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Boston Herald: 'Tek good in pinch > Heckuva first game > Cora corralled > Schilling offers a far-from-Curt response > Chamberlain to miss Sox

ProJo: Varitek's 9th inning homer fuels comeback > Ailing Cora could be put on the DL > Schilling insists: I won't play for Yankees > Wrapup

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It's Red Sox vs. YankeeZZZzzzzz: Rivalry's Buzz Takes a Beating
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Video: Big Papi Explains Reason for Hitting Woes

Dec 31, 2004:

Happy New Year
from Beaumont Texas


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Nick Merrill)

Kevin and Jack say "Be careful out there... and Cowboy Up!"

Dec 30, 2004:

Johnson and Johnson

The Only Name in the News


( Photo)

Gammons: RJ to NY Deal 98% Done

RJ on the way to the Bronx. Just get it over with already.

Yankees ask D-Backs if they can just borrow Randy Johnson once a week
RJ to whine until traded to Yanks

Yanks deal for Johnson nearly finalized

Dec 29, 2004:

Juicy Juice in January


( Photo)

Globe's Names: "BATTING CHUMP It was originally scheduled to hit stores in time for spring training, but with the revelations about Barry Bonds and steroids, the publication of the juicy tell-all by former Bosox slugger Jose Canseco suddenly has been moved up to January. (Yes, there'll also be the requisite appearance on "60 Minutes" with Mike Wallace.) In "Juiced," the former Bash Brother, who's been out of baseball since 2001, reportedly IDs several big-name players who used illegal growth hormones. Luckily, no big names played for Boston, when Canseco was here in '95 and '96, so the Sox may not be smeared in the book. (OK, Mo Vaughn was on the team, but his body was definitely not the result of 'roids.)"

Who's Got the Juice Now?


Visit, the Disneyworld of Websites

"Canseco's life after baseball remains bizarre. Having sold his 1988 American League MVP plaque for $30,000 and his rookie-of-the-year ring for $5,100 on eBay, Canseco is parting with his sports mementos. "Baseball is over," Canseco told the Miami Herald through Ames. "... I'm doing my new life, which is acting." Ames said Canseco doesn't need the money - he just lacks sentiment.

"We sold the MVP plaque because it was sitting around and the dogs were eating it," Ames said." -- Miami Herald

Dec 28, 2004:

Steingrabber's Tax Bill is Due


(Steve Kurth Illustration)

King George has to Pay Up as Lame Attempt to Stack the Deck and
Buy Another World Series Costs Yankees $25 million

New York Spends Nearly $70 million more than Boston in 2004
Yankees Tax is More Than the Devil Rays Entire Payroll.

Dec 25, 2004:



(Boston Globe Staff Photo / John Tlumacki)

"Being a Red Sox, this city, it pulls a lot out of me, because I think a lot of my values are like a lot of the fans' values, and a lot of the guys that play here have the same values. They like to get dirty. Fans like us to get dirty." -- 12.24 Captain Varitek

Jason Varitek Press Conference Transcript

Theo Epsteinís opening comments:

ďWe could not be happier.  Itís not every day that youíre lucky enough to find a player who embodies everything you want your franchise to be.  And when youíre lucky enough to have that player, you donít let him get away.  And you lock him up for as long as you can and you make him the rock of your franchise.  Jason has been the leader here for a long time.  We are lucky to have a lot of leaders -- Tim Wakefield is here supporting Jason today.  Jason is a special guy in the clubhouse and has had an instrumental role for a long time here and will for a long time to come.  We all know heís a leader, but we actually have a little bit of a surprise here today.  We are going to formalize that role for Jason, and make you (to Jason) the team captain.Ē 

Jason Varitekís opening comments:

ďIím extremely honored right now.  I donít really know what to say.  You add all these things together with it being Christmas Eve, it turns into a special day.  To hold this honor in this city and this region for this team is something Iíll wear proudly.  But it doesnít change much what I do.  I canít really change what I do.  Iíll just continue to try to do the same.Ē

Q: Why is loyalty so important to you?

A: (Jason) ďWell, I think it always has been.  But this has nothing to do with it besides two sides worked very hard together.  Scott worked very hard with Theo and went through many, many, many conversations and worked through a lot of things for this to happen.  They put their foot forward and wanted to keep me here and Scott knew how I felt and how I wanted to make sure we exhausted all avenues here.  And thatís why weíre able to remain a Boston Red Sox.Ē

Q: Was there a moment where you thought it might not happen?

A: (Jason) ďYeah, every day.  Itís an easy thing to think that way.  I just felt in my heart - just letting time in the discussions and letting Scott do his job for me -- I couldnít be happier with the job they did, the two of them working together.Ē


Dec 24, 2004:

'Twas the Day Before Christmas


(AP Photo)

'Twas the day before Christmas, when all through the Nation,

We were happy for ĎTek, but worried about the rotation;

Randy in pinstripes? That deal fell through,

But Pedro went walking to the orange and blue


Schill was nestled online, reading a thread,
While thoughts of ripping Petey a new one danced in his head;

But then he looked at his ď2004 World Series ChampionsĒ cap,

And forgot about the Met and his mouth that yap-yaps


When out on the Ďnet there arose such a clatter,

Who was getting away? Now whatís the matter?

Typing on boards fingers flew like a flash

Like when Tony Soprano slips his girlfriends the cash


And on some dot com I got such a blow,
They were reporting ďRJ to NYĒ is finally a go;
Heís #1 for the Yanks, or so I feared,
But wait Ė it was on ESPN, and the report was unclear

Johnny Damon was on his honeymoon, the new newlywed,
Now will he pull a Ricky Williams? Will he ever leave his bed?

We'll miss Roberts, and Kapler, OC, D-Lowe and Pete

And Mientkiewicz or Millar, 'cause one of them is hittin' the street


Now Curtís on the shelf, no more blood in his socks,
And D-Lowe is home playing with his mental blocks;
Our starters are gone! Who is to blame?
Who are these new guys? What are their names?


ďNow, Boomer! now, Miller! now, Clement and Halama!
On, Mantei! plus Payton! and Vazquez and Edgar!
A whole new clubhouse! GM made the call!
Free agents dash away! dash away! dash away all!Ē


But Theo went to the Wells and a Cub named Clement;
Have faith in our genius, itís money well spent;
And now weíve got Miller, the second best Wade,
In the history of Boston (so his labrumís a little frayed)


And then, in a twinkling, he was back on the mound,

The prancing and pawing of the old top throwing hound,

Laying his finger aside of the seam,

He gave ĎTek the nod, an almost impossible dream;


He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,

He went into his windup; then turned with a jerk,

As he threw out his hand, and was coming around,

Down towards home plate, the ball took off with a bound;


He threw like the old days, so lively and quick,

I knew in a moment, Schill was no longer sick;
His heaterís mid-nineties, the splitter has bite,
Letís mark him down for eight innings a night!


More rapid than eagles came the Opening Day game,

Up went The Flag, the Yanks looked ashamed;
Johnny's speed back in center, Mannyís long drives lit the sky,

Papi had the old stroke back, when he hit Ďem, they fly


I sprang to my feet, to the team gave a whistle,

They circled the bases, Schilling threw another missile;

The good times were back for our championship ballclub,



(Thanks to Santa's Helpers Andrew Kuller and Valerie Cwiekowski)

Schill Thrilled for Tek
But He's Very Put Off by the Stat Heads


(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Matthew Lee)

Curt Schilling to BDD on Jason Varitek: "Christmas came early. I am so friggin' ecstatic about this and so happy for him. Proud that he earned the right to become a free agent and even prouder that he chose to stay where he was needed most. I felt all along that no matter what happened this winter losing 'Tek would cost us more than any player they brought in could make up. He and Doug are as good a tandem as I've ever been around. I'd heard about 'Tek in bits and pieces before coming here but I've never seen anyone put more time and effort into his job both physically and mentally than this guy. I kept getting very put off by the stat heads who argued that this is the age when he will start declining, they have no idea of his makeup, and 'Tek is pretty much worlds apart from other 32 year old catchers I have seen and played with. His value goes so far beyond his offensive numbers that he's worth whatever the number they ended up at IMO. I'm happy for him and for the club, this IMO, goes a long way in putting us on track to try and defend our world championship title."

Dec 23, 2004:


Jason Returns for 4 Years, $40M

"He's the backbone of our team... he's our leader."
-- Just Married Johnny Damon, CBS4 call

World Series Champion

(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)


Varitek returning to Red Sox

By Staff | December 23, 2004

Jason Varitek is returning to the Red Sox in time for the holidays.

The free-agent catcher has agreed to a four-year, $40 million contract, a source directly involved in the negotiations told the Boston Globeís Gordon Edes.

The Red Sox were expected to announce the deal on Friday.

According to the source, the 32-year-old Varitekís demand for a no-trade clause was the singular issue that kept the sides from reaching a deal previously, but they found some way to satisfy Varitek without granting him a no-trade clause.

ESPN's Peter Gammons to BDD: "Boras told all other teams for two weeks that he would not even discuss Varitek until after Jan. 8, the last date the Sox could sign him, per request of Jason, who made it clear that he wanted to return to Boston."

What do you think about the re-signing of Jason Varitek?


(Boston Dirt Dogs illustration / Jonathan Blazon)

To get Tek signed, Sox go through hell and high water,
and forty million dollars

Who's Been Naughty... and Who's MNice?

The internet is a buzz with chatter that Jason Varitek is on the verge of agreeing to a deal with the Red Sox. On ESPN's Sports Nation message board, a user named MNice109 posted a thread this morning that proclaimed that Varitek was a "done deal." Normally a random message board rumor is not news, but this particular poster has had an uncanny knack for posting Red Sox signing news a day in advance. On Dec. 9, s/he posted that the Sox were serious about signing David Wells and the Wells signing news did not happen until early Dec. 11. On Dec. 12, MNice109 reported that Manny was on the trading block in a Mets deal, no word in the mainstream media until Dec. 13. Now on Sunday, Dec. 12, MNice109 posted that Renteria was out of the picture, but that was the day before Pedro agreed to a deal with the Mets that freed up the money for Edgar. On Tuesday, Dec. 21 the new post said "The Sox are signing Wade Miller." The news came out first on ESPN almost 24 hours later. Now today, at 8:52am, MNice109 posted that "Tek is a done deal." No news since. Take it for what it's worth.

