last December? The translator. Handling the duties flawlessly yesterday was Masa Hoshino, a Harvard graduate in environmental sciences (Class of 2002) who will serve as Matsuzaka's personal interpreter (at the Sox' expense) this season." -- 2.1.07, Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe

Extra Bases: Jon Lester Arrives in Fort Myers
To Be Frank ... Leslie Epstein Was Kidding About the Hot Dog Stand
JT the Brick: Drew Won't Survive in Boston
Update: Helton Plans to Die in Colorado

Marieo Married

Theo and Marie's Wedding - BDD graphic - not a real photo!

(BDD Photo Illustration -- not an actual photo!)

Exclusive: Newly Married Marie Whitney and the Disguised Theo Epstein Pose for BDD Cameras at Undisclosed Wedding Location

Globe: Hitch Was in His Plan, Epstein Weds
(Reception Was Quieter Than J.D. Drew's Press Conference)

Schilling's Campaign for a Contract Continues | What's He Worth?
Time for Sox to Tie the Knot with Clemens | Convince Rocket | Roger Photos

Jan 30, 2007:

Rocky Road Ahead?

Mike Lowell and Julian Tavarez

(Boston Globe Staff Photos / Jim Davis)

Are the Sox in a Mountain of Trouble Now That Mike and Julian Know They're On Theo's Trading Block?

And Will Manny Take a Seat When He Finds Out the Sox Tried to Trade Tavarez?

"The Sox also were not pleased that the trade conversations were made public by the Rockies. Monfort had even named third baseman Mike Lowell and pitcher Julian Tavarez as two of the players who would go to Colorado.

'It's a shame the names got out,' said a Sox official. 'Now we have to talk to those players and calm them down.' " -- 1.30.07, Boston Globe, Helton Talks are Off

Jan 29, 2007:

Curt's New Pitch

11.1.04: US President George W. Bush (left) listens to World Series Championship Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling as he introduces him to the crowd during a campaign rally at ABX Air Hangar 01 November 2004

(AP Photo)

Maybe Not Four More Years, But Curt Schilling
Announced This Morning He Will Pitch in 2008

“I'm in discussions with the Red Sox, we had talked last week and there's a lot going on obviously right now, but where I'm going to play beyond 2007 ... I hope it's Boston. This is where I want to play and in the days leading up to spring training we'll figure it out one way or the other. If I go into this season without a contract from the Red Sox then I will go out and find a home for 2008." -- 1.29.08, Curt Schilling on not retiring

Survey: What's Schilling Worth? | Discuss

Jan 27, 2007:

What The Helton
Is Going on Here?

Colorado Rockies first baseman Todd Helton stretches with teammates at the Rockies spring training facility in Tucson, Ariz., on Monday, March 21, 2005. Helton is upset with St. Louis Cardinals broadcaster Wayne Hagin who accused Helton of taking steroids during a broadcast on Saturday.

(3.21.05 AP Photo)

Why Go After a $90M Mountain Hitter on a Steep Decline?
Colorado CEO Confirms Sox-Rox Talking Todd

Could Helton Make the Colorado-to-Boston Transition
as Effectively as Rockies Hero Dante Bichette Did?
Extra Bases: Helton to Sox Iffy | Herald: Sox Not That Motivated
Somewhere in Florida, Johnny Damon Is Shaking His Head Again

Jan 26, 2007:

No Dog and Pony Show at Fenway

Dec. 2004: Los Angeles Dodgers icon and senior vice president Tommy Lasorda, right, greets Sheigh Drew, left, wife of new Dodgers outfielder J.D. Drew. The Dodgers and Drew finalized a five-year, $55 million deal Thursday in Los Angeles.

