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Boston Dirt Dogs Home

Boston Globe: Sox-Yanks pitching matchups > Sox do it again > Wake Comments were doctored > Robinson's legacy set in stone >  Thumbs

Boston Herald: 'Tek good in pinch > Heckuva first game > Cora corralled > Schilling offers a far-from-Curt response > Chamberlain to miss Sox

ProJo: Varitek's 9th inning homer fuels comeback > Ailing Cora could be put on the DL > Schilling insists: I won't play for Yankees > Wrapup

Hartford Courant: Farnsworth comes up big in Yankees win > ESPN settles with Reynolds > Phillies beat Astros > Tigers rally past Twins

It's Red Sox vs. YankeeZZZzzzzz: Rivalry's Buzz Takes a Beating
38Pitches: 'Umm, no.' | Wilbur: Space Shot | Yankee Swap
Video: Big Papi Explains Reason for Hitting Woes

Oct 30, 2004:


TIME talks of Demons, not Damon


10.30_pedro.ball.jpg.png 10.30_pm_hit.jpg.png

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photos / Scott Darlington)

Was it a Yankees fan or an anti-Yankees t-shirt wearing idiot who went headhunting on the Charles yesterday?

The Boston-area whereabouts of Nomar Garciaparra at the time the incident has not been confirmed. Just throwing it out there.


Oct 28, 2004:

Curt Unable to Campaign for President This Weekend


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo)

Three Kinds of People

"Would I rather have the truth or a lie that gives hope? I’d rather have the truth."-- Louis Theroux

Once upon a time (all fairy tales begin this way) a baseball team and its fans, intimate to despair and shattered seasons, could only dream of becoming champions. Today, they and we awake to that dream fulfilled.

We feel like Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, our emotional investment multiplied beyond our wildest imagination, the archvillain Yankees only spectators to the World Series. As for the Cardinals, you can stick a fork in them, because they’re done. Sox fans hesitate to count our chickens before they’re hatched, because so often we’ve ended up only with the stock trader’s breakfast, egg on the face.


No Place Like Home


(AP Photo)

Big Man on Kenmore

Champagne Kings


(Getty Images Photo)

Sky High Club


(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Stan Grossfeld)

MVP Manny


(Getty Images Photo)

"I don't believe in curses, I think you make your own destination."-- World Series MVP Manny Ramirez

You Better Believe It!

Sox Win World Series


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Peter Stasiowski)

It's Been a While

Sweep Dreams Come True in Boston
St. Louis: Blues

If you are reading this now,
it happened in your lifetime

Total Eclipse of the Heart


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / James Mandolini)

"You know what I'm happiest for? I'm happiest for Bill Buckner, Calvin Schiraldi, Bob Stanley, Johnny Pesky, Ted Williams, all of the Red Sox that played before us will now be remembered for the great players and great people they were instead of all the other crap."-- Curt Schilling



(Getty Images Photo)


(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

D-Lowe Delivers When it Counts

Damon HR, Nixon RBIs Lead Sox 3-0

Now What?


Oct 27, 2004:



(Boston Globe Staff Photo / John Bohn)

Just Win Tonight's Game.

Being Curt: The Schilling Interview


(AP Photo)

In an exclusive e-mail Q&A with the Boston Dirt Dogs that included reader-submitted questions, Red Sox ace Curt Schilling talks about his ankle, his spirituality, the World Series and the media.

On whether he'll start Game 6 ...

Let's say there was going to be a Game 6 in Boston on Saturday. If the medical team says they can try to sew you up again, can you physically do it without doing permanent damage? Or do you fear you'll be ineffective for any particular reason?

Curt Schilling (CS): "I am preparing for Game 6 just like I did for Game 2. It's really a day to day thing and the medical staff is doing an incredible job, without them I don't take the ball again after game 1 versus NY, AND have to stew on them kicking my ass all winter."

'Act of God': Sunday's events

Now that a couple of days have passed, can you elaborate on the way the day went and the events that took place Sunday? Do people really understand how fortunate you were to be out on that mound? How did Shonda ever manage seeing you in so much pain during these games that you were pushing yourself for the Sox, without it hurting her heart to see you bleeding? I know she knew you were pursuing your dream, but to see you in pain had to be devastating.

CS: "Well as I stated after the game, I woke up around 7 a.m. and immediately knew something was very wrong with my foot. I'd had no real resting soreness or pain since it all started. When I woke up Sunday morning I had what I can only describe as a severe toothache in my ankle. I was walking around the house like a 90-year-old man with a bad wheel. I woke Shonda up, and I called both trainers. I wasn't going to let the day go by without some sort of contingency plan in place when I couldn't take the ball. I knew immediately that pitching was not an option, but I had no clue as to what was wrong. I assumed that the area had become infected at the very least. I got back to sleep around 10 and woke up around 1, and got ready to head to the park, again talking to the trainers prior to leaving.

I also said my first prayer of the day around then too, just asking for some sort of miracle that would allow me to move around and be able to at least take the ball. I left the house and told Shonda that I was not going to be pitching, and that she not need to be in a hurry to get to the park.

"Once I left the house, and started the drive in, which was made a bit tougher since I had to drive with both feet, I saw the customary signs around Medfield, they had been posted when we got into the postseason. But on Sunday they continued pretty much all the way into Boston. There was a fire station that had a huge sign out front wishing me luck, pretty cool stuff. But I also knew at that time, I wasn't pitching, so it was pretty disappointing too.

"Once I got to the yard I met with the training staff, and Doc Morgan and Doctor Theodore. They knew almost immediately that the extra stitch put in this time had pierced a nerve and that was what was causing the problems, so they took it out. This provided almost instant relief. I could now move around and flex my foot a bit more, and once the Marcaine began to work I started to think about the Cards lineup. At that point I knew I'd be able to take the ball. The training staff had worked another miracle.

"Now my thoughts shifted to actually pitching, and Jason and I went about prepping for the game once we got the lineup. Two things jumped out at me, I was sure Womack would lead off, and that Mabry would DH, neither happened.

"I started my pregame work at the same time I have since start one in spring training, this being Sunday meant that I would miss baseball chapel, but I asked a teammate to ask the minister to stay behind if possible so I could chat with him prior to going to the dugout. Once I was finished I met with Walt, the walk up the stairs was a long one, and a heavy one. I had a ton of things going through my mind, not the least was that Game 2 of the World Series was about an hour and 20 minutes off. I asked Walt to pray for me, not to ask the Lord to help me pitch well, or be better than Matt, but just like the New York game I just wanted the strength, His strength, to get me to the mound and allow me to compete. If I could compete I'd accept whatever the results were, just like Game 1 against New York where I had the ability to win, but in that game I got waxed by a better team, and a better pitcher."