Newsday: Tek Re-Signing with Sox

Wade Miller Phone Conference
(with comments from Theo Epstein)

How you feeling?

The prognosis was I had a frayed right rotator cuff, sidelined me for the second half of the year this past year. Iím currently doing rehab, I started rehabbing the day I got home, Iíve been doing that three times a week, itís been going fairly well. I saw the doctor in Boston yesterday, he said everything looked good and I plan on throwing the first week of January. I start throwing as I normally would any other year, and I plan on going down to spring training a couple of weeks early to get ready down there, to start throwing outside, and get used to throwing outside. You have to hit the rehab hard and when the season starts you donít stop that. You have to keep going and doing the exercises and keeping the arm strong.

Why Boston?

I wanted to go to a good team. Obviously they have good pitching, I think I can be a good part of that. Theyíre the best team in baseball right now, I thought it was a good fit for me and my family. It didnít take long, they were aggressive, they wanted to get something done right away, and I was open to that. I know other teams had interest, but Iíd been to Boston before, itís a great city, great baseball town, and itís something I wanted to be a part of.

Pitching in the AL?

Iíve thought about it a little bit, you donít have the pitcher in there to ease the pain as they would say, skipping over the eight hitter to get to the pitcher, I realize that but itís a little bit harder. Iíve pitched against the Yankees, the Red Sox, and Kansas City a few times, so itís exciting. Iím ready for the challenge, Iím ready to face new hitters and see what I bring to the table.

Pitching in Boston?

Iíve pitched at Minutemaid for four years, that was a pitcherís park and Iím going to pitch the same as I do at any park, regardless of the dimensions of the ballfield, I just try to go out there and pitch my game and not try to think about the short left field. It might add a little bit more pressure to do well (the passion of the fans, World Series team), with  the new team and everything. They have great fans. I always loved coming to Boston. The passion and the love for baseball. I think itís very exciting. Iíve always thrived more when I pitched in Chicago than any other away ballpark.

Why non-tendered?

I was disappointed but I wasnít surprised. I knew it was a possibility. They had a decision to make. They felt they werenít going to take a risk on me thatís what I think. They made a decision, thereís no hard feelings there, but I played nine seasons there, itís tough to move on.

Theo speaks:

We looked at this as a great opportunity, one that was definitely worth our while. Itís not every day that you get a chance to acquire a guy whoís a potential top of the rotation starting pitcher. We think that we structured a contract thatís fair to both sides with relatively minimal risk if the injury provides more of a setback than we anticipate but thereís also upside for Wade if he goes out and does what we expect him to do and stays healthy all year. Heís a guy who impacts a pitching staff, and those guys are hard to come by in trade, let alone free agency.

Schilling, Clement, Wells, Miller, Arroyo, Wakefield, theyíre all starting pitchers. You can never assume health and readiness to go, so weíll be very fortunate if weíre in a situation where we have six guys ready to go and healthy at the same time, then Tito will have to make a decision and somebody will have to go to the pen but thatís in an ideal world. This protects us, in case we donít have somebody ready to go, we still have five starters to throw out there.

Iím prohibited by federal law, the Hippo regulations from going into any detail (Millerís exam, who examined him, etc.) about Wadeís medical condition. Iíll just say the latest exam shows full range of motion, excellent strength throughout the shoulder and rotator cuff and weíre very optimistic that heís going to have success when he starts throwing in the next couple of weeks.

Iguchi: Over and Out

"During scouting meetings last week in San Diego, the Sox also worked out Japanese shortstop Tadahito Iguchi. But the Sox, who on Monday traded outfielder Dave Roberts to the Padres for infielder Ramon Vazquez and righthanded-hitting outfielder Jay Payton, plan to pass on Iguchi, according to industry sources familiar with his talks with the team." -- Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

"...the bell horn which protects the this season second base, in lease remaining behind the policy of doing annual salary arrange in prerequisite. The Iguchi "position" which protects the second base and guerrilla warfare is not definitely promised." -- Daily Sports Japan (Babel Fish translation)

Breaking News: Sox Gifts Heading South from North Pole

South Fenway_DO.jpg

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Daniel O'Connor)

Santa Source: Both Naughty and Nice Nation Citizens Getting Sox Stocking Stuffers

Dec 22, 2004:


Sox to Sign Wade to One Year Deal


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Nick Merrill)

"Wade Miller, I think thatís a great pick up. I got to see him quite often the last couple of years, the only thing thatís stopped him is heís had a couple of freak injuries rather than actual injuries where he needed surgery or what else Iím not sure what the injuries were. Great pitcher, hard thrower. He pitched well against us many times over the last three years." -- 12.22 Matt Clement on new Sox pitcher Wade Miller

ESPN's Peter Gammons to BDD: "When the Red Sox were talking to teams about Dave Roberts before the 20th deadline, they discussed a Roberts-Miller deal with the Astros. Theo Epstein had promised Roberts, out of respect, that he would try to trade him to a team where he would play regularly, and Roberts did not see that opportunity in Houston with Lance Berkman coming back in May or June and the possibility of Carlos Beltran signing, and ended up in San Diego in what could be a very good trade for Boston. The Sox will pursue Miller, but as one GM told me, "there will be a dozen to 15 teams in on him, and it could be costly for the risk involved."

Schilling on SoSH: "Wade Miller would be a good sign IMO. In addition to being a serious competitor he knows how to pitch. Given the dynamics of the staff that handles players here this would be a very different situation for him to be in. A lot less pressure and a lot more attention. Look at what the training staff did for Pedro this past season. They got him to the post, along with his hard work for every start. I love the thought of this guy coming here and being able to come back as he can. He can pitch and he can win. Put him in front of this offense and it could be a steal. Bringing guys this good here in this kind of situation seems to me to be a win win given that he'll most likely sign a deal that's incentive laden. I think it's a great move. Considering the staff that's being assembled in NY this year is gonna be another huge challenge and pitching once again IMO will carry the day when it all comes down to it."

Olney Busted

"There is surprise in some baseball circles that the Red Sox are holding to budget with certain players and are not going the extra mile, especially since they raised ticket prices... I don't think Clement is a good fit in Boston, he has too many idiosyncracies, superstitions, and doesn't handle pressure well."-- 12.22: Buster Olney on WEEI D&C

Matt Clement: I don't know Buster Olney and I don't know how he'd know if I had any idiosyncrasies and I really don't care what he thinks that way but as a person, during times like this people try to pull things out, and try to get you, try to put... it's always negative talk that tries to come out of it. I, myself just try to go out there and pitch. You have your few things you do when you're on the mound as a routine, but in my eyes I don't have any idiosyncrasies or superstitions that I know about, so maybe he can tell me what they are.

The Matt Clement Conference Call

Matt Clement: I've heard there's a lot (of scrutiny of the team) since I've signed and even before I made the decision, I've always been the kind of person that is up for a challenge like that and I've been pretty well prepared being at Wrigley Field the last three years and for me to sit here and compare the two atmospheres, the scrutiny and everything else would be terribly irrelevant because I've never been through it in Boston before. Chicago's not the easiest place for a player or team to play, especially, there's a lot of similarities with the Cubs and the Red Sox until what happened at the end of last year so I think I've been well prepared, if it's a little tougher it's something that you're gonna have to adjust to but I'm so excited, how many pitchers get the chance to pitch at Wrigley Field for three years especially in the excitement we did and now I get to come to Fenway Park for three years and get to do the same thing especially after a World Series and to be in contention . I am just unbelievably excited to come to Fenway Park and be a pitcher for the Red Sox.

No matter what the case, I'm going out there, 110% and I'm gonna be out there to answer the call if unless it's physically impossible for me to get out there. I'm a ground ball pitcher. I use my slider as my effective out pitch. And I'm just gonna attack the hitters aggressively the best I can.

A huge thing for me was the catching situation, and hopefully that's the same as it's been for a while here. It's something that as a pitcher, when I watch games, I watch how the catcher performs and think to myself, "man, I'd love to throw to this guy" and I remember saying that many times about Varitek, both him and Mirabelli last year and that's something that I'm very excited about.

I don't think Theo can give me a sure answer on (Varitek signing). You're probably better off asking Theo about that and I'm sure you guys have done that already. As far as I know it's something that they're trying as hard as they can to do and as I said, it's not really, especially just being in the organization for one day to really give a great opinion on it, it's just something I'm hoping for.

I called Bill Mueller, it was somebody I was close with when we played on the same team in Chicago, we had some of the same values and ideas about things and I feel like I can fit into any team, I'm not a hard person to get along with, I never have been and I can adapt well. More of my question was about living in Boston as far as my family... he wasn't trying to sell me but he had unbelievable things to say about all his teammates, about the organization, the area, and I trust Bill and what his decision was, I tried to call people that I trust and weren't going to sway me one way or the other, they were going to tell me the truth and I take a lot of credibility in what Bill says.

Others talked about my being on a good team for three years, a catching staff that hopefully will be completely in place here soon, and I heard more raving reviews about him from different people than I ever had in the past about anybody.

Much has been made about pitchers coming from the National League to the American League, as a guy who has pitched in the NL his whole career, are there any particular challenges?

I'm up to a challenge. I'm not really gonna miss hitting all that much, that's why pitchers don't like to leave the National League after they're there. I'm sure Curt Schilling's a pretty good person to talk to since he just did it and he's been pretty successful with it. For me it's a thing where I just, a lot has been made of switching, I've never really put much into it. I love to pitch. It's a different league, I've always pitched pretty good in interleague play, I know that's not a great barometer but I've had 10-15 starts in interleague play in the last 3-4 years. For me it's going to be an adjustment period probably, but it's a challenge I'm definitely up to and it's something that I hope won't be expecting to be a big deal.

How much did it factor into your decision to see that the Red Sox averaged just under six runs a game?

Definitely. Going into the offseason here and the free agent period was new for me and there were a lot of things were going to factor in. I definitely wanted to go to a team thatÖ I donít know if it was so much just the runs, thatís obviously a nice perk to have, how great their offense is. It more factored in the whole team, the ability to reach the post season year after year like they have. And also the ability to do what they did last year, and win the World Series. I wanted to go to a team that had a chance to experience that. I started to get on the brink of experiencing that in Chicago with what we were able to accomplish the last two years and it was a place where I wanted to go where I think I can get to that next step.