So We'll Have to Wait to Meet J.D. and His Wife Sheigh

J.D. Phones Home: 'Shoulder's Great, Getting Better'

How Come Only the $55M Dodger Deal Came with a Big Ceremony?
Globe Archive: Drew Keeping Faith, J.D. Says He's Ready to Play
Epstein on Drew Agreement | Outfielder Has Gotten a Bad Rap
Globe Graphic: Drew's Been Hurtin' for Certain | Career Stats

Jan 25, 2007:

Lucky 7

J.D. Drew, Boston Dirt Dogs

(BDD Photo Illustration)

Drew Sees $70 Million Deal Come True
After 7 Weeks of Negotiating,
the Sox Finally Get a New No. 7
Here's to Your Health, J.D.

Edes: Drew Contract Resolved, Sox Get Some Protection
Announcement Expected the Day Before Tickets Go On Sale

Signed, Sealed, Delivered? ... He's Ours!
Your Turn: Discuss the Revised Deal
Survey: How Do You Feel About Drew?


A construction crew works under the third base grandstand at Fenway Park in Boston Wednesday, Jan. 24. 2007 as part of the annual improvements the Red Sox ownership group continues to make to the ballpark which was built in 1912.

(BDD Photo Illustration)

Holy Janet Marie Smith! Fenway Construction Crew Discovers the Hiding Spot of J.D. Drew, the Missing $70M Man, While Digging Under Third Base Grandstand

Media Gathers In Anticipation of Press Conference to Introduce the Man Who Would Replace Trot Nixon at Five Times the Salary

"Theo and I have been working very hard over the last few weeks to locate J.D., we're thankful for the hard work of the Fenway construction team, led by Janet Marie Smith, for making this discovery. Once J.D. gets checked out by the doctors, we should have an agreement signed any day now." -- 1.24.07, Scott Boras

Photos: 2007 Fenway Park Improvements Unveiled
Edes: Spotlight on the Sox 'Pen

Jan 24, 2007:

They'll Be Selling Them on eBay Sunday ...

The Godawful Virtual Waiting Room

(BDD Photo)

But You Can Go Online for 20 Hours on Saturday and Hope to Grab a Couple of Obstructed-View-Right-Field-
Grandstand-Neck-Straining-Single-Game Tickets

Get Ready: Red Sox Tickets Go On Sale Saturday

She's Got Sox Appeal ...

Hazel Mae, host of SportsDesk and Red Sox Rewind, both on NESN, talks shop with her neighbors in the bleachers at Fenway during the Monday, June 26, game against the Phillies.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Josh Reynolds)

... But No, You Won't Be Sitting Next to Hazel Mae If You Appear on the Red Sox' New Dating Show

Jan 23, 2007:

How YOU Doin'? ...

Single Red Sox fans Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore take in a game at Fenway in 2004

(Single Sox fans Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore / Twentieth Century Fox Photo)

It's Fever Pitch Part Deux As
the Dating Game Comes to Fenway

Love and Popups Will Be in the Air at Fenway as Sox Nation Singles Will Be Part of the Action in the New NESN Reality Show 'Sox Appeal'

Overheard on an Upcoming Episode This Summer ...

Guy: So, do you come here often?

Girl: Yeah, if I had 35,000 computers on when tickets went on sale and about $35 grand to spend funding this bloated payroll I would... Einstein...

Guy: Hey, sorry, just trying to get the conversation going as I only have two more outs to go with you and I'm not even at first base [laughing] ...

Girl: You're barely in the batter's box buddy...

Guy: Seriously, what's a girl like you doing in a nice place like this?

Girl: [turns and smirks]

Guy: Anyway, I heard the Sox are getting close to signing J.D. Drew ...

Girl: I heard that over the All-Star break, but I think they're still working on some contract language issues. The Sox don't seem to be worried, and besides if Wily Mo muscles up a single here, he's going to go over the Mendoza line for the first time all season ...

Guy: Speaking of Wily Mo, I've got two tickets for Bronson Arroyo's concert at the Paradise in October, you want to go with me? ...

Girl: Easy there Carl Crawford, let's see if Alex Cora can get his bat on the ball before you try to score from first ...

Guy: Well it's not like there's going to be anything else going on here in October [both laughing] ... hey can I borrow $12.00 for a cup of Miller Lite?