"I had been anticipating that walk for four days, Game 2 of the World Series in Fenway, hitting the top step of the dugout in a sold out Fenway to walk to the pen, and the fans, and the noise, and it was exactly what I had hoped it would be. I watched Lieber, Mussina and the others do it in New York, and it was thunderous, awesome, and until you've done it, experienced it, it's something that cannot be described."


World Serious


(Getty Images Photo)

Martinez Lays Down Cardinal Law

Pedr000-000-0 Jails Birds, Sox win 4-1, Set for Sweep

Manny, Mueller Take Care of Business on Offense

The Boston Red Sox are 27 Outs Away from Bringing a World Series Championship Back to Boston


Oct 25, 2004:

First Things First


(BDD Photo courtesy of Jake Scaltreto)

The Best Defense is a Good Offense.

Show Me the Money Pedro


(Globe Staff Photo / John Bohn)

Burning Down The House.jpg

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Patrick from Worcester)

"This is basically a football team with a baseball uniform on," Leskanic added. "These guys really aren't afraid to fail. If you get us this inning, we're going to get you next inning. If you get us this game, we're going to get you next game. We're just a relentless bunch of guys. We're going to keep coming after you.

"It's just an awesome mentality," Leskanic added.

Sure is, the same kind of dirt dog mentality that once made the Yankees champions."
-- Yankees inspired Sox run, Kevin Kernan, NY Post

Welcome to Curt's
House of Pain


(Getty Images Photo)

Ace Walks the Walk

Schill's Pain is Sox Gain

Schill Will Get His World Series, Bonus.
The Lord Helps Him Gain Game 2 Win

Varitek, Bellhorn, Cabrera Two Out, Two Run Hits Take Game 2, 6-2

St. Louis Looks to be a House of Cards


(Getty Images Photo)

Strength and Honor


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Zack Schweitzer)

What We Do in Life Echoes in Eternity


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Paul Coffin)

Oct 24, 2004:



(Globe Photo / Stan Grossfeld)


Manny does the World Series Shuffle for Cards,
but 'Tiz, 'Horn Make Some Noise
Sloppy Sox Take Game 1 11-9

Saved by the Bellhorn
the New Series


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Mike D'Onfro)

Mark Three Times the Charm

Ben There, Jen Phat


( Photo / Steve Silva)

Ben shows Jen how to throw the knuckleball.

Boston Police Commissioner Kathleen M. O'Toole Must Be
Held Accountable for Celebration Fiasco, Victoria's Death

BPD Crowd Control Strategy Disorganized, Reactionary, Complete Failure
Lansdowne Street Death Could Have Been Avoided with
Simple Plan to Keep Kids Off Wall
Overreaction Escalated Situation

Different Official to Head Weekend Crowd Control

"A tactical response unit officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that only a handful of officers in the unit have received training with the weapons."
-- Boston Globe, Oct. 23, 2004


Oct 23, 2004:

"I remember reading about Nirvana fans -- who had followed them in clubs and on the Sub Pop indie label -- being bummed out when they went huge with Nevermind. Kind of feels the same with the Sox. It's no longer Cosa Nostra (our thing). It's everybody's thing.

"But nobody felt it harder or deeper or better last October than the lifers." -- 4.25.05 Kevin Hench

Emotions Ran High as Sox Received Rings

04.12.05: It took 86 years for the Red Sox to win the World Series. Had the organization dedicated every second of that epoch to choreographing a victory celebration, they couldn't have improved on the ring ceremony that preceded the team's 2005 home opener. The sun-drenched proceedings began simply enough with public address announcer Carl Beane's resonant welcome: "Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and welcome to Opening Day 2005 at Fenway Park, America's most beloved ballpark and the home of the defending world champion Boston Red Sox." Continued on


Oct 22, 2004:

Wake Up Early This Time


(Boston Globe Staff Photo / John Tlumacki)

Embedded Yankee Mendoza Removed from Premesis,
Youk is Served!


Sox face off against Cards and their fraud self-proclaimed "best fans" for World Series

Don't Forget to Get Your "2004 Back-to-Back" American League Championship Shirt Before Daddy Pulls Them


Fox Interrupts This Posting for a WebMD Update

New York.bmp

(Boston Dirt Dogs Graphic / Adam Green)

New Angle of A-Rod Bush League Play Shows Slap



Pennant Fever Flips Hub: Real Idiots Smash, Burn and Flip Cars
Rest in Peace Victoria Snelgrove

All the disgraceful trash, punks and thugs posing as "college students" who shamed Boston and Red Sox Nation, and cost Victoria her life, must be punished and prosecuted. Use the TV footage. Use the photographs. Whatever it takes.
Where's Northeastern? Doing nothing again?
Where's BU, busy building buildings?

Oct 21, 2004:


(Boston Dirt Dogs Graphic / Peter Stasiowski)

Statue of Liber'Tiz


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Norman Dalager)

Oct 20, 2004:

Idiot Savant


(Getty Images Photo)

Sox Bring Down The House That Ruth Built

2-RUN HR, SOX WIN 10-3


(Reuters Photo)


(Boston Dirt Dogs graphic / Kent Jones)

Miracle Workers Put Yanks on Ice

Sox watch 'Miracle on Ice' before game, D-Lowe talks to Jim Craig


(Getty Images Photo)



(Getty Images Photo)

To the tune of UNCLE ALBERT/ADMIRAL HALSEY by Paul McCartney

We're So Sorry New York Yankees
We're So Sorry If We Caused You Any Pain
We're So Sorry New York Yankees
But The Sox Play Next Week And We Know They'll Win Again
We're So Sorry But You Barely Scored 3 Runs Today
We're So Sorry New York Yankees
But Once We Win The Series We'll Be Sure To Show Our Rings
We're So Sorry New York Yankees
But You Couldn't Hit D-Lowe All Day
We're So Sorry New York Yankees
And George's Pretty Mad, So You'll Want To Stay Away

Fans Across The Fenway (Fenway)
Chant "Let's Go Red Sox" Into The Night
Fans Across The Fenway (Fenway)
Chant "Yankees Choked" Into The Night
Terry Francona Notified Me
He Had To Have A Win Or His Job's In Jeopardy I Can't Believe They Won
4 Straight After Losing The First 3

(The Red Sox Wouldn't Quit And Neither Did Schilling)
Fans Across The Fenway (Fenway) Chant "Let's Go Red Sox" Into The Night
Fans Across The Fenway (Fenway) Chant "Who's Your Papi?" Into The Night
No More Grady Little We Have Tito Now (Tito Now) He Knows To Pull Pedro
No More Grady, Tito Now No More Grady Little We Have Tito Now (Tito Now)
He Knows To Pull Pedro No More Grady, Tito Now
Fans Across The Fenway (Fenway)
Chant "Let's Go Red Sox" Into The Night
Fans Across The Fenway (Fenway)
Chant "Why Not Us?" Into The Night
-- Larry from Reading, MA

Pedro, Schill Play Grab-ass


(Globe Photo / Barry Chin)



(Globe Photo / Jim Davis)

Ortizzle. Fashizzle.