Why in your view were you dropped from the rotation in the end of September, with the team right smack in the middle of the race? Was it purely physical or did it go beyond that?

I think Iím always the type of pitcher, or I have been in the past, that pitches through everything Iíve ever felt. If Iím sore, if I donít feel right, Iíve always pitched through it. I have a lot of pride in making all my starts. I think in honesty, the whole thing how it fell down, I was fighting through a soreness in my trap and neck area at the end of the year, and it came down to the fact that I was fighting through it, and I think in May or June, when Iíve fought through stuff like this before, Iíve been able to get through it because my armís still fresh. Here it was the end of the year and was probably bad judgment on my part and I think that, I was told, they made the decision for me, just because they didnít want it to get any worse and they thought that I wasnít getting through it like I normally do. It was awful. It was the worst week and a half of my career probably so far because especially earlier in the year when Woody and Mark were down, and hurt, and not being able to contribute and Carlos (Zambrano), myself, and (Greg) Maddux, it was put on our shoulders pretty heavy, and then Glendon (Rusch) came in and did a good job, and felt like I was a big part of why we were in the situation we were in. And at the end of the year to have itÖ you know there was no way in the world it was going to be my decision where I wasnít going to get to pitch, and they kind of did it, itís a thing where you really canít express yourself either the way you feel about it, just because itís about the team at that point in the season. You have to go with it. I fought tooth and nail to go out there and it was a decision they came up with. I wasnít happy about it. It was a tough week to sit there and see what happened, especially against the Reds, but thatís something you live and learn and maybe next time when I first feel something I wonít try to pitch through it from the get-go.

Sox Re-sign Lenny DiNardo to One Year Deal
And You Can Meet Mike Myers in St. Louis

Dec 21, 2004:

Second Chance for Iguchi?


A BDD source says that Japanese news reports indicate that Richard Moss, agent for Tadahito Iguchi, said he is confident that the former Fukuoka Daiei Hawks speedy second baseman will end up signing with the Red Sox. So far Iguchi has received an offer from the Chicago White Sox for two years at $4M but Moss has dismissed that offer, referencing Kaz Matsuiís three year, $20.1M deal with the Mets. Iguchi is quoted as saying "I don't expect to know where I will be when (Randy) Johnson doesn't know. I hope to know by the time (spring training) camp starts." Yankees manager Joe Torre was asked about Iguchi as a back up to Tony Womack and said "I don't know about him."

Johnson to Yankees Delayed as Dodgers Pull Out

In other news, ESPNews stops running "Breaking News: Johnson to Yankees" scroll that has appeared for the last 21 days, and read on WEEI every half hour.

Miller Time: Will Sox Sign Wade?

2003: COWBOY UP! -- 2004: CONTRACT UP! -- 2005:

Break 'Em Up!

San Diego Steals Roberts


(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Stan Grossfeld)

How Many Gamers Can the Sox Afford to Lose in the Dismantling of the World Series Champs?

Speedy Dave Joins Kapler, Cabrera, Lowe, and Martinez in Mass Soxodus

Jay Payton, Ramon Vazquez Coming to Boston for Thank You Dave
Meanwhile, D-Lowe Waits for Ugly Smear Campaign to Begin...

Angel in the Infield


(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Orlando to Anaheim, Shortstop

Thank You Cab Gets a 4-Year Deal with the Angels

A Very Brady Christmas Gift

Pats Knock Sox Off Front Page


(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Easonesque Pass Fails Miserably in Miami as Pats Blow 11 Point Lead in 4th, Lose 29-28

Hot-Head Harrison Penalty Costly Too

"That's a non-issue."-- Tom Brady on Charlie Weis hanging out in South Bend last week

Dec 20, 2004:

Big Break-Up


(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)

Pedro and Nelson are Done
Sox to Sign Good Luck Charm

"He broke my heart," de la Rosa told the Daily News yesterday. "That's not right what he said about me... I wanted him to stay with Boston, but that's his decision." -- Nelson de la Rosa on break-up with Pedro Martinez

Sign of the Times


(AP Photo)

Autograph Hounds

2004 World Series MVP Manny Ramirez, signs memorabilia for $195.00 per piece for fans who have paid a $20.00 admission fee during a New England Collectors Show, Saturday in Marlborough, MA

"So when when I left the Convention Center yesterday I wanted to take a shower, anything to wash away the slime of naked commerce. To wash away the sight of overpaid players, who should get down on their knees and kiss the feet of the fans, instead of charging people who adore them too much. And the people who want to give someone who makes $20 million a year $195 for his autograph? This way to the Egress." -- Bill Reynolds on the show/ProJo

Who is to blame for Red Sox fame?

No. 1 at the Box Office Last Weekend


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Matthew Dunn)

Breaking News: Pedro Will Be Badmouthing the Boston Red Sox Somewhere on the Planet Today.

New Larry Lucchino, Will Carroll, and Steve Phillips on WEEI

Gammons: Beltre, J.D. Drew were on Sox radar, plus Pavano, Pedro, pitching


Dec 18, 2004:



(Boston Herald Photo)

Schilling Tells It Like It Was with I-Me-My-Martinez

"He left the game the first start of the season in the middle of the game (referring to Martinez' departure on Opening Day in Baltimore). What does that say about the respect he has for his teammates? He wasn't there for Game 6 of (the American League Championship Series). I don't remember what his explanation was... It's obvious: The barometer he uses for respect is money."
-- Curt Schilling, Herald

"He came to the park when he wanted and did what we wanted. That was different to me. It took a lot of getting used to... I never said he got preferential treatment; I said Pedro was on his own program and did his own thing. That's how (the Red Sox) handled him. We went on despite it. I had to be walked along to handle it. There were multiple times this season when I wondered where he was." -- Curt Schilling, ProJo

Dec 17, 2004:


Clement Time
From Padre Phenom to Dusty's Doghouse to Sox Starter:
Clement Signs with Sox, 3-Years, $25M


(Jeff Shaw Photo)

Sox Go to the Matt for Starters

Pedro Bids Hub Adieu


(Boston Dirt Dogs Image)

Nothing Left Standing By Scorched Earth Pete

"They (Boston) will field the best bad team in baseball history"
-- Our $90M Man




(AP Photo)

Priceless: Sox Fans Pay Up; Denis Leary Finally Steps to the Plate
(Congrats to Michael Schur and his friend James for writing such a smart bit)

Things that make you go hmmm, if NYUnit deal goes through...
NYY April Rotation:
Mussina, Johnson, Pavano, Wright, Brown
BOS April Rotation: Wells, Clement, Arroyo, Wakefield, Halama

"Schilling, Schilling, Schilling!"


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Pete Berce)

'Jan Brady' Martinez Still Can't Let Go of Curt Obsession;
Disingenuous Delusionist Throws Tito, Theo, Lucchino, and Schill Under the Bus on Way Out of Town

"Schilling is 38, I'm only 33. The fact that I had an off-year doesn't mean that I can be below Schilling. Still, with an off-year, I'm way over Schilling as a pitcher and I've pitched pretty much like Schilling the last few years... Schilling's not taking anything away from me... And they should have thought about the rest of the stuff and not just Curt Schilling and his personal catcher. And all Theo argued was ``Schilling got this, Schilling got that.'' Everything we were going to negotiate was based on what they did with Schilling... Schilling doesn't even work with us. Schilling cannot run with me."
-- The Disingenuous Diva Lying Again to His Longtime Boston Agent Michael Silverman

Martinez to Mets Fans: "St. Louis was my first choice." On Piazza: "We can move him to first or somewhere. I would like every good player that is out there to be on my team. I want 'Tek. 'Tek is a good player, a good catcher." On Francona: "He was manipulated from upstairs." On Theo: "Theo got really arrogant on Fernando and I didn't appreciate it." On Nomie: "It wasn't like Nomar (Garciaparra), that wasn't happy playing the game. It wasn't like that. I played the game and I enjoyed it and I competed."

Renteria Press Conference at 5:45pm


(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jhony Olivares Rodriguez)

Had to Wait Until He Won the Last Game of Dominoes

Three Out of Three Fallen Icons Agree


(Photo submitted to Boston Dirt Dogs)

Rent to Own


( photo image)

Edgah's Better: The ER Signing Conference Today at 2:00pm EST

Meter Throws Cab Under Bus

12.15.04: "I was down at Fenway yesterday afternoon talking to my moles... guy you trust, not part of front office smear campaign :-)... the OC was a high maintenance guy and was not well liked in the clubhouse. Here's the worst part, he was not good to the 'little people' (Nelson?) No. The clubhouse attendents, guys who work around the park, he did not show them respect."-- Weston's own John Meterparel, co-host of the Dennis & Callahan Show, 6:00am - 10:00am on Sports Radio 850 WEEI -- that's AM on your radio dial


(AP Photo)

We Give Props to The OC
Thanks for Everything Cab

12.17.04 -- BDD Fenway Source: "OC was a great guy around the park, in the clubhouse, looked to be a great teammate, he was always having fun like you saw on TV. Meter's gotta be making this one up."

Latin King


(Reuters photo)

Manny and Juliana Ramirez arrive on the red carpet, at the second annual Fox Sports Premios awards show in Miami Beach. Manny received the award for Outstanding Latin American Baseball Player.

Meanwhile Back in the DR...