Girl: Sure, and can you get me a couple more Fenway Franks while you're up?

Guy: You got it, but I'm not sure I'll have time for the lines as I see they have Chris House lined up to meet you next inning ... so I guess this is it ... maybe we can catch a game at Game On sometime since neither of us will probably ever get tickets again? ...

Girl: Sure, this was fun, here's my e-mail, give me a call sometime, it was nice meeting you ...

Guy: It was nice meeting you too Britney...

With Tom Brady's Premature Ejection from the Playoffs
Gisele Plans to Look for a New Closer on 'Sox Appeal'

Supermodel Gisele threw out a ceremonial first pitch prior to the Red Sox-Oakland Athletics game at Fenway Park, and after the ball sailed way over the head of the catcher, she flexed her muscles in jest.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Other 'Sox Appeal' Celebrity Edition Hopeful Romantics Include Condoleezza Rice, Bob Neumeier, Trinka Lowe, Orlando Cabrera,
Jessamy Finet, Mike Schuster, Carmen Electra, and Bill Clinton

Survey Gallery: Five Questions on the '07 Sox

Jan 22, 2007:

Must-See J.D. ...

Boston Dirt Dogs

(BDD Photo Illustration)

Reche Caldwell is French
for Calvin Schiraldi

Boston Dirt Dogs

(BDD Photo Illustration / Mike Lorenz)

Deer, Meet Headlights

Receiver Plan Catches Up with Pats in Indy

"Nice hands, Reche Caldwell. Hard to imagine Deion Branch letting so much slip through his fingers." -- 1.21.07, Don Banks, Sports Illustrated

Frank Galasso illustration

(BDD / Frank Galasso Illustration)

Jan 21, 2007:

Bowled Over in Indy

Reche Caldwell watched a pass he dropped roll away during the second half at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis Sunday, January 21, 2007.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Matthew J. Lee)

The Pats Dropped the Ball in the Dome
Are You Ready for Some Baseball?

Jan 19, 2007:

Another One Bites the Dirt

10.27.04: Red Sox manager Terry Francona and Trot Nixon embrace in the clubhouse in St. Louis.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

The Dismantling of the World Series Champions
Continues in Boston ...

Wakefield, 'Tek, Manny, Big Papi, Schilling, Timlin, and Mirabelli
are the Only Core Members Left from the 2004 World Champion
Would-Be Dynasty

"Well, it's all over but the tears.

"The awful news that's been looming for six months has finally arrived. Trot Nixon is no longer a member of the Boston Red Sox. Another one bites the dust.

"Ownership has failed Trot and failed the Nation. Come to think of it, the fans have failed Trot as well. I was astounded and ashamed that there wasn't more of a hue and cry about Theo and Co.'s abandonment of him since it became evident last season that they would let him go or when he wasn't offered arbitration. This is the one guy who was truly the heart and soul of the ball club, a career-long Boston product... until now.

"He played with grit and honor and he cared about the team. He never drew undue attention to himself, he supported teammates and they supported him. He played clean but his uniform got dirty. He was the exemplar of a Dirt Dog. He got ejected from a game for grousing at the ump while on the disabled list.

"Sure, he should have flown to spring training in '04 instead of driving his truck and wrenching his back upon arrival and missing half the season. Sure, he was on the DL too much the last few years. But unlike bigger names that pretty likely feigned injury because they lost interest at the end of last year, Trot would have played if he could have.

"And even in partial seasons, he produced when he was on the field. But more importantly, he played the right way, he upheld the standards of the team, he was a link to the past, he was a character, he was a fan favorite... and now he's gone.

"Let's see how many games JD Drew actually plays over the next few years and see if his eventual contract fee will be worth his performance.

"Trot Nixon is a guy who should have been a lifelong Red Sox, he should have moved directly to the coaching staff upon retirement and someday should have managed the Olde Towne Team.