(Reuters Photo)

Damon Grand Slam Greets Vazquez
David 'All By Myself' Ortiz Takes Sox on His Back Again,
2-Run Bomb Points Boston Towards Series Early
D-Lowe Sharp

Brown Out in NY, Vazquez in 2nd Inn.

David Does it Again, Sox Win 10-3 Damon Grand Slam,
2-Run HR, D-Lowe One Hit Ball

More of the Sveum, Bad Damon: Johnny hesitates, gets sent into out at plate


Contract Up Derek!
It's Mannyfest DestiNY for Sox


"It was a classless play. Unprofessional. That's just as unprofessional as you're going to see. Play the game hard and play the game right. He's got to brush his teeth looking in the mirror, not with his head down." -- Kevin Millar on A-Rod Slapgate

Cadaver Pitched in to Help Schilling

Oct 19, 2004:

Schill, Sox Stick a Foulke in NY in Game 6, 4-2
D-Lowe Will Go in Game 7



(Boston Globe Photo)

For One Big Night, Curt Schilling was Larry Bird, Tom Brady, Bobby Orr, and Ted Williams all Rolled into One

Schill's Ankle Was Sutured
Skin Was Stitched Between Tendons

Who's Your Doctor?

Jim Rowe, Chris Correnti and Dr. Bill Morgan Get Major Props

“ anticipation is that Curt will be there for the World Series....just kind of dire measures, really, you have to use dire techniques to try to control it and so no, there’s no precedent for this, and this was a last ditch effort to try to keep him playing.” -- Red Sox team physician Dr. Bill Morgan

Karma Suture

10.20.04: Dr. Bill Morgan on WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan:

Dr. Morgan: “…concerned about Curt’s health, now and in the future. There’s just no way of holding that tendon in position effectively regardless of the splint we were using, etc., when it popped in and out it was really painful for him regardless of numbing it up, the sensation was uncomfortable, so the thought was just to buttress the tendon in place short term until we could fix this thing and Curt being the player he is and just wanting to get out there and do it, was all for it, and luckily it worked out pretty well last night.”

John Dennis: “So the high top wasn’t working, the splint wasn’t working, any kind of wraps you put on it wasn’t working to hold it in place, tell us the physical theory and exactly how you did this…”

Dr.M: “Well we know that the tendon itself was not in a position that we need it to be in and there wasn’t best being out of position because it would pop back into the groove and that would give him difficulties, and it was really just putting a few sutures in just percutaneously, through the skin without making any incisions or anything like that, and making a wall so that the tendon would stay in position and not really being able to move back into an awkward position for him.”




(Globe Photo / Barry Chin)

Boston 'Tiz Party


(Getty Images Photo)

Little Poppi by Big O Sends Series Back to Bronx

It is a marathon, not a sprint
Sox hang on to beat Yanks in 14, 5-4

We're Half Way There

Take my hand and we'll make it, I swear


Livin' on a Prayer

Once upon a time not so long ago:
Johnny likes to work on his locks
umpire calls a strike
He's down on his luck... It's tough, so tough

Papi drives the runs in each day
Hitting for Manny, he brings home his pay for love - for love

He says: We've got to hold on no matter what
'Cause it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not
We've got each other and that's a lot
For love - they'll give it a shot

We're half way there - Livin' on a prayer
Take my hand and we'll make it, I swear
Livin' on a prayer

Johnny was the tough talking jock
Now he's popping bunts, when he can't even walk
So tough, it's tough

Pedro dreams of running away
When he cries in the night
Johnny whispers: Petey it's okay, someday

We've got to hold on to what we've got
'Cause it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not
We've got each other and that's a lot
For love - they'll give it a shot

We're half way there - Livin' on a prayer
Take my hand and we'll make it - I swear
Livin' on a prayer
We've got to hold on ready or not
You live for the fight when it's all that you've got.

We're half way there - Livin' on a prayer
We're half way there - Livin' on a prayer
We're half way there - Livin' on a prayer


(Boston Dirt Dogs Image by Ever Javier )

Oct 18, 2004:

Mahowboy Up!


"They're a walking disaster. They act like they're tough, how they care so much about winning, but it's all a front. They're just a bunch of characters." - BALCO Gary "on six teams for a reason" Sheffield



(Globe Photo / Jim Davis)

Staying Alive, Sox Survive in 12, 6-4


Mueller Timely, David Deadly


(Globe Staff Photo / Stan Grossfeld)

Last Gasp Saves Sox

D-Lowe Delivered, Roberts to the Rescue
Sox Stick a Foulke in the Yankees

All Systems Lowe


(Globe Photo / Jim Davis)

D-Lowe Won't Shake Wallace's Hand After Removal

Staying Alive


Well, you can tell by the way they talk the talk,
Our long haired man, and the chicken hawk.
Music loud their beer is warm.
They've been kicked around back since Game 1.
And now it's all right, it's okay
They live to see another day.
You can try to understand
The prime time light's effect on them.

Whether they can win another
And Yankees cry for mother,
They're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Feel the city breakin'
And ev'rybody shakin'
And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha,
Stayin' alive.
Stayin' alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha,
Stayin' alive.

Well now, I get Lowe but why use Mike?
And if I can't get Tito, I really try.
Got the wings of heaven on Roberts' shoes
Dave's a runnin' man and he just can't lose.
You know it's all right, it's okay
They live to see another day.
We can try to understand
The prime time light's effect on them.

Whether they can win another
And Yankees for their mother,
You're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Feel the city breakin'
And ev'rybody shakin'
And they're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha,
Stayin' alive.
Stayin' alive.

Ah, ha, ha, ha,
Stayin' alive.
Yanks goin' nowhere.
Somebody help me.
Somebody help me, yeah.
Moose goin' nowhere.
Somebody help me, yeah.
Stayin' alive

Well, you can tell by the way Pedro will walk,
He's a Nelson man, no time to talk.
Mango trees where he'll be warm.
He's been kicked around since 2001.
And now he's all right, Pete's okay
He will pitch old school today.
We can try to understand
Mahow's influence on him.

Whether he can win another
Don't talk about his mother,
You're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Feel the city breakin'
And ev'rybody shakin'
And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.