(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Stan Grossfeld)

The sun comes up, the sun goes down,
and Hanley Ramirez has lunch

Dec 16, 2004:

Yankee Doodle Randy


( image)

Yankees Feeling Randy After Sox World Series Win

Report: Yanks Finally Pull Off Three Way for RJ

More Bad News: Tim Hudson traded to the Atlanta Braves

Meanwhile on As the Rotation Turns: My Darling Clement Time,
Mr. Potential May Sign with Sox for D-Lowe Money

'Pedro was a Little Testy.'
-- Chris "Mad Dog" Russo after WFAN interview with the Disingenuous Diva

Questions About Bum Shoulder and Deferential Treatment Set Pedro Off


(Getty Images Photo)

Prima Goner Press Conference:
Disingenuous Diva Says "It's the Mets, Not the Money"
Rambling, Confusing Apology Speech Proves Omar Minaya
Was Dropped on His Head as Child

Watch the Domini-Con Man's Press Conference

Pedro on Mike and the Mad Dog: "I didn't feel that the Red Sox should have waited until the last moment to try to get Pedro Martinez like a leftover... I thought they should have shown more respect, to wait until the last moment, the last minute, the last second, wasn't the right thing to do, I had already given my word to Omar... It didn't bother me, the attention Schilling got, I actually don't like so much attention and it seems like he does... When I got to Boston in 1998, Boston had finished dead last (did not), dead last, before I arrived here, dead last... I have no idea, I have no idea (if Mets offered the most money), my agent has all the details... physically I can throw still the same way, and pitch the same way, I just had an off year... I don't pay attention to those things (high ERA, HRs up, etc.), I don't know, maybe I am getting older and not so good anymore?... without a doubt (I'm wearing down)... we have to think positive if we want to win, we can't start thinking negative right from the get-go. If you guys are going to wish me well, please do it... who said I had separate rules? You're coming from speculation you have been hearing from a lot of people. I have a different regimine of working, no one wants to ask about that. People want to know "how come you got lit up by the Yankees?"... you guys don't look at how we work, I had to recover in 2001. I work a little longer than the average pitcher, people want to deal in controversy and create ratings... They let me go? I left. I didn't ask them to guarantee any more years... if they had offered the third year a week ago, I'd be signed with the Red Sox right now. Are you hurt by the way the Red Sox acted? A little bit, yeah... I would like to stay healthy, with God's help... I will miss the players, my ex-teammates, my fans, the stadium and the tradition you carry around there. The fans respect me a lot."

Derek Talks About Lowe Blows on Way Out of Boston

"So if they make it ugly, and kind of drag your name through the mud, people will say ďwell now I see why theyíre not bringing him back.Ē But if they leave on good terms, people will be wondering why they didnít bring this guy back. So thereís a lot of politicking going involved. And I think a lot of it has to do with the media." -- Former Sox Pitcher Derek Lowe


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo)

12.14: Exclusive full transcript of Derek Lowe with Arnie Spanier on Sporting News Radio's The Arnie Spanier Show discussing his departure from the Red Sox along with the Red Sox not re-signing Pedro Martinez.

Derek Lowe (on Pedro): Iím shocked in a way. Over the last couple of weeks there was  lot of talk in Boston about being able to afford both Carl Pavano and Pedro. Having gotten none of them was kind of a shock. It was kind of disappointing. Started last spring training, opportunity to get something done last year, and it didnít. Maybe the outside world is shocked but me seeing what heís gone through isnít really that big of a shock.

This goes back to last year for a lot of us. Everyone knew we were going to be free-agents after the year, they tried sparingly last spring training to get us done. And I think a lot of us werenít happy with the way the progress went.  This isnít just something that didnít get done in three weeks, itís gone on for over a year.

If you look at it from a financial standpoint, it really wasnít the money because theyíre ultimately going to give that much money to other people. I think it was a decision of who they really wanted to come back. And Pedro and myself, and Nomar as you can see werenít in the plans, and so itís a great organization, theyíre going to keep getting quality guys to go there. But Iíve said all along, when you find a group a guys that works, it kind of makes sense to try and stick with it.

Donít Red Sox fans deserve better coming off first World Series in 86 years?

Yeah, again, looking at it from a playersí standpoint, itís shocking to see what theyíre doing. Theyíre not bringing back Orlando Cabrera who helped out to get Renteria which I believe is kinda the same person.

They went out and got a 42-year old Dave Wells and gave him what looks like itís going to be $9 million a year. And you have a Curt Schilling who did so much for us last year, he said today it looks like heís not going to be ready for Opening Day and then you have a 38- year-old Tim Wakefield, then Arroyo, so, again they definitely have a plan and and I think time will tell how theyíre going to do.

What if they call you up in an hour and say Ďwe really need to have you back,í you sound like that really isnít an option.

No, it really isnít an option. You could kinda see how things were going to unfold with me, over the last two weeks of the season, with them kinds telling me I wasnít even going to be on the roster as a starting pitcher, that tells me where you believe you are in their eyes, which is fine. As a team we pulled together and won a World Series. But obviously they havenít prioritized me as even one of the top 10 guys they want to bring back.

You werenít even asked back to the Red Sox holiday party, Was this a slap in the face?

Yeah (it was a slap in the face) it was disappointing, but you know what? I saw it happen with Mo Vaughn. I saw it happen with Nomar. Youíre seeing it happen with Pedro. And myself. Unfortunately when you leave the Red Sox, unfortunately has to be ugly. And I donít think it really needs to be that way, I mean itís a business I completely understand if they donít want to bring you back. They had a get together down in Ft. Myers when I live, and not to be invited was disappointing.

Why the disrespect?

They came out publicly and said they invited me but it was after an article came out and said they didnít invite me. 30 minutes later they called and said they invited you. To me thatís not really an invite, itís a reaction to an article. They had three weeks if they really wanted you to come. You move on. I enjoyed my time there, and to win a World Series, but to break up the team that won, itís shocking.

Why did it have to be ugly?

Youíre in such a high media market, and they are so conscious of what people say because people in the New England area have such strong opinions, good and bad. So if they make it ugly, and kind of drag your name through the mud, people will say "well now I see why theyíre not bringing him back.Ē But if they leave on good terms, people will be wondering why they didnít bring this guy back. So thereís a lot of politicking going involved. And I think a lot of it has to do with the media.

Are we going to see negative stuff about Pedro Martinez now that he signed with the New York Mets?


Yeah, I read an article today, and thatís exactly what they said. Itís so unfortunate that it has to be like that, but itís exactly what you said. They did it with Nomar. They did it with Mo Vaughn before. I know it was a different regime. They did it with me. And they said ďwell now itís gonna to look like theyíre going to start bringing up bad things about Pedro,Ē and sure enough they are, saying heís a selfish player, he broke the rules, which really doesnít need to be brought up. This guy did so many things for them. He brought them a World Series, youíre kinda doing the guy disjustice (sic) by dragging his name through the mud.

Whatís the part that hurts the most?

The big thing is the friendships we had on our team,  I think that was the main reason why we were able to come back from being down 3-0. We enjoyed playing with one another. We had a bunch of talented guys. And to know that that group of guys really could have stayed together, but management broke us up, thatís the most disappointing thing.

Youíve got interest from the Tigers, the Cardinals, and you wonít accept arbitration with the Red Sox.

As you can seeÖ it would actually be funny if I did (accept arbitration) to see the look on their faces. But no, it doesnít look like thatís going to be a route.

Where do I go? A lot of pitchers are signed to a lot of places they would definitely like to go. There are definitely places I feel I would like to go. Time will tell. Itís my first time through this process. Itís a slow process. Wherever I end up, you hope to start off fresh and bring a World Championship.

You donít necessarily want to go back and burn them. For me personally and from a team standpoint, Just pitching the way I was able to do in the post-season, bringing a championship to the city. There is probably going to come a day when Iíll be pitching against the Red Sox, and you look forward to it.

Dec 15, 2004:

He's the New King of Queens
And the Queen of "Full of Beans"

Martinez $53M Deal with Mets Official, Press Conference Tomorrow

"I think they did everything but the MRI" -- Herald's Mike Shalin on Pedro Martinez' physical / Ted Nation, WEEI

"The doctors can't tell if there's scar tissue buildup, etc., he does have a tear, it's a timebomb waiting to happen. You can tell by the drop in velocity. What happens if he tears it two years into his contract?"-- Jeff Brantley, ESPN

Coming to New York


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Jason Dalrymple)

Petey and the Mets

Henry's kids can shake loose change forever
The spotlight's hitting Schilling
I've been known to change like weather
I killed the fatted calf tonight
So stick around
You're gonna hear merengue music
Crying fans make sounds

Say, Davey and Manny, have you seen them yet
But they're so spaced out, PuhPuhPuhPuh Petey and the Mets
Oh Nelson's weird and he's wonderful
Oh Omar he is really keen
Gave me electric boots, a mohair suit
A free subscription to a magazine
Ah ha, PuhPuhPuh Petey and the Mets

Hey kids, you plugged into the "Faithful"
You were left blinded
'Cause Fernando Cuza's ruthless
We shall survive, but Pete was stringing us along
Where he lied to Theo told you to "Believe"
But we were right, he did you wrong

Say, Davey and Manny, have you seen them yet
But they're so spaced out, PuhPuhPuhPuh Petey and the Mets
Oh Nelson's weird and he's wonderful
Omar said I'll get Respect in Queens
Gave me electric boots, a mohair suit
A free subscription to a magazine
Ah ha, PuhPuhPuh Petey and the Mets

Say, Davey and Manny, have you seen them yet
But they're so spaced out, PuhPuhPuhPuhPuh Petey and the Mets
Oh Nelson's weird and he's wonderful
Oh Omar he is really keen
Gave me electric boots, a mohair suit
A free subscription to a magazine
Ah ha, PuhPuh Petey and the Mets

Petey, Petey and the Mets
Petey, Petey, Petey, Petey, Petey and the Mets
Petey, Petey, Petey, Petey, Petey, Petey and the Mets

Rent's Ride Gave St. Louis Blues


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Tomar Ranch)

License to Thrill: Edgar Plates Gave Boston the Edge

"The only thing I'm going to bring to the game is what Halama brings."
-- John Halama on what Halama brings


No Poke Bluffs
Welcome to Edgartown


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Nick Merrill)


Rent a Shortstop? No, Renteria.

Rent Sure to be a Smash Show

Edgartown Ferry: Shortstop Ship Comes In!

BARRANQUILLA, Colombia -- The Boston Globe is Breaking News that Edgar Renteria agreed to a four-year $40 million contract with the Red Sox today, giving Boston an All-Star shortstop. "The biggest reason was that Boston is a traditional team," Renteria said from his home in Colombia. "They won the Series this year and I like to play on a winning team like Boston, St. Louis or any team that has the opportunity to win." Renteria, who played for St. Louis last season, is a 4-time All-Star, 2-time Gold Glove winner. He has a career average of .289. St. Louis lost to Boston in four games in the World Series, and Renteria made the last out, grounding out to Keith Foulke. "I played with them for six years but finally we didn't come t an accord." A nine-year veteran, Renteria was one of the prime free agents on the market. His decision came down to Boston and St. Louis. "It (Boston's offer) was more generous.They were more interested in my playing for them." The Red Sox offer also includes an option for a fifth year.