"When will this ownership and this general manager learn that players are not just interchangeable parts to be plugged into a machine that will then spit out success? Fans follow a team because they get attached to the players and those players play and fight the good fight on behalf of us.

"One of the best has left the building. And we're all less because of it." -- Mark Huntley, Red Sox Nation In NYC

Nixon: I'll Bring Same Attitude, Intensity to Indians| Discuss


5-12-97: Pawtucket, R.I.: PawSox outfielder Trot Nixon (wearing his contractually guaranteed #7).

(Boston Globe File Photo / Jim Davis)

Nixon Goes to Indians, Better Sign Drew

Jan 17, 2007:

Another Yankee Flipper

Boston Dirt Dogs

(BDD Photo Illustration / DW)

Adam and Johnny are Partners in Crime

Wilbur: Kick in the Pants
Bradford: Dice-K's No Cash Cow for Sox
NY Times: Would Sox Sign Bonds if Drew Fell Through?
Globe: Boras, Sox Keep Talking J.D.

Jan 16, 2007:

The Crying Game

The Crying Game

(BDD Photo Illustration / Dan Proto)

Maybe LT Should Change His Name to TL
... Terrible Loser

The Dead Bolts Keep Whining About Not Winning

Jan 12, 2007:

Who's Your Sonny?

New York Mets pitcher Pedro Martinez,left,caresses his son Pedro E. Martinez, pupil of the team's school, during a visit to the Mets' training complex in Boca de Nigua, Dominican Republic,Thursday, Jan. 11, 2007. Pedro Martinez, 35, missed last year's playoffs.

(AP Photo)

Petey Checks In On a Son That's Bigger Than He Is ...
19-Year-Old Pitching Prospect Pedro E. Martinez

The Red Sox Should Make a Pitch for Daddy's Boy And
Throw 'E.' a Lowball Offer Just to Ruffle the Old Man's Feathers

"Pedro E. Martinez went 0-1 with a 3.14 ERA in 10 appearances (one start) for the Dominican Summer League Mets in 2006." -- 1.12.07, New York Daily News

Jan 11, 2007:

Not Exactly 60 Minutes, But ...

Belichick sits down with Burgundy

( Photo Illustration)

... Burgundy Gets Belichick to Open Up

The Price Isn't the Only Thing That's Not Right

08/18/2006 Tickets bought by a Boston Globe reporter from a scalper in Kenmore Square for $125.00 a piece, with a face value of $21.00., for the Red Sox vs. Yankees day game on Friday (8/18).

(BDD Photo Illustration)

Empty Bill Would Still Leave Tickets Too Costly for
Fans and Families Hoping to Get Into Fenway

Globe: Ticket-Fee Cap, New Limit on Resale Markup Proposed

" 'I guess the question is: How aggressive do you want to be?' Senator Michael W. Morrissey said. 'The bureaucratic nightmare is, we don't have sufficient revenues to enforce the laws we have on the books right now.' ...

"Colman Herman, a Dorchester consumer activist who has sued or filed complaints against a number of ticket resellers under the existing resale law, said Morrissey's bill provides little protection for consumers. He said the senator seemed to be preoccupied with fees totaling $10 to $15 per ticket while allowing resale markups of hundreds of dollars.

" 'By allowing ticket resellers to charge three times face value, Morrissey is making it legal to rip off consumers,' Herman said." -- 1.11.07, Boston Globe

Is Hansen Ready to Get in the Game?

The Hanson Brothers

(BDD Photo Illustration)

It's a New Year for the Scott Boras Bonus Baby
Will He Be Able to Grow Into the Closer's Role?

Globe: Developing Winter Routine

" 'I would say last year didn't end up like I wanted it to, but overall, it was a good learning experience and I'll be able to pick up a lot of things for next season,' said [Sox relief pitcher Craig] Hansen. 'I was able to work things out this winter and improve. Just mental things, focusing, situational things, fundamentals, and all that.'