Ah, ha, ha, ha,
Stayin' alive.
Stayin' alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha,
Stayin' alive.
Sheff goin' nowhere.
Somebody help him.
Somebody help him, yeah.
Sheff goin' nowhere.
Somebody help him, yeah.
Stayin' alive
'Sui goin' nowhere.
Somebody help him.
Somebody help him, yeah.
Alex goin' nowhere.
Somebody help him, yeah.
Stayin' alive

Oct 17, 2004:

Last Call for D-Lowe, Sox



(Globe Photo / Jim Davis)


(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Peter Stasiowski)

Turn Out the Lights, the Party's Over

Yanks Win 19-8 (Teen?)

Oct 16, 2004:

Das Boot


(AP Photo)

May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered

Oct 15, 2004:

Here Comes the Rain


(AP Photo)

Game Washed Out

Wild Card Champions


(Reuters Photo)

SuperCelebFan Ben proudly shows off his Wild hat


"I tore this thing facing Miguel Cairo, the last out of the Yankee game during the regular season."

Curt won't start Game 5... that's it. It's not over, but he's not starting Sunday. D-Lowe will go.

10.15.04 Curt in the car on WEEI with Dale & Neumy: "...we gotta find a way to get this game tomorrow and get right back in this series.

Neumy: Curt where do you stand right now with your ankle, and your prospects about pitching again this season?

Well, you know what, beyond, I'm not pitching Sunday, and beyond that we don't know. We're gonna do everything we can between now and Sunday to try and make some adjustments, do what we can to try and get this situation stabilized, try and get back on the mound.

Neumy: Curt is this appreciably different than stuff you've been battling all summer long?

CinC: Well this is a totally unrelated as of now injury. The unfortunate part of this is almost like the Warren Commission and it's reporting, once it gets to the point now, there's just so much false information out there as far as how, why, where and when and umm I think a lot of people are taking some undue heat for some things that aren't happening, I mean the short of it is I tore this thing facing Miguel Cairo, the last out of the Yankee game during the regular season. And it popped on the first pitch thrown to him and there was some pain for, I threw five more pitches I think to finish that game, I was out of that game after that.

Dr. Morgan diagnosed it probably 30 seconds after we got done looking at it. We treated it. He told me everything that was going to happen. The training staff was freakin' phenominal in getting me out there to face Anaheim. We had some issues in the Anaheim game. I got injected in third inning in Anaheim. And it flared up again later in that game. As far as tweaking it on the play, that last play where I threw the ball away against Anaheim, it popped a couple of different times because I took a couple of different wrong steps, but that wasn't the trigger.

The most serious days were the days following that where I had an appreciable amount of swelling and a lot of tenderness a lot of discomfort. The Red Sox, Doctor Morgan, they talked to everybody they could to address the issue. The two days leading up to the game against the Yankees were by far the two best days I've had up to this point. I was going into that game incredibly confident that whatever we were dealing with, we were going to be able to overcome. And then I had problems in the bullpen. It was not actually walking down the steps in the dugout where I had the problems, I had a couple of different times in the bullpen where it was an issue, but I felt like, regardless of how I was throwing at the time, I was going to be able to do what I needed to do to make it right and that's why I took the ball. I thought for sure I was going to be able to answer the bell and unfortunately hindsight being what it is, I look back now and realize that I could not do that.

Neumy: So there was no specific issue of you tweaking it or whatever after your bullpen, en route to the mound before Game 1?

CinC: No. No. No there wasn't.

Dale: You actually pitched the entire Anaheim game with this problem though, your appearance in the Anaheim game was with this problem...

CinC: Right but Dr. Morgan injected it in the third inning because I was having some discomfort, and we were fine. And that's kind of what I assumed how yesterday was going to be, how Game 1 would be. But like I said I could not make that work.

Neumy: Curt I know as an athlete you welcome the challenge of pitching for the postseason, you accept "X" amount of responsibility. I'm wondering, do you have moments where, since then you second guessed yourself saying "would a healthy Derek Lowe, a healthy other pitcher, do a better job than a less than 100% Curt Schilling in that spot?

CinC: Well I thought I was pretty clear after the game. And when I look back on it, I mean the way we played that ballgame, I felt like that anybody but me would've won that game for us. I mean that's certainly my opinion going in. But when you look back on it I assume you guys would come to the same conclusion when you look back at what happened and how I pitched. I certainly didn't envision that being the scenario when I was walking to the dugout. I mean there's 55,000 people who were not going to shut up. The adrenalin was at an all-time high and it was an absolute perfect environment to thrive in and I couldn't do that.

Dale: Is this a pain issue Curt?

CinC: Uh... No, no. It's more of a stabilization issue and you know that one of the analogies I was trying to use was, I don't know if you guys play golf at all, but if you ever try to hit a ball under a tree, and you have to hit a shot out from under that tree, you have to adjust your swing, and you think you're going to be able to make the right swing on the ball and you take your backswing and you hit the tree in the middle of your swing? It screws you up. That's kinda what I was going through the other day and when I was coming into my set position, bringing my leg up, the ankle was popping. And as hard as I was trying to make myself get past that, I couldn't. That's the frustrating part for me is I knew that I could and I didn't.

Neumy: Is it generally the players decision to make that call or do you respect a field manager or a general manager that would come up to you and say "lookit Curt, there's too much at stake here, we can't afford to take this risk, we're gonna try somebody else in that spot?"

CinC: Well I work for them. Here's the thing. People talk long about my relationship with Terry and the fact that for some reason people think I call the shots. And regardless to whatever's been said, that's not the case. Terry has a lot of respect from me, I have a lot of respect for him, I've earned the right to be in a situation, but I don't dictate when I come out of a ballgame, I don't dictate that and I never have. I do get more leeway in the sense that there's conversations we me sometimes that he may not have with other people. When he wants me out of a game, I'm out of a game. That's just a respect thing. I've respected his decisions, I don't always agree with them. But that's not really relevant to the issue.

Dale: What has to happen for you now to be able to pitch again in Games 6 or 7 if there are games then?

CinC: That's too broad of a question for me to ans.. I don't know. We need to find something that's going to help me stabilize the ankle and stop the tendon from dislocating when I'm throwing the baseball. Tim Rowe and Chris Correnti, and Dr. Morgan and a bunch of other doctors and people around the country are sending in stuff. They're doing everything they can. I trust that they're going to find something that's going to be able to help me take the ball again.

Dale: But you're not worried about making this worse?

CinC: No. Not at all. The only concern I would have, which is my No. 1 concern, I think most people's concern is altering my mechanics to try to adjust for the issue. If I can't pitch without without altering my mechanics, then we're going to have to win a World Series without me, which is entirely possible for us to do." -- Curt Schilling with Dale and Neumy

Lucchino said Curt hurt ankle coming down dugout steps before start.
Where was Tito's Plan B? Six runs too late later? Geesh.