Meanwhile, Sox Getting Closer with Pitching Replacements
A.J. Burnett is Front and Center Insider Report (Based on The Birdhouse Report, who is Offering a $100 Money-Back Wrong Info Raffle):
Renteria Returning to St. Louis Today

ESPN Insider: "Dec. 15 - According to a source close to the situation, shortstop Edgar Renteria will be returning to the Cardinals in 2005 Ė and the deciding issue was not money. Even though the Red Sox offer (about $36 million over four years) trumped St. Louis's reported final offer ($32 million over four years), Renteria chose familiarity and comfort with his surroundings Ė teammates, coaches, medical staff Ė over a few million dollars. His agents are currently in the process of informing other interested teams of Renteria's decision that he will not entertain their offers, but instead will be re-signing with St. Louis."

"No doubt about it, book it, a sure thing."

Report from "From a source very familiar with the discussions between the Renteria camp and the Cardinals, I was told today that Edgar will be returning to the Cardinals in 2005. No doubt about it, book it, a sure thing. As I had suspected all along, the deciding issue was not money. Even though the Red Sox ďofferĒ last weekend proved to be false, or at best inflated and premature, there was no doubt that Detroit and perhaps other teams were prepared to pay more than the Cardinals. For Edgar, the most important issue always was comfort with his surroundings Ė his teammates, coaches, medical staff and the like. He turned the negotiations over to his agents, but all along, in his heart, he knew he would remain a Cardinal. Renteriaís final decision bears that out. His agents are currently in the process of informing other interested teams of Edgarís decision that he will not entertain their offers, but instead will be re-signing with St. Louis. Edgar will continue to have for many years an income the size of which he could never have dreamed as a child growing up in Barranquilla, Colombia. The Cardinals will have the continued services of a cornerstone player that Manager Tony La Russa calls ďThe CaptainĒ of his squad at an amount that they can live with. Walt Jocketty and La Russa remain the ďgoodĒ cops, while Chairman Bill DeWitt can be the ďbadĒ cop who ultimately closed the pocketbook. But, there are really no losers here. Sometimes, stories can end happily. Now, letís get on with the rest of the off-season!" -- Brian Walton, The Birdhouse

Dec 14, 2004:


Martinez Never Cared About the Boston Red Sox. He Used the Team in a Highly Unethical Fashion to Get the Most Money. The Sox Were Crazy to Offer Him Three Years. Period.

"There are a lot of people who love me in Boston and I know that right now they must be crying. I tried. I offered my heart, my soul, to stay in Boston. Things could not work out the way we wanted them to. But in reality it's no one's fault. God simply wanted this to be my destiny right now."
-- Another Amazin' Speech from Pedro


(AP Photo)

FYI: Martinez Forced to Have MRI

Martinez Confirms Mets Deal
While Minaya Acts Like He's Never Heard of the Guy

New Gammons on Pedro, Cuza, Minaya, and the MRI

"There's gonna be some stink here..." -- Gammons on Pedro MRI

More PG on 'EEI's Big Show: "I was told by someone from the Mets, that I really trust, that he will have an MRI. But this doctor, the new doctor that's come in in the last couple of years, is very tough. And there's gonna be some stink here because when Jaret Wright went for his, if a doctor sees anything he's not sure about, he's goes "I'm not taking responsibility for this." So then they have to ship them to Dr. Andrews or somebody else... my guess is there's gonna be a little question on this. Didn't Pedro get upset this spring when they asked him to take an MRI? (Sean McAdam: Yep). I don't know. Pedro is a very good pitcher, but before getting hysterical over losing Derek Lowe and Pedro Martinez, we're still looking at 200 innings and a 4.60 ERA between the two of them.

Pedro is very good, but I believe the word is, one of the Red Sox front office guys said, if they had the three-year $40.5 million contract with the 252 perks, said to me "this contract is going to cause us more anxiety than anything, there's no way to get a penny of insurance... if you look at Pedro's baserunners per nine innings, hits per nine innings, strikeout to walk ratios, they've all gone south dramatically in the last five years, strikeouts per nine innings pitched too. Those are indicators that the stuff is not there. He had a 5.00 ERA when he pitched in a normal rotation on four days rest. Tom Verducci admired what Pedro did in the post-season, pointing out that his three good starts were on 7-8-and-7 days rest. And then when he pitched on four days rest, he didn't pitch well.

I really worry for Omar Minaya that this could be a terrible deal. And I'll tell you why I object to Fern Cuza. I think the right thing is to do the best thing for your client. And the best thing for your client whose already made $92 million and is guaranteed $133 million dollars. He's allowed to do basically what he wants to do. People leave him alone. Nobody made a big stink about his not oing to the sixth game of the Yankees series, which I still think is perposterous. But in New York, well over half the media view him as a complete and utter mercenary who grovels to get one extra dollar. Pedro does not take kindly to any criticism. He's going to get killed in New York. And with the franchise run by a PR guy from New York named Stu Sucherman, cause he has the final say on every decision made because he's Fred Wilpon's PR hack, I just think he's in for big trouble. I think he could be miserable, or it's obvious there's a chance he's gonna break down. This has all the earmarks of a disaster and an ugly way for his career to end." -- Peter Gammons

"Pedro gets through the MRI with a wink and a nod from the Mets. His shoulder is the big open secret in baseball, the Mets had to know this, but Omar Minaya just wants to make a big splash." -- 12.14 Buster Olney, ESPNews

Contract Described as Mo Vaughnesque


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Joel F. Gibson)

Make Room for Boomer


(Jonathan Wiggs / Boston Globe Staff Photo)

Wells Passes Physical with Red Sox

In Theo We Bust?


Nation Gets Nervous as Pressure to Bring in Hudson or A.J. Burnett Mounts

"There's a lot of names out there that I'm pretty excited about, Tim Hudson, A.J. Burnett. A.J. Burnett I think has probably the best arm in the big leagues. Absolutely. This guy is incredible. Obviously big key is health. To me he had a much higher ceiling than Josh Beckett. I know don't where he's at medically. Tim Hudson obviously. A guy who's making I think under $7 million this year. And he's a winner... I'm counting on Theo to make sure this five man rotation and 25 man roster will have the ability to defend a world title."-- Curt Schilling on D&C

Schilling Won't Be Ready Until May, the Earliest

Opening Day Goes Away. Ace Recovery Taking Longer Than Expected.
Cannot Rotate Ankle for 4-5 Weeks. Month Behind Puts Him into May.

12.14.04: Listen Here: Curt Schilling on WEEI with Dennis & Callahan

Gerry Callahan: Will you be ready to report on-time and be ready for spring training?

Curt Schilling: Things are going well, but no I donít think so. Iím gonna be late, I think, starting the season. I just moved into a boot this past weekend and I was told in the last 10 days, unbeknownst to me up to this point, that I will not be allowed to rotate my ankle in and out for another 4-5 weeks. Iím not really sure what the date is, I think todayís right around the 15th, but thatís the day I start throwing, which I cannot do. So Iím looking at least another month, before I start throwing, which puts me a month behind.

GC: You said season, you mean opening day season?

CS: Yeah, I think so. I donít think so (be ready to start opening day). Lots can change once it comes out of a cast and I get going and I know Iíve been a quick healer, but as of right now the timetable looks something later than opening day.

Pedro Rules!

"The fans let it go, and, there's definitely different standards, which I was surprised to see given the passion here. That players are cut a lot of different slack in a lot of different scenarios and situations..." -- Curt Schilling

GC: Is inaccurate to say he was spoiled?

CS: In what sense Gerry? We're all spoiled

GC: Yeah that's true. Was there a different set of rules?

CS: Petey had his own set of rules. No question.

GC: Did you? CS: In what regard? GC: I guess what we are referring to with Pedro are the things that we know about, were leaving early (JD: arrivals and departures), showing up late, (CS: yeah), missing a day or two around the All Star break (CS: yeah, yeah sure)

CS: Those were his own rules. They had been established and in place before I got here. Before Terry got here. He was allowed to do those kind of things and that was something that... yeah, that is different than other players. But, what are you going to do? There was a precedent established before we got here, and it was OK with everybody and hey, the media didn't have a problem with it. So I guess as players it was not up to us to have a problem with it. The fans let it go, and, there's definitely different standards, which I was surprised to see given the passion here. That players are cut a lot of different slack in a lot of different scenarios and situations, but I also again wasn't here for the seven years prior, I didn't get a chance to see up close the things he had done for this city and this team as a performer.

Martinez Won't Take Mets MRI


The Stark Truth About Pedro, Cuza

Is the old tear in labrum putting new fear in Pete? Or the frayed rotator cuff?

Jayson Stark on Perks, Planes, Privileges, Pedro being "hurt and angry," Cuza using Sox deal, and more: "They know -- everybody knows -- Martinez has a tear in his labrum that's practically as wide as the San Andreas Fault. One informed estimate put that tear as 90 percent full."

Dec 13, 2004:

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What it Means to Pete


Cuza Told Larry They Had a Deal

"His representatives led us to believe it (the Red Sox final offer to Pedro) was acceptable.
It was not." -- Larry Lucchino in phone conversation with CBS4's Bob Lobel

Dan Rather Posts Memo on SoSH with Late Details on Pedrogate (Email Hoax Travels Around the Net)
"John Henry wanted Pedro out" early, wants "all new players," micromanagement accusations

2005 Rotation: Sox Senior Tour

Steve Phillips (wink :-) Reports Sox Close to Signing
Jesse Orosco to Replace Pedro, Round Out Rotation
Jack Morris on Radar as Schilling Insurance

Now it Can Be Told: Pedro Could Have Started Game 5 in Cleveland in '99
Threw Saberhagen, Lowe to Wolves as Sox Pair Gave Up Eight Runs Early. O'Leary Saved Day.