'I haven't been able to get to the slider,' said Hansen. 'I haven't been able to throw it the way I used to throw it. I'm working on that now. I've come along quite well. I fell behind on counts and it didn't give me the opportunity to throw it as an effective pitch.' " -- 1.11.07, Boston Globe

Jan 10, 2007:

Size Does Matter

Boston Dirt Dogs

("Mad About You" NBC Handout Photo 1998 / BDD Photo Illustration)

Voters See the Big Picture as McGwire Gets Exposed
NY Times: Steroid Cloud Stops McGwire From Entering Hall

Shaughnessy: Strong Message Sent to McGwire

"Jose Canseco admitted his transgressions when he sat before Congress. Rafael Palmeiro lied to us. Sammy Sosa hid behind the language barrier. Barry Bonds never was called to testify because of a case already pending. But McGwire sat there, all lawyered up, looking about 80 pounds smaller than in the days when he was hitting those tape-measure shots. He kept saying, 'I'm not here to talk about the past.' And we've heard nothing from him since that day.

"It was universally viewed as a confession. It eliminated any chance of a perjury charge (something Bonds yet may face), but it cost McGwire his reputation. Yesterday it cost him Cooperstown." -- 1.10.07, Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe

Which Recluse Will Resurface First?

J.D. Drew and Mark McGwire

(AP Photos / BDD Photo Illustration)

Still No Signs of Alleged Red Sox Right Fielder J.D. Drew;
McGwire Rumored to Be Riding Shotgun with Whitey Bulger

Extra Bases: Drew Still Not Returning Calls

Jan 9, 2007:

J.D. Phone Home

(BDD Photo Illustration)

The N.Y.T. Can't Get In Touch with J.D.

"J. D. Drew could not be reached for comment yesterday. He changed his telephone number or had a problem with his phone service, because the automated message said his number had been disconnected or was not in service.

"I hope Drew’s phone wasn’t disconnected because he couldn’t pay his bill. He is, after all, between contracts.” -- 1.9.07, Murray Chass, New York Times

NY Times: Drew Is a Red Sox in Waiting ... and Waiting

"Boras and Epstein have said in recent weeks that they have to clear up minor contract language. But it doesn’t take five weeks to clear up minor contract language.

"Pressed for an explanation Sunday, Boras said: 'We’re working out medical language that took some additional examination so that both sides would have information. There’s no disagreement here. Theo’s been on vacation. I’ve been working on other contracts. We agreed we would get it done.'

"Epstein said: 'It was a language issue. How serious a language issue? It’s just a language issue.' ” -- 1.9.07, Murray Chass, New York Times

Did You See That
House Coco Strayed?

4.26.06: It didn't take Sox center fielder  Coco  Crisp and wife, Maria, long to settle on a new spread. The  Crisps have paid nearly $1.8 mil for a 6,000 plus sq. ft. manse on three acres overlooking the Ipswich River in this town. The home is on Devonshire Rd., 23 miles away from Fenway.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Janice Knott)

The Milk Spokesman Is Getting Out of the 'Hood.
North of Boston is No Place Like Home as
the Center Fielder Is Moving Back to California

Globe: Coco Crisp Selling His Home in Middleton
(Makes It Easier to Make a Trade in July)

"The online listing doesn't identify Crisp by name, but gives a hint, saying the seller 'needs to be closer to Fenway Park.' " -- 1.7.07, Boston Globe Business Notebook

Maybe Coco Can Buy Manny's Condo, Which is Still for Sale?

Speaking of Clean Getaways ...

Randy is Going Back to AZ

(BDD Photo / Patrick Norton)

RJ Can't Take the Heat, Goes Back to Phoenix

Jan 8, 2007:

Rolling the Dice

Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka throws out an opening pitch during an exhibition game between his semiprofessional ball club Yokohama Samurai and the Ibaraki Golden Golds at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo Sunday, Jan. 7, 2007. Matsuzaka joined the Boston Red Sox on Dec. 14 2006, on a six-year, $52-million contract.