Step it Up


( Photo / Chris Rattey)

Or Step Aside

"...we put ourselves in this situation. I accept responsibility for letting Game 1 get out of hand early. There were things we could have done to stop the bleeding sooner.

Look, we've got guys here still damp from the Division Championship party, trying to figure out which t-shirt they're going to wear in Kenmore Square when we sweep the Yankees. Making new designer handshakes for different TV appearances. That's what I'm dealing with okay? You probably heard we're loose and have too cool hairdoos... Meanwhile we haven't won a championship in '86 years around here. And we've got a long way to go just to get on base in the first six innings of a baseball game. Well see what happens then. ...Is that it? You guys all set?

Oh yeah, Curt (Schilling) he has a sore lower leg, more than that I can't really say. I am not a doctor. And, as for Pedro (Martinez) I think he has a sore upper body, but again I am not a doctor, so your would have to ask someone else."-- What Would Bill Say?

Time to Show Some Guts or Go Belly Up

Sox Brush it Off Tonight

Oct 14, 2004:

Yankees Gain Custody

Pete Greets His NY Peeps

I Heart Yankeewannabees


"It actually (Yankee fan taunting) made me feel really, really good... why are you laughing when I haven't finished answering the question yet?... I actually realized that I was somebody important, because I caught the attention of 60,000 people ... plus the whole world watching a guy that if you reverse the time back 15 years ago, I was sitting under a mango tree without 50 cents to actually pay for a bus. PM_nyy_sm.jpg And today, I was the center of attention of the whole city of New York, I thank God for that... I respect them (Yankees fans). I don't regret anything. I kind of liked it. I don't like to brag, or talk about myself, but they did make me feel important. I've seen a lot of people about this team, I feel so thankful I got their attention, and they got mine. I was really emotional, sometimes we don't realize who we really are and for me to be out the biggest stage in the world, at this moment only God can ask. I had the opportunity to show everybody that. My daddy brought me from the mango tree to the biggest stage in the world at the moment." -- Pedro "I Heart New York" Martinez

Pedro Makes His Free Agent Pitch to the Bronx

"He did everything but sing along with Sinatra after the game." - Gerry Callahan, Boston Herald

Did Martinez Hoodwink Nation with His Original 'Daddy' Comment?

"I can't do anything if we don't score runs." -- Pedro Marteamez

"If we score one, I can't give up any." -- Curt Schilling circa May 2004



Olerud Awakening,
3-1 Yankees, Lead Series 2-0

Papa Jon Delivers, Idiots are Dumbed Down


(Globe Photo / Barry Chin)

Red Sox announce 2004 season theme #37 "THE INVISIBLE MEN"
...t-shirts at the printer.

It's Father's Day in the Bronx


(AP Photo)

Crowd Lets Pedro Have It but Pete Loves the NYC Spotlight.

Oct 13, 2004:


Schill Needs Sheath Surgery
Has Dislocated Ankle Tendon
Status Uncertain for Game 5


(Getty Images Photo)

3-Month Recovery Slated After Season

There's a possibility Curt Schilling has pitched for the final time in 2004.

Red Sox team doctor Bill Morgan said today that Schilling has a dislocated tendon in his right ankle, and said he's "relatively optimistic" they can find a way to stabilize it enough for the Sox ace to make his scheduled Game 5 start. However, if the ankle cannot be stabilized, Sox general manager Theo Epstein said Schilling will not start Game 5. Sox docs optimistic they can use a new brace, however, if he does not pass his next test, he will be shut down.

Globe's Gordon Edes Post-Game 1 Chat Wrap

"I've got to think a few Sox players were privately seething at Pedro for giving the
Yankee crowd fresh fodder with which to taunt them."

NESN's Tom Caron Pre-Game 2 Chat Wrap: Panic Room?


Daddy Affirmation

Pedro Smalley (2).jpg

(Boston Dirt Dogs Photo / Neal Roberts)

Positive Pete, aka Stuart Smalley, Mahowboy Ups Tonight

"Hello, I'm Pedro Martinez! Well, I'm still receiving some negative reaction from my post-game remarks on the Yankees being my daddy, and, I have to admit, that was not my best game... but that's o-kay. I have to give myself permission to have a bad game every now and then. However, I'm going to throw a terrific game today! And I'm gonna help my team! Because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and, doggonit, people like me!"

Mother of All Must-Win Starts for Martinez Tonight



Yanks Add Insult to Injury

Schilling Cries 'Ankle!'


(Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)


Open and Shut Up Case

Schill Ill Ankle Throws Wrench into Sox Plan
Curt May Not Pitch Again if He Can't Help the Team


(Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)

Schill Didn't Put Up, Now NY Won't Shut Up

Sox Too Far Down to Come All the Way Back


(Globe Photo / Jim Davis)

Wake Runs Costly, Timlin Torched in Tight Game Again, Would D-Lowe Have Made a Difference Tito?

"I'd rather see D-Lowe than Timlin, that's just me... Timlin finds too many bats for me at times. He's had some great outings, but he always scares me like a Wakefield non-knuckler." -- BDD chat

Francona Makes All the Wrong Pitching Moves

Nation in Shock, Bombers Crush Boston, Hopes 10-7

Same Old Story: Sox Get T-Shirts. Yanks Get Trophies.

Hell Came Tonight. Daddy Hits Home Tomorrow.

Boston Dirt Dogs Tuesday Pre-Game Chat Wrap

"...he (Curt) was seen lunging for it (ankle) during a session last Friday, he's got to be in some pain. And he was limping on the field during the on-field celebration after the sweep, not jumping around as I've read. I'm not worried about the Marcaine shots, he's pitched well with it before, even mid-game injections, it's this ankle brace that worries me."

Oct 12, 2004:

Make Room for Big Daddy and The Boston Red Sox


(Globe Photo / Barry Chin)

It's Father Time

Schill Sits 'Em Down, Stadium Schuts Up Tonight

"I'm not sure I can think of any scenario more enjoyable than making 55,000 people from New York shut up."-- Comes Up Big Schill



If Schilling pitches beyond, from 6th inning on, Marcaine.
If he schuts them down, and Yankees don't come around, Marcaine.
Schill does like, he does like, he does like, Marcaine.
Bum ankle blues, he's gonna need that juice, Marcaine.
When your day is done he will have won, Marcaine.
Big Daddy like, he does like, he does like; Marcaine.
When his ankle's done he's still gonna pitch on; Marcaine.
Don’t forget this fact, he'll take this team on his back; Marcaine.
Schill does like, he does like, he does like, Marcaine.
Schill will thrive, don't ask "why?", Yankees bye...