Diva Defection


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo)

Martinez Agrees to Terms on 4-Year, $50M Contract with Metropolitans

Eight Years to the Day that Roger Clemens Bolted for Toronto,
Pedro Double-Crosses Sox and Heads South to New York

Theo: "We put our best foot forward and made an offer that makes sense to the club ($40.5 million, three-year deal that contained a club option for 2008). We think it's a fair and generous offer."

Lucchino: "He will be missed, and we are disappointed to have lost him to the Mets and the National League."

Three Major League Sources Now Confirm Deal,
Sox Now Close with Renteria

Schilling to Nation: Trust in Theo

"Things change... this is a different market to play in. There were members of the press that he had a dislike for... I want Petey here... Trust that Theo a firm backup plan in place... If someone offered me a little bit more money and I'm somewhere I want to be, I'm going to stay where I can enjoy myself." -- Curt Schilling on Pedro to 7 News

"The Sox still haven't been informed Pedro is taking the Mets' offer, but they're proceeding as if he's gone. They're currently negotiating with Barry Meister, who has taken over doing Edgar Renteria's deal. And there were indications they could reach agreement with Renteria soon." -- Jason Stark, Insider

"I'm keenly disappointed he didn't take the last deal we offered him." -- Larry Lucchino to Buster Olny, ESPN The Magazine

Prima Goner Was All About the Money

Pedro Metinez Leaves Sox, Fenway for Shea

Four More Years: Minaya, Metropolitans Pay a Queens Ransom to Fragile Free-Agent Starter Pedro Marteamez

WEEI: Herald's Tony Mazz Says Mets and Martinez Agree to $56M Deal

CBS4's Dan Roche on WBZ-1030: "It appears he is set to leave the Red Sox... this move has caught everyone by surprise."

ESPN's Crasnick Says Sox Going After Clement

Dec. 13 -- "Now that Pedro Martinez is moving closer to leaving Boston for the Mets and Carl Pavano is about to sign with the Yankees, the Red Sox have jumped back hard into the Clement sweepstakes, reports Insider's Jerry Crasnick. The level of interest in Clement could lift him out of the three-year, $21 million to $22.5 million realm inhabited by Jaret Wright, Jon Lieber and Kris Benson and bring him a three-year deal in the range of $8 million to $9 million annually."

Gammons Confirms Mets Offered 4-Year Deal, Pedro May Be Leaning NY Way

Dec. 13 -- ESPN radio per Peter Gammons reports that Pedro Martinez appears to be leaning towards the New York Mets as they have offered Martinez a 4 year guarantee in their most recent contract proposal.'s Jayson Stark also heard the Mets have guaranteed a fourth year on a contract offer to Pedro and there are indications Martinez is leaning toward accepting the deal. Martinez was close to deciding between the Red Sox and Mets, but the fourth year might make the decision for him.

Martinez, who previously has said his first choice is to remain with the Sox, wanted some last-minute additions before agreeing to a three-year deal worth at least $38.5 million plus $2 million in incentives to return to Boston. The Mets initially offered three years at $37.5 million plus a $12.5 million option for 2008.

It's Pay Day

Sox Within $350.60 of Signing Payro
Deal Could Be Struck Today, Or...


Martinez Holds Out for Every Last Dime.
MLB Source Calls Cuza/Martinez Weekend Behavior "Shameful."

(Payback's a bitch. And so is Pedro.)

Sox Trying to Move Manny Again?
(But he's only got like three toes in New York this time.)


(AP Photo)

Big Red Dog Redux? Don't Met on It.


(AP Photo)

NY Daily News: "Mets turn down Red Sox offer of Manny for Floyd"
Delgado, Renteria, Piazza Names All Come Up

Catcher in the Nigh: Tek Signing Delayed; Giants Sign Matheny

Gammo a Go-Go...
to the Hall of Fame


(Globe Staff Photo)

Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Tour Now Rated PG as
the Kid's in the Hall
Bravo: Gammons to Go in with Globe Cap, Not ESPN

"...I work on a national stage, yet my heart is always in New England, and I like to think that I represent New England, which is why being only the second person from the area -- Harold Kaese was the other -- to be elected to the Hall means so much." -- PG to BDD

Dec 11, 2004:

Winter Meeting Minutes

Sox Go Back to the OC; Will Theo Take Cab?

Dan Roche: Sox Talking to Orlando Agent in Anaheim
ESPN's Tim Bonds*-Kurkjian: Cards Now Have Upper Hand for ER
Edes/Hohler: Mets Suggest Manny/Piazza Blockbuster
Sox Backup Plan: Kaz Matsui for Mink
Theo Refutes ESPN Report on Renteria.
Sox Still Shopping for Shortstops, Might Address Through Trade
Cardinals, Tigers Still in Edgar Hunt, Sox Offered $38M/4Y
Gammons: Sox Couldn't Afford Pedro and Pavano,
May Not Be Able to Afford Pedro and Renteria Either
Wells' Signing Put Sox Between the Sheets in 2006
Dan Roche: Theo Meets with D-Lowe; And Bora$ on 'Tek
Sox Add Perks to Pedro Deal, Cuza Back Up to Theo's Room at 11:00pm
Tim Hudson in Play; Roberts/BK, Payton/Vazquez (Infielder) Deals Still Alive

Henry on Hanley. Is He the Starter?

12.11.04: "Henry asked me where I saw myself playing next year, and I told him in Pawtucket. But he told me to go to spring training with the idea that I would be able to be the regular shortstop at Fenway. I smiled nervously and was moved by those words." -- Red Sox SS Hanley Ramires to ESPN Deportes

Christmas at Fenway, Bah! Humbug!

Scalpers, Some Fans Score Big Ticket
Majority of Unofficial and Offline Nation Gets Scrod
Expect Sox to Blame State, Season Ticket Holders, But Not Selves
Lucchino Continues to Disappoint His Biggest Lapdog :-(
Sox Fail to Put Security on the Street Again
Bitter Yawkey Way Waiter Describes Chaos

Scalpers Intimidate and Muscle In On Ice-Rain Campers
Crooks Cut Lines with No Problem, No Red Sox Repercussions
Some Fans Camp for 3 Days, While Online Savvy Crowd Got All Tix/Pax in 3 Seconds Flat
"Magic Links" Take a Carpet Ride All Over the Internet, Sold on Craigslist
While Virtual Waiting Room is Dead Fan Walking, Other Idiots in Phone Purgatory
Tickets on sale for up to 8 Times Face on eBay in Seconds
Same Old Song and Dance for Cardless, Computerless Members of Nation Investigates and Breaks it All Down for the Fans

No Poke Bluffs
Welcome to Edgartown

Sox on Verge of Signing Renteria
(Theo met with Edgar agents Meister and Lane at 5:30 PST)


(AP Photo)


Rent a Shortstop? No Renteria.

Renteria Would Replace OC, 4 Years, $40M

Carl Pavanoverrated Signs with Yanks
NY overpays for .500 pitcher with 4 year deal
Did Carl's mother or girlfriend make the NY decision?
Brian Rose is next on Yankees radar screen

Gammons: Sox sign lefty John Halama
(WEEI news reader Pete Sheppard chokes on his cannoli)

Modern Day Mythology

Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be Ė Kurt Vonnegut

Most of us, Red Sox Nation, card-carrying or not, have spent our lives either envying or despising our American League rivals, the New York Yankees. So many years they either outhit, out pitched, or out-defended the locals. In our youth Mantle, Maris, and Ford played our antagonists. As we grew, they morphed into Reggie Jackson, Gregg Nettles, and Goose Gossage, and later the likes of Paul OíNeill, Ramiro Mendoza, and Bernie Williams became the villains. 

Free agency became a contradiction, as salaries and ticket prices escalated. Franchise prices became astronomical. While owners decried outrageous payrolls, they continued to play the fool, bidding up not just the stars, but the price of mediocrity.

Amidst the folly, pockets of sanity existed. The Twins won a few championships living within a budget, and the Marlins and Angels both overcame Yankeebucks to capture the World Series.

Meanwhile, our Red Sox emulated what we detested. New ownership came with the determination and the capital to compete. They understood the need to increase revenue and have developed NESN into a regional cash cow. Professionally, the organization brought not only the dollars but the dynamic, quantitative analysis through the eyes of GM Theo Epstein and Senior Baseball Advisor Bill James to identify the missing ingredients for championship recipe.

The Sox had never been cursed by the sale of Babe Ruth or the trade of Sparky Lyle but by the failure to develop and maintain pitching excellence. While other teams sought or cultivated power arms, the Sox relied primarily on pitching craft, with guys like Bill Lee, Rick Wise, and Reggie Cleveland. Strategy and pitch selection can take you so far in baseball. As Al Capone said in ĎThe Untouchablesí, ďyou can get more with a kind word and a gun than you can with just a kind word.Ē The same applies to baseball, which is why they call it Ďhardballí.

The Cardinals tried to get by with Woody Williams and Jeff Suppan. Tony LaRussaís genius evaporated the way it always had since losing baseballís real genius, talent.

Theo Epstein recognized the twin objects of the game are not only run creation, but also run prevention. Opening up the franchise checkbook, Epstein fought the armís race for solutions to both the front end of the rotation (Schilling) and the back end of the game (Foulke). With the imminent departure of Derek Lowe, he found a possible solution in David Wells, while patiently awaiting the development of prospects Alvarez, Papelbon, and Lester.

The gap between baseballís haves and have-nots (small markets) widens continually. Kansas City and Milwaukee have become the Ethiopia and Somalia of baseball.

Win at any price remains our mandate. We have tasted the fruits of victory, and we are not satiated. Celebrate the first baseball championship of Red Sox Nation and spend megabucks to resign our and otherís baseball mercenaries. A simple truth emerges. For most of baseball, we too have become what we pretended not to be -- the Yankees.

-- Ron Sen, Boston Dirt Dogs

Dec 10, 2004:

Welcome to Boomtown
Sox Ink Wells


(AP Photo)

Late Boomer

Boston Globe Exclusive:
Sox Lower the Boom on the Right Lefty with Two Year Deal

Jayson Stark: "Steinbrenner just about exploded (when he heard.)"