(AP Photo)

The Red Sox' $103 Million Gamble Winds Up in Tokyo

Dice-K Threw Out an Opening Pitch for the Yokohama Samurai Yesterday, Hopefully He Didn't Throw Out Anything Else

Will The Sox Start the 2008 Season in Japan?

"One of the sports papers, by the way, has already mentioned the possibility of the Red Sox opening the 2008 official American League season in Japan, but it remains to be seen what MLB will decide to do with respect to the rumored regular-season openers next year at the Olympic Stadium in Beijing." -- 01.07.07, The Japan Times

Epstein on J.D. Drew: 'Nothing Really New There'

Hug It Out, Coach!

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick hugged New York Jets head coach Eric Mangini after the game.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Belichick Goes from Touchy to Touchy-Feely
After Flying Past Mangini, Jets

Patriots 37, New York Jets 16: Pats Entourage Will Head Out West

Jan 7, 2007:

Paradise Found

Peter Gammons plays with the All-Star bad at the Paradise at Saturday night's Hot Stove, Cool Music show

(BDD Photo)

Gammons Returns Home to the Big Stage

Hot Stove, Cool Music Saturday Show

Pap's Ready to Be Front and Center

Jonathan Papelbon Joined in the Fun at the Paradise

(BDD Photo)

Jon Said He's Feeling Strong and Can't Wait to Get Starting

The GM Had His Game On, Too

Theo Joined Lenny DiNardo and Gammo on Stage

(BDD Photo)

Theo Joined Lenny DiNardo and Gammo on Stage

Bare Feat

Paul Barrere of Little Feat

(BDD Photo)

Paul Barrere of Little Feat Brought the House Down to Close the Show

Jan 5, 2007:

Sox Showed No Love for Loretta

 Mark Loretta shows his disappointment after fouling out to 3rd for the 2nd out in the bottom of the 9th inning.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

There Was No Million Dollar Maybe for Mark

" 'At the Winter Meetings, my agent just said, How about a million dollars?' It wasn't a really serious conversation, but the point is that would have been, all things considered, my first option if there would have been any interest on the [Red Sox'] side," said [Mark] Loretta from his San Diego-area home moments after returning from undergoing a physical for the Astros.

" 'We basically said, 'Do you have any interest at any level at any dollar amount?' And basically the answer was no.' " -- 1.05.07, Rob Bradford, Eagle Tribune

The Curt Schilling Escapist Interview

Still No J.D. Sightings, But Sox Take a Closer Look at J.P.

The Red Sox signed pitcher Joel Pineiro, left to a one year contract as he talks to Larry Lucchino (CEO/President) before a press conference in the Red Sox Clubhouse on Thursday January 4, 2007.

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Matthew J. Lee)

Did They Give Too Much Dinero to Pineiro?
(Someone in Seattle Certainly Thinks So)

The View From Out West

"I'm a long time Sox fan, having grown up in Maine, and once talked with Ted Williams at the Bangor Sears store.

"For many years, I've lived in the Seattle area--and I thought you might be interested on the great Jim Moore's take on Joel Pineiro. Jim Moore has ben a long-time columnist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

"On Friday, December 22, 2006, Mr. Moore wrote a 'spoof column' predicting that the Houston Astros would sign Pineiro to a $55 million dollar contract. Some of our less discerning readers mis-took the column for fact--prompting Mr. Moore to write an explanation, in today's Seattle P-I, of how a spoof actually works.

"Good luck with Mr. Pineiro. I hope he plays up to his new Sox contract." -- John Wood, Port Townsend, Washington

Tongue Firmly Planted in Cheek ...

"... This time, I'm not only predicting where a former Mariner will end up, but also the money he'll earn and the comments made at the news conference announcing his signing."

"The Associated Press will file the following report:

"HOUSTON -- After losing Andy Pettitte to the Yankees and expressing concerns about Roger Clemens' plans, the Houston Astros signed right-hander Joel Pineiro, proving they are indeed desperate for starting pitchers.