No Reason 'Why Not?' Curt



Red Sox Bring Mystique and Aura


( Photo / Steve Silva)

Ankles Away

Schill Thinks He'll Be Bad to the Bone Tonight

(from lyrics to the original Anchors Aweigh)

Stand Schilli out to sea
Fight our battle cry
We’ll never change our course
So vicious foe steer shy-y-y-y
Roll out the M.R.I.
Ankles Aweigh
Sail on to victory and
Sink their bones to Todd Jones hooray!

Yo ho there Schill dog
Take the fighting to the far off sea
Hear the wailing of the Nation banshees (by the second batter in New York tonight)
All hands, fire brands Let’s blast them as we go, so


Oct 10, 2004:

So Much for the Yankees Being Too Cool for School


(AP Photo)

We normally don't throw at .260 websites (Tek never made a similar comment to A-Rod), but ESPN = Wrong Again: "Same with the Red Sox. No matter how wildly they clinched their LDS series, they celebrated like they actually won something. Did you see the Yankees? Clinching almost as dramatically, they sauntered onto the Metrodome turf. Those dueling mindsets are at the heart of the ALCS."

"RE: The Yankees celebration that just did not happen at the Metrodome Saturday night... How is it that Flash (in the pan) Gordon is still nursing an injury to his eye resulting from it’s high speed union with a champagne cork?-- Mack

Sox Considered Starting Pedro but They're Going to Let Schilling and His Bad Ankle Go in Game 1

Ace will tough it out and wear ankle brace and take Marcaine injections to make it through Game 1. Schill, who went down fast and grabbed his ankle after a pitch during a bullpen session before Friday's sweeper and was limping on the field during the onfield celebration, had a good workout yesterday and was proclaimed good to go. Gammons confirmed that Schilling will still have surgery to correct the problem after the Sox win the Series, something Curt said was possible months ago.


Sox Official Tells Neumy MLB Properties Denied 'Evil Empire' Sox Fan Shirts.
Why is Georgie MLB's Daddy?

MLB said 'Evil Empire' shirts "denegrates an individual" yet "Who's your daddy?" doesn't? MLB says Pedro said it. But so did Lucchino? Meanwhile the Yankees Clubhouse retail stores all over New York continue to sell the supposedly "banned" t's.

"On the trash talk, rivalry front, DirtDogs and others are incensed by MLB's "Who's Your Daddy?" T-Shirts. It does seem a bit odd of MLB to do something like this, especially considering there's nothing from the Red Sox fan p.o.v. to balance it out. You know a "Juice Guys" shirt or maybe one showing Steinbrenner in a Darth Vader costume or something. On the other hand, I think it's a good omen. I guess the 26 World Championships and all that Yankees legacy isn't enough to appeal to the fan base any more. The veneer is cracking, folks. The Yankees fans are jumpy. This is the kind of t-shirt that will appeal to someone convulsing with nervous, paranoid laughter." -- Ed Cossette, Bambino's Curse

MLB's 'Daddy' Shirts Now Being Pulled Out of All Retail Outlets in New York. AP Story: "T-Shirt Riles Sox Fans"

MLB Blinks, Succumbs to Nation Pressure, Pulls 'Daddy' Shirts Offline

The Nation Fires Back at MLB-NYY,
We Get Shirts Too. Pick Your Favorite.

Here's Our Entry for the Sox Shirt Howard


Please Swap in Kevin Brown for Giambi Before You Print

Tail Wags Dog Again as Sox Fans Threat to
Hit MLB in the Wallet Works Every Time

Unfortunately MLB "Must Have" Daddy Shirts Are Already On Sale at the Yankees Clubhouse stores, Bob's Stores, University Square Mall in Tampa, FL, etc. MLB Will Have to Make Good with the Red Sox and The Nation and Offer a Public Apology for Their Error in Judgment.

Major League Baseball has now yanked the "Daddy" shirt from the online store. After the barrage of phone calls and emails, we suspect they had a big powwow and decided to pull the crass shirts rather than add an additional anti-Yankees shirt to the Red Sox online store. Thanks to all the BDD readers who stepped it up as usual.

Unfortunately the MLB endorsed "Daddy" shirts are already on sale in retail outlets throughout New York, at University Square Mall in Tampa, and many other outlets. MLB may have to apologize to the Red Sox and their fans, or still produce an anti-Yankees shirt to sell at offline retail locations. Stay tuned for details as they develop.

Earlier today, Howard Smith, SVP for licensing and merchandising for MLB told a BDD source that the anti-Red Sox "daddy" shirts were "fair game... the fans want an attitudinal product, so we're giving it to them." After much spinning and BS, Howard had agreed to produce an anti-Yankees shirt that is equally insulting and sell it on MLB as well. Submit your catchy (and clean) suggestions for an anti-Yankees shirt here, then we'll have a poll to vote for the winner, and we'll get it over to MLB Properties to see if they resurrect this idea for an "official" attitude t-shirt.

The Mother of All MLB Insults


This garbage is now being sold for profit by Major League Baseball They pulled that link but forgot this one.

"This product is temporarily out of stock." Yes, and the check is in the mail Bud. Don't add insult to injury. Just apologize. No more lies.

MLB Never Got Permission to Use Sox Logo on Shirt/Pacifier
Acting Hastily to $quash the Little Guys Printing Similar Unofficial Shirts

What's Next Bud, Official "1918" Shirts? We've Got to Deal with That Yankee Fraud Calling the Games, Now This? Can't Wait for All the "Curse" Crap from FOX (We Know It's in Production)

Lose the Stupid Shirts MLB. Now.


Oct 9, 2004:



(Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

"We knew they (Anaheim) couldn't win this game. If they won this game, we had to wake up early and play a game (Sat. at 1:00pm). We're not morning people. Now we can go out and get a headache the natural way... We have no rules. We're just having a good time. We play cards, we have our PlayStation, we don't stretch, we just go out and strap it on." -- Johnny "telling it like it is again" Damon

There's No Place Like Home


(Globe Staff Photo / Barry Chin)

Sox Win Hands Down


(Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Brothers in Arms


(Globe Staff Photo / Stan Grossfeld)




(Reuters Photo)

Bronson, Ortiz, Sox Put the Full Nelson on the Angels
Anaheim is '86'd, 8-6

We Found the Infamous Rally Monkey
Hanging Around Fenway


(Mr. Monkey won't be coming down for breakfast no more)

Oct 8, 2004:

Let's Go Cornroyo


It's a Long Row to Hoe, but It's a Can of Corn for the Kid

"Mahow, mahow... (pound, pound)"-- Nelson de la Rosa, Red Sox good luck charm returning to Fenway this afternoon

Bronson Has Death Wish for Angels


"When you got a guy hanging over the cliff holding on with one hand, you don't want him to get his other hand up there, you want to go ahead and stomp on it."-- Trot Nixon

Arroyo Rings Up Halos This Afternoon


"(Guts) the Size of Saturn"

Inside Edge scouting report on Bronson

Sure, bring on New York.
The Red Sox will march over the Yankees...