Not Exactly an Idiotic Signing

An Even Bigger Tab

Newbury Street and Faneuil Hall establishments, devastated by the loss of
D-Lowe, are estatic about Boomer's arrival.

In other news: Bottle of red, bottle of white, Dr. Morgan lost his job last night

Kap Guns are Real

"There was a guy I played with in the minors. He told me that in college his best shots would never quite make it out of the park. Then he turned to the steroids and he said that within a month and a half, he was hitting balls 20-30 feet over the fence. When your strength is that far superior to other guys, you have a greater margin of error if you don't hit the sweet spot... I understand the human body pretty well. I know the human body doesn't do things that some of the human bodies we've seen are doing. Your bones don't grow. Muscles can grow, but when you see somebody whose facial features have grown, it opens some eyes."
 -- Kap says all the right things again about steroids, which have been illegal in this country since 1990, for all citizens.

Dec 9, 2004:

Mahow About That!


(Reuters Photo)

Social Security

Martinez Set to Re-Sign with Sox

CBS4 's Dan Roche reports that the Martinez "social visit" went so well that Pedro and the Red Sox are now finalizing a three-year contract worth $40 million. Only small details remain. Deal expected to be official in 24-48 hours.
Theo: "We're still talking."

Flight 263 From Newark is On-Time


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Kyle P.)

Pedro Awaits the Arrival of the Newark Bears to
Negotiate a Three-Year Guaranteed Deal.

Spend over $1,000 to Meet Slappy and RoidBoy in NYC this Saturday
They really need the money. Won't you help?

Yawn: Mr. Irrelevant wanted to play for second for the Yankees

More of the Sveum: Papi to skip Dominican winter league to rest injured shoulder

No Thanks, I'm Already a Member

This ruse on the Nation has also hit the newspapers. Naturally they don't mention they are "thanking you" by making you pay $10 a year for the privilege of being "counted."


(MLB ad in today's Boston Herald)

Make a False Impression


( Photo)

The Red Sox are now selling World Series rings to player wannabees. You will no longer be able to tell players from fans and the value of players' WS rings just dropped 90%. If you are a man who wears rings, and still wear your high school keepsake, this latest effort to drive MLB revenue is for you.

Update: Yankee Fans Are Joining Red Sox Nation "By the Thousands"

Boston Dirt Dogs Exclusive: Apparently there has been such an exodus from Yankee Country after the 2004 ALCS, that MLB has now set up a special online form for Yankee fans who would like to convert and become "official" members of RSN as well. If you are a Yankee fan and would like to convert immediately, please register for your official card, ID number, and forehead tattoo here.

My Grandfather Just Turned Over in His Grave


Shame on the Boston Red Sox
You're Not My Daddy!

"I am a Red Sox fan. I will not be numbered
like a slave to Selig."
-- Doug, The Soxaholix

"Red Sox fans who are basking in the glory of the World Series championship now have the chance to be Founding Members (of Red Sox Nation) by registering for official Red Sox Nation membership (for $9.95... per year)."

How dare MLB grab onto the nickname for Red Sox fans coined a long, long time ago (by Dan Shaughnessy) and charge you $10 a year for the privilege. This is a cheap San Diego Padres marketing stunt with a Red Sox logo slapped on it. Major League Baseball does not own Red Sox Nation. It's not theirs to sell. Period. Call it an MLB discount card (like the free loyalty marketing card you have for CVS or Stop & Shop) and sell it if you need to, but leave Red Sox Nation out of it.

If you are reading this now, if you ever went to a Red Sox game with your dad, bought a Sox t-shirt, subscribe to NESN, listened to a game on the radio with your grandfather, etc., you are already a proud, "official" member of "Red Sox Nation."

But MLB tells you: "Years from now, you still might be telling future generations of Red Sox diehards how you saw the team win the last eight games of the 2004 Major League Baseball season and then became one of the first to make it official with Nation membership... the front of the card features your own RSN citizenship ID number." I cannot wait to tell my father, who was bringing neighborhood kids to Fenway since 1972, who doesn't have a computer, that he has never been an official member of Red Sox Nation because he hasn't coughed up $10 to get his "ID number."

Remember how we got this godawful idea to sell the name of the proud fanbase put on hold a month ago? You thought they might scrap it due to the embarrassment? How they told you it was to determine the (cough) "size of the fan base outside New England?" "The citizenship cards are a way of gauging how many fans there are beyond the Sox hotbed of New England, team spokesman Charles Steinberg said." Well now they've come back a month later after many brainstorming sessions, and the result is they jacked the price of membership from $5 to $10 a year, and threw in a few more perks of membership. And once all the sales are tallied, that will be the official count of Red Sox Nation. If you don't buy a card and get your ID number, well, I guess you are a phony fan on the outside looking in, no matter how long your family has given their heart, soul, and wallet to this team.


Dec 8, 2004:

Baba Wawha?
Karl Rove Curt Schilling
KR_12.8.jpg CS_MFP.jpg

Helped get the President elected in Ohio.

Helped get the President elected in Ohio.
Raised millions for ALS Research.
Karma Suture -- had tendon moved in radical medical procedure, pitched with stitch, blood and guts, touched by God, miracle on the mound.
Led World's Most Popular Sports Franchise to first World Championship in 86 Years.
(Fascinating choice ABC. You get an F.)

Sox Go to the Matt


(AFP Photo)

Hurt, So Good

OFFICIAL Mantei Passes Physical:
Oft-Injured FA Closer Deal Done

"[He's a] fantastic teammate, hard worker, good guy. He will definitely shorten the game from a bullpen standpoint, which is huge. [If] he feels good, this could be every bit as lethal a bullpen as anyone else's with Mantei, [Mike] Timlin, [Alan] Embree for seven and eight, and Foulke for nine. It puts a huge amount of pressure on opposing teams to be ahead by the seventh. Now you put a rotation that can pitch innings in front of that pen and it gets better." -- 12.8.04 Curt Schilling on new Sox pitcher Matt Mantei

Nothing to Fehr


(AP Photo)

"The public and the fans are always among the players' highest concerns."
You can tell Donald Fehr is lying again because his lips are moving.

Guilt by Association

It's NOT a "union." Shaughnessy peels back the onion.

Dec 7, 2004:

The Most Fascinating Person of 2004


Tune in Wednesday night at 9:00pm on ABC

In the meantime, we've got this most fascinating piece from Baseball Prospectus' Will Carroll

I was fortunate enough to cover the playoffs from a Red Sox perspective on Will Carroll's Baseball Prospectus radio show this past fall. Will was asked to write a 'season in review' piece on Schilling for an upcoming book on the Sox that he and the rest of the BP crew are currently working on. This is something that Sox fans will really enjoy. The following is an exclusive excerpt on Curt Schilling, who called it a "very, very well done piece."

Curt Schilling: Rockiní One Leg

The base of most championship teams is often their starting pitching. The Boston Red Sox are no different in this. Peter Gammons said, ďThe curse was broken by pitching.Ē Basing a team on a pitcher with an unstable base? Now thatís a bit more rare. Years from now, when the legend of the 2004 Red Sox is told, Curt Schillingís ankle will be the centerpiece. Limping out to the mound and mowing down the powerful Yankees in Game Six of the ALCS, stitched together like some fastball Frankenstein, Schilling has gone from mere man to baseball myth.


(Boston Globe Photo / Barry Chin)

The myth is often more interesting than the truth, but in rare cases, the truth is better than the layers of fiction laid on later. From the glow of a computer screen on Thanksgiving weekend to the afterglow of a World Series win, Curt Schillingís 2004 season is the type of story that Ring Lardner wrote best...


Why Not Us?


Boston Dirt Dogs Exclusive Excerpt of Leigh Montville's New Book

Chapter 10: My Story

            I was called by the public relations department of Sports Illustrated in April 2004 to appear on a panel to discuss sports in Boston. SI was celebrating its 50th anniversary and part of the celebration was a traveling tent show of mementoes, blown-up pictures of SI covers and interactive games. The show was going to all 50 states in 50 weeks, each visit coinciding with lists of Best Athletes and Greatest Moments and articles about the particular state that would appear in the magazine that week...


Breaking News: The Red Sox are offering arbitration to the usual suspects.

Thanks Beautiful!
Cubs agree to one-year deal, $8M deal with Garciaparra
How did rejecting that awful $60M Sox offer work out for you Nomie?

Exclusive: First Evidence that Giambi Used "The Cream"


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Bill Chapman)

California Creaming
The Mamas and the Papis

When Jasonís ďfour poundsĒ down (Heís just ďfour poundsĒ down?)
What did people say? (Needles all the way)
Now he would like to walk (Cheater still wonít talk)
And make it go away (now how much does he weigh?)

Steroids were the norm (Flaxseed oil the norm)
Itís the Giambi way (Reform is on the way)
California creamin' (California creamin')
But Georgieís gotta pay

Lawyers try to search
But they wonít find a way
A buyout would you please? (He'd get down on his knees)
Then he could go away (But this ain't going away)
You know the New York fans are cold (Watch it all unfold)
They know he cannot stay (yes he must go today)
California creamin' (California creamin')
And Georgieís gotta pay

Giambiís such a clown (ďIím just four pounds downĒ)
The home runs went away (But Game 7ís been played)
Now he would like to walk (Donald Fehr will balk)
Just make it go away (back to San Francisco Bay)

If the jury didnít tell us (Thrown him under the bus)
ĒA diet all the wayĒ (Thatís still what heíd say)
California creamin' (California creamin')
Steinbrennerís gotta pay
California creamin' (California creamin')
The Boss has got to pay
California creamin' (California creamin')
Yes Georgieís gotta pay

BDD Rumor Mill: Sox set to sign Danny Bautista as 4th Outfielder?
2B/SS Iguchi was at Fenway for Game 1 of WS, may return in December

Sox Brass to Go Kiss Ass in DR


Henry, Lucchino to Make Martinez "Social Visit"

D-Lowe stiffs Sox at Ft. Myers rally; Bora$ thinks somebody gotta pay $48M for 4 years of D-Wreck (The Lowe Down -- 2004: 14-12, 5.42 ERA, while receiving an average of 7.29 run support per nine innings, second in the majors. Lowe ended the season winless in his last five starts, allowing 18 earned runs in 17 1/3 innings.)