"The announcement was made at Minute Maid Park, where Pineiro thanked God for convincing the Astros that he has a chance of being good again.

"Terms of the deal were not revealed, but the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's John Hickey, citing a shocked source, reported the Mariners reject was given a five-year, $55 million contract.

"Worthless in Seattle the past three years, Pineiro went 21-35 with a 5.53 ERA, fooling no one with his stuff. But the Mariners were so hard up for pitching, they kept starting Pineiro until manager Mike Hargrove wised up long after the fans did and banished Pineiro to the bullpen." -- 12.22.06, Jim Moore, Seattle Post-Intelligencer -- Go 2 Guy: Houston, Pineiro's a problem

... But Some GM's Can't Take a Joke

"Two weeks ago, the Go 2 Guy wrote a spoof of a column jokingly predicting that the Astros would sign Joel Pineiro to a five-year, $55 million contract, just like the one the Royals gave to Gil Meche.

"I thought the sarcasm was clear enough and the situation far-fetched enough that anyone wouldn't think it would really happen. But I heard from more than a few Astros fans who were disturbed by one of two things -- the column, or perhaps the possibility that their favorite team would be dumb enough to bite on Pineiro.

"I concocted some quotes from Astros General Manager Tim Purpura at the make-believe news conference announcing Pineiro's signing, and Purpura was not amused, giving him something in common with other former Go 2 Guy readers.

" 'I don't know you, and you don't know me,' Purpura wrote in an e-mail. 'I just wanted you to know that I didn't appreciate your column on Pineiro. We haven't had any contact with his agent (and) don't have any interest in him in the least. I realize you were trying to take a jab at him and the economics of the game. I just didn't appreciate being involved in this manner.'

"In reality, Pineiro found another guppy this week -- the Red Sox signed the 28-year-old washout to a one-year, $4 million contract and actually think he might be a closer. Now there's a fantasy." -- 1.5.07, Jim Moore, Seattle Post-Intelligencer -- Go 2 Guy: Note to readers: Spoofs are not real

Jan 4, 2007:

Gammons Chat Wrap: Clemens, Closers, and More
Sox Set to Add Joel Pineiro and His 6.36 ERA to Beleaguered Bullpen

'Breaking' News ...

J.D. Drew is Made of Glass

(BDD Photo Illustration)

Maybe Boras Can Get Him an Endorsement Deal from Dennis Drinkwater

In Other News ...

Generalissimo Francisco Franco

Generalissimo Francisco Franco Is Still Dead
President Ford Is Still Being Buried
And J.D. Drew Remains Unsigned

Jan 3, 2007:

It's Official ...

Kathryn Gemme and Mike Timlin

(Boston Globe Staff Photos)

... With the Unfortunate Passing of 112-Year-Old Kathryn Gemme,
Mike Timlin Is Now the World's Oldest Living Red Sox Fan

This Just In ...

Boston Dirt Dogs

(BDD Photo Illustration)

There's Nothin' Doin' at Vacation Central This Week.
Meanwhile ...

( photo)

Sox Fans Continue to Dig Through the Tumbleweeds for Updates on Drew's Contract Language Controversy and the Closer Conundrum

Jan 2, 2007:

Adding Insult to Injury ...

J.D. Drew and his shoulder

(BDD Photo Illustration)

... The Wait for Drew Continues

New Year, Same Old Story:
It's a Bad Sign If J.D. is Damaged Goods

"Drew sought and received a second opinion from Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala. while Red Sox team physician Dr. Thomas Gill did his own battery of tests when Drew came for a physical in mid-December.

"The Boras side has indicated there's nothing wrong with Drew's shoulder, while the Red Sox saw something specific in the shoulder that caused them to pause." -- 12.30.06, Nick Cafardo, Extra Bases

So Why Are the Sox Paying a Premium on Not-So-Durable Drew?

"You're talking about durability, and there's a premium price for durability." -- Scott Boras on the reason for Barry Zito's $126 million contract

Jan 1, 2007:

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