GshermanGA.jpg Sherman through Georgia.

Oct 7, 2004:

Halo Goodbye!


Sox are Home Sweep Home

Acey Deucy: Sox Aces Take Two in Anaheim

Oct 6, 2004:

Sox Shock the Monkey, Lead ALDS 2-0
Do These Cats Have 9 Lives Left in Them?

Mangels_logo_sm.gifNNYFEST DESTINY


(Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Angels in the Outhouse

Daddy's Home

Pedro Gets Monkey Off His Back

Daddy Likey Postseason Pedro


MVP, Cabby, Trot Put Sox Over the Top

Sox Blow it Open in 9th, OC Double Seals the Deal 8-3

"We feel great. Going back 2-0 with a day off today, you can't ask for much better than that."-- Hair's Johnny

Dominican Dynamite: Manny Lights the Fire, Pedro Brings the Heat


(Getty Images)

Little Orphan Pedro: He Ain't Got No Daddy Now

No Repeat Performance for Pete. Reports of His Demise Were Greatly Exaggerated.

"It actually took the pressure off (starting Game 2), watching Schilling go out there... I appreciate that." -- Pedro Martinez

See You When You Land Back at Fenway Fellas

High Tek Blast Tied it Up


(Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Sox Look Like Idiots on Bases, in Field Early. Small Ball Beats Anaheim at End.

Bellhorn Rung Up at Second Kills Big Inning

Vlad Almost Pedro's New Dad as Martinez Nearly Falls Apart in Fifth

Sox Leave Bases Juiced in the First. Don't Take Advantage in Second.

Nixon, Millar can't come through in first,
Manny walks one in second time around

Torii, Torii, Torii Does it Again, but Joe Blows It for Twins. Yanks Win in 12

Berman Talking Fantasy Baseball


"Kids crying all over Boston for a month or two, or maybe some even now still crying at night going to sleep. Nomar was... hey look, I feel it's saad that Nomar's still not a Red Sock. He was the link. Williams. Yaz. Nomar."-- ESPN's Nomar Dilusionist Chris Berman

Tonight We Got a Petey Like It's 1999


(Getty Images)

The Old Pedro is Good to Go



Meanwhile, the sun comes up, the sun goes down, and Bartolo Colon has lunch (and gets a new haircut) before tonight's big game.

Oct 5, 2004:


"We are not the cowboys anymore. We are just the idiots this year...
We got the long hair, we got the cornrows, we got just guys acting like idiots.
And I think the fans out there like it." -- Johnny Damon

"No way man. I just ordered another 1,000 "Hell's Comin' With Us... so Let's Cowboy Up... and Skin It to Win It... Yee Yaw!" t-shirts. Tell Damon to quit workin' my side of the street. I'm still gonna Cowboy Up! C'mon Boston, Cowboy Up! Please... I got a contract with these folks who have the dang Cowboy Up logo. I'm the slogan guy around here!" -- Kevin Millar



(Globe photo / Jim Davis)

Angels in the Doubt Field

Umm, Nice Toss Boss

(Globe Photo / Jim Davis)

(Hey you didn't say anything about pictures big guy :-)

First Down, 10 to Go


(Globe photo / Jim Davis)

Stairway to Heaven: Sox Complete Step One

In the Big Inning, They Get Seven Runs for Schilling


(Getty Images)

Thunder Sticks: Manny, Millar Provide the Lightning as Sox Strike First 9-3

OC Brings the D (While Nomar Watches on TV)

The Schill of Victory


(Getty Images)

Curt Gets the "W" and Timlin Goes for the Win

Washburn goes down in flames. Guerrer0-for-5.

Twins Double Trouble for Yanks

Formula, 4:09


(Globe Photo / Jim Davis)

Curt Cleans up Today in California

"I understand if I don't go out and do things I've done in past Octobers, the season will be a wash as far as my [21-win] contributions go. That's what was expected of me when I came here." -- The Game One starter

The Sox Have a Better Mix Than '86,
'88, '90, '95, '98, '99, '03. First Pitch at 4:09.


(Globe Photo / Jim Davis)

Oct 1, 2004:

California Here We Come!


Pennant Express Goes West as the Road to the World Series Goes Through Anaheim

Hendu beats Angels.jpg

Let's Hendu It!


(The dejected Angels catcher above is Bob Boone, father of a former NY Yankees third baseman)

"I have followed them on a pitch-by-pitch basis since Johnny Pesky was managing the team. I have seen them participate in sixty-eight playoff and World Series games in five different decades. I have seen them play in person at their last three World Series - '67, '75', and '86. I have seen them win 9 Series games and 19 playoff games. I have seen them come oh so very close.

You'd think that I'd become somewhat jaded over the years, but I am already pacing around like a young father, wringing my hands, waiting for the baby to be delivered. Five more days and my stomach, which is already in knots, will be like heavy water left over from the Manhattan Project.

Win. Just win, please! If the Pats, the joke franchise of all time, the freaking Pats - "Will Bob Gladeaux please report to the Patriots locker room?" - if they can become the model team in professional sports, then the Red Sox can certainly secure a championship sometime. There are no more Ghosts of Clive Rush, Ben Dreith, Chuck Sullivan, Rod Rust, and Victor Kiam. Instead, they have been replaced by two glistening Lombardi trophies on display in the lobby of Gillette Stadium.