There is No Santa Claus


(Ft. Myers News-Press Photo)

Wally exposes himself at World Series rally in Florida.
And he turns out to be Sipowicz!

Dec 6, 2004:

MLB Has Great Holiday Gifts for the Yankee Fan on Your List


( Photo)

New York Yankees 2004 American League Champions Authentic Collection Sweatshirt

"Celebrate the fantastic season for the New York Yankees with this 2004 American League Champions Authentic Collection Sweatshirt from Lee Sport, the same one the Yankees wore in the locker room after clinching the game!" Just $39.99 when you order through the official online holiday shop of major league baseball

Show your Red Sox Nation membership card and get an extra 10% off!

T_Iguchi.jpg Iguchi, guchi-goo: Sox tickled at the prospect of turning Japanese at second base or shortstop.

Selig Has Surgery for Skin Cancer

Get well soon Bud.

Roidgate: Senator McCain is Taking No Prisoners This Time Around

Gammons: Per MSNBC, Kevin Brown is the third Yankee involved in the flaxseed oil scandal

SOX PAX TICKET DETAILS: Pirate Pack, Spirit of '75 Pack, Red Legs Pack, and more...

Fehr and Loathing


The scumbags are back for more talk and no action. Just like last year. And don't hold your breath waiting for the players to tell them who they really work for either.

Curse of the Bondsino

What to do now? For starters, Barry Bonds* needs to retire to protect the records of Aaron and Ruth. Then MLB needs to adopt the minor league steroid testing program pronto. Then add the asterisks to Mr. Flaxseed Oil*, Giambi*, Sosa*, and the rest of those who cheated history.

Hank Aaron, the Real Home Run King, Rips Bonds* for Cheating, Steroid Abuse

ĎTake One for the Team?í

12.6.04: Scandal isnít new to baseball, with the history of the Black Sox, the spitter and the Vaseline ball. Catchers and pitchers deface the baseball with belt buckles, mud, nail files, and sandpaper. Baseball gave us Pete Rose, corked bats, and high tech spying. But baseball has a unique language Ďauthorizingí subterfuge.

Maybe if the ball and the players arenít juiced, then teams will take more interest in stealing. As Martha Stewart might say about stealing, ďthat is a very good thing.Ē Infielders are certainly aware of holding runners close to the bag, as they cheat over to take that extra step away.

Pitchers know they must protect not only the strike zone, but their science and discipline. One of the key elements to pitching is deception and pitchers regularly attempt to fool batters, keeping them off balance with the curveball. We all want our pitchers to pick off enemy runners. Some pitchers who pitch inside become known as headhunters.

A fielder makes a great play by robbing a batter of a hit. Fielders limit baserunning justice through obstruction. A strong-armed fielder guns down a runner. Sometimes to complete a closely contested double play, middle infielders give up their body with a runner bearing down on them, trying to take them out. Of course, a well-executed double play, also known as a twin-killing, ends or kills a rally. An exceptional rarity occurs with the hidden ball trick.

Hitters seem to be getting the short end of the stick with all this talk about performance-enhancing drugs. The most fundamental offensive play in baseball is a hit. The Yankees 1927 lineup bore the moniker ĎMurdererís Rowí. Pundits dubbed Twins slugger Harmon Killebrew ĎKillerí. Juan Marichal gave new meaning to batter John Roseboro in 1965. In baseball terms, hitters regularly lay down a sacrifice, hit behind the runner to give themselves up, or rarely employ Ďthe suicideí. And we want to criticize the MLB playersí union, nearly two-thirds of them batsmen for that altruism?

Even the grounds crew gets involved with game play. Teams doctor the baselines to keep bunts fair or foul, water down the base paths to slow down the opposition, or tailor the grass to accelerate or decelerate ground balls through the infield. Some even accused the Minnesota Twins of trying to affect fly balls by manipulating the air conditioning. Who can imagine such homer hanky-panky?

Sabermetricians talk about pitcher abuse. Writers talk about managers abusing the bullpen and we know the best coaches steal signs.í The Atlanta Braves fans do the ĎTomahawk Chopí. Amateur baseball has the Ďslaughter ruleí.

Sometimes an expression gathers new meaning through usage or experience. The recent revelations (who could have guessed) surely give new meaning to Ďtake one for the teamí.
-- Ron Sen, Boston Dirt Dogs

Dec 4, 2004:

Schilling on Giambi and the Steroid Scandal

"I'd like to see all those guys that are making this same mistake caught,
and come clean. The ones we all know have done it but are awaiting
the last piece of the puzzle, public admittance."


12.4.04 -- Boston Dirt Dogs Exclusive: Many of you wrote in about the comments Curt Schilling made before last night's SI Sportsman of the Year party regarding the Jason Giambi steroid situation. On several Boston television news outlets, Curt called Giambi a "stand-up guy" for coming forward about his steroid use and said he was "proud of him" and hoped he would now be able to turn his life around. As you know, Giambi lied to the world and his confession was only exposed via his federal grand jury testimony, which was given two months prior to his public denials.

"I was traveling all day yesterday," Schilling said. "I had no idea what had 'come out.' I was told he came clean yesterday by the media member asking me the question.

"I found out this morning (Friday) that that was not the case at all. Jason is a friend of mine, and I know him well enough to know he's a good person, with a HUGE heart. He made a mistake. I pray he doesn't pay for that mistake with his life considering the repercussions of using steroids. I hope he can move forward and re-establish himself as the great player he was prior to all this.

"Hey, we all make mistakes, some bigger some smaller, but the bottom line is we all screw up. I don't think any less of him as a man or a friend now, the same way I didn't think those things about Ken (Caminiti) when he went public with his problems. Does it hurt the game? Sure it does and for that I feel horrible, but as a player and a friend I want to see Jason get healthy and get his life back first. Then I'd like to see all those guys that are making this same mistake caught, and come clean. The ones we all know have done it but are awaiting the last piece of the puzzle, public admittance.

"As a player I will side with the union on any program that supports a more stringent policy, but at the same time is done within the framework of our constitutional rights. I don't want someone knocking on my door Christmas morning asking me to pee in a cup, but I am all for something stricter, something that will assure the players we are all on a level playing field, and the fans that the game they are watching is pure on the field and off."

Cheating: Our National Pastime | A member of the Nation responds to Curt

Victor Conte said on ABC's 20/20 last night that "the baseball (steroid testing) program is a joke. More than 50% of the players are using steroids, and 80% of them are using stimulants before games." Jose Canseco said on WEEI's Big Show Thursday that his forthcoming book "Juice" (now due out in April) "will turn the baseball world on its ass"... but "you have to read the book" to get ANY info out of the former Bash Brother.

Dec 3, 2004:



(Getty Images Photo)

Barry Blotter and the Sorcerer's Syringe



(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Neil Roberts)

Don't you know what you're doing?
You've got a death wish

Suicide Bonds, Suicide Bonds
Suicide Bonds, Suicide Bonds
Suicide Bonds is the discolored millionaire
He's a cheap distraction
In this gross affair
We knew he was finished
When his story began
Something tells me Fehr lost the fans

Babe Ruth is safe now
Suicide Bonds
No Aaron devastation
Suicide Bonds

Go meet your maker
Suicide Bonds
No salvation for
Suicide Bonds

He'll been ripped as a cheat
But will his clothes stay on?
White lights everywhere
No more home run king
Finally brought to his knees
A mad, sad moment
Bid him adieu, bid him adieu, say a prayer

Got some revelation put into our hands
Our game is in misery
Like rain across the land
Don't you see
The colour of deception
Turning our world around again

Baseball's big faker
Suicide Bonds
Permanent vacation
Suicide Bonds

No records to break here
Suicide Bonds
No ESPY admiration
Suicide Bonds
That's the story
[repeat till he fades away]


(Not really, you already knew the truth)

The brainiacs at want you to send Bonds* a note to congratulate him.

No Worries Nation, Yanks Can't Get Out of Giambi Contract Until It Ends

Dec 2, 2004:

Good Sports, Good Times


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo)

Belli, Embree, and Schill enjoy the award that "was never made for the Yankees," Sports Illustrated's "Sportsmen of the Year"

Schill's OK, but the ankle hurts a lot more than he thought it would.

Celtics News: Might be time for Paul Pierciaparra to hit the road

Jeter's Cheaters



(Boston Red Sox Photo / Julie Cordeiro)





Giambi Juice Wanted the Strength of 100 Men
"It would be such an advantage in this game."


(Boston Dirt Dogs Image / Mike Laprey)

Dec 1, 2004:

Yanks Now Playing Possum After RJ Report

ESPN News: Peter Gammons reports RJ to NY for players named below

Yankee Doodle Randy


(Boston Dirt Dogs photo)

Yankees feeling randy after Sox World Series win

According to a Boston Dirt Dogs source, Diamondbacks pitcher Randy Johnson is not coming to Boston. "You're right on Johnson. They (Arizona) don't want Arroyo." The source added that the New York Yankees will acquire RJ (should be next week) in exchange for starting pitcher Javier Vazquez, third-base prospect Eric Duncan, $4M per year, plus a "yet-to-be-determined part, either a new pitcher the Yankees acquire or, less likely, set-up man Tom Gordon."

Sox Still Dealing with the Devil


(Boston Dirt Dogs illustration / Jonathan Blazon)

But they'll have to go through hell and high water to get Tek signed

UNITed We Stand a Chance?


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Peter Stasiowski )

Sean McAdam: Sox pursuing RJ for Arroyo and Jon Lester
(But file this one under: Not Happening)

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The ďCurtís Pitch for ALSĒ program is a joint effort by Curt and Shonda Schilling and The ALS Association Mass Chapter to strike out Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, more commonly known as Lou Gehrigís Disease.

Curtís Pitch Goes Global!

Run for SHADE!

For the fourth consecutive year, SHADE Foundation of America will be represented at the Boston Marathon by a team raising funds for SHADE. SHADE is currently seeking marathon runners to join the team . For more information on running with Shonda Schilling on SHADEís team or sponsoring runners, please visit SHADE's marathon page here. The SHADE Foundation thanks Red Sox Nation for joining in their fight to save future generations from melanoma.

Get a Danny O Fenway Litho, as Seen in the Cooperstown Catalog

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