I am sick of 1918, Jack Hamilton; the St. Louis Cardinals; Bob Gibson, ski slopes in Colorado; Jose Santiago's bum arm; Eddie "The Fox" Kasko; trading Sparky for Danny "Are You Kidding Me?" Cater; trading the most popular player in franchise history for all players named "Tatum"; Luis Aparicio's base-running skills; Yaz not looking up to see where the runner is in front of him; three-run homers - starting pitching - and Earl Weaver's tomato patch out in the bullpen; losing Septembers as the Birds do nothing but win in the end; trading Reggie Smith and getting Reggie Cleveland as one of the players in return; Vern "High and tight to Rice" Ruhle; rain delays which cost World Series games; Larry Barnett and Ed Armbrister; Rick Wise and his unlimited potential; Cecil "Mr. 1 for 18" Cooper; Bill "Let me do my Rip Sewell thing in the 7th game of a World Series game" Lee; Darrell Johnson taking out Jim Willoughby for a pinch-hitter; Jim Burton - "let's see how the kid does here"; Joe Morgan and his squirting fly ball; the wasted talent of Roger Moret; Fergie Jenkins on hash; Craig Nettles; Mickey Rivers' sucker punch; The Gerbil; no hurler to back up El Tiante; "You know, Ken, Tom House is going to be the next great closer"; losing to the Yankees twice on the last weekend of two successive seasons; trading away Bernie Carbo and ignoring Yankee killer Bill Lee; Bobby Sprowl, the poor kid - up yours, Zim; the Boston Massacre; Lou "Mr. Sun Glare" Pinella; Steamer and a hanging slider to Reggie; Yaz swinging at the first strike; the unjust firing of Martin and Woods; Luis Tiant and Boomer in Yankee uniforms; Jerry Reinsdorf - the most evil man since Harold Frazee; Haywood not dropping Pudge's contract in the mail before December 31st; the Major playing with dirt in front of the dugout; the New Gold Dust Twins - Reid Nichols and Shag Crawford; John McNamara and his pea-brain; Tom Seaver's bum knee; what the hell is Schiraldi doing out there?; My English neighbor on seeing who's coming in - "Not Bloody Stanley!"; Geddy's passed ball; "Son, this is the darkest day in this town since Jack Kennedy was shot"; why isn't Can pitching the final game? Al Nipper actually pitching in game 7 when it mattered - Al Nipper! Cokehead Strawberry taking five years to get around the bases.......etc., etc., etc."

Just win. Please. Please. With jimmies on top.

-- Shaun "jacklamabe65 on SOSH" Kelly

Sigh of Relief


(AP Photo)

"They're not called the Derek Red Sox. This isn't about me. We're in the playoffs. I pitched twice out of the bullpen last year. I just look forward to contributing."-- Derek "Feeling" Lowe

McCarty Sharp in Pen but Sox Drop Finale 3-2

Double Winner


(AP Photo)

OC goes deep, Kim gets a win, 7-5

Mientkiewicz triple breaks tie

""It [ticks] me off. Boston comes down here and kicks our [butts] and the whole stadium is cheering. It's sad, but it's one of those things you have to deal with. It's amazing how Boston fans can get 30,000 tickets."-- Baltimore starter Sidney Ponson

Arroyo ready to go, Damon drives more in, 7-5

"I feel good. I've been throwing the ball good, I feel healthy, I feel strong and rested."-- Bronson "Good to Go" Arroyo

Wake Sends Birds South

Tim tune-up OK, Johnny hits No. 20, 'Tiz bangs No. 41,
Sox blow out Baltimore 8-3

D-Lowe Out of Rotation


Struggling Free Agent Starter Scratched

Former Sox Cy Young candidate Derek Lowe will not be pitching in his regular start on Sunday which would have lined him up to start Friday or Saturday in Boston (BK Kim may start the final game of the season). Bronson Arroyo and Tim Wakefield are expected to be named Game 3 and Game 4 starters for the ALDS.

Not-so-Super Agent EmBorased


3-years/$27-million is gone.
So is D-Lowe when Sox run is done.

Thanks Beautiful!

No Show Nomar, Cubs Out of Playoffs

Deja Nomah

"I never turned down any money in Boston. So that's kind of funny they keep saying that."-- Nomar Garcialiar

"Even after that, Epstein said Monday, he told Tellem that if Garciaparra accepted the Sox' four-year, $48 million offer, the team would abandon its pursuit of Rodriguez. He conveyed the same message to Garciaparra in a phone conversation just before flying to New York to meet with Rodriguez, a meeting he told Garciaparra he was planning to have.

Garciaparra rejected that proposal, and in a telephone interview Monday night made it clear he was unwilling to accept a proposal so far below what the Sox had offered the previous spring.

Henry, asked if he understood why Garciaparra might have been offended, said: "Why would you be offended? I guess you could take offense. This spring we offered him $60 million again in a meeting with Arn. Granted, it wasn't all up front. A portion of it was deferred. I didn't think the deferrals were a big deal because the Red Sox would be there and the interest rates were low.

"We were trying to find a way to sign him. We never received a counteroffer to any of the proposals we made."-- Boston Globe, Gordon Edes


(AP Photo)

Bad News Bear Punts When Cubs Needed Touchdown

"He removed himself from the moment. How pathetic."
-- Former Nomar Rumpswab Bob Neumeier, WEEI

"When the Cubs traded for Nomar Garciaparra on July 31, Dusty Baker looked like a kid in a toothpick store. The options! Aramis Ramirez, Moises Alou, Derrek Lee, Sammy Sosa and here came Garciaparra. An embarrassment of riches. The riches have left the building, and the embarrassment has stuck around.

With one out and a man on first in the 12th inning, Garciaparra bunted. By itself, it wasn't a bad idea. The element of surprise might have gotten him a bunt single. One problem: He showed bunt on the first pitch, then pulled back. When he finally did bunt, the Reds were ready. The game went quietly after that." -- Rick Morrissey, Chicago Tribune

"...up to the plate came Nomar Garciaparra, who was acquired because of his slashing line drives and power. With one out, Garciaparra should have been swinging, not worrying about grounding into a double play. No one gave him the bunt sign, obviously, yet strangely, he decided to bunt anyway, successfully moving Macias to second base but reducing the Cubs' margin of error to one out. Please explain, superstar.

''The guy was playing back,'' Garciaparra said of third baseman Felipe Lopez. ''We needed baserunners at the time, especially with the guys coming up behind me. In the worst-case scenario, we do get a guy in scoring position. He made a great play.''

Someone asked him if he was trying to be cute. Translation: Why would an offensive force who once hit .372, who had 35 home runs and 122 RBI in a single season, choose this strange moment to move over a runner? Suddenly, Garciaparra was having a Boston flashback. The media were badgering him. Did it ever occur to him that he's The Curse, the link between the Red Sox and Cubs?

''I don't know why that would be cute,'' he said of the sacrifice. ''Did you expect me to bunt? I thought it was a great idea to put a guy in scoring position. I don't think anything was shocking there. It doesn't matter what kind of hitter I am in that situation. It matters what kind of team you have.''

The Cubs are not much of a team, as we learned many months ago. They are choke artists and babies, with one of the biggest whiners, Moises Alou, fittingly ending this latest dark episode in franchise infamy with a lazy fly out. ''We work on [bunting] all the time,'' an exhausted Baker said. ''We just came up short today.''

And Garciaparra's decision? ''He did that on his own,'' Baker confirmed." -- Jay Mariotti, Chicago Sun Times

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